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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • I've put 103K miles on my 96 ES and brakes have never squealed. They shouldn' matter what anyone tells you.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    afinegold may be right that the dealer shop does not want to deal with the problem for some reason. same situation I had before with the dealer shop when they refused to fix my windnoise problem (which I don't understand why) and said that it is normal in a Lexus. Until I broke into tears, for feeling not having the ability to do anything about it while it was a real probleml, they fixed it for me. Perhaps, you should cry too to get your brake fixed :-) just kidding. I suggest bring your car to another dealer to see what they say. But whoever told you that the temperature makes the difference, he is a big liar. go back and ask him if you can test drive another 2001 ES to see if it also squeals. I have one that does not squeal. brake squeal is very abnormal in Lexus and the problem should be resolved. I can't imagine paying more than 30K for a prestigous vehicle that makes noise when making a stop next to a regular honda civic or corolla! Call lexus customer service at 1-800-255-3987 to complain about your problem if it can not be fixed.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 141
    I just read on Consumer Report's website that the ES300 was available with a 5-speed manual transmission through the '93 model year. Has anyone ever come across one of these? I'm sure not many were produced, but I'd love to get my hands on one!
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    We'll probably get in trouble for talking about MBs, but in 3 years I replaced the head gasket, shocks, struts, radiator, 2 sets of brake pads, brake discs, motor mounts, some of the electrical system, ..... That's all I recall off the top of my head, but it seems like there was more. Well and normal maintanence, which is not cheap. And this was for miles 36-75K! The car wasn't even broken in yet. It was the best/worst car I ever owned. Just absolutely fantastic driving experience and a nightmare to maintain.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    I don't think I ever want to own a MB then.
  • Took my 2000 ES300 in for 5,000 mile servicing last week and asked the dealer to adjust the HID headlights to the maximum permissible level. I too, as some of the others of you who have complained about the low cutoff, was not happy with the distance the low beams were projecting.

    To my surprise, the service writer didn't blink an eye when I asked to have the headlights raised, and when I got the car back and drove it that evening, what a difference!! The low beams seem to project at least twice as far as before, and so far no oncoming drivers have blinked their lights at me, so the setting apparently isn't blinding anyone.

    I would therefore recommend that any of you who are dissatisfied with the setting of your HIDs ask your dealer to raise them up. And don't let them tell you it can't be done because my just were.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    ah yes....but driving a MB is the greatest thing. At least to me that is. the car is so fun to drive. I guess thats' the trade-off.
  • rob175rob175 Posts: 19
    I own a 2000 ES300 and felt from the first day that the HID lights were angled too low. I asked the dealer to check them for proper adjustment, and was told that they were "correctly adjusted" according to thier specs. I will admit, that I never asked them to raise them up, but just to check them. At some point (about 2 months later) I decided that I want the lights to project farther than the 35-40 feet the factory sets them at.

    It's a VERY easy, do-it-yourself, job. Under the hood and behind the light assembly is an adjusting screw/nut. By simply using a 5/16 (approx.) box wrench and rotating that nut the lights can be moved up or down.

    Just park your car in front of a wall, mark the present position of the lights shinning on the wall and adjust then. REMEMBER! "a little goes a long way" and just a small adjustment is needed to move the projected illumination. The best is to wait for a nice foggy night. That way you can better see the angle and distance of the lights.

    The whole process takes 5 min.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    for me comfort is the most important value in a car and I heard that a MB does not offer a ride that is as smooth and quiet as a Lexus. I guess I go with Lexus for my entire life because it offers elegance and comfort. BTW, what do you mean by FUN? quick, you mean? if rough and sporty, that is not for me. I never like car that offer rough ride (that means no sporty car for me) even when I was young (like when I was in college).
  • sybelesybele Posts: 42
    Anybody know if a sports suspension will be offered on the new ES 2002? If I recall well, an article stated that many of the new features of the new LS430 were going to be offered on the ES as well.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    The MB feel is hard to describe. But once you go there, it's hard to go back. This Lexus we just bought is our 1st non-MB in 8 years. Our last 3 cars were MBs. My wife drives a 1984 380SL and I can't get it away from her!

