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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • rojiehrojieh Member Posts: 5
    I just got a call from my salesman with the last 7 digits of my VIN#. My silver C240 with ash interior, C1, C2, C3, Bose, and Comand has been built and is now at the docks ready to be shipped to Los Angeles. I should receive it sometime at the end of December/beginning of Janauary. I placed my order for this car on November 5 (deposit of $1000).

    I've heard a lot of conflicting stories about when Comand was going to come available and I would love to hear from anyone who has it installed on their C240 or C320 or knows of someone who has it installed. Basically, most dealers discouraged me from ordering it, claiming that it would set my delivery back till April.

    Are there any 2001 C-class's with Comand out there? Will mine be the only one come December?
  • w2p2w2p2 Member Posts: 63
    is available in atlanta at atlanat classic motors. they just called me. I want a white or silver. That's 2 in 2 days! I might get one before the year ends!
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    Production-wise I mean. If rojieh only ordered his car on Nov 5 and will get it by the end of Dec/Jan, then why is my car, that only has to make it to Washington DC, not scheduled for production until January when my order was placed 2 or 3 weeks earlier? Does it have to do with the fact that his car is silver (a very popular color) and mine will be Aspen green (a not popular color)? Do they wait until they get a batch of green orders and build them all together so they can all be painted in a row? I know that sounds stupid, but I just wonder why there's such a disparity? Or is the whole process so convoluted and impossible to understand that I shouldn't even try?
  • billyylbillyyl Member Posts: 1
    I live in North Jersey and am ready to order a C320 (trading in my 1998 ML320 with 25,000 miles)this Friday. As per dealer, it will be available by the end of January. Any comments about driving it with snow tires in winter?
  • nusinknusink Member Posts: 12
    There is a very good possibility that your dealer's allocation may have something to do with the order. My dealer in Sacramento is only allocated 10 C Class cars a month. When I ordered my car, I had to jump on the band wagon behind the other orders resulting in a January build date. Just a thought............
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    Thanks. I guess the allocation thing is probably the reason. But why is such a system even in place? If I live in an area with a single dealer and lots of people want the car, why should I have to wait a really long time because the powers that be have decided that my dealer is only allowed to have so many per month? Why not make it first come, first served? It just seems really unfair to me. I don't see how MB gains anything by it. If I'm in the market for this car and want it now, but am willing to wait x number of weeks but not any longer I am likely to take a walk to another manufacturer just because their stupid system says my local dealer can't have any more cars while dealer Y in some other city has a couple sitting on his lot or can get them delivered in much less time because he hasn't used up his "allotment". Is this any way to run a business?
  • mtroymtroy Member Posts: 45
    I placed my order last night and asked the salesman to try really hard to order the xenons without the C4. He confirmed today that the car cannot be ordered that way; C4 is required. So, I skipped the xenons. As I drove the car again to check the regular lights and the half-second lag that I've read about here, the helpful salesman had me pull out the headlight dial, which illuminates the fog lights. I found that driving with the fog lights on adds almost as much light as the xenons. I assume that the fog lights don't bother other drivers. (The BMW xenons definitely are bothersome.) On the lag, I noticed it. It's VERY slight. Salesman said all MB cars do that and that it's part of the stability control system, so that when you gun it from standing still, it won't screech or swerve. Sounds like a good explanation. Re: deposit and salesman's earlier statement that $2000 was required by their "dealer policy:" Me: "My research on the Edmonds forum has confirmed that no one is asked to leave $2000, that the standard amount is $1000, and some leave only $500. I'd feel more confortable leaving $1,000." Salesman: "I'll have to ask my sales manager" (then left me cooling my heels for 5 minutes). Salesman: "Great news; we've decided that because you live right in the area, you can leave just $1000." Me (to myself): "Big freakin' deal." Me (to salesman): "Oh, thank you so much." Just trying to keep things pleasant. If I were a car salesman, I would read Edmonds' forums. Now, the wait; promised for 1st or 2nd week of March.
  • mtroymtroy Member Posts: 45
    Last week I took the dealer's car for a solo test drive at 8 pm. At 8:55 pm, salesman calls my house, and according to wifey, asked her very timidly, "Uh, I'm so sorry to disturb you, I was just wondering, by any chance, I'm really sorry to bother you, but would your husband happen to be home. You see, he has our car." Wifey (a good smartass in her own right) was very tempted to say: "He mentioned something about a road trip to Vegas." But she felt so sorry for the poor salesguy, that she told him I just stopped by to show her the car and that I would be back at the dealership any second. I pulled in three minutes later at 8:58, two minutes before closing. And, bless their hearts, they did not even mention that they had called looking for me or were concerned about my whereabouts or the length of my drive. I took it as a good sign.
  • altemusdaltemusd Member Posts: 1
    Well, I'm finally glad to hear someone is interested in a color other than black, silver, or white. I, too, love the Aspen Green with Java interior. I have not placed an order yet, I'm going back and for between 240 or 320. With all the options I wanted to add to the 240, the 320 seems to make the most sense. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd even think about paying $41,000 for a car. Anyway, I'm also interested in the multi-contour seat but no ones's posted anything about them. Exactly what is it and is it more comfortable than original equipment seats? I have read these posts for months now and I thank all of you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I'm also getting a kick out of hearing from those who have ordered and/or received their cars.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Member Posts: 403
    Thanks. I enjoyed reading your comparison. I am trying to decide between a new C240 and a used E320. The E seems like more car for the money to me but doesn't handle as tightly. I'm currently leaning toward the E.
  • portia15portia15 Member Posts: 5
    I have the multi contour seats. I test drove a C240 with the regular seats and found I couldn't get as comfortable as I could in my Lexus as there weren't as many adjustment options. I'm glad I got the seats. I drive between Dallas and Austin frequently (3 hours) and I like to adjust the seats occasionally, which I can do with the multi contours. Hope that helps.
  • mtroymtroy Member Posts: 45
    Altemusd, I too never thought I would cough up $41K or leave the reliable Honda family. There is no picture of the M/C seats in the C brochure, so I didn't know what they were either. And the two test drive cars I saw didn't have it. So I saw them in the E class and was they are similar. There are three knobs on the right of the seat near your thigh. Pressing them causes air to inflate part of the seat. The lumbar presses into the middle of your back; the thigh extends the front part of the seat about two inches; the third one (whatever it's called) squeezes the sides of the seat around your waist just slightly. Pressing them again deflates them. It is a cool toy that you probably will never use -- but I ordered it anyway. It's only $460, which seems like a bargain compared to the heated seats/headlight washers. (Who on Earth needs headlight washers?) On the C, its just for the driver's seat. On the E, you have to pay $900 and get it for both seats.
  • tariktarik Member Posts: 344

