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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I think you have to accelerate back above 35 MPH, and then you can engage "resume" back to the originally "set" speed.

    And can someone tell me the actual "logical" functionality of "ON" or "OFF" on any manufacturer's cruise control. I would call it "enable" and "disable" if it could not be done away with entirely!

    Other than normal braking I most often "touch" the brake pedal to "disengage" cruise control.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I prefer it not be on when I re-start the car the next day. Much safer. I hope Lexus leaves as is. Having it on to you shut it off is a liability not a luxury in my mind.

    xm radio - the upper glove box is a perfect spot for it when Lexus makes it standard or an option. That's where the cd player used to be.

    sopranos - anyone know when it starts!
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54

    I spoke with my local Lexus parts department to find out that the ML stereo does not have an auxiliary input. If it did, I think it would have an aux button on the front. I'm not sure what you mean by a "pre-amp output." The signal travels IN from the satellite receiver to the ML; in our current situation the signal will come in through a cassette adapter. By the way, I was told before the '02s came out that satellite radio will not be an option on the '02s or '03 LS430.


    Here is the list of XM radio stations.

    If the upper glove box had a power plug for installation, it would be great. That's why I like the center console. I'm leary about installers and their drills.

  • Hi ljflx and wwest -
    In almost 40 years of owning or renting almost every brand of automobile, Lexus is the only one I've encountered that works this way. I can see how having it "enabled" (agreed it's a better term) could be a safety issue if it resulted in accidental activation, but I've never had or heard of such a case. That's why they all have a minimum activation speed of at least 25. At that speed you won't be parking, in close quarters, etc. I guess I've been spoiled, having to take the extra step of pushing in the button on the stalk is no big deal. The only reason I can think of having the function would be to give people like ljflx who wanted that extra safety margin, or who were afraid of cruise control (and I'm sure there are many who find it intimidating)the ability to disable it. Me, turned it on and left it on until I got rid of the car. It all boils down to personal preference, and that's what makes America great. Lexus just sided with ljflx on this one and chose not to give me the option of doing it my way (unless it's an unpublicized C-best function).
    On the other hand, I find the resume function more annoying. I've tried it about 100 times, and at various speeds, but I'll try it again. You never know, it could be operator headspace.

    I guess this drops the LS down to 9.9999.

    P.S. Ljflx - How was Nicholas?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    CRUISE - I use it quite often and the only car I didn't have it on was a 74 Monte Carlo. But in all honestly I never remember it staying activated after you shut off a car and I don't ever remember it re-engaging automatically. You always had to press resume when you dropped under the speed minimum which I thought was traditionally 37 mph. The reason I wouldn't want it to be on auto pilot is that I'm at 40mph+ within seconds of turning off my cul-de-sac. You shouldn't be on cruise control when you will encounter stop signs and traffic lights. Also there are many school kids around in the morning and sometimes they don't pick the safest places to stand. Most particularly I wouldn't want the cruise taking over when I'm just starting out in the AM and the coffee or hot cocoa hasn't taken full effect yet.

    Nicholas restaurant is one of the finest restaurants I've ever been to. My all time favorite and still the best restaurant I've ever been to is The Old Swiss House in Lucerne, Switzerland. But Nicholas is right in step with it and on a par with restaurants like Le Cirque in Manhattan. You should try it and if you go easy on the wine (I didn't) the bill won't be so bad. You will also be surprised how young the owners are and they are usually there - at least on weekends.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The cruise controls that are electronically "latched" "on" all turn off with the ignition, those that are latched mechanically (Porsche 996) stay on regardless.

    Not to imply that any of them remain "active", they do not.
  • One feature that I like about the LS430 is that you don't have to tap the brakes to disengage the cruise: just pull the cruise control steering wheel stick toward you (like you're flashing high beams), and that will disengage the cruise without braking and startling the car behind you.
  • I believe the purpose of a "on" and "off" switch for the cruise control is there so that you don't inadvertently activate cruise control by banging your knee or your elbow into the cruise control switch. Just a safety feature.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If I'm disabling cruise it might (???) be altogether a good idea for the person behind me to see a brief flash of my brake lights.


    On and off...

    Once I get in the car and turn it on for what reason would I ever (remember) to turn it off?

