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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    You're starting to become a nuisance! Just perspective, I guess...

    You've stated your observations about Jettas, so why hang around and pooh-pooh on people who post saying they want to buy one?
  • Not sure what you mean, fischda. My last post to the group buy was encouraging. I'd never heard of a group buy on a car and wished him good luck. Good golly, lighten up.

    BTW, it's not like I have some outsider's view of Jettas. I own one of the blasted things.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    ...a pooh-pooh statement. I am light! I'm just pointing out that it's not necessary for you to say things like that after you've already related your (bad) experiences.

    See, you call your Jetta a "blasted thing." I call mine a beautiful thing. Besides, I still say your a very exacting car owner whose a real stickler for every detail - agree?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Busted!!! Are you a car salesman for Toyota? Why did you post the same exact thing on the Kia Sephia board? Folks on the Jetta board, go check out the Kia Sephia board......"I am going to trade in my Kia Sephia for a reliable Toyota Camry..bla bla bla" Nice try dude.
  • "I still say your a very exacting car owner whose a real stickler for every detail - agree? "

    Most assuredly true. I have in my mind's eye the perfect car. The Jetta's about 75% of the way there. :)
  • Would appreciate some feedback from everyone on what you think the best tire pressure is for the Michelin MXV4 195/65-R15's on the GLS. Thanks.
  • Fall is fast approaching. Let's all meet on the Blue Ridge Parkway near the VA/NC border (above Mount Airy, NC) for a "cruise the parkway."

    I am so happy with the 18K miles of my Jetta Turbo. Sure it needs more rear seat room, but I own 2 Dachshunds, no kids, so I am content.

    Sure Consumer Reports and the like all have adverse reliability about the Jetta based on their member surveys. I've been a long time subscriber to CR and have found it to be useful as an informed consumer. But hey, I analyze statistical data from a mental health perspective. And that too, can be skewed by a person's reasoning.
    Insomuchas OBJECTIVE reporting, CR is the "reigning queen" and YOUR subjectiveness of driving a Jetta should be carefully weighed into the equation when making a dicision on making the purchase (or lease).

    Statistics can be used to prove anything. Thus being, a negative response is more apt to be reported than a positive one. Some people have problems with their Jettas, some don't (I don't). Some people have problems with their Lexus, some don't. These are all MANMADE devices.

    IMHO, utilize YOUR intuition. If it feels right, then do it. If not, then move on to something else. Let no person dictate that to get a deal, you must sign today. That same deal will be there next week.

    Good luck to all. email me for more info.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    I want to say again. I love this car. I have 01/1.8t 5 speed and just drive this thing. You cannot go slow. It is fun, fast and enjoyable to get to work. The attention to detail, power and style say is all. I am amazed at the amount of comments I get about the car. I am in Army Reserve and everyone wants to drive in my car to lunch to test it out. I have never had a Honda or Toyota that generated interest like that. This is a true drivers car and I have had zero defects!
  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    Check the inside of the fuel filler door.

  • Okay, I've only got 3k miles on this car, but it's a blast to drive. It feels so solid, it's basically a GTI with a trunk (same seats, suspension, steering wheel). Only problems so far are the armrest latch that locks it closed broke off, so now the lid just lifts up. No big deal, and I plan to address it at the 5k service. Also, the drivers seat frame seems to creak a bit fore/aft and I've heard of this on Vortex, so I believe it's common. Neither problem is remotely major, but I'll mention them since it's under warranty.

    If this VW continues to treat me right, I'll buy the wife a TDI Golf next year, and replace my Wolfsburg with a 24V VR6 GTI after that. Sofar, we love this car.
  • I'm thinking of purchasing a Jetta to replace my 93 Nissan Maxima. I drive on mostly highways and am concerned about the cabin noise. My husband has a Toyota Corolla and we can't hear each other talk in his car, especially with the radio on. (Yes, I did test drive the Jetta but I want to know the reality of daily commuting.) Has anyone gone from a midsize sedan to a Jetta? What have you found about the road noise inside?
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Went from Accord to Jetta. What Accord?
    I love that car. It is not noisy.
  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    I went from a 1991 Accord to a 2.0 Jetta. At high speeds the 2.0 is a pretty noisy engine, as was the Accord's. I now have a 1.8T Jetta and it's super quiet at high speed: 70-105 is what I've tested so far for extended periods.

