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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Not true in NJ. I just bought a 2005 base LTD three weeks ago - no NAV/RES.
  • This is one reason I'm staying away from Toyota dealers in Texas. They add a bunch of crap which isn't needed.

    Example 1: Why are running boards needed on a Mini-Van? Pretty soon I'm sure they are going to add running boards to a Camry.
    Example 2: "VIP Sales Follow-Up"... Going by the title, why does the customer have to pay for this?

    If you like the features and would actually use them, then go for it.
  • nic1nic1 Posts: 2
    I have an offer for a 2004 XLE package 14 for $30,300 - which is 3565 below MSRP, 500 over invoice - is this a good deal at this stage in the game? (with the new '05s on the market?)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Not true in Ohio or Pennsylvania either as such units are on the ground right now (at least in AWD configuration).

    Just go to Toyota's website and plug in a zip code for whatever area of the country you want to search and you'll get dealer contact info.

    Good luck.
  • After posting here elsewhere online, the general consensus is that it takes about 3-4 days for the new vehicle to arrive at the dealership, plus 1-2 days for prep.

    I spoke to our salesman yesterday, and told him what I had read online. He seem briefly frightened, and then ran and looked through some paperwork. He came running back and said we should more realistically expect the vehicle the week of Thanksgiving, which would make it like 2.5 weeks.

    Why so long? Is it possible the Sienna is actually going to another dealer and they're going to do a swap?
  • After a little research here, contacting internet salespeople & receiving quotes via email, this is what we are getting:

    2005 XLE AWD in Phantom Gray Pearl Option #9 (also includes wireless headphones & a few other "extras" that I can't remember)for $33,400.

    This is $1,807 over Invoice & $2,265 off MSRP.

    Is this a good deal???
  • I live in Northern California and was looking for a 2005 XLE AWD Package #10 and the best quote that I got was $3000 off MSRP / $1690 over invoice / $1202 off of TMV.

    If you live anywhere other then California ( where there isn't as much of a need for AWD ), I would hope you can at least get $3000 off MSRP. Unless you are in a rush.....wait till the last week of the month.

    Ever since, I have moved on to shopping for the XLE Limited AWD. I know it sounds stupid...but my wife and I like that "Backup Sensor" feature and that feature ( ARGGGHH ) only comes in the Limited version.
  • mommom Posts: 6
    Thanks to Edmunds I have finally purchased my 2005 Sienna LE and feel good about the price!! Purchased it from Grossinger Toyota in Lincolnwood for $24,850 with floor mats. They have a very large inventory. Thanks Edmunds.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter is interested in speaking with someone who has experienced negative equity with a car loan. (Meaning that you have traded in a car before you paid it off and have rolled the leftover loan amount into your new car loan.) She would like to talk with you about why you decided to do it and how you feel about it now. Names can be changed, if necessary. Please contact Pam Krebs, PR at [email protected] by end of day today, Monday, Nov. 8, with your name and daytime phone number.


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  • I was quoted on an XLE sienna w/leather and pkg 3 without DVD for $32,773 out the door (with spoiler and artic frost color). Is this a good price??
  • was your quote for 29,000 including leather?
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Actually, 'negative equity' is trading in a car that is worth less than what you owe. Lots of people trade cars before payoff, but it doesn't mean they were 'upside down' in the loan.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Yeah, we're familiar with what negative equity is :) Perhaps it was just worded incorrectly... I don't write 'em, I just post 'em.

    Roving Host & Future Vehicles Host


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  • Thanks to all who posted information in this forum. Helped us to get a reasonable deal without too much time spent.

    We are in CT, but bought an '05 LE AWD with BJ CF at Parkway Toyota in Englewood Cliffs, NJ -- someone in this forum had recommended them.

    The online MSRP for this auto is $31,126. Dealers in CT were quoting (first quote) around MSRP for this vehicle.

    We negotiated $2,000 off MSRP at Parkway Toyota, and paid $25 in plate and $99 in document fees on top of the that. We did not do alot of shopping around. We handled tax and registration in CT separately.

    We asked for, and the dealer gave us, a few small add ons (hood protector, mats, cargo net) at invoice.

    We had no trade in and did not finance with dealer.

    I have seen what looks like even more aggressive deals on here, but its hard to be sure/precise since sometimes people do not post details of a trade-in (if any) or financing (if any). Obviously dealers can make money on those parts of a transaction.