    You know each car as a unique feel, but many times the whole line of cars by a maker has certain attributes or "feel" to it that make it distinctive. BMWs are very agile and quick. The steering is very precise and there is little resistance in the wheel. Interior engine noise tends to be higher and the suspension tends to be stiffer. MBs tend to have heavier, more substantial feel to them and tend to take more effort on the steering wheel to make a turn. Both lines tend to have stiffer suspensions than you would find in American or Japanese car. IMHO, the Lexus line leans a bit in between in overall handling. Many people say that the Lexus suspension is too American like and makes the cars too isolated from the road. I disagree. But that is just my opinion. I thought the ES300 was about as close to an MB feel as I could get for $31K new (C-Class excluded).

    As I said a few days ago, I think the ES300 is a great value and balance between interior appointments and driving feel and performance for the current price of around $31K, but sadly styling is very boring. For about the same money, you could be looking at 3-series BMW or C-Class MBs, which are nice entry level cars for these makers, but you're going to give up size and interior amenities, maintanence will be higher, and you'll get a 4-cyl engine. You could go for the Acura TL or CL and have a very sporty car that is not nearly as nice inside. The Infinity is also a nice compromise but doesn't have as good a maintanence record and I thought they cut some corners in the interior. However, for nearly the same money you can get the NAV pkg. Audi and Volvo have nice entry level cars now too but I don't know anything about them. Or you could buy a 3 year old car in the next class up like the E-class or 5-Series or Q45. These are really nice cars, but beware of the cost of ownership because maintanence does add up! If you really wanted the larger, more luxurious car, with a better maintanence record, a used Lexus LS series might be the ticket.

    Well enough rambling for this morning. I've got to get to work!
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    Sddlw sums it up pretty well. I am used to driving my MB E320 and so whenever I take my wife's ES out to fill her up, the ride is completely different. The steering, the smoothless over bumps, cornering, everything. Even when you slam the door shut, the MB just feels so tight and so well built. Reliability? I dunno but the car is awesome when it isn't malfunctioning. It's kinda unfair to compare the E320 to the ES300 since there is a $20k difference in price. I only driven the LS400 a few times and I thought it was big and smooth but wasn't fun to drive. Something about the German cars that everyone says is fun to drive and with my E320 I agree. Does that mean the Lexus is bad? No. Just a different car. Heck, I doubt there are any German vehicle out there that has a proven reliability close to the ES and LS. Also my E320 only have 11 more horsepower over the ES300 but when you take it out to the freeway and wanna pass someone, ohhh does it go... No need for a V8 for me.
  • Some posts, and lots of reviews, have snipey little (or big) comments about Lexus's exterior styling--or rather, they say, lack of it. Well, here's the way I look at it (pun intended, as you'll see below.)

    I spend maybe 5 minutes a day or less looking at the exterior of my car--on the way to the garage or driveway, on the way to the car in a parking lot, etc. But I spend maybe 50 minutes a day or more IN the car, where I don't see the exterior, but I can see and appreciate the luxury in feel and appearance of the interior, not to mention the quietness, the ride, the amenities, the incredible stereo, the fit and finish, etc.

    So I spend at least 10 times as much time enjoying the interior as I do looking at the exterior. And even if I hated the exterior design (which I don't--I think it's just fine and spells luxury when others look at it just because they know it's a Lexus), that would be a very worthwhile tradeoff to me.

    And what others think, I don't really care. IMHO, most of the commenters don't or can't own one, so they make superficial comments about the thing they see from their outside point of view. That's sort of like criticizing someone else's mate's appearance or clothing when they don't know the real person inside.

    Anyway, my 2 cents worth on this subject.

