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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ram1ram1 Posts: 3
    We are looking to buy the exact same vechile. 2004 Sienna LE with BW package. I am in New Jersey but dont mind going to Conicelli Toyota to pick the vechile. Can you give me the details who helped you on this sale. THANKS. I will pay cash for the vechile and think that you got a great deal getting the van at invoice price.
  • Ram1,

    If you click on my user name you can find out my email address. Send me an email and I will send over the contact info.

  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    ...ask for some kind of additional perc, like maybe first couple of years oil changes or something comparable...
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,105
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  • Anybody know any descent dealers in connecticute??? Inventory is very low in this state, would mind buying from any where in the tri state area, if u guys know any good dealers in massachusetts, or new jersey or nyc area, let me know. thanks!!!
  • Hi,

    I plan to buy a Sienna XLE with package 12 (FR) plus NAV. I don't care for DVD entertainment. Is that possible to get this configuration? I found NAV always goes with DVD entertainment system. Is it true?

    Thanks in advance!

  • We just got a GREAT rate with TFS.

    Both times (last week and 3 year ago) we used them for purchases (can not speak about their leasing program) they beat the best Lending Tree rate by at least half a point.

    Double check the rate with a few other sources to be sure. We used Lending Tree both times and took the lowest rate (minus a few 1/10s) to the dealer and said they had to beat the rate. Both times we got deals from TFS that beat the rate.
  • We had been looking for the 2004 Sienna with the BZ package and was offered a 2005 with the same package. Beware of this because the packages have changed with the 2005 model. For instance the 2005 BZ package does not include the JBL 10 speaker stereo.

    Both BX and BZ for 2005 have added the following:

    vehicle stability with traction control
    rear disc brakes
    daytime running lights
    windshield wiper de-icer grid
    8 way power driver seat
    While these have been added you have not lost any of the other options with package BX. You will still have the following options:

    Trip computer/Homelink
    Power Right side passenger door
    rear audio
    JBL with 10 speakers cd/cass stereo
    16" alloy wheels
    DVD entertainment system
    2 115 volt outlets
    driver passenger side impact airbags
    all 3 row side curtain airbags
  • Dear Spiker,
    My daughter wants to know if you all play volleyball. But I want to know even more whether or not your Toyota dealer told you WHEN the '05 Sienna would be available. I just now called six Toyota dealerships in Texas. Don't know whether I was talking to anyone who knew anything but these were the answers I got to the question "When will the '05 Sienna be available?"
    1. About 4 weeks.
    2. Spring of 2005
    3. 30 to 60 days
    4. We really don't know so we won't even guess
    5. Late November
    6. No idea but if you put down a non-refundable deposit we'll make sure you get the first one available.

    Naturally, when I read your post about being offered an '05 I was thinking you must have been given some idea of when you could expect it.

    Thanks if you can answer!
  • Expect a bark from Steve about salesmens' names...
  • tjrrtjrr Posts: 23

    I should be closing my used car transaction on Thursday, and now ready to purchase a new Sienna. Can you tell me who you spoke to at Marietta Toyota and what you were quoted. I was there today just window shopping and was told they would sell an XLE about 1500.00 over invoice.
    You should be able to click on my user name to get my address.
  • Just wanted to let those in CA know that I got a great deal on a sienna LE Package 6 from North County Toyota in Anaheim, CA. The price was $25500 plus tax and lic. fees. They also offered a package 4 at $24500.

    Other dealers claimed they couldn't go lower than $26,900. Be aware other dealers in California tend to inflate their prices. Longo Toyota in El Monte and Toyota of Santa Barbara, especially. Buena Park Toyota also mentioned that they would give me a $1000 over invoice, so I continued dealing with them. Once they got one in, it went up to $1500 over invoice.