    I found it most helpful to try to compare prices people were paying on here relative to MSRP prices for different models/packages, which give a fixed frame of reference. Based on that $2,000 for a more basic model seemed like a reasonable deal, if not a super steal. I did not find the invoice comparisons as useful, since they seem to vary and can be confusing.

    Some general impressions, probably obvious to most:

    1. There is more gross profit in the higher end models (XLE or Limited) and bigger packages, so you can probably get a more aggressive deal compared to MSRP on those.

    2. AWDs are harder to find. One can say this works either way, since presumably there is less demand for them. This year though, Toyota seems to be making the only AWD minivan in the market, which is a main reason we bought Toyota. Thus, overall, I think on balance it is probably marginally easier to get a better deal on a non-AWD (e.g. when I called Fitzgerald's Lakeforest Toyota in MD -- another frequent mention on here -- they had no AWDs at all -- granted they are not in a big snow area).

    3. My sense is that it is also probably marginally easier to get a better deal if you are willing to take a car that the dealer has in stock or can get in a swap rather than a factory order. The red exterior/grey interior we bought was swapped by the dealer, according to him.

    Thanks again to all for sharing the info, and hope the above helps other new buyers.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    If he was doing a dealer trade from another dealer it would only take a day or two to get there. If it was coming in from the factory on a scheduled delivery date then it would be 2 to 3 weeks before it arrived. Espically if you are wanting a certain package and color
  • timk1timk1 Posts: 2
    Where did you get this price? I live in Cleveland, Ohio and have been able to find nothing close to it. Could you e-mail me the dealer's name or phone number. The lowest I have been able to get is $38,500.00 XLE Ltd. AWD with DVD.

    [email protected]

    Tim Kucharski
  • vpnvpn Posts: 3
    I am trying to purchase a 2005 Sienna and have not made up my mind over XLE with option #8 (Comes with Navigation system and DVD entertainment system) or the XLE limited.

    When I researched the North East for dealers who can offer me an XLE with option #8, surprise(?), not a single dealer had this and some were even surprised that such an option existed. To cut a long story short, I was told to go for an XLE with option #6 (Leather/ heated seats) and install the Navigation system afterwards at the dealer site or go for the XLE limited with toyota navigation system. I am really not interested in the XLE limited as it looks too much premium to pay for options that I am not interested in.

    Is anybody aware whether XLE comes with option #8? Why the hell is Toyota offering that option if it is not available in the market?

    I am also considering the 2005 Odyssey EX as it has a fab navigation system

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    That site looks pretty skinny on the free info and seems more like a come-on to get your $20. Our Tips and Advice link has tons of info and it's free (and don't miss Confessions of a Car Salesman for the insiders view from the other side of the table).

    Steve, Host
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    We bought a 2005 FWD XLE with Option #8. MSRP ($38K+) is only $1-2K less than the FWD XLE Limited with Option #2. Additional features on the Limited are:

    * laser cruise
    * parking sensors
    * HID head lights
    * auto-dim interior rearview mirror, which can be added to the XLE as a port-installed accessory (MSRP $269)
    * auto-dim driver-side mirror

    For the details of our purchase, go to another message I posted shortly after 10/15. We might have bought the Limited for a little over $36K (vs. $34,561 we paid for the loaded XLE) if we could wait for a week or two, but we never use cruise let alone laser cruise and feel the parking sensors are somewhat redundant because we have got the rear-view camera that comes with the navigation. We do want the HID head lights and auto-dim mirrors but don't think they are worth $1K+.

    Nevertheless, the resale value of the loaded Limited might be $2K+ more than the loaded XLE because the invoice difference between the base Limited and the loaded Limited is about $3K whereas the difference for XLE is about $7K.
  • nic1nic1 Posts: 2
    Just purchased last 04 on dealer lot - the details: 04 XLE (fwd) desert sand with package 14 and floor mats (plus stripes that were already on it)

    MSRP 34326
    "DISCOUNT" 4061


    overall buying experience was pretty good -- this is my 1st toyota - I have been a Honda owner in the past... so we'll see how they compare.
  • grant2grant2 Posts: 30
    Was offered $150 over dealer invoice, but they included $326 for TDA (dealer's advertising costs to Toyota). Has anyone avoided the TDA cost? What's the best price anyone has received?

