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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • Try checking the spark plug wires. I had a similar problem and it drove me crazy. Go ahead and replace them and this should make a difference.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Surely you had more than the check engine light to tell you there was a problem. Did you not notice an increase in engine temp?

    I'm sorry for the disaster that you experienced, but you can't assume that the skid plate will protect your vehicle from every possible hazard. Yours was a freak accident. At least that was the cause of the damage to the radiator. As for engine damage- hindsight is always 20-20, but the key to avoiding that would have been looking for damage and noticing the engine temp change, so as to not drive the vehicle so far without coolant. It would certainly not be a warranty issue though, no more than the screw thru my "steel belted" radial tire.

    Good luck. I hope your experience with your Taco improves dramatically after this.
  • I have recently taken delivery of an 06 Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab. I noticed today that when going downhill, foot off the gas, (long paved country road) the auto trans downshifted by itself to a lower gear? Nothing in the instruction manual about this. I called the dealer they were not sure if this was normal. Has anyone experienced this?
  • That's normal. Mine does it at apx. 30 mph.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Yep '05 as well.
    In my opinion, it's an improvement over the programming of most trannys. The Honda Ody (2002 at least) downshifts only if you touch the brake pedal under those conditions. I like this better. It more closely immitates what I used to do with my manual trans. Longer brake life for sure, and oddly enough, in some cases, higher fuel economy.

    In fact, we live in (FLAT) south Louisiana where I get roughly 17mpg when driving exclusively in town, 22-23 on the highway. On a recent trip to northern Arkansas, we had 22 -23 mpg in mixed driving. So the short trip, stop and go (although it's really not "city" up there), had no negative effect on our overall mpg.
    Pretty cool. :shades:
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48
    I had the same thing happen to my T100. And some other friends. In all our cases the starter contacts were wore out. Once replaced, all was back to normal.
  • Try a clay bar. I've removed overspray with it.

    To see how to use it, Check this link, and on the left hand side of this page go to the "Clay Bar paint saving system"
  • nairbnairb Posts: 10
    well my fuel economy is'nt my issue. I need someone to talk to about a poor running engine in a 1998 tacoma(v6). possibly a fuel injector problem since I have already replaced one.
  • nairbnairb Posts: 10
    i was hping to talk to somebody that has had problems with somewhat poor running engine problems with a 1998 toyota tacoma 4WD, v-6)
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    What problems are you having?
  • A friend told me that my left stop light wasn't working. So, I took a look at it and it was out. I had some time to figure it out so I thought I would try to find out what was going on. I took the bulb out of the socket and it looked fine. I looked at the fuse and it was OK. I figured that maybe the socket was the problem so I took the bulb from the right side, which was working fine and put it in the left socket. Well, it wouldn't work at all. I took the bulb out of the left socket and put it back in the right socket, thinking everything would be back to where it was before, but now the right stop light didn't work. Now I am in trouble, I have to go out in a few hours, what should I do.
    Well, I went to the auto parts store and bought 2 bulbs and put it in the left socket and it still didn't work so I put it in the right socket and it didn't work. I am about to go nuts now. I took my volt/ohm meter and checked the socket and according to the meter everything was fine. I checked the right socket and everything was fine. I took the light bulb apart and looked at it, everything was fine but it didn't check for continuity. I sanded the wires coming out of the bulb and still no continuity. The filament still looks fine and their is no black in the bulb. I put the bulb back in the socket and nothing. So what I did now was kind of drastic but I didn't know what to do. I cut the wires going into the socket and wired in a bulb which was for my other car, the old push and turn type. I did that on the other side too. Now everything is working fine. I figure I will work on the problem this summer when the weather is warm and put things back to the original.
    Does anyone have any thoughts of what the problem is.

  • If you have power to the socket and there isn't any corrosion, then it has to be the bulbs. Buy another set. And make sure that you buy the right bulbs. If you bought the wrong model it might not be touching the terminals correctly.
  • bien1bien1 Posts: 1
    Hello all, I drive a 2003 Taco TRD Step Side and was wondering if anyone has encountered either of the following:

    (1) I've seen a few posts that tell the tale of a remedy for that now infamous rattle behind the passenger side air bag but have not actually heard what the remedy is...anybody have any idea what a remedy for this might be?

    (2) There is a chirping type of noise coming from seemingly underneath the cab. Once I have reached
    speed of about anywhere between 25mph to 50mph then let off the accelerator, it begins. If I am on the accelerator at about 2000rpm+ I do not hear it, only when letting off the accelerator, coasting from speeds mentioned above (while decelerating, no gas or brake) or on the accelerator at really low rpm (1000 to 1500 roughly). Any ideas of what should be checked?
    Driveshaft or U-joint maybe?

