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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    Nice car. Why didn't Lexus copy the styling of the current MB instead of the last generation MB. The profile looks like the old MB...geez it looks like a tank! What a dissapointment in looks. Lexus could have done better. Don't get me wrong, it's still a very nice automobile.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    How many former BMW, MBZ, whatever, will make the same choice. I will join you soon; this is not rocket science....the LS430 is a better vehicle that the Germans currently offer. It's anyone's guess if they will make the ground up anytime soon.

    And, all this fuss about the LS exterior; I think it grows on you....and who cares anyway. Enjoy your ride!!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    As I noted to you on MB board i'm now in market for another car. Here's a couple of deals I worked with my dealer on phone. First two are 39 month deals (0 down etc.; 6% sales tax - but 20k miles per year); GS430 - $799 (I didn't get residual)and LS430 - base car with Premium package (no nav or levinson) plus Lexus link and sundry items like mats etc. $999 with residual of 53% of list ($57,890) and 56% of actual price. Because I bought car so recently and have been customer since 95 my dealer is willing to give me $2,500 off list and swears they have done this for no one. They only have a few cars like this equipped, mostly white but one that is that midnight pine. I saw one parked and thought it was black until I looked closer recently and thought the car looked great in that color. I told him to hold it for me. Another deal I got was from MB (my Lexus dealer also owns a MB dealership) on E-320 for $825 per month (it wasn't even the 4-matic). For $175 per month more I wasted all of about one second on this one and cut him off before he even gave me the residual. By the way my LS430 is millenium silver with ecru. Great color and the ecru interior is so cheerful. Have youever seen the car in black cherry or parchment - I think I've seen every other color except Blue but I'm not a fan of blue in car colors. Can you believe that guy who just bought the S-430 already has a problem with his dashboard? This will never happen with Lexus. The S-430 pales in comparison to the LS430; the S-500 gives it a good fight but to me it still falls short. If you go with S-class take the latter - I had ruled out the S-430 and though I could easily afford the S-500 I could'nt justify the price. Now that I need another car I'm glad I saved the $300 per month. Good luck and let me know what you do. By the way I'm also 48.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Great to know you are 48 too....
    re: impression that it was a rocketship with superb handling...since you have the LS already, I would buy this one for sure. I need more room than the GS has, but what great fun to drive.

    I won't go back to S-Class board anymore...mostly a bunch of snobs who realize they made a mistake, but can't stand to hear anymore about the many virtues of the LS430...can you believe someone who just purchased an $80m+ MBZ car has a dash that makes porpcorn crackling sounds...? Seriously, the older MBZ were great vehicles, but the new ones just leave so much to be desired.

    My only experience with Japanese luxury cars was a Q45 10 years was OK but nothing special. I do some pretty serious homework on cars, and I am going to buy an LS430. I specifically want silver with charcoal interior(I've had too many black cars)...NAV, Lev, but no UL. I have asked dealers to take me out of a lease that has about $3000 in payments left (June Exp). I will then pay MSRP, so I know I'm asking for a $3000 discount. Since my firm has bought a few vehicles from Lexus and can buy many more, I want them to do something for me.

    Bottomline, I would like to make the deal tomorrow, if I can find a good experienced Lexus salesman who knows the value of making the right kind of sale... I am a real advocate for the LS430 and will send them more buyers.

    Anyway, I've gone on too long....thanks for all your insight and's of great value to me and the LS board.

