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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • I have read numerous articles about this subject and the long and the short of it is...Bridgestone Blizzaks, Michelin Arctic Alpins and Goodyear Ulta Grip Ice tires will all do the job. They are designed to grip better under icy conditions and get you through the snow at the same time. I have personal experience with the Blizzaks and the Arctic Alpins and both seem to do the job well.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    lulu, I have seen the B Cherry with ecru (not ultra tho) and it was a beauty. I am waiting for one at my dealer - with the ultra pkg and ecru. It
    seems like it may be a while, I have seen very few
    of them here in the east (Md. Va.). I have been on the list since the beginning and have heard nothing about when one may arrive. I may need to give up my "one dealer" loyalty and check with other dealers. Bottom line, I think you'll love it, especially in bright sunlight - it glistens. It looks much darker indoors or in dim light. But, wow, in bright sun...!!
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Lulu11: There is a black cherry with ecru, nav, 17" tire and fully loaded in Lexus of Huntsville, Alabama. I test dove it for two hours, it has been sitting on the lot for 3 weeks now, accompanied with five others LS. It is a brand new dealer and I know they will negociate. You can find them in the good luck, Swiftm
  • Hello, i would like to start of by telling you that over the last few weeks my father has been shoping for SUVs priced from 40-55 thousand dollars. He allready has a jeep cherokee, and my mother drives a BMW 740i sport (LOL, after she drove mine she just had to have one). Well after researching, he realized no matter how much luxury was in a truck it was still a truck, big and unflatering. Even the RX300 and X5 didnt intrest him. So he decided to keep his cherokee, and lease a luxury car. He really like the LS430, and our local dealer has one with black onyx exterior, and black leather. It also has the nav. system. That is his first option. He also is consdidering a black/blac gs430, and a silver/tan mercedes e430. Any comments?? What would you do in this situation?
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    I had the same problem till i realized that
    1. e series coming in next year or two upgrade causes huge hit on resale

    2. for the price of the e430 i can have the ls430 better and equiv to s500 for 23k less

    3. gs400 rides rough unless you get the 16j' wheels and doesn't have the luxury or quiet of the ls430

    4. the ls430 has the best interior of anything maybe competes with a lear jet for ergonomics. better resale

    5.ls430 rules it's awesome, MB is over priced, the one advantage MB has is the 4matic if you need awd.
  • He has decided to wate a little bit, but when the time comes says he will buy a ls430.
  • I am considering an LS 430 with Black Cherry paint but no dealer in my area has one. If anyone has seen a Black Cherry LS could you give a brief description of color ie; closer to Burgundy,maroon,etc. I don't want to order one and have it look like a fire engine. I plan to order gold package and chrome 17' wheels and I want it to have an elegant appearance.
    Any response is appreciated.
  • Well I am trying to purchase a LS 430 with the ultra interior etc...Are there any dealers discounting these on the web or otherwise..I looked up the markup and it is over 10 grand..I will even travel to pick it up
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    See my post 363 and go pick it up. Swiftm
  • cincy1cincy1 Posts: 3
    There have been a couple of posts complaining about the Mark Levinson stereo sound. I have owned several pieces of Mark Levinson home stereo equipment. They all have one thing in common: It takes up to 100 hours of listening time for them to break in before you get the best sound they are capable of providing. For those of you not familiar with high end audio, this may seem strange but audio electronics particularly in amplifiers need operating hours before they stablize and exhibit favorable performance. The other characteristic of Levinson equipment is that it doesn't tolerate bad CD's. If the performance was mastered using lots of equalization and compression, it will sound bad on any system, particularly so on Levinson gear. To evaluate the system try CD's from Chesky or Mapleshade (acoustic jazz)or Harmonia Mundi, Chandos, Dorian or Teldec for Classical. I can't recommend any popular music CD's because I don't own any. Bottom Line: Give the Levison system some time and I think you will grow to like the sound. I've got about 20 hours on mine and notice improvement daily in sound stage, accuracy and tonality.
  • agent0986 many thanks for the excellent photo you posted with the LS 430 in Black Cherry.
    That picture made up my mind for me and that is definitely the color which I was seeking.
    Again many thanks your consideration is greatly appreciated.
  • cincy1,

    Do you know how this mechanism of gradually stabilizing and giving better performance works in an audio system? I could see how a wooden enclosure around a speaker might need time to "age", like a fine violin, but what in the electronics could possibly change as a function of operating time? It seems mystifying to me.

