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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Where in Chicagoland did you get a '05 for $778 above invoice? Was it an LE with CF(floor mats)?
  • Dear Papowell:

    I guess there were not much 04 Sienna left. The 05 is
    reasonalbe to go. I believe that the price I got will be
    reasonalbe for many salemen. If you live in Atlanta
    or nearby, and you want to deal the same, I can
    refer you to my saleman. He is very nice. But he
    is a beginner(I am his first custermer). If the negotiation
    stage is right, you will be able to get the same price
    in other places with more than 5 toyota dealers nearby.

    I did not expect to buy one yesterday, I went there for oil
    change with a special coupon. When my car was served,
    I step into the new car department. Then a test drive,
    and 2 hours negotiation. 2 more hours paper work,
    and still did not finish my payment. I am going to try
    Capital one for finance. I just checked the deal again,
    we paid $150 more for floor mat and cargo net. But
    that's ok. I felt happy with that.

    The dealer is World Toyota in Atlanta. Many people told me
    it is an difficult dealership. My experience is the salesman
    is most important for a deal. Hurry up.

  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    I just ordered a 2005 sienna 8 pass LE with BW package from kenosha carmax. I would like to talk to you..

     I will be trading in my 2002 BMW 325 all wheel drive wagon (it breaks my heart to do so, but had to because of increasing family size) which has been advertised on ebay right now. The overall experience for me so far is fairly neutral. I know for 2004 models, at least one other Milwaukee dealer's price is about $900 less than carmax price.

    It would be probably easier for you to find me via ebay car ads.

  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Which dealer? What Options? I am looking for a 05 LE with BW package.. any suggestions?
    thnaks SJ
  • How much is the invoice? Does it include the destination fee?
  • I financed my Toyota from Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) in Feb 2004 for 3.9% for 60MO. Even banks couldn't match this rate. The current rate offered for 60 mo is 4.25 for 60 and 4.9 for 61 to 72 with free GAP coverage. Not sure if I can post more details here. But drop me a e-mail, and I will give you the details.
  • Heywood,

    Thanks for the reply!
  • 04 CE option 2 with premium acc package.
    I am from Seattle area but end up buying the van in eastern washington.
    $23000 + tax
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Congrats! Enjoy your new Sienna!
  • I got a quote on a 2005 XLE w/ pkg #6 (#14 on '04 models). Here is what the sales quoted (all inclue dest. charge & floor mats):

    MSRP: 34736
    Invoice: 31013
    Asking Price: 31813
    Doc fee: 45

    He claimed he was asking $800 over invoice. What do you think? I live in SF Bay area.

    He mentioned that 05 is $250 more than 04. I got the following from Edmunds quote on a 04 model w/ pkg #14:
    MSRP: 33865
    Invoice: 29799

    So if you add $250 to the 04 price, it would be:
    MSRP: 33865 + 250 = 34115
    Invoice: 29799 + 250 = 30049

    You see, there is $1K difference betwee the 2 "invoice" numbers. I asked him why and he said it's due to regional adjustment to the SF area. Is this really true? I thought invoice should be the same to all dealers around the country.
  • >In Northern California,
    > dealer's inv = Edmunds' inv + TDA + a very >small gasoline charge,
    >typically, where TDA is the regional advertising >fee, which amounts to hundreds of dollars.

    My sales is telling me the TDA is almost $1k. How do we find out the exact number.
  • I just bought Sienna 2004 XLE FWD Pkg 12 with Spoiler, Wireless Headset, special paint (Artic Frost Pearl), Cargo Mat, Carpets and door spill for 30,876. I drove 128 miles from NJ to PA to get it,
    I forgot to get Allow weEl locks, Can i get it locally and fit it locally ? How easy is it to fit it?

    What do u think of the price ?

  • I live near Springfield, MA and am looking to purchase an 04 LE AWD with the BI Package #4. What could I expect to pay?

