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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    but remember these are BIG flat surfaces on the front of RVs, so I have no doubt they'd be better on a car.
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    As I promised, I will share my photos.
    I was going to wash my car and take some nice pictures outside but I had to take pictures in the garage..Had lots of things happening today.
    I'll take some good photos soon.
    I have my Tiburon album also. Check it out!

    Also, I will finish uploading all pictures.. it only has 3 in the album.
    I am using webshots.com

  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    With a Mercedes I would stick to Mobil, Shell, Chevron, or Amoco. Mercedes' act funny with cheap gas, being the fickle cars they are.

  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    $500 is the standard amount, I'd find out why they want so much.

  • rshaw1655rshaw1655 Member Posts: 11
    I was contacted by a local dealer and he wanted $1000 deposit to place an order. He said the backlog was about four-months and he charged MSRP.
  • cticctic Member Posts: 291
    $1000 is the norm in Seattle, WA.
  • cticctic Member Posts: 291
    I saw a BMW which had the invisible bra on it for a while.

    It was chipped quite a bit. It's just a piece of plastic, so anything hard enough to pit paint is going to pit plastic. It looked fairly ugly with the little indentations in it, and I think it yellowed a little. Worse was the edges of the bra had a lot of dirt stuck on it, exactly like what you'd see on the edge of old Scotch Tape. You might want to take a look at a bra that's been on for a while. Would want to make anyone go braless.
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    I put $1000 down when I ordered mine in October. That ought to be more than enough. I'd say $2000 is definitely excessive. If there are other dealers in your area I would check them out.
  • kc01kc01 Member Posts: 2
    It was a long wait. Here’s the history:

    07/09/00 – place an order for a white/java, leather, and C2. ($500 deposit)
    08/??/00 – given a build date of 09/3D
    10/11/00 to 10/16/00 – actual build date (not sure which day)
    10/26/00 – car placed on boat in Germany
    11/05/00 – car arrived Jacksonville, FL (VPC)
    11/21/00 – car arrived at Tulsa dealership
    11/24/00 – picked up car on the busiest shopping day (a rainy day too)

    Car had 60 miles on odometer. 55 miles was part of the random QC inspection.

    We like the car very much, and only had one little problem. The salesman could not program the garage door opener. I went back to the dealership and the service advisor finally got the middle button programmed. The button that we wanted to program just quit working finally.

    We now have two white MB’s in the garage. It is hard not to compare the two (’96 E320 verses ’01 C320). The C320 looks new and fresh, but it is visibly smaller than the E320 both inside and outside. The old E320 still feels smoother (in ride and engine sound), but slower. I suppose the transmission ratio of the C320 is the difference in engine sound and responsiveness (more torque – new V6 verses old I6). The suspension on the C320 is definitely stiffer.

    Perhaps the only thing similar between the ’96 E320 and ’01 C320 is the gas mileage: 19/26. They were identical when I compared the window sticker from both cars.

    For those of you who think the C320 has a delay when you push the gas peddle, try the old E320 and you’ll say, “what delay” on the C320. Worse yet, go back to a 1995 E320, and it is even slower than the ’96. Anyway, all these are subjective, and it is only my own experience.

    I now join the few white C320 owners like Sleake. I have been away from the forum for a while, and I am sure I have lots to catch up.

  • sleakesleake Member Posts: 47
    Congrats on delivery of your white c320. It was interesting to hear your comparisons with the e320.
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    I've been considering more and more to go ahead and get the xenon headlights, but I really don't need/want the heated seats. I think I could justify to myself the $850 for the headlights, but I don't want to spend the another extra $800 for the C4 package which according to MB is required. Is it possible to get just the xenon lights without the heated seats?
  • tclawtclaw Member Posts: 23
    Not only did my letter to MB USA shake my car free from the Baltimore port facility (see prior post), but today I got a phone call from the district manager, or some such title. He sort of apologized for the "confusion," but defended MB for considering the port to be the last stage in the manufacturing process and not notifying dealers that some work will be done there that will cause the cars to be held longer than usual. I pushed him, saying that I could understand all of that but could not understand, and he could not reasonably defend, the negative answers I got from MB USA representatives when I specifically asked whether there was a door problem holding up my car. He ultimately agreed that they should have been willing to check it out. I pick up my car tonight, and hope that driving it, rather than just thinking about it since I ordered it on July 1, will make me forget all of this. Now I guess I just have to worry about invisible bras.
  • letedeletede Member Posts: 7
    Tried to order snow tires from Tire Rack today they sell a tire and wheel package for the 230..but was told the steel wheels were no longer available because there was not enough clearance for the brake rotor. Has anyone ordered the package from them and if so has there been any problems.We live in Ct.and had the car last winter and there was no doubt in our mind that we needed snow tires during the winter season.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Member Posts: 403
    Now that you own both the C320 and E320. I'd love to hear your comparison of the two. Do you feel that the E320 handles much more poorly than the C320?
  • richardjenkinsrichardjenkins Member Posts: 20
    Daniel - Your observations on throttle response are right on. Regular posters know this is one of my favourite subjects. Hopefully Andrew won't mind another posting on this...

