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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    But chiweiho his Ranger has 7000 trouble free miles, did you see that 7000 miles! That has to be the most reliable vehicle ever, in fact it has been so reliable he was shopping for a DC tacoma or a CC Nissan. Ironic don't you think?
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    you both need to chill. all im saying is that my ranger, low miles as it may be, just happens to be the same year as your lemon double cab and has yet to have a problem like you originally stated. now it sounds like you are actually defending your japanese ride. big difference between honda's and toyota's bud. i agree and even concede that honda's last longer than toyota's and are built better, and maybe even ford's. its all in how a person takes care of a vehicle and if they get the bugs in it ironed out early. evidently what you couldn't do with your double cab. my pap has an '88 2.3 4banger ranger 4x4 manual with just over 200K on the odometer-original owner. everything's original, actually he's never had to replace the water pump. so dont tell me that ford's can't go there. how was i ever mean to you? i actually praised your tenacity to get your problem resolved. i sense a little jealousy and hostility in you because you thought you were getting a quality vehicle since you probably paid thru the ying-yang for it, and it turns out it was a piece. y'all toyota owners are just like your dealers, you think you're all better than everyone else.

    yep, you bet i was considering a dc and cc. i still am. but reading all your woes, and knowing im not gonna pay an extra $3K just for the word toyota on my tailgate, it will probably be a nissan. after all, they've won jd powers award for quality a lot more times than toyota. not to mention the 5 star safety ratings it brings with it. toyota can't touch it in safety or price. why consider either of these two trucks? i need the extra space. i love my ranger, but its a little tight with a car seat in the middle of the split-bench. if it was a crew cab or even offered in a crew cab, id jump on one. rangers are rock solid and the most powerful compact truck offered today.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    this what you said earlier? and you're telling me to be nice? sounds like you need to practice what you preach.

    #147 of 153 Toyota, Office of The President by chiweiho Nov 07, 2001 (11:44 am)
    Not sure you have hear of this, but there is an Office of The President (OTP).

    I have been complaining with the dealer, and [email protected] with problems with my truck. They just gave me a "go screw yourself" attitude. I emailed the Nummi plant, (since it is GM(UAW), no reply), and Toyota Japan. Japan send the email to OTP and I got their attention, but not for long. The guy told me there will be no more correspondence between him and I, since the dealer is handling the issue.

    I ask the assistant of OTP if I can get a new truck, he said no, have to go thru arbitration with a third party firm (paper work is in the mail).
    I ask the assistant of OTP if they can replace my engine and tranny, he said the dealer will contact me early next week.
    I told the assistant of OTP why [email protected] can not answer any basic question, he just said, "why didn't you ask the supervisor", like customer service can only answer questions in the owners manual.
    I ask the assistant of OTP if they can replace the clock of my truck with a Pac-Rim type clock (different size and location), he said NO.
    I ask the assistant of OTP if he want all the correspondence of emails I received from Toyota, he said not necessary. I guess he knows it's pretty bad.
    I ask the assistant of OTP if he can find out where the engine and tranny is made, he said he can't, and does not offer other ways of getting the info.

    I will not be buying another Toyota and will no recommend anyone to buy one, because if you get a lemon, you are screwed
  • Don't go through Toyota to have your problem resolved. Deal with your state attorneys office if you are not getting a satisfactory result. I'm not sure which state you are from but you can get a copy of the lemonlaw for your state and pursue a claim against Toyota. The dealer should be given a 'reasonable' chance to repair the defect. If the defect can not be fixed then pursue it through the lemonlaw.

    Make certain you keep a copy of all repair work orders. A complete record of the vehicle's history is important to your lemonlaw claim. Ask the mechanic to write your TSB request on the repair order. Don't be misled by the dealership. If the problem continues, your lemonlaw situation might require legal help.

