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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • 4murphy4murphy Member Posts: 20
    The dealer was told by the technical people at MB to put new pads and rotors on my new C240. I must admit that I was surprised at how quickly they came to that conclusion. What do they know that we don't know?
    The brakes did not squeal on the way home this time. Hopefully, the problem has been rectified.
    MB responded quickly and forthrightly in this case.
  • limanliman Member Posts: 32
    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has purchased the mb cargo tray for the c-class trunk. How difficult is it to install or remove? Is it worthwhile? I have the 60/40 rear seat, so I would probably want to remove the tray occasionally, plus for battery access,etc.
    I'm concerned that I might scratch the car while removing the tray. Also is the tray light enough for my wife to remove without trouble? We don't put messy stuff in the trunk, just a few grocery bags, a suitcase, stuff like that.
    Any input would be appreciated.
    Also a reminder - topic 4145 is out there for folks wanting to talk about the 1994 - 2000 c.
  • newc230newc230 Member Posts: 7
    I live in Maryland. My dealer told me not have snow tires as normal tires will be okay. Should I believe him.Where can I have snow tires installed?
  • letedeletede Member Posts: 7
    See post #205... I do not know how much snow you get in Maryland....but here in Ct. you need them.
  • chris179chris179 Member Posts: 2
    The Xenons essentially cost $850 + $800 (C2 package) + tax, ie about $1,800. Are they worth it in your opinion? I'm a little bit concerned about getting speeding tickets, because with Xenons, the cops can single you out better. What if you use the fog lights in addition to the standard headlights? Isn't that as good as the Xenons? Thanks.
  • kjindckjindc Member Posts: 5
    I'm looking for input from anyone that can help. I'm comparing the C240 vs. Lexus IS 300 vs. BMW 330i. Price wise, the C240 is the front runner, but I want to make sure that I'm happy with my purchase. I've heard various pro's & con's about all 3 cars. If anyone owns 1 of the 3 or made choices between these cars, please give me your input on what helped you decide on your purchase.
  • johnny2000johnny2000 Member Posts: 38
    Hi all,

    Post # 217: I have just received the latest issue of Automobile magazine (January Issue 2001!) and it has an article entitled "Closing In" that might be of great help to you.

    Their man question was --I quote-- "Is the Mercedes-benz C320 or the Lexus IS 300 poised to overtake the BMW 330i as the best sport sedan?

    As one could tell, the question was framed in a way that assumes that the bimmer is the benchmark of sport sedans in its segment. Not that I necessarily disagree with such an assessment but it comes down to an issue of taste and logic.

    As for your choices' dilemma, are you considering a C240 rather than the c320 purely because of pricing? Because the other alternatives are fairly compared with the latter rather than the former.

    My personal opinion is to wait until Spring where you can get your C320 for a reasonable discount or go with the bimmer.

    According to the article you get more for IS300, a BMW 330 than for the C320.

    Prices of the three similarly equipped vehicles is $34,635 for the IS300; $38,430 for the BMW 330i; and $43,390 for the C320.

    After all it is your money and it is your taste.

  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    I wouldn't expect any discounts on the C, reasonable or otherwise, until well after Spring. MB seems to have reduced the dealer profit margins to a point where the dealers feel like they have little room to offer much off of MSRP. Maybe once initial demand is finally met (and since order waits are still on the order of 3-4 months, that may not be for a good while) you may be able to get a few hundred off here and there.

    I think what you need to do is drive all three and see which YOU like best. I think it's all pretty subjective really and each person has his/her own criteria. I personally don't much care for the styling of the Lexus. I like the way the BMW looks, but did not drive one. I've had enough bad experiences at BMW dealers to make me very leery of going to one again. For me it came down to the fact that I've always wanted a Mercedes and I love the styling of the new C. I also like the way it drives, albeit only in two relatively short test drives. If not for the new C I wouldn't even be considering a new car just now.

    Obviously the people in this forum are mainly people who have bought or are in the process of buying the C, so our opinions are likely to be in its favor. The other car I would probably consider if I were really out there shopping today is the Volvo S60.
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    I had my C for 3 weeks now and I am getting 18MPG city driving.. I think...it's pretty low.. what do you think about 18MPG and what's yours?
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Member Posts: 403
    Which C do you have?
  • bigbaddadbigbaddad Member Posts: 14
    I've had my C240 6 speed for about 5 weeks. Most of my driving (90%) is around town. My average is a smidge over 20 mpg.
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    December 2000, Automobile mag has the 12 month report on BMW 323I, FLAWLESS, and 5 out of 5 Stars....no doubt one of the best reviews,

    My experiences, at 1000k miles a/c bearing failed , after dealer apology's < not their fault> maybe 112f in July in Texas ? my salesman gave me his new 5 series to drive while part was ordered, after that 17 flawless months.