    The only reason the 996 ever gets turned off is by accident.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    So you're the one!?
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    And they tried to blame it on the "left foot brakers". Glad that is cleared up...
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Flash, not constantly on!
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    On my 99 LS, I've noticed that resume will sometimes work and sometimes not - sometimes I'll slow to a complete stop and resume will take my right back to my previous speed (60-65), and yet sometimes I'll only slow down 5-10mph and resume does nothing, so I have to manually accelerate and set the cruise again. I never know when it's going to work or not. I mentioned it to the dealer on my 5K service a couple of years ago and they said it was working as specified.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I always suspected, down deep, that wwest was a flasher!
  • Just got an escort solo to go with ls 430. Last year about this time I got a ticket on i 26. Luckily a friend knew a lawyer (200 miles from home ) and he got it reduced to two points. After all that trouble I just got the above mentioned radar detector. I will let all know how well it works `first hand`, but was wondering if any of you by chance have one? and how do you like it? Tony ps it is the kind that works off of batteries.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Yesterday evening I saw a first (for me, anyway)- it was a gold LS430 Stretch Limo. Looked like the original gold paint and was a true stretch version. From what I saw, it was well done and gave no sense of cut-and-paste. Wish I could have seen the inside.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I didn't even know that they existed.
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    They have stretch bugs and PT cruisers and I saw a stretch Tahoe today.
  • I saw one on MTV Crib. I think it was rapper Ludacris who has a nice beige metallic LX470 stretch limo. Very nice, wish I had one. :-)
  • bmms8bmms8 Posts: 86
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  • vcso2279vcso2279 Posts: 5
    My 94 LS driver side seat belt does not retract. Per arroadrunner's article on 02-10-02, She advise that Lexus warrants the seat belts for life. Can anyone confirm this ? Thanks in advance for any info.
  • toddg12toddg12 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2002 LS430, gold, with Mark Levinson stereo, Nav system and Lexus Link. After just one week, I'm absolutely in love with the car. While shopping for it, I drove the Lincoln LS and the Acura RL. These cars arguably are not in the same class, but I couldn't bring myself to shell out the $$ for a BMW 745il or a Mercedes S430. The LS 430 is such a wonderful package of quality and value that I'm now a convert.

    I called around the Los Angeles area to shop the numbers my local dealer (Lexus of Valencia) quoted. I could only find Base models (no ML/Nav, just moonroof and heated seats) or Ultra Luxury (MSRP=70K+, ouch). I even had one internet manager look around for a day, then call and tell me to take the deal at Valenca. I paid $56K (Invoice = 54.7K, MSRP = 63.2K).

    My only "complaint" so far is that my local dealer said they have had so many problems with the integrated Lexus cell phone, that they are no longer installing it.

    Does any one have any experience (positive or negative) with the cell phone? cost and performance experience would be great.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Got my auto issue of CR in the mail yesterday and the results of owner surveys shows clearly Lexus gaining momemtum and MB falling while BMW seems to be doing just fine. The only Benz cars that scored well were the E and C which had average reliability (that is the highest ranking MB buyers gave any of their cars) and above average satisfaction. The vaunted S and SLK models were below average in reliability and above average in satisfaction. The S seems to be depreciating faster than ever these days. The CLK and M class were much below average in reliability and above average and average respectively in satisfaction. Lexus models scored very high across the board. The LS430 and ES300 were both much above average in both reliability and satisfaction (the drivers apparently have a very different view than the auto mags). The GS series was barely below that scoring only above average in satisfaction but maintained the much above average score in reliability (also very low depreciation which surprised me on the GS) and the IS3000 was rated average in reliability (worst Lexus score) and much above average in satisfaction. The LX470 wasn't evaluated (or was mixed in with the Landcruiser) but as I lease one I can say my experience is right there with the LS430. The Landcruiser had Lexus type marks with much above average reliability and above average satisfaction.

    BMW's pretty much had much above average satisfaction ratings with average to above average reliability (except the X5 whose reliability was much worse than average). The 7 wasn't scored because it's too new. Interestingly Audi's reliability was rated poor and seemed to be worse than I would have thought but then I thought of how often my boss's A-8 is in the shop. Infiniti models also scored well, all much above average in reliability and average to above average satisfaction levels(though the Q wasn't rated probably because of lack of sample, it certainly has been around long enough). But it's also clear that for whatever reason CR is no Infiniti fan based on its own brief write-ups.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Sorry - I left out the RX300 in that last post. Same scores as LS430 - much above average reliability and driver satisfaction. The SC430 probably lacked sufficient sample as data was unavailable. So the weakest Lexus links were the IS300 with average reliability and the GS300/430 with above average driver satisfaction. Every other mark for the brand was much above average. By the way the LS series rated a low depreciation figure as well. Pretty difficult job for anyone to slow the Lexus juggernaut down. How will consumers who rate cars that highly ever switch brands.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    That was actually the Cash Money Millionares that had the stretched LX470. Ludacris has a X5, DTS, Acura Legend and a Escalade.


    Just how many Lexi do you have?

  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I'll explain at another time. Right now the BMW7 board is in need of your expertise.
  • toyotas1toyotas1 Posts: 134
    I thought it was pretty lame! They didn't bring any of the competitors on! They just drove it around a speedway at 90MPH.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    What LS430 competitors?.

    The way I see it there aren't any.

    To even come close to matching the MB S500 in price you have to use the UL version. The MB and the LS430 UL, get real!

    In there a price and/or performance competitor to the base LS430, no?

    What would YOU chose to test drive against the LS430?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I'm waiting to buy an LS430, I have no doubt that it will be well worth the wait when I finally get it.

    Lexus, are you listening?

    Black Cherry/Ivory/maple accents and air suspension, no Nav.

    Hell, I'd even accept an LS330.
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