    If you do require legal help and win in court, the attorneys fees should also be covered under your states lemonlaw. Goodluck and sorry to hear about your experience.
  • Thanks toadman,

    The arbitration paperwork from Toyota will arrive tomorrow. I live in California, so I will check with the State's attorneys office. Thanks for the heads up. The "Toyota Factory Tech" took a look at it, plug in a handheld, told me there others like it, but can not tell me who or how many, and said it's a characteristic. All doc paperwork are in order.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Hey, Toyota is God.
    tbunder: going to the dealership to testdrive my new Taco tomorrow, it's already there waiting for me. Took .....4 days to order it, instead of 3 weeks that the dealer promised (had to be ordered from the port, because I wanted very specific options).
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    why would you order a truck just to test drive it?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I didnt order it to testdrive. I'm going down there to make sure it has everything I need (to doublecheck the dealer, you never know), so if there is something extra/missing, they can get an early start at modifying it for me, since I have to wait for my Blazer to finish its auction on Ebay.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    don't mind tbunder. he searches for toyota owners who have had problems with their vehicles, then pitches his sermon about how toyotas suck and how great his ranger is. (7000 trouble-free miles, can I get an AMEN!!)
    Odds are good that he isn't shopping for a DC or a frontier. these are just baiting ploys so he can take shots at toyota. He usually quiets down once you point out the recall data.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    chiweiho- one recall on my ranger for 2001 model year- mine wasn't affected. how many did you have on your toyota you're trying to get the president of toyota to buy back? or should i ask, how many should you have had? correct me if im wrong, but aren't you the one who came on here saying "DONT BUY TOYOTA!"

    dude, everytime you type, you contradict everything you said in your original "i hate toyota" post.

    i have NOTHING against toyota, all along i have just said that i have so far had no problems with my ranger. you on the other hand, are the lemon buying king with your toyota it sounds like.

    its not my problem you are angry with toyota, but please dont take it out on everyone else on here. i have not said anything offensive to you, i have only praised my ranger. something you can't do with your toyota you bought. take a chill pill.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,098
    Remeber that it's OK to disagree about thing, but it's NOT OK to take these persoanl shots at each other.

    Time to back up a bit and cool off.


    PF Flyer


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  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    I'm not sure if your last post was directed at me or chiweiho... (we are 2 different people)
    anyway, here's what you posted after chiweiho posted his tacoma problems:

    "well, the double cab TRD's are at least "nice looking" trucks. even if they leak water and the dashes fall off of them.
    chiweiho, i admire your persistence. after all, you did overspend on your purchase. just like all toyota buyers. and for what? a piece of produce? good luck."

    "i have NOTHING against toyota, all along i have just said that i have so far had no problems with my ranger."

    -are you sure that's all you said??
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    eagle63: I think tbunders main problem with Toyotas is how they are more expensive. He's been going on and on about how his Ranger is 3-4K cheaper than a comparatively equipped Tacoma. I guess we can all wait until the dash in his new Nissan DC starts falling off, or people in good trucks start making fun of him on the road, whichever comes first.

    tbunder: Would you laugh at people who bought a BMW 3-series? After all, a Chrysler 300M, which is also considered a luxury sedan, costs 4.5K less than the beamer. I've said it again, and I'll say it again.....Tacoma sells. Following your logic about overpaying, thousands of people who bought Tacoma over the 5 last years must be brainless idiots. Perhaps there is something to the truck?
    Ever wonder why there were no commercials for a Tacoma up until last couple of weeks? (I havent seen a single commercial for it in 6 years that I was in school) Because the truck sells itself. This is why there are no specials on it for the consumer, but Toyota has found out that people will buy the truck regardless, because they are very satisfied with the product. Drawing an analogy to the world of consumer electronics:
    Ranger is the, affordable by about anyone, breaks down few times in the process, but nevertheless works more or less ok, and it really depends on the individual experience.
    Tacoma is the Sony. Expensive, but you get what you pay for.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    There are definetely vehicles out there that are cheaper to operate. I used to manage a very large fleet (we'd put about 200 into service each year) and I can spin your head with overall cost formulas. For years we bought mainly Luminas, (what a wonderful vehicle). I put a few Toyotas into the fleet because I really like them, have owned quite a few, and wanted to see what would happen. Basically as I guessed they had better repair histories, less down time, and more satisfaction from the employees stuck with putting 40K-50K miles a year on the things. However, even with the cheap maintenance/repairs, the overall cost was too high. We were programmed for 120K mile replacements. Had I kept the Camrys longer the cost probably could have come into the same ballpark as the Luminas. However, breakeven was around 150K miles and I would need to put quite a few into the stream to ever really prove the theory. And the overall cost difference was about $2000 multiplied by 200 cars per year and you'll see there's too much risk involved to just break even. So what it really comes down to is a few thousand dollars worth of something you want over something you don't. Some people are absolutely satisfied with a Lumina (ranger) others want something different (notice I didn't say better because thats subjective) and are willing to pay for it. And that few thousand dollar difference will follow the vehicle through the resale market for quite some time so actually it doesn't cost you that much more. If you keep a vehicle for 5 years it will probably still be worth the same margin used as the other vehicle. I've been watching for an older used 4X4 pickup preferably a Toyota. They are priced well above the rangers/s-10's of the same vintage even 10 years old.

