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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    its always been you, and it always will be. after all, you're the one who's the big bad four wheeler who has meetings in his back yard, but after all that, you thought that having 6 lugs on a wheel made it better off road than 5, right?

    and you're the one who thinks that flotation and metric sized tires are the same thing. right?

    you're the one who lives by the magazines and can't go wheel for himself. right?

    here's your proof: please educate yourself and stop making a fool of yourself on here like usual.

    on the other hand, read this and weep:

    pluto, you seriously need to take my advice about researching stuff more closely. ive told you tme and time again to do this.

    the rangers STANDARD towing is over 2000lbs. more than the tacoma's. its maximum is even more than the tacoma's maximum of 5000lbs. and only the dc is rated for that much weight. edmunds' is incorrect. check yahoo if you still have doubts. its the same as carpoint. my '02 brochure backs what i just said up as well.

    yeah yeah, you're now saying, wow i was wrong again. darn!

    im glad your truck performed so flawlessly. after all, something had to bring you back to your ruthless life of being obsessed with some dude in iowa and his knowledge. right? thought so. OUT!

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    When are you going to provide the well-researched data to backup your words about how Ranger is 400lbs heavier, because it is built of real steel, not the tin, like Tacoma?
    Your carpoint links conviniently show "No Data" in the Ranger weight category.
    You made a statement, now prove it. You've been blaming us for a long time about how we can not backup our words with numbers, now its your time.
  • Tbunder backs up his statements that automatics ALWAYS tow heavier than manuals. So why do heavy duty trucks have a manual option, and why are 18 wheelers manuals?

    Here's when Tbunder starts the personal attacks...
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    "on the other hand, here's some education for you.
    300M- 3.5 250 horse V6
    BMW 3-series- most powerful 3.0 is 225 horses."

    -yeah, and the 300M is about 600 pounds heavier. I'll take the bimmer, thanks.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i dont know where i saw the ranger's weight ratings of what i said i thought they were, but i evidently saw it somewhere. so i guess the only way to tell is to put it on a scale and see. otherwise i cannot document that claim.

    pluto, the reason automatics are rated higher in regards to towing weight, is because they are generally stronger and do not wear out as fast as clutches. this is only in automobiles, i never said anything about semi's or any other hd truck. but you'd be surprised at how many large trucks are now automatics, even school buses are going that way. they're more efficient and less maintenance. im just going on every spec. listing ive looked at, which i know for a fact that the manual is always rated at least 1500lbs. lower than the auto. like my new '97 ZR2, it was an auto. 4.3 short bed regular cab (a darn powerful little truck nonetheless too, 190 horses and 250 ft. lbs of torque) and rated to tow 5000 lbs. whereas the manual 4.3 was rated at 3500 lbs. im looking at the '97 brochure right now. the manual probably can tow that much, but the manufacturer does not recommend it since it's their [non-permissible content removed] if your clutch goes trying to tow that much weight with your manual. they're covering their butts.

    so for all of you that care, here's what i came up with for the tacoma idea im having.

    2002 Tacoma x-tra cab 4-cyl 5spd. 4x4
    chrome SR5 pkg
    TRD off-road pkg.
    cruise control
    power pkg.

    invoice price is $19609 for everything but delivery.
    retail is $21936
    what could i get it for ya think, and would a dealer actually order one like that? anyone know how good or bad the 4 banger does on gas?
    NOTE: the only reason im considering this is NOT because i think the toyota is better in any way, i actually think its not as safe as the ranger. i just want a cheap nice looking capable truck and if a toyota x-tra cab can accomodate a rear child seat, it will work and i can save on some bed length, not to mention about $6000. i rarely tow anything and do not need all the power i have. i mean 150 horse is enough to cruise 70 mph. i also think the 5 spd would be fun.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    do they still make a regular cab ZR2? I haven't seen any around in quite a while so I assume they don't. a shame if they don't.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Here's my Taco:
    Xtracab, 2002, V6 4x4.
    SR5 color package
    Sliding window

