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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Our Michigan buddy, now living in sunny FLA. has had multiple fixes done to his. He had the struts replaced and the caliper kit put on. This solved the problems for a while but the noises have returned.
    I think the strut bearings are another thing that is causing the noise.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    That is weird that they are not offering PCS
    on the final 500. Maybe they are trying to keep
    the price point down. No point in buying one if it is not the Ultimate intrigue.

    I also noticed that the tire size is 225/55-17
    not the 235/55-17 that is on the Aurora.
    I guess they were trying to keep the diameter the
    same that the regular intrigue has.
  • swagledswagled Posts: 195
    Even with the TSB in hand, the service "manager" just said "If the mechanic can reproduce it, we'll fix it". Sheez! The whole reason I waited until 25000 miles to take it in, was to be sure the steering clunk was pronounced enough there would be no debate.

    But I skipped doing a "screaming maniac customer" fit. They are going to get me the redesigned air dam... I'll just try another dealer for the lube.

    I don't know how some of you all could get 5+ alternators! The dealers are so passive about fixing anything.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The after market ground effects look pretty good. Cover up that black strip under the door that I hate to clean!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    dindak - I'd like to ask you to take a look at four posts starting here: bigzheng17 "Lost in the Town Hall? Ask the Sedans Host for directions!" Apr 10, 2002 9:16pm. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Sedans Host
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    I feel your pain. When it was still thought the shaft needed replacing, I was told the same thing. They had the nerve to go as far as saying, "You probably notice it more because you drive it all the time so it's more pronounced."

    No kidding. "Ain't" that why I brought it in?

    Also depends on the service manager on duty at the time you go in. The regular one I usually get is so cheap he could squeeze a penny 'till it turned white. Another I had told me to sit in the waiting area until the repair was done. This at the same dealership!
  • sdasda Indian Land, SCPosts: 1,970
    Dindak, I've enjoyed reading your posts on many sites. Your observations about the CTS and the Intrigue are correct. The CTS is a higher caliber of car than the Intrigue. Having owned many cars, including a Seville, Mazda Millenia and Cadillac Catera, I know what you're talking about. In a way, it's sometimes hard to put a finger on, because the differences can be very subtle. Then some are obvious. The composed ride and handling of a car over demanding situations. The way a transmission shifts under normal conditions and more sporty conditions. How do the various controls feel? Are the interior materials of decent quality? How do the seats fit? Does the car feel all of one piece, or disjointed? I can say that I am quite pleased with the Intrigue as a whole. Yes, fit and finish could be better, but I know it won't fall apart. There could be less road noise coming from the rear. The transmission could be more responsive in providing quicker downshifts and could be programmed to lug less in overdrive, but one learns the personality of the car and quickly adapts to it. For example, if the car is lugging in overdrive, instead of forcing a downshift with a heavy foot, leave the throttle in the same place and manually shift to third for a brief period and then shift back to Drive as appropriate. If you need a quick downshift, snap the throttle to the floor and the transmission will respond much quicker than if you gradually push the pedal to the floor. A thought. It's too bad that Cadillac did not find a way to use the 3.5 in the CTS. After all, it is the little brother of the Northstar. A little tweaking and it will easily produce more power that the current CTS engine. It's smooth, powerful and uses regular gas!

    2010 Pilot EXL-RES, 2013 Accord EX

  • sdasda Indian Land, SCPosts: 1,970
    My 2000 Intrigue that I just purchased is still covered by the 3/36 warranty. Should I ask the dealer to address the following items? The dash pad is curling and pulling away from the center A/C vents. I've seen this happen on several Intrigues, so I know mine is not an isolated case.
    Second, when I first start out in the morning,and the car is stone cold, the transmission tends to flare its shift from 3-4th gear. It will do this to a lesser degree until the car is warm. Then it shifts fine. Is this common, or should I have it looked at? Does anyone know how I can determine if my car has the air filtration system without pulling the trim at the wipers? I appreciate any input. Thanks!

    2010 Pilot EXL-RES, 2013 Accord EX

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Well, I don't know if I'm right but I do like both the CTS and my Intrigue. Pretty much everything about the CTS is more sophisticated than the Intrigue but I think its a pay for what you get scenario since you can't compare the cars. I can't afford a CTS but maybe some day I will get there. My only big gripe with the CTS is the dash could be a little better. That said I do like it, but comparing it to a BMW dash I can see where people would say it's not quite there. The 3.5L was the engine that was suppose to go into the CTS but they killed the engine due to cost. An all new 3.6L goes into the CTS next year.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    Should you get it fixed under warranty? ABSOLUTELY!!!

