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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 777bh777bh Posts: 1
    Please tell me what area of the country you live in and the dealership. Thankyou
  • sladerslader Posts: 5
    I am trying to purchase a 2005 LE 8 with BW (package #5), CF (floor mats), and DH (tow hitch). I have been quoted $27,200 plus $218 registration and fees (this $218 is standard among dealers here in Oregon). I see people getting a better deal than this in the NJ/NY area and the midwest. Anyone have any luck in the Northwest getting a better deal than this, or is this a good price to go with?
  • Hi everyone. I've been looking around at prices for the 2005 XLE AWD with the "HO" package. I want to pay invoice but everywhere I go dealers and my friends tell me I'm crazy. I'm willing to wait for the van, which it seems I'll have to anyway, since there don't seem to be any out there. What I want to ask is.. Is it ridiculous to think I can get this van for invoice? How much are people really paying? I've been told $2,000 over invoice is the cheapest dealers will go. Has anyone got seen a better deal. Also I'm in Los Angeles, I don't know if that makes a difference. Thanks
  • cmhcmh Posts: 13
    Have been offered an '05 XLE LTD AWD with the HE package for 37K in Ohio + Tax + Title. Any feedback on the price will be much appreciated.

  • Well apparently the deal was too good to be true. Received the price quote from an internet salesman in Baltimore. Did a double take after receiving the figure. thought it was a mistake and asked the sales rep a few times to ensure he was making an accurate quote. Price sounded like an LE AWD. Even went in for a test drive and the dealership gave it to me overnight so tha t my wife could see it and I would have time to make my decision, since I wanted the 05 Odyssey because it has a sunroof, but the XLE's other options with the package #17 was just too much to pass on. Vehicle had 50 miles and I put another 110 during my overnight test drive. Returned the vehicle and asked why the price was so low, sales rep only mentioned he was new and another person had stated it was priced too high. Decided to take anothe day before making my purchase to figure out if I was missing something. Next day the idiot sales guy send me a message stating he gave me a quote for an LE AWD. Could not believe this guy had been providing me an incorrect quote. Dealership wanted $33K, stated I had good credit and wouldn't have a problem with financing??? Stupidest thing I have ever seen. suffice to say this dealership will not be receiving my business in the future. For those who care to know its Russel Toyota.
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    where: Northern California
    how: Internet

    - exterior: Phantom Gray
    - interior: Stone

    MSRP: $38,634 including:
    - HU Package #8: $8555
    - N1 auto-dim mirror: $269
    - CF floor mats / door sill protector: $196
    - GN cargo net: $49
    - destination: $540 (Toyota has just raised it to $565.)

    How much: $37,745 including:
    - price: $34,561
    - doc fee: $45
    - sales tax: $2,855
    - license: $279
    - tire fee: $5

    paid cash:
    - credit card: $3K (max allowed by the dealer. I will get %2 or $60 cash rebate from the credit card co.)
    - personal check: $34,745

    The van was in stock and built last month. It had 8 miles on it, and I added 1 mile after test driving it.

    The 17-in. Bridgestone tires are rated B (A is the best) for both traction and temporature. They were made in the 29th week (or late July) of this year.

    In summary, I bought it at $4K+ below MSRP or $3K+ below Edmunds' TMV or about $400 above invoice (The regional ad fee was about $500). The dealer made about $1K (including about $600 holdback).
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    What store are you negotiating with, cmh?

    I had a dealer do a search for this exact model on Friday and was told there are none on the ground in Ohio although they said they had one on order.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Sounds like a classic case of bait and switch to me....
  • We purchased a 2005 xle with package 6 for $400 over invoice in the DC area. The dealer was Darcars of Silver Spring. They had more inventory than they showed online, and the experience was easy. They advertise to beat any competitor by $300 and their competitor(Fitzgerald Auto Mall) offers siennas at $700 over invoice for no haggle pricing. Hope this helps. P.S. Love the van!
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Hi elizjack, mind if I ask you how much they charged for tags, title and processing fee? I may get a XLE Limited with NAV/REs from them too. Depends on the price. They did say they would beat their competitors' price. I do think Fitzgerald's internet prices are not unreasonable.

