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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Own a new 2001 Aurora 3.5? Experiences? Likes/dislikes? Reliability/quality issues? Deals out the door?

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Sorry to hear about your impala troubles. Don't let them put you off, pursue it until you get what you want. I think i waited too long with my intrigue and will probably not see any help from GM.
    Don't know if the aurora shares the same suspension flaws as the intrigue, maybe some of the owners can share some insight on that front.
    Even with my intrigue problems i still think it drives better than the impala. And the engine is something else.
    Good Luck.
  • Hey everyone...This group has really exploded...WOW...

    First off, I will mention warranties. I BOUGHT a warrantydirect contract
    and I am TOTALLY happy with it. The customer service is outstanding
    and they really cover almost everything. But because my Aurora
    is such a well engineered car, I have yet to use them. 55k miles now!
    (Someone PLEASE knock on some wood for me)

    Speaking of wood. The wood dash kit for these cars makes a real
    difference on the inside. It's much warmer. (yes, I finally got the kit!)
    Anyhow. It was easy and it made a big difference inside. I think Zinc
    has photos on his site. Amazing...

    Engine specs. Here is what Olds verbally told me in person about the
    4.0 engine. The specs are the same, but the mounts are different.
    Due to the front suspension assembly, engine mounts are placed
    in different locations. He showed me one that is actually UNDER the
    engine. I saw it. It raised the block by 4 inches. If you look at the
    clearance with the hood, 4 inches is everything. If you were to add
    the Northstar, there would be significant modifications needed to
    the suspension/mounts to correct for this 4 inch gap.

    Henry: I would suggest discussing this with a local GM dealership.
    Get the technical specs and have an engineer show you the
    differences in engine mounts. I believe it can be done, but the cost
    could surpass the value of what you get out of it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I'm surprised GM Europe is doing so poorly. I always remember the European division as being a strong part of the company.
  • I am considering buying a 97 or 98 Aurora. Are there any problems with these models that I should be aware of?
  • I'm 19 years old and have owned a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora for 16 months, and I've logged 42,000 miles on in this time. Its my families 3rd car with a Northstar (the other two being 4.6 liters in Cadillacs) How about a 350 hp supercharged version for a final production car before Oldsmobile is done with car production. Anybody for this idea?
  • I own a '97 Aurora. I simply LOVE the car. I think that the year to
    watch out for would be the '95 and '96 models. GM is notorious for
    making "test" cars when they first come out. '95 is the first year of
    the Aurora, so it has some obvious problems. By 1997/1998, they
    hammered out most of the engineering problems and designed a
    well balanced automobile.

    Each Aurora is unique though, so not all will perform/behave the same.

    My '97 has had very minor issues. The seals around the rear window
    came apart and the air conditioning main control door. It was under
    warranty at the time. Other than that, I have 51k (not 55k) happy
    miles with my car. Keep in mind that I BABY this car as if it was a
    human being. But I am a sick, materialistic individual that cares
    WAY too much about cars. I get it serviced and keep it maintained
    at REAL strict intervals.

    Oh...And I NEVER EVER let my wife drive it. (Dont tell her I said that!)

    Henry: Gimme a little more time to get that envelope/postage to you.
    I've had a very tuff week here at the office. Real Busy! ...
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    It will never happen. It would be cool, but Olds (GM) isn't going to re-engineer any lame duck car lines. Also I don't think a great majority of people this car would appeal to could afford it new. I was able to afford a 3 year old Aurora only because it had depreciated to half of the original sticker (and the fact that I love Oldsmobiles). You are 19, and probably don't have a wife, kids, or mortgage. These tend to limit automotive expenditures, at least to some extent.
  • i have not posted anything recently, but my 97 just hit 57k. had an altenator go in oct., 2000 and a new radiator put in in dec., 2000. thank god for warranty gold! just noticed little oil spots and a little coolant on garage floor. someone way back in this forum also had this problem. please give any info regarding this minor problem?? my car runs great otherwise. i get 22/23 mpg, stares, compliments and a lot of people ask what brand and model the car is. i live in so. florida and only have seen maybe about 12 different classics since i had mine9 (feb.,2000). Great car!
  • just test-drove a '98 aurora w/30k miles. very nice ride. dealer wants 19.7k for it; didn't bargain YET -- first car to try out so far. told him i'd be back later. still trying to decide, but this is definitely worth a serious examination.
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    I don't know what your local market is like, but you should be able to buy that 98 you speak of for 17-18K. I bought my 98 on 12-30-00 with 19,400 miles for $17,995. My car only has the pearl white paint for options, but even if it has all of the 6 or 7 options offered the car should not be worth more than 19K.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I agree with Joeolds that the dealer is asking too much for the car. You should be able to do $16,500 for the car.

    I was just at a Pontiac dealership looking at the T/A for 2002. I parked my 95 Classic in front of the dealership in front of the service entrace since it was closed. NEVER park a CLASSIC in a parking lot next to another car. (see rule #3 in the Aurora owners manual)

    I came out to find two people standing there admiring the car who told me never to sell the car because it will be a classic (as if any Aurorian needed to be told that). One guy was a Pontiac salesman that used to sell Olds. He stated that this and the Toro coupe were the best cars Olds produced (he obviously forgot the 442).

