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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Could you gentleman advise me on approximately what kind of gas mileage you are getting on the ES300? I see that the 2002 will have a 5-speed auto and am concerned about mileage especially since what happened to prices earlier this summer. Thanks.
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    Feel happier that I could get the good looking ES before the new one came and platinum series is good--installed a 7" DVD alpine nav a yr back so with no addl power, don't think I care much for the new car--at least not yet
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The 2002 will get better mileage than the 2001, although not much.

    2001: 19/26
    2002: 20/29
  • Have only checked mileage once with 1,000 miles on motor. Avg. 21.5 mpg combined. But engine was new. Have approx. 4,300 now. Will check on next fill up and post.
    By the way, Lexus was offering $1,500 "Dealer Cash" and $500 Customer Cash for previous owners BUT that ended 7/31. Anybody know if Lexus has extended offer?

    dardson1, what are you averaging? How and where did you add Nav. system? What did the "Platinum" edition have on it?

  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    Hi-I think ctrowland--were u referring to my platinum--u say dardson1--well anyways I will try to answer ur question as well-my platinum had wood.leather steering, textured leather, embroidered floor mats, polished alloy, HID lights, heated seats and moonroof, 6 CD, etc
    I installed the alpine DVD system from cartoys for around 3K and it is really amazing.
  • Gambhir,

    I too have a 2000 Platinum II (w/Nakamichi as well as everything else) and it is truly a wonderful machine. Am interested in a couple of more details about your Nav. You say that you installed the system from CarToys--does that mean that YOU installed it or that they installed it for you for about $3000? Also, how and where does it mount, and what does it sit in front of (ie., does it interfere with any of the controls behind it, does it look sorta funny sitting there even though it does a great job, etc.) Finally, does in work about the same as a factory-installed one works on an LS400 or 430 (ie, voice information, colored screen, one DVD disk covers all or most of the country, accurate and precise turn-by-turn directions and results, etc.)?

    We have a CarToys place near us in the Seattle area that I will drop by if you say it's a solid item and looks pretty good even though it's not built into the dash.

  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    I don't blame you guys for being happy you
    went for the 00 or 01 ES. The new ES is good
    looking as stated by some car mags. but I
    think it lost some of the elegance and classyness
    that the previous one had. It really looked
    more expensive than it actually was. The two-tone
    paint was also an ES trademark that set itself
    apart. and car looks very exciting, not boring at all. Don't know about you guys but I think
    Lexus is taking a big risk by going revolutionary
    instead of taking the safe route of evolutionary
    design with this new ES like pretty much all
    other luxury car makers do. Perhaps lexus will
    take another look at the previous gen and provide
    better link as they improve the new ES.

    However, its interior is where they display their
    design brilliance. It really took some cues
    from the LS430.

    question: Shus226 comment raised an interesting
    concern for me. Has anyone ever
    had their ES tranny replaced or
    rebuild? don't have a problem but I
    don't think this was ever brought up
    before in this forum. When would be
    good time to replace it? I stated this
    before but in cold weather, the car
    shifting into 2nd is sluggish.
    normally it is "almost unreal" smooth
    so sluggishness is uncharacteristic.

    anyway, if I didn't have a previous gen ES, I would miss it. but since I do own one, I don't
    have to.
  • I was referring to your Platinum. Sorry for the mistake. Sounds like it came with the same options as my Coach. I too am interested in where you mounted the Nav. and how it works.

    fredvh: Filled "her" up yesterday. 22.5 mpg combined with A/C on.

    Got my Car and Driver in the mail yesterday. They do a "Preview" of the new ES. Lexus and C&D say the IS 300 will target the sport market while the ES 300 is "assigned...full time to the luxury beat". They talk about how it is longer, taller and wider. How wonderful the interior is and about all the new and previous safety equipment. BUT what they don't talk about is the new style. Not one word. (things that make you go hmm...) The title of the article is "Luxury seekers face a quandary. There are still no satin sheets." Patrick Bedard, author of the article, held his cards pretty close to his vest. I'm not sure if he likes it or not.
    A word on price. The article says "At $31,000, plus or minus a few bones, depending on your restraint with the options, splendor seekers will find a lot of Lexus for less."

  • Ctrowland1, I too read that article in my mag which arrived yesterday. That was my first look at real pictures of the 2002 and like most I've read on this board recently, I'm left thinking the exterior design is lacking. I purchased a 2001 at the end of July before I had any hard data or accurate looks at the 2002 and I'm now very glad I did. It just looks more stylish and sleek than the 2002, in my opinion. Particularly the back end. What is up with the 2002? I took one look at the pictures in the magazine and "Camry Solara" screamed out at me.