    Please contact me for further information.
  • Hi abates75,
    Can you email me the name of the salesperson you dealt with? I've been looking for that price but can't find anyone willing to let go at that price. I need a car in a hurry too. Thanks.
  • Ok, this is my second attempt to post this message. I wrote a long one and when I hit spell check it was all deleted..ugh.
    Here I go again and there will be spelling errors because I will not do that again. We just arrived back from our drive to Florida in our new Sienna and it was awesome! I love my car! Someone asked how I negotiated invoice? I called every dealer in area till I found someone who would agree to sell me at invoice then did the deal.I also double checked after the quote with other dealers on same car to make sure it was the invoice price. The deal was at Texas Toyota in Grapevine. Some asked for more detail on the purchase so here it is (by the way..this is my first new car!!!)
    XLE fwd 7 passenger
    package #19- only way to have this car in my opinion after our roadtrip..nav is awesome, dvd with wireless headphones priceless for my kids. They are as excited about the car as I am- it was so fun to see their faces!
    50 state emissions
    leather seats, all side,driver,front and curtain airbags, sunshades, power tilt slide moonroof, 3rd row cutain airbags, R17 wheels, cass/cd 10 speaker, rear entertainment, with wireless headphones, rear seat audio, dvd based nav with touch screen
    extra mile option package C
    Custom tape stripe, cargo net, first aid kit, nightvision mirror, glass break sensor, carpet mat and door sill protector, wheel locks, road hazard, roadside assistance-no chg,extra mile life on tires 6yr/100,000, and a hitch
    paid invoice plus tax, title, license..period.
    good deal? I think it was. :-)
  • Just (9/3/04)picked up my wife's XLE Limited, AWD w/DVD and NAV... for $2500 under MSRP--I called numerous dealers and this was the best. The transaction was great, I went throguh the Leasing Manager and Sales manager at McGee Toyota in Hanover MA, worth the drive from NY
  • We spent May shopping for a minivan, with the goal of buying on the 31st. Mostly we shopped online and narrowed it down to a 7-seater Sienna LE, white with stone interior. I heard Longo in El Monte had the best deals so I started emailing with a salesman there. He said he had one minivan with a scratch so we couldn't take it that night but they'd deliver it that week after they repaired it.

    I offered $22,500 for an LE with I believe the Option 4 (very basic) package. It was a Friday night and that was about the only way we would drive an hour north to El Monte. The salesman said if I made it before closing, he'd do it.

    When we got there, we went for a ride and then back to the cubicle. When we decided we didn't want the extended warranty, we got to price, and he said he never said he'd accept that price. We went back and forth and finally I made him look at our email correspondence. He still maintained he couldn't sell it for that and offered us a CE 8-seater for that price.

    We walked, very upset at wasting our night.

    The next morning I emailed the General Manager of the dealership along with the El Monte Better Business Bureau. I heard back from the GM quite soon who said if they offered that price in writing, they'd stand by that price.

    And they did. A week later they delivered our Sienna. I've been totally delighted with it. The only thing I don't like is the rear hatch. It's very VERY heavy to close.

    Otherwise, we're totally happy--and very happy with the price we got.

    One thing I learned re: shopping online: keep records of your emails with salesmen!
  • I will be moving back to the States after a few years overseas and need to buy a new van. I've saved up, so I am not looking for financing. I would like to buy a Sienna LE8 package 7, but I may be forced by budget constraints to get a CE8 package 3. I'd like to stay under $26K. Anyone know of any deals in Oregon? I could also buy in Washington, but the sales tax would mean that I would need an even better deal there. I'll be moving back and looking to buy in early November.
  • just heard that the 2005 LE will be avaiable with power seats as an option
    once the 2005s start rolling in, will dealers still be holding on to their 2004s like they are gold
    tried to buy an LE with AM, C4 and destination today for $23,654 which is the dealer invoice including their TDA and $6 gas charge
    dealer said i insulted him and would not even counter, salesman said i would need to add another $1,000 lets see what happens when the 2005s roll in
    i have been offered a 2005 with AM and power seats for $25,500
    waiting to get my price may be a long time
    bought a highlander last year and did not pay TDA or a $6 gas charge
    it's true, supply and demand
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,044
    Good for you inkmama! It's salesmen like that, that give salesmen a worse name than they already have. I hope the GM took whatever money they lost on the deal out of salesman paycheck. $22,500 for an LE with Pkg 4 is about $1,300 under invoice. KA-CHING!
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  • I have an agreement for an LE, 8-passenger, package 7, for $26.145 from Dartmouth Toyota, Dartmouth, Mass. They ordered it for us from the factory in early August and it's due in this Friday or early next week.
  • HI all,

