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bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
I'm not quite sure of this forum's intended purpose, but I'll give some info about me.

98 Trooper, Red Rock Mica monotone, Performance Package (similar to current LS model), bought as corporate vehicle with 7,000 miles in Oct. 1999. Now at 38,500 miles.

Previously owned 96 Trooper for 11 months. Bought used at 27,000 miles, totaled at 51,000 miles. Loved the truck. Truck was totaled in a t-bone collision (I hit a Cadillac STS at 40mph; his fault).

I live in the southeast Michigan area. Use TOD quite a bit (it was not standard in 1998-- included with Performance Pkg and Luxury Pkg but not available on Trooper "S" model). Do not use 4WD Low since I don't take my beautiful vehicle off road.

Thanks to the folks at Edmund's for establishing these more convenient areas for us to share info and opinions. Also thanks to paisan and everyone else who worked hard to make this happen. Now if I could just figure out if the new software has a feature similar to the Placemarks from the old version...


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    This area is the "general" discussion area for Isuzu stuff. Glad to have you on board. I've started using the subscriptions to keep track of all the discussions I'm involved in on here, it's actually working nicely. You subscribe, and then you can go to the message center and it will list the first message of each discussion you are subscribed to and you can click on the link to go there.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well Let's see, I owned a '97 Rodeo before my current '00 Trooper LS. I loved the Rodeo, but the Trooper is far more refined. TOD rocks!

    I also have an '88 Subaru XT6, a very strange vehicle in looks and mechanics.

    I'm in the NY/NJ/PA and Upstate NY areas.

    You can see my Trooper and some good links @

  • Hi, my name is Rick. I have a '99 Amigo with quite a few mods. I purchased my Isuzu after checking out some of the other Isuzu boards and finding out what a great bunch of people own Isuzu's. Isuzu makes a darn fine vehicle to boot.

    Rick C.
  • Thanks to all the great advice and fun discussions on the Town Hall and other boards. Thought I'd join the owner's club. I'm David from Milwaukee and have been relieved I have 4wd in my 2000 LS Rodeo these past few weeks with up to 30" of snow! I've replaced the shocks with Monroematics to improve the ride, and have installed a Calmini Hi-flow air intake for a little more power. Isuzu has agreed to replace my Bridgestone Duelers with the new Michelin Cross Terrains to deal with the highway vibration. It's great to communicate with other owners. Thanks for creating this club!

  • Hi, I'm Andy, and I am a trooperholic (the owner of a '00 Trooper Ltd). I opted for the 2wd model as I don't offroad and we don't get bad weather too often in Middle Tennessee. The added cost, maintenance, and potential breakage was another decision factor to go 2wd.

    I bought it for the capacity (passengers and cargo), power, and quality. I wasn't seeking a "pretty boy" suv that I would be afraid of getting scratched. I do think the Trooper is a great looking SUV, though. I love the view of the road, the handling, and the ride. I hope the owners club is a better forum than the old message boards.
  • I live in Chicago area, have 2000 Trooper S 4WD, TOD, bought in Oct 2000 with 8900 mi. Currently 11700 mi. Happy to have it with all this snow we've been having! I have never owned a truck before. Traded a '98 Accord V6 coupe for Trooper - nice car, but insufficient room.
    Bought Trooper because of promise of reliability, 4wd, room, and, of course, price. Did not make any after-market modifications to my Trooper.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    But if you hang around here long enough you will! :) Hee Hee

