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Acura RL



  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Lack of power, compared to what?
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    Finally saw the RL at my local Acura dealer. I have to say that in person, there is a definite Honda/Acura family flavor to the styling, which one would expect. But it doesn't make me think "Accord" at all. It has much different lines to my eyes, and looks larger, more imposing and more muscular.

    The interior looks great, too... the metal center control unit blends in to the rest of the dash far better than it appeared to in pictures.

    It's not in my budget, but I can always dream.
  • brew99brew99 Posts: 86
    Interesting to note the differences in the RL north and south of the border. I believe someone earlier noted that in Cda, the RL comes equipped with perforated heating and cooling leather seats. That appears to be the only positive for Cdn RL's as there are significantly fewer colors to choose from, no XM, no traffic link, no OnStar, no auto on/off lights and a shorter warranty (3 year, 60k km granted major components are actually 5 year, 100k km).

    From a pricing perspective, Cda also appears to be relatively more expensive. If you compare MSRP and add in freight/destination charges and calculate the exchange rate at 0.78 which is a little lower than prevailing, you get a whopping $5,700 US or $7,300 Cdn difference - meaning a comparable less equipped RL will cost significantly more in Cda. If you compare TL pricing after exchange rates, there is virtually no difference now looking at new 05 prices.

    In Cda of course, as bobble mentioned, you need to tack on additional sales taxes in the 15% plus range.

    So all in all, it looks like those cooling leather seats are a pretty pricey addition!!!
  • Very interesting posts from those that have actually driven the new RL. I was fortunate enough to test drive one yesterday in Scarsdale, NY. Before I go into my review, I will say what surprised me most was the fact that they actually had on or two on the lot that weren't spoken for, and several more arriving in the next few weeks to month (this as opposed to several other dealers I spoke to who said I wouldn't be able to get one until February or March).

    I currently drive a 99 TL which I have really been happy with. I have driven on several occassions a 2004 TL, as well as 2002 Type-S flavor. The RL is very much a different drive, though I wouldn't say "completely" or "amazingly better"; but definitely better. Power is very good, though if you're comparing it to a V8 (BMW 540i, Audi A6 4.2, etc.) you might not be as satisfied. But to me, the RL not only is fine in the power department, but smoother, and quicker, than the current TL and the 2005 BMW 530i I tested two hours earlier.

    The handling was precise and braking was excellent (if you've ever driven on Central Park Ave on a Saturday evening, you'll know how much braking you do). Taking the car off the main drag and on to some side streets allowed me to get a better feel for the car's ability take corners; at first I didn't push it, but at the urging of the sales guy sitting next to me, I pushed into corners with greater speed - the car stuck to the road and I came out of each corner with a big grin on my face. It is cool to watch the real-time display of the power distribution to the front to rear wheels as you gun it (of course, don't look at it as you're taking that corner at high speed). How did it feel compared to the BMW 5 I tested earlier? The BMW certainly can hold its own in any cornering test, but what really surprised me about the BMW was not its handling, but the power - even before I test drove the RL I felt the BMW was under powered (keep in mind, this was the 6 and not 8 cylinder model). Of course, I'm not saying the BMW is any slouch, but I remember thinking during the test drive, "this is the ultimate driving machine?"...

    Interior-wise the RL is a sight to be seen. Now, I work with technology/computers for a living, so I was in heaven as soon as I sat down and saw all the gadgets! Others might be intimidated or put off by the technology, but I found all the buttons and menus pretty much right where I naturally first looked or reached for them. Compared to the BMW's iDrive... heck, I can't even think of an analogy... I'll just say, for an engineer who has designed these kinds of systems (both hardware and software) for over ten years, I was even frustrated with BMW's iDrive. The RL interface was much easier to use. Granted, there's probably at least 8 times the features that my current car offers, so it will take some time getting used to everything. And I'll have to get used to not being able to use the touch screen to enter in an address, but I suspect the voice recognition will help out a great deal here. I strongly believe the Acura engineers did their homework (i.e. human factors engineering, surveys, usability, etc.) in designing the dashboard layout and the computer system interface. The seats felt wonderful and for me, I immediately felt "right at home" in the car, which I think is very important when spending this kind of money.