  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Al ....chill out buddy. This is not a personnal attack on you or your car. turbotc and I both own ES300s. I bought mine knowing full well I thought the styling was boring. I just rated other features such as interior size and appointments higher, and found for the $31K it cost me in August, the ES was the best value for the money. The ES has some very strong positives going for it. Comfort, interior appointments, reliability .... And I like mine. I'd buy it again, and recommend it to friends. I thought that at $31K, it was as close to the MB 300E I was getting rid of as anything else out there I could have purchased for $31K.

    But no car is perfect. No mater how much or little you spend on it. And IMHO, the ES's shortcoming is styling. Come on, if you silhouetted the current ES, Camery, and Accord so that all you saw as their outlines, could you tell them apart with only a 2 second glance? I couldn't. That is what I'm refering to as boring styling. Do the same with the MB E-Class, S-class, or SLs or CLKs, or SLKs, any Jaguar, the BMW 7 or 5 series or Zs, The Miata, Honda's S2000, any Porche, the new VW Beetle, Chrysler's PT Cuiser, the Mustang, even the Ford Focus for heaven's sake. These cars stand out in a crowd and have some originality to them.

    I've also owned E-series and SL-series Mercedes. One thing these cars are not short of is style. But we can list many things MB is not real good at. The electrical systems, cooling systems, and climate control in particular were problematic for many, many years. The purchase prices are outragous. But hey, if you don't mind the reliability issues and the cost of ownership, these are fantastic cars, providing a driving "experience" that few other cars come close to. Does that make them better than a Lexus? Maybe yes, maybe no, kind of depends on what is important to you.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    Maybe it is boring because it resembles Camry, but, I have to say it is pretty, especially with the clear lens rear lights for 00 and 01 models. My friend and I was thinking of getting the TL (we went test driving it first at a car sale sponsored by CU.) Then we looked across the street and saw the ES on the lot and both agreed the ES exterior looks more sleek, elegant and prettier than the TL not talking about the interior which is way more classy. A lot of people say that the ES styling is boring. Yah...maybe boring but PRETTY.
    I'm wondering why people don't criticize the TL while I think it resembles the Accord. Does anyone agree with me that the TL has an exterior profile that resembles an Accord?
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    I would'nt buy an ugly car! :-)
    Maybe boring is too strong a word. Uninspired?
    I don't know. I agree it's not a bad looking car, it's just hard to tell from other cars without seeing the logo or model badge. If Ford can come up with a unique look for an entry level Focus (not saying it's pretty, just unique) why can't Toyota do something for a car that costs more than twice as much. .... pretty and unique?

    The GS was a bit more daring. I'm not sure they really pulled it off very well, but they tried. I have high hopes for the new SC coming out in a year or two. The one with the retractable hard-top. We took an MB SKL out for a spin a little while ago and the concept is "way cool".

    The TL, it didn't strike me as that nice looking either.