  • I do believe the LS is on the same level as the MB. Lexus may even be a better car overall for the money, but if you were to purchase a 2001 MB and Lexus today, and 10 years from now, the MB in mint condition, would still be a MB (classic) and the Lexus will be a 10 year old Japanese automobile in mint condition... and that's it. It will take years or decades for Lexus to aquire the heritage MB has earned. I'm not saying MB is better, it's just the name Mercedes Benz, will make you think....Money to burn, and I don't care if it's in the shop more than the Lexus, because in a pinch, I'll drive my other German auto, the BMW. The person who purchases the MB over Lexus doesn't care if the latter is a better car, it's all in the name.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I just bought a Black Cherry, ultra, ecru and it is gorgeous. The color changes intensity and hue in different sunlight. It draws lots of attention. I have seen the parchment, but didn't like it as much (I like darker colors).
    I, too, was reading the MB-S board, and find it interesting to see all the complaints, yet steadfast loyalty. I have been reading both for some time in hopes of making an informed decision between the S and LS (obviously, I chose LS) and find it curious that they don't exactly welcome non-MB thought over there and, in fact, suggest all of us non-believers go elsewhere. I guess they want to be alone to enjoy the various clicks, pops and rattles of their cars while proclaiming "name" is everything. I only intended to take part in a "discussion", not expecting to be chased for not playing to the party line.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Ok guys - tell me if it's me or if you see this connection. I just came back from lunch at Giambelli's on 50th street just off Park Ave.(great restaurant if you ever come into New York)and as I'm walking past the Waldorf I see 4 black chauferred limos parked. Two were LS430's, one was an old style S-500 and the other a new S-500. I was drawn much more to the stately looks of the old S and the LS430 than I was to the new S-Class. They do look similar except I actually prefer the LS' more aerodynamic design. As you said wbwynn the LS style grows on you.The new S has what I thought was a very different look - one that I like - but one that is sporty rather than elegant. Then a Ford Taurus pulled up to the traffic light and for the first time I made a style connection between it and the new S-Class. Does the new S-Class look like a super elegant Taurus to you guys? Flint 350 - you started this off between wbwynn and me - glad your in the group. Did you guys see the LS in midnight pine? What do you think of that color? I swore i'd never get another dark car - I had black LS 400 previously - but I thought the car looked great in that color.
  • My stock portfolio is starting to come back around; about time to buy.

    Is the Ultra Lux otption available with any other than the bordeaux maplewood or the ecru?

    What discounts is everypone getting now?

    I was only able to negotiate $1,500 last November; I think I can do better now.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I have seen the LS in midnight the black cherry, it is a deep dark color that changes with the light angles. Both of these colors are a nice change from black; the paint job from Lexus is just superb.

    I'd like to meet the owners of the chauffer-driven LS's...obviously smart people.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I've seen the Pine also. It is very, very dark. It looks nearly black unless you get really close in good, strong sunlight. It's very elegant, but very dark. While I like dark colors (my black cherry is deep, but not that dark) the Pine is almost too dark. It's a close call for me, but I do like it.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    From Chase:

    MSRP $61,230...has NAV-ML pkg, 17 Wheels, Link
    3% sales and lux taxes incl. and no money down

    36 mos @ $1169 ....59% residual
    39 " @ $1137 ....57% "
    48 " @ $1050 ....52% "

    money factor was .0038 which equates to anout 9.12%

    I know I've seen better on this board and would like readers to share what's being quoted and by whom....include what area of the country you reside in too. I'm in North Carolina.

  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Wbwynn - seems high - What are miles 12k, 15k or 20k? Ask your dealer about local banks - In the past I dealt with guys at Chase in NY often on a business level - and they were always ultra conservative. Usually larger banks will residualize at a lower level. I also wonder if they have the same ability to get rid of car as does Lexus Finance at lease end. Local banks are more aggressive for the business and usually price out better.One of my neighbors has high level job at Bankers Trust and he doesn't even go through them for his mortgage let alone car leases. I live in New Jersey and can buy in New York or New Jersey (give a phantom call to Lexus of Manhattan - they usually put together good deals - I'll get you number if you need it - for up to date comparative shopping. Locally for me there was a bank named Haan (I'm not even sure how to spell it but I'll check with my dealer if they do deals beyond NJ - I'm seeing him Saturday) who had the best rates - even surpassing Lexus Finance. I could have paid $35 per month cheaper through them but opted to stay with Lexus Financial because I've had nothing but positive experience with them. Also salesman will be much more liberal when you turn in car at lease end particularly if you are returning to buy.
  • tv1db1tv1db1 Posts: 12
    Hello all,

    This is my first time responding, but I'm a long time reader (4 months) from the side lines. I just want to thank everyone for their information; wisdom and experiences on the Lexus products and for helping me make up my mind. I was loosing sleep over which car to buy or lease the 740il or the LS430. I was making my wife nuts! Even Motor Trend "Fall Edition" had these two cars tied at the end of their testing.


    Your right, our local NJ banks do have better rates then the big ones in NY, but the numbers Lexus had given me are not bad as of 11/00. Now that bank rates are going down I will start looking as of Monday. Also I'm sorry to say that Bankers Trust ended 6/1/99. We are now Deutsche Bank. Please tell your neighbor I said hello. I'm in the IT area of DB - 4WTC.

