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Buick Regal



  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    did I spell antenna "antenae?" I think I'm loosing it! :)

    Anyway, thanks guys for the comments and sympathy. I really do love the car very much and I'm sure I will keep it. Was just a little down about it I guess when I posted earlier.

    etharmon- Yes the antenna is mounted in the rear so it should be easy to repair/replace.

    regalluvr1- I really don't know what I'd get if I sold the GS. There are so many great choices to choose from. I would most definitely consider another GS. I really like the looks of the new bodystyle. I think the Intrigue and the Regal share the best sedan styling in the whole GM line with maybe the exception of the STS. I still haven't got around to ordering the sales lit yet. BTW, do you have any pics of your '91 Regal you can post?
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Well about 6 months ago I posted a message about the problem I was having with my dash lights all coming on. Last week the dealer replaced or repaired the instrument cluster and also took care of the dash rattle. This was done under warrenty even though the car was out of warrenty. Hopefully the problem is solved.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    One of the annoying aspects of the new Edmunds software is the spell check which often will make inappropriate replacements. For example - LS is replaced with AS. And get this - try using Chevy - and then see your post refer to "Chewy"!!

    You begin to think that it's time to revisit spelling excercises when in fact it's the screwy software that messes up the posting.

    Question on the OnStar - is it std for both GS and LS models? The Impala LS I hope for has it and the base model offers the option. I'm not enamored with this feature and wish it wasn't being foisted on everyone. Having that noticable antenna sticking out of the rear window doesn't do anything to improve the looks of any of these cars and if you decide not to renew when the free year is up - what do you do? Remove the antenna?

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    For 2001 Regal GS OnStar is standard. With the "bare" Regal LS the OnStar is optional. Though, it is bundled in the option packages, and thus is standard in practice.

    All of this is as well as I remember. Did not verify today. You may check the data with the GM sites, either, or even better with (they often have more up to date information).
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Onstar is standard on GS models and includes in the top option packages on the LS(I think). After your free year is up, you could probably remove the antenna if you want.

    96gs. Your next thing to go may be the alternator. On the 3800, it is a breeze to replace and a rebuilt one with a lifetime warranty from Advance Auto parts or Pep Boys should run about $100 or less. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. Then again, maybe yours will go longer before needing one as my 89 Toronado had over 100K before the alternator went.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I bought my 2000 GS in October, but it was built in December 1999, and sat on a dealer lot for almost a year.

    The car had three nuisance problems:

    1. Dash rattle.

    Not permanent, never on highways, mostly on bad roads at 25-40 mph. But rather strong, like an infant toy.

    I believe, it come from the left side cover of the dash: it is rather loose and flaps on the dash proper.

    2. The fan is somewhat noisy. Not exceptionally noisy, but on higher side, especially for a new car. More loud, than engine, at least before the SC starts.

    I believe, this could be a result of sitting idle at dealer lot. Probably, the fan needs lubrication.

    3. The cruise control disengaged by itself every time I switched high beams on/off or blinked them, and sometimes when I switched on/off the turn signals.

    The first two problems appear from the day one. The cruise control problem appear from the first day I started using it after engine break-in, two weeks (and about 1200 miles) after delivery.

    I reported the problem to dealership, and they suggested to wait till the first maintenance.

    Now, three months later, I brought the car to dealership for warranty. Received it back today.

    1. Concerning the rattle the dealer's adviser told me it is incurable with plastic (this sounded like "the cheap car"). That the side cover is probably hold by clips behind the dash, and they will not attempt to fix it.

    When I told him that, according to the board, other dealerships put some foam between the cover and the dash, he suggested me to try it myself if I want.

    2. He consider the fan noise to be normal. According to him, the fan bearing is sealed and cannot be lubricated.

    3. They fixed the cruise control problem. For this, they replaced a complicated electrical switch hidden under the steering wheel. After removing it, they definitely saw the broken part.

    I did not test-drove the car yet on highway, and cannot confirm the results myself. The road conditions are bad today, and also had not time.

