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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    The 3.5 will never fit in the Catera due to size; and somehow I think GM made a mistake with the 3.5 with their willingness to can it after Olds dies.

    I have a 99 Intrigue GLS w/3.5 registering 38k miles of high end cruising and it has proven to be a blast---flawless; not a wrench has touched it other than for oil changes and air filter. This car is on the business end; so 400/500mi. days are common. It cruises easily between 2250/2500rpms and easy on gas.. The balance of the Intrigue sucks badly..Looks are great-I know for it's my second one and I thought they would improve it --they did with the 3.5; but the balance remains risky for trouble free motoring.

    My Caddy/Olds dealer ordered me a 4.0 Aurora loaded and it is in; but due to enough Olds in my life; I passed.

    I don't think anyone could logically second quess GM at this stage on what will happen with the 3.5; but the 4.0 is history..

    GM is hurting in the multi-valve engine front because the motoring public is getting tired of the drone-prone 3800 and the other 2 valve V-6s..

    The very talk of dropping the 3.5 bothers me for there may be a quality issue in the background. I can't picture this engine giving high mileage hurrahs as noted by the 3800 series..Let's face it; the 3800 is cheap to build.
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    That's true- this is one of GM's first steps into the multi-valve V6 engine I think. So maybe there is something they aren't telling the public?
  • lalov1lalov1 Posts: 3
    Me and my significant other having shopping around for a new car. We currently have a 95 Millenia s and enjoy its ammenities. We've looked at the Chrysler 300M , the Acura TL, and even a new Mazda millenia. We are still undecided. We like the Aurora, but are very wary since Olds demise. GM is offering 5/60k warrantys and incentives for purchasing new. I'm a gambler but is this car worth it? I'm kinda worried about resale and just general maintenance. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    I despise Asian cars but compared to the Aurora you truthfully should stick with Millenia S..A lease with the Aurora is OK; but to own is shredding money..

    The only saving part of Mazda is the Ford partnership; Acura is pricey and small resembles the Honda cult with an Ohio cornfield as its hertiage. Long haul Chrysler could have its problems..

    If you have had good service from the Madza don't go for a new surprise..

    I own a 99 Intrigue GLS and a 96 Caddy .. You ask and that is my opinion..

    Once you own the Aurora or any Olds in this termination period I can forsee alot of games with the warranty aspect.

    You might ponder this point; Olds has not sold enough 01 Auroras or will never sell enough of the restyled one to implement any needed changes..

    Olds's famous phrase to stonewall a problem "it's the way the car was designed"/ "operating to factory specs".
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    If you lease a new Aurora, then you'll be fine because you can just give it back. It's too bad Olds had to die, because it is really killing the Aurora's sales. It's a great car for the money, and I would seriously consider it. Compared to the TL, Millenia and 300M, it does very well. Consider leasing one- you won't regret it~ A.R.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I'd seriously look at the Aurora and see what kind of deals you can get. The incentives are good and right now you can get 0.9% financing for 36 months and 3.9 for 60 months. The 5 year 60K warranty is another bonus as that would probably cost in excess of $1500 if you bought an extended warranty as it is a 0 deductible bumper to bumper. Maintenance shouldn't be a problem as those cars are pretty low maintenace. My father has a 95 and it has been a very good car. And once Olds is finally gone, the warranty can be honored at any GM dealer. If you get a V8 Aurora, a Cadillac dealer would be your best bet as the V8 is basically a smaller bore Cadillac Northstar. The 300M is a decent car and some of it's owners swear by it, but in the end it is basically a dressed up version of the Dodge Intrepid and Chrylser Concorde. The new Millenias are basically the same as the 95s, just with fresher sheet metal and a lower price. And the TL, well it's basically a fancy Honda Accord with a slightly larger V6. A decent value, but not my cup of tea. Not when an Aurora V8 can be had for about the same price with the discounts Olds is now running. Good luck on your decision.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    A friend of mine had a '95 Millenia S and never had one single thing go wrong with it. He leased it for three years and then bought a used Lexus LS400. The mazda was a great car but nobody knew what it was. Also its highway mileage was not great with the Miller cycle motor.
    I would certainly look at the aurora. Looks like you keep your cars for a while, so resale should not be a major concern for you.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Hi folks,

    After driving the Classic Aurora, the new Aurora, and a base Intrigue (all the dealer had), I like the Classic the best. I have a few questions for you "experts" out there:

    First, the car I'm most interested in is a 98 w/27,000 miles on it. It's black, with the graphite interior, and all of the options (moonroof, Bose, CD changer, heated seats, Autobahn, chrome wheels). The dealer's got it listed for $19,900 (down from $24,525 - it's been on the dealer's lot since last June!). I was thinking of offering him $17k (no trade-in), going up as high as $18.5...

