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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • So, I saw mention of someone getting metal replacement clips to hold the front carpet mats in place. My dealer had never heard of any such thing. Have others found this successfully?
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    i thought Hyundai checks their cars after they are finally assembled..

    are you sure your dealer is telling you the truth?
    just wondering
  • Hi, I own 2000 Sonata, but have been following this forum b/c I couldn't afford the XG when I purchased my Sonata on 12/29/01.

    Anyway, I've been faithfully changing my oil every 2,500 mi w/ my prev vehicles even though I didn't do any towing or much city driving based on the info I rcvd from my friends & mechanics.
    However, w/ the purchase of Sonata last December I realized that I would be in the shop every 6 wks if I maintained this 2,500 mi ritual (I'm on pace to put 22,000 mi in the first year).

    Since I didn't spend a large fortune on Hyundai, I decided to keep a 5,000 mi schedule & see what happens. I also decided to keep it strictly on regular 87 octane diet as well.
    I used to put Super once a wk as well.

    I would like to hear more facts (if avaialble) or experience/opinion this matter. Thx.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    to be on a 2500 mile oil change interval.

    There's also no reason to use anything other than 87 octane in a car not requiring a higher octane fuel.
  • My XG has been in the shop for over a week. As you may recall from earlier posts I wrecked it, did > $9000 in damage, the airbags did not deploy, Hyundai claims that this is normal, then I drove it again in the rain whereby the anti-lock brakes failed which explains the cause of my wreck in the first place. I parked the car for two weeks waiting on the Thanksgiving holidays to end then for another week because I considered it dangerous to drive in the rain. The car would slide on wet streets like it was on ice. The dealer kept the car for two days before deciding on day two to rent me another vehicle, a pitiful Geo Prism. The car remained in the shop the rest of the week and remains there right now. The dealership is currently unable to determine the reason that the brakes lock up. They have replaced the master cylinder, which was apparently bleeding through as the pedal could be pushed hard all the way to the floor, they also claim to have replaced the anti-lock brake module as well as the traction control module. When I drove the car, all four brakes locked up. The dealership claims that only one wheel locks up with them which I find hard to believe. Also, though they apparently replaced the traction control module earlier, I was able to accelerate briskly from a standing stop and squeal the tires several feet. This should not have happened if the traction control was working properly. I am furious with Hyundai and the dealership. I called Hyundai yesterday asking them to please send the regional rep to inspect my car and explain how to fix it.

    By the way, if anyone needs the drivers side weather-stripping replaced(the part on the front of the window surrounding the triangular piece of plastic), apparently the number in the parts book is incorrect as they have ordered the wrong part something like five times. Of course, the two times that they did replace the part they installed it incorrectly and it tore when I lowered the window. They have now installed it a third time yet I have had no chance to drive it.

    Believe it or not, in the three weeks since I stopped driving the car it has actually slightly decreased in value. What a mess.
  • There's no separate traction control module on your car. Who's this dealer?
  • I saw my first 2002 yesterday and it seems to be the same car with just a different engine. Any other changes for 2002 and is anyone driving a 2002 now and would like to comment about it?
    Considering purchase in February, any comments would be helpful. Thanks
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    See my post #1597 in the Sonata board for the latest on the labor strife at Hyundai Motors. This might affect the availability of XG350s.
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    the 3.5 is just a larger displacement of the 3.0
    nothing is is different between the two.

    16" wheels are new

    that's about it
  • The dealer is located on Covington Pike in Memphis. I think that they are trying their best, apparently the shop foreman is assigned to my car, they just don't seem to know how to fix it. I have some sympathy for them as it must be embarrasing selling cars as problem prone as is mine. The reason that I said that the traction control and anti-lock brake modules had both been replaced is because right after my accident, and after the body shop had completed the cosmetic repairs, the traction control light would not go off. The body shop then drove it to the dealer for diagnostics. I was told that this "module" was replaced under warranty by the dealer at that time, then last week I was told that the anti-lock brake "module" was also ordered and replaced. Unfortunately the problem persists. Calling Hyundai has thus far for me been an exercise in futility. They take your name and information then either deny responsibility if there is a problem or seemingly don't follow up at all. I could only categorize their customer relations department as pitiful.