    The last option (mats) is distributor-installed, everything else is factory installed.
    I got exactly what I wanted from the dealer, they just put an order through to have a specific color Taco pulled at the distributor center and have mats thrown in, and sent to me.
    It took the dealer 4 days to call me back from the time I gave the dealer a Go-ahead, and tell me that the Taco was at the lot waiting to be picked up (and not the 2-3 weeks like they promised).
    I'm buying mine for 21.9K (plus ttl).
    So just tell the dealer exactly what you want. All the packages you have listed (not sure about cruise control) are factory-installed, and right now there is a lot of choice in what you can get.
    So you ought to have no problems. The only thing the dealer could not order for me was the ABS, he said it'd take a long long time.
    The I4 is pretty capable, you got 150hp engine there, a lot of people on the ttora board are happy with it, and get nice gas milage.
    I think you are gonna end up paying something like 1-2% over the invoice, if you could spring up another 2K, you could actually get a V6, but thats up to you. I got mine Monday night, and loving it.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    If you are serious about buying a Toyota, and not in another one of your Ranger power trips (or whatever it is, what happened to the Nissan you wanted to buy?), go to and to the message boards from there. You'll get all the answers you need from there.
  • Sorry, but I don't need it explained to me why SOME automatics tow more than SOME manuals. You should be more careful when you make blanket statements like "a manual is ALWAYS rated to tow less than an auto..." You also incorrectly used your 1500lb theory and applied it to V6 Tacomas with a 5 speed, saying they only tow 3500lbs. You also incorrectly said Rangers weigh around 4000lbs, outweighing "tin and fiberglass" Tacomas by 400lbs.

    If I were you, and are serious about getting into a Tacoma, you should drive the V6 and compare it to the I4 engine. I did when I bought my truck, and there's no comparison.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    sorry bud, but you're not worthy of a response by me. you are a very negative and one track person. you see only the positives in life and fail to recognize any negatives. this is totally apparent in all your posts with your blind misconceptions and personal attacks on other boards at edmunds. you are a totally biased person and your comments all over edmunds should be taken with a grain of salt. just like your alleged wheeling experiences, oh and lets not forget your 30.6 gun. whew. thats a biggy dude.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    last year for ZR2 regular cabs was '99. and that year they were very rare. the reg. cabs are like an old stump jumper (toy). they are the coolest trucks on the road i think (and very fast and powerful for their little size and huge engine). they look like a little toy truck, say a tonka. the 31's combined with the huge flares and that huge 31 hanging back there under the bed just make a statement. not to mention the bilstein shocks hanging down there that toyota copied off of and put on their TRD's. the trucks are just cool as he77. if they made a crew cab ZR2, it would rock. just like the 4dr ZR2 Blazer would have. i saw prototype pics of the 4dr blazer with the ZR2 pkg on it, it was totally cool. that'd be the ultimate suv. they never made it though.

    scorpio- the nissan is still a possibility, ive found a couple in MN for cheap, surprisingly. i just need to drive one before i decide totally. but the white TRD just does something for me. its a real cool truck. if i could get it for under $20000, that would rock. i am going to look at how the car seat fits in one today. and what are you talking about a ranger power trip? i love my ranger yeah, but what do you mean? yeah, it has alot more power than a tacoma, but we all know that. we've went through all the spec stuff enough i thought. we can again though if you want.

    pluto- what archie bunker does to meathead with his mouth?.... i just did it to you. hehe
  • Wow, you know so much. Let me explain why I use a 30.06 and not something else. For starters, it's already kind of overkill for the deer where I hunt, but hey, overkill is better than underkill, right? The real reason I use my 30.06 is that it's a great brush gun, meaning the bigger round penetrates through brush (a lot of brush in northern Coahuila, BTW) better than the lighter, faster stuff. Yeah, the mag 7 is awesome too, but I've had my rifle tweaked for a long time just the way I like it. I don't need a bigger gun. In fact, if I didn't have to shoot through so much damn brush, I would use something smaller and lighter; much easier to lug around. Down here, I don't get too many "clear shots" because me view is obscured, and the last thing I need is an even larger round mangling my deer even more. Bigger isn't always better.

