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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    Looks like Hyundai did a nice job with the '02 XG350... Although the hp and torque from the 3.5L V6 could be a lot better, it's at least now very similar to the Camry and Accord V6 engines. Plus, Hyundai did it without raising the price to a ridiculous amount (~$500 increase on the MSRP) and they also added 16" wheels as standard equipment. Once again, I do find it a bit weird that a company would change the engine displacement only after the first year of the model's run (they did the same with Kia's Optima) and I'm sure it would have helped Hyundai sell more '01 XG's with the larger engine. However, Hyundai did change what looked to be the car's biggest weakness compared to its competitors and this should help the XG's sales and reputation.
  • Not to get off the XG350 subject, but didn't they change the Optima engine because the Sonata changed? Being the same car (mechanically anyway), it would have been real weird if the engine had not changed.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    yeah... and they put in the larger engine in the XG because the Sonata/Optima combo got a larger engine... but I'm just saying it would have made more sense to me to have them introduce the XG and the Optima with the bigger engines and also put in the 2.7L V6 in the Sonata for 2001.
  • Does everyone with the XG have to turn on the Traction Control every time the car is turned on? Evey time I start up the car it's off and i have to turn it on again.
    Also, in the manual is says when I have my seats set to auto, the drivers seat will back up when you pull your key from the ignition and move forward when you put your key into the ignition. So you can get in and out easier, I have no problem getting in or out, but I just wondered why its not working, or if im doing something wrong.
    My trunk isn't hooked up to the alarm, does that cost extra to be hooked up?
    A rock hid the hood of my car going down the highway, and I left a very small chip, any advice on the best way to fix that?
    Besides those few minor inconveiences I love the Car. About 600 miles on it now, and I can't wait for it to get cold out so I can put my heated seats to use. I feel i got a great deal on the car, with 0.0% financing. The Black does seem hard to keep clean.
  • I've only driven an XG300 once, so I don't remember, but, are you sure you have to turn it on? I only ask because my mom drives a Buick Regal GS and the traction control is always on unless you turn it off. A light comes on on the dash only when it is turned off. I'm sure you're right since you own the car, but could that be it? That's strange about the alarm on the trunk--I'm sure it should be hooked up. You ought to get that fixed. I love the XG in the black with the black leather--are your windows tinted as well? The one I drove was black on black and was nice. You ought to have them look at the seats when they are looking at the alarm. It's a shame you are having these problems, because that is the knock on Hyundai. May be decent cars, but the quality is not there. I don't agree with that, but it sure makes my argument harder!
  • Brian, I have amount 9,000 miles on my XG. Yes, my traction control must be turned on each time I start the car... like yours. I kinda like it that way, since I only use it when conditions are slippery, although, I'm sure that very soon up here in Milwaukee, the snow and ice will tell me to turn it on ALL THE TIME!

    There have been previous posts regarding the power seat moving all the way back when you take the key out. The only way it works is if you engage the parking brake first. I personally don't use the parking brake much, but if you just lightly TOUCH the parking brake pedal so the little red light comes on (on the instrument panel) the seat function will work fine and the brake is really not engaged. Just a little work-around for those of us who don't want to use the parking brake.

    Good luck with your new XG... I still love mine at 8,700 miles!

    Brian (also)
  • First, thanks for the traction control info. Second, why would you not use the parking brake? What benefit do you get by doing that? I have always heard--in an automatic--that if you don't use it, then it places more pressure on the transmission. Like when the car rolls a little after you turn it off--that will hurt the transmission over time.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    For beating all of the American cars in Car & Drivers family sedan test. Came in fourth behind Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Loved the build quality, didn't love the handling.
  • acelinkacelink Posts: 106
    Funny, it seems like it is other way around when it comes to setting up the traction control switch in XG L30 (XG300 in US)in Korea. My father drives one and if I do remember correctly, the traction control is always on: It is when you turn off the traction control, a light comes on a dash. Let me check the car out again just to make sure.

