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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • joshuae73joshuae73 Posts: 21
    I just got mine 3 weeks ago for $15700 with floormats, (+ tax and license). Also I paid $400 for an alarm system that guarantees this if my car is stolen:

    they would pay me the difference between what insurance pays and how much a new car costs.

    Out the door price was $17,700 with everything.

    Filled the tank 3 times. Here are my mileage numbers:


    I can't believe I got 37.3 MPG on 60% highway driving. I am stunned and amazed.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    good numbers there! i have an EX automatic coupe 2001. I only ever seem to get 29-30, all city driving. guess the auto trans really does make a difference. have not had the oil changed yet...waiting until 4k miles.
  • zluzlu Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 honda civid lx and will hit 30,000 miles soon. I always go to a Honda service center for any service of my car, but this time I got a coupon for 30k mi service which is much cheaper then honda service provides. Shall I stick with the honda service center or take advantage of the coupon? Thanks for any response.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Having the service done somewhere else is probably fine, but it looks good at resale to have all dealer service.
    I would check for coupons from the dealer and also shop around at other Honda dealers.
    I had oil changes at my Honda dealer for $19.95 and most other services for prices in the range of mom and pop mechanics especially when the dealer had coupons.
  • dilynnmdilynnm Posts: 4

    Has anyone purchased a new vehicle using or any of the other online services? My wife and I are going to purchase a Honda Civic Ex soon and we didn't talk money yet, but the salesman wanted to inform us that he didn't have a lot of room to move.

    I have a price in mind by looking at edmunds and carsdirects websites and will use this info when dealing, but want to know if people are satisfied with carsdirect if the honda dealers in my area won't negotiate.

    Based on the prices some of you have paid, I'm not paying MSRP either and want to use carsdirect as a bargaining chip, but I may have to actually use it.

    Any info would be of great help.


  • joshuae73joshuae73 Posts: 21
    I never actually used but I know they offer cars at invoice + dealer holdback + destination charge. so the Civic EX sedan 5-speed would be $15726.

    That is a good price according to Edmunds, and I haven't seen any flat out offers from dealers below that price. It could be used as a bargaining chip, but I decided against buying from because it seemed there was no dealership associated with it, nobody to "bring the car back to" if there were problems... I thought it would lack the personal component. Of course you can bring it to any dealership, but the anonymity seemed too scary for such a big cash transaction.

    I used 2 bargaining chips:

    1) I shopped around at 4 Honda dealerships and got print-outs of offers, which I showed to the other dealers. Most dealers were willing to offer me Edmunds TMV price. When I showed the other dealer, they agreed to throw in floor mats for the same price.

    2) FIND PROBLEMS with the car you will buy. I noticed the trunk fabric was not perfectly tucked in on one corner of the trunk, and that there was some dirt in the back-seat floor, probably from people who tracked dirt in the car... and I said, well, I want my new car to be PERFECT. The manager agreed to knock a couple hundred dollars off. I was able to tuck in the trunk fabric just fine, and they vacuumed the back floor and covered it with brand new floormats!

    But now, I am not totally sure I really DID get a good deal... because all I see are the internet prices... I don't actually know any human who BOUGHT the same car, so I can't really be SURE I got a good deal!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Right now, Civics are in good supply. No need to pay MSRP. Just find a different dealer.
  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 122
    I couldn't agree more for what your guys were saying here. I have never owned any Civic before my current 2001 Civic LX. But I owned a 96 Accord LX and a 98 Lexus ES300 before this one. I would say Civic handles way much better than that Accord (which has double wishbone at both front and rear) and is on par with the Lexus. On the freeway on-ramp near my home, both Lexus and Civic would start complaining at 37-38mph. The Accord would complain at 32mph with the factory tires and 34mph after I changed tires.

    But Civic's suspension (especially the rear one) leaves too much to be desired. I think this is my only major complain against this Civic. There are 5 annoying speed bumps from my home to the entrance of the community. I used to run over them at 15-20mph with the Lexus without making my wife mutter. With the Accord, I would run over at 5-10mph. But this Civic forces me to come to complete stop at each bump and even that still makes my wife complain about headache when the rear end runs over the bumps at sub-walking speed. On the streets, it reminds me of every hole/dip larger than a few inches. As I said in one of my previous message, I didn't experience this problem with Corolla/Sentra/Cavalier/Neon or even Accent. So I don't know what's wrong with Civic.