    So bottom line was that I put down a $250 deposit with the promise that they would do their best to get me the car in my color choice in the next two to three weeks. But from what they showed me of their inventory, they do have quite a few RLs coming in the next few weeks, which according to my sales guy, haven't been sold yet. I saw a lot of Silver with ebony interiors, which I'm not interested in. The car they had on the lot which I could have bought that day, which I test drove, was white with ebony interior. Wouldn't suprise me if it was sold after I got out from my test drive - so many people looking to test drive that car.

    Oh, and if you're looking for RL brochures, don't even ask. I think Acura does the same thing with their brochures as their cars -- only releases a few to ensure peak demand. Every dealer I went to said they had none; all given out. I think dealers should keep a few in reserve for those who actually do put down a deposit and intend to buy a car, rather than just giving one out to anyone who just walks in and says "just give me a couple of them", cuz you know they're gonna end up on eBay :)
  • I saw the Lake Shore Silver, nice color, but I'm still waiting to see the Celestial Silver. Has anyone seen it in person? How different is it from Satin Silver of the TL?
    I think the Black should be offered with Taupe interior too; it would be a nice combination!
  • I am considering an Acura RL vs the new Audi A6. The lease payments on the new A6 are considerably better than the RL. Could be because of the money factor or residuals.

    Lease on the A6 with 2,500 down, 18K miles, 39 mos was $854 per month, money factor .0220. Lease on the RL with $2,500 down, 15K miles was $890 per month. I think the money factor was .0245.

    I'd rather get the RL. Better dash, electronics, reliability. However, the A6 has a more back seat legroom and a huge trunk. I personally never go 0-60 in 6 or seconds so performance in either car is less important to me.

    Anyone else have any experience with leasing the new RL?
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    What was the quoted price on the A6?
  • An Introduction: I presently own a 2000 Mercedes E320 AWD. This is my second E320. The first was a 1997/rear wheel drive. My present Mercedes has 52,000 miles on it and the repairs have already started. Axle- $2,000. Numerous sensors - another $1,000. We got Mercedes to pay for the axle and the parts on the sensors. Now the car is literally sucking oil and that is a repair that Mercedes will also pay for- it is a known problem and they pay for fixing it if it happens to your car!!

    I am tired of the over-priced Mercedes-Benz cars. I owned a 1993 Acura Legend and it was a great car. My son owned a 1994 Acura Integra, had it for 9 years and repairs were few and far between.

    Also, Mercedes is no longer paying for scheduled maintenance starting with the 2005 year models. I live in the Northern part of the country, so want AWD. That left out the BMW 5 series, so I looked at the new Audi A6. I can't justify the extra money for that car. Also the new A6 doesn't have any kind of Onstar or Tele-aid service. The sales rep gave me some goofy story about the fact that you couldn't have Bluetooth compatibility and Onstar or Tele-aid on a car.

    So, I have put down a deposit on the RL. Drove one last Friday and it is a beautiful car. I wish the exterior was a little more distinctive, but then I don't consider the styling of the BMW or Audi A6 or Mercedes E320 very distinctive either. The leather in the RL is much nicer than the standard leather on the E320. The technology is incredible. I do wish that Acura had put some wood on the shift console portion of their car. It would have looked much richer, in my opinion.

    This seems to me to be an incredible car for the price!

  • The quoted price was MSRP of $48,920 which includes destination. Almost identical to the RL.

  • aclcaclc Posts: 20
    Very helpful review....I also live in Westchester County and was wondering if Curry Acura was the dealership you went to. If so, are you going to pay MSRP or more. In August when I spoke to a salesman at that dealership, he told me that he would not guarantee the sale price would be MSRP.
  • >>Though it handles well i did not think it had any much power at all.