    Csandste, are you talking about the December issue of Car and Driver?
    And was it XG350?
  • I will be interested to read the article. The last one I read was by Motor Trend and the XG300 beat the Accord EX V6 last spring.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    1. Accord
    2. Camry
    3. Altima
    4. XG350 (I'm sure, altho. I didn't check, other cars were 02's)
    5. Intrepid
    6. Impala
    7. Taurus
    8. Regal

    This is from memory but I think I have it right.
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    When will these bozos ever stop this nonsense?

    You will notice that two of the top three vehicles are SE versions (Camry and Altima) with naturally gobs more of what these clowns both prefer and state categorically in the article...better handling and road feel. Gee, what a difficult decision. I believe an LE version of the Camry would have been more in line with the nature of the other contestants. The Altima V-6 only seems available as an SE.

    The top winner is the LX variant of Accord...a perennial top 10 choice by Car and Driver. Gee (again), I wonder if they could ever pick any car over their obvious favorite? Duh!

    Yet despite all of this baggage, the XG350 is a solid choice as a family sedan with no special tweaking required. Just look at the acceleration #'s and then consider the quality and standard features for the price. For my money this is an absolute no-brainer.
  • I got my issue today. Looks like the XG held its own pretty well. You know they are not going to pick a Hyundai over their Japanese favorites--no matter what!
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    and have never even driven an XG. However, everything I've heard about the car indicates that it is rather soft in the suspension area, as are many (especially larger) Korean cars.

    Car and Driver is a publication for enthusiasts, as such they will give high consideration to performance and it was here that the XG350 fell down. They did say it was a wonderful car as long as you drove it at 6/10ths of flat out and also praised quality and construction. Personally I'm suprised that they didn't put the Altima on top of the list, but then I've never driven that either.

    On balance, I thought their review of the XG350 was most favorable. They clearly had it ahead of all of the American cars including past favorite (although not top rated) Intrepid.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    I think that the best mid-sized sedans are Korean.Also I really like the looks of the XG300/350.My feeling,about larger cars costing over $22,000,is that the Impala and LeSabre are hard to beat if you want a large smooth riding car.
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    Equipped the same as the XG350L is $5,000 more the century is in the same price range as the XG350 and the XG350 wins hands down.
  • As I said before, I thought the XG350 held its own pretty well in some tough competition. It beat out all of the American entrants, so that says a lot right there with where the quality is going. I do think the average XG buyer would be looking at more luxury than performance, so its finish in the performance enthusiast test may be right. I don't think a Hyundai would have finished so well a few years ago, so that says a lot as to how the perception of Hyundai seems to be changing. I think if many of the "critics" would at least offer them a test drive before dismissing them outright, public perception would change as well.
  • Is always turned on whenever engine is running.Pushing the TC button dis-engages
    TC.So the owner in Milwaukee is already,all
    set for the snow.Ugh! at the tought of Midwest
  • John115 thanks for your comments about traction control. I am in complete agreement. On my xg300L, the traction control always defaults to the on position and must be turned off manually. You can prove it if you just stomp the accelerator on new or wet pavement. The front wheels will just start to spin when the TC stops all of that spinning nonsense.

    Given the publication, I think that the C&D article was favorable. I would concur with cansdte's post in that they hate anything that does not have a sport suspension and handles like a Vett. It is these same "experts" that are responsible for the bland no-chromed, colorless, look alike models (Accords and Camrys) we are stuck with today.

    As an update to my airbag/repair issues. The car is still in the shop. For about the fourth time the local dealer apparently ordered the wrong window stripping part. While this was not related to the accident, I asked them to fix it while they had it. It took them four days. Hyundai has still given me no indication as to why the airbags did not deploy. However, when the body shop took it to the dealer to find out why the Traction Control and Check Engine lights were on they found a broken exhaust gas temperature gage, obviously from the impact, and they also replaced the traction control under warranty. Sure makes you wonder what the heck was wrong with it and whether or not it contributed to the fact that I seemed to slide forever before striking the pole.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Follow the link in the Additional Resources box on the left sidebar of this page to read Edmunds editor Liz Kim's "Spin Around Town" about the 2002 XG350.

