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Buick Regal



  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    I truly wish you the best of luck with your new Sebring and drive it in good health. I think the new sedan looks much better then the coupe. In fact, the vast majority of Chrysler products are aesthetically striking! But as it has been said, looks can kill.

    3 of the four people I know who own Chrysler's (99 LHS, 2000 300M and a late 90s Concorde) are having terrible mechanical problems. But..the one person I know who has a 99 300M is a happy, happy camper going on 55,000 hwy miles. The biggest gripe isn't so much that the car needs the repair (covered under warranty) but the INCONVENIENCE of taking the car in, getting a rent-a-car, returning the rent-a-car...and so on. No one complains about the warranty work being done, just the pain that is caused by having to take the car in for repairs. What the Sebring has going for it is a proven 2.7L V6. That engine has been around long enough for Chrsyler to get the kinks out of it (just as GM has done for the past 30+ years with the 3.8L).
  • crew6crew6 Posts: 2
    Well, I defected to Buick from Ford. The Ranger was a great truck, but I was ready for something a little more "fun" to drive, so I bought a 99 GS. It's a great car with power that can give one whiplash, but I do agree with drwilsc. My dashboard is driving me NUTS with rattles. The car goes in next week to have the temperature controls and/or the sound system examined to see what has come loose behind the controls. Anyone else with the same problem?
  • The January 29 issue of Autoweek has a very small item in the "NEWS" section that reads
    "sources say Buick also is considering building a 275-hp GNX to commemorate its 100thanniversary in 2003. The car's supercharged V6 will meet or beat the horsepower of the last production GNX built in 1987".

    With the vehicles available to Buick today, this could only be a Regal body, probably similar to the show car show at the SEMA show.
  • Dashboard rattles seem to be a very common complaint with Regal owners. My 2000 GS has had one that seems to come from the area of the speedo since the day I got the car, 19,000 miles ago. It is loudest at 30-40 mph. I had it into the dealer once. He thought he had fixed it but he didn't. Bringing the car in is a hassle but I think I'll give it another shot soon since the noise can be really annoying. Sometimes the noise is a buzz and sometimes it sounds like a tiny screw rattling around. The irritating part is that these complaints seem to cover every model year since the 1996.5. You would think that Buick would have tightened up their quality control or redesigned the dashboard hardware in the interim.

    I got very familiar with the Regal's Traction Control during a recent spate of wintry weather where the roads were snow-covered for days. I lived in the northeast for many years so I've done my share of winter driving. But the Regal is the first car I ever owned with this feature. I had thought traction control was more a marketing gimmick than anything else. But I was quickly impressed. It always seemed to kick in when required and really helped the car track straight and true, decreased wheel slippage, and certainly inspired my confidence. Now I think I'll want this feature on any new car I buy.
  • bralleybralley Posts: 20
    We just purchased a 2000 LS with 15K (former program car). It was a tough decision deciding between the Regal, an Accord, and a Camry. We traded in a '96 Olds Ciera that was falling apart at 75K and had decided that we had had it with American cars and were only going to look at Hondas,Toyota, and Nissans. Then we stopped by the local Buick dealership, which gave us the LS to drive for the weekend. Of course, we fell in love with it - even though the Accord and Camry have the edge in resale value and reliability, they can't come close to the comfort and luxury of the Regal. I haven't driven a car with this much power since I was a teenager and owned a car with a big 8. I can only imagine the power the GS has, but am completely satisfied with the LS (it's got all the power that I'll ever need). The REAL deciding factor was comfort, though - my husband is 6'2" and he was ALOT more comfortable in the Regal. (We will be purchasing an extended warranty, just for the peace of mind)

    This car does not have a dash rattle yet, but we're keeping our ears tuned in. We love the sound system and are considering adding a CD changer. This may sound crazy, but this is our first car with leather interior, and we are wondering about caring for the leather and would appreciate any suggestions this group may have. Also, what are the pros/cons of the GM extended warranty as opposed to a third party extended warranty (other than the price)?
  • on the purchase of your 2000 Regal LS program car.We too got a 2000 Regal LS program car in Dec with leather and 18,000 miles on it.We have already put 3,000 miles on it and like it just fine.That 3800 puts out plenty of power.We have the best of both worlds as we also have a 98 GS with the SC3800.

    Now,our 98 Regal GS just sits there and doesnt get driven much but in July it will be going on a 6000 mile trip to the NW part of the country so it will get to feel its oats out in the mountains.