    My brother had and my brother-in-law has a Ranger. My Tacoma was much better as far as reliability goes. That's as much I can do on reliablility between the two trucks, but I just plain like the Tacoma better. But then again I have a habit of blowing money:) I've got 500 shares of Palm to prove it:)
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    your analogy on the bmw and chrylser is absurd. those are two very different class of sedans. one is small (bmw) and the chrylser is a lot larger and a lot more powerful. to be honest with you, the 300M has a legacy to it, the bmw is just another german sedan. also, the 300M will blow the doors off an equivalent equipped 3 series.

    also, your analogy on the sony and ge is perfect. the sony usually costs more than the ge (although the GE (RCA) tv's put sony's trinicrap to shame any day), but the ge will outlast it everytime and parts are much cheaper. you just proved my point that the ranger is cheaper than the toyota, will last just as long if not longer, and parts are easier and cheaper to get for it.

    yeah, no wonder ford sells hundreds of thousands more rangers a year than toyota sells tacomas. ya think? you're not making sense dude.

    also, nissan does not make a double cab. its called crew cab. and if it's such a crappy truck, why has it won jd power's award for best compact truck in quality more times than tacoma? i dont even think the toyota compact truck has ever won it. answer that one.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    The BMW/Chrysler comparison came from the luxury sedans page. Look up a M-series beamer, and compare it in the's the same class of a car.
    GE/Sony: Thats right, this is why Circuit City sells so many GE TVs. The point was this: Ford, for the most part, is the mass production company. It has some small limited productions, but other than that, Ford is there to satisfy the lower end of the market. A 50K income family of 3 can not afford something like a Toyota, and Ford, here we come!
    There are people who buy crap in Walmart all their life, and there are those who do all their shopping in Circuit City. Similarly, there are people who buy Rangers, and those who can afford to pay a little extra (comparatively speaking) for something they believe (and a lot of other people believe) is better, so they buy a Toyota.
    We'll see how long your "7K mile! troublefree, eat this, Toyota" Ranger will last before it needs a big repair. And when you try to sell it to trade it in for another Ford, remember the Toyotas resale price.

    Nissan does make crap trucks. I mean, you ranger people wanted numbers? Fine. (Taco DC 4x4 vs. Nissan CC 4x4)
    190hp vs 170hp at same RPMs, 20 lb/f torque less.
    17/19mpg vs. 16/18mpg
    Nissan is 300 lbs heavier.
    ACTUALLY has 3" less rear legroom.
    Standard towing: Taco 5K, Nissan 3.5K
    Havent you guys made a big deal out of the Ranger being able to max. tow more than Tacoma?
    350lbs less payload for Nissan.
    Pricewise: Nissan is actually closer to the Tacoma than a Ranger, MSRPs differ by 1-2K, before the packages.

    So.....what do we have here? Got a truck with the weak [non-permissible content removed] V6 (the only other V6 I've testdriven like that was a Subaru Forrester) that drinks more gas while providing 20hp less. Note: it's still the same 20hp that Tacoma differs from a Ranger. No supercharger on that thing (even if there was, it'd be a laughable matter). A truck known as a "plastic spaceship". Tbunder, can you guess why? Hint: think plastic all over the body.
    See, what you are doing, quoting the JD Powers, is the same thing we tried to do to you Ranger people in the Ranger vs. Tacoma. Remember how you asked for numbers, official data, so we gave you that. And Ranger fans started doing what? Disputing everything. "4wheeler mag will put Tacoma to the top, yeah, it has 3 big Toyota ads in the magazine". Remember that? Besides, wtf do JD Powers people know about truck driving. And oh.......I just went to, selected the 2001 Tacoma, Ranger and Nissan, and did a comparison. I do see an award sign there, but it is floating over the Tacoma......And Taco has one star more in Mechanical quality than Nissan and Ranger..but wait, price is what matters, and features, features, features. I dont think a standard CD player is going to help when your truck is at the shop.
  • Hi guys, thanks for sticking up for me, got a nasty gram from Edmunds, no big, just got back from Houston, TX, the ratio for US makers and others is about 60 (US) to 40%, there was a lot of Doublecabs, on the road and in lots, Frontier count was half of Doublecab. I saw a lot of full side 4 door trucks, Ford 350 and Chevy's. why full size trucks? not for the 10 gal hats, because the gas was a buck a gallon.

