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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was told by a salesman that the XLE Limited AWD with Nav actually has a 6 CD changer instead of the single CD that comes with the XLE Limited with Nav (without AWD). Of course, they didn't have one in stock. Could someone who owns (or has seen) the XLE Limited AWD with Nav answer this for me?
    Thank you.
  • I got a quote of $38760 ($1K off MSRP per Edmunds) for a 05 XLE Limited AWD (HE,FE,GV Packages) with Rear DVD. Is this a good deal or can I do better in the Pacific Northwest?
  • yahoo2yahoo2 Posts: 28
    Anyone else in this forum from Los Angeles California? I'm looking for LE 8 pass. 04/05. 2005 LE 8 with pkg #4, alloy wheels, floor mats and DVD or comprable for 2004.

    Also, I'm sure aome have considered the 2004 Nissan Quest. Opinions/pros/cons? I it seems you get alot more bang for your buck right now for the Quest. I'm sure resale is better on the Sienna but thats not important to me. At that savings its worth considering unless its garbage.
    I assume they are not selling well since they're priced much lower. I actually like the look of the body better but that console...what the hell were they thinking (just my opinion I don't mean to insult anyone).
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    I bought my last 2 cars from out of state. In both, I paid the dealers documentation fee, and gave them proof of insurance.

    Then in the next few days, I just took the paperwork to the local DMV's office and wrote out a check for tax, title and reg.

    Was pretty easy
  • We are working on purchasing a Toyota Sienna LE with Pkg #2 and floor mats. The couple of vehicals they have on the lot that match that configuration have an MSRP of around $26,600. When talking about ordering the same configuration but in a color they did not have available, they indicated that new deliveries coming from the factory are going to have a MSRP price increase to around $27,110. Was wondering if anyone else had run across this.
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
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  • equateequate Posts: 2
    I live in san francisco area (zip 94803). My budget is $35,000 out of the door. With a high demanding, do you guys think I can get 2005 Xle Fwd Ltd for it? Thanks
  • smtsmt Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2004 XLE Limited AWD with Nav. Per the literature we got with our van and our experience, the Nav. with the camera replaces the 6 disk changer. SMT
  • I did not purchase a Sienna...we wound up buying another Ody but in my serious discussions with 2 different Toyota dealerships, their invoice numbers matched the ones I had from Edmunds exactly to the penny. I love Edmunds but in our area of the country the TMV prices paid for our zip code seem way out-of-line for the pricing that I was talking with these 2 dealerships while doing some serious negotiations about making a deal for a Sienna. One Toyota dealership was delusional trying to talk about the Sienna being in such short supply. We came really came close to buying a Sienna, we might have if they could have gotten quickly or had what we wanted on the
    lot. We wanted a base XLE with package #3. I could just tell that it was going to be too much "work". I am glad that we waited on the '05 Ody. Both are super vans.
  • I agree with your concept of doing a difference deal is one way of making a deal but to do this properly you really do need to know what
    the actual cost of the vehicle you are purchasing ie., the invoice price involved. You also need to know what your trade is worth to some degree. Otherwise, how can you make an informed deal. I really think that the Edmunds TMV is showing up too high on the Sienna and for that matter the Ody...Odys are going for less than MSRP in our area and Siennas can be had for 2% above invoice without any haggling. Less if you are willing to role up your sleeves and do some serious negotiating.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    I've seen several posts indicating people thought Edmunds TMV was too high on the Sienna and Ody. It's suppose to be the average price people are paying for that region.Half pay more than TMV and half pay less than TMV(roughly).I don't see how Edmunds TMV could be too high....unless they were on the take. Just kidding..Just kidding !!!!
    No pink slip e-mails please! : )
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  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    I think you can better a deal than that. But I guess you have to factor in how far do you want to go to pick up the car. I got a great quote for 05 XLE Limited AWD HE package for 37K and for 38,270 with the HO package in OH. Only problem for us is logistically getting there. NY dealers laughed at me when I tried to get them anywhere near the price and one even said when you find these dealers cheated you, come back and we will help you get your car.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I think if you buy at TMV you're doing fine and you know you aren't paying more than most people. But with a bit of net education and some negotiating you can beat TMV. You should certainly try to, anyway!