    I will say that the pictures of the interior look fantastic. I like my 2001 but the interior of the 2002 looks to be an upgrade, especially with the same leather now found in the LS. Having more interior room I'm sure will be a plus for the new model too. Bedard specifically stated that the 2002 would have more room than the current GS (much like the new Altima is supposedly bigger than the Maxima, I guess).
  • tmttaxatty and other ES owners. Almost without exception, owners of the "good looking ES" are happy they have one. It will be interesting to see how many of the new style Lexus sells. In the Car and Driver article, Lexus said they are shooting for 50,000 per year. That would be a 10,000 increase over the previous design. Lexus is very good at targeting their customers. AND they make great cars. Time will tell. As I sit on the side line and watch, I will take comfort in knowing I own a great, good looking car. (IMO)
    tmttaxatty, which ES did you get? How do you like it? Check gas mileage yet?

  • Hey Guys (and Girls),

    While snooping around Chrysler 300M Town Hall Board, I discovered a web site that studies the construction of many oil filters on the market. If you are concerned about what oil filter you use, check out this site, very informative non biased study.

    By the way the Chrysler 300M Town Hall Board is a very "tight" board. Good group of owners that share information and ideas about their cars. They seem to "love" their "M". I do not own a "M" and have no interest in it, but the people who by them seem to be a pretty good group.

  • I purchased the non-coach version of the 2001 ES. Graphite grey, black leather. I purchased pretty much the "standard package" offered by the dealship I used, Sewell in Dallas (how they get almost every ES on their lot). That configuration has the Value Package, wheel locks, trunk mat, wood/leather steering wheel, and 16" tires. The only dealer option I added was tinted windows (almost a necessity here in Texas when you have a dark car with an even darker interior).

    I have not made any gas mileage checks yet. I've only owned it 3 weeks and I've only got 520 miles on it, almost entirely city commuting (I've been swamped at work since literally the day after I bought it). So far, what little I've gotten to drive it, it's been fantastic (then again I'm not hard to please after having driven almost exclusively Taurus' the past 5 years).
  • d119d119 Posts: 1
    I am sure this must have come up before but couldn't find the re posts.

    How much did you pay for your stand ES300 with LP package. The dealer wants me to cough up $31,000 is this OK!
    Thanks in advance for your response.
  • Is your ES with Luxury Package to come with any other add-ons? As I stated earlier, my car had about $500 sticker in additional options (wood steering wheel, wheel locks, trunk mat, and 16" tires) plus about another $300 or so (sticker) in window tint. Purchased mine for just under $30,500.

    Good luck in your negotiations!
  • ucsdsigucsdsig Posts: 10
    I attended the Lexus 2002 ES introduction event today in Southern California. Lexus started w/ a little introduction of the 2002 ES, then we were able to test drive the new ES on a "performance" course. Ha, they should have renamed the course since they wanted everyone to drive below 40 MPH! Other cars available for comparison on the course were the MB C320, the BMW 325, and a Volvo (sorry, can't remember the model).

    There has been great debate on the looks of the new ES, but I have to agree that viewing the car in person makes a world of difference. I may be in the minority here, but I found the previous generation of ES's to be a bit bland. I'm not saying the car was unattractive, but just too vanilla for me. Upon seeing the new ES in person, I found the styling more to my liking. I wouldn't say it has the love it or hate it styling of the GS, but at least the new ES evokes a reaction out of people.

    The interior of the ES is absolutely fantastic. It doesn't take long to see that Lexus did a great job improving the interior over the previous ES. Just see for yourself, I'll bet you'll be impressed. For me, the Nav and ML system are must have options, but hey, I love toys :-)

    Driving wise, the new ES was what I expected. It had decent pickup, a nice ride, and preferred straightaways to any hard cornering. I know that there are those individuals who will continue to cry that Lexus screwed up by not increasing the HP on the new ES. I too was surprised, but I doubt Lexus will have any problems selling every new ES they build. I doubt the typical ES buyer will be overly concerned w/ HP numbers and 0-60 times. Will they care that the new Altima will have 240 HP, or that the Acura TL-S makes 260 HP? IMHO, the majority will not. They would rather have a car that is safe, reliable, and luxurious. I highly doubt the any new Nissan will be able to touch the interior of the new ES. Although the current TL interior is nice, the new Lexus is in a different league.

    If I were to buy a car in this segment, I would be hard pressed to choose between the TL and the new ES. Being that I prefer a sportier car (thats why I bought a GS), I would probably lean toward getting a TL-S. But then again, there is a part of me that appreciates the overall luxury of the new ES (at the cost of losing a lot drag races!) Overall, I found the new ES to be a terrific car. I think Lexus did a great job with this redesign. I doubt any potenital new owners will be disappointed.
  • larichlarich Posts: 3
    ved3,I posed the sluggish shift question to the service dept. and was told it is computer controlled - the time it takes to shift to second depends on the temperature-the colder the longer. You will notice this becomes more pronounced as winter approaches.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    so i guess changing oil at 5K (vs. 7.5K as recommended by manuf.) is safe for the car. I'll have major maintenance service at every 15K i think.