    I can't remember who complained about the C-Class not being available with V8 power - you can be helped! If you are willing (and able) to cough up DEM 180,000, which as of today translates into USD 79,000, you can get this nice, little V8 bullet from BRABUS.


    For the full technical information, click here.


  • alingaling Member Posts: 598
    I happen to like the headlamp washers a lot and I think that they're extremely useful and should be on just about all vehicles. They're especially helpful when you're driving in the winter months.
    No need to get out of the car to scrap the snow off the headlamps. Just use the headlamp washers (which are a lot more high-tech than you think; even the way the droplets are shaped is calculated) and squirt the snow off with the heated washer fluid. Frankly, I like the headlamp wipers even more. Unfortunately, MB has bowed to the gods of aerodynamics and has stuck to the flush mounted washers instead.

    Another reason for headlamp washers is that when the headlamps are coated with even a little bit of dirt, the light is scattered by the dirt and this can become glaring to oncoming driver. With the 3X brighter light (compared to the halogens) from the HID Xenon headlamps, this effect is exacerbated. As such MB requires that the Xenon headlamps be bundled with the headlamp washers. FYI, headlamp washing systems have been mandatory in Scandinavian countries since the 1970's.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • alingaling Member Posts: 598
    I'd rather wait for the C32 AMG, wouldn't you? It looks especially tasteful in that C-Klasse presentation. ;-)
  • nusinknusink Member Posts: 12
    I had to pass on a C320 in stock because I need good lumbar support in a car seat. After 45 minutes of driving in the non multi contour seat I found myself getting a lower back ache. I was told that the seat has 2 separate lumbar supports along with the thigh and side bolstering. To me, the extra $460.00 is well worth it.
  • PrestaPresta Member Posts: 6
    Ordered my C240 from Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Newport Beach on 10/20. Picked it up last night (11/29). Easy process, not an incredibly long wait, great car.

    My salesperson said that they are starting to receive extra Cs from Mercedes (ones that hadn't be ordered by someone).