    I just don't get the comments on here about not enough power. Are you planning to race it?? As I said in a previous post, I haven't maxed it out, but for entering freeways, passing, etc., it has more than enough power.

    BTW, was driving it this morning and discovered a cool feature. It was not possible for the driver to safely program an address on the navi on my 99 RL. I decided to program a couple of addresses this morning while stopped at various stoplights along the way. I quickly discovered that you can safely program an address while driving - a voice reads you all the options and reads your choices as you rotate the joy stick, which you can then select without ever looking at the screen. Really cool since I quite often drive alone.
  • Hey lynnminny,

    I think that the 18 inch wheels look much better than the standard wheels. While they are expensive, it's a good way to make it look more distincitve, especially from the side profile (where it's needed the most.)
  • kenw1kenw1 Posts: 30
    Where did you get the Canadian pricing and equipment details? I can't find anything useful on the Acura Canada website - the downloaded brochure has hardly any details.

    Do you know when the first RLs will be available for sale in Canada?
  • monet5monet5 Posts: 32
    Test drove the '05 RL this weekend along with the '05 A6 (3.2) and the '04 E320 4Matic. As point of reference I currently have a '01 A6 2.7T with the lease expiring in December.

    All in all the RL is a great ride. Acura really nailed the interior of the car and really conveys a sense of luxury. I would definitely opt for the wood steering week as it compliments the interior. What really surprised me was the space in the cabin for front passengers. The car felt large compared to my '01 A6. The ride as smooth as silk and while the car is not going to win any 0-60 times the power delivery was constant and without any highs or lows.

    The other thing was the amount of customization you can do with the car and the information the car conveys to you. While all luxury cars today are doing things behind the scenes with power delivery, etc.. Acura allows you to see what is happening with the SH-AWD torque MID. I really like the overall delivery of the technology within the Acura. Acura did a great job of blending the technology within the car and not making things to complicated like BMW (I-drive) and Audi (MMI). The car is perfectly happy not making you drill into menus to do stuff.

    The stereo was fantastic along with the GPS. However, my dealer couldn't figure out how to show the real time traffic which disappointed me.

    Having said that here are my negative comments.

    First and foremost not having a height adjustment on the passenger seat might be a deal breaker for me. If you have a significant other please make sure they sit in the car before you pull the trigger. My girlfriend is only 5'3" and she said she felt like she was only looking at the hood of the car.

    While the power delivery was constant I would have liked to see another 20-30 foot pound of torque. I'm betting that a V-6 Accord would give the RL a run for its money and while 0-60 is not the most important thing for the RL (more the TL's niche) if Acura wants to compete with the big boys (Merc, BMW, Audi) who all have V-8s as well as the newcomers (Cadi STS and Infiniti M) they need to gimme a few more HPs...

    Lastly the exterior was a bit dull. Nothing against it, but after seeing the TL and the aggressiveness of that design I hoped that Acura would have kicked it up a notch. With the current BMW 5 Series and the new Audi A6 say what you what the designs, but I give them credit for trying to spice up the market place.

    All in all and great effort by Acura. I've ruled out the Merc E320 due to reliability issues and pricing (option the E320 out like the RL and your over $60K), but the Audi is nearly the same price so its a dead heat right now.

    If only Acura made the passenger seat height adjustable....
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    The new body style looks like an accord on steroids. That is not bad, since the Accord is a great looking car. Dealer had 9 in, still had 4 uncommitted far, but sure he sold those this weekend. The sticker was $52.8K, with the wood sterring wheel, wood gear shift and spoiler all being options with prices above those shown on Dealer said they are selling at MSRP,
    But the mark up on the extra's was far above, $950 just to ungrade to wood trim steering wheel.
    Beautiful car inside. Back seat room is small. Could not look straight out the back window, without bending my head. Did not test drive at this price point. Can buy a new 2005 LS430 for $52K (w/o Nav). Still remember all the late 90's BMW's and Merc with built in analog phones that now are useless and eye sores. Who knows what the Technology on Nav's will be in 5 years.
    For the price I would go with the Lexus.
    V8, rear wheel drive, 6 speed transmission, free loaner cars and car wash.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    For the price I would go with the Lexus.
    V8, rear wheel drive, 6 speed transmission, free loaner cars and car wash.