  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I have driven the LS 430;it's an outstanding car.It is extremely silent and silky-I almost bought one.But the interior just has way too much wood-it seems a little garish to me.I admit I haven't heard anyone else complain about this.I do understand everyone here loving the car.I do think it is unique in the marketplace.Often the sports car magazines complain the car is too soft and uninvolving-I utterly disagree.
    The Mercedes E320 I particullarly like.I can't see paying for the extra power of the E430-at that price I'd go with the LS430.The Merc is a bit "plainer",if you will-I like that.The model being changed in two years does not seem such an issue.As far as any of these cars,if you don't keep it for many years before resale you are going to lose your shirt.When I do buy one of these rarified cars ,I will never sell it.When it is so very old that it loses all meaningful reliability,I'll make it my weekend hobby car.There is a trend I'd like to comment on,though.Sometimes you will see a Mercedes with the trim updated to appear to be a newer car.Say an early 80's SL with a third brakelight and late 80's wheels added.There is actually a company that sells the current E-Class four round headlight cap to graft onto the last generation E-Class!Is there not a joy when one sees an old Merc on the street? I wonder if Lexus will age so gracefully?
  • I just purchased a Black LS430 ultra and the car is fabulous. I own a GS300 and LS400 and those they were great cars until I test drove this one.

    One issue is that my wife would like to shut off the announcement that says "The Global Links System is active" when you turn on the ignition.
    Any ideas. The dealership says that I cannot do it.

    John D.
  • cincy1cincy1 Posts: 3

    I'm afraid I'm not capable of adequately explaining the mechanisms at work during break-in of audio equipment. Resistance and capacitance values change slightly as the equipment breaks in. Transistors age and exhibit slightly different gain and noise characteristics. Solid state amplifiers operate best when they remain at thermal equilibrium and are never turned off. I keep my power amp (650 watts per channel) on continuously because I notice the difference in soundstage and transparency if it's off for even a day or two. I won't go any further for fear of being flamed by real engineers in the audience. I've been a stereo nut for fifteen years and have experienced this phenomenon time after time with new or upgraded amplifiers, Digital to Analog Converters, speakers and cables. Perhaps the experts can explain it better. If you are interested in confirming my observations, visit the Stereophile ( and The Absolute Sound ( audio magazine websites and ask the very knowledgeable editors of those magazines the same question.
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    Is there a Custom Luxury Package becoming available in the Spring? My salesman hasn't heard of it. I'm wanting the air conditioned front seats without all the back seat stuff in the Ultra Lux.

    They are discounting LS430s $2,000, but not the Ultra Lux. AND Ultra Lux has LOWEST residual. Even though I'm looking to buy rather than lease, I believe this indicates the Ultra Lux having a lower resale value, percentage-wise, than other LS430s.) Anyone heard of a current discount better than $2,000?

    What do you all think will be highest percent discount we can get later on, "after the new is worn off"?

    I heard on the news that American auto dealers will be discounting heavily in the next several weeks. We are entering a buyer's market.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    That sounds odd that you can't shut it off, but you might not be able to.

    If you can get 2,000 off of any LS 430, take it! Edmunds TMV says you can expect to pay MSRP, but a little while back, they were saying OVER MSRP.

    As far as resale values, they will be VERY high for the segment. Look at a '98 740iL. As Chevy would say, "Like a Rock"

    It is too early to really tell the resale value, though.
  • This is for Barb85 or anyone else who knows of discounts on the new ls430. Please email dealer information. Thanks. Greasykid1
  • I have heard that S-class Mercedes in 2002 will have all-wheel-drive option. I wonder if all-wheel-drive option will be available in Lexus LS 430 or new 2002 Acura RL. Thank you. antlers1.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    Probably not, because no Lexus car has it, and they probably would have said something about it already.

    However, it would be a great plus for Acura if they could do anything but front. I've heard rumors of a V8 RWD RL, but i'll believe it when I see it.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    To my suspicion, I just saw on edmunds coverage of the LA Auto Show, that the '02 RL will just be a higher HP version with OnStar. However, I believe Lexus has the only OnStar contract with Specially trained Reps (Lexus Link).
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    $2,000 discount does not apply to Ultra Lux, and I was told by a Lexus finance person that the residual (expected resale value) for an Ultra Lux is lower than other LS430s because Ultra Lux is designed for a person who has a driver--like a limo. Lexus has a pretty good idea of what the resale value will be because they need that information before they can draw up a lease agreement.

    Lexus explained to me that a person shopping in the used car market is not looking for back seat stuff and won't pay for it. He doesn't have a driver. On the other hand, a person who does have a driver can afford a brand new Ultra Lux. Thus the expected low resale value for an Ultra Lux.
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    The dealer that told me of the $2,000 discount on LS430s (except Ultra Lux) is the same dealer I bought my '95 SC300 from in August of '94. It could be that they are giving me an "old customer discount." (I forget what they actually call it.) They also offered to put me on the waiting list for an LS430 with $0 deposit late last summer. It may just be a perk of staying with the same dealer.

