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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • No hood protector/bug deflector. It only makes wind noise on the driver side.
  • Hi all - I just posted this same message on the "are you happy with your Tacoma" site, but here goes again: I have a 2000 Prerunner, 4 cyl 2.7L automatic, 4x2, with just over 9000 miles - and since my first oil change (at the dealer) I've been hearing what sounds like my lifters. As if I'm extremely low on oil - which I'm certainly not. At first I heard the sound only when the truck was cold; now I hear it all the time. I'm about to take it to the dealer, but does anyone have any ideas about this before I go?
  • Waxer,

    I've got a 99 Tacoma TRD with the same deceleration squeal. I've had mine serviced by the dealer it's entire life, and it still squeals. The squeal generally happens at highway speeds on relatively level road (no heavy accel or decel). If you goose the gas petal gently, you can aggravate the squeal a bit. I've been thinking it's a drive line issue, possibly a poorly lubed U-joint aggravated by the driveline angle. It's definitely not belt tension and it doesn't seem to matter how cold it is out. Truck loading changes the point at which the sqeual starts. For example, it won't start until I'm down to about 3/4 tank of gas.

    What on the chassis did the dealer lube? So far they've only managed to rotate my credit card a few times. :O)
  • smason1smason1 Posts: 1
    In reference to #34 of Toyota Problems, I have the same problem with my 99 prerunner, if you give it a little gas or decel it seems to squeal and the sounds appears to be coming from below or behind me.. If it is something to be lubed, I'd appreciate if someone could let me know. Also the squeal does not seem to happen after the vehicle is warmed up.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,098
    I had a mystery squeal on my Nissan 4x4 that I just couldn't pin down. And it was happening at similar times, just as I started to accelerate or decel. We just couldn't track it down until one day I finally noticed an idler pulley on the fan baelt looked kind of odd. Turns out the bearing on the pulley had failed and occasionally the pulley would "chatter" causing the loud squeal.

    I thought we had looked everywhere, but it was a tough one to find until the bearing failed to the point where the pulley started to get out of line.

    PF Flyer
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  • kolkoskikolkoski Posts: 2
    Allknowing. Have the same question. The $125 service manual volume II doesn't tell you the answer, so don't waste your money there. Maybe volume I or Chilton's is the answer
  • allknowingallknowing Posts: 866
    Volume I doesn't mention the re-torque of the nut either. In the maintenance section of Vol. I all it says to do is lube the propeller shaft. Looking at the way the nut is staked, and the fact that Vol. II says to replace the staked nut if it's loosened, I have to wonder if it's really necessary at all. Here's a copy of a response I got in the Tacoma vs. Ranger forum from 2k1trd which may help you .
    "#390 of 660 - Personally i wouldn't worry about that nut and as for removing the shaft...well it's about a 5 min job with the right tools and oh yeah the ford shafts are removed in the same manner (4 bolts on each end)and the x-cabs have a center support bearing also (2 bolts holding it biggy)"
  • cpetriecpetrie Posts: 2
    I'm the owner of a 2001 Tacoma and was wondering if anyone else has noticed excessive rust on the exterior of the rear chrome bumper. Most of the rust is appearing in the area between the license plate and the license plate lights, and also around the very ends of the bumper. I went to my local dealership and they acted like it was normal and told me that I needed to keep a good coat of wax on it all the time. For a truck that was only five months old and spends most of its time parked in my garage I didn't expect to see any rust. While I was at the dealership I looked at the brand new Tacomas that were parked in the lot and the rust on their rear bumpers looked worse than mine. There is no rust on the front chrome bumper or any other chrome on the truck. Has anyone else noticed this? To me it looks like a poor job of chrome plating the bumper.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    On a new vehicle????c'mon doesn't sound right to me.My 01 tacoma has no rust on the rear bumper at all.Oh i do wax mine too.
  • I have a 2001 tacoma painted green mica it appears that the paint scratches and chips eaisly anyone have any comments on this? I have contacted toyota to find out what the mil paint thickness is supposed to be but haven't herd from them yet.
  • It sounds like you have a lousy chrome job on the bumper. Tell the dealer to giv you a new one.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I have had two Tacomas that have both seen a fair amount of sand driving and salt water slopped on them from surfing and haven't seen one spec of rust on either. I don't even wax mine, but do wash regularly. They are not garaged either.
    I'd ask for a replacement.
  • bassratbassrat Posts: 3
    dont even think about "asking" them for a new bumper. Go to the dealer and demand to talk to the Toyota rep when he comes in town. He is the only one that will give you a new bumper. My 98 Tacoma never had rust. But my 2000 that is only 7 months old rusted in the spots you are talking about. There is a seam that isnt chrome plated very well. If you dont get MAD about the rust problem you wont get a new bumper. I got MAD a week ago and just got my new bumper yesterday. Good luck.
  • extremerextremer Posts: 9
    my d-cab seems to kinda "clunk" into gear when i put it into drive.anyone else have that?and i have ABS on it,i'm curious to see how other owners like the ABS brakes.
  • disabatidisabati Posts: 1
    I've owned a 89, 92, and now a 01 4x4 X-cab Tacoma (all fully loaded 5-spds). I was very pleased w/ the 89 and 92. But, the 01 has been very disappointing. I've never had to return to the dealer for my other trucks. This one has had a series of problems including a rattle, accelerator cable problem, misfiring, and a torque converter problem. In addition, Toyota has cut corners on the new trucks. For example, they've eliminate the under-the-hood insulation which results in an appreciatable increase in engine noise in the cab. Convenience lights in the doors and dual-operation map lights have been elimiated. Adjustable head-rests are no longer provided. And, they've eliminated a clever in-dash cup holder that was very functional. All this for a higher price. When I bought this truck, admittedly, I did it blindly thinking that I was buying an improved product. The V-6 misfires (dealer says that's normal upto 2,000 miles - I have 3,000 miles now and worse than before). The engine also gargles (exaggerated by the lack of hood insulation - unbelieveable that Toyota eliminated this). Despite a posted 190hp vs 150hp in their previous generation V-6, the new V-6 is no match compared to the old coming off the line. With 170,000 miles, the 92 easily burned rubber w/ the 31x10.50 15s. You won't get the same performance out of the 01 at lower speeds (although the 01 does perform better in mid to higher speeds). My family has been loyal Toyota owners for many years. The 92 V-6 was definately smoother and quieter than the current generation engine.

