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    Per messages 844 and 845, has the ES300 Coach for $29,996. After shopping around several dealers, we were able to find one in Southern California who would match this price. You might try and locate a dealer near you owned by Penske since they also own part of and are more likely to match the price. Good luck.
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    Since not all dealers will match the price, I was was just wondering why you bothered shopping around at several dealers instead of just taking the car from
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    Funny, Jason, much as I love my ES, I thought that the Acura had much better head room (I'm 'bout as tall as you) and leg room. The current ES is more, ah, cozy. I don't find that the '02 TL is necessarily more aggressive in its styling at all; both cars are commonly slammed for their relative lack of personality. Plus, there's too much shiny chrome on the TL (on the side trim, even the door handles!).That's cool with most of us ES and TL owners; we like nice stealthy cars. If you want personality, check out that new Benz C; it's got headlamps that are shaped like a sideways Mr. Peanut(TM)! Do I hear a lawsuit from Planter's Nuts to DaimlerChryster?
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    He is the Fleet Manager at a very large Lexus dealership in California!
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    I took a look at the C-series Benzs...actually, I don't mind the headlights...still not my stiyle however. Is anyone here from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, and what kind of deals are being struck for a 2001 ES300? I never really noticed how the ES300 TMV value has dropped under their invoice...I guess becuase of the onset of the 2002 models??? Does Lexus deal much...never dealt with them before....going back to the Acura dealership tomorrow to take another look at the TL....also an ES300 and a BMW325i...
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    Does anyone know an actual date when there might be a picture and more details available on the 2002 ES? Will the car rags have a preview before Lexus formally announces anything?
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    Is it necessary to routinely replace the timing belt for an ES300 as your mileage piles up? I am at about 90K miles and wondering if it should be done. My understanding is that it is not necessary for some makes of cars. Is the ES300 one of them? Does anyone recommend any other major maintenance as you approach 100K miles?
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    I'm not sure if it has a belt or chain, but if it has a belt, it will definately be listed in the owners manual when it should be changed.

    Most cars need the timing belt changed somewhere between 90,000 and 120,000 miles.
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    Hey JMaynard,

    I changed the timing belt on my 96 ES at 85K miles. It could probably make it much longer but why take the chance.

    When the timing belt snaps, you stop...

    Go to a good mechanic and save big $$$ over Lexus techs.
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    I was surfing around and I can't say for sure, but I think this could be the new 2002 ES300. It looks like a baby LS430.

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    The Previs is NOT the new ES. If you look at the dimensions they are smaller than the dimensions for the Windom (ES) on the Toyota/Japan web site.

    My friend who owns a Lexus dealer has said the new ES will definitely be larger than the current car.

    By the way, the meeting for owners of lexus Elite dealers just wrapped up in Phoenix yesterday (it was Sunday-Thursday). I'll try and find out from my friend (who's dealer is an Elite) if any info on the new ES was revealed.
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    This may or may not be valid info on the elusive 2002 ES300, but it's worth a quick look.

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    And here's another link using the same opening quote of "ANY OTHER CAR WOULD BE DRIVING DECAF." So is this finally some valid news about the new ES300? Doesn't seem any different from the current ones, though. The current ES 300s have separately adjustable front heated seats, 4 speed transmissions, 210 HP, get 19-26 EPA mileage, etc. So is this any different from the 2000 and 2001 models??? Or is this just a sneaky, misleading promotional way to sell the old 2000s and 2001s by implying that the 2002s won't be any different?


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    I just finished polishing m wife's car (Pearl White Lexus ES300) and noticed tiny (smaller than a pinhead) dots of rust in the paint. I used a light polishing compund (Meguiar's #1) and a clay bar but neither removed the spots. I have a paint sealant w/warranty from the dealer. Is this something that needs to be looked at NOW? Has anyone else seen anything like this?
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    These descriptions seem inconsistent with a redesign. They look more like tweaks, so it's hard to believe. The new I35 is a tweak too, though.

