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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    What facts have I gotten wrong? I would like you to tell me. Because one of my pet peeves is people posting inaccurate information as it may alter someone's decision. If they have all of the facts and still want X car, so be it.

    But you guys in here constantly post misleading information about the ES's competition (I30/35 and TL/TL-S). If this is the only source for something that people read, I'd at least like it to be accurate. That way they can make an informed decision.

    The whole mileage thing is just one example.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    Say it ain't so - I just looked at and it looks like you can only get the Mark Levinson system with Navigation. What if I don't want to blow $1500 or whatever on Nav?

    Also, I didn't see the option for heated seats. Are they standard now??
  • rebelskrebelsk Posts: 65
    If you want the Mark Levinson system without the Navigation system, then you have to order a car from Japan which takes 3 months. I know as i ordered mine that way.
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    Hi-heated seats are an option--see
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Nobody here is intentionally providing wrong information, and nothing that has been said is so inaccurate that it would cause somebody to make an unwanted purchase decision.

    Everyone makes mistakes because nobody knows everything.

    Even you get facts wrong. As you'll recall, you're the one on the I35 board who said the I35 had every feature the ES 300 did, while I was able to list about 12-15 items the ES has that the I35 does not. Based on your post, someone would falsely believe the I35 had side curtain airbags or real wood trim or 4-wheel independent suspension.

    So you made a mistake and the correct information came out. That's what these boards are for -- sharing info and learning.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    And you will remember that I admitted I was wrong when you told me the facts.

    gambhir, OTOH, has made no such concession. In fact, he even re-quoted the wrong info after I informed him of the error, and said 'good for Lexus' or something like that.

    And I could be wrong, but I believe the I35's wood trim may be real (Infiniti's website was little help here). I know the I30's is not, though. It definitely is different.

    While the I35 may not have side curtain airbags, it does have side airbags for the front occupants and it has active headreasts to reduce the risk of whiplash for the front passengers in case of an accident. The ES does not have that feature (or if it does, Lexus doesn't tell people about it).
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's move on now and just stick to the cars. If someone has opinions of this vehicle that you don't care to read, just skip the messages.

    We are here to talk about the ES 300, not each other - please keep that in mind. Several posts have been removed.

    If anyone wants to compare this vehicle to any others, please hop over to our Comparisons - Sedans vs. Sedans board and either join a discussion in progress, or feel free to fire up a new one if the comparison in which you are interested is not already underway.

    Sedans Message Board
  • davxx1davxx1 Posts: 1
    I have been waiting months for the new ES300 to come out and as others have noticed, only a few configurations of options are being delivered to dealers.
    If they had what I wanted I would buy today, but they don't. So I went to my local LEXUS dealer today (LEXUS OF RENO), and was told I could order exactly the car I wanted, with the normal delivery time as described on other posts.
    However, they demanded a check for $5000.00 for a special order. They said they would not cash the check, and destroy it when I took delivery of the car I ordered. But in the event I did not buy the car when it came in, they would cash the check and I would forfeit the money.
    Like I said earlier, I do want the car, but I was offended by this practice, I have never had a dealer require this on any other vehicle I have ordered.
    Has any one else experienced this practice.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    It's a common practice among luxury import dealers in my area (NYC suburb) to ask for a 10% downpayment on special orders. I ordered a BMW 330i earlier this year & had to fork over 10% of the total cost (including sales tax) of the car. While I wasn't thrilled by this, I could understand the dealer's position. My order was for a car with a 5-speed manual - not an easy configuration to sell in my area had I subsequently backed out of the deal.

    If you decide to go ahead with the transaction, I strongly suggest that you pay the $5000 with a credit card instead of a check. This protects you if the dealer fails to deliver the car - because, say, of a business failure. You could then ask your bank to reverse the charge. But if the dealer fails to deliver the car after you've given him a $5000 check, you'll have a much harder time getting back your money.

    I would not do business with any dealer that refused to accept my credit card for a downpayment.
  • suv2002suv2002 Posts: 20

    I ordered a Millennium Silver '02 with a light charcoal leather interior. I hope to get it within a few weeks. It's part of the dealer's allotment, so nothing other than a $500 deposit was asked for. It will have everything but nav and Levinson.
  • Hi suv2002,
    By "everything but nav and Levinson", do you mean you were able to get, without special order, an ES with AVS/VSC/rear sunshade/HID and without nav and Levinson?
    This is the config I would want too, but didn't fit into the 3 configurations I read about in this forum.
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    I saw the above config at my dealership today in silver--I belive it was 35K and some change--everything but nav/mark levinson and chrome wheels
  • Hi, gang:

    Well, I took delivery this afternoon of my new ES300. It’s black with ivory leather. It has the premium package ($2,110), wood & leather wheel (330), HID headlights w/auto leveling (640), cargo net (28), trunk mat (64) and wheel locks (41). Along with delivery, processing and handling (read “markup”) (575), the total cost was $35,293, plus T&L.