    In confidence a few post on internet don't properly review a car and most certain the more vocal are those with complaints, probably. Choose which one best fit your needs and enjoy which ever German car u choose.

    It may seem futile but when MB wakes up and includes a in-dash CD player and a few other minor annoyance's perhaps i will try one. Better yet maybe they will include a 8 track to go with that cassette deck.....lol

  • jonoratojonorato Member Posts: 22
    Sorry for the delay in my response. I ordered it Nov. 11, and the dealer told me late Feb., so I believe early March.

    I got $400 of invoice (whoopee!) but it's better than nothing. I figure they'll have some of these irritating little problems worked out by then. Certainly the door locks, trunk, and the brakes.

    Even though I used an autobytel referred dealer, the experience was much the same as it has always been for me...a lot of tricky BS to overcome, like my sales guy tried to get the price down by seperating the CD changer from K2 like I told him I wanted it (leaving out K2) on the first contract he faxed me; incorrect ADDITION on the final contract they sent me; told me at first he could get the 5-spoke AMG wheels without the sport package (nope); and assorted and miscellaneous other sales-guy tricks I can't think of right now. The good thing was it was all done electronically, and it's easier to hold the line when you're not staring at the car.

    Like I said, not too worried about the problem list out here. On a new launch, this stuff is going to come up and other than the brakes I find what's coming up comforting in its scope.

    Of course, I've been 15 years in two Nissan Sentras (at least the second one is an SE-R) so I'm guessing I'll think it's a step or two up regardless of what kind of little annoyances it may have. My car now has some BIG annoyances.

    Can't wait.
  • richardjenkinsrichardjenkins Member Posts: 20
    JC - I bought a cargo tray for the trunk of our 99 C280. Its been in the trunk since I bought the car. I find it worthwhile. I think it would be a little hard to take out/put back in lots of times. I mean, what would you do with it when it was out of the car? I like the dividers so I can put all my junk (flashlight, thick coat, tow rope, toolkit, maps, extra Animal Crackers (you never know!) etc) and not have it all rolling around the back. I guess it takes up a little room, but its made of thick rubber and very well made. I would doubt that it would scratch the paint if you took it out. NB leaving the dividers in does seem to reduce the amount of room for stuff like suitcases.


  • richardjenkinsrichardjenkins Member Posts: 20
    Clifford T - I would like to vote for keeping the C-class topics (both old and new) together. I do respect your views, and if 4145 lives on, great.

    However, here's why I would rather just have one topic:

    - Easier to surf one topic to surf to versus two

    - I find it takes a lot less time to spin by the discussions of xenons/colours/prices from new C owners than search for another topic (see above)

    - I fantasise about my wife letting me buy a new C class, so I like to read what folks are saying.

    - Both models are recent year entry-level Benz's, so I believe the persons buying them will have a lot in common with each other, and with me.

    - Many of the systems (FSS, ESP, ABS, etc) are shared between the two cars, at least in derivation of design, if not in actual implementation technically.

    - Granted the new C has some technical changes (struts, rack and pinion, etc) but the engine and transmission is basically the same 3 valve head V6 family, so I am interested in posts about the engine after folks get a few miles on their new Cs.

    Perhaps after a few months the differences will start to be more apparent, and I'll drift over to 4145 occasionally...

    Happy motoring...

  • semerrilsemerril Member Posts: 12
    I took delivery on my C240 at the end of October, and have 1500 miles on it. I have a couple of the same complaints as other have posted...brakes squealing, and acceleration lag. I have an appointment to get the brakes fixed, and I'll relate to the dealer that others seem to have the same problem. Like others, mine squeak when I'm coming to a slow stop, not hitting the brakes hard. They'd better not tell me that's what MB's do...I didn't pay this much money for a car to sound like a Hyundai. On the acceleration, I told my dealer that it feels like turbo lag, and it's especially pronounced when I'm taking off with the car cold. My dealer said that's the way all MB's run, almost like it's a feature (yeah, right.) I guess I'll just get used to it.

