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Acura RL



  • swsmsswsms Posts: 62
    If so, what's been refreshed on the outside? Nothing I can see. If they refreshed the interior, it should include at least dual zone climate control for the front seats, in-dash cd changer, and side curtain air bags. Personally, the RL shouldn't have less functionality than the new TSX. If Acura didn't make the changes listed above to the '04 RL, I may start looking elsewhere for my premium sedan fix.

    I hope Acura does the right thing. We'll see on Saturday...
  • I have long admired the RL, partly because there is no Acural dealer in my town and there are very few around here, adding to its cache. It is a handsome car that by all measures rides great and is durable.

    I have been driving my '96 Camry since new in Dec. of '95. It only has 58k miles and drives perfectly, but I am getting antsy. I plan on buying something in 12-24 months. My question: with the new model coming out soon, will the resale value of the current model RL's take a nose-dive over the next couple years?

    If the new '02 and '03 models are being discounted to $35-$37K, what would you predict to be the target for a low mileage (20-30k)'02 RL in a couple years? Any educated guesses would be appreciated.
  • If what people are saying here about how 04 RL is shaping up to be is the case, that's exactly where I want RL to be. No major configuration change; remain V6 with FWD and no major exterior restyling as current is just fine.
    What RL needs as just a bit of power boost, in-dash CD, few extra comfort features, that's it. And most importabtly - remain in the same price range. I also wish RL got better fuel efficiency, but without using V-Tec engine it is not going to happen.
    04 RL might be just a stopgap measure for Acura. As drastically redesigned RL is not ready yet, but current version desperately needs some refreshening even if for psychological reasons. But that stopgap version might be exactly what many people are looking for. I would have bought 03 RL right away had it had at least one of the items from my wish list in comparison with 02s. But 03 came disappointingly same as 02.
    As to question of prosepcitve prices for used 02s 03s. RLs suposed to have steeper depreciation over their MB, Lexus counterparts. But with recent manufacturer discounts on new ones, I haven't seen that translate into better prices for used ones. I've seen asking prices on used RLs ridiculously close to what you get new one for these days. But by any reason they should collapse. Used 02s should be in low 20s in few years. There is no point of paying a penny more for used RL. Maintenance costs after warrantee expires is really high for RLs.
  • I wouldn't expect prices to collapse for used RL even w/ a dramatic redesign. The car is already significantly discounted up front. The main attraction of the RL, imho, is a quality car, trouble free performance, conservative styling(positive for some, negative for others)many luxury features at an affordable price(whether new or used). This will still be the case with a new redesign. Granted the redesign might be a hot item, but the value of the old model will still be there. There's also the possibility that the new design might not be real well received. That might even benefit the old design(think Legend).

    As far as goldkey's comment about high maintenance costs after warranty, that has not been my experience at all. My RL has been trouble free w/ 104K. That is one of the reasons I went with this car in the first place and I have not been disapointed. I'm not one to pamper a car and this one has just been driven. I do nothing beyond oil changes and just drive until a problem arises. Maybe I've been lucky, but i don't think so. just my $.02
  • swsmsswsms Posts: 62
    In today's article on AutoWeek, it mentions the '04 RL as "a 2004 Acura RL with major interior upgrades".... _code=autoshows&loc_code=&content_code=01803770

    Acura has a meeting with the media tomorrow, so we should have some solid information at that time.
  • retnavretnav Posts: 25
    At post 1133 on 26 Jan I asked for comments from MB owners as I was considering trading my 2000 RL for a new MB E-320. mfaraino1 replied with a very thoughtful and helpful answer. On 28 Jan I traded for the MB. So far I really like the car and after 24 years of Honda/Acura ownership try something new. Nevertheless, I will continue to monitor the RL board. Thanks for the reply mfaraino1.
  • Post #1190 mentioned that Acura is to make announcement today about plans and details for 04RL.
    I also noticed that on Edmunds site for Future vehicles all refrences to 04RL as future vehcile have been removed and replaced with 05 RL without any more info. I wonder what's the story. Looks like Acura is not ready for major RL redesign by 2004 production cycle. But I can't beleve 04s will continue to be the same as 03s, which is the same as 02s, which is essentially the same going back to 96. Yes, Acura is conservative company, but it was never distinguished as technologically outdated either to have their flagship so lacking in modern technological innovations and trends.
    So, I am intrigued what is the stopgap solution Acura has for RL?
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    BMW, Lexus releasing new models of 5, GS this fall. If the RL is just upgrade, Acura might as well forget about this market segment.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    It's just an upgrade. The redesign comes in Spring 2004 as a 2005 model.
  • swsmsswsms Posts: 62
    I just finished watching Acura's Media Meeting via the live cams from the Chicago Auto Show. Looks like there were only interior upgrades for the '04 RL. I didn't notice any updates on the outside (maybe because the live cams don't provide good up close shots).

    I guess we'll have to wait on an update from the media....
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    for this time in a couple of recent articles, links posted on this site in fact. Just interior upgrades ... much needed.

    The current RL certainly doesn't compete with the 5 or the GS. Its competition is with other $35k cars, no matter its MSRP as this is where it sells. Think ES300, Avalon, etc. It's a very niche market. People who buy this change their own oil and expect to change out their own brakes, or do it at the corner station, at 105k.