    Steve, Host
  • dk5400dk5400 Posts: 1
    We are looking for a Sienna. Where is the Fitz Auto Mall located? Thanks
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    In Gaithersburg, Maryland.
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    As far as my research shows, Toyota increased the prices on the siennas for the 2005 models compared to the 2004 models. On the LE version, that was $250. That came into effect I beleive in the 3rd or 4th week pf sept 04.

    I am not aware of any other price increases
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Can you post the details of where you got this extended warranty from for $500?
    thank you in advance
  • Received an offer for 05 Sienna LE with the BZ (safety package, no dvd/nav),floor mats for 26595 in the Boston area...according to Edmunds, seems like a good deal grand total (fee,tax,plates)brings the total to 28210..can add the "fake" wood dash for $200 more and leather for $2000...Is this a good deal and has anyone had any experience adding leather "aftermarket"..from my calls seems like I can have it installed myself for around $1500
  • rclkslrclksl Posts: 3
    I have the same package in my hand for an xle limited with dvd/nav for 38025.
  • hotch41hotch41 Posts: 61
    I live in CT and have an order (placed 10/16/04) for an Arctic Frost with Fawn interior XLE LTD FWD with RF, HE, and Z1 for $36,467. I could have paid $36,267 but the dealer wasn't as close to home. Now I would like to know if I could do much better and I'd be now willing to travel along the East Coast to get it. Thanks!
  • gen13gen13 Posts: 2
    I didn't know there are any Leather options for the LE? I thought only XLE has leather option. Please confirm...I'm buying an XLE only because we wanted the least expensive way to get leather. What about power rear door...can we get that as an upgrade to LE as well?? We are close to signing purchase order so someone please respond.
  • hotch41hotch41 Posts: 61
    Please confirm on Toyota's website, but I'm almost positive that you can not get factory leather or power rear door with the LE. You must step up to the XLE.
  • javnerjavner Posts: 23
    Follow Up

    Took the price I received over the internet to my local dealer and they agreed to match it.

    $25143 for an 8 pass LE with #2.

    Near invoice is possible! That part was almost to easy. However, deal fell apart when they wouldn't get close to what I wanted for my trade in. Can't blame them, it is an Explorer after all.

    Good Luck to everyone out there.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    dealer can always add leather to the van for you, power rear door however is only on the xle. Ask dealer if he uses classic soft trim for leather as they are the best.
  • the leather would be installed by the dealer, would have prefered the xle, but out of our price range.didn't need the other features of the XLE so this is a less expensive alternative for us I believe the power rear gate is only available on the XLE limited
  • gen13gen13 Posts: 2
    Just checked with the wife and she's set on the power trunk door (as well as leather and moonroof). This means I need to stay with the XLE. I really don't need the other XLE features. So I'm paying extra $3500 for this feature...ouch.

    Anyone know if dealer can put in a moonroof on LE as well?
  • hotch41hotch41 Posts: 61
    I looked thru this forum and I saw people mention Fitzgerald Lakeforest (Fitz Auto Mall)in Gaithersburg. They have the one I want, Arctic Frost with Fawn interior and DVD. They offered per their website a discounted price of 35,097 vs. 36,467 here in CT. Can I do better than this? Is it worth the 5 hr drive? Also is it a pain to purchase a vehicle out of State? And, does anyone know of any other dealers posting their discounted price, besides Autofair. Thanks again!
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    If you are going to be driving that far, here are two other sites that list their discounted choose the laurel, MD site and I found the Frederick Darcars people very helpful and nice and they matched the price I got and discounted it by $300. Darcars in Silver Spring was a joke. They had no clue what was going on.
    As for purchasing out of state, its not a pain at all. We are getting our Sienna tomorrow in PA and they are just charging us for the car and temp tags. Then we come back here and go to the DMV and pay our sales tax. Some places will even look it up for you and charge you there. You still have to go to the DMV at some point though to register the car.
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    hi sue2pak, may I ask which dealer you are getting it from and what model and how much?

  • I have posted my buying experience in
    NJ Experiences and Prices for 05 LE AWD BJ [njdoughboy]

    Just wondering if people that have had their Sienna manufactured (and not located), could reply with the time it took from the day their vehicle was built until the vehicle arrived at the dealership or was driven home. Most interested in shipping time in Northeast, or N NJ even better.

