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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I'm luvin my '00 Bonneville SE (see my car in Bonneville 2 forum and the "Showcase your Car" forum under "News and Views" but the new Aurora is something I'd love to trade up to in a few years. I'm glad I got the Bonnie now if it going to be discontinued soon.

    The interior is just sooo rich in that Aurora - Cadillac quality without the Cadillac image and price tag.

    I wonder if a Pontiac Aurora would include a smokin V-8 high performance model - if not, the SSEi guys are going to be more than just disappointed.

  • Response to tpken,

    I just bought the 98 Aurora on Ebay you talked about in post 309. I feel that the my winning bid of 15,490 seems good. I was looking at 300Ms, but just could not find one I could afford. This seemed like it would be a nice car, and the site I checked out gave it good reviews.

    How do some of you 98 owners feel about yours?

    More importantly, anybody want to buy a 93 Grand to get rid of it now!

    The only hitch will be getting all the buying long distance.

    Anyone can check out the auction (closed) at


  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Good for you!! Looks like you've got yourself a BEAUTIFUL automobile there. Please let us know how the long distance buying experience works for you. Also - when you receive the car please update us and let us know if it is everything it appears to be in the photos. I for one, and probably others, are very interested in hearing how this E-Bay purchase works out for you.

    BTW - out of curiosity - had you already seen that car or was it my post that alerted you?

    Again - congratulations on finding a superb car.

  • I'll let you know.

    I have just recenctly sold my 68 Chevelle on Ebay. It has gone well. Some guy in Canada bought, I live in SOUTH Louisiana. Kinda funny how distances are not as much problem anymore.

    I'll keep you all posted.

  • BTW Ken,

    I started bidding on the car on Ebay first, then I saw your post this morning doing a little more research on the car.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Your aROARa is a 2K1. I know it must have felt bad to be touched by the SUV after only a few months/weeks of ownership.

    But remember, they can rebuild it.
    They can make it Better
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Saw one today.

    Still no Iced green Sightings.

    The bronze mist Classic I saw on the lots of dealerships. I have not seen them on the road.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Feel free to grab any of the photos. I also uploaded one of the car when new (and very clean). They are at in the Car Pictures album. FYI, it was COMPLETELY not my fault, so the car is going to be fully restored.

    Henry, I live in a small town, so the the only available rental today is a Ford Taurus (not a bad car, but NOT an Aurora), I'll keep posting on the repairs ...

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    What a bummer - that car was gorgeous. Tell me - did all of the airbags go off? Hard to tell, looking at that third shot, if the passenger bag is deployed (I think so). Assuming they did - what was the effectiveness of the side bag?

    Condolences to you on that crying shame!

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    The following cars were advertised in my area in the local supermarket car shopper:

    1997 white with sunroof 47k $15,995 - Crown Olds
    1995 black (don't think it has roof) with 58,639 for $9,995 - Elite Olds
    1997 pearl white with roof 62,086 miles for $15,595 - Fisher Olds

    It is not unusual to get additional money off the advertised price if you are a good negotiator.
    I posted this because of our prior discussion of how values change across different markets. I should mention that all of the cars are at delerships in northern New Jersey. I have found that prices are cheaper in the southern part of the state that gave you Whitman as head of the EPA.

  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I feel your pain, that is awful. At least your able to discuss it lightly and post pictures. Had it been me, I would be one highly irate person. Did the passenger side side impact airbag deploy? From one of the pics, it looks like it did. BTW, like your license plate. And that color was very sharp. Hope the are able to fix it up as good as new.

    Henry, is it the silvered sage?

    Wingnut396, that sounds like an excellent deal. I may seriously look at a 98 or even a 99 Aurora this summer when it comes time to replace my leased Intrigue. I was leaning toward another Intrigue due to the long warranty and good finance deals, but those prices on a late model Aurora are VERY tempting as I do prefer luxury cars.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I believe there are a number of large used car super stores in NJ - don't know any names, but they ought to be driving down the prices due to in state availability. My experience in buying a 2000 Bonneville that way in NH is positive - saving thousands off other listed prices. My guess is there will be very good availability of 1-2 year old Auroras off lease and rentals over next year or so.