    I currently have (on an extended lease) a 97 Mitsubishi Diamante LS, but after a long 4-month wait (special order) I'm happy to say my LS430 will be in at the end of February. Millennium Silver, Ecru, ML, Sports Pkg. No nav, no link and no discount! Full MSRP at time of order, but I'm going to call around regarding discounts. I will keep you posted.

    Warnock Lexus in Livingston NJ is my dealer. Good people!

    Happy driving!!
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    12,000 miles per year...I'm going to check with a leasing company and regional bank too, as the Chase rates are not very good.

    Still can't get my local dealer off MSRP...must be a conspiracy that starts in Tokyo.
  • I recieved a voice mail message from my salesman Friday afternoon saying that he had new lease rates for me. I didn't have enough time to call him but I will Monday.

    I'll post the rates.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    tv1db1 - My neighbor, whose also a good friend is in finance and was intricately involved in the deal. He avoided me for a month at the time out of fear he'd slip up. I've also headed up acquisition teams for public take-overs - twice in last two years - and you need to be like a CIA type when you're involved. When I posted that last message it was 11:30 at night and I was to lazy to think of the correct spelling of Deutsche.

    I deal with Ray Catena - also great people - and they deal with Hann bank (small local bank I think that is near you - but they'll only take lease if they are affiliated with dealer). Check with Warnock about them.

    Don't waste a second of sleep - you could'nt have made a better car decision. The levinson radio sounds like a symphony hall. Why did you not want The Lexus link though? It's a great safety feature and saves some insurance money.

    wbwynn - Lexus financial is doing deals at 8.2% annual money factor and they are great to deal with. I believe all their programs are national so that should be your worst case. I think I'm going to take that midnight pine.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    You're killing me... two new LS430s...thanks for the info on Lexus Financial leases...why is my dealer quoting me this bad Chase stuff?
  • Have any of you found a way to turn off the "Lexus Link is Active" announcement? I find it so annoying if I am listening to some good music and then turn the engine on, the music gets so rudely interrupted to give me this stupid message.

    My dealer told me it can't be disabled, just like the "I agree" button before you can use the Nav system. But to me that's entirely different, for two reasons. First, pushing the "I agree" button isn't nearly as disruptive, and second, I can see they might have some legal liability if they haven't displayed the Nav system warning to an inexperienced driver who then gets into an accident. But loudly telling me the Lexus Link is active just seems undesirable unnecessary, and inappropriate.

    That's my biggest complaint about the LS 430. I guess this would be quite minor if I had an MB S430. . .
  • How long should I expect to wait for an LS430 Ultra-luxury sedan? One dealer claims they are rare. (He also wants me to buy a car off the lot.) Thanks
  • tv1db1tv1db1 Posts: 12
    Ljflx, If your friend was that close to the BT-DB deal he is up the food chain within the company. I just have to make sure all the computer systems play nice together.

    As for the Lexus Link, rennybosch stated it best. How do you turn that think off! My salesman told me you couldn't. I travel a fair amount on business and I rent Hertz cars with Nav systems and they also have voice links. The nav systems are handy, but they are also very distracting when driving and that voice gets to me after a few days. I would hate to start loathing my LS as I've done to some very nice rental cars.

    So, when I ordered the LS I noticed the link was an option and not a mandatory Lexus standard you must have. I didn't know about the insurance savings, but I did save $ 1,200 on the link plus $ 350 per year to keep it operational after your first free year. For now, I will us my cell phone.

    PS. if Lexus only offered true high speed Internet capability on the LS??? Now that's an option!!!

    PSS. Man, if you don't check what you write on this board it can turn things into hieroglyphics!!!
  • Have heard rumors on another discussion site that there will be a price increase the end of March. Does anyone have more information on this? When ,how much etc.?
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    Anybody know the MSRP and/or Invoice for the Custom Luxury Package due out in the spring?

    I'm trying to come up with a cash offer. What's the general "rule of thumb" for the percent the dealer needs over invoice for luxury cars?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Cash price has been MSRP on the LS just about everywhere. Prestige Lexus in NJ is giving $2000 off on deals done via the net. I have not been able to get anything off local dealerships in the, lease, finance...they don't want to budge.
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    Two things becoming available in the spring (possibly end of March?): Variable Air Suspension as an idividual option, and Custom Luxury Package. I don't know if this could have anything to do with a price increase...

    Please post the link to the other discussion site.

