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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,138
    You aren't being charged for all of these items, the dealer is...

    You negotiated a "dealer's invoice + $$$" deal.. It really doesn't matter how is invoice is broken down... I think if you pull out the advertising fee, you'll see that your dealer's invoice is the same as Edmunds...

    But, this does illustrate the danger of negotiating from the invoice... How do you know if you have a good deal, until you find out the invoice price?

    Concentrate on the dollar amount that you are being charged for the car, relative to the MSRP. Is it a good deal? Is it more than you expected? If so, you might have some more negotiation to do..



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  • gsjivgsjiv Posts: 18
    great forum here - very helpful
    we looking for the following car

    siennas under 40k miles

    dark gray/metallic grey exterior
    power sliding door(s)
    wood trim interior

    nice to have -
    rear camera/parking assistance
    moon roof
    8 seats

    seems pretty hard to find used and even a bit difficult to find new - i emailed all 17 Atlanta dealers and some seem to be ready to play ball - workign with the internet manager, some seem to say they can customize the LE with wood trim and leather and do so for around 25k for brand new one, including factory rebate

    what is a good price to pay for this with must haves and then with options?

    anything else i need to know?

    thanks in advance
  • bl992579bl992579 Posts: 1
    Just bought one in L.A. area:
    06 Sienna LE Pk2 7P
    out of door $24490. ($22300 (includes $1K rebate) +Tax+TTL).

    I feel the dealer can do better than this. Probably $200 to $300 lower.

    Good luck!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Well if you're looking just for leather and don't need that navigation system/back up camera, that Atlanta dealership might have a good price, depending on what option package their price includes.
  • gsjivgsjiv Posts: 18
    Got a good deal and dealer will add leather, wood trim, DVD, Rear Camera, Sunroof - all done at port w exception of sunroof

    what is standard practice for payment when many key items will not be added until a week after taking possession of car...can we not pay for it all or part until we get it loaded

    i am paranoid that i will end up paying for car or part of car and not getting options for price agreed upon

    please help with suggestions and standard buying procedure for this...thanks
  • I don't have direct experience with port-added options, but since there have been no responses, here's what I think.

    How good a deal did you get? It seems risky to add all of these options, as opposed to getting them already installed by the manufacturer.

    I would also be VERY concerned about buying a vehicle and taking possession of it before these items are done, because this is probably going to change your options if the work is substandard or otherwise not completed to your satisfaction. As opposed to simply not completing the purchase, your remedies will likely be different. So unless you have it in WRITING that if the work is not done to your satisfaction, you have the right to get a different vehicle (I can't see the dealership offering this) then I would be hesitant to enter into this agreement.

    If however, it's already a done deal, I would be very specific about what the agreement is, length of time and consequence if vehicle is not delivered in the time agreed upon (ie, what if vehicle is kept for a month instead of several days, will they provide a demo or rental?)

    Just my thoughts, bliss
  • gsjivgsjiv Posts: 18
    we got a competitive deal - it makes me nervous that they are throwing in these options - at least $750 cheaper than others

    i told them i will sign but am not paying until it is done to my satisfactory in a timely fashion..the sales guy on the phone today said "of course" but i expect full on you cant have this car and we cant do the work until we get paid....i said i will sign but not paying for this car as it is not the car i am buying until all options are added

    the le doesnt have all options we want and we dont want to pay $30k plus for XLE Limited - this seems ot be a major savings by adding these a la carte - i hope the quality holds up
    any other advice? solid points too by the way and much appreciated
  • gjbwjgjbwj Posts: 27
    Hi, followyourblis, did they deliver the car, how that goes. Would you like to share, thanks.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    usually the dealer at the time of signing the paperwork will have you initial a piece of paper showing what they still have to put in the car such as dealer installed options etc., in fact at least in the midwest, if you have nothing to put in, you have to sign it to say they owe you nothing. this means they are committed to doing whatever they still have to do and you absolve them of anything they don't owe you.
    Its possible that they may have trouble getting hold of the optional equipment or they are not aware that some "port intsalled options" are not dealer installable. I have heard of people having this problem, but if they can't get it because of reasons beyond their control, like the manufacturer no longer makes it or they don't want the dealer putting it in, they would have to refund that portion of the purchase price.
    I've had dealer installed options put in after the sale many times and have never been messed around with by the dealer yet but thats obviously a function of how honest the dealer is.
  • About three months ago, I had gotten a few quotes on the Sienna XLE. At that time, we still had three monthly payments remaining on our '04 Odyssey lease ($300/mo), and finally decided to wait until lease maturity time to either get a new Ody or Sienna. Back in the beginning of March, we had the following offers on the table:

    (FYI - we live in the Raleigh, NC area, so the stated invoice amounts also include the $750 SET fee as well as
    $605 destination fee)

    1) XLE Pkg #3: (MSRP $33,041, Edmunds Invoice $29,940)
    our price: $29,100 + TTL

    2) XLE Pkg #2: (MSRP $31,401, Edmunds Invoice $28,628)
    our price: $28,400 + TTL

    I don't remember any rebates being available at that time.

    We just started to shop again yesterday, and we had worked up the following on a base XLE (no additional packages/options except carpeted floor mats)that was available in about three weeks:
    (MSRP $30,657, Edmunds invoice $27928)
    our price: $28,876 + TTL, then minus $1K rebate.

    The dealer claimed that thier invoice price was $28150 (slightly higher than edmunds invoice). Regardless, I don't think this was an agressive offer compared to what I was previoiusly offered on vehicles with more options/cost. I expected the final negotiated price to be a good bit lower than where we were before considering no addtional package cost... I take it that the dealer is hiding behind the rebate and not coming down as much as they should... Should the 1k mfg to consumer rebate be affecting my negotiated price of the vehicle? Are my original thoughts of thinking that this is a lackluster deal justified, or am I incorrect in thinking that a consumer rebate amount should not have any (or minimal) bearing on final negotiated price? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • 54gradsteds54gradsteds Posts: 102
    Just a quick word of advice for any of you anticipating a mini-van purchase....Check out Warren Brown's article in TODAY'S Washington Post. (June 4). Never have I seen him shower so much enthusiastic praise on a vehicle....
  • Houston area Toyota Dealers are running APR specials on Siennas at 0%/36 months, 3.9%/48 months, and 4.9%/60 months.
    My wife's FICO is about 687. Would she qualify?
  • Sorry I didn't respond sooner; we brought home a new puppy this weekend.

    Here's the rest of the shipping story: My Sienna was delivered on the promised day at about 8pm. There was almost a glitch in that I had checked with them that morning to verify that it would be delivered that day. They called me and said they were in Houston and would be in SA around 6 or 7pm. Once 7 rolled around and I hadn't heard anything, I called. I was then told that they couldn't deliver it until the next day. He said they were in SA but I guess the person they were supposed to deliver to wasn't available to accept, so they wanted to wait. I explained I had a graduation to attend the next day and really needed the vehicle that night. So they immediately came and met me, but they had to offload another vehicle to get mine out.

    All in all, I couldn't have been more pleased with the experience. I normally have to be in complete control, but since I went with a top-rated transport company I felt comfortable with the situation.

    Some suggestions if you are considering having a vehicle shipped: If the claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is. One company guaranteed pick-up in 3 days, but I couldn't find out what the guarantee was (what happened if it didn't get picked up?) This same company said they had shipped vehicles nearly 60,000 times without a name change, but they had been formed less than a year and only had 8 reviews listed. Even though they were several hundred dollars cheaper, I didn't feel right about it.

    Also, be sure to do your own research. Check them out on I would even search google for the name of the company in quotes along with complaints (for ex, "AAA Auto Transport" complaints) to see what you get. Finally, verify insurance coverage yourself. The place I mentioned above had "self-funded" insurance which seemed to consist of a trust fund. I didn't like the sound of this.

    Hope this helps.
  • gsjivgsjiv Posts: 18
    Sandy Springs Toyota was so shady I cant fathom it. Wouldnt put it writing so i wouldnt shop the offer around, let me take the car home which made me feel better. Then the Sienna I was told we woudl be getting "disapeeared." After being told it was at a credit union, i was told they didnt own one like it. Then i found the guy who gave me the deal wasnt the owner like he claimed. They knew they were full of it as they didnt even try to get me to stay when i dropped off the car.