    Tbunder, we all know you too well to believe you won't respond to somebody when you have a point to be made. By your silence, you're admitting I'm right, as usual, and you're wrong, as usual, on all this towing and weight talk.

    Oh, thanks for your little psycho-analysis. How much is that going to cost me, Dr. Tbunder? Now you're a psychologist too, heh?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,099
    I understand that everyone is passionate about their trucks, but let's steer clear of all the little personal comments OK?

    One of the most difficult things to do on a message board is to have people read thing the way you meant to say them. Humor sometimes comes across as insult... which is why I'm asking that you NOT comment about your fellow users. Let's avoid the fights when we can.


    PF Flyer


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  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    it looks like i wont be getting a toyota x-tra cab afterall. toyota of dm had a 2002 red, color-keyed TRD 4x4 xtra cab. i put the toddler seat in it in the back, it will fit, but there is no room for the little one's legs. and the seat it sits on doesn't even cover the whole underneath of the child seat. needless to say, i need a crew cab something or other. and the nissans i found up in MN, 4x4 2001's with their off-road pkg, V6, and auto. for $17995 look very appealing. all they need are some 31 inch tires (XE's have 15 inch alloys) and i think they'd look pretty cool. you may or may not like them, but right now they are the only alternative. i think they're kinda cool looking. tires dramatically change a truck's appearance. the dodge's suck, and toyota's cheapest dc i was quoted today was $25000, that's new, but the used one's im seeing aren't too far from that. they're just too overpriced for what im looking for.

    so, so long from me in this forum unless someone makes comments towards me. i visited this site cuz i was considering a tacoma. i still like them, but im not gonna spend that kind of cash on a truck (toyota dc). ill see you all in ranger vs. tacoma. toodaloo
  • You need to look around a little more on Tacoma DC pricing. I got mine for $25,925 and it has practically everything but the sunroof and adj. lumbar option. You should be able to get the options you listed for $24K or less. I just didn't think I could stomach Nissan's unappealing (to me anyway) appearance and once I sat in one I knew I didn't want one. Hope you find something that makes you happy :o).
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    well, i sat in a 2002 frontier, and loved it. feels like a sports coupe to me. all the controls are in really easy reach (something else thats offered standard in 2002 SE 4x4's that's nice is the compass and outside temp display). i doubt ill have it for more than a year or so, so im not gonna spend $24K on a dc just to have it. i dont like the tacoma any more than the nissan when talking double cabs. and like i said, the XE frontier 4x4 looks better imo than the SE's. the XE has the black flares and front bumper. all it needs is some aggressive tires and it will look completely different. hope you don't have the issues that chiweho had with his dc. he's trying to get toyota to buy it back. good luck.
  • The Frontier should be a good vehicle. My wife drives a '92 Pathfinder that I bought new. It has 106K on it and all I have done is routine maintenance. It usually takes a while for body style changes to grow on me but I still prefer the late eighties/early nineties Nissan look to what they have now. I guess you can tell I don't change vehicles very much. My 3rd vehicle is an '85 Toy 4WD with 200K+ on it. Didn't buy it new though and it was abused by winter salt up north. Looks pretty rough now.
    I have 6400 miles on my '01 D-cab and my only problem so far is an annoying ABS fault that only seems to occur when all the service depts. are closed. The dealer says that they will fix it under warranty and I need to bring it in while the light is on. I'm happy with the D-cab and would recommend it to others. However, my Nissan has also given me good service over the years and I think they still make a good product.
  • smgillessmgilles Posts: 252
    I too was a loyal Nissan guy (88 4wd went for 200+) and still got $3000 out of it. So when I went truck shopping the Nissan was first on my list. I drove the 170hp (a dog). Drove the S/C Nissan and was only mildly impressed. When I hear S/C I would like to think POWER. When I tried getting one, the dealership would not budge on price. So, I was able to get a v6 4wd Ext. cab tacoma for the same price. I am glad I went the route I did.