  • w2p2w2p2 Member Posts: 63
    to me yesterday. A desrt silver. With the market crashing, we will all get them fatsre now. I just hope I can afford to buy when a white one becomes available.
  • mtroymtroy Member Posts: 45
    Good point. No snow where I'm from, so that thought never occurred to me.
  • djfmdjfm Member Posts: 3
    After reading the write up for the 01 Porsche 911, found out that it's got dual (high beam/low beam)HID's. Was wondering if C's are set-up that way too.
  • kkuetkkuet Member Posts: 28

    the high beam lights are not xenon on the c-class. however, the high beam lights do actually add a lot to the xenons. my acura tl xenons are so bright that the high beams don't even make a big difference.
  • alingaling Member Posts: 598
    No, they're not Bi-Xenons. The only production cars in the world that are Bi-Xenons (Xenons for both high and low beams) are the MB CL-class and the Porsche 911 Turbo.

    Why are the high beams not HID? Because HID Xenon bulbs take about 30 seconds (or more) to warm up to full intensity. It is in this warm-up state that the beam appears extremely bluish. After the warm-up stage and into the steady stage, the lights are an intense white. Usually, drivers only use the high beams for a few seconds at a time. As such, the HID lights won't be very effective since they require this extra warmup time.

    To counteract this problem, the Porsche's and MB's headlamps (both made by Hella) employ unique reflector mechanisms that actually redirect the reflectors - and hence the light beams - upwards. These components are expensive, of course, which is why you only find the technology on these two very pricey flagship vehicles...at least right now.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    Doesn't work with the remote, button on door, or the key! What do you think? You can hear it making the unlocking sound but it don't open. Also, the drop headrest feature doesn't always work, I think I've read here that has occurred on other's cars as well. I'm a bit worried about these problems.
  • kelfkelf Member Posts: 83
    what would be the best buy including installation of a new CD changer? can one put in more than a 6 cd changer in the glove compartment? prefer to do it in Southern Cal or Las vegas. thank you for suggestions. kelfg@aol.com
  • kelfkelf Member Posts: 83
    we have a friend who ordered both a C240 and 320 for 1/01 delivery. one for wife one for himself. due to divorce he will sell his position for the regular msrp, plus the $1,000 deposit on each car that he says that he is losing. this is not a lease but an all cash buy. if you think this is a good deal for you and are serious please let me know and i put you in touch. kelfg@aol.com
  • bubba3007bubba3007 Member Posts: 38
    Like most of you here, I am waiting with strained patience for the delivery of my new toy. However. I don't fit into the demographics (35-45) that I have read that M-B is aiming for. I am past 65 and should be buying a Buick, for Gods sake! So I am curious, are you all a bunch of young pups or are there others in the group that should be over the hill but refuse to be pushed over just yet?
  • 4murphy4murphy Member Posts: 20
    Am I the only owner of a new C240 who is having brake difficulties? I was informed that MB brakes don't squeal, but instead it is a harmonic sound coming from the pads and rotor.
    Well, the darn thing still makes a weird sound when the brakes are applied softly after driving for a considerable distance.
    Further, I was told by the service manager that all MB brakes "squeal". Is that true?
    My patience is getting quite short with this problem. Of course, the brakes don't squeal all the time, so I get my hope up that the problem is fixed and then it starts again.
    I am starting to hate this vehicle. It drives great and I have not had other problems, but every time I start to brake I am reminded of the problem.
    Anyone have any new suggestions for me to take to the service manager? Do I need to contact MB?
  • sascuderisascuderi Member Posts: 73
    Just wondering, I am considering a new C, but with the demand is it inflating the price? How much over invoice are they letting these cars go for, or is it sticker?
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    The first C I test drove was a 320 sport. When I asked to see the trunk the salesperson tried and tried to get it to open, but she didn't have any luck. So, I guess maybe this isn't an isolated problem. She tried the remote and the internal trunk release. And I guess there's a metal key inside the regular key that's supposed to open the trunk too, but that also didn't work. She didn't know what was wrong.

    As to price, I think everybody's pretty much paying straight sticker, no extra markups, other than the inflated price for the CD changer. :-)

    And to answer Bubba's question, I am 32 (almost 33), so I guess I'm a little younger than the target market, but not by much.
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    Thanks for the response about the trunk, I too have tried everything and it won't open. The dealer's service department's next open appointment isn't untill next Friday, so we'll see if it opens on it's own before than. I sure hope these first year C class MBs don't turn out to have all the problems I've heard the first year MLs had!!!! One more thing, the trip computer doesn't always work right, sometimes the after start info is all wrong says it's been 30m and 25miles or something like that, it's done this about 4 times thus far. I'm starting to worry about this car. I haven't filled out the the big new owner survey I got from MB, I'm waiting until I see how things go at the service department.
  • sleakesleake Member Posts: 47
    I believe the after start trip computer resets only after the car has set for a certain period of time. In other words, if you park it for 15 minutes and restart, you get a continuous read out from the first start up. Might that explain the weird readings you're getting?

