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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gagirl1gagirl1 Posts: 17
    For those of you who have not bought your Odyssey and are still shopping, has anyone thought of waiting for the '06 considering they will be out in only a month or two?

    I'm sure the dealers won't be selling the '06's so close to invoice as they are the '05's, but how much more money are we talking about? Thoughts?
  • +3000 miles and they want to call it a brand new car ??

    This is my story .....

    Went to CRYSTAL LAKE Honda northwest suburb of Chicago IL.
    They did NOT have any NEW ody in stock.
    The only ody they had were 2 touring which had been used by the owner (model cars). Both had over 6000 miles.

    Both had been equipped with a list of dealer's option that I don't want.

    They want to sell it at MSRP, and call it a new car.

    I laughted my azz off, but tried to be polite to the sales lady. I didn't even want to tell her the price I would pay for that crap. Basically, I wouldn't take that crap at any price.

    +6000 miles and want to call it a new car at MSRP ???

    Sometime... I think that crappy dealership has no brain.....
  • gregohgregoh Posts: 1
    Had a very good experience at Roush Honda in Medina, OH. Had spoken to salesman on the phone a few weeks ago. Wasn't ready to pull the trigger - price then was 30,736 for EXL-RES

    Decided to look only for EX or great deal on EXL-RES. Called yesterday to start negotiation again - saleman was pretty busy but he finally got back to me to say they had 1 EX remaining. The one they obviously wanted to sell was white. Wife wanted silver or slate green.
    White wasn't appealing to us. But we saw a silver EXL-RES on the lot at that time.

    Anyway, I used the site to send out requests for quotes from some other dealers. Only one of the 2 responded (Mike Pruitt). The gave me everything via email - and offered all 3 - EX, EXL, EXL RES for 300 over invoice. They only had the slate green though in the EXL RES.

    I called Roush back and told them I wanted the silver EXL-RES - they asked about price and I said $300 over invoice. I think he was surprised at first and asked me why i thought that was fair - i said, b/c i have an exact offer for that amount for the slate green. He called back 5 minutes later to confirm our deal.

    So, I got the EXL-RES for 29686 +TTL. I think this is a pretty good price.
  • First, I'd like to thank all for posting here, this is an extremely helpful forum.

    I'm in the midst of purchasing a 2005 EX-L RES&NAV in Redrock Pearl from Keenan Honda. I feel like I brokered a very fair deal for both me and the dealer. Problem is, the deal was agreed upon in early July. They say they have my car coming in around Aug 20th. My car included the following options: crossbars, fog lights, storage arm rest, wheel locks, splash guards, and cargo tray. Total price before trade, taxes and tags is $33,777, invoice shows as $30,849. Agreed upon profit to the dealer was 5% of invoice. Where I think I did well was in the value of the options, however, I'm not so sure about the $32,906 before what they're valuing as $871 in options ("greatly reduced from their real price", they say).

    On top of all this we've slipped into August and are facing '06s coming soon. Any thoughts on the deal at hand?
  • It is a very good question, and something to think about for those who is looking to get an 05 model but can wait for a few more months. There are some points to think about:
    1. Can you wait couple of months?
    2. You can get an 05 model now close to invoice (in some markets), but 06 models will sell closer to MSRP (that is, about $3K more). It appears that there will not be any significant changes to the 06 models, so why pay more? Well, I was told by the folk who I am working with now (to get my 05) that 06s will go probably $500-$800 bellow sticker (who knows).
    3. 05 models have some 'defects', which is not unusual for a 'first year' model, which, most likely 06 models will not have.

    So, if you have not made a deal yet, and have the extra money (some of it is worth spending) to spend, and can wait few more months, maybe you can get an 06 model. Oh, by the way, you may get different color options (who knows).
  • 06 model is definitely a good option, especially in Chicago-land market where touring is near MSRP price. Even schaumburg honda does not even want to go below 37k for touring nav & dvd.

    Friends of mine from milwaukee told me that touring w/ dvd & nav in milwaukee is at invoice price. At least 2 honda dealers quoted. one of them has the color that I want. I will go to milwaukee this weekend to visit my friends and hopefully I will drive a new van on my way back.

    if the stock turns out to be lemon over there, then 06 model is definitely my next option.
  • phsmitsphsmits Posts: 4
    After countless hours on Edmunds researching and reading, I finally did the deal and wanted to share my experience. I had a 2001 Ody EX w/ 82,750 miles for trade-in and went to CarMax to see what they would offer so I would have a benchmark. Their offer was $10,400. I also researched financing and had 5.35% 60 months from LendingTree to use as a target to beat.