  • Jim-Why is a 1.8 quieter? Can a four cylinder make is up long inclines like a six?

    Inky-Which Jetta do you have? The 1.8 or V6?
  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    I don't know the exact reason, but the 1.8T is a much higher-tech engine with 5 valves per cylinder instead of 2. Overall, it's just a much more refined engine.

    As for long inclines, I just drove to and from California on Labor Day. That drive includes going over many mountain passes. The 1.8T made it over like they weren't even there at 70-100 mph. The auto tranny never downshifted once even on the steepest (7%) grades.

  • On my test drives I never took my 1.8T up to highway speeds (80+), so I was under the impression that car was moderately noisey but livable. As you can see from the varied responses, we all have different expectations for engine/road noise. Drive it at speeds you drive. Maybe it'll seem quiet enough.
  • ssosso Posts: 5
    I'm new to this forum and find many of it's members take crticism of their vehichles a bit too personally. From my personal experience, I find the Volkswagen extremely appealing in terms of styling; they definitely appear to be the "in vogue" vehichle amongst many 20 and 30 somethings. I will however attest (from my own experience) that the quality of these vehichles is not quite up to par with the quality of some of the top Japanese makes. Being closely tied into the used car business, I find that most passionate VW owners are willing to sacrifice a little quality and reliability to own a vehichle that is more of "drivers car", which I agree the VW is. It is very difficult (if not impossible) for a car to be all things for all people. What VW may lack in reliability and quality, it makes up for in styling and road manners. One just has too decide where their priorities are. And by the way, I drive a Honda.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    The 1.8T is more refined, yes. Turbos also tend to cancel out A LOT of exhaust noise. That would be the main reason, I would guess.
  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    Funny. The exhaust note on my 1.8T is louder than the 2.0 was. It may be 'insulating' it from the passenger compartment by keeping it quieter in the engine bay. I dunno, but the difference is huge between the 1.8T and the 2.0.

    I guess I need to go test drive a VR6 now... ;-)

  • Hi all,

    My girlfriend has a 2000 GLS.

    We hear this thunking noise from under the car, almost directly under the driver and passenger. It sounds like something loose shifting about, knocking back and forth.

    It happens most often during quick braking or turning, or any sudden shift in momentum.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I don't have time to browse through 2000+ messages.

  • As a new owner of a 01 Jetta TDI GLS 5M, I thought I would share my view of this car. Although I'll have to make it through winter to see if there will be any problems with the TDI engine, I'm thoroughly pleased with the car. If it only had a couple more inches of leg room in the rear it would be near perfect for me. Too bad no TDI for the Passat. The TDI produces very usable power! It's no hot rod, but with it's fuel efficiency it can't be beat. Last two tankfuls produced 53.8 and 53.7 MPG! Never had anything lower than 42 MPG. The TDI is THE reason I made this purchase and it has not disappointed me at all. I have had absolutely no problems after 5900 miles. I would, without any reservation, recommend this car. Very good fit and finish. High quality materials throughout. This is my first non-domestic car. I doubt at this point that I will consider anything but VW in the near future.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I guess the only way you could compare it would be a 1.8T vs. a 1.8 non turbo. Being exhaust driven, turbos inherently have quieter exhausts when all other things are equal.
  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    Yeah true, but comparing a 1.8T and a 2.0 is like comparing apples and pork chops. Anyway, we got a little off topic from the original question from fickle (#2265) about cabin noise. ;-)

    I know what the noise is like in a 2.0 and a 1.8T. Just gotta try that VR6 I guess...

  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    This car gets noisy above 70 mph no matter what engine you may get with the Jetta. My Jetta (VR6) has about the same noise levels as my previous car (98 Accord V6) up to about 65 mph. After that wind noise gets too noticeable and soon after that (80 mph) the engine hmmm. Trust me, this car is not super quiet at 70 mph and above. But it's not deafening either.
  • I have 2.0 engine...the engine starts getting very noisy when you reach 70 mph...and it down shifts on inclines if you try go slightly faster. The revs are high....3800 rpm around 70-75...thats BuSY!