    I've got the VIN number and done the CarFax report (it was a leased vehicle, titled in Michigan for 2 1/2 years). I understand that pretty much any GM dealer can get the service history of the car - is this true? I don't want to walk in and ask for this, since it kind of tips my hand/level of interest in the car. I do want to know its history (the 9+ months on the lot scares me) before even beginning to negotiate seriously...

    Lastly, assuming that this dealer is willing to negotiate, I'm wondering if someone can recommend a good company for an extended warranty. I've heard almost universal kudos for WarrantyDirect, but they don't do business here in Wisconsin. What about Warranty Gold or WarrantyByNet? What's GM's own warranty cost? Given that the car is under the manufacturer's warranty until either 50,000 miles or the end of November, what's the urgency in purchasing the warranty now versus a couple of months before the end of the manufacturer's?

    Thanks, in advance, for any advice,

  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    The silly car has been on the dealer's lot for 10 months--move on. The Detroit area is loaded with used 98/99 models.. 99s are going for $19k if loaded and under 20k miles. 98s are in the area of $16k.

    At those prices; you are into the Caddy range..

    If you want an extended warranty; buy it through the dealer for you can negotiate the pricing. Some of the Olds dealers; the stand alone ones, will be checking out of business soon; so make sure there is a Caddy dealer around for somebody has to understand the 4.0 engine.. Deal with a Caddy guy and you are out of control..
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    OK, I am concerned that this car has been on the lot for 9+ months. The concerns are this:

    a) why hasn't someone purchased it previously? (probably high price and low demand, my guess - the car appears and drives fine)
    b) what can go wrong with it sitting this long (brake discs warping, flat spots on tires, seals/rubber/etc?). If I had only one complaint after driving the car, the brakes weren't great. I'd plan to get it inspected by an ASE-certified mechanic before actually pulling the deal.

    Re: cars, I did look at Detroit for Auroras (as negotiation/ammunition):

    I didn't see any as low as what you're quoting... any online sources (i.e. dealer web sites)?

    This dealer's located about 12 miles away. I have another Olds dealer about a mile and a half from my house, and a Pontiac/Cadillac dealer about a mile away. They were "competent" with my old Grand Prix, but a bit on the expensive side...

    Thanks for your comments,

  • I am not sure what could go wrong with a car sitting for that long, but I do think it is probably due to lack of demand. There are plenty of Auroras sitting here in Dallas -- most of them have been on the lots for a while. I just don't think they are all lemons. I test-drove a couple, and they were nice. I would get a full inspection before buying it. Also, the going range in Dallas is around 17.9k for loaded 1998 with little miles (25-30k). You should be able to get it for less than the price they are offering -- and for less than 17.9k (as I will do in the summer when I buy my Aurora).
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Saw a used silver 2001 Aurora 4.0 at my dealer yesterday. Obviously was not a program car. Only had a few thousand miles on it, and had the onstar antenna. So it is a later built car.
    I think i should look into it further.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I'd offer them 17,900 and have them throw in a GM Major Gaurd Warranty to at least 75K. Car has probably been sitting there for so long because: (a). They were asking to much for it to begin with and (b). These cars are not in big demand. Especially now that you can get a brand new one with heavy discounts. I have a 98 Intrigue which is a lease and it is up this summer. I'm still on the fence as to whether I will buy a new Intrigue or a 98 or 99 Aurora. Seeing these low prices on loaded low mileage Auroras is making want to lean that way a bit.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    hammen2::::::Never looked for a used car on line or the dealers website..I prefer to buy the used stuff from a private party..This dealer picked the car up at an auction; so initally he was really trying to stick it to one on pricing.. Sounds like he is upside down in the car now..

    It's your money and your call--Good Luck!!!!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313

    I know the thing to do is not to develop an "emotional attachment" to the vehicle, or tip your hand to the dealer too much. If he won't budge, I'm outta there.

    I suspect you're right, that he paid $16-$17k for the vehicle at auction, and is now "stuck". Good for me is that the car ain't going to get more valuable as it sits there.