    The general impression of the Buick service, or rather from the specific dealership, Mauro Motors, Hamden, CT, is so-so to very bad. The strong words from a person accustomed to the Soviet service.

    Had to deal with two advisers, Lenny and Paul. Paul was polite and friendly, and I like him, even while he refused to fix the rattle.

    But concerning Lenny... well, I could say what I think about him, but only in Russian, and only in a pure male company. I was not taught the words in English.

    Probably, the right wording would be I feel humiliated, and humiliated without any reason I can see.
  • Have you found out anything on your ABS yet?By the way I doubt an extended warranty would have paid for your brakes and rotors so you are still money ahead on not having an extended warranty unless the ABS is costly.Glad to hear you are keeping your 96 GS for now.We have a digital camera so I could take a picture of our 91 Regal Limited but I wouldnt know how to put it on here.My wife and (17) year old son are the computer experts.My wife sells on ebay so she posts pictures on it.I need to start selling off some of my old toy collection as I'm out of room so need to learn how to put pictures on ebay,etc.I also want to take a picture of all (5) of our Regals together to put on here sometime.When it drys up some weve got to clean the 91 Limited up so we can sell it.Its so dependable at 122,000 miles I hate to see it go.It even still has the original alternator.We live on a farm and our driveway is a muddy mess from the snow melt this week.Our cars are all a mess except for the 98 GS and 86 T-Type which we dont drive in bad weather.
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53
    Sorry to hear about your experience with the

    I still have not addressed my dash rattle, though I did have my free oil change at
    2k miles (had to, it expired 12/31).

    If there are other Buick dealers around you, it
    sounds like its time to give them a try.

    When I had my 98 Intrigue the dealer was willing to attempt to fix it as many times as I asked them to.
    It had many, many problems, one of which was a dash rattle.
    At least they tried and kept trying.

    They never did resolve it, so
    maybe they weren't really trying to fix it, but just
    telling me they were. In any case, it was my
    impression that they tried.

    It is my opinion that the answer the dealer gave you is not acceptable.

    If you are able to "replicate the problem" for them, there is no reason for them not to attempt a fix.

    Perhaps a call to Buick customer service could be helpful??

    Keep us posted.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    This is warranty work for heavens sake, any dealer should be able to accomodate you! This dealer sounds like a real dud, go to a different dealership!
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    The dealer may be right on the noisy fan as most are permanently lubed and sealed. I've found the fan on my 98 Intrigue is a little loud on high as well. I've actually found that alot of newer cars have noiser A/C heater blowers than older ones as my old 89 Toronado was much quieter on it's highest setting. But it did not produce the velocity that my Intrigue does on it's highest setting so I guess that is part of the trade off. I'd stay after them about the rattle.

    Regalluvr1, is your 91 a coupe or sedan? Also, does it have the digital instruments or analog?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Yes, I agree with you concerning the fan. Still want my complaint to be documented, to prove this is a warranty item in case the fan will die.

    On the other hand, an owner of one of the sister cars (Impala?) wrote on one of Edmunds boards how he fixed the fan noise. He removed the fan motor, put it upside down, and soaked (the bearing?) by WD-40 for several hours.

    As to the dealer reaction to the rattle, it looks strange to me. Not a high technology, just a loose piece of plastic.

    Additionally, this is a wrong attitude: not respecting the very car the dealership is selling.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    No I still haven't taken the car in yet. Will Probably wait awhile as my bills have really added up as of late. I finally washed the GS yesterday, it had been about a month. I think it lost 50lbs worth of salt. I never seen a car so filthy. It has been so cold so long here I haven't had a chance to wash it. There's still a foot of snow on the ground but I couldn't wait anymore.