    There are 3 deals to do when buying. 1. Get best internet quote for new vehicle 2. Get best deal for current vehicle, and finally 3. Get best financing rate available.

    I emailed several dealers for their best OTD price and from the 12 replies I narrowed down to three that were real players. As I played the best price on the table back to the others, many of them said they could not come close. I also wanted the Ocean Mist color which was in short supply. The best price I had on the table was $32,916 OTD from Dealership in Hickory but they did not have the color. Crown Honda of Greensboro said they would beat my best deal by $100, but they would have to search and do dealer trade but assured me they could get Ocean Mist. I agreed and gave him $500 refundable deposit.

    In the meantime, I had asked several dealers about my current 2001 Ody Ex and what I could expect for trade-in. Most said they would have to inspect but thought around $10,000-$11,000. So I cleaned up van REAL good, took photos and listed on late friday night for $12,950. Got a call next morning, they came out and looked at and offered $12,500 which I took ($2,100 better than CarMax) Dealership prices for same car was $14,900-$15,000, so I priced it to sell! It was a win-win vs. a trade-in. Now we were without a van and I called Greensboro to see status. It was 2 days later. I had continued to view dealer inventories thoughout NC, SC and VA and would email the dealerships to Greensboro when I found the Ocean Mist. Greensboro said no one was willing to dealer-trade and that inventory was low. The internet manager was very good to work with and understood I needed a van right away. The $500 was held with my credit card number and never ran through.

    My idea was to search smaller towns vs. larger cities where the demand for the EXL R&N may not be as great and it worked. I found the Ocean Mist at Honda of Goldsboro which was 210 miles from Charlotte. I called and talked to the internet manager and told him the best price I had was $32,816. He called back and said he could do $33,193 OTD because the Ocean Mist Ody had Pin Stripes, Mudguards, Wheelocks and Cargo Tray added on. I countered with $32,950 and he said he would have to call me back. He called back with $33,125. I told him that $9.99 always sounds better than $10.00 and that if he kept it under $33,000 OTD, I'd make the 3 1/2 drive to pick up next day. Ball was now in his court and he said $32,995 OTD and I said DEAL!!

    Funny thing was, the Hendrick dealer in Charlotte had the exact trim level in Ocean Mist but would not come close to the price I had. They said they were selling at $1,000-1,500 over invoice and would no doubt sell it within the next couple days. I saved $660-1,160 by driving to Goldsboro!

    I had also been searching on-line for best financing. 5.35% was best I found for 60 months with CapitalOne through I then searched credit unions and found 4.5% for New and Used auto loans. I joined the credit union with a minimum balance of $5 and applied for a loan on-line and had my approval well before I found the van at Goldsboro. I called Goldsboro and asked if they could beat the rate and they said NO WAY.

    SO, I had my financing in place (I also refinanced my other 2004 vehicle at the 4.5%), sold my current 2001 Ody for better than trade-in, and found the Ocean Mist Ody EXL R&N for $32,995 OTD. I figured it to be around $340 above invoice.

    My wife and I drove the next afternoon the 4 1/2 hour drive (Friday traffic!). When we drove up the van was sitting at the door ready for inspection. It was awesome. We went in, signed the papers, had the checks already made out to total $32,995 so no surprises and then did the overview of the van and we were done. No haggling, no negotiating, no hassles. We decided to celebrate by staying the night and having a nice dinner without the 4 kids (Home with grandparents).