    There's a friend of the family who has a used car business and travels to Detroit frequently for the auto auctions. I always have the option of spec'ing one out to him (including what I'll pay), and having him look for something...

    Thanks again for your input,

  • Does anyone know where I can purchase good splash guards for my '96 Aurora?
  • Hammen, I just bought my 98 Aurora on line (an ebay auction). I paid 15,490 for the car (with 35K), and think that this is a fair price. Although I love the car, I would not spend much more than this because of the likely resale value hit.

    Around here (Louisiana), I see most of them going for 18 to 19, but sitting on the lots. Seems llike we are the few wanting to buy these guys.

    BTW, there is nothing like having a V8 again :P I have not made it to the 139 club yet, but as soon as I get some open road.........
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    I didn't know there were any hills in Louisiana????
  • Actually, I have counted 3 actual hills in the norhtern part of the state. I would count all the highway overpasses, as they are usually larger:)
    And chai, rodes dat go 'long da bayou is always reel twistie, yeah.
    Truthfully, I was referring to how crowed I-10 always is. The corridor is favorite for the truckers and drug smugglers.

    Anyone know of any good sites to buy (or just look at) quaility performance accessories for my olds. All I can find are coffee can exausts and kewl looking japenese characters.

    Brett in Cajun Country
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    1998 Aurora - In northern NJ, I suspect the $16,000 range is about right. One dealer sold on for $12,500 with 37K on it. Had been sitting on the lot for about 10 months. I would say buy it, but for not more than $16K. Also, most service departments and sales departments don't talk to each other. You can probably ask the service desk to run the vin number for a repair history on the car, and the sales folks would never find out. Especially if you go on a day when your salesman is off.

    139 Club - The Club needs diversity. Zinc is the only memeber/president/CEO/chairman of the Board.

    Aurora aftermarket - There is not a lot of stuff out there for the car. You can try visiting Zinc's Aurora Classic site. He has a lot of links to folks that sell aftermarket stuff for the car. You can probably scroll back a few postings and find the link to the site. Zinc has posted it on several occassions. If you can't find it, keep checking the site, I am sure he would be happy to post the link again for you.

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Thanks for your responses, wingnut and etharmon. We'll see how this goes...

    bluefish and wingnut, I'd recommend checking out the links from zincster's Classic Aurora site:

    Hope this helps,


  • I hope those questions are not overwhelming. I bought this car with 105K on it and right away I had this traction control light together with sound alarm coming out all the time. Drove me crazy. The idiots at a dealership kept the car for almost 2 months charging me for every wrong thing until they decided to give a call to Oldsmobile engineers. They told them to change a computer which they did; took them 30 minutes to do that, and it fixed the problem. 2 months have passed since then. Now I'm having the following problems.

    1. 'Check engine soon' will light up but dissapear sometimes quickly, other times not as quickly. The message will not reappear after I stop the engine and restart the car. It only happens on a highway (not every time, but it has happened several times already) when I develop 55-65 mph. My local mechanic (a great guy, but he doesn't know much about Auroras, which he admits) told me there could be a problem with a computer. Sounds strange considering that it's supposed to be a new computer.
    2. The oil leak icon in the right lower corner will come out and dissapear without a trace. I've been cheking the oil regularly for about a month now and it looks like it's still full. What is it trying to tell me?
    3. Heat sometimes just starts blowing at will (its will, not mine).
    4. Left back window won't open.
    5. My remote stoped working today. I did replace the batteries with no results. Is there a way to reprogam the remote myself? I did have the same problem with my previous Cutlass Supreme.
    6. 8-10 miles per gallon in New York everyday commute: is it normal?
    7. Lastly, does anybody know of an insurance program that will take on a car with over 100,000 miles on it?

    If some of these problems sound familiar, I would appreciate your insights very much. I just want to have some ideas before I bring it to the shop. I still remember how those so called 'specialists' told me day after day: "we are professionals, we know what we are doing." Try to listen to that for 2 months!

    Thank you in advance.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    Saw an ad in the Sunday paper; Saks Dodge was advertising a 99 Aurora 6k miles; so called the 800 phone# and call was forwarded to Saks Oldsmobile. Auctioned cars from GM-bargains galore; all loaded chromes, roofs, and Autobahn pkgs.. Had three colors and would call back on pricing and selection, they called back and I was gone; and returned their call to find out that all had been sold; however they offerred to get me a 01 model at $10k off. What a bunch of buffons!!!!!!!
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Does the check engine light comeon under hard accelaration? In other words, does it come on after you just enetered the higway or accelarated to pass? Mine used to do this. The light does not come on right away when you are accelerating, but definiftly while you are still at highway speeds.