    Did you talk with my salesman? What did he say?
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    I'm looking for the price on the Custom Luxury package by itself, not the entire car. Also looking for price of Variable Air Suspension as an individual option. Need MSRP and invoice prices on these two options only.
  • I bought the midnight pine and haven't looked back since. I had made up my mind on the Mystic
    Sea Opalescent, was looking at it at the dealer, when here pulls up the midnight pine version. Very different... looks riches, more elegant. I must admit that when I first saw it, it did look black. Obviously the sunlight casts a different look to it. Also, the lighter interior leather and the ecru birds eye maple (taka that ugly grey wood) looks great.

    I opted for the dealer applied perm-coat (can't remember the name). Figured the extra protection was worth the cost, not to mention not waxing the car. Don't know yet if I made the right choice. Anybody out there have an opinion on this one?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I Agree - the midnight pine is a knockout with the ivory interior. Dealer had it in showroom on Saturday and a lot of people were admiring the color. All of the ones in stock had the dark cherry colored wood inside and it is also looked beautiful. Lighter birdseye must be custom order or ultra-lux. Still haven't seen a black cherry. Flint 350 - your lucky - my sales guy says he hasn't seen one yet.

    Wbwynn - how are you doing on those leases?

    Tv1db1 - hope you didn't break your back in that wet snow.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Did I say in stock - I meant in house as they were all sold and to be delivered within days. Only one in stock was the one I had on hold that I have to decide on by end of today. This car is still red hot so discounts are rare and my dealer again said he thinks price will be increased by end of March but doesn't know by how much.
  • Hello to all

    I've been reading post on both the GS/LS boards for a few months and have found it very difficult to choose. Let me first start off by stating both cars have a good reputation and appear to be a good choice. I have found very valuable information but there are some areas of concern.
    1. Both cars seem to have some problems with snow (GS seems to have more). Will snow tires realy sovle the problem?

    2. I've read that the LS may/will go up in price later this year but the GS is due for a new model in 2003.

    3. The GS has better styling and a sportier look. However, the LS is so much more refined.

    Here is my dilemma: I had planed to buy my vehicle between 10/01 - 2/02 but with the GS possibly changing it's style I would be left with an outdated look. I live in Virginia where I can expect a reasonable amount of snow and it might be better to have the LS? I'm only 34 and wonder if I get LS were do I go from there? The LS seems to be the ultimate luxery car and it seems like I would be left with nowhere else to go...

    If anyone can provide pros/cons to both cars i would like to hear them.

  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    ljflx- if you haven't seen the blk cherry, here are some shots of mine (hope this isn't a problem for anyone, posting a small photo).
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Can you give me the exact numbers on your lease through Lexus Financial? You said they had 8.2% money with a 62% residual??

    36 months I assume...payment $1040?

    I just want to confirm what Lexus Financial can do on the ($61,230 equipped model) since no one's moving much off MSRP. I'm real close to buying and going to take another test drive tomorrow. My sales tax rate is 3%, so if I can get the lease around a $1000, I'm done.

    Thanks for your help.

  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    This was a December lease. The money factor today is 8.2% for best credit customers. I'm not sure what the money factor was then.My December lease is $1,041 per month (36 months; 12k miles; 0 down/security; $495 lease app. fee via Lexus financial) with residual of $37,845 on $61,130 msrp. In NJ the sales tax is incorporated into the lease payment only to the extent of lease amortization. So if I buyout at end of lease I have to add 6% sales tax to the buyout number. The luxury tax is completely absorbed into the 36 month lease. The pine which I took today is a msrp of $57,890 but dealer is selling it to me for $55,500. Lease payments are $999 per but for 39 months and buyout is $30,700. However this is 20k miles per year. Again 0 down etc.

    The more I look at the LS430 the more I appreciate its design. This is a very elegant car that rides like a dream and handles very well. The latter is not quite as good as MB but I prefer the great ride which you always experience to the handling edge MB gives you which you need maybe 1% of the time. I also love to drive this car so stories of its' blandness and lack of road feel don't go over for me.

    Flint 350 - gorgeous! Drive it well. I love the pine and silver as well as my purchases attest to.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Thanks for the lease info; it will be very helpful. Congrats on the Pine too....those pics of the Cherry were nice to see also.

    I agree on the comfort over handling of the MB; the latter is only a thrill 1% of the time as you said. I prefer the quiet and isolation with great music....must be getting older like fine wine.

    I'll stay in touch and let you know what happens.