    Someone had posted a while back that the 2002 ES would have a 5 speed auto, like the IS300. This is becoming a standard feature in the luxury class. I'm looking forward to the post-dealer meeting info!
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    I found this site months back while doing some investigating.
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    I'm confused by the 2000 nexus maintenance requirements. The book says you should have the scheduled maintenance at "15,000 miles or 12 months". Does that mean which ever comes first? My dealer noted to come back at 15,000 miles. He didn't note anything about 12 months. I would appreciate anyone comments.
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    Ucfgrad1 I looked at the 2002 ES300 at the geocities web site and I cringed a bit. Those cat eyes are a bit much and I sincerely hope that is not the final cut. Makes me want to run out and secure a 2001 model before it is too late. Does anyone have an opinion on this "possible" 2002 ES300 design?
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    The same geocities web site points to the Toyota Mark II as a hint of what the next Camry will look like. If that is truly the case, the Camry would have a more appealing design than the "possible (I hope not)" ES300 replacement.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051

    This may give you a vague idea of what the new ES300 might look like inside.

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    This is the most appealing Camry interior I have ever seen. Even though I am aware that Lexus is an upscale version of the Camry I have never been tempted to purchase one in part because the interior is so drab. However if the 2002 Camry has an appealing exterior to compliment the more upscale interior, I might be tempted. The challenge would be finding a Toyota dealer with decent customer service.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    It turned out the picture was actually a mirror image photo of a Japanese version Toyota that was flipped around to put the steering wheel on the left.
    The new Camry interior will be much more plain that that.
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    Are they relaible? I would assume so, but would like to hear from the owners.

    How about the handling? Some says not very good; would also like to hear from the owners.

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    Hello all:

    I have been monitoring this forum for some time and have the opportunity to trade my 2000 Solara SLE for a 2000 ES300 w/8K miles for 29,900. It has the usual options (Moonroof, 6-disk changer, heated seats) and possibly some other options I don't know about. It was sold new by the dealer. I don't know the color or if it has 16" wheels vice the standard 15". BTW, does the ES300 come with splash guards or are they available as an option? My SLE has them and they do protect the lower portion of the body from debri and blemishes wonderfully.

    My Solara is loaded and has been a wonderful car. Would I really be getting that much more by trading to a Lexus? I feel that Lexus is an ultra-refined Toyota (this is good), and since my Solara is closer in content/luxury to the ES300 than the Camry XLE, then I might not be getting that much more car.

    I know the new 2002 ES300 is due out in about 4 months, and I may be jumping in on a 'old' 2000 instead of seeing what the new ones will look like and cost.

    Thanks for any input or advice.

    Michael J. McCloskey
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    AWESOME! That's it!

    I currently have 108K miles on my 96 ES and have to say it has been the most reliable car I've ever owned.

    No problems...I take it to my own mechanic for service (save big $$$ over Lexus shop), change oil every 5000 miles, changed timing belt at 85K, complete service at 85K...couldn't ask for more from the car.

    A couple of years back, I looked at the 2000 ESs and decided that my car was in just as good as shape (actually better since it's broken in real nice now) and skipped the trade.

    If you can find a 95 or 96 ES that's in showroom condition like mine, go for it. I still get compliments on my 5 year old ES (many people think it's new)

    BTW...handling is exceptional. I rotate my tires every 5K miles and make sure the alignment is set correctly. I couldn't be more pleased with this car.

    Recommendations: for polish, use a certified mechanic (non-Lexus) for service, repairs, for very smart interior wood-trim.

    Good luck finding one as nice as mine.

    Rolloman, Houston
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    Oddly enough, I just traded a 2000 Solara SLE for an '01 ES300. My Solara had ever option except traction control and y e s it was a fine car. Personally I did not like the two-door and had a rattle in the dash I absolutely could not get the Toyota service department interested in fixing. I wondered the same thing as you.....if the step up was really enough of a step to justify a trade. I describe the difference this way... a Lexus is a Toyota on steroids....Toyota is very good and Lexus is terrific. While I can't speak to a used ES300 I can tell you my new one does everything quicker, quieter, smoother, smarter, and better....well worth it.
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    That price seems high for a pre-owned 2000 ES. I have read posts here by people saying that some place like selling for similar pricing for a brand new 2001.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    That price is too high, but is probbaly just the asking price. You should negotiate it down.
    You can get a 2001 with the usual options for about the same price from in some parts of the country.
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    I'm wondering if the paint job on my two month old White 2001 ES isn't up to par. I have only driven it 600 miles; it had a rock chip on the front within two weeks. Now, there is a chip on the back where the trunk lid meets the side. I can recall no incident for either of these. With very little effort, my fingernail peeled a little of the paint off. None of our other cars' paint has ever done this. My daughter's White IS300 is a year old, and has two chips also. Any ideas/similar problems?
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    Edmunds TMV price for 2001 ES300 with value package + heated front seats (for zip 08540) is $29,400.
    Has anyone bought it for this price in NJ/NY area?
    Does anyone know of a dealer ship that offers this price in NJ/NY area?