    If this is the case it is probably your EGR valve (emission system). First make sure your gas cap is on tight. If it still persists, the dealer can fix it.

    I don't know where you are in New York, but if you have friends in New Jersey, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND thta you take your car to NORMAN GALE OLDS in Parsippany for service. One of the mechanics there (JERRY) is a true AURORIAN. Plus he has a 1995 Classic. Whatever the car is doing, chances are, he has fixed it before.
  • marks10marks10 Posts: 1
    Looking to trade-in my 95 Eagle Vision. Saw a 95 Aurora fully loaded at a nearby dealer. He's asking $9,000 and it has 90K for mileage. I haven't taken it out yet, so not sure if it has any problems. Not familiar with the Aurora so would like some feedback.
  • Greetings Fellow Aurora Fans!!!

    I just purchased a "98" Aurora!!! Finally a car I actually love... I paid $13,500 for it in Baltimore, with 32K on the odometer... Already at 34K after 3 weeks of ownership... I'm still having to much fun to leave it in the driveway... But with gas prices what they are that will change... I have hit the 140 mph mark on mine... I travel interstate 95 on a regular basis and at all hours of the day and night, so I have a lot of open road and no one else around so I can play!!!

    I am just hoping that after the destruction of OldsMobile there will be enough parts for it to keep it running... My service warranty is in the works now... Just waiting for my tax refund to pay for it...

  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    A 98 with 32K for $13,500? What kind of condition is the car in and how hard did you have to haggle to get that price? That sounds like an excellent deal. I mean come on people, that car sold for $35K or more just 3 years ago. I know resale on Oldsmobiles is basically shot now that they are folding, but still you'd think an excellent car like the Aurora would hold it's value a little better. I may just very well start looking at 98s and 99s and just hang on to my GM loyalty certificate(from my 98 Intrigue) for a few years.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    Saw an ad in the Detroit Free Press this am: 98 Aurora,moon,chromes,19k miles and $17,900.

    Good deal at 15?????
  • fdionfdion Posts: 59

    I just finally test drove an Aurora v8. This car is impressive. While the v6 (more on the intrigue) has too much torque steer, probably due to layout and tranny, the v8 feels much more european in it's civilised manners. Less bouncy front end too. In fact this is the exact balance of comfort and handling/responsiveness I was looking for.

    How is it that this car is not selling like hot cakes? I have driven the Chrysler 300M, the Lincoln LS, the Lexus GS300, Audi A6, Volvo S80, Merc C320 and by far this is my favorite.

    Fit and finish is also very good and interior space is excellent for the driver. Front passenger is a little cramped, but you can always slide the seat back a little more. In any case, this is larger than the 320 and the only car that really compares all round is the A6 2.7T.

    To conclude, I have a few questions. Those of you with the 2001 model, any major gripe yet? How has been the reliability? How did it do at high speed? On long trips, how are the seats?

    Last, I'm looking at buying one with the sunroof, bringing msrp very close to $36K. Invoice is at about $33K acording to edmunds, altough this car does not have the onstar system. What kind of prices have you seen out there? What price did you pay if I might ask?
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    I ordered a 4.0 loaded; it came in a week ago and I told the dealer to broom it. It has to be the last car built with the small V-8 which is no fire ball; but uses lots of gas..Having owned 2 Intrigues; if the Aurora is anything close in quality aspect then it's a loser big time.. The Aurora resale is zippo another alarming factor which only makes leasing the safest game of ownership..

    I haven't driven the array of cars as mentioned but if you are willing to spend the bucks then I am sure there are better wheels for the same $$$ as the Aurora..

    The low volume build of the Aurora series is distressing from the standpoint of correcting problems that will not be addressed strictly because of no volume--who cares--GM could care less.. They fight fixes on high volume cars so a car of low volume and no future is dead meat!!!!

    Opinion only--it's your money..
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Seems that the value of the Aurora is dropping like the NASDAQ. I thought the $12,500 for the 98 with 37K was cheap. It seems that it was just about the new market price.