    We got word today that our vehicle will be built on Monday November 8.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi rclksl,
    Does your price of $38025 include the running board and the spoiler as well?
  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    I think it is fair good deal. Last month, I was looking for a LE 7 Pass with package #1 (AM) and after 3 hours haggling, dealer quoted me a $24200 from inital $24600, including destination. However, this was still $300 away from my target. So I talked away.
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    Hi doug889,
    I am getting the car from Del Toyota in Thorndale PA, for 38400 + 65 for doc fees and temp tags. I got quotes for 200 less, one in Glen Burnie, MD and one in Ohio ( this was just too far), but these guys sent me a signed purchase order without being a pain about it and held the car for me without me having to pay $500 deposit. They were really helpful plus the car is on their lot. It is the '05 XLE Limited AWD w/ HO package.
    I think prices mught be going down a little. I know Fitz is now $1100 over invoice from $3300, on this car which is still more than 500 more than what I am paying and they wouldn't match it even though I had a signed purchase order in their region. THey came up with some lame loophole like this dealership was too small or something like that.
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Thanks sue2pak for the info. That sounds like a decent deal. Fitz Mall is selling a lot of their Siennas (mostly fwd) at invoice (at least their invoice) I couldn't find the one I want (silver fdw XLE Limited with HO package). I am not in a hurry though since my Acura MDX is only 30 months old.
  • dexdex Posts: 42
    I have been going back and forth between the Ody Touring and the Sienna LTD for some time now and have changed my mind countless times. I finally bought a 04 Sienna LTD last night. If the Touring did not have PAX or if the EX/L had a power tailgate, I would have bought the Ody. Nonetheless, I want to share my findings for anyone who is looking to buy an Ody or Sienna in GA or north FL. I did most of the leg work via e-mail but found that you have to prod and have a few iterations before you get a solid price Please note that the doc fee at the dealers below is around $400 which is typical for GA. Also all my dealings were with the internet dept at the dealers I mention below and none of them pushed me to buy any accessories.

    In the southeast, most dealers have what is known as Toyoguard which is an utter waste of money and retails at around $699. I bought my 04 Sienna FWD LTD from the internet person at Cherokee County Toyota for a few hundred under invoice (invoice is around $32.2k for the 04)+ doc + tt. It was painless and a pleasure to deal with them. The great thing about them is that none of their vans have this Toyoguard which brings the price down.
    If I was willing to drive about 3 /1/2 hours south of Atlanta to Albany, GA, the best deal all round was at Fairway Toyota via their internet dept. They only have 05 Siennas and will sell them very close to invoice (invoice is around $32.6k as per carsdirect). They were very responsive via e-mail and I would have bought from them if I went the 05 route. They do have some of their Siennas without Toyoguard which is great. Definitely the best deal in GA for an 05.

    Metro Atlanta is not great and you get a few paltry dollars below MSRP. However there is a dealer in GA that smokes the other dealers. If one is prepared to travel south a little over 4 hours from Atlanta to Brunswick (the dealer there is Nalley Honda), they will sell the 05 Ody at around $1800-1900 below MSRP via their internet dept. The internet person was great and I would most definitely have bought my Ody from them if I landed up going for an Ody. He gave the facts as they were as objectively as any dealer I have ever dealt with. He also offered to drive the Ody to me in Atlanta. If you are buying in GA or north FL, definitely check them out. I would have flown there on Delta from Atlanta for a little over $100 and then driven the car back.

    CostCo rocks. Thru their auto program they hooked me up with Capital One and I got a rate of 2.64%. There were 3 provisions: It needed to be a 3 year or less term, I needed to do direct debit out of my account and there was a one time $65 fee. I took this out about 2 1/2 months ago and they granted me one extension at the same rate. Not sure what the rate is now.

    Auto Ins
    Again, for me CostCo Ins program hooked me up with Amex Ins and I did my home and car thru them and the rate was great.

    Bottom line after all my research is that if one does not care about the power tailgate, I think the best buy is definitely the Ody EX/L or EX if you do not like leather. However if the power tailgate is a must and you are not crazy about PAX, then, welcome to my world !!
  • mommom Posts: 6
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I suggest you focus on your out-the-door price and not worry about the line items, especially since dealers are loathe to admit they even get holdback (much less negotiate it away).