  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    I saw an ad on a magazine about ES300 coach edition. Is it a good deal to buy a coach-edition, instead of the value package?
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    Edmunds TV price for 2001 ES300 with Coach package & HID lamps is $30,583.
    Has anyone bought it for this price in the Chicano area?
    Does anyone know of a dealer ship that offers this price in the Chicano area?
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    I also have my questions re: the paint on my 2000 ES300 (Diamond White). I too have noticed very small "rust" looking spots on both rear quarter panels. They rub out easily with wax and a cloth, but I still wonder what they are from. Also, I agree that the paint seems to not be very resistant to chipping. As comapered to other cars that I've owned it appears that the paint on my Platinum Edition is considerably more "delicate".
  • rob175rob175 Posts: 19
    For "mgmg", I purchased my ES300 (2000) Platinum Edition last August, just before the 2001's were to come out and drove out of the dealership paying $31,100 INCLUDING all tax, title, and transfer stuff. I bought it at Arlington Lexus and was treated very well.
  • mgmgmgmg Posts: 3

    This is good information since I'm talking with Arlington. Could you tell me the MSRP and/or invoice price on your platinium edition. This will give me a refernce point for negotiations.
  • rob175rob175 Posts: 19
    The original MSRP was approx 36,700...Platinum Edition
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    Rob, If you get to your dealer before I get back to mine let me know what they think about the rust spots. I tried a mild polish but could not remove my spots. I was afraid to use anything more abrasive.
  • ugmd20ugmd20 Posts: 11
    I recently bought a black/onyx Coach edition and have been very pleased. The difference between the Coach and the standard editions are Lexus logo badging on the outside of the car (smoked chrome for Coach), wheels (upgraded, and much more attrative in my opinion....also a smoked color), Coach leather interior w/perforated leather, Coach logo on floormats, center console, and front side panels on the outside of car, and also a very nice Coach travel bag (approx. $500-600 value). I see fewer of these on the road than the standard edition ES300's, a feature that I also enjoy. The only downside is that you're limited to either the white or black for the exterior of the car. We were all set to buy the white one when we took a second look at the black on black version. The black exterior w/the black Lexus badging and wheels made us change our minds. Black is a bit harder to keep clean, but I wash my cars at least once every one to two weeks anyway. We've been very happy. Let me know what you decide.
  • mgmgmgmg Posts: 3
    For "rob175". Thanks for the MSRP info. I will use this in the negotiations. mgmg
  • rebelskrebelsk Posts: 65
    Any new information or pictures of the new ES300 that is coming? thanks
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    You can bet that when new information is available, someone will post it without needing to be prompted. Many people are interested in this.
    There is a little information and some rumors about the 2002 model in previous posts.
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    I went out to my car this morning and it turned over very slow.. I thought it was the battery but it is about 16 mos old.. The Alternator is only putting out about 50 amps. (Checked at the local Autozone) - Autozone wants to sell me a new one. Any advise?
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    I have a '94 ES300 with 79,000 miles. Bought it new and have maintained it very well changing oil every 3,000 miles etc. though not at the Lexus dealership. It's about 50 miles to the dealer and I've been able to get everything maintained very well at home. The only problem I have had was some AC work that the Lexus dealer warranted---until now. My wife came home and I noticed an oil spot in the front of the engine. Brought it to my regular mechanic and he said that it was transmission oil and the gasket needed to be replaced. Called around and the cost will set me back about $1000 to $1500. My questions: Is it usually for a gasket to go this early? Does the price sound about right? Should I consider trading it in? (I had hope to get at least another two years out of it---the exterior and interior is in excellent shape). Should I bring it to the Lexus dealer, another local car dealer or a tranny shop? (My mechanic doesn't do this type of work) Any suggestions comments would be appreciated!
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    In response to the question about '95/'96 300s, I would like to share my experience. I bought a '96 ES 300 Coach Edition (black/tan interior) in Jan 2000, with 47,000 miles on it.
    I now have 66,000 miles, and no problems whatsoever. I've had the services done at the dealer up until now, but I just found a very good mechanic who will be taking care of it from now on.
    The ride is nice, but don't expect BMW handling. This car is built to be a highway cruiser, and I think it excels at that. Handling is fine, but don't get too agressive on the twisty back roads.
    The interior seems to hold up well, apart from some discoloration of the wood trim on the doors.