    Right, I have finally concluded that:

    - MBZ alleges a "Driver Adaptive electronic 5 speed automatic" (1999 Mercedes Benz C Class Brochure page 53
    - I have found no source for a definition of the "Adaptive" algorithm used in this trasmission
    - Subjectively, I've tried driving aggressively over various lengths of time (30 minutes, 2 hours, several days) and have found no difference in the throttle response in the important 30-50 mph overtaking range (other than the gas mileage gets worse)

    Additionally, I have discovered two other things:

    1) If you floor it, there is a manual kickdown feature at the throttle stop which, if you get beyond it, will generate full redline shifts. This is briefly exciting, but not terribly useful in day to day traffic jousting.

    2) If you leave the transmission in D4, the throttle response in most cases is vastly improved. This is as you would expect as the box is indeed in a lower gear in most situations.

    In spirited driving, I use (mostly) 2) i.e. leaving the transmission in D4. For me, this generates a quite satisfactory experience. The car feels like its on "tip toe" in normal driving, esp on two lane roads where the overtaking gaps are short. This is quite an easy thing to do since, with the MBZ "wiggly" gate, you just grab the shift lever, whack it to the left to downshift and wake up the autobox...It even seems to me that I've read this in the Owner's Manual, but she-who-must-be-obeyed has the car out tonight so I can't go look!

    I have to admit 95%, of the time, commuting, I really just don't care about the shift points. Sometimes I turn off the Bose stereo and just listen and feel the rock-solid suspension going down the road.

    If I am really feeling like a buzz, I get my '67 Austin Mini Cooper S out of the garage and go for a dash. If I were interested in banging gears in a modern car, I'd probably be running a BMW E46, but I guess I just skipped that phase of my car-owning experience in my declining old age (41:)

    Note: my experiences are based on a sample of one - our '99 C280, your mileage may vary, etc.

    I would be delighted if other New-C owners could post their experiences here.

    Just my thoughts...

  • w2p2w2p2 Member Posts: 63
    I stopped in today to check with my salesman today. We talked and he asked me if I was dead set on a white C320. I said well, I dunno. He said they had a C320 silver with black leather with all the options I wanted. He didn't know if it was sold yet. The person that ordered it call and said they had changed their mind. I was excited, here less than a month after placing my order and I was going to get my C320.
    Well I'm sure you guessed it. Another Salesman sold it just a few hours before I showed up!
    In all, it was my fault. I had told him that I only wanted white. So now he knows I want white or Silver,C2,C4, CD changer. He didn't say why they didn't want it. From an another dealer in another state, I had been told the stock market was causing a lot of people to put off accepting their car when it arrived. Oh well maybe luck will hit twice, still no heat in the car I drive now! I can and will hold out!
  • cticctic Member Posts: 291
    I know it! Waiting for your car is the worst! I had to wait a few months for my 99C. It was delivered to my dealership on a Thursday or Friday. I wanted to get it on Friday because I wanted to drive it on the weekend. When my salesman said it wouldn't be ready until Monday or Tuesday I really really wanted to throttle him on the spot.
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
  • kc01kc01 Member Posts: 2
    Sleake, thanks for your acknowledgement.

    MBNut, thanks for your interest in my comparison.

    First of all, I want to make it very clear that I was comparing a '96 E320 to a '01 C320. The '96 E320 carried over quite a few things from the '95, especially the engine and transmission. MB did make the '96 a better car overall.