    gotta run...
  • slesssless Posts: 10
    My feeling is, as far as looks go, the problem is Lexus' don't have an uniqueness about them. You can spot a MBZ, BMW or Volvo without any problem simply because they have their own style and it has been in place for years. Lexus needs to find its own unique style setting it apart from Toyota, and Acura. The car looks nice and the finish is great, but it just doesn't stand out (look wise) from the others.
  • Thanks to several of you for your ideas on my noisy brake problem. It first was noticed when backing out of the garage and become more regular when coming to a stop when the temperature is below 30 degrees. I will follow up with the service manager and' or Customer Service if it isn't solved. Any thoughts on my questions on the oil level above the full dot on the dip stick??? Thanks again
  • I traded in my 2000 M-B SLK for a new 2001 ES300. It was my second Mercedes and this is my third Lexus. I have to say that the M-B may have more style, but the Lexus is definitely better quality. When my SLK was two weeks old- with just 436 miles on the odometer- I was unable to start it due to a manufacturing defect. Even when I drove $500 junks in college I was never left stranded. Needless to say, I had a few comments for the initial customer satisfaction survey that showed up in my mailbox that week!! I got a call from some jerk a week later explaining to me that cars are just machines and sometimes machines break down! I said "Hello!, I'm an engineer!" What should have been a courtesy call ended up really pissing me off. That happened last April. At Christmas with 8,500 miles, my supercharger needed replacement. I decided I'd had enough. The good part is that my car was a special edition of a vehicle that's limited production and I sold it for almost what I paid 8 months ago. I know the Lexus will be trouble-free for as long as I own it, as my other 2 were. I sure will miss putting that top down on a nice summer night, though!
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    My MB experiences are very similar to yours, although we tend to buy used rather than new when the price of a new gets over $30K .... and like you we ended up with a Lexus this time around. If MB was more reliable or less expensive to fix, I'd probably never have left the MB family. If price is not an issue, the new Lexus SC plannned for 2002 (I think) will have the retractable hard top like the SLK. I've heard it will be more expensive than the SLK though, but do not know for sure.
  • I am looking at a CPO Lexus for $22,900 with 40k miles. Can someone let me know if this is a good price. It has leather, CD changer, and extended warranty to 100k.

  • Give us the year for your CPO and we'll be able to answer your question a little better. And maybe you should confirm that it's an ES300 you're talking about too.
  • I have a '99 ES300 with Michelin MXV4 tires and traction control. Are these tires as bad as I think they are in the snow? I was stuck on a slight hill during a snow storm the other day and a Toyota Corolla passed me and went right up the hill. I tried backing down and getting up more speed and still couldn't get up the hill. Also tired it with the traction control off and it made no difference. Very embarrassing! Any suggestions for a better all season radial?
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    You are in the same boat as we are. We have a 99 ES300 with the same Michelin. My wife was stuck driving up a slight hill. Actually there was a school bus stopping on the other so she had to stop. then she wasn't able to get going again. A whole line of cars behind her waiting. She called me and I drove down and tried to get the car out. by this time all the cars behind her had already went around her. A couple of plow trucks stopped to help. After turning TRAC off, I was able to get the car out after a few tries. We are very disappoited of how the car handles in the snow. I don't know if it's the Michelin or the car itself. We are going to look at the RX300 and the Volvo S70 AWD this weekend. We have 2 young kids, can't put up with New England weather. Any suggestions? I would be happy to hear someone saying that these tires are no good because she loves the car and hates to part with it.
  • I use the MXV4's for normal' driving conditions on my '98 ES300. For winter driving I'm using Michelin Arctic Alines. They do a great job in upstate NY's winter weather I/ over 130" of snow thus far. I live on top of a rather steep hill in suburban Buffalo and the Arctic Alines have yet to fail me.
  • I too live in suburban Buffalo. My car has the Bridgestone RE2, which I am not too keen about especially with the weather we've had. I plan to buy Artic Alpins for next winter. I have them on my Toyota Sienna mini van. Do you feel that you're ES300 handles that well with them on? Have you ever driven with Blizzaks on the ES 300? I would appreciate your opinion, thanks.
  • hage45hage45 Posts: 13
  • Anyone know if major change is in order for the ES300 for 2002?