    Right now my car sits in the shop waiting for guidance from Hyundai. I have been able to drive it only about one week since October 11th. You would have thought I, or the dealer, would have heard something today given that I called them last Friday. To tell you the truth they could let me have the car back right now without fixing the problem and I probably would not know there was still a problem until I drove the car again in the rain. Any sudden, moderate amount of pressure on the brakes results in a four wheel skid even at slow speeds.
  • Since my wife traded her 2000 Sonata for a 2001 XG300L, I've come to realize how nice a vehicle it is. I've asked the dealer to get me a deal on an XG350L. Last Thursday, a Slate Gray one arrived.

    I saw there is a second dome light located just behind the moonroof. It really lit up the whole interior! It's nice to see Hyundai responded to complaints about the back being dark.

    Sorry I didn't notice if the map lights are still there.
  • After 2 replacements with the plastic clips,which also broke my dealer serv.mgr. said they were now
    being made of metal.Since they replaced both clips
    with new type no problems.My dealer is Valley Hyundai,in Henderson, NV.They also recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles.Of course it gets very hot here.And by the way oil changes are FREE for the first 24k or two years.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    does anyone know where I can rent out an XG?
  • hjr2hjr2 Posts: 105
    3.5 liter AND 35 LB TORQUE INCREASE OVER xg300!(xg300 was 3.0 liter)
    Also, 2 hp more this year. 192 for xg300, 194 for xg350. the torque this year is 216 lbs for xg350, last year it was 181 lb torque per sq foot for xg300, i believe.
  • The flat, somewhat semi-circular lid that covers the spare tire well (providing a flat trunk floor under the carper) in my XG300L had bugged me for months. It made a lot of thumping noise when I would go over fairly minor road bumps. The edge of the lid had a very thin stip of foam stapled to the bottom as insulation, obviously inadequate. I kept trying to think of a way to fix the problem, and finally went to the hardware store to look for a solution. I was thinking of getting some thicker foam, the kind you might find in rolls with a self-adhesive nacking for weatherstripping windows, etc. I did not find anything like that, but I saw some foam pipe insulation that looked like it might work. This stuff is like a foam pipe, with a slit that lets you cover water pipes with it. I bought two so that I would have enough length. Out in the parking lot, I removed the carpet and lifted out the lid. The foam fit perfectly when I worked the edge of the lid into the slit. I was able to cover the semi-circular edge almost all the way, and cut off a 7 inch length from the second one to finish. I left the back edge of the lid alone.

    It works! Finally, there was no "thumpety-thump" noise coming from the rear of the car! I had originally thought that there was something seriously wrong with the rear suspension, but it was only the lid banging around on the metal trunk bottom. There is now a little bulge running in a semi-circle on the trunk floor under the carpet, but that may flatten out a bit after having some luggage on top of it this Christmas.

    I am really pleased at my fix, which cost me less than US$2.00. But why the cheesy foam on the part in the first place? A very unfortunate bit of cost-saving, in my opinion. Has anyone else noticed a thumping sound coning from their trunk? (Assuming your mother-in-law is not in there!)
  • In response to the post detailing how to get rid of a rear end noise, I also experienced the same noise - most noticeable at slow speeds. The dealer installed new rear struts but the noise still persists. I was just getting ready to take the car back to the dealer. I will now try the fix described by Mikewesq - hope it works..!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    I have seen XGs in the Hertz fleet at Chicago O'Hare Airport. They carry most of the Hyundai models there. Other Hertz locations may also have them.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    If Hyundai is not able to fix your vehicle to your satisfaction, I would insist that your car insurance company buy the vehicle back from you.

    Going to the dealer may be a waste of time. Take your matter with the insurance company.
  • phdepphdep Posts: 9
    i have had my xg300L now for about 2 months and put on about 2000 miles and love the car, except for one MINOR problem, when i shift into DRIVE be it from park, reverse, or neutral it takes about ONE SECOND to engage, have called a couple of dealer service dept.'s and they say its VERY NORMAL, well anybody else out there who has a XG300 having this "problem"? If you want can e mail me at thanks
  • At almost 6000 miles the delay shifting into drive always occurs and i consider it normal. All autos have some delay but the xg is a bit longer. The xg is a very good car and i would buy another if i had to do it again.-
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    mine does that too... it's in the design of the tranny that creates this "delay"
    as they tried to design this tranny to be as "close" to a manual tranny.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    Happy New Year!
    If you remember, I have had a series of problems in the last three months since I bought mine on 9/9/01, including the pesky paint problem. I hate to report that mine is in the shop again, maybe sixth or seventh time in about four months at around 7800 miles.
    I took it to service for 7.5k checkup on 12/28 to be notified that alternator had a intermittent problem. I was told that it needed to be ordered for overnight delivery which would take about a week due to holidays.
    In summary, mine has had five or six different problems and been in the shop for about a month in total lenth. That means that I had to drive rental cars for one month. I had oppotunities to drive several different rental cars including Buick Regal, Dodge Intrepid, Chevy Lumina and Chevy Malibu to name a few. So far, none of these came close to the XG300L in overall driving experience except the problems that I had had.
    I am afraid that I have gotten a good lemon from Hyundai. So far, their service has been satisfactory. Well.....
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Sorry to hear about your problems.

