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Acura RL



  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    Well lets see, there is an article on which talks about Honda CEO driving around at 181 mph in a test car on the togichi race track.. There is some additional information in that article that talks about what will filter into the RL. /index.htm?cnn=yes

    It has a intelligent night vision technology is capable of picking out pedestrians in the dark using two sensors below the headlight and here's the second tid bit of information, it will use a head's up display, like some GM luxury vehicles. This is all debuting on the Honda Legend, which we all know is the Acura RL here.

    lets see if it really makes the light of the day.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Logic1 - I assume that glass was crash safe. I like the idea of using glass. My cousin works with glass as a hobby. It can be used to create some wonderful effects. But I'd be concerned about how flexible it is (or isn't).

    Ksoman - Thanks for the link. If Acura moves forward with that, I doubt we'll see it here in NA. In Japan, and to a lesser extend Europe, pedestrian safety is a bigger concern. They do a lot more driving in cities with bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Here in the US, we tend to stick to highways.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I doubt the night vision (Honda showcased it first in the Dualnote prototype at 2001 Tokyo Motor Show) and LKAS (Lane Keep Assist) will make it to the RL. They will definitely be offered in Japan since the lesser models have it.

    Intelligent cruise control (something that we expected to see in 1999 TL since 1998 TL-X concept had it) will definitely be offered. I would like to see Acura offer CMS/e-Pretensioner though another feature that is offered in Japanese Accord and Inspire. CMS (Collision Mitigation System) uses radar to detect potential accident and starts with a warning to the driver. If the driver responds, brake assist “assists” the driver to a safe stop. If the driver doesn’t, and it is too late, the seat belt tightens up before imminent collision and the CMS takes over the braking task and applies full braking force.

    I just read that Toyota’s version may be offered in the new GS as an option.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    The display gadgetry showcased with the Dualnote was supposedly co-developed by Honda and NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation).

    “The center display, located at the bottom of the windshield to minimize driver distraction, incorporates an arrow navigation display to indicate branches in the road ahead, and night vision, which uses an infrared camera to detect pedestrians. The image is then processed and displayed to the driver.”
  • jeff88jeff88 Posts: 94
    Good one!

    Ksso, just drop off that "free" a6 here in Houston and take my company car with you. I won't say a thing...

    The mdx has fake wood and it does not appear to be too bad. the pre- '04 tl had it too and the black/gray stuff looked much worse than the plastique found in the saddle interior version. how does the new tl look with the fake wood accent? the old '96 rl looked really good to my eyes especially on the board section on the passenger side and over the cupholder.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    are you an insider?

    jeff, i'll make sure i drive atleast 1000 miles away from you.


  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    It seems to me that if Acura is offering paddle shifters on it's new 05' RL and since paddle shifters are mostly found on ultra-high performance vehicles - Acura is making a not so subtle statement that the performance characteristic of their RL should "rock". I can't wait until September...
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Unfortunately, no. If I were, I wouldn't be as curious. ;-)
  • gbabalukgbabaluk Posts: 70
    Hi Courtney11;
    The V6 versus V8 is not about the 0-60 times but the RL will be lucky to do 7.5 seconds at best because of it's weight. It's almost 800 pounds heavier than your TL.
    The V8 is all about "torgue" in a "luxury" car. When you have 4 adults in it, you will miss the low end pull that a V8 gives the car.
    Again, the new RL is a great car but for us Canadians,eh, way over priced.
  • acuraphileacuraphile Posts: 131
    Do I understand correctly that dealers get to see the RL for the first time tomorrow?

    Is best guess delivery time early October, at earliest?

    Has there been a comprehensive comment on the paddle shifters in a previous post? Any strong feelings about them?
  • <<Do I understand correctly that dealers get to see the RL for the first time tomorrow?

    My salesman told me Sept 7, I believe. And other posters have said about the same.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    >Has there been a comprehensive comment on the paddle shifters in a previous post? Any strong feelings about them? <

    I wouldn't want to go up Sh*t Creek Road without 'em!

  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    <<Do I understand correctly that dealers get to see the RL for the first time tomorrow?

    My salesman told me Sept 7, I believe. And other posters have said about the same. <<

    That's precisely what the salesman at Keyes Acura in Van Nuys, California told me yesterday. Right after the holiday they are going down to Honda HQ and will see and drive the car.

    When the dealership will get some to show or sell he could not say.
  • tls02tls02 Posts: 20
    Same on the East Coast. My dealer, in the NYC area, said that they will do their "Ride & Drive" on Sept 8th and 9th. They expect to have an RL for test drives around the end of Sept, but that's only a guess.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    did you just spam? you might want to check with the host for unwittingly breaking any rules here, then again, maybe not...

    i just realized, those leases are not cheap. considering acura's hold their value, leases are supposed to be cheap...

  • What in the wide wide world of sports was this post from an Acura dealer about? I would love to see more official participation in the town hall, and, unless it becomes frequent, I say let it pass, but for Pete's sake -- at least engage us in someway.