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Iced green could be Silver sage. I do not know the name GM gave the color. YOu have seen them??
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I don't know what the speed you were travelling at when the accident occured, but it looks like the Aurora held up pretty well. The damage was pretty much concentrated on the right fender and door it looks like. I'm sorry it happened- although even when it is smacked up, it's a great looking car! But as you know, I'm biased to the 2K1's.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Haven't seen one in person, but there is a picture of one in that color in the Aurora brochure. It's the closest to an "iced green" of all the Aurora's colors.
  • gisomgisom Posts: 144
    Hello Everyone,

    Just sprung a leak in the fuel rail assembly in my 95 with 82,000. Parts,labor and taxes $552. Water pumped seized up on me in September, $189.

    Henry- My heat went out again, blowing only on passenger side. What actuator got replaced? I see one on passenger side and 3 on driver side?
    Hope you have bounced back pretty good from your surgery.

    Oh my 95 was built in 5/95 and has garage opener by my sunroof.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I think if you have the astro roof, you get the garage door opener. The other explaination is that cars built in May are actually cars of the next model year but are still given the current model year classification. The second explanation would support a comment that a friend made to me about GM's production line.

    Iced Green or Saged Silver seems to be the color that nobody other than me has seen in person. I think it wins the rare award.

    I have seen the Bronzed mist Classic. Personally I never liked the color. Made the car look old.

    ZINC - We must be over the same hill with Steve Austin. :)
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Still bouncing (limping is more like it) back from the surgery. Thank you for asking. As far as which actuator was replaced on the car I do not know. I need to find the repair bill and look up the part number.

    It is interesting to hear that some folks have had minimal repairs on their 95's and have well over 100K and sometimes 200K on them. While others have had many repairs, I guess i am in the middle, but then again I am only at about 62K on mine. I am still operating on the orgina facory air conditioner and any number of folks have had problems with theirs.

    OF INTEREST TO ALL -- I was at a Pontiac dealer in southern Jersey and he had a guy that was clamoring to get a Classic but the dealer could not get one in. The guy had been calling for about 3 months. Another example of market fluctuations. If the propective Auroran were in northern Jersey he would not be having this problem.

    The funny thing is that now that the Classic is no longer being made, people seem to be waking up to it. I guess it is the Star Trek of cars. It will become a hit in syndication as opposed to it first run. I have to believe that the engine and the styling is what is doing it. The Y2K1 kids should also benefit from this if they keep their cars.

    The thing I have noticed is that those Aurorians who own thier cars have NO intention of selling it (for the most part). As the car moves from leased to ownership, it will probably become hard to get them (kind of like a convertible Riviera).

    The Aurora will never be a 57 Corvette or 62 Camaro, or a 442 for that matter (most sedans don't get to that level). But I think it will become a CULT CLASSIC.

    (((((( Let's do the time warp again. It's just a step to the right . . . . . )))))

  • Henry, You are definitely showing your (our) age. I really believe the garage door opener was added late in the 95 production year. Perhaps we should start calling 95 classics with the opener a 95 1/2. You know, kind of like the 64 1/2 Mustang, or the 70 1/2 Camaro.

    As far as increased popularity of the classic, perhaps some of it has to do with its newfound affordability. When you can buy a car of this caliber, thats only a few years old, and cost less than 1/2 of the original sticker, its hard to say no. But maybe the Star Trek thing is more accurate. I would prefer to think of it more in terms of people looking for the next Avanti.

    Hey! Thats funny! Avanti and Aurora both Start with "A", have six letters, and were supposed to save their respective companies.
  • I bought a 98 Aurora this week and would like to know where I can find used chrome wheels and other after market goodies for it. I'm in Southern California.
    Thanks for leads.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106

    The rear end is so unique that today I had a cop that was in his cruser with a car between us say over the loudspeaker. "Hey you in the Aurora, go through the red light I am NOT pulling you over."

    Nice to have a car that recognizable from the back. Even nicer to hear the words "I am NOT pulling you over."

    NEXT TOPIC THAT WILL probably get more comments then it deserves (Remember the red light??).