    Request a new 2002 Chevy Impala LS as a rental. I bet you will be pleasantly suprise with the room and comfort of the Impala. In addition, it's the most "value" mid size sedan of ANY domestic vehicles. Also rated as "Best Buy" by Consumer Report.

    Be sure it's Impala LS, not base Impala. The LS has 3.8 engine, whereas the base Impala is 3.5. Totally different vehicles.
  • hjr2hjr2 Posts: 105
    that is odd....but not uncommon, for ANY mfg to make a lemon. Our 1979 buick had electrical fire in first 90 days. a year later, paint peeled off the hood and roof. Nice grey primer look.
    carb kept the car choking out alot.

    Chevy spectrum(i know it was isuzu, but sold and serviced at Chevy) it was terrible, master cylinder died out before 12,000 miles, brakes kept fading out so bad as to be replaced every 6000 HIGHWAY miles, and the car kept dying out.

    Nissan 1997 200sx, ignition coil, starter, and a few other things burnt up(plugs,also) at 63,000 miles, 3 years.....left me stranded in 15 degree weather, no fun!
    $1000 dollars at Cheap shop to fix(almost $1,800 if i went to Nissan), engine light stayed on,, yet they couldn't find the problem.

    Oh, the steel backing frame camne through the driver's seat at 40,000 miles, right after warranty expired!!!(at least your stuff is covered).

    the biggest problem I have had, after a wreck, we discovered(after car was fixed, about 6 months later) CD player was ko'd. It will take $100-150 to fix, but i will uise the cassette player instead and save my cash, for now.

    This was for our 99 sonata v6.

    our 2001 tiburon has almost 19,000 miles in 6 1/2months. Zero problems.

    We even had a 2001 elantra for 11 days, 2000 miles(had 17,000 on it at rental time) due to wreck on sonata, no problems.

    Not messing with ya, just being honest. Oh, our timing belt needed changed at 58,500(60,000 recommended), replaced free..saved me $400.
    It was still under warranty.

    Sorry ya had problems.....don't wish that on anyone.
  • john00john00 Posts: 27
    I noticed the other day while driving in the snow
    that the traction control light would flicker when
    wheel spin occurred. I was wondering if this is normal. Yoon you would probably know or have experienced this being from Canada.
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    When your light flickers... it is showing you that the "traction control" is indeed working.

    this happens to me pretty frequently whenever there is a huge snowfall here in canada.
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    every make and model from Daewoos all the way up to just happens. I just recently purchased a 3-series BMW and on the very first day I heard some rattling under the hood. What!!! I just plunked down over $30K and somethings rattling??? It was unreal. But I realized, not everyone is perfect.

    Most of the time you're going to get an excellent vehicle from Hyundai, but they're not perfect, hence the 10/100,000 warranty.
  • Very sorry to hear about your accident. This may already be water under the bridge but I had a question for you. You mentioned that your XG "split or severed" a pole. Did the pole break into two pieces? If the pole did break, it means that the pole also absorbed substantial amount of force as well. If the pole didn't break, airbags should have deployed as that would have meant that the car had to deal with most of the energy.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    If you remember, I have had varigated problems including the paint problem during the last four months since I bought mine on 9/9/01. On top of those problems, as you might recall, the computer scan during the 75k check-up on my XG300L found a intermittent problem on alternator, which kept it in the shop for a week during holiday season. Engine noise came from the bad alternator. It was supposed to be fixed with the new alternator. Wind noise problem was also fixed according to my service rep. I noticed though that now engine noise got a little louder and that the wind noise is also a little more noticeable in different sound pattern. Well, I am fed up with taking my car to the shop after I did about six times already in the past four months. I decided to live up with the noises.