    I don't want to rock the boat with my salesman by posting his name on the internet. My suggestion is for you to write them a check $2,000 less than MSRP for a car they have on the lot. They can't resist. If they don't take it, walk out. (If it were me, just for kicks I'd write the check for $3,000 less than MSRP, but I'm waiting for the rumoured Custom Luxury Package.) A looming recession makes this a buyers market.

    My salesman also said that the waiting list is substantially shorter--3 or 4 weeks for whatever I want.
  • edspider1edspider1 Posts: 195
    I don't believe for a minute Lexus Financial thinks the ultra lax market is for lido drivers! My dealer gave a better excuse for the lower residual. The money guys say options are options. AL is an option. Options depreciate faster than the base car, so the overall depreciation is higher because the option portion is so large.

    My two cents. I think we'll find this to be an exception simply because the AL includes so many options. Three years from now, someone looking at my AL equipped LS430 is going to want it a lot more than one with out it. No I won't get $13K back, but I'll get more than Lexus Finance is expecting. That AL are still not being discounted lends evidence to this.
  • cofccofc Posts: 6
    OK, just test drove my first LS 400 and man, it is sweet. I am a college student who is porb out of his mind thinking he should be driving a Lexus, but you know, you've all driven them and know what kind of a car they are (esp when compared to the storm I have owned for the last 5 years). The Lexus is an amazing car. The one I drove is a 90 model with 110K on it. I drove it for about 45 minutes, and put it through all sorts of conditions and it did quite well. The two things I did notice with it were that the power antenna didn't go down, just was always up and the LCD screen for the AC didn't work. Other than that, I did not notice any problems with it. They are asking 10K for it, which is a little below book value for this car, and seems like an ok deal. My questions are 1) is this a good deal 2) how much would it cost to get these two problems fixed and 3) am I a crazy college student for trying to get a 10 year old Lexus and will I have many repair bills for it? How have you all with these early Lexus been repair wise. AM I a crazy student and just should spend my money on an accord or camry or should I go for the Lexus? thanks
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    A light bulb went out on my a/c behind the "mode" on my '95 SC300 and Lexus told me that they could not put in a new light bulb--they have to replace the entire a/c contraption at a cost of between $300 and $400 (I don't remember exactly, because I didn't get it repaired.) Lexus is a very dependable car; however if it needs repaired, it will cost a fortune. Now my trunk lid does not lift easily or stay open--it needs a new cylinder on each side @ $109 each. I'm waiting for parts to come in.

    My experience has been that I feel very lucky to leave Lexus Service writing a check for less than $350. Remember, labor is the expensive part.

    I know you don't want to hear this, but if I had a son or daughter in your situation, I would strongly encourage him or her to get the Accord or Camry that you mentioned. Better yet, get one under warranty. You have the rest of your life to drive a Lexus. Be a college student now, and enjoy!
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I visited another dealer in my area and he told me
    that Lexus is now only making ultra lux vehicles in the basic colors (white, black, silver, gold..)
    and that my choice of black cherry/ultra/ecru is now special order (5 months from order). I have heard nothing about this from my dealer/salesman,
    though I rarely hear from him. Anyone else hear of this?
    Enigma, if you are there, I am actually growing very displeased with my salesman - many examples of slights and misinformation, etc. While I am considering changing, is it better to try another dealer or the same one with a new salesman? I am a cynic at heart and fear some sort of internal retaliation by my old salesman if I stay at his dealership and use another salesman. Paranoid? or is it possible? The next closest dealer was much more responsive and courteous (10 mi. vs 20miles). Oddly, my dealer is "Elite" and the other dealer is not, but the 2nd salesman was much better in many ways. Opinions?
  • Is the Mark Levinson upgrade worth it? The standard stereo sounded pretty good. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • bluebeastbluebeast Posts: 261
    The LCD lighting for the AC display can only be fixed by replacing, $300-$400 sounds about right. If you can hear the motor working when you turn the radio on / off then the cable is just broke and can be fixed for $50. If you cannot hear the motor working (like its trying to go through the 6 second raising/lowering of the antenna, then the motor is shot, cost for new =$237.00). I would be way more concerned as to the records of service, have the Lexus dealer pull up the service records. Check to see if all the VIN # stickers are on all the body parts (every door, hood, fenders & for each), this will give you a clue as to whether or not it has been in any major accident. These cars last a loooooong time, $10K seems about right, I bought one (91 LS400 w/ 143K miles for $9K) and only had it 13 days before I went and bought a 96 LS 400 (loved the color and got it for $22K).
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