    I bought it through a local PRIVATE auto dealer, Tom Himes, who’s been in the business for many years. I picked up the car at his office, and had no need to mess with salesmen, closers, finance managers, etc. Tom made the buying experience totally stressless. If you’ve had a problem like davxx1, you might try to find a private dealer to work with. If you’re in the Phoenix area, call Tom; he’s in the book!

    Oh, about the car... All I can say is, WOW! I love the styling from every angle. The climate control works very well; it was almost 90 degrees today, and the car had been sitting in the sun. It cooled right down in a couple minutes.

    The leather seats are very adjustable and very comfortable. I drove it about 35 miles home from the office, and it feels wonderful. Sound system (6-disc In-dash CD changer) is very good. My brother is a musician who drives a new C-class Benz, and just doesn’t think any other car measures up to any Benz. He was very impressed with the audio quality. Incredibly, he (very begrudgingly) found it necessary to admit that my car is every bit the car his is, and more. He drove it and I really think his faith in the infallibility of the M-B has been profoundly shaken. He actually admitted it reminds him of an S-class!

    One thing that surprised me: the laser-cut, chip-embedded keys are over $400 each. If you lose both of them, it’s like $3,000 to replace them! I’ll have to talk to a plastic surgeon about surgically attaching them to our persons!

    Driving down the freeway, I passed several ES owners, including a couple of 2001s. Got a lot of neck-craning and staring. One was driving a beautiful new black SC430, and he nodded approvingly. I just feel great behind the wheel of this car. It’s worth the money, no doubt about it. Handling and power are very satisfying. I was worried that I’d want the variable suspension for a stiffer ride, but I don’t think I’ll miss it. It soaks up irregularities in the road very well. I took a drive with 5 passengers and noticed no difference in ride or handling.

    I researched the heck out of all the competitors in this class, and I’m really glad I waited for the ‘02 ES. I can honestly say I feel just like I’m driving an S-class, and I’ll just smile when I see one now. More later.


  • mbesquire,
    Congrats on your new purchase, and being one of the first to be driving around town in the new ES!

    I'm glad to hear the standard audio system is also excellent. The Lexus salesman I talked to confided that he couldn't tell much difference between the standard and Mark Levinson audio systems. One would likely have to be an audiophile to appreciate the difference as well.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Dealer practices vary from state to state. In NY, dealers have accepted credit cards for downpayments since the mid-80s, but the balance due, payable when the vehicle is delivered, must be paid in cash or by certified check.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Are new car dealers taking credit cards for the purchase of a new vehicle? What is the maximum that the dealers will allow to be put on the card?

    jimbres: Thanks for your info
  • Does the new ES 300 have steering wheel mounted audio controls? Standard, or only as part of the Levinson package? I do not see anything about this feature on or car sites. Some of the new Camry's have this feature, so I would assume the ES 300 does also, but I've not been able to confirm (I've not seen the new ES 300 in person yet).
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    well the only steering controls are that for trip computer--none for audio

    Renbesquire--woweeeeeee--Congrats--Yes you are driving a better than S car--no doubt--I am anxiously waiting for mine end of this month and I believe lenscap is next to celebrate with his gorgeous Millenium silver
  • This afternoon, I parked at a resaurant near a beautiful new black GS, and the owner of it was just getting ready to leave. He shut it off, got out and came over to see the ES. He told me he had really wanted a new ES, but needed a car right away a few weeks ago.

    He got a real good deal on his very fine '01 GS, but he said he now wishes he had been able to wait. He loved the whole package, exterior and interior.

    He looked at the ES wistfully as he drove away...

    Head- and legroom in the back seat are very good; no cramped feeling at all. My wife and I feel it is much more roomy than the GS.

    A new car always makes one feel better, but this one is unique. I'll revel in this car for a long time to come.



    I totally love the HID headlights. They are like laser beams, and are a must purchase. The look of the car from the front with the HIDs and fogs on is very impressive.
  • cavescaves Posts: 13
    Yesterday, we leased a 2002 Lexus ES 300 from Magnussen's Lexus of Fremont - California. We were treated as special guests. They leased the car only at full retail cost.

    Crystal White ES 300 $ 31,505.00, Navigation System/Mark Levinson Audio Package (Leather Interior with memory and 6-Disc CD Changer) $ 4,860.00, Wood & Leather Steering Wheel $ 330, Heated Front Seats $440 (not needed in California), High Intensity Discharge Headlamps (excellent headlamps) $ 640, Vehicle Skid Control $650, Power Rear Sun Shade $ 210, Cargo Net $ 28, Trunk Mat $ 64, Wheel Locks $ 41.

    I didn't care for the standard wheels, so they replaced them with Lexus GS 300 Chrome Wheels for $ 850, they look great. I think they changed the ride quality a bit. The ES 300 chrome wheels were not available.

    We also ordered the Gold Kit for $450. That will take up to 3 weeks. If you can order the car with a license plate holder in the front of the car, it looks cleaner.

    The Mark Levinson sound system in the demo, sounded really weak. I thought audio system was going to be worst than the standard unit (played a CD). But our car's Mark Levinson system sounds wonderful with really clear sound. Be careful.