    I am trading in my 02 Odyssey LX with 95K on it.
  • seem to be a decent deal. I was quoted $30943 on a 05 xle w/ pkg #14 (same as 04 #12).
  • prasannavs, what dealership in PA? Price looks pretty good to me unless you can get an '05 for similar $ as the next poster suggests...
  • Hey does anyone know if the "diversity antenna" listed is the stupid mast antenna or is it integrated in the glass like on the honda odessy?
  • I have an XLE and the antenna is integrated in both rear-most side window vents. I'm guessing that's called the "diversity antenna"? There are no masts.
  • 2005 LE with option of FE,BZ,CF,GN.
    Dealer invoice is 26045. I will pay 26545 plus fees and tax.
    One thing is bothering me now: dealer is also charging
    $150 for title and reg (understandable)
    $90 for Data Processing/Clerical fee ???!!!
    $110 for Service fee for obtaining title etc ???!!!
    whether last two fees are too high? I heard someone only pay $50 for both. Any idea?
  • I would like to purchase Toyota sienna which dealer you have dealt with (name) and how much diffreance from Invoice price you had paid?
    I am Minneapolis local racedent.
  • What dealer in chicago did you buy from? $778 over invoice seems to be an awesome deal.
  • I'm looking to buy a 05 Sienna in chicago area. I saw some people who bought for $800 above invoice. Any body know who those dealer(s) might be? Thanks.
  • In NJ I am offered $40,300 for XLE Ltd AWD+HO. Does this sound reasonable?

  • I am hoping to get the 2005 XLE Limited AWD within the next couple of weeks. Can anyone let me know what I might expect to pay (e.g., closer to invoice or MSRP)? Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a dealership in the northern NJ area that would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi dingweilinli,

    even with the fees you are only $850 above the invoice, which I think it's a great deal. Many dealers are still asking this much or even more for a 2004 sienna. Could you please share me with the contact info of the salesman. My email address is [email protected]

    Thank yout very much and enjoy your new purchase!

    Anybody know for the above vehicle, who can give a better deal in GA,Atlanta.

    mail me [email protected]
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Town Hall is a place to share information - it's not an email clearinghouse.

    Not to mention that by posting your email address in a public forum, you are guaranteeing that you'll get tons of spam.

    Steve, Host
  • Title says it all:
    2004 Sienna XLE LTD with console and mats, including all fees EXCEPT sales tax = $32,721

    Also given the following quote:
    2005 SIENNA XLE LTD with mats, all fees except sales tax = $34,329

    Hope I did OK because I'm going to purchase the 04 tom.
  • We got our XLE Aug 21, but have been quite busy
    since then and unable to do much web posting until now.

    We had been looking for quite some time, and decided on an
    XLE. We were not too interested in a lot of options, which most of
    the Sienna's we had looked at had. Some even
    had extra dealer packs that seemed worthless
    (e.g. stripes, undercoating at $950!). We left that place and did not return.

    When we balked at the heavily optioned ones,
    the salesman at one place had told us that some more were coming
    in next week, and he called us to confirm it, so we went to take a look.
    We arrived at the dealership and found a newly delivered
    XLE AFP with only option #2 (a moonroof), plus some distributor options.
    It was not there the previous week, and they said it had just been unloaded
    the day before. It did not even have the dealership emblem on the back yet.

    Listed as follows:
    MSRP = 30175
    Dist Options: Extra mile package 704
                      DVD Prewire 69
                      Vehicle shield pkg 349

    Final Total = 31297 (Distributor SRP).

    Sales manager claimed Invoice was 27900, but I figured it at
    27541. After a bit of negotiation, we settled on 28500 for the sales price.

