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Dodge Stratus



  • Its been a while since I've been on here. I own a 2004 Dodge stratus SE 2.7 V6 w/ 30K miles. Lately when I turn on the heat, theres this nasty musty odor that I can smell. Do I need to clear the vents out or are there any other suggestions?

    P.S. Yes my stratus also has the famous "creaking sound" when I turn my wheel espcially when slowing down to park and the oil pressure light also comes and my engine cuts off in stop and go traffic.
  • jim90jim90 Posts: 1
    I have purchased one of them and i hope your friend got 1. i got my sxt coupe for 18 flat from 24000. it rides nice the engine sounds sick def not ur average 4 cylinder and i find it surprisingly fast prob faster then my old 2.7 sebring sedan. plus all the compliments in the world get it there are no regrets.
  • i have a 2004 4-cyl. dodge stratus sxt. i notice a very annoying whinning sound when driving on the highway after driving bout 15-20 mins after going 50-60....anyone know anything ? im scheduled to bring it in to the dealership next week, but was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? thank you, happy new year everyone ! :blush:
  • As far as I know, "Deck" just means your trunk is open. If it's not really open, then it's probably just a bad sensor somewhere.

  • I think my '04 Stratus does the same thing that you are describing in yours. Mine only does it at about 65-75 miles an hour, and that's the only time I ever hear it. It sounds cyclical - the pitch of the whine goes up and down just a little.

    I took my car into the dealership for some other problems and I mentioned the whining and how it only occurred at freeway speeds. When I picked it up, they said they didn't notice anything. I couldn't believe they didn't hear it, so I asked them if they took it on the freeway. "Nope. But we got it up to about 50 on the road right out here." Uh, hello?. I didn't have time to let them take it for another drive, but I doubt they would figure anything out anyway.

    So, I don't have a solution, but I think I share your problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • My wife's car's heater only blows hot air when driving at about 45mph or higher. At idle or around town-cold air only. If the engine is warm and she comes to a stoplight, it will revert back to blowing cold air. Any thoughts?
  • raven9raven9 Posts: 1
    Hey everyone...I am new to this site. I have a 1996 Stratus with 150,xxx miles on it. It's not a bad little car at all. Was just wondering if anyone had a hood that is cheap and in good shape (Rust doesn't really matter as long as it's not rotted out...just needs to be straight and not smashed up) When I bought the car the lady had hit a guard rail at 20 mph and bent the hood up and rip/torn the bumper cover alittle bit other than that the car is perfect. Any help would be great.

  • tc1977tc1977 Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus SE with 116,000 miles on it. The car has been fairly good but every now and then I am getting a noise in the front end when slowing town. It sounds like a ticking sounds that slows down as the car slows down. If any one has any information available, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • tc1977tc1977 Posts: 2
    I would have the thermostat checked on it. Sounds like it is stuck or bad. Otherwise, if the car is low on coolant, that could be affecting it as well.
  • at 116,000 that ticking noise could be your front end unversal joints. The ticking sound increases with speed and decreases as you slow down. Being the car is front wheel drive, I would recommend replacing both left and right universals if you can afford it. This would give your car a new life and stop you from worrying about the side you did not replace.

