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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Yup, I am familiar with the Subaru lineup. In fact, I spend a bit of time reading/posting in the Subaru owner's club topics as well :-) I guess you cancelled the order for the H6 Outback VDC then? It's actually a good choice and I was impressed with the new engine + the permanent AWD/stability control system. The price is a little hard to swallow (with the VDC wagon) though, but it is a nice upgrade from the standard H4 Outback..
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    yes id be interested in sharing my expriences re both the tl and the benz
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I'd also be interested in sharing my experiences. We did really look at the IS300, 3 Series, and the A4, but it was always the Benz.
    Thanks for the info on the SUVs. I agree the X5's too small, sure drives nice though! We were given a 00ML320 loaner when we took our car in for service, it really was nice, tons of room. I'd be hard pressed to replace our Trooper with something that has less room for our son and German Shepard and the X5 just doesn't cut it. I'll talk with you on Friday.
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    Today was a bad day for my father-in-law. He purchased a 2001 C320 about 2 months ago - now it has about 1400 miles. He drove it in the AM and returned home as normal. Thinking it was going to rain more he decided to pull it into the garage. Well, this is when nothing happened. The key would not turn in ignition and no sign of any electrical lights... DEAD!

    Called MB roadside and they responded promptly and installed a new battery within 15 minutes. We were hoping this was the problem (no earlier signs of this though) but it did not cure problem. Still Dead as a nail not an ounce of power to anything. So MB roadside tech called for tow and stated that the dealer would have to look for a deeper problem....

    Any Ideas... thought of a fuse (overload) but this would be due to some form of short. There are no after market phones only a dealer installed OEM CD changer. We are very upset and are loosing faith in the new C. My father-in-law had two MB's much earlier in life and both had engine issues... one getting a replacement engine under warranty. Needless to say this is not a good foot forward for MB in our opinion.

    Has anyone had a similar problem with an MB that might lead to a fix if dealer is stumped?

    Thanks in advance.... Frank

    BTW we own a 1999 ML430 and are very happy with it... this C hopefully has a quick Permanent fix. I will post details of repair as soon as we know more.
  • Has anyone replaced their old C-Class (1993 to 2000) with a the "New C"?

    If so, how do they compare ( e.g. ride, handling, and so forth)

    I am very impressed with the styling of the current edition but I am concerned with any cost cutting that MB may have pursued. My read of the sales brochure indicates some de-contenting. I currently have a '97 C230. It's been great...just wondering if an upgrade is worth it.
  • mga3mga3 Posts: 51
    At present,I am waiting to hear from my dealer,Prestige Motors in Paramus NJ for a built date. I put a $1000 deposit on a Black C320 w/th Java interior,C2,C3 pkgs and Full Leather interior on Dec.9th,2000. The built date will hopefully be sometime between Feb.10th and Feb.20th,2001. With a delivery sometime in early March.
    The lease deal I struck is the following:
    48months,12,000 miles per year for $596.87 per month. The following items were thrown in,meaning no charge, as an incentive to come out to NJ from NYC to lease the car from them. 1)Dealer installed Glove box CD changer. 2)Car Cover(very important for me,since the car will be parked in an outdoor garage here in Manhattan).3)All Weather Mats, and no registration fees,dealer will pay them.
    The car will cost $40,090 sub total with Dest.charge of $645. The total cost of the car is $40,735.
    By paying the tax up front (an option one can always do,which I plan to do)$2165.45. My monthly pymt. will be $546.83 per month. Total dwn pymt will be $3,357,16. Again remember,I chose to pay the tax upfront to lower my pymts. The dwn pymt could have been far less. Just first month pymt of $596.87 and bank fee of $595 plus tax. Bank fee is $644.88.Total dwn pymt would have been $1241.75. I received quotes as high as $674-700 per month and as low as $592 per month. From Dealers in VT.,MA.,CT.,NY,and NJ. I went with Doug Tucker at Prestige Motors in Paramus,NJ. because he offered everything I wanted, the pkgs,accessories, all for the right price with no hassles and nothing but respect and politeness in a timely manner. Though there was a quote of $4 less per month . They were not throwing in all those extras,nor did they make me feel as comfortable as Doug did about my first lease of a luxury sport car.
    I hope some of this info helps any future individuals who are considering leasing. I know all the info I got off this forum helped me alot in choosing my car and negotiating for it. I thank all those who took the time out to relay their experiences. It helped me tremendously. I will provide updates of construction,delivery and overall experience as a new MB driver.-Miguel
    PS: There are deals to be made out there.
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    .. bought mine at prestige last oct....sounds like you got one cooperative salesman!
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    clairparts is a mb/porche/audi dealer in the boston area.. they are polite. helpful..and informative when you call them for additional information
  • boiadeboiade Posts: 15
    I had was given the opportunity to receive a company car in lieu of a pay raise and had to make a decision before 31 January. I own a 1997 BMW 540I and have always been partial to BMW. The maximum allowance 700 per month and all taxes (5%)etc. would have to be included in the capitalized cost and the company would only pay the first month payment and registration fees (150$ max).At the end of the day the only 5-Series that qualified was a 5-speed manual 525 without climate control, no wood, no sunroof, generally a stripped car with only the leather option. The 325 qualified but it was also pretty stripped down and much too small it seemed to me.