    Then came the weird part. I told them I had my own financing
    via credit union, but they said that for such a good price they
    wanted me to finance with them. I refused saying I don't like to pay
    interest. Then the finance manager offered to lower the price if I would
    finance it. He offered 27701. All I have to do is make 5 payments.
    One big one at the beginning and then 4 smaller ones. Total interest about
    $300. So I save $500, for a little inconvenience of making the payments.
    They said they get some kickback on the financing that made this deal
    worth more to them, and would make up for the low sales price javascript:emoticon(':)')
    and the extra $800 they knocked off.

    So we drove away without paying a penny down in the new van!
    Darnest thing I ever was involved in.

    Bottom line is that I got it for 3596 off the sticker price (I think),
    and less than their invoice quote, but 160 over my invoice estimate.

    I still don't understand this, unless they are betting that I do not
    pay it off quickly and then will get the kickback.

    After I thought about it all when I got home, I was thinking that perhaps
    I could have got the finance guy to take even more off. It would have been nice
    to see what their limit was.

    Sales people were very nice, sales manager was so-so.
    Problem was that it took 4 hours to complete everything.
    Other than that the experience was not as bad as I have
    had at other places in the past. The place was crowded with people
    looking at and buying all different models.

    Anyway we like the van, although we have not driven it much yet.
    Will go on a trip to Colorado in two weeks time, and then down to
    Corpus Christi later on in October, so will get a good workout with it
    and will be able to get some good mileage data. So far just driving
    around locally it's not too good (16-17).
  • Just purchased a 2004 Sienna LE today with package 7. Thanks to Edmunds, and the CarsDirect site, I think I was treated fairly. Dealer advertised Siennas (2004s) at $1000 off MSRP. This was true, but then they tried to add a $379 dealer prep fee. We got them to waive this fee, so the total "discount" was $1379, or $1000 off list, or 27,087 for an LE with package 7 and floor mats, exactly $1000 off the list of $28087. I could have gotten a 2004 Odyssey LE with cloth interior for 24,750, but it wouldn't have the canopy air bags or the 5 yr/60000 mile powertrain warranty. Plus the Toyota dealer gave me $500 more for my trade ($8000) a 2001 Pontiac Montana money pit (boo!) than the Honda dealer offered. I would recommend Atlantic Toyota in Amityville, NY to any Long Islanders in the area. The salesman was an upfront, knowledgable professional and a gentleman. If anyone wants his name, please e mail me. Bravo to websites like Edmunds and the like for educating the consumer and providing these forums.
  • please check your email address. I got "Unable to deliver" error.
  • An '04 stickers for $41,070 and if the HO package is the only accessory (unlikely these days), that's less than 2% off sticker. Unfortunately, that is better than I've seen in the NY/NJ/CT area. If it is an '05 your a bit better off as he sticker is about $400 more. That would bring the discount to about 3%. I just purchased an '05 XLE LTD AWD +HO MSRP $42,413 for $39,060 (8% off) but had to go to Florida to get that price. Local dealers wouldn't get below $42k.
  • What dealer did you buy from? I'm in NJ and can't seem to get any dealer to respond to my emails regarding ordering one. Unfortunately, the fees sound resonable for NJ.How long till you get it?
  • I know the xle all come with the integrated antenna in the glass, but the le's had the mast antenna's unless you upgraded to a certain package. I was just wondering if they finally got smart and got rid of that stupid mast antenna.I guess I'll have to wait and see.
  • Dingweilinli,
    Sorry, it should be [email protected] (instead of thhu2204... I gave you)
  • I heard something similar today about having leather added onto LE by an outsourced company the dealer uses. She also said it was a higher quality leather. Don't know how they do it.
  • Just noticed that the safety options (side air bag, traction control, stability control, rear disk brakes) are not available as an option for the 2005 CE. I had been planning to buy a CE Option 3. Now to get the same safety features I must buy an LE option 5, blowing my target budget of $25K. I don't want the power side door - I want the saftey features. Now considering a Honda Ody LX. Hate to loose the 8 seats and the standard tow package, but like the fact that the safety items are standard on the Ody. I'd love to buy a 2004 Sienna CE option 3 now, but I am overseas and won't be in the States to buy until November 11th.
  • tjrrtjrr Posts: 23
    Last year I bought an '03 Sequoia, and I was told the same, the aftermarket leather was good as factory. While I was at the dealer, 2 cars were being returned (on small car carrier)by the local company that installs the leather. It is true, it is as good or better. You could not tell the difference between the two. The also did the door panels, just as the factory car comes. The local company that did it, (escapes me now) has a national presence as I recall, and even deals direct with consumers. An additional option with an aftermarket company as such, you can choose an color leather. This comany also installs moon roofs that look just like the factory.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,105
    Posting your e-mail address on a public message board is NOT a good idea - spammers love to collect valid addresses by mining this information.