    One new problem I have that I'd like to see if others have as well...I can't get warm air out of the dash vents. The climate control works well, and gets the car warm via the top and floor vents, but regardless of where I place the air flow, only cold air comes through the dash. I also only get cold air in the rear vent. Anyone else having the same problem?
  • alingaling Member Posts: 598
    Actually, your dealer is correct. All MBzs of late do actually run this way. Why? Because cold start emissions are the dirtiest.

    In order to remedy this, for the first couple of minutes of driving the car (when the engine is cold), the transmission holds the gears longer so that the revs go higher. Higher revs mean that the engine heats up quicker and the tailpipe emissions are drastically cleaner. This is also the reason why MB went from a DOHC 4 valve per cylinder design, to a SOHC 3 valve, 2 spark plug per cylinder design.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • jonoratojonorato Member Posts: 22
    ...when it's warm? THAT would bum me out...I can live with it for a few minutes.

    The climate control question is also a curious one to me. You would think you should be able to get warm air out of the dash and rear vents.
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    Do you know if MLs can be towed 4 down behind an RV? If not, are there modifications that can be done to make one towable? I know this is the wrong forum for this question, but I think you're the guy who'd have the definitive answer. Your response to why all MBs have the lag when cold makes perfect sense, that's exactly how ours behaves. At first it bothered us, but after a month we don't even notice it, as you said, once the car's warm it behaves the way you'd expect it to. It also keeps you from hot rodding the things before they're warmed up.
  • alingaling Member Posts: 598
    Sorry, no it cannot be done. The ML HAS to have all 4 wheels lifted off the ground because of its permanent 4WD system (which sends power to all 4 wheels at all time, providing excellent stability/handling/traction). Towing the vehicle on the ground will cause extensive damage to the transfer case (which is over $3500).

    This is why in the unlikely situation when an ML has to be towed, a dolly has to be used for one end of the vehicle, with the other end lifted by the arm. Either this, or a flatbed truck must be used.

    If you want to tow using an RV, I guess the only thing that you can do is to buy a trailer which the ML can be driven onto.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • etiberiusetiberius Member Posts: 1
    I saw a couple of C-Class cars available on the lot at Smythe European in San Jose today. One was a Silver C320 fairly loaded. The other was a Bordeaux Red C240 with 6-speed manual, C2, C3.

    My wife picked up a C240, Brilliant Silver, Ash, C2, Leather, 6-Speed, CD-Changer last Friday. So far so good. No problems. This is our first Benz. I'm very impressed with the build quality, smooth ride, good handling, good acceleration with the manual transmission, exterior styling, and interior styling. The 6-speed has a short-to-medium throw and is very easy to shift and find the correct gear. This is a good transmission for my wife. She enjoys the control of the manual, but also likes the smoothness and ease of the Benz transmission. It does not provide enough road feel and is not notchy enough for me. I'm used to driving a '99 Miata though, which has an extremely short throw and has much more road feel.

    My overall impression of the Benz vs. Bimmer is that the Benz is Luxury and Quality First, Performance Second, while the Bimmer is Performance First, Luxury and Quality Second. For my wife, the Benz characterists are just right. For myself, the superior manual transmission of the BMW would probably be the overriding factor.
  • limanliman Member Posts: 32
    Thanks for the input re/ the cargo tray. You didn't mention if you have the split folding rear seat. That would make a difference I would think, as there is probably a lip around the cargo tray, which would make it necessary to remove it before using the extra space. The split folding rear seats were part of package C2, I have actually never used them yet.

    Also you raise some good points in support of a single C-Class topic. Tough call.