  • Fitzgerald Automall's website is now showing $300 over invoice on many 2005 XLEs and $200 over invoice on LEs (plus $99 dealer processing fee). If Darcars will beat those by $300, then we have Siennas under invoice (at least in the Washington, DC area)! Just looking around, it appears Sienna inventory is building in many area Toyota dealers.
  • mmvv11mmvv11 Posts: 3
    Hi, have XLE with Package# 8, Nav and DVD for $34300, which is about $1000 over invoice in Chicago? Anyone got better prices in the area? THANKS.
  • Hi,
    Since there are no incentives being offered on the Sienna at this time either to the dealer or the consumer you are not likely to pay invoice. However, the Costco auto program is very good. They have a set price that you pay over invoice depending on the vehicle. I believe the over invoice price for the Sienna is $1500.00. If you are a Costco member go to and look for the auto program. IF your not a Costco member become one so that you can save on the purchase of a vehicle.

    Last year I used the program to purchase my Corolla and paid $1500.00 over invoice less a $750.00 rebate. I will be shopping for my Sienna this week and will be using the Costco program again.

    Good luck,
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    Paying $1500 over invoice is a terrible deal. You could have easily bought a Corolla on line for a few hundred under invoice with the rebate. Even with the price gouging on a Sienna, you shouldn't pay much more than $1000 over invoice, if you aggressively shop on line. If however, you don't want to do some emailing and phone calls, Costco is a painless way to buy, but you won't be getting any real deals.
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    I found an XLE Limited AWD with DVD/Nav for 39,100....Does this look like a good deal? I actually want an AWD with DVD...doesn't matter if it is an LE, XLE, or XLE Limited...but this deal looks pretty good after doing a lot of research on pricing, but i am not sure if it is worth the money to go for a Limitied..Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    Which invoice price did you pay $400 over? The dealers or edmunds...I am noticing a difference between the two and was wondering. Thanks.
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    Where did you get this offer and are there any more? This is 2K better than the deal I got! Thanks!
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    I went to Darcars Toyota of Silver Sping today to check out an XLE Limited with NAV/DVD. Fitzgerald Automall's internet price for similarly-equiped XLE Limited is $3300 off the MSRP. Darcars said they couldn't beat their price. So I walked.
  • I'm ready to buy a xle ltd with the HE package (DVD). If anyone has recently bought one in the Metro NY area (within 2 hours from nyc) I would LOVE to hear from you. What did you pay? Can you recomend a dealer and/or sales mgr? Thanks in advance.
  • could you please tell me how much was the cost without tax and title.
  • mmvv11mmvv11 Posts: 3
    Hi, have XLE with Package# 8, Nav and DVD for $34300, which is about $1000 over invoice in Chicago? Anyone got better prices in the area? THANKS.
  • mkjj123mkjj123 Posts: 18
    Ok, so I was pretty much sold on a Sienna XLE #6, however I had to check out the Chrysler T&C just for my own info. Now, the T&C is ridiculously cheap looking inside. The rear seats are really thin and lousy looking. The stow-and-go in the middle row is pretty useless to me because I'd probably never need to put them in the floor. Ride was ok, but just did a quick test drive. Less HP so not as responsive. Overall I don't really care for it, however it will fit the need of more space. But...the kicker is the price. I can get a comparably equipped T&C for ~$7000 less than the Sienna. Now, I don't know if I can live with the cheapness of the T&C as it will bother me every time I see it and get in it, but $7k is a good chunk of change. I know it's a personal decision that we need to make on our own, but has anyone else had this dilemma and made a decision either way? I'm curious as to your reasoning.

  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    Then buy a new 2004 Odyssey, with DVD or Navigation, if you still can find one.
  • If you think the TC looks cheap now, imagine in 5 years. And your TC will be worth at most $5K and a Sienna atleast $7K more. Sienna less likely to cost you alot of money in repairs, is probably SAFER, and if you can afford it go for it. Buy an Odyssey before a TC.

    I own an XLE Limited w/Nav & Dvd, $100 over invoice 5 months ago...
    And it's awesome, even if it's a 'mini van'
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    Actually my husband and I were seriously looking at the T&C too. The first reason we were looking at it was because besides the Sienna it was the only other car on the market with AWD, however that feature was taken out in the 2005 so they could do the stow and go seats. I wasn't happy with it at all pretty much for the same reason as you...the cheap looking inside. I test drove a Sienna a few hours earlier so I was not happy with the T&C inside.
    we didn't like the sienna's pickup. The Sienna just felt like a heavy car when we were driving it and when we put our foot on the seemed to take a while the really get moving...the T&C had better acceleration, in our opinion and we were told that the AWD Sienna would be even more sluggish...When we sat down to actually get the T&C they changed the price and said that they had quoted us a price if we went with their financing whereas we could get a much better rate than they were offering us.
    In the end, we are back to looking at Siennas mainly because of AWD and secondly, with an infant, I like that we can change the second row into bench seating if we need to...My husband wanted the T&C because of the Tailgaiting seats and stow aways, but honestly when I sat in the back, there didn't seem like there was that much room and like you i don't see us using the stow away seats that much and if you wanted to store something in it, you would have to move the front seat each and every time to get to it. In the end we decided on the Sienna although we are still trying to get the best price for it. hope this helps.
  • Many here seem to like using "$X over invoice" when posting what they paid for their wheels. Given the fact that "invoice" price can be any number of things, it would be a lot more informative to know the actual dollar amount people are paying, before tax and license.

