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Its squashed down look sort of reminds me of the Volvo 4WD wagon.


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    gpm5, thanks for the link. I spent about 10 minutes browsing the site.

    My bottom line: This vehicle seems to be a Trooper in tall wagon clothing. To me, that's a good thing. We'll see whether other consumers agree (i.e. how well it sells).

    I'm going to the Detroit auto show media night next Thursday and the black tie charity event next Friday, so I'll let you know what I think of it after having a closer look.

    Some thoughts:

    * The vehicle seems to borrow much of its mechanicals from the Trooper: 3.5L V6, although it's tweaked for 230hp in the Axiom, 4-speed auto trans, TOD 4WD system, frame, etc.

    * I can't think of any other crossover/tall wagon/small SUVs that are really a truck at heart. Vehicles like BMW X5, Lexus RX300, Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V, etc. are all car-based and don't have the ability to do some of the things that it appears this vehicle can do (e.g. tow 4500 pounds, go off-roading, etc.). I wonder if this will turn out to be a competitive advantage or disadvantage for Isuzu.

    * It's not quite as short as it looks. 67" is as tall as the current Explorer, and 5" taller than the Subaru Legacy Outback wagon.

    * It will probably be pretty quick. It's 300-600 pounds lighter than the Trooper, with a slightly tweaked version of the same 3.5L motor.

    * It seems to be about the same size as the Rodeo on the inside. With a bigger more powerful engine and a more flexible 4WD system, won't the Axiom horn in on the Rodeo's market share?

    * 85 cubic feet of cargo room with rear seat folded is quite competitive in the midsize/compact SUV class (Explorer, 4Runner, Blazer, Pathfinder, etc.). The Trooper is at 90 cubic feet, and I don't think the others in the class are any higher than 85.

    * I wonder how well-built the vehicle will be. It sounded like the Axiom will be built at the same plant as Rodeo. I guess we'll find out what makes the Trooper so well put-together: the actual parts it's made with (roughly same as Axiom) or the fact it's assembled in Japan (different).

    * I think I like the looks but can't tell for sure from a few pictures.
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    I know I just posted, but I've got a couple more thoughts.

    Axiom's exterior is reminiscent of the Volvo Cross Country wagons. Also reminds me a bit of the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, with the tall short glass along the sides and the no-sides-parallel side cargo glass.

    I didn't see on the site an on-sale date?
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    Yep it gets a 230hp 3.5 due to the computer upgrade on the ECU, so next year the Trooper will get at least that! The Axiom, also is squarely between the Trooper and the Rodeo...

    No power folding mirrors, heated optional
    No heated seats.
    Only a 4 way power drivers seat
    No skylight.
    No outside Tire...

    I personally don't like the liftgate and spare tire location, but it has 3 rows of seats.

    I just hope they beef up the Trooper into the Land Crusier class in it's next itteration.

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    It may well be that people will love it and take it on as a new offroad vehicle and onroad SUV. Its hard to tell from the pictures. Good points on the 230 horses and the weight.
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    I'm contemplating taking on a Suburban or something comparable as a replacement for our minivan at some stage--~2 yrs down the road. I wonder if the next generation trooper will have this size?
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    My guess is it will move uptown, in both size and price. Trooper, Axiom, and Rodeo are all pretty close in size and capabilities, and probably price. Isuzu will likely try to differentiate the three. Making Trooper larger, more luxurious, and more powerful is a logical step. I don't know how they can distinguish the Rodeo from the Axiom.

    The only thing is, will the Trooper finally have a V8? If it gets any bigger (which probably means heavier too), it will almost be a MUST. Where will it come from? I can't see Isuzu designing and building a V8 from scratch. The economies of scale just wouldn't be there-- too much development cost and not enough units to put the engine into. Borrowing one of the GM engines seems a likely option. Their new line of V8s seem pretty powerful, as does the 270hp 4.2L inline 6 that's coming out on the Bravada and its siblings this year. I wonder about reliability, though.
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    Paisan, you've definitely been studying that Axiom web site to pick up on some of those subtle differences!

    It does sound like Isuzu tried to make some improvements in features/creature comforts beyond what the Trooper offers. My wife's 98 Mitsu Galant has Homelink, and it's great (we only use it as a garage door opener). From the small interor picture, it looks like the Axiom interior is different from the Trooper's.

    paisan, where did you see that Axiom will have a 3rd row seat? 182.6" length and 106.4" wheelbase are slightly smaller than Trooper, so it doesn't seem like there would be a whole lot of room for a 3rd row seat unless Isuzu made some design/engineering improvements in the interior.

