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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    If it is moving further upmarket, the time has come to make leather seats and moonroof standard since 99% are ordered that way anyway.
  • remus26remus26 Posts: 34

    I doubt Leather & moonroof will standard, since even the LS430 doesn't come standard with a moonroof. Hey, at least they give people some choice!
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    the all new 2002 ES would be great if the info
    you provided were true. let's hope so. but I'm
    with lenscap. most are speculation until finally
    revealed by lexus. I think the only think we all
    can agree on is that it's definitely moving
    upmarket since it has earned quite a remarkable
    status. don't know why lexus would get rid of
    nakamichi sound system but your info is plausible.

    what about looks? would anybody have a problem
    if the new ES have the same looks as the LS430?
    I would prefer a variation of the current ES look.
    maybe with more standard gold plating, clear lens,
    wider track, more chiseled.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    check out the website
    the info they provided about the 2002 ES is
    the same as what Remus had stated, basically.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    ES300 is now availble for less than an IS300 via Carsdirect (at least in my area).

    I priced a 2001 ES300 with value package and heated seats and a 2001 IS300 with leather, heated seats and moonroof and the ES300 actually came out cheaper. Amazing.
    You have to really prefer the IS300 to buy one, because it is not the cheapest way to get a new Lexus.
  • remus26remus26 Posts: 34

    Lexus is completely dumping Nakamichi as their optional Sound System. All Lexus' are moving to Mark Levinsion. Nakamichi supposedly has a problem with developing stereo systems that will cooperate with NAV systems and voice activation.

    The ES300 will be a variation of the current ES300. Alot of the same styling cues will shift over to the new one. Although, it is said the 2002 ES300 will be alot different from the 2001 model whereas the 1997 was only slightly different from 1996.
  • jamrock4jamrock4 Posts: 53
    I am also seriously considering the purchase of the 2002 Lexus ES300. Remus26 provides a lot of information which I am hoping is correct (3.3 V6 has me drooling).

    I spoke to a Lexus dealer in Atlanta who told me that the new ES300 will look like a scaled down LS430. According to lenscap 'dealer owners did see the car last October at a meeting in Colorado'. Did your dealer friend indicate whether new ES300 resembles the LS430?
  • es_rx300es_rx300 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to change the 3rd brake light bulb on a '92 ES? I have tried prying it apart and pushing up the tabs from inside the trunk with no luck. I would prefer not to pay the dealer 30 bucks, if there is an expert out their to point me in the right direction.


    '92 ES Rose Quartz
    '99 RX Silver
  • peter7777peter7777 Posts: 24
    Will the 2002 ES300 have active head restraints like the Infiniti I30 and Saab 9-3? That feature is on my short list of must have options.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I have heard nothing about the styling of the ES vs. the current LS. My thought is the cars may have some similar styling cues but will not look alike the way a C-Class and S-Class do.

    Lexus is holding a meeting for Elite dealers May 13-17 in Santa Barbara, CA. More information on the car is expected to be revealed at that time.

    The current schedule is for production to begin in July with the first cars arriving at dealers in October.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    We are going to have wait and see what happens, but it is doubtful that Lexus would square off the styling to look more like a stodgy LS430, rather than keep the sleeker lines the ES300s have always had.
  • pugs03pugs03 Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing a '95 ES 300. It has 88K and looks nice and clean. Any advice on specific problems to look for in 95's? Also, what type (and approximate cost) of servicing am I looking at in the near future? I've read through a lot of messages posted here and have not read anything + or - on the 95's.