  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    Thank for the photos. The color looks sharp and elegant. Enjoy your new baby.
  • Came across this on the MB S class board
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Lexus Financial and others have different residuals for different areas of the country. You get as much as 62% up in the Northeast, but only 57-59% in the Carolinas. Chase is still better than Lexus Financial in my area.

    Also, previous Lexus lease clients get a slightly better deal too...Ljflx, you must be one. I am told that Lexus will not waive sec dep for new clients...period.

    Anyway, I drove the LS430 again this afternoon and really like the car more than ever....just can't seem to get the deal I want.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I just got off the phone with my dealer re the midnight pine and asked him about the lease residuals. Apparently you are right about the residuals. They are regionalized and Northeast, particularly Virginia to Mass. corridor and California have highest residuals for luxury cars based on wealth demographics. Money factors though should be national. Apparently MB works same way which is why I was reading MB lease quotes on MB board that were so much higher than quotes I was getting. I also discovered that I got a $500 loyalty credit in my December lease which reduced the payment by about $18. By the way Lexus calculates the residuals on the actual price of the car as negotiated less the $545 delivery charge. So on a car with no options residual is based on $54,005 not $54,550.

    Looks like you'll have to pay that Chase amount unless you can get a good local bank or leasing company. It's hard to move to another car if you can swing this one. The new Q doesn't do anything for me in the looks department and MB is seriously overpriced and not as good a car. BMW's are in the shop too often and ride hard.

    Go for it - wbwynn.
  • Reading the post from ljflx on leasing costs prompted me to work his/her numbers vs an outright purchase!

    This calculation can be performed on an HP12C.
    - 36 months
    - $1041/mo (+ 6%sales tax?? = $1103.46/mo)
    - 8.25% financing cost (quoted to me by a local Lexus dealer)
    - $37,845 residual value + 6% tax = $40,115.70
    - $495 Leasing fee

    The numbers calculate a $66,926 drive off price which would include sales & luxury tax but does not include license fees or any other miscellaneous fees.

    This lease would not be financially advantageous as compared to an outright purchase unless the residual value being used is very optimistic and/or the buyer does not want to hassle selling the vehicle at some point in the future. This lease is for the one who loves ease and is willing to pay a few thousand dollars for it!

    Another argument pro lease is the deductiblity of a lease payment for those who have the ability to write-off their vehicle. An option for those purchasing is to finance using the equity in their home, called an Equity Line of Credit. This results in any buyer having the capability to deduct the bulk of the payment and potentially (dependent on the interest rate) having a net (after-tax)cost of money lower than the dealer offers.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    If i had one improvement, i would reprogram the sport mode to downshift faster especially from 3rd to 2nd, to give brisker send off. I wonder since this is drive by wire accelerator, if they can reprogram the transmission to do this when sport mode is selected. any insights?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Strictly using financial data and conservative interest rates (I used 6.5% discount factor) it is always better to buy rather than lease. If you are a principal in a business as I am (as well as having a day-to day separate job) the tax deductibility skews the advantage to leasing. Be that as it may I have come to favor leasing regardless because you usually pay a $1-2k premium for having the option of purchasing the car 3 years out;or if you think you can do better on Wall street or whereever. Of course last year you could have bought several luxury cars and been better off than in the market.

    In my case I ran the numbers as an all in lease of $66.7k assuming I buy at end vs. $65.4k for up front purchase. This includes sales & luxury tax but excludes doc. fees in both cases. Close enough call for me to lease in any event and the tax deductibility kills off any thought of buying. Yes you could depreciate the asset but that is a royal pain.

    The other thing to consider is improvements in the car. Had I bought my 98 LS400 I would definitely want the new LS430 now and would have to deal with trade-ins etc. Somehow you always feel cheated when you trade in a car.

    One last thing - the lower the interest rates, the more unfavorable the lease. Banks love low rates as they improve their margins. They will only drop lending rates so low but of course have no problems lowering the interest paid to us. Maybe its time to buy some Chase stock.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 141
    We have a '01 RX300 and love it. We're considering a used LS400 for a second car - around '95 or '96 to meet our price point. What kind of maintenance costs should I expect for this vehicle? I've never owned an 8-cylinder, nor an LS, and am not sure what to expect. When problems arise, are they typically more expensive to fix than in an ES, for example? Thanks!
  • Parnola -

    We did just the reverse - bought a '95 LS400 a few years ago and just leased a new RX300 in December.

