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Jaguar S-Type



  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    bbrimmer1... You'd have to supply more details. Since you say it is "brand new", I'm assuming it is not a demonstrator. But is this a leftover 2001? Or a 2002? Is it a stripped, no-options V-6? What options does it have?
  • riez: it is a leftover 2001 base 3.0 S-Type. They have a White Onyx and a British Racing Green. I'm cautious of purchasing a rear wheel drive automobile without stability control. But $35K sounds like a sweet deal. But I'm unsure and that is why I'm asking. Thanks.
  • scottc8scottc8 Posts: 617
    I can't speak from Jag experience, but the Lincoln LS is the S-type's mechanical virtual twin and it goes fine in snow. You won't
    "break trail" in the deep stuff and may want snow tires if you live where it snows a lot, but you'll be OK, even without stability control.
  • From what I've read on various boards it's the Sport version's tires that present a problem in winter driving. I believe the base model 3.0 tires are ok in snow.

    Can't speak to the reliabiity issue. I did own a 92 XJ6 which gave me minimal problems in 4 years.

    I will say that from a looks perspective the S Type is the cream of the Jag crop.
    (not counting the XK8, of course)

    As a matter of fact, if my finances permit I may look at the 2003 at the end of the year.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    bbrimmer1... You're considering what will end up being a year-old used car the minute it walks off lot it. Once out the door it will be worth what the used 2001s are going for. Check out the resale books on 2001 S-Type. What is the current wholesale rate for a year-old Jag? You should see if there are any other low mile 2001s or 2002s.
  • 01 S-Type? Under 5K miles? $35,000?

    Step 1:

    Grab Checkbook

    Step 2:

    Write check to Jag dealer for the white one

    Step 3:

    Be glad they didnt send the car to the auction and get similar $$ for it.

    Yeah, it is a very very good deal :)

  • I have a dreaded 4.0 S-Type. Absolutely none. Had a slush experience, car failed to navigate in any direction other than straight. Of course, this may be due to the factory Z-rated tires. A friend who has a V-6 became stuck on the side of the road in slush also. If you live in D.C. you probably know we haven't experience any serious snow in the last couple of years. Spoke with Jab service guy about the issue. Response: "You have to learn how to handle all that power in the snow." The least bit of ice, and forget it. Two winters thank God no major snow.
  • Transmission making strange moaning sounds after overheating due to bad thermostate which fried the engine, coolant system,radiator, cracked the cylinder heads and ruin the transmission. Dealer, replaced, engine, transmission, and radiator. Can't get extended warranty for all that work. Latest, factory has requested dealers to disconnect the coolant sensor, because they have proven to be faulty. Mine went bad within 20 miles from purchase. Dealer disconnected sensor. Driving home one evening, I heard a bang in transmission, warning light came on indicating "Gearbox Fault", car went into "Limp Mode" to get me home (50% power). Dealer indicated that since the sensor was disconnected, the computer was still looking for input. When it couldn't find it, the car went into "Limp Mode". Fact of fiction.....who knows. If this happens to you, you know the alleged culprit. By the way, I finally was able to convince the District Manager from Jag Hq. to come down and do a test drive with me. He did, and he heard the noise that the dealer was deliberately ignoring because they couldn't find the cause and didn't want to spend anymore time trying to figure it out. He indicated he would send the troubleshooter guy with his speciality equipment from Detroit to investigate the constant moaning noise. No more Jags for me, two years of misery. Pretty car though.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    If you have sport pkg with 17" wheels you must buy snow tires for winter weather driving. These wheels are not ment for snowy or slushy conditions.

    The 16" wheels are great in the snow.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • cfgrosscfgross Posts: 54
    I have a 2002 S-Type 4.0 with the sport package. I would never dream of driving this (or any car) in snow and slush with performance tires such as those that come with the sport package. These tires are designed for maximum grip at high speed in warm/dry conditions ONLY. Even on dry roads, when the temp dips below about 40 degrees these tires lose much of their traction because the rubber compounds they are made from which give such excellent traction in warm weather become stiff when the temperature drops.

    One of the first things I did after buying the car was to buy a set of new/take-off 16" S-Type wheels that I had fitted with a set of Michelin Pilot Alpin snow tires. While I haven't had a great need for them due to the bizarre weather this winter, we did have one snow that resulted in a few inches of accumulation on the roads. With the snow tires fitted, my rear wheel drive S-Type handled better than any other car I have ever owned -- including front wheel drive cars.