    I don't doubt that the Nissans are good trucks, being what luck I had with the first one. They are just underpowered and not equipped to leave the highway. Looks, I could get use to them, I agee with Tblunder on the black fender wells. Now that my Tacoma is S/C'ed I am really glad I went with the Toy.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    why dont you think the frontier is equipped to leave the highway? after all, they have skidplates, a manual t-case lever (which is what toyota uses too, even though its just like a button anymore but y'all brag about it). why don't you think their off-road package is capable? they offer a limited-slip diff., FULLY BOXED FRAME as compared to partially boxed for toyota. full size spare just like toyota, largest standard tires in their respective classes-265/70/15 on XE 4x4's
    265/70/16 on SE 4x4's
    also, they are only around 20 ft/lbs torque down on a tacoma 3.4. the toyota dealer told me yesterday that the 3.4 wasn't the quickest around when i asked him about it compared to the 2.7 5spd. he said yeah its faster, but he talked like my SOHC 4.0 would kill it.

    a respectable engine, after all, 170 horse used to be a lot, if not the most. what did toyota's V6 have before the 3.4? a 2.8? trucks haven't gotten any heavier, we've just gotten more spoiled. it can tow just as much as a tacoma-5000lbs. im not saying its the best truck around, i like all compacts. im just saying its not a piece like some on here believe. and to tell you the truth, i think with equivalent tires, it will go anywhere any other compact will go. the price and the potential of the truck with tires is what sells me on them. in a perfect world, id go buy a silver TRD dc 4x4 today. but its not, so i wont. the nissan will look just as cool when im done with my extras. and for only $17995 asking price on the one XE 4x4 crew cab up in MN, those extras won't cost much more. tires are easy to change.

    just did some looking, and found out where i got the 4000lbs number in my head i quoted for the weight of the ranger. instead, this is what the crew cab 4x4 nissan weighs- turns out it weighs 300 more pounds than the tacoma dc. also, it has 9.7 inches of ground clearance, which is just an inch lower than the toyota. add the 31's im talking about, and that would be equal.
  • jl8w3jl8w3 Posts: 7
    My friend has a '98 Tacoma Extended cab. We were trying to add an amplifier to the factory radio and in doing so had to remove the dask kit. I disconnected the Airbag plugs from the switch and when I reconnected them, the air bag light on the instrument cluster stays on regardless if the key is in the ignition or not. Does the dealership have to reset the computer or is there another fix? If the dealership has to reset it, how much do you think they will or should charge?

  • I just got my 2002 Double Cab 2 weeks ago and my lower back has not stopped hurting since. Has anyone else had any problems with the seats in these trucks? If so do you have any solutions? Any help greatly appreciated.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Hmm, my 2002 Xtracab is fine for me...I suppose you can try a little pillow (my complaint is that the seat is a little short, so my knees actually hang up in the air, makes it tough in long trips) or something. You could try replacing teh seats with something aftermarket. Check, I heard something about replacing seats there.
  • Kjack12,

    I drive a DC and have noticed that the console box at your right elbow, is a little on the low side (for me at least) I found that I tended to lean to the right, and lean on the box, causing back pain. If I set upright, and forget the box, all is fine. I had this same problem on a car a few years back. Since I figured out that my back pain was actually a posture problem, I have not had any trouble.

    Good luck
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I have a 2K (2000) Xtra Taco. We've tried having extra padding put in the lower back and bottom part of the seats, pillows, etc. and still are uncomfortable. I'd like to change seats, but have not found any practical aftermarket seats yet. If you do, let me know - the Taco is depreciating faster than I can pay it off, so I'm the wrong side of the note and can't afford to dump it at the moment. And while it gets good gas mileage, and goes down the road well, I really would like to get something that doesn't give me hip and back problems!
  • A lumbar support from a medical supply store is inexpensive and very helpful. They cost from around $15 on up. They work great. I started using one after developing lower back pain from prolonged flight operations in my last helo. You can mount them with velcro, or with ties. Get the ones made for a wheel chair, as they are more duro. I hope this helps.