    Almost everyone I know that has been a Toyota loyalist is beginning to question the value, reliability, and customer satisfaction that Toyota seems to give today. For example, I bought my wife a 1999 Accord EX V-6 Coupe. Compared to the Solara, we paid almost $5,000 less for the Accord. The Accord has been an absolutely flawless vehicle (a great value and very well engineered). I've sinced bought both of my boys (both in college) Acura Integra GS-Rs. Again, I've been very pleased. If Honda/Acura get the nerve to jump into the truck market, I think I would jump ship. Toyota needs to wake up and pay attention. Loyal customers know when corners are being cut and we of course know that when problems occur like the ones I've had in my new truck, that means their beginning to get fat.

    Nick D
    [email protected]
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Something is abviously wrong with your engine to be misfiring.I can't believe the dealer said that that was normal!...this really bugs the hell out of me to hear this!...insist that they repair your truck at once or if they can't then you want a new one! I own a 01 also and love it compared to my previous tacoma's (1997,2000)all had the 3.4
    and all perform the same (unchanged for 2001).
  • In reference to messages 34, 35, and 36. After further trouble shooting I've leaned towards the center bearing or "hangar bearing" in the drive line as the culprit of the mystery squeal. I didn't find any grease joints on the bearing and presume it to be a sealed bearing. Can anyone confirm this?

    If it does take grease, does anyone know the specification?
  • frank2001frank2001 Posts: 13
    I have a '98 tacoma 4x2 with 41K on it and have never changed the the transmission often are you suppose to change it?..
  • I have a 2000 Tacoma with no hint of Rust on the bumper after 10 months (which I would expect) and my old 93 Toyota had no hint of rust on the bumper after 7 tears.

    If the chrome is rusting already, it's defective. Maybe wax will stop it, but are you going to consistantly wash and wax the inside and backside of the bumper to prevent rust.

    "Normal" from a dealer just translates as "all these models have that defect, and we're not willing to fix it under warrenty"

    Unless Toyota issues a special recall or TSB on it, I doubt there will be anything you can do about it.

    By the way, Turtle Wax Chrome Polish will take the rust off and leave a good shine on it. Then wax it. If it gets to be a pain in the [non-permissible content removed], you might ant to consider an aftermarket rear bumper. Good luck with the truck, I'm sure overall it will be a great machine, just like mine
  • bjl5bjl5 Posts: 24
    I have a 96 4cyl.5spd,re. cab.tacoma with very low mileage and since it was new there has been a flunk in the rear of the truck almost every time you shift from 4th to 5th at highway speeds. When it was under warranty the co. field advisor drove it. he was cute since he already knew the problem he just rode the clutch a little when shifting to 5th and there obviously no flunk but the problem was not solved. This is Toyota's method of solving many problems vehicles. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution? I have been told by a knowledgeable mechanic that he thinks I need grease on the drive shaft where it goes into the tail of the transmission,but since it did it since new and mileage is low the original grease put on at the factory must still be good and working! Any of you Taco owners or mechanics have a answer?