    Anyway, thanks much.
  • scottie10scottie10 Member Posts: 6
    I placed an order for a C240 in September and my new car is supposed to be delivered to the dealer sometime next week. In anticipation of my new MB, I have already sold my '97 BMW 328i. When I test drove the C240, I didn't see any significant problems with acceleration. I was not expecting the car to drive like my BMW. My "complaint" with my BMW was that it was not a comfortable car and I felt that the MB offered more amenities. (And I was ready for a change) But now, I have read here and in some car reviews about sluggish acceleration with the C240. I am hoping that I am not making a mistake. (I love the new C series) Can anybody who now owns a C240 comment? I still have a chance to switch over to a new BMW, if acceleration is really a major problem. I will be driving the car mainly in town to work.
  • kjindckjindc Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your input. I agree about the in dash cd changer. I think that's going to suck to load my changer via the trunk. If you don't mind me asking, is your 323i loaded & what type of deal did you get on it. I know there's not too big of a difference between the 330i & 323i, so after listening to your comments, I might have to consider the 323i. I've owned a '96 318 & the issues I had were the "lack luster" interior. It reminded me of a VW. Bland! Have they improved or does it still have that "empty" feeling? I was also disappointed with how cramp I was. I'm about 6'3" so I need a little room. I was satisfied with the engine. And I like the new body style. Can you give me a little more to go on.
  • mhs7386mhs7386 Member Posts: 33
    I've had a C240 for five weeks; I drive mostly on busy highways and suburban streets in Northern New Jersey. I can tell you I have had no accelleration problems, except when I neglected to let the engine run for 30 seconds or so when cold.
    The car is a dream to drive; quiet, smooth, luxurious. That's why I got it. I NEVER ask how long a car takes to go from 0-60. Unless I drove in the sticks or open highways all the time, or drag raced, it's irrelevant to me.
  • kjindckjindc Member Posts: 5
    I'm considering buying a C240 as well. I wanted to know what cars did you compare it to before you purchased it. I'm trying to choose between BMW 323i vs. Lexus IS300 vs. C240. I've read your comments on how the car is a dream, but I wanted to know have you have any negative comments thus far. Honestly.
  • hngadimanhngadiman Member Posts: 1
    I had my C240 for 2 months. Right now there is a ticking noise from steering wheel. I went to the dealership asked them to check it. They found that noise and they could not fix it. The technician said compair to other new c class same noise. ( you're right ) Before when i bought this car was find and it just start happening 5 days ago. Yesterday I brought my car to the different dealership they found the noise and i am still waiting the answer from them. Do you have the same problem like me?
  • fedssocrfedssocr Member Posts: 90
    When the time comes and my car finally arrives I am thinking that I will finance with E-loan. Has anyone ever had any trouble with their dealer not accepting the E-loan check? Obviously the dealership would prefer that I use their over-inflated financing... E-loan's current rate is 7.31%. Does anyone know what MB finance is charging these days as their rate?
  • deezknutsdeezknuts Member Posts: 4
    i have a c320 and i too have noticed this ticking noise. sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. it's really strange since the noise seems like it's coming from the interior than from the exterior engine compartment. if anyone finds out was the noise is and how to fix it, please let me and the board now. thanks!
  • lwhomerlwhomer Member Posts: 13
    If you consider the rate of acceleration of a car to be important, I think you will be less than happy with the C240. Tests I've read indicate a 0-60 time on the manual C240 of just under 9 seconds and the BMW 330 manual should come in under 7 seconds. That's a difference that would be noticeable to someone who likes to "jump on it" now and then. If you're a more sedate driver, the power difference may not matter. The M-B will probably be more comfortable and a bit quieter than a BMW.
  • PeterunPeterun Member Posts: 83
    Yup, I too own a C320 . . runs absolutely perfectly . . except for the "tick" sound which seems to come from the engine. Can only be heard at idle . . and easiest to hear it with the climate control system off. It annoys me . . but at this point I do not want my vehicle to be part of the in-service to M-B technicians. . .will wait til there's more on this. Pete
  • dennettdennett Member Posts: 332
    How in the world can you make that comparison? I'd bet a C320 auto would blow the doors off of a 325 auto, and that's about as fair a comparison! The 330i and it's 225hp had better be a lot faster than a 168hp C240. The 240 is a great car, easily the equal to 325, but a newer design and loaded with many more standard features. When I crunched the numbers, the C240 was several thousand less then a comparably equipped 325, and the Bimmer still wouldn't have all the airbags, nor the tele aid, nor the 50k free service.
    As far as the IS300 I thought it would be the one to have, but after looking at, sitting in, and driving one, it is what it is, a Toyota with a Lexus badge on it. The upper level Lexus cars are great but they're not Toyotas. The IS is a 4cyl Toyota everywhere else in the world, and it looks the part. Kind of reminds me of an Integra. I hate to be so harsh on the IS but I was incredibly disappointed in it, and I was a bit worried that it being a several year old Toyota, it may be redesigned in only 1 or 2 years.
  • richardjenkinsrichardjenkins Member Posts: 20
    JC - Yes, I have the split fold down rear seats. Although, you know what, I've never folded them down! Seems wierd I know, but I though they would be useful for carrying cargo and all. I had them on my '92 Accord and really used them a lot. Now it turns out with our minivan ('00 Odyssey) we have all the carrying capacity we need...
  • diplomatdiplomat Member Posts: 5
    Jim in Boston, I have a MY2000 C280 with 8000 miles. I am getting ready to trade it for the C320. Let me know if you are interested. It is in mint condition, brillant Silver. Reply if you are interested. I am in Rhode Island area.
  • tengu3tengu3 Member Posts: 3
    regarding getting warm air out of the dash vent - you have to shut off the outside air (middle blue knob).