    Another thing you can do is start carrying your wallet in your front pocket. The wallet can cause an assymetric pelvic tilt that can exacerbate chronic back pain.
  • My DC with TRD gets about 14 mpg in town and 20 on highway. Is this typical? I have a Limited and find the seats with lumbar support to be very comfortable. I hate the TRD suspension--it's too damn stiff. Here's Toyota customer service to my query about changing TRD shocks to standard PreRunner shocks. "We are sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction with the ride in your 2001 Tacoma.
    Toyota does not recommend modifying its vehicles from their original factory specifications. Modifications could affect the vehicle's performance, safety or durability, and may violate government regulations. In addition, damage or performance problems resulting from the modification may not be covered under warranty. Because of this, we do not provide information on how to modify your vehicle." Not a lot of help are they?
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    thanks to our wonderful lawyers, you'll find that same verbage from any vehicle manufacturer I'm afraid.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Well, you should not have bought a TRD. Actually, I find the suspension to be just fine for myself. You could replace the bilsteins with something softer (don't get Tohikos, I thought that DCs came with them, not Bilsteins, or was that in 2002...), it shouldnt affect your truck in any other ways. Thats about all that there is in the TRD package suspension-wise.
  • Hair trigger clutch, 2nd. synchro 2-step. Anybody have a similar problem? 2000 Tacoma Ex. Cab, 2WD V6, California, 34,000 miles. 2nd. gear started to clunk at 1000miles, but never a problem from 3rd. to 2nd. All of the gears are what I call notchy, requiring some assertion to get them home. At 30,000, I changed the trans oil from OEM to Sta-Lube GL-5 Plus, 80w-90 hypoid and limited slip oil, hoping to resolve the clunking. That was a mistake, I think. Now the 1st. to 2nd. does the 2-step--tends to kick back, then goes in with a drive train ring, as in ringing a bell. No real grinding yet. The clutch has always been what the service writer says hooks up quick. The pedal distance between disengaged and engaged is very short, making it very difficult to launch smoothly without either stalling it, slipping the clutch excessively or burning out. In the last 3000 miles, it's begun to chatter, once so severly the body moved noticably. No trace of oil at the bottom of the bell housing. There has also been a rattle whose frequency increases with RPM off idle, and goes away when the throwout bearing comes in contact with the spring release fingers. Of course, all the dealer would say is that "it hooks up quick". Their wrenches couldn't hear the rattle, and only once did it slightly chatter on them. And of course, it shifts just fine. I told them I'd bring it back when the pressure plate bangs up against the bell housing. As for the shifting, I checked out Redline Synthetic Oil, A friend referred me to it, he uses it, and the second paragraph on there trans oil page explained that the oil I'm using is too slippery for the synchros. They go on to make a very good case for using their oil. Also check out, interesting dyno tests with Redline oils. So is there anybody else with a "hair trigger clutch" and the 2nd. gear synchro 2-step?
    Thanks for your response,
  • rwag66:

    I do notice my truck doesn't go into second as smooth as other gear transitions. It's almost as if second is below first, but a little to the right and it doesn't just drop into place super-smooth. When I go into second, I pull the shift lever down and just a little to the right, and it seems to help. Everybody other Tacoma I've driven does this as well. I've never found it to be a problem, in fact, I think the Tacoma's 5 speed tranny is one of the notchiest and smoothest out there. Try VW's 5 speed - total slop by comparison. Don't know what to say about the cluth. Mine starts to engage about 1/3 to 1/2 way up from being fully depressed.


    Is your truck new? With some miles, the suspension will loosen up a little bit. Might want to wait it out before you start messing with your shock absorbers. Also, not keeping your tires inflated to the max pressure will make quite a difference. In addition, when you buy tires, avoid the triple ply off-roading tires, as they are very tough and offer no give. Of course, of you plan on any towing, I wouldn't change anything - the TRD's stiff suspension is ideal for towing.
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