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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I would definitely consider $3000 under MSRP a good deal, especially if it's your first or second color choice. Keep in mind that AWD models are a fraction of total Sienna production. Winter is coming, and demand for AWD will only increase in the next few months--especially considering that Honda has decided not to offer AWD on the new Odyssey. I paid $2000 under MSRP for an AWD XLE back in March--a very good deal at the time.
  • sue2paksue2pak Posts: 25
    I also agree that around $3000 under MSRP is very good now. I called so many dealerships and negotiated to the point where some dealers would come back and say I don't know how you are getting that deal. It was usually $3400 under MSRP and $1100 above Edmunds invoice. I found dealers were much more flexible with the FWD and some of those I found for $200 over invoice. Finally bought mine and am very happy with it although I have yet to test it in the snow.
  • We I was looking a couple of months back the Hayward and Dublin dealers were both willing to do $500 over invoice for AWD stock on hand.

    It took a bit of arm twisting but they both came down. We ended up not buying because I just didn't feel like blowing nearly 40k on a van at the moment.
  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    I got an offer of $25,350 for a LE BW, which is almost $200 above edmunds invoice and below dealer's inovice ($300ish?)

    Maybe I can get for inovice this weekend. Edmunds really, really helpful!
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    This may sound like a stupid question....but should I expect a OTD price to be precisely that? Meaning....if I dont want anything else ( warranties ) that I will write a check for that OTD price and I can leave happy?z

    Should I expect to be bombarded with additional stuff that I HAVE to pay for that would not be included in the OTD price?

    I expect that there would they will try to sell me an Extended Warranties ( that I want to get ), but I am wondering if there are other "unknown costs" that the dealership is going to add on top of my OTD price that they say that I HAVE to pay for that is never included in the OTD price ( such as "blah blah dealership" fee that is included in all sales of vehicles ).
  • sladerslader Posts: 5

    where are you? Couldn't get anything near that out here in the Northwest.

  • sladerslader Posts: 5
    I was finally able to get a Sienna LE8 with BW, CF, and DH for $27,000 out-the-door (including $218 in state DMV fees).

    For some reason Edmunds doesn't allow you to choose CF or DH as an option when building a 2005 LE 8, but TMV for an LE 8 with BW is $28,382. Kelly Blue Book Invoice for an LE 8 with BW, CF, and DH is $25,753.

    I know that isn't as good a price as some from other parts of the country have gotten, but it was the best deal I could get after working with 9 dealers, AAA Auto Source, and Costco Auto. Anyone have any other data points for Oregon or Washington?

    I am buying from John and Phil's Toyota in Corvallis, Oregon. The internet sales rep was very professional and easy to work with.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Well, I don't know that there is any sort of legal definition for what is "Out The Door" price. I've always interpreted it to mean, I show up with a check for x amount of dollars (previously agreed to OTD price), and I leave the dealership driving my new car. If I've got something in writing (e-mail/fax) from a dealer in which we've specifically agreed on a total OTD price, and then the dealership attempts to tack on some misc. document handling fee or whatever, I would walk.

    And if you intend to get any sort of extended warranty, and intend to pay for it at the same time as the new vehicle purchase, then negotiate that at the same time you are negotiating the OTD price. Why have to go through 2 separate rounds of negotiation: first for the vehicle purchase price/trade-in, and then again on the extended warrantee? You just given the dealership another shot at your pocketbook.
  • jantjejantje Posts: 2
    hi hxl,

    could you share us more info regarding the offer you got, where is the dealer located, thanks in advance

    oct.31, 04
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Thanks, sue2pak. I got in touch with them but just getting a price quote was like pulling teeth.

    Now I remember why I've bought my last four vehicles over the internet rather than by phone or in person!
  • cmhcmh Posts: 13
    After 4 months of painstaking research, finally bought a 2005 Sienna XLE LTD AWD with the HE package. The following summarizes our experience:

    Started with the usual suspects – Nissan, Honda and Sienna. Quickly eliminated the Quest.

    After a lot of thought process, settled for the Sienna. Reasons - we were looking at a high-end van – close to the luxury segment. Minor details like HID, Dynamic cruise, no side door channels and power passenger seat were important to us. The Honda ODY Touring appealed to us. But could not get only RES. Did not really care for the NAV - a van is a mom mobile, how many times were we going to really use it in city driving conditions? Chose Sienna AWD instead.