    Thanks for your help,
    A prospective Lexus owner.
  • mathtypemathtype Posts: 33
    The best place, as far as I'm concerned, to investigate problem areas for any used car is the April issue (or annual buying guide) of Consumer's Reports magazine. If you're contemplating buying an ES 300 with 88K on the clock, the obvious potential major cost is the 90K service, which may include a timing belt replacement. For what it's worth, my '94 ES 300, which has traveled 86K miles, has been relatively problem-free. It's needed tires, a battery, a new starter, and motor mounts, and that's it.
  • I have '96 ES300 with 68k miles. Does anyone know when would be a good time for me to change the timing belt and how much it would cost me to get it done? Thanks
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Tomorrow I go to begin my 2 week process of buying a car....I generally find it takes 2 weeks(and sometimes more) to get a minimum $ deal with a trade (if I didn't have a trade I could probably do it in a day or two). Just wondering if the TMV posted on Edmunds for the '01 ES300 is do-able. It seems kinda low considering the numbers I see in the auto classifieds on used ones.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    The asking prices at a dealer are always very high. They really do not expect to sell for very near that price.
    Kelly Blue Book retail prices are only the starting point for negotiations.

    There are currently dealer incentives on the ES300 that allow the dealers to discount heavily and still make a good profit on the sale.

    I have heard that there are also very good subsidies on leases financed by Lexus Finance. Sometimes luxury car makers will put the best incentives on leases so they can "save face" and not over discount the cars and hurt their resale values. They might give very low lease factor rates and maybe artificially high residual values to lower the payments.

    In this case, I'm thinking about leasing one this year and I normally prefer to purchase.
  • justfind6justfind6 Posts: 30
    The timing belt is supposed to be inspected at 60,000 miles, and usually changed at 90,000. However, a friend here at work has a '94 ES300 with 128,000 on it, and the Lexus dealer inspected the belt at 90,000 and said it was fine, and didn't change it until 120,000.
  • brangabranga Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Lexus ES300. When ever I get my car washed, for 2/3 days I
    get some kind of foul smell inside, it stays for few minutes after I
    start riding.

    It used to be regular in rainy reason when drive in rain, but I couldn't
    realize that it is because of water. Over a period of time I noticed
    after the car wash, when I pull down & pull up my windows I see water
    traces on glass, this stays for 1to 2 days.

    Is there any solution to this problem?
    Does water in my door creates any problem/damage (kind of corrosion).

  • khidotkhidot Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a new 2001 Lexus ES300 in the Dallas and Houston area. Has anyone bought one lately so I can have a starting point for price negotiation? Thank you
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Somehow, water is collecting in your HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) system. It gets in though the vents in front of the windshield. No way to prevent its entry, as water will even get in there when its raining (as you noticed), but usually there are drains to keep the water from collecting. Perhaps your drains are plugged? I don't know the fix, but your Lexus dealer should be able to give you some advice.

    The water on your windows is not from water inside your door, but from the wet weatherstripping that rubs on the window.

    You didn't say where you lived, but here in Colorado, where it is VERY dry, it still takes at least a day for my weatherstripping to dry. I would imagine if you live where it is real humid it could take longer.
  • rollomanrolloman Posts: 64
    I have a 96 ES with 107K miles and have never had a problem with water/smells. I live down here in Houston where it's always sauna-like.

    I too believe that your HVAC drains are clogged.

    One time when I took my Lexus for an oil-change, the tech mistakenly hit something with the AC unit when replacing oil filter. 2 days later on a trip when stopping/going I kept hearing what sounded like water swirling inside the car. I also noticed that the radio/CD player kept shorting out.

    After investigation, there was about 2 inches of water puddled up in the rear right foot area. Water was pouring out of the foot AC vents and flooding the radio amp. Can you believe that?

    Lexus wanted to totally replace the carpet for $1000. I laughed and used my trusty Wet/Dry vac to remove the water, took the amp to my radio guy for new cost of repair $60.

    Car's been running trouble-free since. You might keep an eye on those oil-change guys. Think I'll start doing that myself.

    Maybe your problem is related to something like that. Just a thought. I always seem to uncover the mysteries of the universe when it comes to cars and houses. Somebody's gotta do it, I guess.

    Hang on to your 96! Mine still drives and looks brand new. On my way to 200K and beyond!

  • dannyledannyle Posts: 43
    Is it me or has everyone notice that new cars nowaday esp. entry level luxury are scale down from their flagship model ..

    Not a bad thing, but I was just wondering if everyone notice that.

    New A4 is a scale down of A6
    New C class is scale down of S class
    New Jaguar X-type is a scale down of the S class
    And now New Es300 is a scale down of LS ..