    Other than that, I like this Civic. Its auto transmission is as smooth as that of the Lexus. And, for all the things I hate my 96 Accord: horrible brake, jerky transmission, bad handling, weak AC, noisy interior, sub-par assembly quality, and factory floor mats that didn't fit the floor, Civic is doing a (much) better job.
  • Since there many complains about '01 rear suspension. I decided to take a close look at the sedan's rear suspension at the dealer. The LX does not have rear sway bar but EX does. The previous generation LX has holes predrill for aftermarket sway bar. I think Honda just found a way to save a few bucks and car nuts are not going to happy about it.
  • pbagratpbagrat Posts: 25
    I have a '93 Civic which has been a reliable car, but a bit harsh on the ride and lots of road noise. I really had my heart set on a V-6 Accord LX, but would consider a Civic EX if the ride quality has improved.

    So, any 2001 Civic owners, please give me your input. I wanted something larger than my Civic, but the new one is only 1.7 inches smaller in rear leg room than the Accord. Also my '93 is a manual transmission, but it doesn't have much pep to it (maybe its the 143,000 miles?). Any suggestions? I would rather spend the extra money if necessary to get a smoother/quieter ride.
  • rkanrkan Posts: 11
    I thought sway bars affected the body roll in turns, and did not have much to do with the "bounce" up and down. What is everybodys opinion on stiffer aftermarket struts to help control rebound?
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I too noticed that the pre-drilled holes were absent from the LX, making it difficult to install a sway bar. However, sway bar or no sway bar, the rear bounces in both EX and LX. I have also read an article in a British auto magazine about the Civic coupe. They said the rear bounced too.

    By-the-way, the UK gets a Civic coupe with climate control, break-away side mirrors, alloys and I think rear discs. It is made in Ohio just like the US market Civics. Why not put those useful features on US Civics?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    The nice thing about them is you can use them for a price quote and then take it to your local dealer (or another internet service) to see if they can beat it.
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    Sure, replacing with higher performance shocks in the rear will help, it's all relative on how much you want to spend. But before you part with your green, consider the Civic's weight distribution of 60-front/40-rear.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    About the rear suspension in the 2001 Civics?

    Funny...I haven't heard any, except here.
  • fitz6fitz6 Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2001 lx 5sp. from carsdirect in Feb.
    for 13912. Other than having to travel 30 miles to pick it up it went flawless. Also, if you register with before you buy your auto they rebate you 100.00. Takes about 6 was to receive your check. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future. I've purchased 4 new cars and by far this was the most economical with the least amount of BS. One other piece of advice get your financing in order before you buy. I used the internet and went with Again I register with gomez and I received 50.00 for taking this loan out. The salesman that I got the car from told me that he sells about 25 cars a month by way of the internet
  • I agree with everything said about the rear supension. Has anyone else noticed how the rear end hops when you hit a bump mid corner? It also seems lik the rear rolls more than the front. It's not horrible, but it is noticible, and it is worse than the previous generation. And it's no worse than many of the cars out here, Nissans in particular since they have beam axle rear suspensions.
  • ejonavinejonavin Posts: 36
    So what's the solution to rear bounce? stiffer springs? Struts? Bushings?
  • young898young898 Posts: 5
    My 3-week-old civic with only 1000 miles on it has a major problem.
    When I make a sharp turn(like parking into a spot), there's a loud clunk sound from near the front-right wheel. It sounds like two metal parts are bumping into each other.
    I brought my car to a Honda dealer and show them the problem. The service people told me that it's a rare problem and they didn't know what caused the problem. Three technicians checked my car for about an hour and then told me I need to rent a car to get back home. They need some time to figure out what's wrong with the car.

    It really hurts to watch them repeatedly turn the wheel on my brand new car just to locate where the sound comes from. They repeat turning the wheel for about 10 minutes without even raising the car.

    Anybody has any similar problem? Thanks for any response.