  • mkjj123mkjj123 Posts: 18
    Thanks for all the input. FWIW We checked out the new Odyssey and really liked it, until we took it on the highway and realized all the wind noise. So the Odyssey is out. Really liked the interior, though, outside is still pretty boring. Just my opinion, however.
  • cmhcmh Posts: 13

    Email me and I can send you all the details..The car is not on the lot yet, it is a part of the dealer allocation expected next week.
  • cmhcmh Posts: 13

    Could you please share where you bought your van?
  • cmhcmh Posts: 13

    The car is not on the lot yet, it is a part of the dealer allocation expected next week. I have also found that most dealers are now in the $800 over invoice range for an XLE LTD AWD with an HE package. If you need more details, just email me.

  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    Along the lines of what you are asking....should we trust what the Dealer quotes us for an Invoice price?

    I got a Invoice price from a Toyota Dealer for a 2005 XLE AWD that is $683 more then what is on Edmunds Invoice price for the same package.
  • rclkslrclksl Posts: 3
    I have an internet price in PA for an xle limited awd with HO package (nav/dvd) for 38,020. Based on what I have been reading...this seems like a fairly good deal. Any thoughts ?

    I have a quote of $32,000 from Toyota dealer in Burnsville for the 2005 XLE front wheel drive with package #6 for $32,000. The invoice she gave me was $34,000 something. Anyone here that knows if this is a good price? I really like the saleswoman and would like to buy from her, but don't want to pay too much. I am willing to drive to Duluth if necessary to get a great deal.

    Also found a used 2004 with similar options with only 12,800 miles on it from a private sale, but it is an AWD and I'm not sure about the little smell of sulfur as you turn the car on and off coming out of the engine. It goes away as soon as you get going, but seems odd. Seller said he had asked the dealer about this and they told him it must be the brand of gas that he's using. Guess I'd be switching gas if I believed this to be true. Sounds like bunk to me. Seller says he has bought a new Sequoia to replace this. Thanks for your help!
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    The invoice price for 05 Sienna XLE FWD is $30,932 including $331 advertising fee. The quoted price is way higher than the current market offering.
  • We live in W. Texas and made the drive into Toyota of Midland about 3 weeks ago. We were willing to order a van or have them bring one in, but the dealership there said the best they could do on a 2005 XLE was $1500 below MSRP (not sure how that relates to dealer "invoice"). After reading on this forum, I knew I could find a better deal. So prior to our trip to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area last weekend, I made a LOT of phone calls. Last Friday we bought a 2005 XLE w/ package 6 (FC), Extra Mile Package A (AO-$805), and Vehicle Shield Package (P4-$349) from Freeman Toyota in Hurst (mid-cities suburb). From the get-go, our salesman quoted invoice + 2.5% for whatever model we wanted. This equated to the MSRP of $35729 dropping to $32,920--a discount of over $2800 off MSRP. Don't know if this is a great deal or not, but it was definitely good and a VERY pleasant buying experience. No quibbling--just invoice + 2.5%... Would HIGHLY recommend Freeman Toyota for any of you in the N. Texas area. They had 10-12 2005 units to choose from.

  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    From what I have heard for Toyota vehicles, Invoice Price is 89% of the MSRP. I asked several dealers if this was true and they said it was.

    Also, I called Fitz Auto Mall in MD and they had said that all of thier Siennas (except the AWD) are priced $200 over Invoice...Again this is their invoice but I think that is a pretty good deal....They have about 30 on the lot...