    While this is not a swipe at the 2K1 kids, we all agreed that the Classic was a better looking car.
    I say if you can get your hands on a Classic buy it, but be sure not to overpay. the car is a real sleeper so it is relatvely cheap to buy [[for now]].

    VWBUS -- If I did not say this before, thanks for all of your information on installing the caddie engine. :)
  • joe & henry -- you're right. i think edmunds inflates the price of this vehicle - people just aren't buying it, so I can surely do better than 19k. there seem to be a lot of them for sale in Dallas (and in Texas generally) so it should be easy to bargain. Looked on Carfax -- some of the cars have been out there for months, waiting to be sold. I really like this car. I have narrowed the search to this versus the Infiniti. I started out wanting to get another Volvo -- the S70, but why pay that much and get less? Besides, the Aurora looks so unique and has MORE power. I will miss the tank-like safety of the Volvo, however.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I mentioned in the Intrigue forum that an article in this weekends Toronto Star interviewed some GM execs unofficially that said Aurora and Bravada are very likely to live on in other divisions as they are both very new models. Unfortunately Intrigue will be gone for sure in a couple of years. This is very good news for anyone considering a new Aurora though and perhaps we will see a 350HP supercharged version after all.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    So your moving up from the Intrigue to the Aurora, not a bad move. I have an Intrigue as you know, but my father has a 95 Aurora and I have spent plenty of time behind the wheel of it. If your wanting more luxury, go with the Aurora. The Intrigue is more sporty and I like mine alot, but I'll be the first to tell you the Aurora rides smoother, is MUCH quieter inside, and despite it's heavier weight still handles pretty well. And the first generation Aurora's styling is very unique. And if you like the tank-like safety of a Volvo, the Aurora is better than the Intrigue in this regard as well. The Aurora is a very solid car. Seeing that 98s with low milage are selling for under $20K may cause me to rethink my decision. The lease on my Intrigue is up in August and I was really leaning toward taking advantage of the $1500 off and buying one(an Intrigue) if they were running the low finance rates as they have been, but a low mileage 98 or 99 Aurora sure is tempting as well. I've always leaned more toward luxury cars and while the Intrigue is an excellent sporty midsize sedan, the Aurora is clearly a more isolated and nicer car. Good luck on your decision.
  • to find the value of the car you are looking at, go to it lets you select the options and gives you an aproximate estimate of what you should be paying.
  • etharmon--

    Yes, I am now leaning to the Aurora. I think you suggested that I try it out (due to my affinity for the Volvo). I had such a nice drive and was impressed by the style. Also -- UNLIKE THE VOLVO -- I have not heard much in terms of reliability issues in the Aurora -- at least the newer models. I was going to get a fully-loaded Intrigue GLS; now, I am leaning toward luxury. The problems associated with the '98 Volvo have kicked me into the direction of the Aurora; the styling has moved me away from the Intrigue.

    Redskin --

    I believe that KBB inflates prices in favor of the dealers. NADA.Com (run by the National Association of Auto Dealears!!) certainly does so. I prefer Edmunds and other sites out there (,, etc.) So far, I believe most of the sites have failed to factor in the plummeting demand for cars -- new or used. I expect to see an ever larger drop in market values for February.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I was not aware that Volvo had many reliability problems, but I've never really researched them. As for the Aurora, as most here have said, 98s are pretty reliable. It was the 4th year of production and there had been no major changes. My father has a 95 Aurora(first year) with over 75K now and despite being the first year of a totally new design(engine, chassis, everything) he has not had very many problems. And again, as much as I like the Intrige I don't think it will feel as tight as the Aurora does at 75K. It it still rattle free and the chassis itself still feels very solid. Only problem with the Aurora(as with most newer cars) is that repairs can be expensive and unless your well trained, the averge owner cannot do much under the hood of one it is so tight in there. My father bought his used and got them to throw an extended warranty in as part of the deal. It just expired at 75K so he's on his own now. Only other bad thing is it likes to drink premium unleaded fuel and if you like to drive the V8 the way God intended for it to be driven, you'd better have some extra $$ for gas. However, on the freeway at a steady speed, it can average up to 27mpg.
  • Yes, the Volvo s70 had many electrical problems -- lights, batteries burning out, car dying in the streets. see forum on edmunds. consumer reports says the '98 is a car to avoid. i think most of the problems were electrical, not with the powertrain. it is a good car, but not worth the fear. the base model is just under the price of an aurora for the same year, but you don't get all the goodies that you get with aurora.
  • Just talked to Olds Customer Assistance and they said the $1000/$1500 certificates are being sent out tomorrow and should arrive within two weeks. For those that haven't received the mailer, Olds is rewarding recent customers with a voucher good for $1000 towards a GM vehicle or $1500 towards another Olds. The voucher doesn't expire for 5 years or so. From what the guy was saying "recent" customer sounded like anyone with a 96 purchase or newer. I doubt it covers non-dealer purchases. If you guys want more info call Olds Cust. Asst at 1-866-306-6030.
    BTW, the reason I called was to ask about the new 5/60 MPP which I thought was more like a warranty (even if it was obviously a marketing thing) but it ends up it's more like an MPP :o
    I was trying to claim they should give it to recent buyers like yours truly but since it's not a warranty (i.e. they stand by the car) it doesn't work that way. Oh well, doesn't hurt to try.
    Take care, all.
  • crj1crj1 Posts: 70
    Anyone interested in a set of wheels and tires of of a 2001 Aurora? 16" silver only couple thousand miles.