    The bottom line is that the only reason anyone would have trouble in the snow with this car is a lack of understanding or appreciation for the limitations of a performance tire. Performance tires cannot be expected to function well in conditions for which they were not designed and never intended. It ain't gonna work! No, it isn't cheap to equip the car for the snow (the wheels plus tires cost me close to $1000), but if you wanted cheap you would buy a Kia, not a Jag.

    I again refer anyone interested in more detailed info on this topic to the many excellent posts on the message board.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    "Step 2:

    Write check to Jag dealer for the white one"

    Just be sure it's the white one, because I'm on my way with an eye on the green one!
    (I wish! My kingdom for $35,000!)
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I like BRG better, but its a lousy color for resale...

    The White one will be worth $1,500+ more in 2-3 years. Especially so here inthe Southeast (FL).

    Still, $35K is a DEAL.

  • rlowrierlowrie Posts: 30
    I am looking for feedback on Jag Dealers in MD. I am embarking on a S Type shoping expedition and would welcome any insights good ro bad about dealers in the MD/DC/VA area. My closest dealer in Manhattan Jaguar in Rockville, MD
  • jag_27jag_27 Posts: 1
    I bought my S-type from Rosenthal in Tysons Corner last year. Few weeks later I had a terrible grounding noise coming out of the steering wheel, plus a cracking noise from the sunroof, plus some cracking noise from the back seat. I took it to the dealership, got it back in the evening and, to my surprise, none of these were fixed. Took me two weeks to schedule another appointment and guess what? The same thing, they said it's fixed, but I can hear the same noises. Then I had to call the Jaguar, took it back third time. Then I had to make few more calls and get really pissed with them before they finally, on my fourth visit, took the steering shaft apart and replaced some parts in it. By that time three months had passed. On top of that, couple of times they game we really crappy economy cars as loaners. And people that work there are neither friendly nor helpful (maybe because I'm 26?). I can't say anything good about the service at the Rosenthal dealership, I'd suggest you stay away from them. Despite all of that, I still love my car. It's a fun piece of machinery. Hope this helps.
  • tcalidfwtcalidfw Posts: 2
    I unfortunately own a 2001 Jaguar 3.0 S-type. I purchased my shinny lemon October 22nd and it is currently at the dealers service department for the 14th time. Unfortunately, Jaguar does not stand behind their product or, they would have taken this car back from me long time ago.

    I haven't been so disappointed in a cars performance/reliability since I owned a 1981 Ford Escort (humorous that they are both Fords!!).

    I have the ever present "shimmy" (the steering wheel shakes so badly that it is embarrassing to drive with a passenger in the car). After 7 attempts to get this problem resolved, the regional service rep and the GM have responded with "your car meets Jaguar specifications and is operating accordingly." When questioned if it is normal to shimmy at 50-60mph, they reply "well, due to Jaguars outstanding steering, you will feel more road feel than in other luxury cars!!" If Jaguar is aware that this "shimmy" exists and consider it normal, they should have to disclose this to their customers prior to purchasing a Jaguar.....knowing them, they will probably consider it an accessory and charge for it!

    I have had the steering rack replaced, the airbag sensors replaced, the Cd player replaced twice, a metal cover snapped under the carriage of the car, and 4 different sets of tires replaced, the tires balanced 5 x and still no luck.

    Most recently, the car is now making a crunching noise when the wheel is turned as well as, the steering wheel making snapping noises when turned. I was advised by the dealership that they are now replacing the airbag sensors/reels again, replacing the bushings and the steering column. I would have to say that a true luxury car with only 7000 miles should not be having this type of problem. I am in a wonderful rental from Enterprise and there is no telling when my car will be returned. Many of the parts are on back order and they haven't even addressed the shaking of the steering wheel!!!

    The most disappointing thing about this experience is Jaguar's lack of customer service. I know that I can easily pursue and win a case utilizing the lemon law but, why should a customer who spent $49,000.00 have to be put through that exercise when it is plain to see the automobile is defective. After numerous letters to Mike O'Driscoll (president of Jaguar motor cars), I have never received a follow-up call from him. I have spoken with his "assistant" numerous times but, they are not willing to admit to a defective product.

    In summary, DON'T BUY a away from the dealership as fast as you can. Don't get taken in by the S-types beautiful looks. Unless you want to own "the worlds prettiest PARKED car!"