  • Hello Natan6. I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus. I was able to take out the box and filter assembly on my 2.4. It was simple really. With that done, I went to O'Riely's and bought a chrome cone filter for $24.95. The connection on the cone is rubber about 3inches in diameter. The connection to the airflow system is a 4 inch oval. Well, when you squeeze on the sides of the oval it becomes a 3 inch connection that will allow the cone filers rubber boot to slip nicely into it. Once done, just tighten the screw on the airflow systems connection to get it a little snug. The hood closes well too. The chrome cone filter has not shifted or moved since I installed it 3 months ago.
  • Hmm, gas mileage? What is your engine size? I have a 2.4 liter engine. The tank holds about 14 gallons. Work takes me 54 miles round trip daily. I put about 280 -300 miles a week. At about $2.30 a gallon with the tank topped off, I guess I get 21.4 miles to the gallon. at $32 dollars a tankful. This engine is a solid performing engine. If you want better gas mileage, try a Neon with the 2.0. My wife has one of those. Her mileage is better.
  • What is your definition of a bad sound? If you floor it, the engine will make a hell of a lot of ruckus. All Chrysler engines do that. That sweet sound of the engine attempting hyperspace is great. If you get a screeching sound, check the belt.....
  • Check your tires for balls. This is when the steel belts start to let go from the rubber. It could be caused be hitting a pothole, curb, etc. Try changing the front tires to the rear and vise versa. If the problem continues, It could be a wheel balancing problem or a wheel allignment problem.
  • i'm new to this site and i have a 96' stratus and when i read what was going on with your car i was excited, i thought i was the only person this was happening to. mine has just recently started doing it and we took it to a auto shop and they cleaned out the vacuum hose and they said if it continues to do it then bring it back for no charge well on my way home last night it went dead and it took a couple of tries but it finally did start back. i hope though it can be fixed because this is getting really old.
  • i had that same problem but dodge had a recall last year sometime and that's what was wrong with mine, i have a 96' so i'm not sure if it's the same thing, just thought i would share.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 858
    If there are "balls" inside a tire, it means there was some foreign material (not air) rolling around, and it has nothing to do with the steel belts.
  • jesashjesash Posts: 1
    I have also had the stalling and hesitation at stop lights/signs and also the oposite where it will all of a sudden rev up and buck forward when moving from the brake to the gas petal... scared me :-| anyway dealership has given me run around for 2 years now... any ideas?? Also for whatever reason I only notice most of this on my way home from work in the evening... HELP please...
  • Whenever it's fairly cold outside and I drive over a little divet in the road, or make a sharp turn, I hear a loud crunching sound coming from the back end. It'll happen whenever the back end is compressed in some way. The dealership has replaced the swaybar bushings, both control arms (with the bushings), and both strut tower mounting plates, and they said that when they unhooked the shocks it still made the noise. Any ideas on what it could be? I'm desperate since the dealership has pretty much given up on me.
  • I'm new to this forum so any info would be appreciated....
    I recently Bought a 2001 Stratus Rt with all the bells and whistles. But the service engine light keeps coming on. I'm Going in for a tune up and oil change(The sparks look like they've never been changed, but the car still runs great, just a slight ticking noise sometimes). Would the sparks cause the light to some on? And If it were a misfire wouldn't I hear or feel it? It has 64k on it and I bought it for blue book any comments.....???
  • have you had your rocker arms tighten up sounds like your vavle have problem
  • have you had your (EGR) SYSTEM CHECK
  • my breeze rev's high and trans jumps what could cause that
  • jasonmwcjasonmwc Posts: 6
    I have a 96 with similar problems. The car would just stall while driving or taking off from a stop. I took to the dealer and they said that it was a "dirty engine" They cleaned and flushed the injectors and other fuel areas. It ran fine for a while then it wouldn't start at all (might have been a different problem). I took to a local garage and they replaced the crankshaft position sensor and all is good now. I also have had a bad head gasket at 45,000?? and I complained to dodge and they replaced for free (and a free timing belt and water pump!!!!).
  • 1. Is it me or does Dodge seem to love making automatic transmissions that are slow on shifting? What is that "errr...." noise that is being made during gear changes? My transmission seems to shift rough when engaging into "Drive," "Park," or bang out of gear when in "Neutral."

    I drive mostly city driving, but I drive only 2,000 miles a year at slow speeds, with some highway driving at 65 mph a few times a month. When approaching an intersection, I slow down, causing the car to downshift one gear, then slowly take my foot off the brake and gently ease on the gas as opposed to coming to a complete stop since there is no traffic and stop and go will damage the transmission even worse. Can anyone tell me what that is and what to do about it?