    For the new C-owners, how many of you oil-change your car more frequently than recommended by the "Variable Service System?" Will the system also tell you when to change the timing belt, the brake oil, and the transmission oil etc?
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    You asked about the xenon headlights being worth the cost in your post # 216.

    I have them on my 1999 C280. I did not order them.
    They were on the car we purchased as it was being shipped from Germany. Therefore, it was not a real choice on our part at that point because we wanted the car - even with the xenon's. I was leery.

    Now, two plus years later, I actually like the xenons. Last evening I noticed that the headlights lit up all three lanes on the freeway (I was in middle lane) and, they also lit up the side of the road on EACH side! The car in front of me apparantly had a conventional halogen light that LIT UP ONLY HIS LANE!

    There is a test on the internet in one of the MB rooms that might help you in making a decision whether or not to order them. I will try to locate it and refer you to it in a later post. Good luck.
  • husky11husky11 Member Posts: 53
    I took a quick look at my bookmarks and luckily I had it in the pile for quick reference.

    The site is Hella Light Testing Facility and their web site is http://hella.de/shop/kanal/maine.htm

    It is a test that compares the xenon headlight, the halogen light and fog lights.You are in the drivers seat in the test so you get a very good comparrison. It may help you decide whether to get the xenon lights.

    Good luck.
  • fjjfjj Member Posts: 6
    I think I might be ready for my first MB. I've been dreaming of owning one for over 10 years. I will probably trade in my Ford Explorer Eddie B. (94). My guess is that after trade in, I'll get a credit of about 3k. Since I don't make a lot of money, I thought I'd start with a 97 C-230 (I've seen it range from 23 to 25k.

    Any suggestions?
  • fjjfjj Member Posts: 6
    I think I might be ready for my first MB. I've been dreaming of owning one for over 10 years. I will probably trade in my Ford Explorer Eddie B. (94). My guess is that after trade in, I'll get a credit of about 3k. Since I don't make a lot of money, I thought I'd start with a 97 C-230 (I've seen it range from 23 to 25k.

    Any suggestions?
  • lwhomerlwhomer Member Posts: 13
    If you are considering paying $25,000 for a '97 4 cylinder M-B, an ordered, bare bones '01 would cost only about $6-7K more and be a quantum leap upward. With Zero mileage, 50K warantee, color choice, free service and a ton more modern car, I'd sure consider "stretching" to buy the C240!

    Larry Homer
  • nfotxnfotx Member Posts: 15
    Been out of town for five days and just read the latest posts. This afternoon I picked up from my dealer a set of winter floor mats and the cargo tray. thecargo tray was my freebie from the salesman for buying the car. For those just joining this discussion, please be advised no one is getting below MSRP. I took three hours to deal on my car going over every number and it got me nowhere. This was at 7:30PM on the last day of the November. My salesman offered floor mats and I went with the cargo tray.
    Based on the photo in the accessory brochure, I picked the cargo tray. The photo showed a heavy black rubber tray with compartments in the back holding a pair of shoes and some golf balls. When I took the tray out of the box this afternoon it did not fit into the trunk. However, when I spun it around, it fit perfectly. In other words, the compartments were reversed and not under the rear deck as shown in the photo. Before leaving the lot I had the parts manager and the finance manager trying to figure out what was wrong.
    I have a couple of days to decide if I want to keep the cargo tray. Since it is not as depicted in the photo, my dealer is more than understanding.
    In terms of easy removal and replacement, it is a snap to do. This is very soft rubber and won't scratch the car. Unless your wife is a petite size person, she should not have any trouble.
  • pk6pk6 Member Posts: 26
    For quite a while I noticed an intermittent ticking noise in my 99, not constant, just once or twice every 30 seconds or minutes at times, somtimes not.