    I had an earlier model, 94 or 95 and liked it except for the lean in turning. I'd like another ES300 if it had a little more HP and more european like handling. We plan on trading in the wife's Volvo because she's "borrowing" my E320 too much. I think the MB C320 is too small but it drives great. The alternative is another E320 but it's a strain on our budget.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    Do most of you folks with winter tires just bring them in after the season and have whomever swap them out for you? I am thinking of getting a whole new set of 4 wheels mounted with snow tires. I will them bring it to a garage and have them swap out of get out my 2 ton hydraulic jack and do it my self. Any comments appreciated.
  • As I have previously posted, I too have Arctic Alpins in Upstate New York (130+ inches of snow so far) on my 2000 ES300 with Vehicle Skid Control (VSC). I purchased them from TireRack along with a set of fairly cheap alloy wheels and swap them in the Fall and Spring. They arrived pre-mounted and balanced. I also have a floor jack, breaker bar, and torque wrench to make the installation easier. There is a local tire shop that will switch them for free, but I feel I am more careful. The dealer used to have storage for the extra set of tires in the off season, but they ran out of room. Anyway, no problems so far this winter in a wide variety of snow, slush, and ice. I think the VSC is great although I had to special order the car to get it (which doesn't make a lot of sense in this region). I've taken it out after several snow storms to experiment with it and have enjoyed the great traction. However, I've still run into some conditions where it would be easy to slide through an intersection if some caution wasn't exercised.
  • I am disappointed that my new 2001 ES300 does not automatically lock upon starting the ignition. The models previous to this year had a programmable feature that would allow you to use this feature if you desired.

    When manufacturers are always trying to add safety features to vehicles, I find it strange that they would eliminate one of the best safety features on a vehicle. Since this feature was on my Camry I became very dependent on it. When I am out at night or in an unsafe neighborhood, I liked having the doors automatically lock. Lexus says when they changed the board this year, they eliminated this feature. They say some people liked it some people hated it. My feeling is if you did not like it you did not have to program it. I think most people (women especially) would cherish this feature once they have had it on a vehicle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried to get Lexus to give me a 2000 computer board, but the guy at headquarters seemed less than amused at my suggestion.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    don't you have all-season tires on your car? so that means you have to swap your tires when the weather changes?
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    I also feel disappointed like you. Even a 99 Corolla has that feature. Wonder if we can get the dealer's shop to rewire the door locks for us. I would think that it's done through electromechanical relays and if that's the case, it can be rewired.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    I have a 99 ES300 an I am unaware that it has the automatic locks. I may be wrong but I will look thru the manuals to see if I can find anything. Also we have this feature on our other 2 vehicles. The 96 Chrysler minivan automatically locks all doors when the speedometer reaches 15mph. When engine is shut off the driver and passenger doors can be open by just pulling the door latch open. The 2000 MB E320 when the car reaches 10mph all doors are locked. When engine is shut off all I have to do is pull the door latch on either drive or passenger door and all doors will unlock. Great feature, no need to lock or unlock. However the MB has no child safety locks on rear doors. According to the manuals, Mb does not believe in child safety locks so that if ever an accident occurs, the rear passenger can easily exit the vehicle.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    Yes, the Michelin MXV4 are all season. I will purchase a set of 4 bridgestone Blizzak WS50 mounted on 4 steel wheels with Toyota wheel covers. Total with shipping comes to like $500. but I am hoping winter will be over soon so I plan to purchase the set this October or so for next winter.
  • I suggest you go to, which from the sounds of it you already have. From what i have read you may be better off with the Michelin Artic alpines. I have them on my Toyota Sienna minivan
    and they handle very well. Blizzaks may have better ice performance but the ride and snow capability should be more than adequate with the Alpines. I believe the ride on dry pavement with Blizzak is
    skittish with braking according to Consumer Reports Nov. 1999.
  • I have a 2000 ES300 and I know for sure that they don't have automatic door locks, programmable or otherwise. I had an aftermarket remote keyless entry system installed several years ago by Circuit City on my wife's '95 Nissan Sentra, and it instantly locks all 4 car doors when the ignition is turned on and instantly unlocks all 4 doors when the ignition is turned off. It's the greatest feature of the system, and I too was sorely disappointed that the Lexus did not have it. I even took the car in to Circuit City to see if they could add something to make it behave that way, but they said no.

    So while I still have to lock the doors with the door switch, I've sort of trained myself to grab the key just so when I turn it off and if I catch it just right, I hit the unlock on the remote and the doors open "automatically." It really gives me a thrill when that happens, which is about 25% of the time.

    If anyone finds a way to add this feature to a late model ES300, PLEASE!!!!! let us all know about it.