    I have a co-worker who has a '92 ES 300 with 130,000 miles. He just had it serviced, and it needed approx $1200 worth of stuff - suspension bushings, shocks/struts etc. However, the dealer said the car is in great shape and should easily do another 100,000 miles. You have to expect to put some money into any car once you get over the 100k mark, but with the ES 300, it seems to be worth it.
    I plan to hang on to mine until it dies or starts costing more than it's worth to maintain.
  • justfind6justfind6 Posts: 30
    Even if it costs $1500 to fix the gasket, that's only $62 a month if you plan on keeping the car for two more years. It's a lot less than a new car payment.

    If you are going to have it fixed, you may want to consider doing the timing belt at the same time. Even Lexus dealers should cut you a break on the labor charges if you have both done at once. They have to open up the engine either way.
  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    Leased it for 4 years. The more I drive it the more I love it. My decision was between this and an Acura TL-S. I almost feel like its too expensive looking for my style. I came from a '98' 4-Runner to an ES 300 Coach Edition, white with ivory int. Tried to get the dealer to knock off an extra $500 for the Coach bag, but didn't fly.

    What is the top end speed on this hwy cruiser? I want to wait until she's broken in before I max out.

    Also for those who travel alot, whats a good detector? I heard an ad for something called the Phantom. Its a detector and a scrambler for $299. Anyone ever used these?

    Looking forward to hearing from current ES 300 owners.

  • justfind6justfind6 Posts: 30
    Congrats on the new car!

    Do NOT believe any of those ads for so-called radar jammers. They are junk. It takes a lot to really jam radar - probably enough to microwave the cop and his car to crispy critters.

    I'm sure there are radar detector forums in here, but I like the Valentine One (only available from Valentine, see

    There are others that are better in some respects, but if you live in an area with a lot of armed tax-collectors (oops, I mean, cops) the V1 is great at telling you how many signals it's receiving and the direction of the signal.

    Saved my butt on numerous occasions.
  • ripinrocketripinrocket Posts: 157

    Your top end is about 137-140MPH.

    Do you really want to try it?
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    My '97 ES sprung a leak at 51K miles. It was the SEAL between the engine and tranny, not a gasket. Tranny fluid spots on the garage floor. Dealer fixed it under the drivetrain warranty, but they had to remove the tranny. Turns out the seal was "mysteriously" pinched, result in premature failure. I'm sure the bill would have been in the $1500 range if I had to pay for it.

    The sensitivity of the new Escort 8500 is MUCH better than the Valentine. Mine picked up a local sheriff using Ka radar more than five blocks away and around a corner. Check out this link:
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    Hi friends,

    Catherine Heins is looking for people to interview who have switched from American to Japanese cars in the past few years-- especially folks who wouldn't have given a Toyota or Honda the time of day in the 1970s.

    She's a business reporter at the Yomiuri Shimbun, which is the biggest daily paper in Japan with a circulation of 14 million. They are writing a feature story about Japanese automakers' continuing success in expanding production in the U.S. and snatching market share from the Big Three even on their former home turf of light trucks.

    If you fit this description and are willing to be interviewed, please call her directly at 212-582-5827 or e-mail her at [email protected]. As always, you can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.


    Jeannine Fallon
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