    Now "Airbag" light started coming on. Yesterday, it was flickering on and off. Now it remains on. What does this mean? Do I have to take it to service to check? Does airbag have something wrong with it? After reading all scary posts regarding the possible malfunction of airbag, this really bothers me.

    Now another issue. Ok, I define that I have gotten a lemon trying to defend my decision. Is a lemon qualified to have continuous problems one after another? Do I have to expect just another problem endlessly after one problem is fixed for the rest of this car's life? Is mine a collection of all the possible problems that XG300 might have or should I declare that Hyundai is a typical name for poor quality that deserves many's reprimands?

    I hope you understand how I feel when I am turning from a satisfied to an fed-up unsatisfied. Disappointment is even greater when your expectation was great.

    Best Wishes
  • If I recall correctly Leirex and I have a very similar story. Both of us started out with XG's. Both of us had wrecks. While his was at an angle at greater speed totaling the car (which he replaced), mine was head on but still with great force severing a pole at its base. NEITHER time did the airbags go off. In my case Hyundai says that it is normal. By the way, my airbag light also came on and was "reset" before my wreck. I believe that the airbags in an XG300/350 are only ornamental. I really believe that these airbags are going to kill people who depend on them. Even worse, my wreck was caused by a complete failure of the anti-lock brake system. Given that this occurred at the exact time that I did $9000 damage to the car I could not explain (or understand) what happened until I got the car out of the body shop. After I got the car out of the shop I hit the brakes hard at perhaps 10 miles per hour on a wet pavement and slid all over the place. Even at that low speed it was scary. I took the car to the shop where they tried for weeks to fix it. The regional service rep was called in several times. After nearly three weeks the mechanic discovered that on the six brake lines entering into the traction control module, only two were installed into the correct orifice. By the time they had found what they think was the problem the problem the car had been panic stopped repeatedly all over the place, tire marks were left all over their parking lot and the street, where the mechanic even admitted that while testing the brakes on one occasion he turned the car completely sideways in the road trying to stop. Additionally, from being in the shop and being worked on there is now an additional dent on the fender and paint flaking on the hood. As I last saw the car several weeks ago, it may be even worse now. I Currently don't know if the car is fixed or not (nor do I care). You can only experience and test the problem on rain slick roads and I am not driving it again rain or otherwise. After the third week in the shop, I asked the shop manager to arrange a meeting between Hyundai and myself. After reviewing all of the pictures of the wreck, inspecting the car, and talking to the mechanic, the factory rep and I agreed, given the wear and tear on the car, the fact that I will never trust it again, and all that I had been through, that Hynudai would replace the car with a new XG350L. To tell you the truth, I did not want another Hyundai anything but I thought that this was the best deal I could get. My plan was to trade it immediately on something more reliable, safer, and more trustworthy. By this time, the mechanic, the shop foreman, the factory rep, and the manager of the dealership all felt that I deserved a new car. The only stumbling block was that corporate Hyundai had to approve the deal which they all suggested would be no problem given all of the evidence. I was told that I would hear something by the next day. That next day took one month and one day before Hyundai rejected the deal.

    To sum up the situation, I paid over $25,000 cash for this car. Through no fault of my own, and completely through poor workmanship on the part of Hyundai I killed a dog, took out a pole, took out the windshield with my head, ruined my vacation, had to stand in the rain for hours waiting as they cleared the accident and for someone to arrive to take my wife and I home, had to undergo medical tests and soreness for weeks (luckily I was not badly injured) then had to wait three weeks on the body shop finished, drove the car for about a week before it scared hell out of me (again), then put it in the shop where they tore hell out of it for three weeks trying to find out what was wrong with the brakes, only to be led to believe I would get a new car the next day. Unfortunately, over a month later Hyundai decided to back out of the deal. By the way, the entire time I called Hyundai repeatedly always pleading to speak to someone about my problem and always being assured that they would call me back. Despite repeated calls, Hyundai never called me. Not one time. The only thing worse than their cars is their customer service. I have been paying insurance on a car that I have been without over four months and Hyundai could not give a damn.

    RUN, RUN, RUN if you are considering a Hyundai product. Even if you manage to get one of the apparently rare non-lemons HYUNDAI WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS!
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