    I was wondering how long you had to wait to get
    your Sienna after the dealer ordered it for you?
    Information from NJ/PA/NY buyers is especially
    helpful. Thanks!
  • I live in N. Calif. 75 miles from Medford, OR. The dealer there would not go any lower than $700 off MSRP on an XLE AWD. Finally drove south 240 miles to Davis, CA.and saved $3000 off MSRP. I believe I have heard on this forum that it is hard to get a good deal in Oregon. As far as the sales tax goes, call a Washington dealer and check on that. I think that since you would be an Oregon resident, you pay the tax that is applicable to where you live. I paid the 7.25% tax for Siskiyou county instead of 8something tax for Yolo? county.
  • where did your grt that price for 500 over invoice which dealer and who is the contact thanks
  • hello whidh dealer is it and who is the contact person thanks
  • Tuesday September 7, 2:42 pm ET

    TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., announced manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP) today for the 2005 Sienna van and RAV4 compact sport utility vehicle (SUV). These vehicles will begin arriving at Toyota dealerships nationwide this month.

    The Sienna receives minor enhancements for 2005. The base CE grade receives High Solar Energy-Absorbing (HSEA) glass on the windshield and front side windows to help reduce cabin temperature. A power-adjustable front passenger seat has become standard on the XLE and XLE Limited models.

    Base MSRP for the Sienna CE begins at $23,225, reflecting an increase of $270 or 1.2 percent. The LE grade ranges from $24,730 for the seven-passenger model to $24,880 for the eight-passenger model, reflecting an increase of $250 or 1.0 percent. The LE seven-passenger AWD has a base MSRP of $28,345, an increase of $250, or 0.9 percent. The MSRP for the XLE model ranges from $29,025 for the 7-passenger model to $32,230 for the 7-passenger AWD model, reflecting an increase of $545, or 1.9 percent and 1.7 percent respectively. The XLE Limited 7-passenger model has a base MSRP of $35,295, an increase of $595, or 1.7 percent. The XLE Limited 7-passenger AWD carries a base MSRP of $37,495, an increase of 0.9 percent or $345.
  • Interesting that the XLE models have the highest percentage of price increase. Base MSRP for my XLE AWD was $31,465 only six months ago. I realize there's been one price increase in the interim, but I'm happy with my manual passenger seat versus the extra $765 I'd have to spend now.
  • I am going to buy a 2005 XLE Limited AWD Sienna with the HO package (DVD Nav) and the Z1. In Connecticut we were quoted $42,500 for MSRP and they will take off $2,000. I wonder if anyone has heard about the HO package and what has changed as the price of it has gone up $2100!! I called Toyota and they say they have no new information on the 2005's. Seems like a lot of money for Navigation.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,105
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  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Per the Rules of the Road link above, please don't name your salesperson on the boards (or post their phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).


    /bark :-)

    Steve, Host
  • The dealer I am working with just got his last 2004 Sienna delivered to him yesterday. Ironically, it is almost exactly like what we wanted: an XLE with leather seats and trim, 2nd & 3rd row sunshades, heated front row seats, 6-disc cd changer and power moonroof.

    The features are exactly what we were wanting...exactly. The only thing we aren't too fired up about is that it is the light blue metallic with grey interior. We wanted the desert sand metallic with fawn interior. (I know tan is bland, but it hides dirt well).

    Anyway, I can get this van for $29,500, maybe even $29,000 (MSRP is $32,190, Invoice is $28,900). What do you all think? Get it or pay more and wait longer for the 2005 Sienna which has nothing different from the '04 other than option packages being grouped different and higher cost and the unlikley hood of getting a price near or at invoice.

    Another thing to consider is the van's value. I did a search on a few vehicles that were the same model but different years. It seems that if a 2004 van has 10,000 miles and a 2005 van has 20,000 miles, the 2005 van is still worth more - evrn though there is no difference in them and the '04 has less miles...that's wierd. So right off the bat the value will not be the same as a 2005. That has my decision process a little more difficult as well.

    Gimme your feedback.


    PS - as a side note, the sales amnager also went over the new 2005 XLE prices and packages for me, at least the packages he will be getting. The base price has increased from $28,480 to $29,025. Also, the packages for XLE went from 21 options in 2004 down to I think no more than 9 or 10, with #5 and #7 being the most popular.
  • ...the new '05 XLE's?

    Anybody know?

  • If you plan on keeping this van forever, the marginal difference ('04 vs. '05) in the van's 'blue book' value is meaningless--especially when you consider there is virtually no change between the model years (except for the price increase). I've always been willing to compromise on color if the price is right. If you're convinced this is a great deal--and you're not married to Desert Sand--then I'd say go for it.