    Air filtration-- the only thing I can think of on the top of my head I would say to see if you have the 2 screws on the black plastic cowl on the passenger's side. If you have them plus the big round plastic cover on the cowl, you probably have it. I'm sure others could give a better answer.
  • moonshadowmoonshadow Posts: 256
    If you do not get it looked at under warranty then it will cost you money after the warranty is up.

    If they can not duplicate your problem, then make sure they indicate this on your work order so that you will have leverage after the expiration time.

    As for the air filtration possibility, (First stop the wipers in the up position), you can peel back the rubber hood/cowl seal on the passenger side and lift up on the plastic cover slightly and peer into the cowl area with a flashlight. As you lift up the plastic cover there will be a thin foam stickum strip along the edge. Once you get it started there is no problem getting it up. Ha ha The cover that is. The filter should be a couple of inches below this plastic cover about in line with the passenger air bag. It is about 4 by 10 inches and looks quite similar to an air breather filter. Good luck.. Make sure you replace the hood/cowl seal to ensure any fumes do not get suck in when you are driving.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    Did anyone notice on the website that the Aurora is scheduled for death next year already? Wow I thought it'd be the last of the cars to go since it's the newest but I guess Alero sells better. I thought Silhouette would go before Intrigue though. I don't like the final 500 logo. I wouldn't get one just for that. I also can't believe PCS isn't part of it but I do like that cherry color.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Alero sells very well, they are everywhere around here. The van is easy to make as it's just a derivative of the Montana van anyway. Aurora is unique and not selling well, don't blame GM for axing it early. Better to put resources in new models like the 04 GP.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Well, my Intrigue is under the knife as we speak. Looks like the transmission is going to have to be completely rebuilt or replaced. Three nights ago when I was driving somewhere, the car started shifting very harshly in all gear ranges. There was also a loud "whine" that varied with engine speed. Did this the entire drive trip. An hour later when I drove it again, it shifted normally and the noise was gone. Called the dealer the next day and set up an appointment and they have had it since yesterday morning. They told me that when the lowered the pan there were metal particles in it and that they were going to completely remove the transmission to do further work. He said that it will need a complete rebuild and that if the case is damaged, they will replace the whole unit. So what I thought might just be an adjustment or something has turned out to be a major problem. I also mentioned the "flicker" when I took it in so we'll see if that gets repaired. Now I'm wishing I could just bite the bullet and get that CTS:) But I'm warranted until 60K so I'm not too concerned with trading just yet.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Anyone see the trailer for this at SWEP2? I could swear in one brief scene I thought I saw an Intrigue flipping over.. Had the two amber DRL's running.
  • winter9winter9 Posts: 98
    I have done 5 1/2 months of happy motoring with the '02 and almost all is well. It has seen 2 very brief unscheduled trips to the dealer for the same minor problem - the black paint flaked off the "GL" emblem on passenger side. Minor but irritating, since the first replacement lasted only about 3 weeks before I experienced the same problem. Service advisor said there were no known problems with the part. Anyone else experience this?

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    Happy and safe holiday to all...
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Last night I put on the reader board in front of my the real estate office, "Thank You Veterans".

    We should all remember those who protect our freedom.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    I didn't notice an Intrigue in the Matrix reloaded trailer but I noticed a short shot of the CTS.

    I've noticed Intrigues in the following movies:
    XFiles (of course) Meet the Parents (extremely brief shot of one in the parking lot) Jurassic Park III (that professor dude is leaving her house in montana and is in an Intrigue) and most recently I've noticed that the GMC Yukon commercial has a man in an Intrigue pulling up next to a bunch of bikes and bikers (motor) and he wimpily passes as a lady in a Yukon pulls into the spot and says "thanks for saving me a spot boys."

    I echo my gratitude to all the veterans. Long may they live and honor may they receive.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    oldsman : Ack! A new transmission huh? Wow, that's pretty unusual for a GM. Sorry to hear about that. What are you driving in the mean time?

    jg28 : It's scary that I have noticed all of the Intrigue appearances you mention. I guess there aren't that many though. JP3 was bad, though it had good effects.
  • Haven't been here in a while but wanted to give an update. I bought the car 3/12/00 used (rental) with 31,000 miles.

    Still going strong at 72,300 miles. Only services; a front right strut replaced under warranty, A/C unit control @ $300, Brakes turned, new pads and trans fluid @ 55,000 miles and regular oil changes at 5,000 miles.

    I put on Yokohama YK 420 235/55/16 at 60,000 miles and they have been great tires (it handles like a new car).