    Our 98 GS has 33000 miles and has never had a dash rattle and in the 3000 miles we have driven our 2000 LS it has never had a dash rattle either.Knock on wood.

    96gs,hate to see you leave the Regal camp but a 98 GT Mustang is a nice car.At least you didnt go foreign on us.One of these days I want a mid 80's GT or LX with a warm 5.0,a manual tranny,and some flowmasters.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    Eventually I'll post some pics of the new GT on my website, I'll let you know.

    I'm not done with Regals yet. That will probably be my next car in 2004 or so. Just thought I'd get a sportscar now while I can (24). I miss the GS a bit, but I am having fun with the GT. If the GNX really makes it to production, however, I may be trading in the GT earlier than anticipated.
  • frankkfrankk Posts: 35
    My 99 GS has 18K so far.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    So why did you dump the regal? other than getting expensive to fix was there any other reason(s)? Any reason you didn't look for a used GNX...would be faster than the GT. Just curious as you selected a Ford.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Good look with Fix or Repair Daily....err...Ford!. I had very bad experiences with their products some 12 years ago...needless to say, I bowed to never set foot in a Ford showroom ever again!.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Did the spell checker mess up your post? Just wondering.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    It was just my fingers going ahead of me..
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I have the very loud dash rattle with my 2000 Regal GS from the day one. It comes from the extreme left of the dash, from the side vents on the dash top.

    The car is mostly driven by my wife, and she does not pay any attention to the rattle. But it is very annoying for me, even distracts from the road. So this is mostly a problem of perception.

    Fortunately, the rattle happens not so often: only on bad "washboard" roads, at about 35-40 mph. Never with high speed, at highways. Nor at city, where the speed is lower (we work at downtown). Only on rural roads, and/or in suburbs.

    The probably culprit is the left side cover of the dash. I found that the cover is somewhat loose. It flaps on the dash proper when I "spank" the cover lightly by hand. This is easily with the driver door open, but not when driving.

    It looks as at the above speed the cover gets into resonance with the wheels and/or suspension, and starts flapping continuously.

    I discussed the problem with the dealer's service adviser. He told me that I have to expect such things with plastic parts. That the cover is attached by clips under the dash and the whole dash must be dismantled to fix it. And that no dealer would do such a major repair for such a small nuisance.

    To my recollection, it was reported long ago at this board that one dealer fixed the problem by spraying a foam into the seams between the cover and the dash.

    When I mentioned this to my service adviser, he recommend me to do it myself.

    I think this is a very good idea. Would save a lot of time comparing with the dealer service. And, at very least, it would let me not to ask them again for help (is "to beg" a better wording than "to ask"?).

    Even simpler decision would be to wedge a couple of matches into the seams. Probably will do this it in the future, if cannot tolerate the rattle any more.

    What I do not like, though, is the adviser refused to repeat his suggestions in written. As the official recommendation by Buick. I do not know what is behind the cover, and do not want to risk my warranty, e.g. with a wrong kind of a foam spray.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    May I make a suggestion. First, contact the service manager and repeat the story that the service advisor told you and ask him if it is the official position of their dealership. Second, call GM customer assist and briefly repeat the story. They will in all likelyhood do a conference call with the service manager and will document. GM customer assist, if anything, will be your witness to the extremely bad service you are getting. If this doesn't work, you can either find another dealer or file a complaint with the BBB against the dealer. Personally, I don't think it would go this far.

    I wouldn't accept the answer that the service advisor gave you. Especially since he wouldn't put it in writing. What I cannot believe is that he told you this to your face that "no dealer would do such a major repair for such a small nuisance". To disassemble the plastic dashboard, you will have to start from the right side of the dash and pull. I won't go into detail but they should be able to pull your dash apart in 15 minutes. It is NOT a major repair.

    Good luck on whichever you decide to do. BTW, I had posted the foam solution awhile ago. The first attempt to diagnose my dash rattle was reported by the tech to be the result of my coins in the ashtray. Eventually, with the foam, my problem was solved.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Thank you for suggestions, and especially for the info concerning foam!

    You wrote: I cannot believe is that he told you this to your face that "no dealer would do such a major repair for such a small nuisance".

    This was my narrative.

    The adviser never said "a small nuisance". It was me who used the wording "nuisance problems" in the conversation, because I really consider it just a small nuisance.