    Make sure you put the dome light to "auto", otherwise illum. lighting system does not work. And since I'm not used to placing my key in the dash versus the steering column, I scratched the steering column trim.

    Likes: Quiet, comfortable, Nav. and Mark Lev. Sound System. Optitron Gauges and high quality interior. Great Headlamps with HID

    Dislikes: Transmission doesn't shift smoothly, maybe it will improve. Exterior Style not classy like previous years. Parking Brake pedal causes me to scrape my shoes. Needs more horsepower.

    We test drove the 2002 Jaguar X-type 3.0 $ 42,000 (worth $25,000), Acura TL Type-S (great value, good handling and powerful, but not as refined) and Acura RL (lease cost for a $ 54,000 car would be $ 450 per month - great value and again not as refined). My wife's 1999 Toyota Solara has the same interior as the new ES 300 and she wanted something with the same quality feel.

    We have had great luck with Toyota cars, hope our Lexus will be even better.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Here are some comments for some of you...

    davxx1 -- I placed a $500, fully-refundable deposit on the new ES 300 back in February. That is what my dealer then used when I ordered my car last week. No extra money was required, but remember the dealer knows me since we've bought so many cars from him. I don't know what deposit would have been needed if he didn't know me (perhaps nothing else).

    rnbesquire & caves -- Thanks for all the great info on your new cars!

    gambhir -- Let us know all about your ES when you get it. You'll probably have the first Black Garnet on this board.

    My dealer said it will take about 90 days for my Millenium Silver with black interior ES to arrive. It's going to be a long wait!
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    Congrats on your new car--I think you paid slightly more for the gold package--I got it too but lexus lists it for less and I paid around $229 for it--well so you might want to confront your dealer if you wish

    I noticed that there is no wood around power window switches--though my current Platinum had it
    Other than that I think it is a magnificient car

    You must be the envy of your town

    Lenscap--I share your agony of wait--for me waiting three more weeks is becoming impossible!
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The look of the wood on the door was taken from the GS. That car has the wood across the top of the door but not on the switch plate. It looks very nice. Having it in both places would be too much I think (although the LS has it in both places).

    I sat in a 2002 ES in my dealer's showroom over the weekend and am simply amazed at the upscale nature of the interior. Everything is simply top-notch. One note: It is really neat the way the glove box door does not drop open when you unlatch it -- it opens slowly.
  • rebelskrebelsk Posts: 65
    I also sent in an order for the 2002 ES and was told three months from the time I ordered which was Sept 6th. Has anyone ordered a car from Lexus in the past? I am wondering if the three months is accurate. I ordered mine in Starlight Pearl even though I had not seen a car with that color and was just responding to the colors in the brochure. Has anyone seen this color actually on the car? I also went to a dealer over the weekend and sat in the ES again. Very comfortable and the Mark Levinson System is superb. I cant wait to hear my music on it. I am hopeing the car arrives before the three month period as we could have snow in great quantity her in the northeast by December.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    I too am looking at the ES 300, among other vehicles. Also considering getting a '98 LS with about 30,000 miles for the same price range. Anyone else toyed with these two options? I love the V8 and the ride in the LS, but obviously I can get a new ES for around the same price. I've owned an ES before ('97) and it was a good car, though not enough different from the Camry for me.

    Quick question: where can you lease an Acura RL for $450/mo??
  • gambhirgambhir Posts: 64
    Alabaster metallic,starlight pearl and mystic green are the rare colors per my dealer --rebelsk--consider switching color to say gold or milennium silver or black and white--

    Your order will take 90 days if you ordered a non-standard config (see earlier posts)--my suspicion is you either ordered AVS or ordered Mark levinson or nav in isolation but not together--these cars have to be custom built and would hence take 90 days--will be less if you choose a more conventional config-there are 3 configs so far
  • rebelskrebelsk Posts: 65
    Yes, you are right. I ordered the car with the Mark Levinson stereo but did not get the Navigation system. I guess it will be DEcember then.
  • dsemmendsemmen Posts: 12
    Hi, I want to purchase a Lexus ES300. I am wondering about the NAV system. I have read some reports, which state that navigation systems are a waste; not perfected yet, etc. Does anyone know about the ES300 Nav System? Is it worth the cost? Or, are you better off saving the dollars? Thanks
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    The navigation is fun and useful. It is not really worth the money unless you travel a lot to unknown addresses and spend a lot of time using a Thomas Guide or other maps.
    It is a great toy even if you don't really need it on a daily basis. I would want to have it in my next car just like I would like to have a great stereo system that I don't really "need" to have.
    If you are a real estate agent that needs to take clients around town from house to house or have some other similar use or travel out of town a lot, then it is probably worth it.
  • dsemmendsemmen Posts: 12
    Thanks for the comments. :) If I am interperting your comments correctly, the navigation system is really not worth the money. It is more of a toy then it is practical. Is this correct? Again, I have read a lot of reports that the navigation systems are still not perfected, and they are not very practical. The reports I have read, state a regular map works better. I am trying to get comments from people who have used it in action to determine its usefulness and to determine how often a regular driver would use it.
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