    I would not say that the "E320 handles much more poorly than the C320". These two cars were designed for different purposes, in my opinion. The E320 is more luxury than sports. However, I must say the E320 handles very well. I was impressed by how the car (E320) reacted in sharp corners. The suspension tightens up to take those turns, but relaxes on normal driving. To me, it is the "driver's car for the normal driver". The C may be better at road handling because of its sporty nature. My wife prefers the C320's smaller size and responsiveness.

    The C320 is more fun to drive. It is more eager to play when you tell it to. The '96 E320 is more like a gentlemen, who thinks (or hesitates) before making a sudden move. That said, the E320 will get up and go although not immediately.

    I drove a 2000 E320 a few months ago, and find it completely different than my '96 E320. The 2000 is much more responsive, probably because of the new V6 and some overall improvements. Actually I was very tempted to get a '01 E320.

    As far as equipment, the '01 E320 is very similar to the C320. The difference is in how they are configured. The '01 E and '01 C have the same V6 engine, but gear ratio is different. The E has almost the same amenities, but configured a little differently, for instance the placement of the fully automatic window up/down switches. Ride wise, the E is more refine, since it is a bigger car and tuned more for luxury.

    I have not tried to push the C320 too hard because it is a new car, and I tend to baby my cars. I will tell you more after I have had a chance to go over the 1,000 miles break-in period. It may take a while, because I don't drive a lot, and will be travelling during most of December. Just to let you know how little I drive, my '96 E320 has 31,000 miles. My '89 Acura Legend Coupe has 80,860 miles.

  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    fedssocr - I just got my car with C1, C2, C4, Auto, XENON, CD-Changer. I "love" my heated seats even though I live in CA. It's the best thing in the morning. And XENON really makes difference. Not just that it looks good, it really helps me at night. Just my opinion.

    richardjenkins - Wow.. thanks for your comments. I tried to give more gas when I start from each stops, and I thought it was getting little better.. maybe I was just thinking that way.. Well, I really want to give a lot more gas and see how it moves but my car only has 100 miles on it right now, and I love my car too much to do that yet. =) Maybe after I break in my car, I'll post the differences(If there's any)

  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    I picked up the all-season rubber floor mat from MB dealer today and it looked great in my Silver/Ash C. It's high quality rubber. I paid $78. I think it's worth getting than messing up the carpet mat. If you guys want to see how it look like, I'll post the picture.
  • pszilagyipszilagyi Member Posts: 2
    $1,000 is the deposit they are asking for in the Detroit-Toledo area.
  • nfotxnfotx Member Posts: 15
    Paid $1000 deposit in central California. And, after reading all the posts from #4 and #5, it seems to be the standard amount.

    My car was due last week, AAAUUUUGGHHHHHH!!!!! I hate waiting. At least I know I have companions out there who are suffering too.

    Okay tclaw, how's the car?
  • lklinelkline Member Posts: 3
    I ordered my C240 on Sept. 2, 2000. I was then told I would get my car no later than the end of November. I was now told today I will get it within the last 10 days of Feb. 01.

    I want to buy one now. Who has had to wait this long, who has not.

    Anyone know where I can get a C240 Charcoal interior with Sunroof and Bose options (auto of course)? I'm set on Silver, but will settle for white or black......HELP
  • mtroymtroy Member Posts: 45
    I have the same question as fedssocr. The brochure says heated seats are required if you order xenons. Is that right? I really like the xenons but I do not want to pay for heated seats in SoCal.
  • joemalejoemale Member Posts: 28
    I have the 320 with the Bose sound system.
    Can anyone tell me where the alleged 10
    speakers are?
    Are there 2 behind the rear passengers.
    If so, mine aren't working.

    For those waiting, it is worth the wait.
    The car drives like a dream! I put a 1K deposit
    down in April and received it mid November.

    Anyway, speaker input please.
  • w2p2w2p2 Member Posts: 63
    I have heard some areas of the country there is a longer wait. I am in Georgia and have been told the standard wait is 3 months. I put a deposit of $ 500.00. Got the heated seats also. Cold in the winter down here.
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    Yes. It's true.
    To get XENON lights, you are required to get C4 package. I live in N.CA and Heated seats are great in the morning. I thought I wouldn't need it but I get to use it a lot.

    When will COMMAND system be available in US? I don't think it's the map data.. because all other MBs have their Nav system and it works great. It has a high price tag.. (almost 2K right??) but I might consider getting one in my C.(After I check the quality.)
  • mhs7386mhs7386 Member Posts: 33
    Where do you live? Delivery time is generally three months but location is a factor.