    Question - When you guys use the windsheild wiper cleaner, does the fluid spray over the top of the car and unto the rear window?
    If yes, how did you correct this, or do you just live with it???
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Olds has a special on the chrome wheels for the Classic (at least they did during the summer). Cali is the King state for after-market check the first or second Aurora board and serch for wheels and the word wood. You should find everything you need.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    Are available from ... they have both silver and chrome. Also, the rims for the 2001 Aurora 3.5 (DOHC V6) are the same as the classic, so new rims are still available.

    For those who asked, the air bags did NOT deploy in my recent accident in my 2K1 AV8 (I'm glad they did not), the speeds were not high enough and the side impact was ahead of the passenger door. The right front tire was ripped open and the wheel damaged, so I will get a new one. I was supposed to get the repair estimate yesterday, but since we have had 18" of snow in the last 24 hours, and more is expected through Monday, I'm not sure when I will know the extent of the damage. I think when it comes home that I will order some additional wood trim to make it feel loved.

  • My dad's Aurora used to do this. we lived with it, but it wasnt easy being black(the car).

    I believe i have a new winner for the "Rare Aurora Award." I work at the Buffalo Airport and i saw in a reserved parking lot for airport administration, a '98 Aurora. Why was it rare? This Aurora was Midnight Blue(rare in it self), had chrome wheels and CLOTH seats! Needless to say, it didnt look good. That same car, clean and with some black, grey, or tan LEATHER seats would be the Aurora of choice for me. My next color choice would be one they offered in '97, Medium Green. They didnt have one available when my dad was in the market, so he got stuck with tan. But ive seen it, and it is beautiful. It looks nice on the intrigue too.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Did you get a close look at the cloth? Was it the real nice cloth that high end Olds and Buicks used in years past, or was it rather cheap looking? Just wondering, I would still prefer leather. I like the midnight blue. When I had my Intrigue in for service once, there was a midnight blue classic with beige leather interior and sunroof. No chrome wheeels though. I thought it was very good looking.
  • Henry, Im surprised you haven't heard of the Avanti. The Avanti was an exotic, performance/sports car sold by Studebaker in their final days (early-mid 60s). I don't know much about the car except that it is a highly desirable collectible, and was fairly limited production.

    Yes-Our windshield washer shoots over the top. Not too concerned about it. I'm making a list of little nuisance things and at some point will take it to a dealership to be fixed before our bumper to bumper runs out.

    Met a purple classic on the road this AM. That is a really good looking color. Car would have looked better in chrome wheels. I think some colors (like white, pearl white,and the lighter colors)look better with the silver wheels. The dark colors look better with the chrome wheels
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I was wondering what some of the U.S/Canada differences are on the Aurora. For instance my 2K1 3.5 came standard with the traction control. Does is it come standard in the U.S.? I think it is here because of all the snow.

    Does the U.S. Aurora have standard daytime running lights? Does it have standard leather? It is interesting to see the differences in the two cars, just from across the border(s).

  • no, i was unable to get a very good look at them. It was in a dimly lit parking garage at 5 am. From what i did see they were of decent quality. Cushy cloth, not like cloth that you would find on a Hyundai. Reminded me of the cloth they used to have when leather was an option in older Caddy's, late 80's to early 90's.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Henry, You must be a young guy not to have known about Avanti.
    The car was designed by Raymond Loewy in the early '60s. It featured a fiberglass body on frame construction. It was Studebaker's last gasp, and even came in a supercharged version.
    When Stude went out of business production of the Avanti continued. After a series of different owners production stopped in the early nineties.

    Throughout the '70s they were powered by corvette.
    In the early eighties they were powered by a 5 liter chevy called the L69 it had about 190 hp and was about as quick as a camaro.
    The company was sold and there were a lot of production problems. So much so that Avanti quit making their own chassis and bought complete Chevy Caprice's!! They shortened the frames and used them for the cars.
    There were also 4 door models shown to the press during this time, but i am not sure if any were built.
    Production ceased completely in the early nineties.

    There has been an attempt at a revival and the car being shown now is based on the camaro/firebird. A good source of info is www. The car shown on the home page is a camaro based version not the original.

    Probably more info than you wanted, but at the age of 38 i constantly amaze myself on how much trivia i know about cars.
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