    Not sure if he said "no dealer will do this" or "nobody will do this". But he definitely said something in this kind, as well as mentioned the plastic parts, the clips behind the dash, and the need to dismantle it. And he definitely suggested to use the foam myself when I told about reading this on Internet. Not sure, though, was this a recommendation or a sarcasm.

    Of course, I do not remember the wording exactly. It hardly would be a good idea to carry a tape recorder to dealership :-)

    BTW, I like the the adviser. He was very polite, and friendly, and not-official. He told me what he believe, frankly, and I like it. Besides, he only had to deliver the car, not to diagnose it. It was a pure courtesy from his part.

    It was another adviser who took the car in. He diagnosed the problem with cruise control (turned to be a faulty switch in the steering wheel), and fixed it, but forgot to do anything with my other complaints. Even to put them it into computer printout - they exist only in his handwriting notes.

    This adviser was in hurry for some reason and treated me really strange. To say "like I was a recruit, and he a boot camp sergeant" would be exaggeration, but not so strong one. I did not find a better comparison.

    The dealership is surveying its service by phone. I told the representative who called me, that I am very unhappy with the matters.

    The service manager already called me to ask if I really was denied service, and offered to visit him for test drive.

    I have no time for this now. Frankly, have no desire either. The rattle is just a small irritation, does not pay to press hard. Even more that the dealership was a major pain to me, better to avoid.

    Concerning BBB: I checked with their WWW database. Just did want to know, how many complaints they receive. Turned to be, the dealership is not a member of BB. Hard to believe, though: probably the data or search engine is wrong.

    On the other hand, the dealership repair shop is approved by our local AAA, including AAA dispute resolution service.
  • To those complaining of squeaks: I've written this before (many months ago) but my 98 GS had a dash squeak that drove me nuts. My dealer was able to locate (according to them) a sensor (I believe it was temp) that was rubbing against the black part of the dash. They wrapped it with something ( not sure, but I think tape) and it stopped. It had sounded like it was coming above and to the right of the speedo. Hand pressure at the dash cover was stopping it prior to the fix. In the year and a half since its been gone.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Congratulations on the Regal. The Accord and Camry are good cars, but WAY overrated in my opinion. And to get a V6 in one, your looking at pretty big bucks, particularly with the Camry. I think a loaded Camry XLE V6 will list over $28K and lacks alot of the features the Regal GS(and other cars) have. Most notably, the 240 hp supercharged 3800 V6. Now, Toyota does offer a supercharger for their V6 through their TRD program, but thats ANOTHER $3000 or so!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    It is fortunate for you that this rattle does not bother your wife. The service advisor would be in real trouble if it did....
  • bralleybralley Posts: 20
    Thanks etharmon and regalluvr1! I think that alot of Toyota and Honda dealers think that they don't have to "deal" just because their cars are highly rated. The Honda dealer was ready to deal, but they had a minimal selection of slightly used Accords - and there wasn't that much price difference between used and new. To their credit, they DID offer me $5300 for my '96 Ciera. The Toyota dealer that we visited only started out wanting to give us $3500 and pointed out numerous problems that the car supposedly had , at which point, I picked up my purse and said "Thanks but no thanks - Honda will give me $5300". They wanted us to wait for the service manager (the old delay tactic), so I told them they had 10 minutes - they did bump it up to $4800 once the service manager got involved.The salesman even said that they knew their cars were more expensive, but that they were worth it. Needless to say, they disqualified themselves. If this is the case with other Toyota dealers, Buick should be able to play a little bit of catch-up and convert more owners to the Regal. Our Buick dealer is also on of the most reputable dealers in the state (which DEFINITELY helped) , whereas I got mixed opinions when I started asking around about the Honda and Toyota dealers.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Congrats to you Bralley on that nice Regal. Program cars are a super way to get into a car that looks and feels new without paying the hefty first year depreciation. I just bought a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville that way and saved $10K from sticker on a gorgeous 6 month old car. Good luck with yours. BTW - my experience with Toyota dealsers is that they are the SLEAZIEST around!!

    Yurakm - glad to see your dash problem hasn't got you (or the wife) 'Rattled'!! Good luck there.