    Al Finegold
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    Thanks for your feedback. I will check on the Arctic Alpins. yes, I was looking at and I have been looking at as well. the Blizzaks were $76 and the Arctic Alpins were $69.
  • I have never had Blizzaks on my '98 ES300. I have heard and read that they are excellent tires for winter conditions. Frankly, I went w/ the Arctic Alpine due to the good reputation of Michelin and my satisfaction w/ the Michelin MXV4's as my 'normal' tires. The Arctic Alpnes are exceptionally quiet, for a snow tire, which also was a factor in my choice of this tire. I purchased my Arctic Apines through Discount Tire and saved approximately $75 - $100 on a set of four. I purchased the MXV4's through Dunn Tire (Buffalo, NY based tire dealer). Dunn was about $10.00 more per tire; but, when I factored in the free mounting, balancing, tire stems, Dunn had the better deal. Plus they also include free lifetime balancing and rotation alongwI/ new valve stems every 5,000 miles. I drive 30 - 35,000 miles/ year so it presents a real value in my case. I've kept the same original rims for both sets of tires since they offer a changeover on 4 tires for only $20.00
  • Bought a new 2001 ES 300 last week, and as soon as I drove off the lot, I noticed a flutter sound every time I stepped on the accelerator and we are moving. The noise is particularly loud when the car is cold. Funny, but there's no sound when I step on the accelerator in Neutral or Park or when coasting. The frequency of the sound was definitely dependent on engine speed.

    I took it to the dealer 3 days after I bought it, and they were unable to locate the source of the noise. They asked me to drive it for now and said they would revisit the issue when I took it back for the 1000 mi/1 month checkup. The problem is, the noise is BOTHERING the hell out of me and I don't even feel like driving the car at all (I bought the car because it was so enjoyable to drive in the first place).

    Anyone have an idea what to do? Should I take it back to the dealer Monday and force them to solve the problem? Should I find an independent mechanic to look at it? Should I just turn the radio up?

  • Keep on top of the dealer about this. It almost sounds like a piece of paper or rubber or something is flapping against a part when the car is moving. Maybe a label or wrapping or something that was supposed to have been removed during dealer prep but wasn't. Have you looked carefully in the engine compartment and under the car to see if something appears loose and flappable? How about on the tires or the drive shaft?

    In any event, if it happens all or most of the time, insist when you take the car in to the dealer on Monday that a service advisor or mechanic ride with you so that you can point the noise out, rather than having the dealer take the car from you and look or drive it on their own. They should have no problem with this, and you can monitor that it's driven far enough and fast enough to create the problem.

    Good luck and best wishes to you on this. I know that all of us Lexus owners have heart attacks about any noise in our cars even if we've owned the car for years, so we surely can understand your emotion and frustration over such a problem in a brand new car.

  • Driving with traction control requires training. When the system is activated you feel like the drive chain on your 1952 panhead Harley is being stretched. That nasty chainring hopping. Your impulse is to let off the gas. If you do, you set up a form of pilot controlled oscillation that will have you end up motionless. You must give it more gas to overcome rotational inertia losses caused by the braking of the spinning wheel not less.

    Its sort of like ABS. The first ABS computer program on my Chrysler would have the pedal drop to the floor during a hard stop. No matter what the operating manual said, people would lift off the pedal and then pump the brake, all the way to the accident. They had a secret recall on that one.

    Tires having an aggressive tread pattern and silica in their compounds will increase the Mu S or coefficient of static friction and help you out a whole lot. Increasing weight will not have an effect when attempting to drive up hills. Forget what they tell you, it really is physics.

    After having been stuck too many times, driven into too many snow drifts, played with chains on four wheel drive vehicles, done three sixties, and seven twenties I have found out what to do.