    As far as pictures go, I bought a digital camera last April and had no idea how to post a picture. In fact I think I asked someone on edmunds how to post a picture. I ended up making a whole website mainly about my car. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. I had no idea how to make a website, I just messed around with stuff and figured it out.
  • It's been a while since I've been on this board, but like the daily soaps, things really haven't changed that much. Quick update on 2001 Regal LS. Pulled to the right, steering wheel off center about 6 degrees to the left,rattle in the "B" pillar, rattle in the passsenger side dash and right rear brake squeal. Unlike yurakm's dealer experience, all my problems were resolved in one visit to Bob Moore Cad/Buick Service Dept in Edmond,OK. They did a 4 wheel alignment and that cured the pull and steering wheel alignment. R & R the seatbelt height adjuster and insulated that. Realingned the glove box striker and lubed it and Presto- rattles are gone. My wife's boss just got a new Lexus LS430, full boat, everything. Wonderful car! But I'm just as happy with my Regal LS (plus our house cost less then his LS430!) Will keep checking in from time to time to see how everybody's doing and to let you know if I have any problems and need some help. Cheers!
  • jlybnyjlybny Posts: 2
    My 1995 Regal 3.8 is a piece of junk! (I WAS a fan of GM: not anymore!)

    In 100000km (around 63000 miles) the car cost me an arm, a leg and other parts... even if I babied the car.

    Repairs done: CD player, Ball joints, Tie rod ends, Heater core (twice), Alternator (twice), Water pump, Crankshaft position sensor, Power steering pump, AND a transmission. (Some of those repairs have been made under an extended warranty but the time this car has spent in the shop is simply horrendous... not to talk about the horrible quality of service in the dealerships...)

    No more GM for this guy... EVER_
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Just a thought on the fan noise. I have no idea what's normal or not. However, on your next trip to a dealer who says your noise is normal, ask him to let you compare it to some new Regals he has on the lot. Ckeck out 2 or 3 and then you might be satisfied. Heck have the dealer check it out with you.

    Good luck and don't give up!
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    Is the fan just loud or does it sound like somethings wrong? I know mine had a high pitched sqeek at the lowest setting and they replaced the whole unit no questions asked.
  • zathruszathrus Posts: 11
    Does anyone know a method of identifying 1997.5 and up GS models from LS models other than the label on the back?

    I've seen different color grills, dual exhausts pipes out of the mufflers, chrome wheels and a "supercharged" script on some models. But it seems as if these features vary by year. Can someone summarize the external features by year?

  • Our 91 Limited with 122,000 miles is a sedan and has the analog gauges.Its a gun gray exterior and has a gray interior.It has the chrome luggage rack on the trunk.An older couple bought it new from Vincel Buick in Springfield,MO and took immaculate care of it until they traded it off at close to 90,000 miles.We no longer need the car so want to sell it and want $2500 for it when we get it all cleaned up.We no longer have room to keep it inside.I will miss it when its gone because its been so dependable.I'd love to see how many miles it will last with no major repairs.Our teenage son has been driving it to school ever since the weather got bad because his Ford Ranger isnt good on ice or snow.
    It doesnt sound like jlybny is a very happy Regal owner.Lots of Regals are good and a few are bad.We bought a new 95 Regal Custom and put nearly 50,000 absolutely trouble free miles on it before trading it for our 98 GS.When we traded the 95 off at 50,000 miles the original tires still had 25,000+ miles of wear left on them yet.I have never seen tires wear that good.We always detail out the cars we trade off so the dealer can just put them right out in the used car section.That helps us get an excellent trade in on our old car.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The fan noise is not so loud, only a bit more loud than the engine, and the engine is very quiet at idle. And it have no unusual pitch.

    But the noise level of the fan is not constant. It changes up and down periodically, with about one or two second period. Additionally, the fun rattles a bit. The rattle, probably, simply comes from the went grills. But the periodic noise looks somewhat suspicious concerning bearing.

    I do not consider the noise to be really important. Just want to show it to a skilled mechanic, not a service adviser.

    Would they just found nothing, I would not object. But my complaints are not reflected at all in the papers I received from dealer. I want them at least to document that I had complaints.

    Probably, will go to service manager tomorrow. Did not like to "rat", but do not see how to press on his employees directly.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    The only exterior differences between the GS and LS during these years was the grill. GS' always had black grills. The Regal anniversary edition did have a black grill and a special insignia on the rear lens facia.