  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    I have a '99 Trooper S 4WD TOD automatic, that is black with gold/silver trim and has a grey interior. The black trooper definitely looks cool and gets a lot of looks and comments. I bought it from Torrington Hyundai Isuzu in Connecticut with 16k miles and was told it was an Isuzu rep/cooperate vehicle. This truck runs like a champ. I now have 19k miles. I have added the 2000 grey floor mats (now dirty) and the 2000 cargo mat. I have installed the hidden hitch together with the hoppy converter for towing. I have taken this truck off-road in a way that I could never have done with any other vehicle that I've ever owned, and I have already traversed some very steep terrain and large rocky terrain. I plan to take it through the snow to get to the slopes when the powder is fresh and use it for camping and off-road adventures. Its been great in snow and ice. My 3 boys love this truck.
  • My name is Marcin. Live in North Augusta SC. Waited for months for a silver LS 4x4, no luck. So got a 2wd. Great vehicle, its my third Isuzu. Had a 91 pickup, then a rodeo. These vehicles last a long time. Hope to see Isuzu get involved with this board, maybe some cool parts like the countries have for the Trooper/Bighorn/and other names.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    My name is Sean. I have a 1999 Empire Blue Mica Trooper S. I drive a 95 Altima for commuting and the truck is primarily used as family truckster and on weekends. My wife is supportive so I have had a few opportunities to go off-roading. I have mostly been off-road in sand, but have climbed a few rocky hills and been in deep snow (I have pictures I plan on posting someday). I am in PA and would be interested in organizing, well actually only attending, a Trooper adventure, I guess we should continue that thread in the off-roading section.

    I have had a couple of minor problems with my truck that have been aggravated by poor dealership performance. I now have a good dealer and am hoping to avoid any further problems.

    BTW this is my thrid time posting this message...I only had to log in once though...
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    Why I spelled corporate as cooperate, I have no idea; but it might have something to do with the spell checker. I needed to login and out to post #9--somewhat frustrating. BTW my name is Greg M., but gpm is also just fine.
  • NW Louisiana, bought new $23165 v. $29009 MSRP, '99 Trooper S in Light Silver w/ grey, 13k miles so far, no mods yet, plan to add 3rd seat and hidden hitch. Maybe new wheels when I replace the rapid-wearing stock Bridgestones next year. Haven't been off-road, but used T-O-D to go skiing last March. Works excellent, and love the 4WD mode abs. Any other ITOG members in here?
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    Wow, how far did you drive and to where to go skiing from Louisiana.
  • Hi,

    I am located at Bronx, New York. Mine is a red '99 Passport AS 4WD with automatic. 19K miles so far with frequent short trips (at least 4 three-mile trips every day plus moving the SUV outside the garage every morning). Kind of gas hog for that kind of routine.

    Modifications were:

    1. Spare tire relocated underneath after a rear-end collision with a Land Cruiser.

    2. Installed Bilstein but later replaced them with Monroe matic-plus shocks.

    3. Clifford security with digital tilt/motion sensor and proximity sensor.

    4. side molding and arm rest installed (not standard on my model)

    5. JVC 12 disc CD changer installed at right rear compartment ( just enough size to fit inside)

    6. JBL speakers installed but later placed back the OEM front speakers while retaining the JBL at the rear.

    I also removed the cargo cover because of rattling noise and replaced it with a cartoon, wide enough to cover the cargo area. Also replaced the wiper blades with Bosch Micro excell.
  • Testing...testing!...LOL
  • My name is Mark and I live in Maryland (between Balt and D.C.) I have a 2000 Trooper S, Automatic, Silver, about 3K miles. It came with a roof rack, bug deflector, 6CD changer and Goodyear Wrangler vs. Duelers. I have ordered the leather wheelskin (black) and the Windflectors that attach inside the window channel. Other upgrades/accessories I'm currently considering are shocks, the Waag center grille guard, additional driving lights, fog lights and body side molding. I lurked around Edmunds and other sites for several months before deciding on the Trooper. Without any previous experience with Isuzu's, it seemed like one of the best, if not THE best, values. So far I've been very happy with it. TOD is a wonderful feature to have in the rain. Have not used it in the snow yet. I do not do any off-roading but would like to try it some day...maybe after the vehicle is not so new!
  • I live in PA. I bought a 2000 Trooper Limited in March 99 and I love it. I have driven the Trooper on just about every possible terrain and it never lets me down.

    I would certainly recommend the Trooper to anyone in the market for an SUB.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I had a really good chance to run the Trooper today in various snowy terrain. I'm duely impressed! Took it down my favorite non-maintained road up here in the adirondacks and it performed outstanding in TOD. I was blasting down a pretty much densely snow packed road, with about 2 inches of light non-packed snow on top of it. I was doing about 30-50mph w/o a problem. On the way back I decided to use 4wd lo and that did well too, was able to go up to about 45mph with the 4wd Lo in 4th gear. (D position) Drove through some snow banks of 1-3' w/o getting stuck or having to use 4wd Lo. Then I went down a virgin trail that had about 1.5-2 feet of light powder on it, I was worried I'd get stuck down here but the TOD worked outstanding and I was able to drive right down the trail and back up it w/o a problem, I noticed there was some touching of the skid plates and rear diffy on the snow between the wheel tracks, but so long as I didn't gun the engine, it went straight up the trail.