    i think this is the forum for es300 owners to discuss, question, provide useful information and advise on anything related to the es300 so that other could benefit from it. don't worry... so long it's not a bashing, we should be ok.
  • domettgdomettg Posts: 55
    I just received an intro. brochure in the mail and it has a great picture of the ENTIRE interior. I think the interior is gorgeous, however, I noticed that the doors don't have tufted leather any more. It is smooth leather, reminiscent of the first generation ES300 except that the door panels are not concave like the original ES300 and the leather is richer looking along with the addition of the wood trim. I'm not quite sure but I still think the tufted leather has a certain richness to the look. I think I'll have to reserve final judgement until I see it in person. Has anyone seen it yet? Care to comment?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    and I must say, the new ES300 is starting to grow on me.
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    You can send me an email at if you need further info
    My nav was installed by the car toys folks (can not do it myself :)--it is inclined and position right where you have the cigarette lighter (much before the gears)--that way I have an excellent view, no sunlight draining, etc
    The Nav is very comprehensive and is the same Alpine system used in Lexus--it was recommended by Lexus dealership only. i even negotiated a 5 yr warranty for the nav within the 3K which included labor--you get back 200 bucks if you do not use the warranty--so it was a sweet deal-the 7 inch is awesome--the 3D graphics are amazing--route countdown and rerouting is awesome

    Currently nothing entices me to leap towards the 2002 ES300-I get compliments on my nav (you see no wires--you can't make out it is installed after market)
    Only if the engine leaps to at least a 3.3L, will I consider--otherwise a downgrade from 7.7 seconds to 8.1 seconds (0-60) and paying $7+K for the downgrade will be lousy--if anyone like swood--lexus can always add genuine wood trim for 1100 bucks
    Would like to see powe tilt/telescope from lexus
    The current nav in the new car seems flimsy--Motor Trend refers to it as ready to break (The way I understood the cons)

    Anyways hope I answered your ques
  • I went to Lexus dealer in oregon and sales person is so arrogant and self-sufficient for their car.
    He just says the price is 33,300 for silver one with Value package and (HID, Heated seats, Wood Steering wheel, MAT, 16' alloy wheel).
    There is no further talk about the deal.
    He says you gonna lose it next day unless you put $500 deposit on an ES300. How about the price?
    (I think 31 or 32K is reasonable.)
    Thanks in advance.
  • Yes, $31-32K is much more reasonable for a car that is about to be superseded by a new design.

    Why don't you try calling one or all three of the Lexus dealers in the Seattle area (Tacoma, Seatle, Bellevue) and ask if they have the car you want. Let them each know that you're calling around to the others also, and that you're shopping in the Pacific Northwest for the best deal on an ES300. You might first want to get quotes from a couple of the on-line services and have those figures available. If you do, ask for the Internet reps when calling the dealers.

    If you did have good luck dealing in the Puget Sound area, I'm sure it'd be worth a trip up from whereever you are in Oregon. Don''t forget, you can always have your car serviced at, and get warranty work done at, any Lexus dealer anywhere, and you can get just about equivalent routine servicing at about 1/3-1/2 the price at any Toyota dealership.

  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    Hi Juny 4158-- I can give you the name of my saleswoman--she will surely help you-- you can take my name if you wish--Vineet and she will give you a good deal--I have bought two cars from her so I have a good standing and I don't mind if some one else can benefit--besides she is very good--Her name is Audrey Wynn and she is at Lexus of Portland at 503-297-9017
    Hope this helps and best of luck
  • 350350 Posts: 9
    What is a competitive price now for a new '01 ES Value Package in the Los Angeles area? Which dealers offer that?
  • I paid $30,500 for a Coach Edition (Oyster Pearl color) ES300 at Santa Monica Lexus 2 months ago. My salesman was Joe Magana. He was great! When I called him, he told me he would meet my internet price. First I went in by myself and discussed the deal, then my husband and I went in and he didn't try to change the deal. The purchase was very simple. He was a straight-shooter, and my husband and I were very happy with his service. I was referred by a couple that had an equally great experience buying from Joe. He told me that he liked buyers that had done their homework on the internet, because it made his job easier. Joe's cell no. is 818-298-8515--it is the easiest way to reach him, and if you wish, you can let him know that Karyn & Mike referred you.
  • rollomanrolloman Posts: 64
    Haven't seen the 02 ES on the road yet but I did pass an 02 Toyota Camry a couple of days ago on the freeway here in Houston.

    WOW!...major improvement. Enough for me to consider trading my 96 ES for an 02 Camry.

    New Camry exterior style doesn't seem as over the top as the new ES. I have to admit that the ES interior is awesome from the pix I've seen.

    The sales between the two should be interesting.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    You won't see the new ES until October because it doesn't go on sale until October 1.

    I don't think you would like trading in your ES for a new Camry. First of all, the new interior is very blah. Second, don't expect much in the way of service from a Toyota dealer. No loaners, no car wash, no Saturday breakfasts, an average-poor service department, etc. Lexus service can definitely spoil you!

    I have the same car as you but mine is a 1995. Can't wait to buy the 2002 in a few months!
  • Thanks for your response concerning your after market nav. system.

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Can anyone tell me how long they will continue building the 2001 ES300? I just cannot get used to the looks of the 2002 ES300. I have not seen it in person though.
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