    BTW: I really like the Blue Mirage color. And there are Desert Sand Siennas EVERYWHERE. At least you won't see yourself coming and going...
  • I think you hit the nail on the head heywood1.

    The blue does look nice and come to think of it I think I've only seen one blue mirage Sienna in the last year. Easy to spot. I like what you had to say about the "differences".

    I think I will be able to get the '04 Sienna XLE with package #9 (ES), described above, with the addition of the 4" hood protector shield and mudguards for the $29,000 - that is invoice. I don't think I'll be able to get an '05 at or even near invoice...even if Honda is rolling out their new ship.

    Speaking of that, I see that you frequent the "Sienna vs Odyssey" board as well. Tell me why you would choose an '05 XLE Sienna over an '05 EX-L Odyssey. The two main differences I've seen are that the Ody has standard curtain airbags while the Sienna has standard power rear door. Ody has no standard sub woofer but does have a little bigger engine. Then the Sienna is proven to be a quieter ride even though Ody has that special noise reduction deal.

    What's your official take on the two vans.


  • stickguystickguy Posts: 40,803
    The EX-L also has a moonroof standard (big deal to some people). At least in my area (the NE), it was hard to find a Sienna with a roof, unless it was a limited, so the MSRP difference would probably end up being +/- 5K.

    Othere than the power tailgate and roof, it seems that the only functional real differences fall into the gadget catagory. Such things as how many zone auto climate control (I think I can handle manual rear control), and stuff like that.

    It will be real interesting to see final pricing on the Ody, and a nice side-by-side feature comparison. From what I remember of pricing on the Sienna (we looked at them late last year), the MSRP has got to be at least 10% more on an XLE w/sidebags than what an EX-L is rumored to go for.

    If the EX-L had XM radio standard like the EX-L Accord, that would completely tip over the jar of beans.

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  • I'd definitely choose a Sienna right now because the Odyssey is all new. And 'all new' is gonna cost ya.

    I bought my first minivan in November of 2002. The Odyssey was rated the best, and I went shopping. Even then, Odysseys were still at or near MSRP. But it was ultimately the attitude from several different Honda salespeople that really turned me off. 'Take it or leave it; we sell all we can get' was the story everywhere I went. So really, Honda chased me to the competition, and I've never looked back.

    To be fair, we had already had many Toyotas in my family, including numerous trucks, Camrys, a Landruiser, and I love my Tundra. I ended up buying an '03 XLE Sienna with $5,000 discount (last of the old model). We really liked it, except for the lack of a disappearing seat. Road trips required my removing them (and they were heavy), and we'd reach our destination and have a vehicle that would only seat four.

    So when the new Sienna came out, I really wanted one--especially since Toyota had trumped Honda with the power lift-gate and 60/40 disappearing seat that didn't require headrest removal to do so. I waited until demand eased a bit, and traded our '03 with 20,000 miles for an '04 with AWD that--inexplicably--had been sitting on my local dealer's lot for more than a month.

    But since Siennas are more plentiful and deals are better, I'd go with the '04 or '05 Sienna. Plus, I like the availability of the power lift gate on the XLE, and love the leather interior.

    Turnabout is fair play. I'm sure I'd consider a 'closeout' 2008 Odyssey when the next Sienna is 'all new,' replete with dealer mark-ups and frenzied demand.
  • I think you just closed the book for me.

  • Ok, i just went to a dealership and i got a quote for 2005 sienna with leather, heated power front seats, pwer doors , power liftgate, jbl 10 speaker, tri sone clim control, all the bells and whistles except for the navigation and rear entertainment, and running boards, the sales quote was 34 ,900. The salesman keeps telling me this is as low as he can go, the edmunds tmd price for the van is 33787, the dealer invoice is 28000 , plus 3 grand worth of options it still comes to about 31 grand, so why the heck is this guy selling for 35 grand, i live in connecticut by the way, also financing is 5.6 percent for 36 months or 60 months, is this any good??? Plus its not like this guy has the car on the lot, i still have a 7 week wait, so am i getting seriously ripped off???
  • Priceman, look as hard as you can for an '04 with the ES package (#9). You will be able to get the exact same thing you are describing for under $29,900 -and even less- if you handle things correctly.

    It's as low as he can go because its an '05 and if he goes lower he will get cracked on at work for a long time. They have no reason to sell low with the '05's...even if the new Oddy is coming out.