    I will be regaining my wits and returning to BMW to drive a true performance/luxury car and can't wait to get out of this overpriced, unreliable Ford! Jaguar, you should be ashamed of yourself!
    My only salvation is sharing my story with others. I have successfully talked 5 people out of purchasing a Jaguar and get some satisfaction out of knowing that they are losing future sales. I am a walking billboard for Jaguar and one that they can't afford to keep! (Did I mention I sell Real Estate and have about 15 people in my car every month!!)

    Is there a support group for S-type owners...if not, we need a 10 step program to learn how to deal with our lemons!
  • Here are a few reviews of the new '03 S-Type you might find interesting. Ann's review goes into detail on the changes made for 2003, and includes specifications for all three trim levels. Enjoy!

    I sympathize with the previous poster. It's certainly no fun getting a lemon. Just be glad you didn't buy a Benz! The S-Class, M-Class and CLK all got atrocious reliability ratings from Consumer Reports. The remainder of their product line rated merely average, as did the Jaguar S-Type.

    Looking at the reliability ratings for all German makes, it appears reliability is becoming a widespread problem over there. Other models that CU readers rated worse than average included:





    Models which rated above average cars included:



    The rest of the models from these makers either rated average, or were too new to rate.

    If it is reliability you seek, go with an Acura, Lexus or Infiniti. All of the models built by these makers, with the exception of the Lexus IS300, rated above average in terms of reliability.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Jaguar. I would be angry if I went through the same ordeal, but I would not just go around speaking badly of the company and its cars Just because you had a bad experience does not mean that you should go around insulting the cars that everyone else on this board owns. My father's S-TYPE is near perfect, and so is my X-TYPE and his Vanden Plas. Not many people received lemons the way you did. In fact, Jaguar's owner satisfaction has been in the top five car manufacturers only trailing Lexus for the last decade and a half, ie: under Ford's ownership.

    I also have been in many Fords, and I, along with many other people, will tell you that they are nothing like Jaguars. If you had believed the S-TYPE to really be what you called an "overpriced, unreliable Ford", then why did you buy one in the first place?

    As for your car, you should do whatever it takes to get Jaguar to fix it for you. You should not have to suffer there with a broken car. Call in the lemon laws if you have to, but do not just go around complaining about your car and insulting Jaguar. Five people does not make a dent in Jaguar's sales, and I don't think that your short term satisfaction from driving away potential buyers is going to really satisfy you in the long run the way a properly functioning car would.
  • tcalidfwtcalidfw Posts: 2
    I understand your passion for Jaguar and am sorry if I offended you but, my room mate also has an S-type and she is experiencing an entire different set of problems with her car.

    Overall, we are both regretting our decision to purchase jaguars!

    I'm certain if you were having 1/2 of the issues we were, you wouldn't be a huge cheerleader for Jaguar Cars!
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    With legitimate problems we have never had a problem getting a car bought back by Jaguar.

    Jaguar happens to have the second highest initial quality (lexus is number one) and the third highest overall dependability( Lexus and Infiniti were one and two). However, cars are still built by people. Nothing is perfect, but they are getting there. I'm not that old and even I remember when the thought of Jaguar as the third most reliable car in the world would have seemed a little strange.
  • jerrym3jerrym3 Posts: 202
    Saw the 2003 model at the NY Autoshow, and the Jag S-R.

    The 2003 was very nice, and now has a dashboard similar to the X and larger sedans. Huge improvement.

    The Jag S-R is a pretty car, but I think they made a mistake with the "mesh" grille. More than one observer thought it looked cheap.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    "With legitimate problems we have never had a problem getting a car bought back by Jaguar. "

    You make it sound as if you've had quite a bit of experience with getting Jaguars to buy back lemons.
    All I've heard from car magazines is how much better the new Jaguars are than the old, but I see more people having reliability problems here than I do on the mailing lists for the Series III XJ's! Who knows, maybe all the truly horrible XJ6's have died off by now and all we're left with now is the 10% that were actually decent cars.
  • cfgrosscfgross Posts: 54
    J.D. Powers Ratings for New Car Initial Quality

    1. Lexus
    2. JAGUAR

    J.D. Powers Ratings for New Car Reliability

    1. Lexus
    2. Infiniti
    3. JAGUAR

    Need I say more?
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    I've seen 2 in 3 years. One was one of the first X's with a bad trans. The other was a customer who did not like the CD based nav. in the S-Type. I still don't know how they pulled that one off.

