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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    That price in line with the lowest price I've seen advertised.The lowest interest rate I've seen the Hyundai dealers around here(SC)advertise is 8.9%.Looks to me like you did alright.
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    While i was taking off my summer tires (18") and putting on my original tires(15") for winter, i've noticed that the rear springs are Linear Springs and the front seems to be a Progressive "TYPE" springs.
  • thepklthepkl Posts: 4
    Thanks fangio2 it makes me feel better. I am still in love with my car. I have been driving a 17 year old General Motors truck so I keep thinking that my car must have quit because it is so quiet. I have one problem. I think those air bag labels on the visors are so ugly and I thought it was just paper so I got a hold of a corner and yanked. If I take it all the way off I think it is going to leave a mark. I don't know whether to glue it back on or finish the job.
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    there is a pic in there of the new XG300 with 16" rims... along with other hyundai cars.
  • aniryuaniryu Posts: 61
    So Hyundai is already telling the American public that the Tiburon is coming! Woohoo! Nice ad!
  • asawasaw Posts: 54
    Bring it back to the dealer to balance your wheels. I think the same thing happened to my Toyota Camry. The dealer probably does not have the equipment to balance the wheel, so they would probably have to bring to an outside shop to do this.
  • aniryuaniryu Posts: 61
    No automaker will give same rebate and financing on a old model as well as a new model.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    advertising 2001 XG's for a little over $22,000.It's the L model.
  • aniryuaniryu Posts: 61
    When the XG first came out, a dealer here in Washington state wanted me to pay them about $27,000. They had two on the lot, and a Korean couple were trying to buy it.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    What is Hyundai doing nationally to promote the XG? Have they gone to 0 percent interest financing or something similar? Any rebates? Saw an ad for percent for up to 60 months on XG300, but not sure who is sponsoring.
  • aniryuaniryu Posts: 61
    Host, isn't it time for you to change the name of this forum to "XG 350" from "XG 300"?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Or know when they will come out?

    My local dealer still doesn't have brochures. No '02s either. Just lots of '01 XG300s.

    Wife and I dying to take one on a test drive. We want to drive an L version. She wants the extra luxury items, including the heated seats. I like the price, warranty, and looks. Add the bigger 3.5L engine to the existing 5-speed automatic with Shiftronic, and looks like an ever better value!!! Praying Hyundai will offer some cheap financing to move some metal! If I can get 0.0 percent or 0.9 percent for 48 or 60 months, guessing my wife and I couldn't afford to pass up on it. (Sure, I'd like a G35, IS300, 325i, etc. but not sure I want to spend near or over $30,000.)
  • aniryuaniryu Posts: 61
    The XG in the United States is basically a stripper version of the real XG, sold in Korea.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Not sure if this is a nationwide deal, but the deal you were looking for just showed up in my town. The Tallahassee, Florida Hyundai dealer is now offering 0% financing for up to 60 months on the XG300. I heard it on the radio and called for details, hoping I could get an Elantra, but it is only good for the XG300. Call your local dealer and see if they have something similar going on or, if you live close to Florida, the drive here would be worth the interest savings.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    The 0 percent financing option up to 60 months came out in newspaper ads about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Is just on XGs. But I can't tell when it expires or if it will possibly cover any XG350s. That is why I'm dying to know more about the deal and XG350 introduction.
  • More Bang for your Buck.
    Just bought XG300L In dallas area. So far like it. They are even giving 0% for 60 months. Do not hasitate to offer $3,000 to $3,500 less then the sticker price.
  • I bought an XG300L in the spring and am a currently quite unhappy, though not just with the car. I have had little trouble over the past months but have had to replace the window weather stripping on both sides. The passenger side went smoothly but the drivers side has been a nightmare that has thus far caused me to make 5 trips to the dealer as they either order the wrong part (twice) or tear up the part installing it wrong. Should they ever fix the problem it will have taken no less than six dealer visits and they are unfortunately the only dealer in my area. However, these problems pale considering what happened recently.

    On Thursday the 11th, despite my efforts at avoiding two dogs on a rain slick highway, I killed a black lab and lost control. I was traveling about 50 mph and the anti-lock brakes apparently did what they are designed to do in that I did not skid on the highway, then again neither did I stop. When I left the road I slid another 100 feet before striking a telephone pole severing it in half. I certainly do not blame my XG in any way for these events, however it is worth mentioning that this is a heavy car and when it does start to slide it is apt to slide a good ways. What was disappointing is that we struck the pole just to the left of dead center and NEITHER AIR BAG INFLATED. Though we were largely unhurt, what good are air bags if the do not work? I guess it is worth mentioning that a month or so earlier my air bag light came on and the dealer "reset" it. Unfortunately, Hyundai's response has not been reassuring either. When I told the dealer of my problem they referred me to Hyundai. When I called Hyundai and told them they actually asked me what I wanted them to do about it. They did finally tell me that they would investigate why my air bags did not inflate if I filled out forms that they would send me in the mail, then send them back - through the mail - to them. Instead of being thankful that I reported this potential safety problem they seemed rather complacent. This puts the car owner in a very bad position and will certainly prevent most people from asking for an investigation. Like most people I need my car back. Hyundai wants me to tell the body shop and insurance companies to wait until I get forms in the mail from Hyundai, fill them out, then send them back, then wait on their investigator to inspect the car before any repairs are made. All this would take weeks. When I do get it back I am going to trade the damn thing. It is not a bad car but the support from the dealer and Hyundai sucks. I'll never be able to trust the air bags on this car again.
  • acelinkacelink Posts: 106
    The only notable items missing in the US version of XG are: zenon headlights, rear seat heater, electronic controlled suspension (ECS), and a navigation system. Why? - To keep the price from approaching XG300's more luxurious, up-scale competitors in the US market. And bear in mind that these aren't standard equipments in Korea either. Hyundai cars are always value-driven in the US market, and XG is a no exception - I don't see how some people might call XG300, with its long list of standard equipments, a stripped version of XG sold in Korea.