    The '05 Acura, if a drastic revision, will win new buyers and send many of the old ones scurrying for the used car dept.

  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    Having the CD in the dash will be nice.

    This sounds like a rewritten announcement for the '02. Then they featured an added 10-15 hp and OnStar. Now it's standard Nav and XM radio.

    Dear Honda: Yawn.

  • Does this XM radio is a complete substitute for traditional radio? I mean, what happens if I don't subscribe to that service? will I still be able to listen to the traditional free commercial radio? There are plenty of commercial-free stations on regular FM/AM band.
    3 month of free subscription!? Ooh-ha!
    If RL pushes this thing on people, I expect consumer revolt.
  • It should be cheaper to buy a used 2003 in 2006 than to buy a used 2000 now in 2003.

    2000 lease residual - 54% >> $23,350 lease buyout
    2003 lease residual - 47% >> $21,915 lease buyout

    Based on this, I expect the 2002/2003s to sell as used cars in 2005/2006 ~5-10% lower in price than the 1999/2000s are right now.

    Also, buying a 2003 for $35,421 and expecting about 18% price depreciation each year (.82) for three years gives a price of $19,530.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    I'll just live with my '96 RL (76K miles) until the 2005 model shows up. The trunk-loaded CD changer isn't THAT BAD. No car payments, and I can handle the cost of two services per year every 7500 miles.

    When that '05 makes its appearance, if it has 270 to 325 hp and doesn't exceed $50K MSRP, I'll talk turkey with Acura. Till then, I expect to continue the trouble-free miles I've enjoyed ever since I picked this one up in Oct. 2000 with 36.8K miles.
  • dan,

    I tried to email you at your aol email address, but it kept bouncing back. please email me at if you have another email address.

  • I was wondering what kind of paint my 99 Acura RL has: clear-coated paint or regular pain?

    Keep in mind that I think Acura switched the method of painting slightly from 99 to 00. But still not knowing enough about these terms, I don't know if that would even effect if it was clear or reguar coated pain.

    THANKS (tjones my e-mail is, sorry)
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    If it's the paint you mean ;-) Acura's process until '02, as I understand it, was six coats, clear coat included. Honda paint is noted for its quality and depth.

  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    I must assume that someone at Acura checks these boards to keep a finger on the public's pulse. Therefore let me express my complete disappointment with the lack of a totally new car for 2004. At they rave about the sales figures for the other Acura models but strangely say nothing about the RL's sales figures for 2002. Plus the news releases for the 2004 RL mostly gush about the stupid new radio thus proving there's really nothing to get excited over for 2004.

    In short, Honda you blew it. 2004 should have been the year for an all new RL. I love my 2002 RL but will go out of my way to encourage anyone who is considering a new RL to simply avoid the 2004 altogether. Besides, there's still a few 2002's sitting on dealer lots (not to mention 2003's). Buy one of them and save some $$$$.

    I've now finished my rant. Good night.

  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Go to RL sold twice that of the RWD V8 Infiniti Q45 in January. Also sold more than the Infiniti M45, Audi A8, V8 Lexus GS430. It's not just for January - it's been that way for a while.

    You can see why Honda is reluctant to go RWD and V8 with the RL, not just to stand behind their philosophy, but because unless you're Lexus, BMW or Mercedes, V8 and RWD doesn't sell.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    probably has more to do with the mid-level car price rather than the RL's "quality." On a level field, I can't think of buying my RL -- which I like just fine -- vs. the cars you mentioned, diploid.

  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I agree with jwilson. If you use "volume" as an indicia of quality or consumer preference, that indicative factor can be very misleading. If one can buy a Q45, M45 or A8 for the price of an RL, you will definitely see a tremendous surge in volume of these other great automobiles.

    The RL is a fine car at a mid-30s price tag, but suffers from lack of technological improvements. Honda has to do something quickly if it wants to retain RL followers, who have spent good money in buying a flagship car, which supposedly is the torch bearer of the Honda/Acura nameplate.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    I'd like to see them name it the "Phoenix."

  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I think the name "Phoenix" is very appropriate for the "torch bearer". It needs a lot of flames, heat, light and energy to re-ignite the dying RL.
    Joe, you are such a poet.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Would be just fine with me.
  • I can agree w/ the point of kennyg5 about price driving RL volume, but have to question including M45 in that group of cars listed. And people complain about RL styling? I'll take conservative/bland styling any day over retro/ugly.

    You could really say that pricing drives all car volume, whether it be $20k or $45k. What car wouldn't have higher sales if the price was dropped 20%. Even the Pontiac Aztek, I not sure even that would help move that design.

    Not disagreeing with the point, just don't think the M45 fits with that group of cars.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    I'll stick with kenny's examples: there is nothing any of us wouldn't like in the M45 beneath its skin .... just like the WRX and a new onslaught of pretty 'unlovely' performance vehicles that we all like, even with their odd looks, for their substance ;-))).

  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Personally, I very much like RL's current styling and am not thrilled with the M45. But whereas style preferences can be very subjective and vary among individuals, technology benchmarks can be judged more objectively, such as certain expected industry standards for specific car segments.

    For clarification, I listed M45 along with other "comparable" cars simply because of its price and standing in the luxury car segment -- style or no style has nothing to do with the list.
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