    I moved to So Cal. Last week it was 94 degrees during the day. I drove past Disneyland with the sunroof open and the windows down at 9:30 at night. It was 74 degrees and lovely. Wet today but it gave me a chance to turn off the sprinklers.
  • Hi, i am new to the board and was wondering when the new model would be coming out? Have there been pictures released of the car? What will be new in 2002?Thanks
  • The model hasn't been updated for some time. Anyone have a clue when Lexus will make an upgrade? I'd like to see better handling sport suspension like European cars and maybe a little more power.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    Welcome to the Lexus ES300 board. The new, updated ES300 will be out in September, 2001 as a 2002 model year. It will be a totally new design as well as the 2002 Toyota Camry. There have been many rumors about what it will look like but I am not sure if anyone really knows as of yet. I am sure Lexus will keep the price in line with the current model since it competes with Infiniti I30 and the Acura 3.2. The Acura actually is less than the Lexus and has more standard features. I have not seen any official pictures of it yet but there have been posts here about possible look-a-likes. I hope it will have framed windows and possibly a 5-speed automatic transmission. I suspect they will keep the 6 cylinder engine with maybe a little more horsepower. Every update of a current engine, for some reason, has more horsepower. We should be finding out more about it soon now since it is only approx. 6 months away. I will be watching closely because I am in the mood for it or the new Camry.
  • Hi folks.

    Check out this web site:

    Click on the car line up, then sedans,
    then click on the lower right tab with the
    red "NEW" label. It's called the MarkII. The
    web site already lists a Camry over there so
    I don't think a MarkII is a Camry. After
    getting into the MarkII page, click on some
    of the blue letters (in Japanese). It's a
    very nice looking upscale car. Even has
    window frames! What do you think?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I placed a $500 deposit this past weekend on the upcoming new ES. I am number five in line at my dealer (in the Chicago area). I currently have a 1995 ES that I bought new (with only 31,000 miles on it now) and am about 90% sure I will get the new one. My deposit is fully refundable at any time.

    Also, there have been several TV shows on in Chicago about the auto show here, and one interviewed the Midwest manager for Toyota. He didn't comment on the ES, but talked briefly about the Camry and said what we already knew, that's it's coming out in the Fall.

    For those that don't know, owners of Lexus dealers were shown the new ES back in October I believe at a meeting in Colorado. They weren't given any details, but they were able to see the car up close. My dealer said Lexus felt they did not do enough to the last redesign (in 1997) to separate it from the previous 1992-96 version, and that the new one will be noticeable different from the current one.

    Also, I have been invited to a Lexus focus group in Chicago in two weeks, and the topic is the ES and the entire Lexus experience. So, maybe I'll find out some more info then. My dealer actually arranged to have me attend.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    I've never heard of that problem on an es300.
    that is surprising. but Afinegold offered some
    great advice. good luck.

    regarding auto locks, I don't think consumers
    ever demanded them to be a necessity. I'm sure
    Lexus would put them in ES if that were the case.
    I personally don't have any problem with not
    having it. Having it may even be an annoyance.

    That is a nice upscale looking sedan but I don't
    think it's the new ES. it's called Fortuna and
    not Windom. I tried to find the new ES but couldn't on the jp site. can't read japanese so
    I pretty much clicked on everything in sight.

    I really hope the 2002 ES will have some of the
    styling(front & back) similar to that of the
    current generation. I think the current gen is
    the most elegant luxury car design on the market.
    it gets better with age. I kinda got sick of
    the 1996 LS400 and latest GS400/300 designs. The
    SC400 and ES styling seem to still look fresh to
    me. After a nice wash, my ES can still turn heads.
    I think the next ES will be bigger(maybe 3.2, 230
    bhp or more), more luxurious(nav,etc) and expensive than the IS300. Lexus is deliberately
    refraining from showing it to us to make its
    introduction even more special.
    Please let us know Lenscap.
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    I was told at the Lexus exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday that the redesigned ES300 will not be out for over a year (spring 2002) and will debut as a 2003 model. He seemed to know what he was talking about. Was he wrong?
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