    $22,256 invoice, $565 freight, $976 package #2, $119 floor mats, $150 profit, $326 TDA; for $24,392

    We may need to sell our own car by owner, the dealership low-balled us by offering $1,000 less than other dealers did. I believe we can get the "$150 over invoice" even without the trade-in.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,744
    "That site looks pretty skinny on the free info and seem more like a come-on to get you $20"
       Yes,'s called a scam. The dude signed on to become a member the same day he posted an obvious solicitation which included a web site.
    Go ahead and pull the post before one of our members thinks he can get a new Sienna at invoice... and lose their $20.
  • I have an XLE with option #8 that is supposed to arrive at the dealer tomorrow. I am in CA, but they do exist.

  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    We prefer you post your dealer information here for everyone to share. We do not want to become an email exchange. Thanks!
  • Looking for names of reasonable dealers for 2005 Toyota Sienna LE package #6(BZ). I live on Long Island.
    Anybody had a good experience? Let me know.
  • Does anyone know if a dealer is actually legally required in some way to show you the invoice?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    No, there is no legal requirement that a dealer share invoice (or any other business documents) with you.

    However, you should walk away from any dealer who discusses pricing relative to invoice but who refuses to show it to you.
  • I have been looking at the XLE – LIMIT

    What is the Z1 package?

    Carpet floor mats, door ceils, cargo net etc…..

    Can anyone confirm the details what is within the Z1 package?
  • We are taking delivery on our 05 XLE tomorrow. When you buy a warranty from a dealer in another state, how do you know before you send off your money that you are getting the same warranty. I know a lot of you have done it, so maybe you can tell me what you did to verify it ahead of time.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Make sure you get the Toyota Extra Care warranty, and not an aftermarket. You may purchase it later, as long as the van is still within its original factory warranty. So you have time to shop around for the best price--not to mention time to make sure you like the van and want to live with it long-term. Dealer cost (for the 7yr/100K/zero) was about $775 when I bought mine, but it's probably gone up for '05.
  • Can anyone provide the names of dealerships (besides, Autofair, Darcars, and Fitz Auto Mall) that list their discounted "internet/lowest" prices on their websites, preferable on the East Coast? Thanks so much for your help!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,744
    I would make sure it was the actual factory invoice statement you were looking at. Many dealers will add on questionable expenses ...then hand you a computer printout saying that is what their invoice price is.
  • Preferred Accessory Package
    Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector, Cargo Net, Emergency Assistance Kit, and First Aid Kit. We got the XLE Limited too and that is what is on our sticker under the Z1 package.
  • Does anyone know which states are part of the distribution groups that force distribution fees on the invoice price? Gulf States group and/or Southeast Toyota group are the names of the distribution groups (I believe).

    I'm wondering if there is a state nearby that is not part of these groups. I'm willing to drive a bit if it saves me ~$600. BTW, I'm in Louisiana.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    I am also looking for sienna LE with package 5 or 6.....and have a solid quote of invoice plus $700.

    has anybody bought cheaper than invoice plus $700, with no other dealer fees..??
  • I am also looking for Sienna LE8 with BW(#5)or BZ (#6). Where do you live? What is your dealer's invoice price? Here are some purchased records which collected from othes Edmunds friends. Hope they help!

    1. Dealer Name: Stevens Toyota in long Island
    The dealer’s invoice price was about $25800
    2005 Sienna Silver color LE Package 9 (BZ, CF packages). $26500 is final price
    2. Dealer Name:Parkway toyota in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.
    2005 LE8 with FE, BW, CF with $26319, around is $500 over the dealer invoice
    3. Dealer Name: Autoland, NJ. 2005 LE with option of FE,BZ,CF,GN.
    Dealer invoice is $26045. Final price is $26545
    4. Dealer Name: Darcars Toyota Sliver Spring, Maryland, phone:LE 7 BW+ Z1 package
    Selling price 25,305.72 (Edmunds 25,187) MD tire recycling fee $2,processing charge 100 and total $25407.72. This is the greatest price I have ever seen!!!
    Good Luck Everybody!
  • When buying a new 2005 Toyota, the dealer may need to locate at another dealer.

    What’s the acceptable mileage on a new vehicle?

    100 miles or 500 miles etc…

    Should we write on the bill of sales, when receiving the vehicle, the vehicle
    had x-miles. For warranty purposes.

    If the vehicle gets delivered with 300 does this extend the warranty to 36,300 or are we out the 300 miles?