    (Did I put too much trust on the quality of a Honda?)
  • oops13oops13 Posts: 16
    The best solution to your bouncing is to slow down to reasonable speeds for the conditions that you are driving in. You will probably never notice anything about the rear end bouncing or hopping when driving at speeds appropriate for the conditions. I too have noticed the rear end hopping mid-turn, but only when pretending to be Michael Andretti travelling at speeds far beyond what is prudent on the 270 degree exit ramp from the freeway near my home. Even then the hopping only occurs when I travel over fairly large bumps. Just remember folks, this is a compact entry level economy car. I personally am pretty impressed with the ride and handling of my 2001 LX (getting rid those factory tires is the biggest change you can make to this car's handling). If you want to race, get a shifter cart not a Civic. You are driving a daily commute not SCCA Autocross.
  • cartagramcartagram Posts: 115
    What are the choices for better tires to replace the factory Firestones that come with the '01 Civics? And what kind of tire do you look for that would "improve" the Civic's ride? To put it another way, what handling problem would a different kind of tire solve?
  • oops13oops13 Posts: 16
    I did not say that there was a handling problem that needed to be solved. I stated that a tire change COULD improve the handling of the car. When I say handling I am including wet performance as well. Putting the wrong tire on could do more harm than good. That's a chance you take. Always do your own research, don't just trust what the salesman tells you. A tire such as the Goodyear Regatta 2 is rated tops in it's class by Tire Rack customers as a touring type tire. I personally put Goodyear Aquatread 3's (it was rated tops in it's class as well) on my car after only 500 miles. I noticed an immediate improvement in wet traction and cornering grip(wet and dry). The ride is much less harsh also. It isn't just a wet weather tire anymore. It actually has the look of the old Gatorbacks somewhat. I did notice a slight change in the noise from them. It's not that they were louder so much as just a different pitch. I have over 7000 miles on them and they are wearing like iron. They have a silica reinforced rubber compound instead of carbon black which increases the grip as well as improves the mileage. They are 85,000 mile tires. From the looks of it I will get 100,000 easy. However, this is all just my personal opinion from seat of the pants feedback.
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    When the old firestones needed replacing on our 98 civic EX (good riddance) I got a set of Dunlop D60's for the 'Rack. My dear god what a difference! Not only did the car handle better, but the snow and rain traction improved tenfold. The car grips the road well and now I can take off ramps and on-ramps at speeds upwards of 45 mph. Now I did go to a slightly lower profile then stock so the tires have stiffer sidewalls. From 186-65-14S to 195-60-14H.
    As to the Aquatreds Ive only had experience with the older generation while I was in college working at Sears Auto Center. After about 20-30K miles the wet weather performance would deteriorate considerably as that center channel wore down. Still plenty of meat but the wet weather performance was not there.

    Happy motoring!!

  • scooter62scooter62 Posts: 18
    hi all-
    just picked up my lx 5-speed this week. i've owned 2 other civics ('78 and '86) with a corolla in between. so far so good. paid less than tmv, carsdirect, autobytel and one other dealer. only problem were the deep scratches on the rear fender. sales manager fell all over me being apologetic and gave me a bunch of free oil changes (whats with 5w-20? is it commercially available?). took 3 days to repaint, cure and finish. fortunately i cant tell the scratches were even there! very satisfied, but does anyone else notice an annoying little engine whine?
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    I dumped the factory Firestone tires with 195/60R14 Yokoyamas on my '98 EX(Canadian). The traction on dry and wet condition is excellent. I can easily push 50mph on on-ramps. 45mph is like a walk in the park. However, there's something to watch out for. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, you might want to put on narrower snow tires in the winter. The Civic, being a fairly light vehicle, will float on top of the snow with 195 tires -- not very confidence inspiring.
  • The tire swap from your 185/65-14's (58.86" circumference) to 195/60-14s (58.45") was a good one. It closely match the overall size of the original tires.

    Too often I see oversized tires mounted on Civics to 'fill in' the wheel wells.

  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    I'm considering going with 195/55R15 when these wear out. I wonder if that would reduce body roll when cornering.
  • I have a whine, too. Mine comes from the blower. If I turn the blower on, a small whistle/whine eminates from the engine room when I rev the car, be it in motion or in neutral at a dead stop. It goes away by 3000 rpm. If I turn on the A/C, the sound becomes louder. See if yours is related to the blower also. I was told that the sound is normal (they said it was the power steering pump), and that mechanically the car is fine. But I'm not so sure. The engine loses a noticable amount of power with the A/C on in particular, and another Civic that was in the service bay at the same time as mine didn't make the noise. Lastly, they said that the Civic has variable-assist power steering, dpending on engine RPMs, which I know to be false. It all sounds fishy, but the car hasn't stopped running, and the A/C still puts out cold air. Nevertheless, if you have the same problem, I'd be interested in hearing what they had to say about your car.

    One question about the tire upgrade: When you upgraded from 185s to 195s, were you still able to use the stock steel rims, or did you have to buy new ones?
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    there was no problem when I changed from the 185's to the 195's with the stock steel rims. Rim width is a factor when it comes to choosing a tire size. If the rim is too narrow for the tire, the tire will bulge at the center and you'll be riding on the center portion of tread. As to too big of a rim, the tire tech might have a problem seating the bead on the rim and the tire will look plain ridiculous. As well as riding almost on the sidewalls. Riding on the sidewall is a very big no-no. when upgrading to a bigger rim size make sure the new tires are approximately the same diameter and circomferance as the old ones. otherwise the speedometer caibration will be off.
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