    Darcars in Frederick MD was willing to match and beat the best quote I got for an AWD but I didn't ask them about FWD so it might be worth a shot going there.
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    sue2pak, I don't think all FWD Siennas at Fitz Auto Mall are priced only 200 over invoice. The XLE limited are not. Darcars of Silver Spring doesn't match or beat their price. They want to get you to their store first. I went there two days ago and told them Fitz Mall was selling XLE Limited with NAV?DVD for $3300 below MSRP, Darcars wouldn't match it.Darcars had the color I wanted.
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    what's the name of this PA dealership? thanks.
  • mkjj123mkjj123 Posts: 18
    I got a quote for XLE FWD #6, floor mats, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and two wireless headsets, and arctic frost; $32,200. This is about $1200 over invoice (MSRP of ~$35,300), based on NADA. It is still more than I want to give them, but I haven't seen anything much lower in the New England area. I've read where others have gotten #6 for ~$31,200, w/out the other extras I mentioned, in other parts of the country.

    So, to me, $32k isn't a bad price for a nice van.
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    When I talked to a guy there at Fitz, I was working on a deal with him and he said you don't even need to do all that, all the Siennas are 200 over invoice...I made him go back and check and then he said all except for the AWD...again it could be where they were just trying to get me in the door.
    Darcars is strange..I found that the Silver Spring Darcars wasn't helpful at all and basically didn't match. In fact when I called them they had me call back 4 times and then handed me off to someone else before they finally even answered my questions, but the Frederick Darcars matched and beat the price. Plus they were very friendly and got info for me right away and answered my questions. So, I think they vary within their own org.
  • cpstarcpstar Posts: 31
    To jhamilton:

    If I were you, I would check out the '04 Sienna. Reasons: '05 Siennas offer only minimal changes.
    Can land a great deal (I recall reading from a reputed source that '04 Siennas lose $6600 in their first year).
    AWD may be a good thing for your area (if you can sort out the smell issue)

    Good luck!
  • javnerjavner Posts: 23
    Looking for buying experince on a LE 8 Passenger.

    Got a quote for a LE 8 Passenger with #2 (AP) which is all we want.


    Salesman said this is $500 over invoice, but looks more like $1000 to me unless they have put some dealer options on it not lised on their website. Have read invoice is a moving target, so hard to know.

    Want to do know if this is a reasonable number to take to my local dealer. The other was out of town.

    2nd question: looking for experince buying a car out of state from where you live. How does this work? Do you pay sales tax on it where you buy it or do you pay the sales tax when you register it? My guess I'd have to do the registration when I get home directly?

    Any comments / experince are appreciated!
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Yes, Darcars Toyota of Silver Spring wasn't helpful. They told me over the phone that they would match price and come on in. I went to the dealership and told the guy if they could sell me the XLE Limited with NAV and DVD for $3300 below the MSRP (like Fitz Auto Mall), I would buy it right away. The guy still wasted me more than an hour before he told me they couldn't sell it at that price. So I said thank you and left.
  • x10066x10066 Posts: 1
    Very good run down the price & option packages. Which card gives you 2% rebate? I get 1% with my card. Thanks
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    If I go off of what the dealer says is the invoice price, then the quoted price is about $720 over invoice for the 2005 XLE AWD.

    If I go off of what Edmunds says is the invoice price, then the quoted price is about $1400 over invoice for the 2005 XLE AWD.

    Either way, the price is about $3200 off of MSRP and $2300 off of TMV.

    Which Invoice price should I go off of to determine if this is a good deal....Edmunds or Dealer?
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    I thought Fitz Auto Mall would be the place that I was going to get my Sienna, but they just really made me mad. First they said that they would meet the price and then give me %50 of the difference in service credit. When I told them I was out of state and would like that towards the car, they told me to fax in "something in writing" from the dealership and they would see what they could do.
    After I did that, they said they needed a purchase order. After I did thatt, they called me back again and told me I needed a signed purchase order. So I finally told me tell if you can really give me the %50 difference towards the car ($900 in this case)I 'll go through the hassle again. They finally call me back and say no they can't give me the difference toward the price, but get us a signed purchase order and we will match the other dealers price. Why would I even bother going to them if they are just going to match the price?
  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    The same happend to me at fitzmall. I had to walk away since they won't match the price, not alone for the 50% difference.
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Sue2pak, sorry to hear that. Where are the honest dealers? There got to be some out there.
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    Forget about the invoice price. Research how much other people paid. Negotiate an out the door price which includes everything. I recommend negotiating the new car and trade-in at the same time as a package.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Edmund's doesn't include the advertising fee which regional and varies by region. That's why the Edmund's "invoice" is different than the dealer's invoice. There is a note on Edmunds regarding this fee in their TMV section. Small print but it's there.
                   : )
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