    For the 2k1 I would definitely lease. You may be able to buy it at the end of least for a song. Olds might even give you the car.
  • fdionfdion Posts: 59
    Leasing is not an option for me because of the limited number of miles. Also, I plan to keep the car at least 10 years at which point, trade in value is insignificant no matter what brand.
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    Your posts continually give me the impression that you don't like Auroras. If this is not the case, why must you be so negative. If this is the case-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    1415 is just matter of fact. He posts mostly in the intrigue forum and is very opinionated and often quite entertaining.
    He has owned two intrigues, and has as much experience as any of us when it comes to dealing with olds.
    Olds has some issues with their current line up which which they have not attempted to fix.
    You may not like 1415's style, but he is more often right than wrong.
    There are realities that all of us olds owners have to deal with. It is better to be forthright than to think that olds is the best thing since sliced bread.
    Would i buy another olds? Probably. But, i think that we would be doing a disservice to those who come to townhall, buy a car, and find out later about these problems.
    1415 can defend himself, but i personally don't have problem with the tone or content of what he has posted in townhall.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I'm with you, I just don't understand why the new Aurora does not sell better. Or all other Oldsmobiles for that matter. The Aurora has always been a great value, and the 2001 models are even better. Where else can you get a luxury car with a DOHC V8 for $35K? Okay, maybe a Lincoln LS but the Aurora seems to have more interior room and much nicer interior. I'd take advantage of the excellent deals and buy one. With Oldsmobiles not having very good residuals now that their fate is known, your not going to find alot of good lease deals.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    February was one of aurora's best sales months ever.
  • Greetings One And All!!!

    Well yes the deal was ~Sweet~, and there is a really good reason for that... At the same time I bought the Aurora I also bought my son a Mazda 626... I told them that for me to buy the Mazda they had to put me in the Aurora... No Aurora... No Mazda... I scared the salesman into buckling his seat belt on the test drive... Hehehehe... Also I have been dealing with the same dealership throughout my entire driving career... They know me and like me, but the service department hates dealing with me... I won't take their crap... I know what the problem is before I get there...

    As for pegging the needle at 140... I could not tell you what the R's were to save my neck... Interstate 95 between Maryland and Virginia I have nicknamed "Pot Hole South" I was to busy trying to avoid the worst of the bumps... Aurora does not handle well on uneven pavement at that speed... But fear not... Summers Coming!!!

  • Does anyone know of a company who makes a light kit so as to light the entire back of the car... Always though it a bit weird that only the end light up...

    Just a thought...

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I think the reason it does not light up is because "slaming the trunk closed" could cause the bulb to break. That beig said:

    Everybody here that thinks the entire rear end of the Classic should light up say "AI"!

  • Seems to me I am going to just have to take that rear trunk panel off to see if I can do the job myself... There is the will... Now to discover the way...

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Good Luck young Skywalker. Let us know how you make out.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    bz4::::::Thanks for the assistance for these Aurora owners are touchy; and if they only read the post and maybe realize someone is trying to help them formulate a decision.. But they find it easier to question the reasoning.

    The Classic as the diehards have labeled is a reasonable buy in the mid-teens and lower. It is a gas guzzler and could be prone to some heavy cost repairs like older Caddys..

    The 01 model is not as eye-pleasing as the refined Classic model of
    yore..Don't forget GM had 5 yrs to debug the old one; and they won't do any out of the way corrections on this dead horse..

    The 4.0 and Northstar were cleaned up and tweaked for smoother performance as well as regular gas; so that's a plus. The body has been cheapened and has less room than the Intrigue.. However it has to be much quieter than an Intrigue.

    If someone is buying the car for a ten yr. period; I sure won't pick the 01 Aurora.. The 3.5 isn't enough motor and 4.0 also falls short; however with all the rebates it looks like a bargain---wait and you will see some used 01 V-8s with low miles around $24k. The 3.5 should get to around $20k..

    The market place does not like the Aurora for it's no longer the cross-over Caddy. It ain't classy any more!!!!! The quality of the product isn't there--go sit in a 99 and then find an 01.
  • fdionfdion Posts: 59
    I think I need to give some more background info, and rephrase my question.

    I'm not looking to buy a used car. I'm not an Olds or Aurora person either. I want to buy a new sedan with automatic transmission that is comfortable for 2 adults and 2 children, fast and handles very well. A V6, or a V8 if within budget. Not an appliance. Having done my homeworks, I came up with a list of cars I had to drive. From these, I've decided to buy an Aurora V8. Runner up is A6 2.7T, third up is Lincoln LS V8.