    The C-320 seemed bigger than the 3-series (I don't know if the numbers bear me out though) and offered alot more amenities than the 525. In fact it is comparable to my top of the line 540I in terms of amenities. It is a little smaller inside than the 5-Series but I'll have to live with it.

    Also, I was surprised at the real trade-in value of my 540I. 5 dealers offered between 20,000 to 23,000. Carmax offered 20,000. The Mercedes dealer offered 22,700. That's for a 50+ thousand dollar car that is less than 4 years old. Mileage was a little high 68K, a few dings, but still it was clean. I suspect that Mercedes depreciates a bit less, but I could be wrong.
  • mga3mga3 Posts: 51
    My dealer emailed me with my Build date today. Feb.20th. With a delivery sometime during the second week of March.
    So far everything the dealer has said regarding schedule has been right on the mark.

    My salesman Doug Tucker is the internet specialist at Prestige. Which is how I negotiated my deal,via Internet. With finalization on the phone. The deal I got which is a pretty goodone. May have been due to the fact it was struck over the net,and it was close to the end of the year.-Miguel
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i found all people at Prestige that I've had occasion to talk with as courteous and professional... what I would expect in dealing with this level of purchase..
    re the previous comments about mb or bmw being a prestigeous purchase.. to many people in the car market that can only consider a gm..or ford as the max for their budget... even a entry level mb or bmw has the aura of prestige.
    I bought this for myself as a 50th birthday present...HEY, DONT I DESERVE IT?????? hahah
  • I like the 5 series in principle but I wouldn't be partial to a "stripper" 525. With a BMW, you're paying a huge premium for the intangible qualities (e.g., performance engineering and dynamic driving characteristics). For a driving enthusiast, the seat of the pants thrill of a BMW may be worth it. I picked an MB because I think that it is 1)better built, 2) has more enduring style and 3) they are a better value (which I suspect is also a concern of yours).

    BMWs typically get less on resale because of the stereotype that BMW drivers are aggressive drivers. Thus, it is assumed that the cars have lived a harder life. How many tuner kits and enthusiast magazines are there for BMW vs. M-B? BMW owners are drivers - MB owners are motorists.

    Did I just insult myself? :)
  • ...this weekend, to take a look at my C scheduled for build in March, because I was getting tired of looking at pictures, and the dealer gave me a brochure titled, "C-Class The Collection," which is a series of add-ons you can get.