    We shortlisted the following dealers based on honesty and fairness in dealings:

    Buckeye Nissan, Columbus, OH

    Matthew’s Honda, Marion, OH

    1. Dry Ridge Toyota, Dry Ridge , KY
    2. Kerry Toyota, Florence, KY
    3. Toyota of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
    4. Kings Toyota, Cincinnati, OH

    Went with Kings Toyota, Cincinnati, OH

    Ordered the car - 10/4/05
    Build Date - 10/27/04
    Delivered to the dealer - 10/30/04
    Picked up - 10/31/04

    Phantom Grey and Stone interior, HE package with the GBS sensor.

    Paid – $37 K (invoice – $36,340, MSRP – $40,121)
    3.09% financing for 60 months
    $423.05 for additional console (MSRP $703)
    $775 for Platinum, 84/ Months/100K/0 ded TCS Warranty
    $40 for Mudguards (self installed, MSRP $75)
    $100 Doc fees
    $25 title and tags
    State Tax

    In and out in 2 hours. No haggling, no issues with F&I. Drove 2 hours from Cincinnati to Columbus. Love the van, best auto decision we have made.

    Thanks to this site - helped us tremendously in our buying process!
  • slader,

    what dealership are you working with. some other forums say uhlmann/1-5 toyota in chehalis, wa (about 80 north of pdx) has some good deals. I am helping a friend to shop for an 05 awd xle, but have had very little luck getting low prices here in portland, or.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    WOw! Thanks for the thorough information! Hope you enjoy your new ride!
  • Purchased yesterday in Washington, DC area:

    2005 Sienne XLE w/pkg #6 (grey leather, sunroof, cd changer, safety options plus floor mats, cargo net, door sill protectors) and Arctic Frost color for $31469 (incl destination and dealer processing fee but not including tax and tags)at Fitzgerald AutoMall in Gaithersburg, MD. The price was supposedly their invoice price which incl advertising fee and preferred pkg dealer extras. They were very generous on my trade-in (offered $800 more than CarMax). Good buying experience, no price negotiating (all prices posted on their website) and I was in and out in less than 2 hrs.

    Hope this info helps others.
  • I finally went to a Toyota dealership after months and months of emailing with Internet Sales Managers on Saturday. I made the mistake of going in blindly to a dealer that I did not get a email response I ended up talking to a Dealer that I had no relationship with. Although I could have written a check to the dealer ( if the right deal came along ), I wasn't intending to buy anything cuz I simply wanted my wife to simply "touch, see and feel" the 2005 XLE Sienna AWD that I was talking to her about all this time. On top of that, although they didnt have the AWD, I wanted the both of us to test drive a FWD just to get a feel for the car. After test driving the car and discovering that it maybe a good idea to get the XLE Limited ( cuz of its backup rear sensors feature and moonroof ), the dealer ( a rather nice guy ) had asked if we intended to buy a vehicle if they can find the AWD. The problem is that I had to deal with the Sales Manager in order to see if they can get it. After waiting for about 20 minutes, the Sales Manager FINALLY came over ( which already didn't make my wife happy ). After some sales mumbo-jumbo, he finally offered $39750 ( before taxes ) with a OTD price of about $42k...which was at least $2150 over the lowest OTD price that I got from another dealer through the Internet. After another 15 minutes of discussion about dealers having to make some type of a profit ( although valid, I wasn't going to pay a couple of thousand more then I was comfortable with ), the sales manager excused himself for some reason ( at which point my wife was already irritated ); we thanked the dealer that was helping us before and we walked away.

    The moral of the story ( which is obvious ).....if you can avoid it, negiotiate your OTD price over email and save yourself the hassle of talking to a Sales Manager either directly or over the phone. You will save yourself alot of grief about having to negotiate with a pushy Sales Manager.
    The only good thing that I got out of this is that I now am considering either the XLE AWD ( if the right price comes along ), the XLE Limited FWD ( depending if its lower in price then the XLE AWD ) and the XLE Limited AWD ( if I somehow win the lotto or find a couple of thousand $$ in my mattress ).