    I saw only two BMWs, most cars we saw had dents and no one wax their cars.

    California is different because the ratio is about 40 US and 60% other cars.

    I am disappointed with Toyota, and would like my truck to be replaced, but my DoubleCab is the truck I will purchase again, because of my parameters. If I want a car, I will buy a Honda, too bad Honda don't make trucks.

    BTW, I still have contacts with Sony, used to work for them, some products are bad, but still buy Sony because it is best for it's price, i never pay full price for Sony products. What's GE?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    GE is this low end electronic stuff you can find in Walmart (They sell GE DVD players for like $90)

    As far as Texas goes: What did you expect? There are some nice expensive beemers and Audis here in Austin, but it's the state capital. Texas is not exactly California.
    Why fullsize trucks? Because on the road you can quite often see a 5-6 pack of Mexicans riding in the back of one. There's a lot of people working low end jobs in Austin, that need truck power.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    remember the guy who talked about blind toyota owners? dude- you're the epitome of that blind person.

    btw, frontier is rated to tow 5000 lbs just like the toyota. manual is 3500, but so is manual tacoma. get your figures straight. so if you think the 20 horse difference on tacoma to ranger is not so big of a deal, why are you calling the frontier's 170 horse engine weak? its also 20 down from the tacoma. can't have it both ways my man. the frontier makes more low-end torque at lower rpms than the either tacoma or ranger if im not mistaken. that's what really counts in trucks.

    comparing four-wheeler magazine to jd powers is laughable as you put it. jd powers is a consumer group which ranks a diverse selection of consumer goods, four-wheeler magazine is a magazine which wants to make money selling ads. you do the math there.

    regarding your quote as the frontier being heavier than the toyota. well, it is. so is the ranger. so is the S10. why? because the tacoma is built weak with fiberglass everything. sorry, but id rather be in a truck that was heavier built than some tin can that will cave in when hit from the side. hence the frontier's five star crash rating. what's toyota's?

    and msrp? you say that nissan is closer to toyota. maybe a nissan frontier SE leather. but not the XE. an XE crew cab 4x4 with power everything can be had for barely over $21000. and that's retail price. take off the usual 2grand, and that is no where near a toyota dc 4x4. keep dreaming there buddy. and options? you don't even want to talk about options. the nissan has toyota by the throat when it comes to options.

    plastic spaceship? frontier has plastic flares like toyota. a plastic front bumper cover. your opinion of the truck is your own. thats respectable. but all you have to do is go drive one of just slam the door or tailgate of a crew cab nissan, or any other nissan product for that matter. the nissans are built to such high tolerances that every seam is within 1/16 of an inch. can you say airtight? the frontier is.

    SONY- you pay for the name. just like toyota. no quality as chiweiho is finding out, along with no customer support.

    chiweiho- you ask who's GE? its just one of the biggest and most profitable company in practically the histoty of the world, that's all. i figured you'd know that.

    i have one experience with sony, i bought a handycam from best buy two years ago. was the biggest piece of sh&t i ever bought. was serviced more than it was used. no quality, but aaah, that SONY name on it.
  • My manual Tacoma is rated at 5000lbs too, not 3500lbs. And according to Edmunds, the Ranger outweighs the Tacoma by something like 60 or 70lbs, despite the Tacoma being made of "tin and figerglass."

    Let's not talk about who's blind or who needs to get their facts straight...

    Options? I guess options like Toyota's 265HP supercharged engine and rear locker, not available on Frontier, don't count? I guess you would rather have a third cupholder or more exterior plastic molding.