    On a side note though, I noticed that whenever I am in 4wd Lo, I need to put the car into Reverse for about 2 feet after I take it out of 4wd Lo in order for the TOD to re-activate properly. Anyone else notice that after they dis-engage 4wd Lo, that they will only get 1 bar of TOD traction no matter how hard you punch the gas? What I did was re-engage the 4wd Lo, then put it in TOD, reversed 2 feet, and then the TOD was fine.

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  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    It's from 1998 and from England I believe, but it's basically our troopers... (except they get E-code Headlights, with wipers and 3rd row of seats)

    Isuzu Forum Spokesman
    Edmunds Isuzu Forum
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  • Karen and Bonnie...I am getting VERY discouraged with this board and the software. I just did a short "test" post to make sure this board was working correctly. Then I did my "Introduction" post that I've been trying to do for the last four days! It didnt post! This makes it very difficult for me to be the co-leader and makes me look like I dont even know how to post which I assure you I do. I enjoy this board and appreciate the fact that it's free but when I do a test post then do my actual post the VERY SAME WAY and it fails to post...what can I say. With my luck so far this will probably post OK but unfortunately it is the last post that was important.
  • just as i thought this post worked. I'll try my "real" post again later today when I have more time to waste!
  • Just wanna let you know, it seems to take my posts when they're less than 5 lines, any more and I get the already logged in screen. I guess I'll be leaving out details, or multi-posting. (is that a word?) Thanks for all your efforts, together we'll fix it and this will become one of the great ZUZU communities. Merry Xmas!!!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Ok, Bonnie is no longer with Edmunds, so we can leave her out ! :)

    As for the postings here is the dealio. The reason that you guys are getting the error is that this software was originally designed for bank transactions, so what happens is the your login "times out" after X minutes as a security feature. They are currently working on this bug so that it won't time you out. What I've been doing is before hitting "post" I'll highlight the message, and copy it (alt-C) to the clipboard so that if it doesn't work I can hit the back button, and paste (alt-v) the text back into the posting area. They'll have it up just hang in a bit longer.

    Merry Christmas

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  • And sorry for the frustration but having the board seem to work on everything but what's really important to post is frustrating! Nevertheless, I'll try copying to the clipboard.
  • Checked out the link to that British mag that reviewed the Trooper Citation (seems to be kind of like a cross between an S and an LS). The 3rd seat looks really trick! Although I don't really need it...hmmm...might be nice to have eventually...maybe next year!
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    The Northwest and the Northeast and even the South are getting their real big share of winter weather. To all you recent 4WD trooper owners, finally a winter where we can make real good use of 4WD! ENJOY. Happy holidays--and hope Saint Nick treats you well.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    This was posted on the Trooper site, but thought it might be of interestd to all Isuzu owners. It's a bunch of Isuzus in action in Japan. Click on the Yellow titles to get to the pics.

  • Mike, I just tried what you said about the clipboard and evidently did something wrong but another lengthy post got deleted.

    Although I will continue to read this board I will not post again until this is straightened out. I just don't have the time to waste and I've run out of patience.

    I can't understand why Edmunds would use a banking program that times out. I realize that money may be an issue but surely there are other programs that could have been used at minimal cost.

    See you again soon! (I hope!)

    - Dave
  • Christmas weekend I was out shopping for cars. My 94 Ford Probe had its transmission blow up on my way home from college. Read in the paper about the great deal offered on Isuzu, and I figured I would check them out. I showed up on the lot and knew what I wanted right away. I got the Atlantic Blue V6 2WD Rodeo(along with a free Gateway computer). This car drives great. The ride is smooth and the engine is very strong. This is a huge difference from a sports car, but it is definitely better for the traveling.
    I definitely enjoy the car so far.
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