    In reading the last couple of posts regarding motivating the dealers to fix a problem, try hoping over to the Chevy Silverado Problems message post. In many of the posts they detail how to work with directly with the BBB (Better Business Bur.) and bring abritration if needed.

    Many people who think the BBB is a joke should read the Chevy posts. They've got it down to a "T" and most cases seem to get resolved quickly.

    One tip I read was don't bother calling the BBB (I know from personal exp. that calling will get you nowhere). Go to their website, fill out the entry form and FAX it to them! Supposedly the response time is good (within 1 - 2 days). Within a month you should have a reasonable resolution to your problem.

  • Posting from the Cruise Control thread started a couple of days ago in the Pickup List.


    #1 of 5 Toyota Tacoma crusie control by tc93 Apr 18, 2001 (11:30 am)
    I have a '99 Tacoma (2.4 ltr 4 cyl.) with cruise. The cruise often takes as long as 4 or 5 seconds to engage, which, by this time, the truck has slowed by nearly 10 mph. If that isn't annoying enough, the cruise surges by as much as 3 or 4 mph, which is quite noticeable, and very, very annoying! Naturally, the local Toy dealership says nothing is wrong with it (I wonder if they'd say the same thing once it goes out of warranty?). I asked them why then does the cruise in the one '00 Tacoma I test drove not do this? Answer - a bunch of double speak. What makes this situation all the more aggravating is the fact the cruise doesn't act up like this all the time, but darn near all the time. Has anyone got any information or advice to offer?
  • evanspa5evanspa5 Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 99 pre-runner. I have to say, The loud clunk when releasing the brake is annoying! The dealer said it was "normal". Normal for what? a $5000 yugo, or a 20K truck! I have had the truck for 3 weeks, if I can't find a fix, I may just sell it. Does any one have a sure answer for this problem? Is it axle wrap, a down shifting trannie or brakes? Please help. The Toyota dealer was useless(no surprise).
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I have the bucket seats and the center console. My husband used to have one of the flat bed dually Toyota trucks with the bench seat, and it was more comfortable than these seats.
  • toddztoddz Posts: 7
    My 2001 PreRunner's cruise control did the same exact thing as tc93's. I took it to the dealer and appearently something had come loose and they fixed it. I also drove others on the lot and told them that my truck wasn't working like those had. I had to press the break really hard to stop the cruise control and even then it would try to accelerate. Even with it fixed, the delay is normal, so i have come to accept the fact that cc on my tacoma just isn't a finely tuned piece of equipment.
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Posts: 278
    I'm curious. Did the dealer specify in their work notes what came loose or what parts they replaced?

  • dreid2dreid2 Posts: 4
    I have a 99 Tacoma Ext Cab, manual shift, 4wd, v6

    Love the truck

    my problem is the blinking dash lights come on and stay on for the passenger seat. When the seat is empty, I plug in the seat belt and the warning light still blinks. No matter what, this light blinks. There has to be a loose wire somewhere, I just cannot find it.

    sometimes the parking brake lite blinks even when the parking brake is released.

    these little blinking lights are a pain.

    I have looked for loose wires but so far have missed them.

    anyone know any thing about how these things are wired up and can give me some hints to check before I waste a day and couple hundred bucks at the local dealer?

    I appreciate any feedback

    Dave Reid
  • jbousquinjbousquin Posts: 2
    Webbd -- My truck rocks, too! Literally, from side to side, while I'm going down the highway. Did you ever get this fixed? Ever figure out what caused it?
  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Posts: 278
    You should get your brake light checked out. This light will go on if your brake fluid is low and/or the parking brake is malfunctioning (or not disengaging). Check your brake fluid. If it's low you could need a brake job or simply add more fluid.

    As your pads wear down, the pistons in your calipers must extend out farther to apply the brakes. As the pistons extend farther, they draw more fluid into the lines bringing the fluid level down in the Master cylinder. Now it could also be you have a fluid leak. Either way, have your brakes checked.

    The passenger seat belt wire is usually on the female buckle and passes under the passenger seat. You may want to check the passenger door jam button as well and make sure it's not stuck (press it a few times with the drive door closed and make sure the interior lights go off, etc).

    '99 You say? Isn't it still under warranty?

    I would complain a little.

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