    All very good for us consumer :)
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    There are no pictures that show that the new ES is going to look like a scaled down LS. It is just speculation.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    just got one today in Lubbock (just 350miles west of you)from Alderson Cadillac/BMW/Lexus from Glen Garnett (the head guy in their Lexus dealership) for invoice(actually 200 over according to Edmunds) Did the whole thing in about 45minutes. Believe me, I trade alot, and never had such a quick me-happy/them-happy deal. Got very fair money for my trade and it was a no hassle deal. White ES300 w/Lexus Value PKG(moonroof, 6disc changer, and leather), wood steering wheel, gold kit, wheel locks, and 16"wheels listing for $34700+ discounted $4000+. The lease deal (a Lexus lease perk) paid 5 of the 6.25% sales tax and I paid 1.25 of the sales tax (with my trade $140)....great deal (available til April 30) and even without a trade they do the same paying 80% of your sales tax). Glen, very straight with me, says he sells all over Texas because of his no-nonsense dealing. My buy was over Edmund's TMV (which seems a little ambitious to me), but was right on invoice and for a Lexus and I figured this guy deserved some money for not making me spend 2 weeks getting to the bottom shopped 3 weeks for a used one and the dang things are nearly as much as my new one. Lexus is cautious about blasting the media with discount prices, but they are definately giving the dealers plenty of room to discount this end-of-production car. My guy said Dallas was strong on ES300 but sales were weak out here in the high dessert. Good luck.
  • khidotkhidot Posts: 2
    I really appreciate your help. That information will give me a starting point to negotiate for a fair price. There is nothing worse than trying to negotiate when one has absolutely no idea what the fair price is. Thanks again
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    My family friend who owns a Lexus dealer said Lexus has told dealers the 2002 base price will drop from $31,505 (for a 2001) to around $30,000. Of course, dealers still know nothing in terms of what equipment will be standard/optional. If there are several options the price could go up quickly from there (the Mark Levenson stereo and navigation system will be options).

    Supposedly the interior is where the ES will stand apart from its competitors. The materials, look and feel of the interior are reported to be a huge step up from the current model (which is very good) and mimic the LS 430.
  • rebelskrebelsk Posts: 65
    I spoke with an editor of one of the well known car magazines and he said that the car is slated to be shown to the press in late may and they cannot release articles and pictures about it till August 1. The car will be available in October.
  • fx991fx991 Posts: 1
    Will any internal engine damage result if the timing belt breaks on an ES 300? Is there enough valve clearance to prevent the valves from either bending or punching a hole in the top of the piston?
  • r3ficor3fico Posts: 11
    Was at the local Lexus dealer a couple of weekends ago and the salesman I was talking to was honest enough to tell me that it would be "really stupid" for anyone to buy an ES 300 now.

    According to him changes for 2002 are :

    *Rounder lines on the exterior

    *Improved interior dashboard layout

    *The same engine will be used, maybe tweaked for a few more horses. The '02 will NOT get the inline 6 unfortunately

    * The '02 will remain a FWD

    * The transmission will be upgraded from 4 speed to 5 speed

    * The suspension may be tightened up a little

    * Navigation & Mark Levinson will be offered as options. Btw, the Mark Levinsoon system in the 430 is the best I've heard by miles, PERIOD. Honestly, nothing comes close.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051

    It looks vaguely like a scaled down LS (as some have rumoured the new ES would look).

    I don't know that it would be "real stupid" to buy a 2001 ES if you got one very heavily discounted. The new ES will probably be very hard to get in the first few months. This will mean they will be selling for sticker price. The price difference between a 2001 near invoice (or maybe below in some places) and a 2002 at full sticker will be significant.
    I have heard you can get a 36 month/15K mi lease on 2001 ES with the Lexus Value Package for below $500 per month with zero cap reduction until April 30th if you lease through Lexus Financial.

    So far, the only major differences other than new cosmetic styling and minimal power increase are, 5 speed automatic, optional navigation system and optional Mark L stereo as opposed to optional Nakamichi.
    Buyers who choose not to order the navigation system are getting little of significance that they can't get on a 2001.

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