    I got my C240 silver/charcoal three weeks ago and love it. I live in Northern NJ, near NYC.

  • joemalejoemale Member Posts: 28
    I'm in northern CA.

    Anyone know anything about the speakers?
    The manual says nothing about them anywhere.

  • nusinknusink Member Posts: 12
    I am also very anxious for the delivery of my 320 that is scheduled to be born in January. The way I look at it, Mercedes has two more months to catch any first year production glitches that may arise. Mercedes had a fun program with the year + waiting period for the SLK. While I was waiting for my SLK, I would receive a card FROM MY CAR every few months. My car was telling me how it could not wait for us to meet each other, sent me pictures of it's brothers and sisters, and even sent me an SLK key chain. I caught myself showing these cards to friends! I guess my C Class does not love me. She never writes, she never calls.................
  • lklinelkline Member Posts: 3
    I live in Austin, TX. I have found myself going online to driveoff.com, calling dealerships in Texas and Michigan and having my sales person here in Austin look for another car. I have now expanded my choices to black or white exterior with Charcoal interior. I really don't care for the other interiors as they show as two tones. I am going to look at a black one with gray interior, but I really don't think I'll like it. I have also expanded my option choices to include more than the sunroof package and the Bose sound system. I am desperate. I sold both my vehicles before I recieved my new one because I was told I'd get it in Nov. I am now reduced to driving (I'm renting it from a used car lot on a favor from a friend to aviod the big car rental charges) a 1990 Geo Prizm. I'm just not a patient person and want out of that car and into mine!!!!
  • lklinelkline Member Posts: 3
    I live in Austin, TX. I have found myself going online to driveoff.com, calling dealerships in Texas and Michigan and having my sales person here in Austin look for another car. I have now expanded my choices to black or white exterior with Charcoal interior. I really don't care for the other interiors as they show as two tones. I am going to look at a black one with gray interior, but I really don't think I'll like it. I have also expanded my option choices to include more than the sunroof package and the Bose sound system. I am desperate. I sold both my vehicles before I recieved my new one because I was told I'd get it in Nov. I am now reduced to driving (I'm renting it from a used car lot on a favor from a friend to aviod the big car rental charges) a 1990 Geo Prizm. I'm just not a patient person and want out of that car and into mine!!!!
  • nfotxnfotx Member Posts: 15
    Since I don't have my car yet, I'm relying on the MB brochure I picked up from the dealer when I paid my deposit. Accordingly, there are eight speakers in the system. Three up front, one in each door and the woofer in the back. That's all I know.
  • nfotxnfotx Member Posts: 15
    Just called my dealer. He said, "I pulled the sheet this morning any your car is labeled 'Ready to ship'". Oh boy, here it comes, C320 white/java, C2. The dealer said it will be in my hands by the end of the month. Does he know there's only two days left. Can a man salivate without smelling food?
  • tclawtclaw Member Posts: 23
    To infotx and the rest of you that have "heard" me complain about the doors and the delay, I finally picked up my C 320 last night, and just driving it home on the Washington Beltway made me happy I bought the car and happy that I splurged on the bigger engine. It was great to be able to pass and change lanes in heavy traffic, and although I've never driven a 240, my guess is that I would see a considerable differrence. I got rid of an Integra with 150 hp, versus the 240 with more weight and 168 hp, and I would think that they'd perform about the same. The 320 is much quicker. I'm going to have to take week off of work to read and understand the owner's manual. For those of you who have already been through it, did you ever figure out when the trunk unlocks and when it doesn't?
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    Congrats tclaw. Glad you finally got your car. For some reason I didn't realize you were in the DC area, I thought you were out in CA. Anyway, I forwarded your story and one of your posts to Warren Brown who is the auto writer for the Washington Post. He said he was going to contact MB and see what was up with what appears to be a "hidden recall". It will be interesting to see if he turns up much news besides what you've already discovered for us.