    Two that interested me most were the wood-trimmed steering wheel, and the 7-spoke wheels, "Style B," much cooler than the standard C240 rims. Does anyone out there know about how much these toys cost? I'm also wondering if they can install them at the factory if I decide to pull the trigger on either or both, before my build date. I was on my way out the door when the salesman handed me the brochure, so didn't have any questions ready to ask him at the time. Plus, I didn't buy the car at this's just the closest one to my house.

    It sure is a beautiful car. No regrets about that.
  • I know the MBUSA website has prices for the steering wheels at least (and probably the rims) in the "build your own" section. I think the steering wheels are around $700-800.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332 also has prices as does

    I've ordered items online from both places, the shopmercedes place is cheaper and has MUCH cheaper shipping costs, but the one time I ordered from clair I got the items much faster, so there's a trade off. Good luck with the C, you're going to love it!!!
  • ...but I couldn't find the rims. That may be a dealer installed option.

    $800 is a bit steep for me. Darn. Looks good, too. But I think if I had to pick one, I'd take the rims. They're the only thing I don't really like about the exterior of the new C.

    Thanks for the tip!
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Drew, Yes I would be interested in speaking with WSJ reporter. I did "cancel" the VDC. I was shocked at the Lease rate about $512 per month (15,000 mi/yr.) $2000 down. The C-240 will be about $450 per month with $3500 down. I also liked the longer 48 month / 50K warranty with MB versus 36 month / 36K Subaru warranty. We may still get the LL Bean as a 2nd car, can't see putting my Rocky Mountain Hammer MTB bike on the C's roof, LOL. (Gotta love Rocky Mountain bikes from Vancouver B.C. !!). Found it very strange that VDC did not come with total Car Care package (oil changes & routine service included with LL Bean). VDC did not even have security system as standard, LL Bean does. Impressed with the H-6 engine, after 3 years with a "noisey" H-4 !!.

    But I am really looking forward to the C 240 6 speed!! My father owned a 59 Vette fiberglass hardtop convertible and then a white Lotus Elan, so I feel pretty good about the 2001 C Class MB.
    Another 5 inches of snow overnight here in Jersey, no regrets on the Subaru Outback !
  • spndxspndx Posts: 36
    For all of you out there discussing the aftermarket wheels, has anyone had the dealer install them?

    My dealer mentioned that when my car comes home from European Delivery, he can hook me up with the parts department to price a new set of AMGs 'net the value of my factory wheels and tires'.

    Does anyone have an idea of what is the trade-in value of a new set of standard C-Class wheels?
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    rain,snow...240 handled both well
  • I talked to my dealer about switching wheels on my C240. The wheels I was interested in were approx $300 each. The dealer was willing to give me a whopping $37.50 for each of my wheels. Not a fair deal in my mind. He said some people have turned their 'old' wheels into garden hose holders? There ended my wheel search.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Most dealers don't have a wheel trade-in system, which is why they're only willing to give such a low price for the original wheels. What many people have done is sell their original wheels and tires on E-bay instead. You'd be surprised at the number of people looking for OEM wheels.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Don't forget that your dealer will have to remove the existing steering wheel, take out the airbag module, and place it back into the new wheel.

    Personally, I have mixed feelings about wood/leather steering wheels. While they look good on some vehicles, I've noticed that while driving on a sunny day, the sunlight can reflect onto the shiny wood trim at certain angles, and directly into one's eyes.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I have forwarded your info. (including what vehicles you had before the C) to the appropriate persons. One or more of you may be contacted (via e-mail) sometime soon.


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  • sleakesleake Posts: 47
    While waiting for my C320 to arrive, I also had my name on a 525 that was on it's way as well. Obviously I ended up with the C, mostly because it's a new and more technologically sophisticated care, where as the 5 series is now outdated and due for a change in the next year or so. However, this was by no means a stripped 525 I would have been getting. It had virtually everything on it that I would have wanted for virtually the same as I paid for the C320. That's because the MBW folks were dealing quite a lot on their prices. So, when you say it's a stripped 525, I'm wondering if you are just going by the sticker price, rather than the actual price you would pay?
  • mongo11mongo11 Posts: 14
    Try for they really know their stuff. They recommend the correct size out without the speedo error. The 240/320 can go to a 225/40 18in wheel tire combo with many great looking wheels that are not "boy-racer" in looks.
    I would guess that the ride might be a bit firmer depending on the tires.