    This can be a tricky one.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Thanks for the information.
  • How can you tell if it is the real invoice? I am in the state of (MN) and I am also looking for the Sienna 8psgr LE (BZ + CF)pkg.
    Thanks for sharing the info.
  • Purchased 2005 CE with pkg 1 (roof rack & cruise), floor mats, tinted windows MSRP $25,164
    +$705 nc sales tax, title, tags $76, $299 doc. fee for total of $26,244 before discount. Total I payed out the door, everything included $23,500. I doubt anyone has beat that.
  • F.Y.I

    I called 1-800-GO-TOYOTA

    Asked customer service.

    The warranty starts at the mileage, you pickup the vehicle at.

    Pickup the vehicle with 300 miles, the warranty expires at 36,300 miles.

    Write on the bill of sales the mileage when you pick up the vehicle.
  • chiawchiaw Posts: 92
    You can retrofit toyota OEM navigation system into XLE/XLE limited fro about $1700. It takes about one hour to do.
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61

    "You can retrofit toyota OEM navigation system into XLE/XLE limited fro about $1700."

    You have mentioned that voice commnad on Sienna navigation can be easily activated. Can you provide more details? Thanks!
  • kolkol Posts: 3
    I's just got sienna xle limited with option HE yesterday the price is 37000 o t d anybody get better than mine please let me know. thank you
  • I got an OTD quote of $41200 for a 2005 XLE Limited AWD with ( HE ), Running boards, Rear Spoiler and Carpet Mats installed, including Tax doc and license fee.

    I think that comes out to about $3500 to $3600 off MSRP.

    I have it in email and confirmed with the dealer twice that that was the price that he was talking about.

    For anyone who bought a 2005 XLE Limited AWD, does that too good to be true?
  • I have been shopping for either an Odyssey or Sienna here in Hawaii. Unfortunately all the Toyota dealers in Hawaii are owned by the same company, Servco. After looking at several Toyota sales lots and seeing that nothing but 2004 Siennas were available, I submitted a request for a price quote on a 2005 LE8 to Servco via Edmunds.

    The response I received back contained the following priceless lines:
    1. "Thank you for considering the 2004 Toyota Sienna LE 4-Dr through"
    2. "From the information I received you are interested in a 2004 Toyota Sienna LE 7 passenger."
    3. "Here is our Internet Prices for the 2004 Sienna LE 7-Passenger.
     LE7 package1 $26,499.64
     LE7 package5 $25,951.00
     LE7 package7 $26,945.00
    4. And my personnel favorite, "**We are getting close to the end of the 2004 Model Year. Quantities and Colors are Limited.

    Note: Eric, these Siennas are available…I can assist you by ‘reserving’ one of them for you or arranging a viewing/testdrive. Please give me a call to schedule a test drive."

    I received this email today, November 19. Is there any other part of the country where the 2004 model year is drawing to a close? Is this worth discussing with Toyota USA? I know it isn't an anti-trust concern, b/c I can buy a different brand, but it raises my blood pressure, to put it mildly, to be treated by merchants as their lawful prey.

    We went through this 2 years ago when we bought my wife's car. We were looking at the end of the model year, and had narrowed the choices to Camry and Accord. We liked them both, but slightly preferred the Camry. Servco wasn't willing to budge more than a few hundred below MSRP in late October. We bought an Accord b/c we could get a lot more upgrades for our money.
  • megomego Posts: 4
    I'm interested in purchasing a 2004 XLE with pkg.#12 on it. The dealer has quoted me $670 over invoice. I'm thinking that really isn't a great deal since they have a ton of 2005's on the lot. Should I try to get them to come down more or it that reality?
  • Bought LE 2005 with package #1 (AM), Z1, WH, DK, and after market leather for $25600.
    Extended warranty 6yr/100K came down to $800 + tax, is it a good price? Thanks.
  • kolkol Posts: 3
    I' ve got XLE LIMITED FWD with option HE,floor mate without rear spoiler for 37000 O T D the dealer want to extended warranty 6yr/60000 for $1275.I said no just paid 37000 it's to good to be true . if anybody pay less than mime, let me know, please or want to know where in SO CA thank you
  • I just purchased a Sienna LE w/package 2 w/floor mats. The list was $26,8something. I paid $23,800. I bought it from a dealer in Brookfield, Wisconsin (Jack Safro). Good luck.
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