    Ad fees on the invoice are legit but negotiable (but why spend hours on it when you can work on the final number?).

    And please don't shout (ALL CAPS is hard to read).

    Check out the TMV pricing info under the New Cars link and have fun shopping!

    Steve, Host
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    I had my 05 8 pass LE, BW package ordered on sept 16th, got the build date as Sept 30th, arrived at the dealership on Oct 3rd, picked up the car on Oct 6th.

    I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

    Hope it helps
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    I am getting close to stepping into a dealership to negotiate a price for the first time...and I am wondering it the demand for AWD is great enough where a dealer will try to negotiate lower if he/she sees that I am willing to walk away if the price doesn't seem reasonable.

    With one of the dealers....the OTD quote is about $2000 more then what I am willing to pay.

    Did anyone find it harder to bargain with the Dealer if you were looking for AWD ( whether it is in Northern CA or anywhere else ) then compared to FWD?
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    We finally bought it! Del Toyota in PA was great and gave us everything we asked for!No hassle at all and best of all, our sales guy didn't try calling me every five minutes to close the deal. They were friendly courteous and when I wanted to get in touch with my sales person and he was out, the GM of the store helped me. Great service and we are very happy with the car. Their site only lists the MSRP, but I told them the prices I was getting and he gave me a very competitive price.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Around here (Central Ohio in particular but the whole state in general), I believe it makes some difference because there just aren't all that many AWDs on the ground.

    Unlike many others have reported here, I have had zero success in finding any kind of good deal on a Sienna at present - dealers are coming off MSRP by roughly half what others have said.

    And that leaves them too pricey for me.
  • Hi njdoughboy,
    I live in the Minnesota area and am looking for the same cae you have purchased, LE 8psgr w/ BW pkg, would you be able to tell me where you bought the car and the price you paid. I Would appreciate any info you can give. I am getting many offers via internet and the best one I received is $26,050 (with tax, title, $28002), but the dealer says that toyota does not send too many of this model in his region, he would be able to order one but would take about 3 mos. I am really surprised that you received yours in such a short amount of time. Please let me know. Thank you so much.
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    For those in Northern California that purchased a 2005 AWD, did you find it hard for dealers to negotiate or budge from their asking price?

    I keep on seeing many posts that suggest that customers got $500 over invoice for XLE FWD...but very few that are for AWD.

    I'm wondering if the price that I am getting ( prior to taxes and doc fee ) from a dealer that is $1500 over Edmunds Invoice but $2300 under the TMV value is a good price or not.
  • suiosuio Posts: 42

    Where did you get the Sienna for $26050 in MN? Thanks.
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    Check out Toyota of Cincinnati. They were very helpful and actually gave me the best prices on AWDs (38300 for '05 Limited AWD w/HO package). Only problem for me was that they were so far away (more than 10 hours) from me.
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    If I were to do one of those "special orders" through the Toyota Dealership to the factory, should one expect long periods of delay?

    The Toyota Dealer that I was dealing with had suggested that I do not special Order it cuz it can take up to 3 months for delivery. I suspect that she was said this cuz she wanted me to buy a vehicle that she had in inventory as opposed to special ordering the vehicle.

    Has anyone had any real bad experiences with "special ordering" from the factory?
  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    Finally, found one dealer would give such a offer!
  • I live in N. Calif. and purchased my XLE AWD in March. I tried the whole north state plus southern Oregon, and they were impossible to find. I finally tried Costco on line. The dealer called me from Davis (Hanlees Toyota) and I confirmed what I wanted. I gave him the CarsDirect price and he said Costco was even less. He called back a week later. He had located my car in the Bay Area. I got it for $3000 off MSRP with no hassle. Note I got the extended warranty from K C Summers in Mattoon, IL for $500 (platinum 7yr/75000 0 ded). Hanlees wanted $1400.
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    I am about $3000 under MSRP, $2300 under TMV but about $1500 over Edmunds Invoice.

    It just seems that people seem to get a better quotes on FWD ( +$600 over invoice ) but higher quotes for AWD.

    So is the moral of the story that because XLE AWD are hard to find....that if I am well under MSRP, that it could be considered a good deal?
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