    On another note, my C320 with 800 miles has been in for the noisy brakes...though they still make noise, just not as much as before. We are still trying to understand the drivers seat bottom cushion pivoting movements that occur when going over moderate bumps and dips in the road. Everything was retorqued but that slow dampened movement still is present.

    I finally saw a 240 with the standard leather interior and must admit that I wonder why I sprung for the full leather at more than an extra grand.

    FYI,Mercedes USA tells me that the "coolant" temp guage cannot be reprogramed from Celcius to Farenheiht.

    My dealer has been outstanding in helping get my MB up to specs. Just hoping not to know the service team on a first name basis.

    Thanks to all of you for offering your input.
  • boiadeboiade Posts: 15
    I picked up a Desert Silver (lava Leather)C-320 today with the convenience package that includes the sunroof and windshield sensor and traded in my 97 540I. I think the company paid about 900 under list. Which in the DC-Baltimore area is pretty good, I think.

    As someone said it is more of a "motorist's" car than a "driver's" car. It has a softer ride (by no means uncomfortably so, it handles well) and the lack of a big tach looking you in the face (the BB tach sits on the left side of the cluster and is small) gives you a different feeling than a 540I. It (the C-320) has a tremendous number of features for the price.

    Given the price constraints I was under I think it is a better value than a 3 Series and even with decent discounts a manual 2001 525 with equivalent amenities would have been more expensive and would have had about 30 less HI (and about 350 more pounds to push).

    I guess I am saying, as a long-time BMW owner, that this BB appears to be a good car. I have to say, however, that if the three BMW dealers had tried a little carder, I would have probably stuck with BMW. One of the dealers was the dealer (and salesman) I purchased the 97 540I from. Since it was a European delivery I paid the asking price then, you'd have thought they would have tried a little carder to keep me as a customer. If the BB proves reliable, I'll probably go back to BB first in 3-4 years.

    I can also say that the BB dealerships I visited were a little friendlier (not haughty at all) and seemed to be staffed with a more capable (trying to make the deal work) group of sales people than the BMW dealerships. Unfortunately, the BMW dealerships (2 of which I have purchased 4 previous BMW) seemed to have become more similar to "normal" US and Japanese dealerships, i.. lots of salesman "waiting" to pounce. They were also quick to use the "impossible" deal technique and the "we can't keep these cars on the lot" so don't expect a "deal" maneuver
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Congrats on your new C!

    In case you're wondering why "MB" is changed to "BB", it's because of the spell checker. Try not using that. :-)

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  • boiadeboiade Posts: 15

    Hahaha! I was wondering what all those BBs were about. How do explain the "harder" to "carder" transformation, spellchecker again???? LOL

    Thanks, I think I'll enjoy the "little" car.

    P.S. the ability to change many of the "convenience" features through the computer may be common today, but it is a great feature that the C-320 has.

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    What do you think of the power comparison between your old 540 and the new C?
  • boiadeboiade Posts: 15
    If you slam the pedal on the 540I there is no comparison with the C-320. I have only driven the C-320 from the dealership to the office then home, and I didn't have "power withdrawal". I think that the C-320 has more than enough power for US driving. I picked up the 540 in Europe and drove it there for about two months and used the motor often, when I got it back to the US, I think I used the motor maybe 2-3 times in the 40 months I owned it in the US to get around pesky big SUVs that wouldn't let me get in their lanes in city traffic situations. I think the C-320, will provide that performance. I'll know tomorrow after my commute into DC. LOL
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