    I will say this....when I finally do buy the vehicle....I will be negotiating the price before I step foot in the dealership.
  • I am looking for a 2005 XLE AWD with Package#10 with Running Boards and Rear Spoiler. Of the dealers that I have been dealing with ( mainly over the internet and a few over the phone ), despite the fact that it appears to be difficult to find a 2005 XLE AWD, none of them have suggested that I special Order it from the factory. In fact, one dealer did suggest that it is a bad idea to do special orders from the factory cuz it take so long to receive the car. ( but I suspected that they wanted me to get what they had in stock as opposed to special ordering the vehicle ).

    I would have thought that because it was difficult to find the 2005 XLE AWD that I am looking maybe a better idea to special order the vehicle from the Factory instead of waiting for one to pop up in inventory somewhere.

    For those that live in Northern California.....has anyone had any experience ordering the vehicle through a dealer directly from the factory?

    Can I simply go to the dealer and tell them that I want to special order the vehicle of my choice?
  • I see that some of you are getting warranties from other dealers. Weedshasta, I see that you got your car in CA and your warranty in IL. How do you shop for that .... just contacting Internet salesmen the same way as when looking for a car? I would like that same warranty, and it seems like you got a really good price. If they can find the color I want, I will be getting an XLE soon.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Sounds like you did well, cmh. Thanks for the post.

    I can understand why you did not consider any Toyota dealers in Columbus. I am finding them almost impossible to do business with. Their vans sit on their lots yet they won't compete with the price you posted (assuming one can even get a quote).

    I sent out emails to five Columbus area dealers early Saturday morning (10/30). Three have not even replied. One has (three times) said they would be in touch. The last merely tried to get me to come to see something on their lot rather than answering the question I posed: what is your price for an AWD XLE Limited?

    No wonder you went to Cincinnati. I may do the same.
  • dverespey,

    what about the xle ltd? Do you think I can get that deal in hayward? Thanks
  • Getting close to ordering the Sienna.

    XLE – Limited – Front wheel drive - GV pkage –
    Carpet floor mats – Rear spoiler

    $34,000 on the noise (NJ, PA) area.
    Will go to NY/CT if needed.

    Does this sound like a good price?

    I think we can do a little better.
    Time is not an issue for me.

    I can wait if needed for a better price.
    Year end is coming!

    Not a problem for me to order if the dealer does
    not have on the lot or can not find it.

    When we order what should the dealer supply at the time of ordering?

    What should I supply the dealer besides the deposit?
    What size deposit is customary?

  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    Sorry to get back later. Yesterday I tried to post but the forum server was under maintenance.

    The breakdown of my purchase price for LE 7 BW+ Z1 is

    Selling price 25,305.72 (Edmunds 25,187)
    MD tire recycling fee 2
    processing charge 100
    total 25407.72
    5% Tax 1270.29
    Tax and Title 238.00
    Electronic registration fee 20.00
    Total delivered price 26936.01

    I am not sure for Edmunds invoice price whether Z1 package is included. If not, then I bot at invoice price.

    I bought it at darcars toyota sliver spring maryland. I had got an offer from VA for $27036 OTD and the manager at darcars beat price by another $100.

    A few dealers including one in NY are willing to match such price. Please let me know if you need further info.
  • Which NY dealers are willing to match the price

  • Bought a Silver 2005 XLE with package #7 (FP), rear spoiler & mats for 33,150 from Power Toyota in Irvine, CA yesterday. The finance guy claimed that sales had slowed down dramatically at the end of October so they were willing to deal. TMV without the spoiler & mats is 35,776 (invoice is 31,774). Need to see invoice pricing on accessories on Edmunds! Anyway, I did everything over the phone & had no hassles at the dealership. Recommended.

    Can't say the same for Family Toyota in SJC - they tried the old-fashioned sales manager bad guy routine. I would steer well clear of that dealership.

    Good luck to all.
  • cmhcmh Posts: 13

    I agree with your sentiments..All of the dealers here in Columbus laughed at me when I told them the prices quoted by other dealers...I am laughing at them now!

    I am not sure if I can drop names publicly in this forum on what dealers to avoid for sure in Columbus/Cincinnati.

    If I were you, I would forget local and go regional!