    If it is an R it gets a mesh grill period. That is how you know it is an "R". Besides with 400HP and 400 ft/lbs of torque how many people get to see the front except in their rearview mirror before it passes them
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    cfgross... Has so many award categories that you can hardly keep 'em straight. They have watered down their "brand". Think Consumer Reports is much better and potentially less biased, esp. when JD Powers won't report on brands below average. (That way they can market/sell the award to those above average?)

    Did into their definitions. How long is new car initial quality" period? 30 days? 60 days? 90 days? 6 months? 3,000 miles? 6,000 miles? 12,000 miles?

    And does "new car initial quality" have any correlation to "older car later reliability"? Say after 3-5 years? Over after 50,000-75,000 miles?
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    No one will dispute that Lexus makes some of the most reliable cars on the roads today, and that is why JD Powers is aknowleging them for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Jaguar is right behind Lexus in the number 2 spot, and for being overall the second most reliable maker of quality cars with very satisfied buyers is a huge achievement as well. JD Powers is aknowleging Jaguar for this achievement, as they do Mercedes-Benz and other makes with high customer satisfaction.

    Companies with poor quality and a lack of customer satisfaction do not get put on the top of the rankings and do not get recommendations or awards. Omission can be just as powerful as flat-out stating dislike for someone or something. (Therefore, I will not tell you how I feel about you and your constant attempts to discredit anything in which BMW is not highly ranked. If BMW had scored as high as Jaguar in the JD Powers rankings, then you would not be discrediting them right now.)

    And while we are in the Jaguar S-TYPE message board, the S-TYPE is a vehicle which is "RECOMMENDED" by the highly regarded and "less biased" (as Riez says) CONSUMER REPORTS. The entire Jaguar model line could not be "RECOMMENDED" because CONSUMER REPORTS could not collect enough data on it, and therefore has "N/A" listed in many ranking areas.

    At least JD Powers is thorough, and Jaguar ranks high in both JD Powers and CONSUMER REPORTS.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    jagboyxkr... Do you know how many different categories JD Powers has? The one quoted was just that, one single category. It has a specific title and a specific meaning. JD Powers defines it. But there are also other ones. With different meanings and different ratings. That is why you have to be very careful when looking at JD Powers information. You have to know the specific category and how it is defined. Their "new car initial quality" category has a very specific meaning, one different from other categories. Check out and see how JD Powers define their own category.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Or, I'd say they should be up there in long-term durability...

    In the family:

    1997 XJ6 76K. $200 since warranty expired in repair costs.

    1995 VDP 138K $610 since warranty expired in repair costs.

  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Yes Riez, I would hope that a category called "New Car Initial Quality" would mean something different from another category's title since that is how complex languages such as English work.
    V-E-R-Y G-O-O-D!

    Really now, what is your point? I realize that there are different categories in the JD Powers scorings, etc. Jaguar just happens to have done extremely well in many of the important areas such as reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction (I've checked). You just cannot seem to accept that JD Powers rated Jaguar just below Lexus and in the number 2 spot. At least, that is what I am getting from your constant messages on the subject.

    So what are you trying to say?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    jagboyxkr... Only point I'm making is that J.D. Power is a for-profit company that works hard to keep on good side of all manufacturers. J.D. Power is out to maximize their profits. One way they do it is to have a zillion different award categories. You should see all that they have. They are all separate and discreet.

    Is possible for almost every car company to say they do well in one or more of J.D. Power's many, many categories. But there is not necessarily any relationship or correlation between one category and another. So companies A-B-C might do well in initial quality but fall down for intermediate or long-term quality. They even have categories on how people perceive cars before buying. So a company can say their product led in new car desireability, as if that is any meaningful information.

    For example, latest issue of Roundel has an article on BMW's web page. Author writes: "No doubt BMW deserved the top ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates 2001 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation." Did you know J.D. Power ranked web sites? Why is J.D. Power ranking web sites? And wouldn't you love to know how J.D. Power comes up with this ranking of car companies' web sites?

    They have so many categories that they are becoming meaningless. Brand devaluation. You'd have to have all their categories and see the data for all companies to get the real picture of their information on the quality, reliability, and durability for various marques. And all the companies seem to use one or more J.D. Power award ranking in their ads. But they all can't be winners, or can they?
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