    It pays to do the research on not only the new vehicle, but also your current vehicle and the financing. You'll never know if the rate the dealer gives you is good unless you do the homework first to see what is out there. I have ordered the crossbars, moonroof visor, 3rd row sunshade and fenderwell trim from at below dealer pricing and will install myself. Can't wait to add the accessories.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • hraohrao Posts: 78
    What would be the monthly projected cost to owner given the prices paid as shown on or Edmunds TMV.
    Following are ALG projections.
    Honda Monthly price paid
  • Hey, I was down the DE beach way, and went to Pohankin in Salisbury MD. I feel like I got a good deal. Your van, as I see on Edmunds invoice listing is $31,364 with destination and before the options &ttl etc. So, you have to decide if that's a good deal or not really. How important are the options? Are you willing to say forget it, if they don't budge anymore. As for timing, they already know they need to sell cars to make money. I've worked for car dealerships. If they're having a slow day, they'll bend over backwards. If they're just trying to end the day and go home, forget it. On my deal they were giving me the "well we have a sale on this vehicle tomorrow, a guy is coming in, or they had another dealer going to buy it from them for their customer..." stuff. Like, either way they were selling it, so you're not special. That's a load. Know your #'s, know when to NOT say anything. I LOVE that uncomfortable silence. It's like waiting to see who's gonna blink. HEHEHE! Want me to go with you!>!>!>!?!?!? :D Oh, and they do the old, well the new models aren't coming in til probably October, so we really don't need to clear the old ones out yet... bull. They gotta sell a car to make money to put food on the table! And make sure you say "I thought this was a clearance?!?!? That's not a clearance price" a few times. Invoice-- they want you to think that's all they make on the deal. NOT. Kickbacks, financing, the trade, the extras. Don't let them fool you. They'll rip yer lips off if you let them.
  • Some say OTD +ttl and then some just say OTD.

    What is the correct usage of OTD?

  • Did you just delete them or moved them to another thread? I would leave the posts (that are off-topic) here for (say) a couple of days and would ask the owner to remove or post it in the appropriate place. You can either delete or move them after 'so' many days if the owner does not take action. So that we can read the posts and then they can be moved to more appropriate place (if any). I would not 'delete' the posts without giving the owner a chance to move or readers a chance to read. I understand that this is just for pricing and buying experience, but I would not delete someone thoughts and (hard) work without giving them a chance. Thank you.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Out the door means price, taxes, fees...everything paid to dealer is totalled into one price. Many use this OTD method of pricing in presenting a offer to a dealer.
    i.e "Mr. Dealer...I will give you an OTD price of $28,000 for that yeller Ody EX sitting over yonder"
  • Can you tell me which dealer you got this deal from? I'm down in Vancouver, WA and have quotes from Portland to Seattle and nothing less than $600 below MSRP for an EXL RES NAV. The Best quotes I have are:

    EXL - $29950 + ttl
    EXL RES - $31599 +ttl
    EXL RES NAV -$33663 +ttl

    No one is budging in the area so any help would be great!
  • hraohrao Posts: 78
    Resale values for Honda projected by ALG and Edmunds are somewhat overrated.
    even with ALG projections, monthly ownership costs are still high for honda.
    Monthly ownership costs
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    Wow, reading your post just elevated my blood pressure. Sccrzeus, I commend you on not "going postal" during your experience, and having the discipline to factually present your experience for us DFW readers in this forum. Your post should be required reading for auto sales managers everywhere. Unfortunately, I don't think for a minute this approach is unique to Vandergriff. I've personally had a similar bad experience at a John Eagle dealership (which you apparently liked) two years ago: I wasted three painful hours of my life there that I'll never get back, and I haven't set foot in any dealership since.

    I have several genuinely serious questions, for any "insider" on this forum with the courage to tell the truth:
    1) Is it clear to the auto sales management that follow these forums why the majority of people find shopping for new cars unenjoyable?
    2) Is the sales approach of Vandergriff which sccrzeus described in effect a "profit-maximizing approach" employed on popular car models in high demand?
    3) Do some dealerships intentionally orchestrate the sales approach like that, or did sccrzeus just simply stumble across gross ineptitude and a display of bad faith?

    Seriously, I want an '05 Ody, but I think I'll just hold onto my nine year old car till it drops dead. Who needs this aggravation anyway?

    - zebra5
  • I heard you. TWICE, i had the odyssey(s) confirmed with price, vin#, and other details but both dealers sold both minivans when i arrived at the dealership. This is in Southern California in the South Bay area. I'll post the dealer names after I file a complaint with the BBB and a letter to the attorney general because i am totally upset with their actions. :mad:
  • Folks,

    Thank you all for your posts as you have guided me to a great deal and now I am sharing my experience.

    I helped my sister acquired her Slate Green EXL with RES at Spirit Honda in southern california for the following price:

    $30,200: This price includes CrossBar, 3rd row sunshade, mudguard, wheel lock, and your standard floor mats. Do what you will with this information to get what YOU want because it basically boils down to getting the color you want and how soon you want the vehicle. I basically time this just right as they are leaving with the van on a trip this fine Saturday morning.