    I highly recommend late model LS400s because, in general, they're a reliable, great ride. And, even though they require premium gas, they get excellent mileage for a large sedan, about 18-20 around town and 23-25 on So.CA freeways. That's the good news...

    The bad news, as with any luxury vehicle, is when things go wrong, they can get expensive quick. And whether or not you use the dealer's service department, the parts cost alone can hurt. Bad.

    And, since you're buying a used vehicle, you probably won't know the maintenance and/or repair history. You can try checking it out with a Lexus dealer since they keep excellent records - if the vehicle was serviced at dealerships.

    To circumvent all the potential misery, you might want to do with I did - buy a Lexus-certified LS. You will pay a few bucks more than buying from a private party, but I would highly suggest the extra investment. I ended-up having most of the suspension parts replaced and quite a bit of brake work done under the extended warranty within 90 days of taking delivery. Apparently, some "non-Elite" Lexus dealerships do a sunshine inspection in putting the Lexus Certified sticker on the vehicle, happy to get the extra bucks and letting the service departments take the heat down the road. Hey, at least they detailed it...!
    Understand that you can't get a certified LS if its more than (I think) 3-4 model years back of new (your local dealer will know or you could find it on the website).

    The extended warranty is good for 3 years from the date you take delivery or a total of 100,000 miles on the odometer - whichever happens first.

    Good luck.
  • has anyone compared the ride on air suspension vs. non-air?
  • Okay......called the salesman here's my lease.

    Nav/Lev/Chrome wheels $1275 with $5,000 down 20,000 miles a year, 36 months.

    Ultra Luxury $1475 with $5,000 down 20,000 miles a year, 36 months.

    I laughed at the guy LOL. Thats rediculous. (Lexus Financial)
  • jeffmust2 in message 491 mentioned about almost all suspension replaced in a 95 ls400 and some brake problems fixed. Although I did not notice major problems in my early model 95 ls400, I would appreciate jeffmust2 sharing the exact nature of the problems so that I may still have them fixed under the warranty.
  • bluex19 -

    I'd have to go back and find the repair documentation for the exact items but, if memory serves, it was replacement of front control arms, just about all suspension bushings, front struts, etc. On the brakes, the discs and rotor assemblies were so far gone that they could not be turned or adjusted so they were replaced.

    The obvious problems when driving: a very "twitchy" feel to the steering and constant need for corrections to keep a straight line (totally unlike the steering feel now!); lots of clunks and thunks when going over small bumps; and a major thud type sound when hitting the brakes going slow in reverse out of a driveway. On the bad brake discs & rotor assemblies, lots of vibration when moderately applying the brakes on the down slope of a hill.

    Hope this helps. By the way, other known (but relatively infrequent) problems on the mid 90's LS include "bleeding" LCD dash displays, hood struts, and A/C compressors.
  • jeffmust2,

    Thank your for the information. Indeed I have
    a bit of a "twitchy" feel you describe but
    was told this was due to lower quality tires
    my car came with. I planned to replace tires
    anyway and will see if the symptom persists.
    By the way which tires would be better: Bridgestone Revo or Michelin MXV4? Or something else...?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Those numbers are unbelievable. Is the 5k down a refundable security deposit or a lost down payment? My business partner just got quoted $1,098 per month for 39 months on a LS430 with nav/lev/euro suspension - $62,195 msrp. This is a 0 down lease, 0 security deposit and 20k miles per year. He negotiated $1,500 discount from msrp. I'm paying $999 per on a 39 month lease but it excludes nav/lev and has msrp of $57,890. I got car at $55,500. Even though we were able to get some discount the differentials are too large. How can leases in NY/NJ area be so much cheaper?

    Wbwynn - what are you doing these days?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Transposition error on that last post. MSRP of the more loaded car is $61,295.
  • Bluex19 -

    I swapped the Goodyear GA OEM rubber for a set of Michelin Engergy MXV4 Plus about three months ago.

    I'm far from a professional driver, but I could not believe what a great improvement in handling it made. The ride instantly became more smooth and easier to control - I actually thought my dealer had overinflated the Michelins by 10# or more because of how easy the steering became compared to pre-Michelin.

    As for the Revo or other Michelin rubber, just be careful not to buy a set of ultra-performance rubber - the LS400 is not a sports car and you don't want to get too firm a ride from stiff sidewalls and ultra-gummy traction. Nor is there any reason to pay $600+ and then have them wear out at 20K miles.
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