    Last time I checked, all Acura dealers in my city provides free loaner cars. Car wash? No thanks. I never let my cars washed by machines. I always tell dealers not to wash my cars. Vacuum, yes. You should probably care more about Acura's poor powertrain warranty, though, compared with others' (especially, an RL with SH-AWD)

    I have decided to wait till M and GS come out and make decision. For now, RL is expensive due to initial frenzy. An RL at $46K would be reasonable price considering all pros and cons. The price would drop in March/2005 when M and GS come out.
  • And was dissapointed in both. Neither is a beautiful car, the M had a nicer interior (in a light grey color). Lexus messed this car up! And I LOVE Lexus.

       Unless you need a V8 or a stick, the RL will be the car to beat for a while. AWD enhances it's appeal. NAV is state-of-the-art. Price is reasonable with 300HP. Interior has some bling-bling. It doesn't blow you away, but it does everything well. Non-offensive, few weaknesses. The ultimate Honda. TRunk is small doh!

  • proeproe Posts: 157
    I will wait for M45 and GS470 coming out next year.

    And, I am thinking about the new 300c with hemi in it that costs only around $42,000 full loaded.

    If the new Corvette has good quality, I might get a Vette instead for that 400 hps and 400 ft-lb of torque with Z51 package. It will only cost around $47,000.

    Or, if I go postal, I might lease the new M5 and I am pretty sure I will be very very happy with the performance department for a long time.

    Decision, decision, and decision.
  • I currently own a '99 Audi A6 2.8 It has been a great car, but is underpowered. I have always thought of upgrading to the 2.7t, which is a great car.

    To date, I have driven the '05 A6 4.2 twice. The dealers in Baltimore do not have any 3.2 engine models to drive at this point. The new A6 is very nice, BUT, I think they blew it on the interior. Not as nice (IMO) as the older generation A6 and not as nice as the new RL. Less wood than before, and the plastic trim looks cheap. And, while the V8 has lots of power and torque, I wonder how the V6 is given the added weight of the new car.

    The Acrua dealer did not have a demo car for the RL, but I got to sit in one and play with all the toys. Then, I switched seats with my son, and sat in the passenger seat. The first thing I did was reached for the seat control to raise the seat up, but, guess what - no height adjustment. I agree with you Monet, a major flaw. I'm 5'11'' and would have liked it up higher.

    Monet - given that you had a chance to drive both the Audi 3.2 and RL - how did they compare. Is the Acura ride more like the Audi and BMW - ie emphasis on handling over comfort, or is it still more like a Lexus ride - comfort over sport? How did the power compare between the two cars? The new A6 is 255 HP, vs 300 HP for the RL. For that matter, how does the RL compare with your 2.7t. While there is nothing like a V8, given where the price of gas is headed, I'm looking mainly at 6s - the 530i, the A6 3.2, the RL, etc.


  • Yes, it was Curry. And I am paying MSRP - Nothing less, nothing more.

    As to when a car will be available to me I don't really know. This is my first experience with Curry so I don't know if the "2 to 3 weeks" response was just to get my commitment to purchase from them, or if they really can deliver in that time frame. We'll see. I will say that others have spoken very highly of Curry, so my hope is that I will have an RL in my garage in the next month.
  • I agree with your Lexus LS430 comments, ESPECIALLY if you buy a 3-4 year old one (may I suggest you buy a used one with Ultra Luxury package, orig. $70k, for substantially less than the new RL?). Lexus is still King of luxury (but needing styling update). The '05 RL is Prince, but "stylin'".