    I wouldn't praise the Frontier's engine too much. It was always weak to begin with, now they slapped a supercharger on it just to make it competitive with everybody else's non-charged V6. At least Toyota got it right by offering an excellent V6 to begin with, then supercharged it, making it the most powerful V6 available for any compact truck.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    pluto pluto. please get your facts straight. a manual is always rated to tow less than an auto. this is an understood thing all around. and if you have a 5spd, its rated at 3500. at least the '02 is- per toyota's own literature.

    the ranger outweighs the tacoma by around 400 lbs. bud. you need to compare apples to apples. not take a regular cab short bed ranger to an extra cab toyota. the toyota ex. cab weighs in at around 3600 lbs. ranger is around 4000 lbs.

    again, here is this toyota tacoma s/c optional engine thing. well pluto, i have the 2002 brochure for the tacoma right here. no where does it mention a supercharger as an option at the end of the brochure where all the options are offered. only a V6 and an I-4. rear locker- big deal. nissan like ford uses a locking rear diff. an option that can be used always. not just when you are climbing a rock incline that one time in your trucks life. anyways, as you know, the lsd locks in all the time. not just when you're stopped and have to engage it manually. what good is that?

    and why would nissan offer toyota's supercharged engine? did you realized you typed that? although they do offer their own FACTORY installed supercharger at the same price as toyota's lower horsepowered and torqued V6. to get the toyota s/c, you have to buy your truck, take it back to the dealer, have some "certified" mechanic put it on, and hope he got it right. to me, this is just maintenance waiting to happen when you start tinkering with an engine in that manner. nothing like a factory built engine. also, that toyota s/c that you're always bragging about (which i doubt you have or will ever have) is like an additional $2000 at least to buy and install. the nissan s/c can be had for around $24000.

    if you want to talk about modified engines, im sure a paxton s/c on a frontier 3.3 or even a SOHC 4.0 ranger engine for that matter which has more power than tacoma to begin with will make just as much power as the trd s/c if not more. and guess what, it will be cheaper. tell me, you're always bragging so much about this toyota supercharger that you claim is optional, do you even have one? i didn't think so. why dont you stop bragging so much about it if you dont even have one.

    one more thing, go knock on the doors or rear cab of the tacoma. it sure ain't metal my friend.

    Pluto said:
    Let's not talk about who's blind or who needs to get their facts straight...

    bud, its because you have never accomplished this thing about getting facts straight. you are very under-informed and are very errant when you type your info. everytime i read something you type, i laugh at how naive you are.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Ok. Point about the engine was that: Nissan has about the weakest V6 in its class. Any lower and it loses in the hp to an I4 from Toyota thats in Tacoma, 150hp one. For the hp the NIssan gets, you'd think that they could drink less gas?

    When in fact, Nissan gets the same gas milage as your 4.0L ranger engine. So you do the math, and see how well Nissan's engine is built. Nevermind the charger, Nissan is a joke with or without it.

    Plastic spaceship: I didnt make this name up, I heard it from other people. Having plastic fenders is one thing. Having the whole fricken front of a truck covered in plastic is another.

    How big of an impact would it take to demolish the front?

    And talk about tincan? Seriously.....Check this out:

    Pay attention to the Weight number.

    Then check this out:

    Ford must have found this super material that weights just like tin, but is so much stronger.

    Who has the tincan now? Both of us.

    Hey, what happened to the numbers I produced with JD Powers page? I mean, JD Powers must be bought off by Toyota too, since they gave Tacoma an award for 2001......I thought Nissan was supposed to be the winner.

    Tell me...what does the 1/16 inch precision in doors have to do with anything? When I drive the Taco to work, I can barely hear the highway at 75mpg. I turn on the stereo just a bit, and I can't hear anything. As far as I am concerned, there is no roadnoise at all. WHen I testdrove an Isuzu Rodeo, that thing was noisy, I could feel the wind in my hair. Aint nothing like that in Tacoma, if you don't believe me, come down to Texas, I'll prove it to you. Or just go to the dealership near you.

    My experience with Sony:

    I bought this lovely DVD player couple month ago, and can't complain at all. Given the choice of all sorts of functionality, colors, style, etc....

    maybe about 15 different kinds all together. And one GE on the shelf, really really cheap.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    "the 300M has a legacy to it, the bmw is just another german sedan. also, the 300M will blow the doors off an equivalent equipped 3 series."