  • My 2001 Prerunner V6 xtracab... now has 27K miles on it... and the drivetrain warranty expires next week.

    Anything I should be looking at to have the dealer check before it expires?

    Other than a shoulder belt that hates to retract (on the second one now) and front end alignment, (oh, and battery this week)... it's been pretty much flawless... except for the poor gas mileage. I've owned 8 Toyota pickups, but I doubt I'll ever buy another of their V6s.
  • Just recently I noticed that my engine intermittently idled at 250-500 rpm and would stall. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • nairbnairb Posts: 10
    Well my truck is running sluggish and my gas
    mileage has gone down a bit. I've already replaced
    one injector but its starting to run poorly again.
  • I've got a clicking in my '06 Tocoma also. It's a 6 cyl. Pre-runner Sport with only 400 miles on it and the dealership told me it could be a lifter or a valve which may need adjusting. I think it's too new of a Toyota for that kind of engine problem.
    Any kind words of advice out there?
  • One question: do you pay attention to your gauges when you drive? You punctured the radiator, so you would have lost your coolant, causing a substancial increase in temperature of the engine, the dash mounted gauge would have indicated this. No matter WHAT you drive, overheating it WILL damage the engine and cost thousands to repair. I'm kind of surprised all the steam coming up didn't give you an indication something was amiss. The truck should have been pulled over ASAP and towed from where this happened or repaired on the spot before driving further.

    i am very disappointed in my 2005 Tacoma Access Cab with the TRD Package. i bought this truck expecting to be able to go off-road with little to no problems and the skid plate on the underside made me pretty happy b/c there are a lot of things on trails that can really mess ya up. i took it off road on a TRAIL (nothing harsh) ONE time and that one time something came up and punctured the radiator. the check engine light came on and i took it to a toyota place the next day not know it was the radiator and by that time everything was gone. i am having to replace the small block and heads on it...labor and all it almost $10K,insurance wont help and toyota said they cant do anything either. i am not sure exactly what the purpose of skid plate is if it isnt protecting the things that need protecting the most. this is my first toyota and probably my last.
  • I have this same problem, usually at 100mph. Today, however, I had a big headwind and was getting it at 70mph. Did you ever find fix for it? Super annoying!
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    " this is my first toyota and probably my last "

    What else would you buy then? What other brand do you feel could withstand what happenned to your truck? Sounds like something came straight through the grill through the radiator and in to the engine. Again I ask, what brand of truck can stand up to that?

    PS.....How 'bout that Johnny Damon? My son burned his Johnny Damon jersey.
  • After starting up my Tacoma and moving the steering wheel, I hear a noise, like something is shifting. Kind of like the sound a copier makes when making a copy. That's the best I can describe it. I don't think there is anything wrong but would anyone have an idea what it might be?
  • Please help! My 95 Toyota Tacoma with 240,000 miles, manual transmission, shudders and shakes and has a blinking engine light as I manually shift. Once the RPMs are up it stops shaking so badly. It doesn't want to idle at stop lights - I have to put it in neutral and rev the engine to keep it going. It did this once before and I had sea foam put in it, new plug wires and plugs, fuel filter, but here I go again doing the same thing - any ideas what else could be wrong, or that I should try? I know my truck is old, with lots of miles, but its been a great truck and I'd rather fix it and keep it!
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    You need to plug an OBD code reader into that puppy and see what's shakin'.

    How long ago did you change plugs, wires, filter,etc.?
    (and for that matter, what is "sea foam"?)

    Lot's of possibilities w/ the few things you mention, but fundamental is air, fuel, and spark. Start w/ the easy stuff that affects any of those 3.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    There is actually an open space below the front bumper and above the cross member that provides a perfect shot at the front of the radiator. I didn't realize that until this guy mentioned his problem. The stick (or whatever) caused the hole in the radiator, but not stopping caused the engine to be super heated. The bottom line is that the gauges and warning lights are there for a reason. If you can't see the steam, hear the puncture, see the trail of fluid or notice the gauges, I guess you need to hang up the phone, turn down the music, put the soda back in the holder and pay attention to the trail.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    Uh, go to the dealer and have them adjust the valve and see if that fixes the problem....
  • I had the unfortunate experience of having a flat tire on my '05 Tacoma when I got out of work yesterday, and I found that getting to the spare and getting it cranked down is a real PITA!