    The breaks on my c320 are quiet, and I haven't had any problems opening the trunk.
  • sleakesleake Member Posts: 47
    brakes instead of breaks. I also meant to say I'm sorry that some of you are having problems.
    They don't sound serious, but I know they can be frustrating, especially when the dealer doesn't solve them right away.
  • sirus32sirus32 Member Posts: 55
    During a test drive of a C240 the trunk wouldn't
    open using the remote or trunk release. The salesperson said it was because the valet feature
    was engaged. To "turn off" the valet feature, remove the small silver key embedded in the remote
    into the trunk's key hole and turn right or left(can't remember). For more information review your manual about the valet feature....
    Hope this helps.
  • cgwcgw Member Posts: 7
    Isn't the dealer supposed to check the pressure of the spare tire before delivery? If the dealer can't get in the trunk, it suggests that this wasn't done.
  • w2p2w2p2 Member Posts: 63
    I was wondering how the Skyland Mercedes dealership was as far as service etc... Thinking of relocating to Asheville.
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    Sleake- I thought that too, the first time it happened, but the next several times, including after sitting in the parking structure all day or garage all night, tells me there's a problem with the unit.
    Sirus32- I'll check that out! We did try the key in the trunk, but I didn't think of the valet feature, I'll get the manual out and check it out. I'll let everyone know if it's that simple. If it turns out to be that, it'll be interesting to find out how the valet feature was engaged in the first place.
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    Just tried it out, trunk's as solid as ever, feels like it's welded shut. I have a feeling the salesman who said the valet feature was engaged, was just a quick thinker. If it had been that simple why not just pull the key out of it's slot and open the trunk, about a 10 second process.
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    Since I got my car last month, I had no problem..
    I know the manual for C is terrible..
    It's hard to find out all nifty features unless you read them all.. I know you tried all these but I wanted to summerize for other owners also.

    I will jot down all I know..(including other helpful comments above)

    Trunks - My trunks opens with the remote when I press it for 1 sec. You have to press it firmly for a sec. Also, in the manual, you can lock the trunk with the mechanical key in the remote. If it's locked with the key previously, it won't open even with the remote until you unlock it with the key. There's a lever where the license plate lamp is. try to unlock with the metal key and pull it and see what happens..

    Brakes-This was a good one. "Service Manager said all MB's brakes squeal". What the heck are they talking about? For me, I haven't seen a single MB that squeals...yet.. You should complain a lot. You don't want to drive 40K+ car that squeals.. Check other dealers if possible.

    Trip computer - Yes, it doesn't reset everytime when you stop the engine. I never found the exact number from the manual but, I think it resets it you don't start the engine like an hour or two.. I want to find that out also. I warm up my car up to 80 degrees before I leave my house in the morning, it takes 10-15 min. because of that my MPG is all wrong. I guess I can reset "After Seset" section after I warm up the car..

    Windows & Sunroof Open & Close with the remote - In the C manual, if I remember right, they talk about that in two places. On one page, it states that it only works with InfraRed feature of the remote, but on the other page, it doesn't. I had to read the whole manual to find that out.
    So.. if you forgot to close your windows or sunroof before you get out of the car, point the remote to either side of the two front doors(that's where the sensors are. On handles), and press and hold "Unlock" - to open all, or "Lock" - to close all, after one sec. it will start closing.

  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    In the C brouchure, it states that it will tell me the speed on the screen upon CC engagement. I never had luck.. Do I have to program soemthing? Anybody know how??

  • mtroymtroy Member Posts: 45
    Though I wasn't expecting delivery until mid-March, another dealer called me and said the exact car I want was there, and he gave me two minutes to decide. I took a minute and a half, called him back, and got it (for sticker): C320, bril.silver/ash, no premium leather, c2,c3. $800 for the cd (orig. quote was $975). Dealer throw-ins: cargo net (based on suggestion I got here), baseball cap, key ring of choice, and lastly, the teddy bear, which he actually fought me on and then faked his cave-in ("Oh, alright, I'll do it for you!") Long, nervous drive home. But feeling good, Billy Ray!
  • tengu3tengu3 Member Posts: 3
    According to the manual, the "Start Trip" will automatic reset after 4 hours.