    -wow. I thought I'd heard it all. I can't wait to tell my boss (who drives an M3) that he'd better watch out for any 300M's on the road.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    BMW's only been around for what two-three years:) The only thing the 300M has in common with its legacy (300 series vehicles) is the name. I have an original '62 300 poster hangin on the office wall. Here's how it reads: "Remarkable Automobiles! With such a wide selection of options you can almost design your own 300! Like deep leather contour seats? Power steering? A V-8 engine with the kick of 380 horses? You can choose any of these with your 300! Torsion-bar suspension...rattle-repellent Unibody....batter-saving alternator..." Well maybe the 300M's have alternators and power steering, but where's the V8?

    I don't know why Toyota would have decreased towing on the double cabs. In the past, the V6 5-speed was rated at 5000# and would do it fine. My 2.7L 5-speed was rated at 3500# and did a helluva job IMHO.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Go to Edmunds and select the chrysler 300M. Then compare it to anything else. Thats a 4door sedan class. Lets see....Prices range from 28K for Chrysler to 33K for Lincoln LS. I guess Lincoln cars are there for pretty pictures, since nobody in their right mind would buy one, when you have a chrysler 300M for 5K less.
    Are you getting what I am talking about or not? I can't spell it out anymore clearly.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    dude, the M3, and the 3-series are a totally different crop of cars. you should know this since your boss drives an M3. an M3 can't be had for $27,000. nearly double if you're lucky to find one.

    on the other hand, here's some education for you.
    300M- 3.5 250 horse V6
    BMW 3-series- most powerful 3.0 is 225 horses.

    i have nothing against BMW, i would actually like to have the 2.5 coupe. but im a truck man, and the wife wont let me have both. i actually am considering a 2002 extra cab tacoma 4cyl. 5 spd 4x4. i just found out that a car seat can be placed in the rear part of the cab. something not available on ranger. still undecided though. the lower power scares me, but im wanting something that will get good mileage. i've yet to drive one.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    Can anyone say HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    After I get done bashing you and everything about a Ranger, I think I will go buy one. You kill me guy, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time:) I hope you do buy the Taco, because then you will find out on what you have been missing! It's like a cult you know.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    im not a hypocrite, ive never had anything against the toyota. ive just been pointing out its specs as compared to other trucks. its safety isn't anything to brag about. the ford rules in safety. i will drive both the frontier crew cab and a toyota extra cab 4x4 when its time to buy again. the only reason i would consider the toyota is because i think one could be bought new for around $17500 with SR5 and 5spd. if not, ill go the used route. i doubt ill keep it for long anyways after i do buy it, no matter what i get. with a new ranger, colorado (S10), and tacoma, as well as a new nissan waiting in the wings of '03, ill probably get one of them. right now, i just want to buy a 4x4 truck for around $18000. and if toyota enables me to put my two year old back in the rear comfortably, ill do that. it looks like there is more room back there than is in my ranger. but maybe its just how the seats fold down, instead of folding down from the side. who knows, if the truck is all what you guys say its cracked up to be, i may just keep it and really see how long it can go.
  • 2002 Toyota Tacoma 2dr X-cab V6 4wd SB (3.4L 6cyl with 5 manual) = 3515lbs and 5000lbs towing

    2002 Ford Ranger 4dr Supercab XLT 4WD Styleside SB (4.0L 6cyl with 5 manual) = 3584lbs

    So the Ranger is 69lbs heavier.

    If you don't believe me, it's right here at Edmunds. Is this what you call a mismatched comparison? Where do you come up with your figures of Rangers being 4000lbs and outweighing Tacomas by 400lbs? Or that the new Tacomas only tow 3500lbs with the manual? Just curious...

    Oh, and automatics always tow more than the manuals, huh? Maybe you could explain to me why heavy duty trucks have a manual option then, and why 18 wheelers have manual transmissions. I'll be waiting for your explanation on that one!!!

    You know, I had a kick-butt time hunting the past few days in northern Coahuila. My truck ate up the trails. My trusty Remington 30.06 did its job flawlessly. But to be honest, I couldn't wait to get back and check out your latest BS!!!
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