    It seems to me that one of you brilliant engineering types out there could figure out some sort of mod to add a motor or something to crank down the spare tire. Fortunately it was daylight and I was able to see (somewhat) through the little hole to line up the handle and crank it down manually, but on a dark road at night it could be a real problem.

    Any ideas??
  • Yes, it's called Triple A ;)

    I think manufacturers stopped building vehicles that the owners can change a flat on... or change the oil... or tune the engine... or change a light bulb... or remove a door panel... OR OR OR

    Changed my battery the other day... had to jury rig the wiring for the alarm to do it. Amazing! :sick:
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    some good points.

    However, in all fairness, I think part of the problem that we complain about has to do with special tools and procedures -which can be resolved to some degree if you spend time and money. But if design was limited to using only the same techniques and assembly/disassembly methods, you would stifle improvement.

    OTOH, I think if you look at the Taco in particular, commonly required maintenance items have been made easier -what mfg provides an easier oil and filter change arrangement than the 2005/2006 V6 Taco? Auto Trans fluid doesn't have to be changed for a l.o.n.g time. Air filter is a pc of cake. Flat tire- that's inconvenient. But how often do you get a flat compared to, say, 30 yrs ago? In 10 yrs of driving my previous vehicle, I changed flats twice. But I changed the oil and filter about 25 times. Air filter half a dozen times. Fuel filter 3 times.

    All in all, vehicles require less servicing and less effort than in the horrendous 1970s. -By a large margin.
    (I was changing my dad's plugs and points every 10k miles, oil&filter every 3k, air filter every 10k, trans fluid and screen every 30k. I don't have the time to do that now -thankfully I don't have to.)

    It would be smart for them to offer a power down option for the spare I suppose. hmmm.... I suppose aftermarket was your point.
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    There is no need for triple A. Throw a pair of coveralls in the vehicle behind the seat and read the directions before you need to change the tire and you will have no problem. This is no new system. I know that the tires have been stored under the backend since atleast 1979. Some people choose to get a grill guard with a tire mount so they don't have to crawl under the vehicle in the mud. I used to have to change a flat about twice a year when I lived on the farm, but I have not had to change one in atleast 20 years now aside from at work. I carry a portable compressor that has saved me the few times I have found a flat in the morning. I have to agree that vehicles are less user friendly for maintenance. Used to be you could replace the plugs, points, condenser and maybe the wires and you had a tune up. Now you need a computer to read the codes. However, when I grew up, a vehicle with 100K on it was a beater. Now it is barely broke in. I recently saw a Tundra with 329K on it and you would have guessed 50K by looking at it. You take the good with the bad. As for the battery problem, if you get the right one, no mod is required. Some parts stores try to sell the same battery for several applications. It just does not work.
  • have a small amount of oil in my air filter.Anyone have any ideas as to what causes this? Any solutions?
  • Anyone know where sensors are located? Truck is 2001 Tacoma Prerunner with double cab and 6 cylinder
  • I have a 05 Tacoma 4 door I get a high pitch nosie that comes out of my vents on the dash , I only get it when I'm driving in a head wind?
  • There is usually a tube that goes from the valve covers up to the air intake tube. Oil mist from the valve lifters can be sucked up into the intake. I'm not sure if this is to lubricate the throttle body or so that the intake air warms up quicker on cold days.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    There is actually two in the system.The first one (air/fuel sensor)is located before the front cat and the rear 02 sensor is located after the rear cat.
  • I have a '06 also and don't like the clicking... esp. loud when it's started in the morning when the temperature gets down to freezing. It does go away after the engine has heated up, but still does it a little under load. Have you found out anything from the dealer? I took it back the 2nd day and they said another truck they test drove on the lot did it also and that it was probably an exhaust sound... I don't buy that esp. with the way it acts when cold. Thanks, John
  • So oil in the air filter compartment is normal or is it abnormal? I was told it is caused by something referred to as Blowby and is not a good sign. Thanks for the reply
  • I get some white smoke when truck has been sitting for any length of time. Smells like carbon and fuel. Quits after a second and runs fine.Doesnt do it when restarting after engine is warm. Any ideas? truck is a 2001 tacoma with a 6cyl. Gas mileage is poor by my standards (16 mpg) No loss of fluids has been detected
  • My rig is at 97K and I'm pushing the limit on replacing the timing belt. Can anyone tell me if the 3.4 V6 is a zero interference engine that will self destruct if the belt breaks? Thanks!
  • I have a 05 4door and at highway speed in a head wind I get a high pitch sound coming out of the dash vents?
  • I have a 05 4door and at highway speed in a head wind I get a high pitch sound coming out of the dash vents?
    Does anybody else have this problem and what can I do about it?
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    Does it matter if it is an interference engine? I had a buddy with a Ford Escort. Ford reccommended that the belt be replaced at 60K and I replaced many that broke between 55 and 60K. I told him that at 59K he was on borrowed time and that I would replace it for the $20 it cost for parts. He chose to press his luck until he was out of town on turkey day and it broke. He had to pay holiday towing costs to the tune of $300 plus pay a nechanic to fix it the next day for over $200. And he had to get a rental car until his was fixed. You can't catch everything before it breaks, but there are some things that just beg to be replaced. If you skip an oil change here and there, you will probably never feel the pain. If your belt breaks on the road, you will. You will HAVE to get it replaced right now, and you will pay towing as well as inconvenience. Just do it.
  • Can't say more then that, Just do it!!! ;)
  • My 1998 tacoma with a V6 has a problem with stalling and also feels like it has no fuel at times. Today I was on the freeway and all of the sudden while I was accelerating (in 4th gear) it instantly had no power and started decelerating with the gas to the floor in 4th. I shifted to 3rd and kept the pedal floored and it would not go over 45 mph and if I slowed down by letting off the gas, it would not accelerate past the speed that it was at. I got off the freeway, put in the clutch and it stalled. It would not start back up (unless I had the pedal to the floor, which would allow it to barely run at around 300 rpms). It felt like it wasn't getting fuel and there was about half a tank of gas in the car. I am thinking that this may be caused by my fuel pump going out or something. After getting the truck towed home, it fired right up and runs like normal. This is the first time this has happened but I have had problems with the truck stalling when I come to a stop and put in the clutch after accelerating hard through first and second gears. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks, Joe
  • Hows it going, Hey man i had the same problem with my acess cab. All u got to do is tell the dealer have a tech drive with you to show them. Is it going 75mphs and over thats where i use to get the high pitch sound. Email me if u would like further info [email protected] what happend was the dealer ended up replacing my windshield and it stoped the problem.
  • Yes I have the same problem, I'm tring to find what to do,I you find out what to do to fix it e-mail me @ [email protected] Thanks
  • I own Tacoma with 4 cyl & 5 speed. The other day as I was driving it started to back fire and lost power, I put it in 3rd gear and had gas pedal all the way to the floor and it would not go faster then 60mph and I was on a straight section of road.
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    Hi, I have not been able to find a good oil filter wrench for 06 Tacoma, any help?