    Sedans Message Board
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630

    If you slammed your vehicle into a concrete barrier at a 45 degree angle, your air bag will NOT deploy. Air bags are made to deploy only on a FRONTAL collision.
  • John, So let me get this straight on the TCS... When I start my car, the "TCS" light on the dashboard is NOT illuminated; but you're saying the traction control is actually engaged at that point? So when I push the little TCS button to the left of the steering column, and the light goes ON on the dashboard, does that mean I have then turned TCS OFF? Because, if I DO NOT turn off the TCS button and leave the INDICATOR LIGHT illuminated in the dashboard when I turn off the car, the little light is ALWAYS NOT illuminated when I start the car again. So at that point, If I want TCS on I've been pushing the button and the light goes on again... I'm confused. Are You? :-) Brian
  • newxgnewxg Posts: 34
    The statement you made is correct. The TCS rules seem a little counterintuitive, but you could look at it this way:

    1)TCS is always in "ready to engage" mode by default when you start the car but it is not actually "engaged" until needed.

    2) The TCS light serves two purposes. It is a "TCS Off" indicator (when you press the TCS button) and a "TCS engaged" indicator when the button is not pressed.

    or another way to look at it:

    Button pushed, light on = TCS off
    Button not pushed, light off - TCS ready to engage (default at start)
    Button not pushed, light on - TCS engaged

    Find a place to spin your wheels while the light is off and it will come on when the wheels start to spin and TCS is "engaged".
  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    no offense but didn't you guys read your owner's manual?

    then again, if I would have bought the XG350, I would have traction control worth talking about.

    I wish the comparo came out before I bought my Altima 3.5 SE, I would have definitely checked the Hyundai out.
  • It is confusing--I guess the light is to warn you that it is NOT on. I had the same question with my mom's Regal (see a few posts back) a couple years ago. At least everybody is straight now!
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    Has anyone else noticed the sport mode indicator on their dashboard? It's located on the upper left side, above the temp gauge. Although it's never illuminated (of course), it's definitely there. I may be thinking simplistically, but the indicator is in English so it appears that some form of a sport suspension was at least planned for the US market. VERY INTERESTING!
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    the sport mode indicator is there b/c hyundai excluded it from the US/north american/european models.

    the top of the line XG in Korea (roughly 40-50 grand) comes with sport suspension that at the touch of a button firms the ride or softens the ride.... something like what you see in "other" makes..

    the reason they probably excluded it from our cars is b/c of the complexity and cost involved in having that option in our cars.
  • riker2riker2 Posts: 36
    Test drove a XG300 demo. I liked it, but as a leftover with mileage the dealer in Burlington New Jersey wouldn't come near the TMV. And offered far less for my trade-in than expected. Called a Trenton dealership which assured me they would find me a car. They never called back. Several similar experiences with other dealers. The upshot? Bought a 2002 Chrysler 300M at the Metro dealer in Philadelphia, way below Edmunds TMV, double the trade-in Hyundai offered, and 0% financing for 36 months. My monthly costs are the same as the XG350 will be. Hyundai better watch out, because the competition is getting into their value game. Oh, and Chrysler added a free 100,000 mile powertrain warranty as well! I'm a fan of Hyundai, but I think there are a few dealer problems developing
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    and XG350's not out there yet.

    My XG300 was declared a total after a meeting with a concrete barrier at about 50MPH. I walked away from the accident so I bought another one although hard to find I got a great deal. XG300L with package 10 fully loaded for $22,551 with the 1500 rebate $3900 off msrp.

    Car handles much better with 16" wheels and they stiffened up the ride a little bit from build date of 1/01 to 9/01 and a few other minor changes also.
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