    So my question is, for 01 aurora V8 owners (and only those), now that you've had the car for a while, what do you think of it? What are your major gripes? May I ask how much you payed? (you could always email me if you dont want to post this).
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    You might read the Lincoln LS V-8 thread where it seems like a content bunch; but the Lincoln seems to suffer some of the Ford scenaro myths.. I personally like the LS and probably will get one when the current 96 Northstar reaches 65k miles. The Deville series was large enough to carry all the junk back and forth to Fla from Mich. The LS is smaller so is a prime in retirement mode..

    The Audi I assume would be the high end of the price range; however hanging around a high priced Audi dealer for ten years is not much to look forward to--not much economy in that selection...

    One thing is certain that they are all $3500 in ten years; however some get to that price quicker than others..

    I sense that the Aurora is your favorite..
  • fdionfdion Posts: 59
    Yeah the Audi is high end of the price range. At any rate, my wife wants me to stay away from a turbo setup, so that would mean the A6 2.8, and that puts it even further down on my list, as it's a much more pedestrian car, with no AWD and no turbo.

    The Lincoln v6 is a good buy with manual tranny, the v6 with auto is not as interesting, again, family reality requires automatic. The v8 auto has similar performance to the aurora, but it's a little smaller. I've priced one at $39K, so that is also close to my $40K limit (that I set arbitrarily to a certain extent, but I just dont want to pay more than $40K for a car).
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    The Aurora is the only one you can buy cheap and that means; way south of 40k. The LS V-8 well equipped should be 35k.. The V-6 LS is a total non-event..

    The Audi is a nice looking car and the 2.8 is a solid powerplant; but agree with what you think.

    The BMW 4dr 325/328/330 is enticing to some people; but then you are married to the dealer without the benefits.. I could never see owning a BMW with 100k+miles for some reason; not a comfort feeling.

    Tough call; but everybody's lifestyle varies; but 10 yrs is a long time to be married to one car.
  • vwbus1979vwbus1979 Posts: 42
    funny that topic would come up. When I first got the car, I thought that the rear center should light up because it, well, looked like it should have! anyhow. I removed some plastic structure and found that the entire rear area was "fused" with metal, making it nearly impossible to get back there w/o cutting. Now...I *could* cut the metal, insert sockets and place bulbs in there...I "could". But I won't, because now my car will not be original. I don't want to "cut" the car if I don't have to. She said it would hurt! ;)
  • After hours spent on the Net I finally found a service company that would take my 105K Aurora. In case anybody else is looking, their address is: I thought that their plan was pretty attractive (under $1300 for 24 months/30,000). If anybody else has dealt with these guys before, I'd appreciate some feedback.

    Henry, the 'Check engine soon' light comes on under acceleration exactly like you describe. It doesn't come on every time, though. Sometimes it dissapears rather quickly, other times it stays on for a long time. But when I restart the car it's gone. And it never comes on while I drive in the city, only on highway.

    Thanks a lot for a service referance. I live in Brooklyn, so driving to Parsippany is certainly doable.
  • Greetings One And All...

    Well I decided to talk this one over with my son... And "Lo and Behold" he came up with a good one... (Miracles Never Cease)... His suggestion was to find out how to take the plastic outer piece off the trunk lid and mount an after market neon tube up inside... So I will only have to hurt my baby just a tad drilling 2 small holes for the wiring for the neon... But with the neon idea there goes having it work with my turn signals... I want the world don't I.... I also know a gentleman who works in a sign shop and he could get the neon for me... Damn, still I still want the turn signal thing to work....

    Upon further reflection toward the final goal in the affore mentioned project we have come to the following conclusions:

    1. This is going to be rougher to do than previously planned...
    2. The engineering department will need an "Ok" from corporate for the overtime involved...
    3. Will have to make arrangements for other mode of travel due to test subject being out of commission for the time involved with project...
    4. This project may require additional government funding... (Contacting Senator)...

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    ANDREY - If you go to Norman Gale, talk to Mike at the counter and tell him you want Jerry to work on the car. Tell them Vince with the 95 Aurora sent you. (That will put a smile on his face.)

    Mordecai - LOL. Also, when is the panel going to light up? When you hit the breaks? All the time? Under hard accelaration? (my personal favorite.) Kind of like warp speed. Oh, excuse me, I meant Zinc Speed.)

    Van Man - I think most folks thought the whole panel should light up (remember the front of the Mercury Sable?). Including me.

    "She said it would hurt." <--- LOL
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