    2006 Tacoma V6 Auto.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    First decide what filter you want to use.

    If you pick a common, high grade aftermarket, you can find plenty of wrenches on the shelf.
    I personally use Purolator and have one of those cast aluminum jobs that fits all the little ribs on the cap end of the filter case really snug. No crimping, rupture, etc.

    That OEM filter, OTOH, is a bear, and it didn't really fit anything but my "last resort wrench" which is one of those jobs that fits a ratchet, has two sets of jaws that tighten as you torque it up. Put some nice dents in the orig. filter before it finally let go, but didn't rupture. (It's worthwhile having one of these "last resort wrenches". I never liked the idea of driving a large screwdriver thru the can to try to twist it off. If the can tears, you're rotatably fastened. However, if my last resort wrench punctures the can and it remains stuck, I can always duct tape the holes and drive it a couple of miles to the dealer, with my tail btwn my legs.)
  • I have an '06 Tacoma 4x4 w/ 4 liter v6, 4x4, off road package, and the EBD braking system. The brake pedal is not just "soft", it is terrible. There is 2 1/2 - 3 inches of travel before the brakes start to engage, then another 2 inches of pedal travel before the truck comes a stop. It feel like there is air in the lines, or like Toyota fit a really big marshmallow instead of a brake pedal. Often the brake pedal goes very nearly to the floor before the truck stops. I've had mine to the Dealership twice since buying the truck, and they keep telling me the brakes are within "factory specifications". These Brakes are totally unacceptable to me, & apparently it is illegal to have REAL BRAKES fitted, because these are wired through the computer. So will have to lose $$$ sell this, and find something that doesn't give me this "feelin" when I try to stop this truck. Too bad as it is the only fault I can find with the truck.
  • mtnamtna Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Tacoma 6cyl and it has been in for 8 days now for the clicking sound. It has an engine whine and clicking until it warms up. The dealer is replacing timing chain etc to try to fix it. They say is should not be doing that.
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