    2. My valves have been tapping somewhat noisy and not only am I looking for a proper way to quiet them, but I'm looking to prevent any further damage from happening to them so I need a proper lubrication viscocity combination for winter driving and summer driving.

    If I use 4 quarts of 10W-30 in the summer, the engine still overheats, telling me I need slightly thicker oil to remove the excess heat. Recently, I put in 3 quarts of 10W-30 and 1 quart 10W-40. It said on the bottle that 10W-40 is good for stop and go driving and driving from cold starting, although I let the engine warm up before driving.

    I've noticed small amounts of white smoke out of the exhaust, slight overheating and louder valve tapping until the 10W-40 goes into the cylinder head. If I don't drive the car at high speeds, it seems like the 10W-40 does circulate through the engine as it should.

    Should I use less 10W-40, like only 1/4 a quart and the rest 10W-30 or should I use 10W-30 and a certain amount of oil treatment or special oil lubricant? Is the 10W-40 damaging the engine if the oil is being burned in the cylinders? Does it reduce the horsepower or engine life by using 10W-40? Thank you for your response.
  • I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus SXT coupe, it has 28,000 miles on it. In January, I noticed that when I would go to warm up my car in the mornings, it was really hesitant to start. Then shortly after that I noticed that whenever I am idling, it is very rough. I drove it for a while, thinking it would go away. My engine light came on and we took it to Advance Auto and got the computer, plugged it in, and the code reading was 'misfire cylinder 1', so we took it to the dealer, (the original dealer I bought it from closed...hmmm), they had the car up there for a whole day, changed the spark plug which they thought was causing the problem. I picked up my car, light was still on and it still idled very rough. Took the car back, SIX DAYS AT THE DEALER later, they cleaned out the fuel injectors which they said were clogged. They told me to get gas somewhere other than BP, and my whole family gets gas there, no one has had the problem but me. That was mid january they cleaned it out. I began getting gas at somewhere completely different, and the problem is back again. Its soo rough when I'm idling. Its not so much doing it when I am in park, but as soon as i put it in reverse it starts and then into Drive. The dealer said I need to replace my fuel injectors, over $1000 worth of work. I dont have the money for this and not only that, I dont think thats the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Can someone offer me some insight? I love my car, and I was happy with it up until January. I just hope that this isnt the type of car I have to keep putting money into. Please help! :cry:
  • weaver14weaver14 Posts: 1
    My 2004 Dodge Stratus does the EXACT SAME THING. But my engine light doesn't come on, and it goes away after driving for 10 minutes or so. When i first start it up, it will have RPMs in the 1500-2000 range (i think thats high) and when it goes into reverse it drops to about 800-900 and its rough. There is a lot of vibration in the steering wheel. If I am stuck at a light shortly after startup and in drive it will do the same thing, i find myself putting it in neutral from time to time so it doesn't vibrate but then the RPMS are anwhere from 1500-2000 again, while ideling! I havent gone in to get it checked out, but when i take it in to have them check the rear cambrs and rear control arms (per a goodyear service shop after i took it in for an alignment). You might want to get that checked out to!
  • Thanks for the reply! Sounds like we have the same thing going on here. (by the way, my last name is Weaver!LOL)I will keep in mind what you had mentioned...
    My stratus is actually at the shop today again to see what the problem is (again). One problem I had was a bad sway bar that needs replaced, the other problem is the eratic idling (again). I'm just waiting to hear from the dealer to see what they say the problem is....
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus - for the past week - I have noticed when i come to a stop that smoke is coming from under the hood - i had my son check it out and at first he thought maybe the head gasget - but now i was told my a friend that maybe the power steering or there is some sort of oil plug (???) in the back near the head gasket that may be causing it. I havent lost any coolant - but still getting smoke. Anyone know what this may be or has anyone experienced the same???? Thanks
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