    [email protected]
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    did you see that now Olds has 5/60 std. warranty on their cars....maybe that would ease your concerns on the warranty?

    Would that sway you one way or the other?
  • Hey there, as I mentioned in the previous email what they are offering is not really a warranty (as in the 3/36 that comes with the car by default). It's a short-term marketing trick to get people to the dealership and into an Olds. They try to make it sound like a bumper-to-bumper (e.g. Volvo, BMW, MB, etc) but it's purely a Mechanical Protection Plan. Still, pretty good but not _exactly_ a warranty. The emphasis is not so much on what it does/doesn't cover but more on the "how much do we stand behind our cars" ... which remains the same ... 3/36 is all they're meant for.
  • Hi. I am about to purchase a 1995 Olds Aurora with 54,500 miles on it, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what problems (if any) to check, and watch out for in this model year. Also, there were some buttons & a little red light on the roof above the rearview mirror, what are they?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I agree with Zinc, also check to see if any work has been done on the radio. I would go to an olds dealer and have them run the vin# so that you can see the repair history on the car.

    ZINC - What little red light on the roof above the mirror? I know about the gree light below the mirror (auto dimming switch) but no light on the roof in my 1995.

    Also as I tell anybody getting a 1995, be sure to investin a new cupholder with the double rubber lip design. Just ask the parts department for a new cup holder for the 1995. Its about $50.00 and will make the cupholder actually work.

    Also the 1995's are well under $10,000 as a selling price at the curret time.

    P.S. Don't let Zinc's Classic page scare you. Its a good car. If anything, watch out for the 97's.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Oh, I almost forgot, if you really want to know how much Zinc likes his car, scroll back through the Aurora 2 postings.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I don't have a garage door opener. Perhaps the light only comes on if you have a garage door opener.

    Joe - Got the package. It will be awhile before I mail it out, having a little knee surgery tomorrow. One of the benefits of being a true Aurorite is that I have a GREAT relationship with my dealer. I Will be able to drive the Classic to the dealer and leave it there until the surgery is over.

  • Hey! Watch out for the '97? How come, Henry? That's my year and I am doing very well with it! Anyhow...just curious. So I have the garage opener feature as well...I thought it was standard with all Auroras, but maybe not. Anyhow. It's great. Zinc, do you have a sunroof? Henry? Maybe there is something with the sunroof that changes the configuration of the garage door openers. I have a sunroof, so it may be different. Anyhow...Personally, I would never purchase a '95. Nothing personal with the car itself, it just that I got burned by GM with the first year of the Malibu. I bought a '97 Malibu and it was 100% crap! They stated that they needed to work the bugs out because it was a first year. That means that GM KNOWS that first year releases are quirky. The '95 Aurora is a first year model, so I wouldn't buy it. 54k miles is OK but you have to think long term. the car is in it's golden age now, so it wont be cheap to fix when it breaks. If you purchase any used car, you must SERIOUSLY consider getting an extended warranty of some kind. Do the research yourself (like reading these posts) and you will arrive at the proper conclusion.
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    is part of programmable factory garage door opener, that can store up to 3 different codes. I guess thats why there are 3 buttons. Perhaps it was added later in 95 production year. All of the early road tests I have read on Zincs site refer to a cubby to store a remote as opposed to an actual factory installed remote.

    Henry: Good luck with the surgery, but beware of crazy anesthesiologist. I Do not have dealer I've developed a "good" relationship with yet(Thankfully). When I do need dealer warranty work I will probably use a local dealer that sells both Olds and Cadillac, especially if its engine related. Dealer we bought car from is a Chevy dealer and 30 miles out of town. I think a dealer that services Caddys may have a better understanding of the northstar engine.

    On a side note the Olds Club of America National show is in Denver this summer. They even have a class for Auroras. Must be a member of OCA to show, but anybody is welcome to show up and check outg the Olds iron. Originally I was going to show my 73 Cutlass Supreme, and 4 speed 71 442. The 442 will probably stay at home now, since it is non a/c, and starting to show a little wear (it was restored in 1989). Besides that I love the Aurora-So Far.
  • check to see if the a/c compressor has been replaced too.

    My dad had a 95 and a 97. the 95 had a cubby for the opener and the programmable buttons in the 97. so maybe the one you are looking at is mislabeled as a 95.
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