    My advice is you still need to get a list of the dealers you need to call to negotiate for the vehicle that you are looking for. I found that when you do mass emails from site like Edmunds, most dealers would just tell you to call them back anyways. I just went down the list and call their 800 numbers, ask if they have the color i want, and then I get down to the deal.

    thank you all again....Good luck in your hunt and I am sure most will land even better deals than this.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    That's because nobody has any Odysseys to sell you! Inventory is down to nothing.
  • Try Discovery Honda at Moses Lake, Internet Department. I bought the car a week ago and at that time, he said that he'd be willing to give the same deal to anyone else, subject to availability. You can mention that I had bought a car from him last weekend for 750 over invoice and that I referred you.
  • tommyt1tommyt1 Posts: 1
    You should pay $20000. out the door.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    "Subject to availability"

    That's the problem. Inventories are down to almost nothing. The small dealers must REALLY be out.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I've been on two lots here in Columbus this week and there are plenty of Odysseys available.

    Maybe that's why prices in Ohio have been about the best in the country.
  • kondalakondala Posts: 5
    On Sat, dealer offered EXL + dealer installed RES (with mudguard,wheel-lock, spoiler) for $30,750...the dealer did not budge even one-dollar.. ended up filling in the forms for credit-check..but have NOT yet signed any agreement papers...will do that on Monday after the dealer will have installed the RES in the dealership..

    At that time, I thought it was a great deal, but reading the rates that everyone has been getting at this time of the year..I now strongly feel it was not a great deal at all..

    Do you think I should call the dealer, the first thing in the morning before he embarks on the RES addition, to re-negotiate by threatening to backout.

    (pitfall is that this golden color EXL (which my wife loves) is not there with any other dealer in-stock )

    Pls advise so that I can get some sleep.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    If you think you can get this same van elsewhere, and save $400 or more, then do so.

    If $30,000 + is the going rate in your area, make wifey pooh happy and go ahead and buy it. Though with wifey pooh so happy with that new golden still may not get much sleep. ;) :blush:
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    By all means, call the dealer BEFORE they start the RES installation. However, bear in mind that price is mostly dependent on local market conditions and prices quoted here (unless directly applicable to your situation) will have little or no influence on the dealer.
  • laurelklaurelk Posts: 2
    FYI, my sister purchased an EX-L with RES & Nav at Robertson Honda in North Hollywood last month for $33,200. I just yesterday purchased a Touring at Stevens Creek Honda in San Jose for $36,000.

    Deal went surprisingly smoothly, we saw the car on Friday night, I gave them my price over the phone on Saturday and held totally firm, no negotiating. They eventually took it. I then took my trade in, we were off by $2k but they ended up splitting it with me, so I felt pretty good. I had only budgeted an additional $500 from the trade, and it saves us a lot of hassle trying to sell the car.

    Thanks to all who post on this site, it's helpful info! Also, we found a dealer in FL that is selling the extended warranty at a heavy discount. My dealer's cost ($1400) was still $100 over their discounted price to me ($1305) so I'm giving them a shot.

    About six weeks ago I had a local dealer quote me $500 over MSRP as the Costco price. HA! A couple weeks later another dealer was down to MSRP. So, my sense is that perhaps deals are starting to go on the 2005 models, if you can find what you want. Tourings are getting hard to find. I was going to buy from Robertson, but they said they only had one and other dealers wouldn't trade them. Good luck!
  • I bought an Odyssey touring, without DVD or GPS, two weeks ago for $31,450, destination included in that price. Western suburbs of Chicago.

    But I went back to get my "wheel locks" to protect my very expensive tires, and the salesperson I bought the car from told me that the touring editions with GPS and DVD are selling at 1000 under MSRP--- and there is very little 05 inventory left

    By the way, the wheel locks are nothing more than special lug nuts--- I have a feeling you could buy them for $50 and install yourself in 10 minutes
  • laurelklaurelk Posts: 2
    I should add, my Touring has the Nav and RES systems. I forget that you can get them without that! So, my price was about $870 over invoice (including $515 destination charge) or $3K under MSRP.
  • I am looking to buy Odyssey EX-L in Washington DC area. So far I have had horrible expreience. Most dealers are out of EX-L and are not even honoring their internet quotes. I got a quote of 28434 + F + TTL from Brown's honda, but when I went to the dealership they said they are no longer honoring that price. Can someone recommend a good dealership around DC area?
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