    On the other hand, US version comes standard with side airbags. Also, for 2002, XG300 will come standard with bigger 3.5-liter engine (hence the name change). However, this 3.5-liter engine won't be available in Korea even as an option because fuel is very expensive in Korea (about $60 per tank of gas). Which also might explain why XG is available with 2.5-liter V6 or even smaller 2.0-liter V6 with a 5-speed manual transmission in Korea.
  • One thing I learned on another forum here is that airbags don't inflate based on impact but on inertia, much like your seatbelts. Of course, in order to have enough inertia change to cause the airbags to deploy you have to hit something. I don't know if your situation applies but it could be that the skid caused deceleration so that the impact from the airbags would be more violent than the impact from the collision. If you were largely unhurt, you were probably better off having the airbags not deploy.
  • I had heard the same thing about the inertia and please know that I am not being smart with you but if you hit a telephone pole head on at perhaps 35 mph, severing it in half, you got to have some inertia going on. Financially I guess I am better off without the air bags deploying, however, can anyone honestly suggest that they would prefer that the air bags not go off in a 30+ mph crash? If this was not a malfunction of the system then it is a really screwed up system.

    As an update to my situation. I stopped by the body shop today and they told me that Hyundai had called them and told them that they were sending someone out to inspect the car. This is a refreshing surprise after the indifferent attitude they seemed to display over the phone. I have no idea what convinced them to change their mind (assuming that they do send someone out), perhaps it was my phone call, perhaps it was the complaint I filed with the NTSB, or perhaps someone from Hyundai was reading this forum. I will keep everyone posted.
  • Actually, I was referring to being physically better off if the airbags do not deploy. Airbags are a violent explosion. You can be seriously hurt or killed if you are improperly positioned when they deploy. I only want my airbags to go off if it will save my life, which is what they are designed to do. I don't know if yours were defective or not, but it could be that the crash, as serious as it was, was not violent enough to warrant the deployment of the airbags. I am interested in hearing what Hyundai has to say.
  • vmaturovmaturo Posts: 71
    A few years ago a friend was in a very serious accident with his Honda Prelude where he was injured badly. The airbags never deployed. He has a lawsuit pending with Honda.
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    Anyone wire lights into these non functioning units (non functioning in USA anyway) What style bulbs go in there anybody know?

    If you do let me know
  • The driving lights in the lower front bumper come on only when the ring switch (next to headlight ring switch) is on and when the headlights are on low beam ONLY. The driving lights will go off in high beam or when the headlights are turned off.
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    Does every body else have active driving lamps?

    There is no listing for those bulbs in hi performance after market sites.

    H1 hi beam
    H7 low beam
    H3 Fog lamps
    But no listing for drivers lamps.
  • I just bought a Honda Odyssey minivan this weekend, and I read the booklet on airbags (front and side). It said that when a car (or van) hits a pole in the center of the hood, it is likely that the airbag will not deploy. This is because the force of the crash is absorbed by the body of the car. If the pole hits off center, near the side of the frame, the airbag will more likely go off. I don't know if that is why the airbag didn't deploy in the case mentioned above, but I thought it was interesting. Learn something new every day.
  • The pole was indeed hit toward the center of the car but was at least one foot toward the drivers side of the vehicle. While I continue to maintain that the air bag should have deployed, I will at least admit that the Hyundai did take a pretty good hit yet maintain most of its integrity. The bill came in Friday at just over $9000. The bumper, grillwork and hood were completely destroyed and, though they were no longer connected to anything, the headlight enclosures on both sides were not even broken. The windshield was destroyed by my head but otherwise the interior was unaffected.

    Also, to follow up, Hyundai called the body shop and put the repairs on hold until they could get someone by to inspect the car. I would give them credit in that they sent an independent engineer out to study the car within two days of their call preventing further delays in the repairs. The engineer wrapped up his study one week ago tomorrow and I await information from Hyundai.
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    They have been very responsive.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Let me guess, you weren't wearing your seatbelt? I gathered this from your head damaging the windshield. If that's the case, you would not have wanted the airbag to go off in the first place. It would have done some major harm to you without a seatbelt holding you in place. There is a slim chance that the airbags were designed to not deploy if no seatbelts are worn. Not sure if Hyundai does this but I do know a few manufacturers have begun to implement that, at least on the passenger side.
  • ACCENTACCENT Posts: 10
    Just wanted to let everyone know that the XG350 brochures are in, at least here in Pennsylvania. Picked up one yesterday. The dealer told me they should be arriving any day now. The only things that I see that have changed is that, if you want a moonroof you have to get the XG350L, and the base model now comes with the CD/CASS player.
    It comes with a 3.5L with 194hp @ 5500 rpm and 216 lb-ft @ 3500.
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