    As far as financing goes, you can always find cheaper rates, but the most important thing is who will you be dealing with? Go to your bank and ask them about a rate to compare. Members who have been with baks sometimes get lower rates than off the street folk.

    Get on the net and search around for every Toyota dealership in your area...100 mile radius if you have to...the amount you'll save, while giving nothing back in features, will be well worth it. The only difference in the XLE's is that the '05 has the 8-way power seat for the passenger. Makes sense since the raised the base price $900 from the '04's...but in my book that is not something that one must have.

    Now get surfin'.

  • I live in Gilroy in Northern California. Although there is a Gilroy Toyota Dealership....does anyone from the Northern California area have any good experience with any dealerships ( not any specific dealer salesman )?

    If this is something that has to be sent through email....let me know.

  • Anyone with experience good or bad about Carmax
    Toyota in Kenosha, Wisconsin?
  • 2004 XLE with the ES package. We went with the '04 because to get the '05 XLE with the same options, we would have had to get an option package that had more stuff we didn't want nor need, thus costing us an extra $3,000 to $4,000 than what we paid - and no it wasn't a Limited, this package would have been their 2005 XLE #5 package. So it was well worth the savings.

    Color was the Blue Mirage Metallic with Stone Leather. I tell ya, we were not too excited about finding out that we were gonna get the MBM color, but this color is incredible. It's different, classy and has depth. It also looks great with the grey interior and the interior dash and consol backlights are blue which match the outside - okay, getting carried away. When we test drove tonight it had 5 miles on it. When we drove away towards home, it had 11 miles.

    Drives like a luxury car. We drove the Oddy and it isn't the same.

    I think we gotta a pretty good deal. What do you think:
    Dealer MSRP: $32,386
    Dealer Invoice: $29,193
    Purchase Price: $29,990
    Blue Book Value: $31,546

    So we drove off the lot and the van went up in value, right?

    That's $797 over their invoice. Granted, we all know they make more than that. Actually, to help some of those who don't know, here is how you find out what the true Toyota dealercost is at any Toyota dealership. Tell them this stuff and you will put a "how the heck did you find that out" look on thier faces:

    When you're there, have them print you out a "Inquiry report detail". They get this off of their website. Every vehicle that dealership has allocated to them is in their database. Anyhoo, this "report" outlines several things:
    - Destination is standard and is usually $540
    - TDA is a prepaid advertising cost. This is not reimburssed to the dealership, it is paid to the local/regional advertising association who advertises on the group/regions behalf.
    - Gasoline is a standard fee they charge for filling up the tank before you leave.
    - Dealer Holdback is an amount that initially is a cost to the dealership but is reimbursed after the sale of the vehicle. This is money they can "play with" to negotiate.
    - Wholesale Financial Reserve is reimburssed on a monthly basis back to the dealership.

    So, to find their real cost to sell you the vehicle take the base model dealer cost on the sheet add the dealer cost of any option package on the sheet. Then add the Dest., Gas and TDA charge. Now you have their true cost. All dealerships tell you that their invoice number includes the Holdback and the Whol. Fin. Reserve. Well, initially, it is a cost..but they get that back 30 days after you drive away.

    Anyway, back to the van. What do you think? Good deal, okay deal, bad deal?

  • I bought a Sienna earlier today--I don't know much about cars--a week ago I knew absolutely nothing. I feel like I benefitted from the knowledge gained from the Edmunds site and these forums, so I'm posting my experience here, for what it's worth:

    We've got a baby on the way, and severe car trouble one week ago led to much intense research. My first thought was minivans, but the low-range seemed to be mid-20K--a bit high for me. Over next week considered a bunch of cars, from Subaru Forester,Outback,Legacy to utes like Rav-4/CRV.

    Safety concerns, plus the fact that those wagons were more expensive than i thought they'd be, returned my thoughts to the minivan. I realized if I could get the Sienna CE at closer to invoice price than sticker price, I could probably pull the trigger.

    (By the way, it didn't take long to eliminate the Odyssey. 2004 Sienna seemed to be the clear-cut winner.)

    On the Sienna, I decided on the CE w/ option package 2 (cruise and roofrack). (By the way, why create a 20,000 car without cruise control?!?)

    Then I discovered that there weren't a ton of CE's around. I e-mailed about 8 area dealers saying I was willing to order, and "can you give me a quote on 2004 Sienna CE w/ AG package in Gray or Silver."