    For some reason my dealer has stopped answering my email. Maybe she's just off on vacation or something, or maybe I need to call her...
  • chimanchiman Member Posts: 1
    I will hopefully be taking delivery of a C320 before the end of winter. Has anyone driven these in snow yet? How are they?
  • portia15portia15 Member Posts: 5
    My C240 has the xenon headlights, but does not have the heated seats. This was not the car I ordered as I got one several months earlier since the person who ordered it backed out a few days before it was delivered. I know it was ordered early in the process as one package (C2?) has the sunroof, but not the rear sun shade. Apparently that package changed a few months after MB started taking orders. I don't know if the same is true of the xenon/heated seat combination or not.
  • djfmdjfm Member Posts: 3
    A salesperson also quoted me just for the Xenons without mentioning anything about needing the C4 package for me to get that. May just have been in unfamiliar territory still. MB options listing has in fine print requiring C4 for Xen's.
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    I believe that the Bose option supposedly includes 10 speakers, but I believe there's really only eight. The standard 7 plus one tweeter in the dash and the other 2 additional speakers I believe are in the rear doors, they're just 2 way speakers instead of the single midrange speakers that come standard. Anybody feel free to correct me here, after all I'm the guy who couldn't even find the 7th speaker in my standard stereo equipped C240!

    By the way, has anyone been able to find a bra for the new C yet? I got this reply from Clairparts, "As far as availibility on a front mask for your car, M-B said that they do not have a time frame or pricing on one yet. If you have to have something, you might be interested in a clear protectant by going to stongard.com and taking a
    look at what they have to offer." It sounds like MB is planning to offer one, but the damage will be done by then, actually already has been!
  • bmullinsbmullins Member Posts: 1
    I just got mine... I live near the port of Baltimore, which is one of the East Coast entry points.. WELL WORTH THE WAIT!! I HIGHLY recommend phone option.. makes calls easy on the road.. I HATED the aluminum trim on the sport package, so I skipped it and got the AMG sport rims separate, because they make the car look a lot better.
  • newmbfannewmbfan Member Posts: 59
    My deposit was $500.00. The salesman asked me how much I wanted to put down???? I just told him $500.00 and he said that would be fine.

    I talked to him today, as it was my last chance to make any changes. The car was ordered on 10/30 and is still scheduled to be built the first 10 days in January.

    Keep those cards and letters coming. If I can't drive it, at least I can read about it. <:-)
  • letedeletede Member Posts: 7
    I live in Ct. have a '99,230.. believe me you need 4 snow tires...see tirerack.com We drove last winter with out snow tires the car was all over the road... I am having 4 installed this Saturday...along with 2, 80lb. bags of sand we should be fine...
  • pauls6pauls6 Member Posts: 7
    I am waiting for my silver 320...My salesman says that there is a "campaign" to fix the electronic headrests at the port in Baltimore. Can anyone confirm this? He said I would have the car by the end of this month. I hope it arrives soon.
  • ric1035ric1035 Member Posts: 32
    Hoehn MB in Carlsbad, CA has 1 auto c240 coming in with alot of options. ask for Joe.
    hope this helps
  • sddlwsddlw Member Posts: 361
    My brother-in-law works at Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach, CA. I saw him on turkey day and was chatting about business, etc. He indicated that their backlog of orders was much smaller now and that they had some Cs on the lot. Can't verify this since we were not at the lot, but if your in the LA area and looking, it wouldn't hurt to check. They are one of the top 2 or 3 dealers in the US in sales volume so they might have a bigger allotment of cars.
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    I added some more of my new C pictures.
    View them at..


    (I didn't drive my car, why not?? because it's raining! I love it too much to take it out in the rain! haha..)
  • diwc240diwc240 Member Posts: 172
    Visited my central Jersey Dealer (Bridgewater)yesterday and they just received 5 from Baltimore. Three 320s and two 240s, black, desert silver, brilliant silver. Think most of them are sold.
    He also mentioned Bremen is producing 75% 320s and
    25% 240s.
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    I just got a call from my dealership. Turns out my former salesperson is "no longer with the company". Which is a shame since I really enjoyed working with her. But the new salesman sounds competent. He pulled up my order and says it's scheduled for production in the second week of Jan with a late Jan or early Feb delivery depending on how fast the boats are moving. He read back to me my entire order and it was correct. He says if I want to make any changes I need to let him know within in the next couple of days. I asked about getting the Xenons without the C4 package and he says it's not possible and volunteered that it's too expensive to have to get both. I also asked about the CD changer and ordering it from Clair. He questioned if it was the official MB changer and asked how much it was. I told him and he says install takes a couple of hours but I'd have to call service to find out how much installation would cost. He mentioned that they've dropped their price for the CD changer to $900 (from $950).

    So, my order placed on Oct 14 will likely arrive around Feb 1.
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