  • gjbwjgjbwj Posts: 27
    Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your Van. So, approximately, your final expense is Fitzmall internet price + shipping (~1K) + your flight + TTL, and pleasant experince with the dealer. You know, I've never been in D.C before, if I finally decided to buy the car there, I might spent some days in D.C. since it is very close to D.C., about ~20miles. I guess, at least, to visit whitehouse.
  • Did I get a good deal? The salesperson said he has never written a deal as favorable as this one before! Out-the-door price of $27,464, which includes

    TTL (of course, it is OTD)
    LE 8-passenger gold color
    package #3 (stability control important to me)
    floor mats, cargo nets
    72 mos/100k platinum Toyota ext-warranty

    They gave me the Toyota Customer CAsh of $1,000 and a Bobby Rahal discount of $2,568. This was at Bobby Rahal Toyota in Mechanicsburg, PA. T.M. (one of the 2 internet salespeople) did the sale with me. I showed them the prices, this is what did the most good.

    Did I do well for a thoroughly blonde gal, LOL? :) Thanks,

    (edited to take out salesperson's name, just saw that guideline, oops!)
  • We had free airline tickets but we did have the hotel expense. There are lots of lodging options in the DC area, but this time we stayed at a Marriott hotel in Gaithersburg, where the dealership is. We loved this hotel! Everyone was extremely friendly and professional, especially compared to other hotels we've stayed at in DC. It was about $100/night.

    There is so much to do in DC, we've been 5 or 6 times and still haven't seen it all. This time we visited Monticello. If you just go for a couple of days, pick 2 or 3 things and do them well. Don't try to see everything. And yes, we are loving our van, even the puppy likes it (we took him to Petsmart.)

    If you decide to ship, don't forget to check out
  • kleedkleed Posts: 1
    I was quoted a price of $25,567 plus tax tag and title for a 2006 Sienna LE with package #2 and Touring Package. Is this a good price for southeast Florida? Thanks.
  • bcash14bcash14 Posts: 8
    Does anybody have any idea when the 2007 Sienna's will be available? Any idea what's new for the 2007s? I'm just trying to figure out whether to go ahead and buy a 2006 or wait until the '07s come out.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The 2007s will start production in December and will go on sale in January 2007.

    The source of information is from some fleet website that lists the build dates of 2007 Toyota models. (I forget the exact web address)
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    28 miles on it so far, and I love it! Let's hope I can still say that after 100,000 more.

    2006 LE7, Package 3 with mats, sill protectors and locking lug-nutz for $24k flat (+TT&L).

    I think I got great deal.
  • pamela4pamela4 Posts: 1
    That does seem like a great deal! Where are you located? I am trying to work a deal in the northeast with AWD version!

  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Northern Virginia. The dealer I bought from is Miller Toyota, Manassas, Virginia.

    Also check the inventories at (Maryland) and (Virginia). Miller will deal. Ourisman may not. They like to cry about how you are taking food out of their children's mouths.
  • jamesdujamesdu Posts: 6
    looking for sienna LE with either #2 or #4

    called all the dealers within 100 miles, the best I can get on #2 is $24400 with 0% finance

    #4 is $25700 with 0% finance

    really don't know what to do? is these prices a go? I like the 0 finance, but not sure about the price...

    Any advice will be appreciated.

  • I believe there is a choice between $750-$1000 rebate (depending on region) and 0% financing. So that's a relatively good deal. I wasn't even able to find an LE with package #4.
  • pete_rocpete_roc Posts: 11
    Is the 0% financing region dependent? I viewed the finance tab for my region (So. California) but no mention of any financing.

  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    I just started looking in to pricing for the LE AWD with Package #2. MSRP is $30,540, invoice is $27,440, less the $1000 rebate.

    I have received one quote so far for $25,900. Can I do better?

  • ramohioramohio Irvine CAPosts: 15
    $25900 is great, over $500 below invoice...Can the price get much better? Maybe ask for free oil changes...
  • jbrscotjbrscot Posts: 5
    Which dealer was this from? I am looking for the same model/package. I was quoted $28900 from Boch Toyota South. They didn't really seem like they wanted to sell it. MSRP was $30754, their invoice was $27975... I offered $500 below invoice with the 0% financing.
  • gsjivgsjiv Posts: 18
    Had a great experience (after several horrible ATL dealers) at Toyota Mall of GA - got an XLE with package 2, leather, mats, toyoguard for $29,500 before t,t et al - $32,160 final drive out

    threw in cargo net and got the deal for care for $370 which sounded good - great dealer facility incoluding massages and cafe and playroom

    sound pretty good - love the car
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