    Anyone who travels mostly at speeds of 70-90 mphs on highways and who would like a decent ride...please make sure to get a VR6...Also make sure you have the sound proofing that goes under your hood.

    Iam selling my 2.0 as soon as the 24v vr6 comes out just for this reason...traveling to the mountains is noisy and the car struggles too much.

    Around NYC my VW is cool...just the long highway drives out of the city.

    ps - test drove a 12v vr6 and it was much quieter and smoother...of course.
  • Anyone of you have a 2002 Jetta with std CD? My cousin got a 2002 but is awaiting delivery of the CD player. However, in the review, the pic of the interior seems to show a new layout of the dash, looks more like a Passat and looks good? Anyone have this so they could send some closer shots of it?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The pic in the Jetta road test is not a Passat, it's a Jetta. Just the stereo is different in it. The Passat's dash has a large cubby in it and silver gauge bezels. The Jetta doesn't. Also, the CD player will become standard later in model year 2002, not initially.
  • By getting a used car, you're only getting someone elses problems.

    That's the talk of someone's father, who bought used cars made in the 60s and 70s when all vehicles were poorly assembled and didn't generally last.

    Today if you read anything about savvy money use they always point toward buying a 3 year old car. A 3 year old car has lost 40-50% of its value and it will run today generally (german makes excluded) for another 3 to 4 years without requiring major service. That's why certified programs are around now...the cars are so reliable that manus can offer extended warranties that really won't hurt the bottom line. Heck a 2 year old Mazda Pro at a dealer gets a 5 year 70k warranty. No Jetta new can touch that or a pro's reliability. Or low price and great handling.

    Read the millionaire next door. And if you want to spend your money in a super smart way...

    You're 17, so college is right around the corner. When you get to college use that cash as a down-payment on a townhouse or small home with at least 3 bedrooms. If you need mom and dad to co-sign, get it. Then rent out the other rooms. If you can get 4 in there, they'll pay your mortgage so now you have a tax write-off, you're building equity and when you get out of college you'll have stellar credit.

    Lets see...waste money on a new car, or get a leg up on life so that by the time you're 23 and out of college you're in strong financial shape.

    I pay out the behind for the car I have now and I just want to be free of it.

    2k a year on repairs to your used car is a damn sight better than if you bought a jetta and drove it for 4 years - 4k a year. Of course, you're still gonna blow at least 300 a year on routine maintenance for your jetta so that it's warranty won't get nuked. Higher insurance premiums too. Work out your actual costs v. current v. a slightly used, decent car like a civic or corolla or malibu.

    If I get a new Jetta, I plan to keep it for well passed 100K. I was looking at used Jetta's

    Seconds ago you said used was someone else's problem. Uh-huh. As for 100k, so now we're up to 6 years or so and you're definitely in for some big, big bills when the Jetta gets out of the 50k warranty. Read Consumer Reports and JD Power- you're looking into buying a car that's not reliable or cheap in the long-term.

    but you can't beat the 1.9% financing. I guess we'll see what happens in the near future.

    Yes you can. Buy a cheaper car or pay cash for a used one. If you're adding interest to your 16k Jetta we're now talking about 18-19k or so after taxes. Ouch.

    Don't fall into the american trap of thinking a new car is all that. Use your money for something property or investments.
  • Would anyone here have a problem if your dealer suddenly told you, "We are going to have someone drive your brand new 2002 jetta 200 miles to get it to our dealership"?

    Me, me! Am I the only one who thinks these people are being a bit insensitive? They think this is no big deal. I was originally told the car was "in the pipeline" and would arrive at my dealership off a nice truck. Now they say they think I should pay the few hundred dollars to truck it if that's how I want it transported.

    Anyone had an experience like this with their dealer?
  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    I'd have a HUGE problem with that, klmeschi! I'd just tell them, truck it, or I'll go buy it from them myself.

    They'd have some lot-boy with a hot foot driving your new car during its most important miles of its life!

    A definite, resounding NO!

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