    Best to all

  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Congrats on your Mustang, that is what I would be driving if I did not need the space of the Regal. Hopfully I will be able to keep the Regal and put either a 60's vintage Mustang or a newer one in the garage with it. I have had very good luck with Fords, I owed a 87 5.0 LX for 6 years and currently own a 96 Ranger.
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Sorry for the type o but I did owe on the Mustang for many years as well as own it.
  • frankkfrankk Posts: 35
    Anyone seen the new Camry commercial...the one with the homely looking guy driving the Camry while "Love is in the air" is being played and a bunch model type chicks turn away from their GQ type boyfriends to get a better look, while the words "Reliable", "Dependable", etc. float in the background.

    In other words the Toyota Camry is akin to a fat, nerdy and ugly boyfriend (or girlfriend too I guess). It won't excite you, but it won't dump you either. I laughed the first time I saw the commercial.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    that today's chic, sexy women prefer us middle aged, folically and cholesterally challenged accountants to those flash-in-the-pan Boy Toys!!

    I get the same looks in my old Grand Marquis - drives my wife crazy!

    Hey - can't a guy fantasize a bit??? LOL
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    That commercial is so lame. It's almost as bad as the "I'm too sexy" ads they ran for the Camry. I guess I'm driving the wrong car. I need to trade my sleek Crimson Red Oldsmobile Intrigue for a grey Camry. Complete with plastic wheel covers and a four cylinder engine.

    Bralley, back in the summer of 98 when I was car shopping I did consider the Accord. I kind of liked the new body style and they finally offered a nice V6 in it. Trouble was, they wouldn't budge on the price of the V6 models. Salesman said "those babies sell at full retail" but said he could get me a decent discount on 4 cylinder LX as well as a good lease deal. When I told him that the lease deal I could get on an Olds Intrigue which has a standard V6, 16" alloy wheels, ABS, traction control, etc. was about what the 4 banger Accord was, he started the old "Hondas are the best when it comes to resale." "You'll never get that kind of resale value from an Olds" and so on. He might have been right but he missed the point as I was looking at lease deals and with leasing, resale is not all that important as I don't have to worry about selling it and covering the note. Anyway, I left and that was the end of that.
  • lkohnlkohn Posts: 13
    the Camry commercial. What do I think when I see a guy driving a Camry - "Get out of my way you slow poke!".

    But, this comment comes from a woman with a GS in the driveway and a '67 Mustang in the garage.
  • mwdreammwdream Posts: 91
    Anyone made any modifications to their GS to try and get more HP or Torque? Does a K&N filter work? Also has anyone figured out if a K&N improves gas mileage?

    I just got a 98 GS, used to drive a 95 T-bird V8 and that was not very good with the gas mileage around town and definately not as quick as the GS.

    Was also thinking of adding spoiler, anyone know of cheapest place to order spoilers on the internet?
  • legcnelegcne Posts: 8
    We were in need of a new car. We went to the LA Auto Show in January. Did a lot of looking. Came away with two cars in mind, the Chevy Malibu and the Buick Regal.

    I went to the internet, discovered my price through, then found a dealer close to me. I was very surprised. Both dealers had web sites through GMBUYPOWER. I was able to look through their inventory and find the cars that I wanted to test drive. It was so easy.

    Nearby, are hills with 8% grades. Perfect. The Regal LS had a lot of engine growl and muffler noise. The Chevy was quieter. All in all, I would say they were pretty close in value. My cost difference was $12 when similarly equipped. The Chevy would have got my vote except for the seat. It had a roll around the shoulders and was very uncomfortable for me. My wife voted for the Chevy too. She liked the up to date styling. About 3 inches more knee room in the back seat but about 4 inches more length in my garage.

    Then we drove the GS. With $1000 discount Auto Show discount, $1000 Buick discount, $2500 dealer discount and my $3500 GM credit card earnings, there was no question that we were going to buy the Regal GS. Bordeaux Red Pearl.....

    I only have a few hundred miles on it now. No squeaks or rattles. A little over 25 MPG is great. I never expected that kind of mileage with this size of car and lots of torque. I have nothing but good things to say about it. Wow!

    The last GM car I owned was a '77 Chevy Caprice. I swore I would never even set foot in a GM car again. What a difference 20 years makes.
  • bralleybralley Posts: 20
    Did any of you purchase an extended warranty for your Regal, and if so, how much did it cost? I've been researching - there doesn't seem to be any one 3rd party warranty company that has a "clean" record. I seem to be able to dig up dirt on all of them. I'm thinking my safest bet is to purchase the GM warranty through my Buick dealer. (My dealer has an excellent reputation for taking care of their customers.) Anyone have any advice to offer?
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