    Also, these boards exist as a way to exchange information for everyone's benefit. Asking for dealership name via e-mail deprives our other members of the info. Thanks!

    Roving Host & Future Vehicles Host


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  • tjrrtjrr Posts: 23
    I have been aggressively shopping for an '04 XLE Limited in the Southeast Toyota Region (Georgia)

    ....................MSRP...Edmnunds.....Dealer inv

    '04 XLE Limited...34,700....30,883
    GVAT-Cntr console....50..........40
    PCAT-Artic Paing.....220........187
    Del, Proc, Hndlng.....575..not incl
    Fuel Surcharge..........6....not incl

    1) - I have been quoted the same price from two dealers, while a third is right there also -
    32816+++, which according to the dealer is $550 above invoice. Based on this forum, it appears this is a decent price, what do you think?

    2) - Why is there a $1206 difference between the Edmnunds invoice price and what the dealer (3 of them said the same number) is telling me?

    Per the Edmunds link when showing National Base Price- "The invoice price does not include any fees that may be charged by the manufacturer to dealers in a particular area of the country, such as local advertising fees. does not track or provide such local fees." It also states the Edmunds invoice price does Not include destination chargs.

    One dealer said the invoice price will match theirs. When I went home, I found this not to be true. The KBB invoice differs from Edmnunds in that it includes a $540 desintation charge, after adding the invoice price for the options, it still does not match the dealers
    KBB (30,833+540+40+187 = 31650)

    Does anyone know why the dealer invoice does not match anything I find on the net?
  • Sorry for that..
    Thank You
  • Paying $26517 for le w/cloth and le pkg. #2...Price is out the door...incl.6% slstax transfer of plates all dealer fees AND almost forgot......floor mats..........west cost fl.
  • Just received an e-mail from the a dealer in Maryland:

    "All remaining 2004 in-stock Sienna Vans will be sold AT INVOICE! This is a
    limited time offer, and will absolutely end at 9pm on Thursday the 30th of
    September! We still have 30 to choose from, and they won't last at these
    giveaway prices! This is a special internet offer, so you must contact our
    internet department only for this price.
    Antwerpen Toyota
  • The difference is the TDA, a fee charged to the dealership by toyota to cover advertising and marketing. I think you can find the figure on
  • What dealer in Maryland? I'm dealing with a couple down there and this would be good leverage as they have me $500 above at best.
  • Message indicated Antwerpen Toyota in Clarksville, MD . I visited the website and there is no mention of the invoice price sale.
  • kisrtie could you please delet my e-mail address i don't know how to do it..Thank You
      I'm sorry i did it....

  • tjrrtjrr Posts: 23
    I called the dealership, and they did confirm the sale, and quoted me a price over the telephone. I do not know what doc fees etc they might charge. Because I am in Georgia, it is not a viable option for me.
  • Antwerpen Toyota in Clarksville, MD
  • I got the e-mail from their internet sale manager. I could not post his name here.
  • Any one have the dealers name from davi's california? could you please post it....

    I'm in south california,,they asking to much for the sienna AWD with HO package....I reed the toyota of davis calironia have a good price...
    I'm crazy I will be flying any where in the US to get it if the price is right.

    Thank You
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