    Turned out on mine it's my seat-belt latch when it's connected. Why I don't know, do up your seatbelt and pull it, right near the latch and see if thats it.
  • limanliman Member Posts: 32
    for the info on the cargo tray. Thinking I will go with the one without dividers, model D98Q1 9000. Happy to hear these are made of soft rubber and not plastic, and easy to install/remove.
    My dealer is an hour away, so I'm thinking of just ordering direct from mb. .
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    When I got my car I was wondering how to do that too.. You need to adjust the vent controller(little round thing on your dash..) When I opened it up, I immediately felt the hot air through the air diffuser. Try it and see if it works!
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    When I placed an order for my C, I applied at e-loan,..because they offer pretty good rates.. I asked my sales person and he said his dealer doesn't take e-loan. I heard that it's very hard(for dealers) to get the money from e-loan quickly, they said it takes forever...so they don't deal with it. So I found "lendingtree.com", and what they do is they let banks compete with each other to get you the lowest rate possible. For me, lendnetwork.com has offered be the best rate but they only deal with people with excellent credit. (I thought I had so-so credit..but oh well.. they said they are happy to giv eme the money) So.. try them and see! Good luck!
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    Sorry for the last response...
    Enjoying my car too much.. I barely get online when I get home.. =)

    My car is.. C240 silver/ash prem. leather, Auto, C1, C2, C3, CD-Changer.

    And I only get 18MPG city driving... It think it's pretty bad... don't you think so?? Maybe because it a new car??? (500miles on it)

  • filterkingfilterking Member Posts: 9
    Hi - i am taking the delivery of my new C240 next week. I need help in what issues i should pay attention to before taking delivery. So far i heard
    a. Rear door does not open from inside
    b. Ticking noise from inside
    c. Trunk does not open
    d. Acceleration lag at the start

    Any other issues that i missed ?

    Thanks in advance
  • portia15portia15 Member Posts: 5
    I owned at Lexus ES250 for 10 years and couldn't have been happier with performance, service, etc. So when I decided to replace it I naturally turned to Lexus. I was interested in the GS300 but didn't want to spend that much money. So I anxiously awaited the arrival of the IS300. I went to test drive it, fully prepared to order one. But, I hated it. The interior was cheap looking and not comfortable. I'm 5'5" tall, but I like to sit up rather straight when I drive. With the seat adjusted as I prefer, my hair was rubbing against the roof (it had a sunroof). Too much plastic in the interior, cheap seats and a metal ball on the gear shift--not wise for Texas summers. I decided to wait on the C240, which I now have, and I'm more than happy with my decision.
  • portia15portia15 Member Posts: 5
    I've had my car for about a month and a half and I've got 2200 miles on it. I do a lot of highway driving and I've been averaging just over 22 mpg since I picked up the car.

    I have not had any problems with squealing brakes, ticking noises, or the inability to open doors or trunk. I did have two problems which were resolved very quickly by the dealer. The first was that I noticed some wind noise from the driver's side door at high speeds when I turned down the audio system. Turns out there were two rubber plugs that attach the seal to the door that were not on the seal. The seal still fit, just not as snugly as it should have. A seal had to be ordered, but it arrived in a few days and was replaced in about 30 minutes. Problem solved.

    The other problem was an SRS warning. The sensor in the driver's side seat belt didn't function correctly. Another 1/2 hour repair and another quick solution.

    There is some sluggishness on responsiveness when first starting the car, but it quickly disappears and I've had no acceleration issues once I get going.

    Hope that answers some of the questions I've seen posted.
  • cclass117cclass117 Member Posts: 36
    It's little out of topic...but...
    When was the last time when you test drove Hyundai? They actually make real good, high quality cars these days.. Don't let the P.O.S 70's Excel fool you... Lots of people stereotype Hyundai as a bad car maker just knowing one piece of [non-permissible content removed] car that they made long time ago.

    I own 2001 MB-C and 98 Hyundai Tiburon SE also, and I've NEVER had a "single" problem. Now, it has 50K miles on it in 2 years.. I drive little aggressivly in that car...but take real good car of it. Those people who complains about them either don't take car of it(because it's low-priced) or don't know what they are talkign about.

    Of course it's not like BMW or MB, but it's very comfortable. They look good too! Lots of people ask me what kind of car my tiburon is.. They think they are 40-50K sports car..

    Test drive one of those in the lot! you will be impressed. =) I love both my MB-C "AND" HYUNDAI. - A proud Hyundai Owner.

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