    Good luck!
  • Hi--

    Looking to get a 2005 LE AWD with package 4 (BJ). The listed invoice price for the package is $1,664 at both edmunds and carsdirect. However, KBB has the package price at $1,445. We are about to make an offer and want to make sure we have our facts straight. All other prices are consistent. Thanks.
  • Quick question..I know I should stop researching now that I have gotten the car but I think it has almost become a habit. Has anyone noticed that the Factory Invoices on a lot of these cars that are posted on the web have gone down? Is there a reason for that? I have seen two cars with the same exact features same make and model on one dealerships site but the newer car has a lower invoice price. What am I missing...Should I have waited to buy mine?
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 34,325
    manufacturers do adjust (usually raise) prices during the year. It is quite possible to see otherwise identical cars with different sticker prices (and invoices) depending on when they were made.

    Now just get out and drive and enjoy your new car. The only thing you can possibly do now is make yourself unhappy, especially if you run accross a bogus post of some outragous deal that never really happened.

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

  • Geez. My local dealer has Edmunds MSRP + $1300 on their MSRP, and couldn't explain why TDA and "freight" would add so much. Destination + freight, huh? Too many +'s!

    Anyway, Fitzmall looks unbeatable on price but they're a day's drive from me (Northern Illinois). Any closer options? Would I have any luck "ordering" just what I want from Fitz or similar?

    I can't wait to drive my near-invoice Sienna back to my local dealer... can't decide yet whether I'll thumb my nose or fly 'em the bird! :D
  • After checking out the Oydessy (we liked van and honda experience) we went to see the Sienna at Don McGill of Katy and had a terrible experience there.. we were about to walk out the door when they offered us an XLE with leather and DVD for $26,500. But the color was awful & we were just not ready to make a decision between the two.. now I am wondering if should have bought it or if somehow this deal would lead to some sort of rip off in the financing dept.. or something...
    Could it have been a valid deal.. We are meeting with them this Friday to have the Manager go over the van with us, since our first visit was a waste.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Actually, cmh, I am starting to get the point of just forgetting about Toyota altogther. With the Columbus area dealers being SO hard to deal with, I am having real concerns about the quality of their customer service down the road.

    Glad things worked out so well for you. Hopefully, you'll keep us posted on how the vehicle performs.
  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    I just looked my email and two VA dealers were willing to match first offer from Alexandria Toyota, VA. No NY dealers. The key is to find out the best offer because some dealers including darcars where I bought from were not willing to put a written offer. I also looked from this forum some people were refused for a price match at darcars silver spring.

    So to summarize
    1) Ask for quote as many as you can, even you won't plan to buy from that dealership. I sent email to 20+ dealerships.
    2) Timing. Buy at the end of month. I heard from at least two dears that at end of month they are willing to beat so called "rock-bottom" price.
    3) Always try to contact internet sale first.

    I don't know how to post email/contact person if people are interested. So you can try my email at [email protected]
  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    I would like to check what kind of option is included, how many miles have already on it? For $26,500, it definitely a good buy. What color is it? To me any color except blue would be acceptable.
  • Up. wants to know also. thanks for input
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    We don't allow the exchange of salesperson info on this board, but we do encourage you to share the name, city, and state of the dealership where you got a good deal!

    Roving Host & Future Vehicles Host


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    cccompson don't worry about bringing the car you bought from another dealer to the dealership's service department of another. The service department usually have different managment and are not part of the sales negotiation.

    Litterally leave all that baggage on the showroom floor.

    Hope that helps....
  • suio,
    I got the quote from St.Clouds Scion, He did say that toyota is not delivering the 8 psgr in his region, but he was willing to order one for me and it would take about 3 months. The manager I have spoken to was very nice, and gave me many good suggestion. I do not know where you are but would you mine letting me know what dealers you have checked around with. He did say he would be able to get the 7psg for $25900 and with tax and tag his total came to $28002.50. Hope this helps. Good Luck. We went to a dealer around our area but he was not willing to match the price.
  • I got a quote for a 2005 XLE LTD AWD that is $3000 off MSRP / $1690 over invoice / $1202 off of TMV.

    Good or bad?

    It would seem that most dealers are offering about $3000 off MSRP.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Oh, no, I understand THAT - I have bought many new cars out of town over the years in places like Sandusky, Chillicothe, Lancaster, and New Philadelphia as well as out of state.

    My point was specific toward Toyota. While I realize there is little (or no) connection between the sales and service departments, I am feeling that given that Toyota sales staffs (in general) are so bad, I have little confidence in their service personnel.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Price depends on location. All I know is that right now in Ohio, I have been unable to achieve such a discount. It does sound as though you are shopping for one with an HE package which gives more wiggle room than the no option AWD Limited I am seeking.