    On gas mileage .... From the readout I am getting 13-15 mpg in stop and go traffic, about 16mpg around town, 28 mpg going 65mph, 25.5 mpg going 80mph. Overall mileage driving to and back from work is about 22 mpg. The readout of the "reset mileage" is higher by about 10% from actual mpg at the pump, but comparison is only based on two refills.

    On brake squeaking .... mine makes a small squeaking noise when my foot is not solid on the brake pedal. I guess that's normal.

    The IR remote is for automatic lowering/raising of the windows, and works only at close proximity.

    Paid $1500 for the xenon + headlamp washer. Not much difference between the xenon and the regular halogen lamp. Could have saved the money for the sport package. I wish there's a switch for the auto-dimming mirrors. I need them bright to look out for patrol cars - especially after the 1000 miles breakin period.

    I am still getting used to the foot parking brake. Drove the car couple of times with the parking brake engaged and the display lighted up like firework. Quite a scary sight.

    Some questions:
    1) I see no screw holes in the front bumper, how do I attach the front license plate?
    2) Does the car has variable suspension? It feels more solid when I corner at high speed than at slow speed.
    3) Does the "variable service check" remind me other maintenance items like timing belts, replace coolant and brake fluid etc?
    4) The manual recommends adding the MB fluid to either water or commercial windshield fluid. What is the function of the MB washer fluid?
  • nfotxnfotx Member Posts: 15
    pssssssst . . . . psssssssst

    hey everybody,

    Just picked up my C320. Glacier white, java interior C2. And, after only 14 miles doing errands around town I can safely say, "It's worth every penny."

    Must go show off to my friends. More later.
  • newmbfannewmbfan Member Posts: 59
    I can not imagine that the dealer would deliver the car without being able to get in the trunk. Have you tried your salesman for an answer or call the 800 for mercedes number or the "I" button in the teleaid.

    I doubt they checked the air pressue on the spare because I don't think there is one!
  • nfotxnfotx Member Posts: 15
    One of the last things I checked before driving off in the car was whether the trunk would open or not. Mine opens with the remote just fine. While it was open my salesman showed me the spare and jack. In the left rear corner of the trunk was a black plastic license plate mounting bracket. In a little plastic bag were several nuts and bolts. My salesman said if I wanted to mount the front plate, they would have to drill holes into the front bumper. It's a law here in California but I saw two earlier models (1997 & 1998) which still did not have the front plate.
  • nfotxnfotx Member Posts: 15
    Congratulations mtroy. You and I both picked up our cars today. Aren't they great? The best of Mercedes ownership to you.


  • sleakesleake Member Posts: 47
    congratulations to both of you!!!

    Re auto dimming mirrors -- I also have some concerns about my ability to identify Highway Patrol cars behind me at night -- although not as much as when I used to commute 120 miles round trip, half of it at night.

    Re front license plate -- the dealer is suppose to drill the holes for you. The license plate holder should be in the trunk. I elected not to have the holes drilled yet (figure I'll try to get by without a front plate for as long as I can) and they made me sign a form proving they had offered to do it.
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    Our trunk had worked just fine for the first 3 1/2 weeks, so it left the dealer working. We're in the San Diego area and our car came with a front plate bracket, frame and MBofSD card in place of the plate. This was installed before we ever even saw the car.
  • tariktarik Member Posts: 344
    How do those of you who decided to get the manual transmission rate the gearbox? Historically, the MB manuals always had too long a throw and were rather imprecise. During a recent stay in Germany, I took a C240 out for a ride, and the transmission feel didn't seem to have changed a lot.

  • alingaling Member Posts: 598
    I'm not very experienced with manual trannies (very rarely get to drive a car equipped this way), but I did find the shifts to be a little vague. The throws were okay, but by no means Honda S2000-like. Perhaps this vague feeling will improve as the car is broken in? BTW, do they offer a C320 with the 6 speed manual in Europe? They offer the SLK320 with the manual, so I can't understand why they don't for the C320 other than the fact that they think it won't be popular.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • cdm2cdm2 Member Posts: 7
    Anyone know where I can get a original MB CD changer without paying dealer pemium price($900)
    for a 2001 CLK 320. Thanks.
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