    Two wrote back with a "special internet price" of $23,300 or so. Since according to Edmunds, base+option+destination was $23,965 MSRP and $21,574 invoice, their quotes didn't strike me as very *special*. (And I was surprised that all the quotes were so similar--collusion?!?) I thought I'd have to spend many days bargaining.

    Then a quote came in from Fitzgerald's Lakeforest Toyota in Gaithersburg--they said they actually had one on the lot, and their "special internet price" was actually somewhat special: $22,3xx. (The x's are because I can't remember.) I said the hell wid it, asked for the afternoon off, went to the dealership and just bought it. Including tax, tag and title I was out of there for about $23,3xx. (The standard B.S. document charge was only $99--a lot better than the Northern Virginia dealer quotes--the ones who even bothered to mention it that is.)

    My salesperson was ********. Great salesperson, superb dealership.

    All I can say is (and this may sound crazy): They don't try to rip you off. I think salespeople at Fitzgerald Automalls make a flat rate on sales, not commission. However they do it, their people are apparently encouraged to give you a good deal--NOT to fleece you because you want a popular car.

    I was treated well today, and felt I should show my appreciation by giving them a plug: Northern Virginians, drive 20 miles to Gaithersburg, Maryland. That is all.


    * edited to remove name of salesperson--didn't know the rules.
  • $797....I just got the CE tonight for about the same margin. So George my man, I, for one, think you got an EXCELLENT deal. :-)

    I mean, once you're in that range... these places need to stay in business right? It's a good deal.
  • Ah, another buyer from Gilroy. Search and read messages #4399 and #4506 from this forum you will find more detail.

    Basically, You can buy a LE for just $400 over the invoice, $500 for the XLEs, and $750 for the LTDs from my contact. E-mail me I shall reply.

    I wanted to point out though, that no dealership is absolutely good or bad. The different salesmen in the same dealership would give quotes hundreds, even thousands dollars apart.
  • I am looking an XLE limited with HO package, please send me the details of the salesmanand the dealership you dealt with ..


    [email protected]
  • Has anyone bought the bike rack (platform) that's being offered by Toyota for the Sienna? Either from Toyota or in the after-market?

    I believe it requires a trailer hitch (or something like it) and looks like a black (plastic?) platform that 2 (or more?) bikes can stand on and be secured to.

    If so, what is your experience with it, and advice?

    And what was your cost? Thanks.
  • Have you bought / used a cargo storage container on top of your van?

    What does it do to your gas mileage?

    What's the cost?

    Any other advice?
  • I was just making a price comparision of 2004 models of ody and sienna and ody came out to be much much lower. I was doing EX - DVD with LE 8 pass with the LE #11 package.

    Does anyone know of any threads where this is discussed.

    Since new ody prices are a week away the current comparison does not seem right, but even if we do a 10% hike on honda ody's prices it still seems less than a comparable sienna.

    Any thoughts and guidance will be appreciated.
  • Good information toyotasalesguy. What is the deal with local area advertising fees that the dealers say they must charge because they are being charged by Toyota this fee. Is this a true cost to the dealer and is that item negotiable?
    Thanks for your incite
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,044
    Interesting perspective from the other side...or the "dark side" as some people put it. :)
         I have no problem with a dealer trying to get as much profit as he can...this is a capitalist society. I also have no problem with the average customer trying to get the best price he can. Dealer holdbacks, kickbacks, halfbacks...anything is fair game/negotiable. I'm not gonna pay an extra $200-$400 just so the salesperson can make a good commision. Thats the owners and the salesmanagers job. Just as the customer can walk away from a deal, so to can a salesman.i.e"I'm sorry...I won't be able to sell the car to you at that price." I would disagree about there being an acceptable reason why salemen are rude...there are none. They are suppose to be the professional ones. And while I have no doubt that some customers can be difficult, I can tell you it is the saleperson/salesmanager/dealerships that take the blue ribbon in the lieing, game playing, pushy& manipulative behaviors department. Some stretch the truth so far that you can see right thru it.
       Reguarding the inventory summary...I have been shown documents showing the dealers actual cost.I concluded it to be bogus(or inflated)as the difference between my invoice price and the dealers was over a thousand dollars. Hmmmmmm.
       I would agree that in all matters, it is preferrable to conduct ones self in an honest and respectful matter which side of the sales desk you are on.
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