    I've longed for a car that had the luxury/space of Lexus, the performance handling of BMW, the gorgeous looks of the Mercedes S Class, and the reliability of the Acura. Oh, and give me every technology that exists. That's asking for a miracle! Well, then the '05 RL arrived, and it seemed to "mostly" meet MY eye's criteria! I'm an everyday guy with a "reasonable" appreciation for a Sports/Luxury Sedan. Then, I spent nearly 5 hours with it...

    While, for me, the car is:
    -Gorgeous inside and out, in person.
    -Has solid power and handling.
    -Obvious Honda/Acura quality/reliability.
    -a techno-wizards dream come true.
    -an amazing update to it's ever-beloved grandfather, the 2nd generation Legend(I've owned a 1991)...

    Everyday rush hour driving/drivers will:
    -NOT truly appreciate SH-AWD, especially in the twenty largest markets whose freeways go slow on a good day. This will be utilized on mountain roads, snowy climates, or race tracks. We're not Europe/autobahn, you know.
    -NOT, for now, receive Real-time traffic info, unless you're in those 20 largest markets.
    **(These are the two "big" updates against the competition driving the initial hype/demand/price.)

    My disappointments:
    -Interior spaciousness(it's virtually no larger in stats, or feel, from the TL--just slightly wider). HOWEVER, it handles every bit as well/better, but with the addition of a Luxury ride.
    -Any up-front savings over the competition is generally lost in increased depreciation during the first 3-4 years (pay me now, or pay me later).
    -I think it's demographic is 35-45, chasing more of the older clientele to Lexus--many won't utilize/will be overwhelmed by the technology(even though easy to use!), and will focus on Luxury and status. Techies younger than 35 generally can't afford it.
    -Acura VP flubbed in NY by announcing car to be priced well under $50K. Message boards and Magazine/Press feedback must have gotten him greedy. That's a tough spot, when you still have a ways to go in Lexus/BMW/Mercedes "prestige factor" for this price category(irrelevant to me, but I'm an anomaly).

    Should you buy the '05 RL at full sticker versus other alternatives? Probably, if you must have the latest and greatest RIGHT NOW and don't mind experiencing additional loss in value. However, you'll have to drive and experience it for yourself to decide. It's your money!

    P.S. I do NOT work for Lexus, and I'm NOT trolling! I'm an avid Honda/Acura fan who simply allowed himself to get all hyped up over the past 7 months, simply to be...slightly disappointed.
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    Based on back to back test drives of the '05 Audi A6 4.2 (correct: no 3.2's currently available) and the Acura RL, I definitely preferred the fit, finish, ride and handling of the Audi. The RL seemed(imho)too much like a cross between a Lexus and a Honda Accord - really wonderful electronics, nav, stereo, etc., but ride was somewhat underpowered (at least as compared to the the Audi 4.2)and I did not feel the feedback from the road or the ability to corner the way I did in the Audi (or even my current 1999 Audi A6. Also, the inability to raise the seat would not sit well with my significant other.

    Just my impressions fwiw.

  • LIY - was the A6 you drove equipped with the sports package? The A6 4.2 with the sports package is a very nice (but very expensive) automobile. Probably not a fair comparison to the RL.

  • gantragantra Posts: 7
    I test drove an RL Sunday and really liked it.

    I too am also looking at the Infiniti M45 and the new Lexus GS model as alternatives. I want to keep in the range of 50 to 55k and not much higher.

    I want much of what the RL has and some it doesn't, including a more luxurious back seat area.

    In general, I liked the handling and ride and the quiet as well as the awesome electronics. We listened to the DVD-A Acura Demo disc in the showroom car and it was incredible. The surround sound was like being in a movie theater. However, there are some pretty big omissions or shortcomings that Acura really should address ASAP.

    The lack of tilt/height adjustment on the front passenger seat is pretty unforgivable. I'm 6'1" and really need some control of seat height. Second, the rear seat head room is unacceptable for me. If i sat upright, not slouched with my hips slid forward some, i was hitting the ceiling. Probably i was about 1/2" short on clearance minimum. Otherwise the back seat was really nice. It's disappointing to have a few shortcomings like this spoil for me an otherwise outstanding car.