    While I really like my Intrigue (it seems to get better with age). And even though I'll take my hit with resale, I have been considering my need/want for a SUV, I've been looking at the Rendezvous . Since this is one of the more auto educated boards.. What are the thoughts of the Rendezvous??

    Every One Have A Happy Memorial Day.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    I clicked on the link and saved it to my computer. I'm unable to view it. :-(

    intrigueguy, it's amazing that your car has been so good to you. Some here discount the experiences of many of us who've bought used Intrigues and chalk it up to the fact that they're used. I wonder if they think yours is a fluke of nature. I think the Rendezvous is ugly and underpowered with an old school technology engine. If you wanna stick with GM how about a trailblazer envoy or heck a bravada (soon to be Ranier or is it Rainier).

    It sure has been difficult to find a passenger compartment air filter. I've yet to find one around anywhere even though both fram and purolator make em in addition to acdelco. With the abundance of W bodies, you'd think they'd stock em everywhere.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    The Rendezvous is a very nice SUV/crossover with excellent build quality, features, and price. But, it really doesn't have any power and is a bit "soft" on the road, much like any other Buick. Coming from an Intrigue, these two factors may or may not be of importance of you, but that's for you to decide. Other than that, they're really very nice and well built.

    As far as the Trailblazer/Envoy/Bravada, they're quite loose and sloppy on the road, some with not so great quality. But then again, being first year models (even though the Rendezvous is too), that might be a reason for so many little quality issues. Noisy fans, rattles, hesitation, bad engines, pieces that are broken or falling off, etc. Not all are bad, but if going with one of the GM triplets, at least wait until 2003, or late in the 2002 build.

    Good luck!
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    It is a tiff file, windows imaging under accessories should open it. It wouldn't convert to a jpg for me.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    We tested a Rendezvous in the winter and loved it. It was a little over our budget so we decided against it, but it could replace our Intrigue down the road. I think it's a very well built rig and it's great on gas for an SUV type vehicle. Given the number of them I see every day now I'm guessing a lot of people agree it's a good choice.

    Glad you are enjoying your Intrigue as much as I am. Just went over 50K kms this week.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    The Rendezvous is nice, but I wish they had put the 3800 V6 or the 3.5 liter V6 in it as the 3400 is underpowered in that vehicle. It is supposed to get a new engine in 2004. Personally, I like the GMC Envoy and Oldsmobile Bravada better. They are more trucklike, but are more solidly built and have an excellent inline 6 engine. No complaints about power in those SUVs. I also like the looks of those better than the Rendezvous.
  • nferrnferr Posts: 32
    We have a loaded up Rendezvous. Really nicely built and very luxurious for this type of vehicle. They definitely should have engineered a way to shoehorn the 3.8 in there. Its fine for highway and everday driving though. Its quite different than the GM suv's, much, much less trucklike.
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    The Aurora board consists mostly of posters with the '99 and earlier s. Any feed back for me on this engine. What is the consensus from most of the posters on this board. I'm hearing I should be able to buy an '01 Aurora for around $20k with low miles.
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    My first question is, How tall are you? If you're above what is generally considered tall, you're in for a very tight squeeze. I can't speak from experience on much more than that. But from a spec sheet I'd have to agree with nferr. I do feel it is underpowered particularly if you load it up and put the air on (again speaking only from a spec sheet). It is worthy of note that the torque curve is fairly flat although if falls sharply. Other than that I can't say I have much of a beef with them. I see many on the road in southeastern PA and especially southern NJ.

    Concerning TrailBlazer and Envoy, I really liked the Envoy. When the old Intrigue was totalled, the insurance company let me cruise in an Envoy for a week. It's very smooth and power is great except at very low speeds. Not that it's bad; just not V-8 like. Think of the comparisons made btwn the 3.5 and 3.8 engines in the Intrigue and you have an idea. I would have to disagree with it being sloppy in handling. I thought it was very controlled for an SUV. More than anything else, it's extremely quiet. I liked it so much that when I had to give it back I seriously considered getting one. Convinced a co-worker to buy an Envoy (he was already leaning in that direction) and he's been in love ever since. Space is good even behind the driver. It was a little tight for me behind the wheel but I found a position that was "acceptable" and just remembered that most vehicles aren't going to fit like a glove the way the Intrigue does.

    As to which of the 3 sisters is better, it all depends on your styling tastes. I drove all three. With the exception of the Bravada, they all felt the same. The Bravada is the only one that I drove with the air suspension. Personally, I like the ride without it.
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