    On to another item I've posted about in the past: Should anyone want to add a CD Magazine changer to their AM/FM/Cassette/CD radio (code #UPO) that came with the Monsoon system, only...and I do mean ONLY GM's 12 disc changer will work and be 100% programmable/compatible with the radio. Any other CD changer (Kenwood, Alpine or Pioneer) will require a separate remote and it will be RF (accessible via the FM dial using your atenna - also will not work using steering wheel mounted controls). Here in L.A., such a unit including installation runs $520 (ouch!) vs $350 using an RF unit. The reason only a GM changer will work is because there is only one harness behind the radio unit that is designed only for a GM changer. The OEM radio is not designed to add another harness/adapter for third party changers.

    ...just in case you were wondering :)
  • zathruszathrus Posts: 11
    Any ideas on which CD Changers would fit with the standard AM/FM, Cassette, CD system (i.e., non-Moonsoon)? Or is it the same as the Moonsoon?
  • zathruszathrus Posts: 11
    Overall, I had an excellent experience with my dealer today (Fennessey in Bridgewater, NJ). I had several minor items which were cheerfully resolved. I even got a loaner car!

    I found some TSBs that matched some symptoms I was having. The service department promptly went on line and printed the TSBs. One of them didn't apply to my vehicle (wrong serial number); the other one did. The service department promptly ordered me the new part under warranty. It was for a misfitting cargo net.

    The only downer was we couldn't hear the rattle coming from the dashboard (we went for a ride together). Of course, just as I left the dealership (after service hours), the rattle reappeared. Oh well, it'll wait for the next service.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    It all depends on the radio, not so much the monsoon system. What I do know is if your radio is Code UPO (the code designated by Buick), only a GM magazine will work. I don't know the specs regarding other radios offered with the Regal. Either your 'sticker' or a Regal sales pamphlet can help you determine your radio code.

    But...Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer - the changers will work as long as you don't mind using the changer via your FM dial and havinga separate remote for changing CDs.
  • 96gs96gs Posts: 86
    I've often wondered about a CD changer too. I notice when the sun shines directly on the stereo's display, you can see all the different words that would light up, such as play, cd in, tape in, etc. There's also a "cd changer" light that is included even though I have no changer. I don't think you have to buy a certain changer but I'm not for sure.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I had installed a ten disk CD changer in my '97.5 GS. Everything went well until I had to hook up the FM connector. Tearing apart the dash to get to the back of the radio was a piece of cake once I called a stereo shop as you can't access it from below, rather ripping the plastic insert that runs across the was almost like breaking it to get it off. It was a good thing the guy at the stereo shop told me to keep prying until you think it's going to snap.
  • Bushwack: Radio codes for the regal are as follows:
    UN6: AM/FM Tape without Auto Tone Control
    UL0: AM / FM Tape with Auto Tone Control
    UP0: AM / FM Tape & CD
    UN0: AM / FM CD Only (This one is no longer offered, but was offered 97.5- 99 model year)

    96gs: Any of the UL0, UP0, UN0 radios will have that spot for CD Changer whether you have it or not. Easier to just build them all like that

    Zathrus: No difference between the Monsoon system and the Non-Monsoon. "Monsoon" has nothing to do with the head unit. Speakers and External Amplifier only. Amplifier is located under the rear decklid just to the left of the third brake light.
  • Starting in 2000 the grill on the GS matched the body color.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    My 97.5 had matching grill and body color. Both were black.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The same with LS in 2001.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    From the research I've done (which was quite extensive), only the GM (aka AC Delco) radio with code UPO can be married with GM's 12 disc CD changer for 100% compatability. All other CD changers require a special harness/adapter that will work through an FM station and a separate remote control.

    I think you (or it could be me) are mistaken about the radio with code ULO. From what I've been told, this radio does not have the 'second source' required to utilize a CD changer (other then an RF). remedu the situation is just a matter of a SOFTWARE upgrade. Supposedly, this radio can be upgrade via software to work with the GM built 6 (not 12) CD changer.

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