    Burma Shave.
  • I suspect this is what that post was all about:

    2005 Acura RL - Coming Soon
    Scheduled Release Date: October 14, 2004. More info to come in days!

    However, if that's the case, he should have cut and pasted, just as I did and spared us the rest of the e-mail.
  • adamar1adamar1 Posts: 14
    Whatever the reason that one Acura Dealer posted his Acura specials for sale or lease, this forum is obviously not intended for such purposes. His message was miles long and certainly cluttered up this message board. Hopefully it was a careless oversight rather than an attempt to drum up business, but I suspect it might be the latter.

    Gosh Mark, I haven't seen the words "Burma Shave" since I was a kid many moons ago, and it was posted in ad signs along the highway. I wonder if we are of the same vintage!!!!! I was certainly amused when I saw it.
  • adamar1adamar1 Posts: 14
    While I have been more active in reading and participating in this forum in recent weeks, I find a lot of amusement in the reading. Obviously, we RL lovers are anxiously anticipating seeing the 2005 RL in the flesh and getting behind the wheel. Until then, it is all speculation and hype to a large degree.

    I am trying not to be too biased by the pictures that have been released of the 2005 RL--I was one of the first to comment that I thought the rear of the car looked more like a Honda Accord than the present RL. Maybe I will change my mind when I see it. I would hate to pay the large premium for a 2005 RL if it really resembles the Honda Accord that closely. I also don't like the center of the dashboard with all of that silver colored metal (whatever it is)--I still like the rich look of wood. However, in the end analysis, it will be how I feel behind the wheel that will one of the most important considerations.

    I love the discussions by those who are considering defecting to other Japanese cars (e.g., Infiniti M) or some European car. Until we can make actual comparisons side by side and also hear what the experts say about the new cars once they hit the market, it is just a fun debate not to be taken too seriously!
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Where is Kirstie, our "Host", when we need him/her to delete such messages???
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    tsk tsk shotgun, you wanna get in trouble for calling her a him?

  • sburke7sburke7 Posts: 37
    I only shared info,,,sorry to have wasted some's time, space, and sensitivity. Consider what I posted as an overview of how one dealer communicates with an RL customer, nothing more.

  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Thanks for the warning Ksoman - I'm already in trouble with Kirstie about a previous post of mine dealing with poor eyesight and brain capacity. Kirstie - I honestly didn't know...please forgive me!
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Classic! LOL

    We're starting to see a good deal more information about the other 2005 models, so I expect the RL ads will begin soon. They'll want the publicity to peak when the car hits the market. I'm kinda surprised that we haven't seen TV spots or magazine ads, yet.
  • Hi everyone,

    I just got back from a looong vacation in Europe and looked around over there to see what was happening in the automotive realm. I guess I can summurize very effectively what I found out about Honda because we already know. Basically in Europe Honda is offering some models that are not available in the US such as the Accord Station wagon and the Diesel powertrain. Oddly the press considered the release of the 'Legend" as a re-styling rather than a new model (according to their classification I would have guessed a new model to be more fitting!!).
    Bottom line the only thing that got my attention was the new Euro4 spec for the commonrail diesel engines and the number of vehicles in ciruclation that are powered by them. I guess 50% or more of the cars are diesel now and surprisingly suhc a high number is not accopmanied by the usual drawbacks associated to the old diesel engines. I could not detect heavy smoke/smell and noises were very contained. I had a couple of rides on the top 'Lancia' model (the Thesis) and felt very snooth and ready to go.

    Going back to the specific of the 2005 RL I qoul also like to see some more activity on Honda part in releasing some details since the suppposed release is only 6 weeks away!
    We'll see.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    >Going back to the specific of the 2005 RL I qoul (would) also like to see some more activity on Honda part in releasing some details since the suppposed release is only 6 weeks away! <

    I agree Steve. Notably, by contrast, Infiniti has already sent me a very nice "teaser" brochure on the new 2006 M. I received it last week after having signed up on their website. It was very nicely done and quite inviting and welcoming. That approach seems in keeping with how Infiniti announced the coming of the then new G35 sedan.

    We can all speculate as to why Acura does not do the same -- maybe they "don't have to", etc. But for me, I liked and appreciated the preview-like brochure for the new M. It was very engaging and added to the anticipation of a car that presumably will not be out on the streets until Spring 2005. It also achieved another purpose -- holding off my 2005 RL purchase while reinforcing my thinking about waiting until Spring to see their new model so I can compare the cars in person.
  • mason11mason11 Posts: 7
    I visited Weir Canyon Acura in Anaheim Hills, CA yesterday and they have the 05 RL just off the truck and is preparing for dealer/media presentations and test drives. No price listed yet but sure it is amazing to see all these RL in front of you... looked much better than the photos!! Check it out if you live in the LA area.
    P.S. Thank God the tires are 18" Michillin, not the crappy Bridgestone!
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    geez, i wonder.. how different is it or similar to what i saw in ny auto show... and 18 inch wheels is a good first step...
    good good
  • formulaformula Posts: 17
    Are you sure about the 18's. I have heard that the cars will come standard with 17's. I am assuming that you looked at the size on the tires for this info?
  • starkystarky Posts: 7
    RL comes standard with 17"wheels and the 18" wheels are a dealer installed option. Rear electric sunshade and rear side window manual sunshades are also standard together with paddle shifters.
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