    My feeling is that i'm leaning toward the M45 because it has nearly all of the features i want that the RL has left out: more functional and adjustable front and rear seats to name a few.

    I feel sure that Acura will address some of these shortcomings later in the year or for the next model year, as most are easily fixed. The car is wonderful in any case and if you can get it at a discount in the coming months, should represent an excellent value.

    This car puts Acura back in the hunt.
  • monet5monet5 Posts: 32
    Steven27. The Audi and RL while looking similar in the stats (HP/lbs), AWD, Tech, etc... are really very different. The RL is the car that you get in and simply drive. If you want to play with all the technology you can, but its perfectly happy being as simple as an Accord (that's a compliment). The ride was firmer than I would have thought, but controlled nevertheless. In typical Lexus fashion the car tries to isolate you from the outside world in a cabin of comfort. As I said before - and this is just my opinion - I think the car needs a few more HP. Or at least bring the torque up. While I didn't punch the car (it only had 500 miles on it) the drive was not as spirited as the 300HP stat would make you think. The technology and Acura's implementation if it its shear perfection.

    The Audi, on the other hand, is spirited. Even with being only 255hp its torque is close to the Acura and its 200lbs lighter. Whereas the Acura is more a Lexus, the Audi is more a BMW (again this is a compliment to both cars). The Audi flatters you. No mater what angle you take with the car it goes where you want it and make you think it was all you - the driver - that made it work. I found MMI /Stereo not nearly as good as the Acura, but on the other hand the interior was better overall to the Acura (German vs. Japanese approach). You have to want to be involved in the car to drive it. MMI is something that you have to deal with and while I only spent 5 minutes with it I was confused. Whereas the Acura's interface I never got lost in

    Neither the Audi (3.2) or the Acura was as fast as my Audi 2.7T. Once my turbos come online the car takes off like a rocket. That will be missed on either car, but from a 0-60 point of view I suspect both cars will be neck-in-neck. Compared to my 2.7T both cars are much more quiet, but the edge goes to Acura. The Audi had the 18" wheels and the Acura had the 17". Not sure what the Acura would be like with the 18"s.

    At this point I'm really torn. I have deposits on both.... Its that darn lack of passenger height adjustment on the Acura that kills me. But then again do I trust a first year Audi model to be problem free.... I remember the 2000 A6 2.7T and all the issues with that model.
  • gantragantra Posts: 7
    Be sure to get the Wood Steering wheel and Shift knob. Both cars at the dealer i visited had them and they look beautiful and match the standard wood perfectly. It adds that much more wood to the center console area.
  • How much does the dealer charge for the wood steering wheel and sift knob? Someone mentioned that it seems that the shift knob is real wood (like the trim), while the steering wheel is probably simulated -- any info?
  • LIY - was the A6 you drove equipped with the sports package? The A6 4.2 with the sports package is a very nice (but very expensive) automobile. Probably not a fair comparison to the RL.

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    kenw1: sorry for the late reply. My internet connection at home is temporarily down so I can only visit here at the office!

    But to answer your question, no, I don't have any pricing and lease info for the RL. I'm sort of in the same position as you in that I think the RL is a bit above my budget. Plus, my TL is only 4 months old. So I have not been seriously investigating the RL, and haven't spoken to my sales reps on it. Later on, if they can arrange a test drive for me even knowing that I'm not serious, I'll do that just to see what it drives like.
  • Sounds like I'm going to have the same dilemna. I too am concerned about the first year of a new model, more so with the German cars than the Japanese. I hope to drive the RL in the next couple of days, so at least I have something to compare the A6 4.2 with. I think the 3.2 A6 should be in the dealers by month's end.

    I also wish I wasn't in a rush to get a new car, as I believe the A6 and RL will both be discounted by next spring and will probably offer some decent lease deals. Did the A6 have the sports package? If so, just remember that those summer low profile tires aren't going to make it through the snow, in which case you'll need new tires (and probably wheels) for winter use.

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