    I have come close though!
  • I did a lot of research, especially on this forum. You can type "Toyota extended warranty" or go to MSG #3604 in the search boxes above and it will give you more information. There are two dealers who offered warranties at about $25 over their cost. I went on the internet (Google) and typed in the name of the dealership (K C Summers Mattoon, IL) to get a phone number. I then called and they transferred me to the person who deals with the extended warranties. They faxed me paperwork to fill out and mail back to them with a check ($500 7yr/75000mi/0 ded). They then mailed me the warranty. It is exactly the same Toyota Platinum warranty that they are trying to sell you at your dealership for big bucks. The warranty is honored at any Toyota dealership and it does not matter where you purchase it.
  • bebe1bebe1 Posts: 1
    We were told by a Toyota salesman that we could not get a Sienna XLE LTD base model. There would have to be a pkg selected. Is this true? We would also like to know how to find e-mail addresses for Toyota Dealers (to get quotes).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You can use our Dealer Price Quotes service and contact dealers that way. The dealers will email you back with quotes. I think has a similar service, and you can use the links to just find dealer names in an area, and then do a net search for individual dealer web sites. Most of them should have a contact us link.

    Steve, Host
  • cmh,

    Now, I am shopping for the same thing. What was your OTD price?

    Looks like its around 41k?
  • For the Platinum 7yr/100k extended warranty, how much is too much to pay?
  • It had leather, dvd, extra mile, and I do not know how many miles, but that was just it.. it was the weird Blue, that was just too weird for me. We go tomorrow tonight to meet with them again.. I really hope we can still get the same deal on another color..
  • javnerjavner Posts: 23
    For those looking for LE 8 Passenger, check Kings Toyota in Cincinnati. Someone else has recently reported a positive experince with them. They have three on the lot, all with Package #2. I got a quote of $25,134 with floor mats. We were ready to buy, but they had no interest in taking our trade in and wouldn't offer a penny over auction value. BTW, auction values make the trade in estimates look pretty generous.

    The internet sales department was extremly prompt in responding to emails and questions etc, but they still had to take the deal upto the "tower" and get approval by the manager etc.

    Doesn't look like we are going to be able to get out of our Explorer and into a Sienna. Oh well, maybe it will be worth waiting for the 2006s.

    Good Luck to everyone else out there still working on a deal.
  • These prices were last spring, so check. It is usually the finance manager that takes care of the sales of the extended warranties.

    Sienna Platinum Extended Service Contract:

    K.C. Summers Toyota Mattoon, IL
    7yr/75,000mi/0 ded $500
    7yr/100,000mi/0 ded $795

    Midway Toyota Pocomoke City, MD
    7yr/75,000mi/0 ded $515
    7yr/100,000mi/0 ded $810

    I believe the dealer cost at that time (April) was $475/$770
  • Im in California.....but I am guessing that I should not go any higher then $800 for the 7yr/100k warranty.

    Anyone else pay that much in the SF Bay Area?
  • I am in California too. I did everything by phone/fax/mail. I would say anything under $850 is a good deal for the 100,000 mile. I paid $500 for the 75,000 mile and the dealer first wanted $1500 and then went down to $1200.
  • Got a quote for a 05 XLE FWD with the following pricing:

    MSRP Invoice
    Base Price 29,025 24,961
    2% Holdback ----- 580
    1% Finance Rsrv ----- 290
    Sub-Total 29,025 25,831

    Destination 595 595
    TDA --- 275
    M.A.F --- 399
    PIO Holdback --- 243
    Subtotal 29,620 27,347

    CZ Pkg 4 2575 2108
    CO Xtra Mile Pkg C 1392 879
    GC Nite Vision Mirror 125 100
    PV Glass Etch 199 52
    WT Window Tint 149 75
    P4 Vehicle Shield Pkg 349 99
    SS Side Signal Mirror 399 299
    RK Emergency Asst Kit 70 55
    WD Sunroof Deflector 63 38
    RB Running Brd 599 399
    MJ Rear Mudguards 89 59
    GI Vehicle Fueling --- 7.80
    F1 VIP Sales Follow-Up --- 6.95
    Total $35,629 $31,520.75

    Location: Central Texas

    Dealer quote => $31,620 + TTL.
    Is this a good deal?
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