    The specs do not indicate a manual transmission. A manual trans-equipped Axiom would be a true sportwagon. I wonder if Isuzu will ever offer TOD or a similar system with manual transmission. I guess I'm still glad they offer a manual trans, period.

    It appears that a 2WD model will be offered.
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    They use this V8 in their commercial trucks. Anybody know, is this a GM engine?

    V8 SFI Gasoline
    5.7 L (350.0 CID)
    250 HP @ 4,200 RPM
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    The new 300HP GM Diesel motor for the Chevy pickup's is an Isuzu motor.

    Also in the Edmunds Future Telling section there are several future GM models, the pictures are dark but they look similar to those of the Axiom.
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    Yes the Duramax GM engine is an Isuzu engine. Imagine all those good ole boys with their Pickups having an Isuzu under the hood!

    I've heard Isuzu is actually designing the new S-10/S-15/Hombre from the ground up and will sell it to GM, and I've also heard that Isuzu is developing a Gas V8 DOHC. So that is possible for the new Trooper.

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    I got a lot of the specs and stuff from "Inroads" which is the inhouse dealer magazine for Isuzu. I think that's where I saw the 3rd row of seats for the axiom too.

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    The current Car and Driver has a review on the Axiom (Feb 01 issue). It's built on the Rodeo chasis but with many of the features of the Trooper (engine, TOD) as you guys noted. Kind of a mixed review. I still think it looks cool but can't see giving up my 99 Trooper any time soon unless, of cours, a V8 comes out in the future.
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    With the rear suspension of a rodeo. But not positive.

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    Won't the Axiom be built at the same plant / on the same assembly line as the Rodeo? I'm no engineer, but it would seem like the Axiom would be pretty likely to have the same chassis if it's rolling off the same line. I would be much more excited about the Axiom if it is built with the same quality and reliability as the Trooper. My impressions of the Rodeo's reliability are not as positive. I still like much of what the Rodeo offers, though.

    I'm gonna check out the Car & Driver web site right now.
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    Check out this link on the outdoor wire. South of the Border, you get Chevy Badged Isuzus.

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    paisan, could you do me a favor finding the magazine article
    which describes the 3rd row seat in Axiom.

    I can't find any informations in other sites.

    I think Axiom will be the perfect car which fits
    all my needs if it has the 3rd row seat.

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    I checked through the Isuzu Inroads magazine article, but they don't mention how much seating it has so I can't verify that it has a 3rd row. An alternative option would be to get a Trooper and buy a 3rd row of seats from which carries them in OEM materials. I've heard a lot of good things about that company as far as 3rd row seating.

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    I was reading on one of the websites that the Axiom is going sell for 35k. This seems a little high. Does anyone else have any pricing info?
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    No official pricing, but I'd put it @ MSRP of $30-$32K for the loaded one. Which means the actual price will be around $26-$28K after rebates, etc. My Trooper stickered at $32K, signed sealed and delivered (less tax) for $27,500, and more recently my buddy got his Trooper LS w/moonroof (same as mine) for $26,500

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    Thanks for the info Paisan.

    One more thing - it's not coming out until April?


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    That it will be in east coast show rooms in 2-3 weeks, west coast in 3-4weeks.

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    This is pure speculation, but the more I think about it, the more likely I think it is that Isuzu will start offering diesel engines again (after a long hiatus) in their vehicles sometime in the near future. This would seem to be one of the few competitive advantages that Isuzu could exploit in the market, since there are very few diesels or other superior fuel-efficiency trucks on the market today. With their expertise in building these engines, it wouldn't seem too expensive for them to drop one or two into their American line of products.

    Also, I saw a concept Isuzu in Auto World Weekly today. The concept vehicle was fitted with a 3.0 liter 6 cylinder turbodiesel, which Isuzu is already putting into other vehicles in markets other than North America.
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    Imagine this...

    Landcruiser size with the Duramax (which is really an Isuzumax) engine and Allison 5 speed automatic. Call it a Trooper and it will Troop with the best of em, probably tow like 10,000 lbs too :)

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    Isn't the Duramax Diesel a 300hp V8???!!! That would be incredible.

    I still think they should do something like that in the Limited though and keep the V6 at least on the S model. Remember, one of the most appealing things about the Trooper is that it's a large, well equipped, powerful SUV that's actually affordable!

    Is the Axiom really going to be available in a month or less?
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    With the Axiom coming out, they will probably have to push the Trooper larger. In which case, they'll have to put more power cause once the Trooper hits 5000lbs, the 3.5 is gonna be pretty weak to pull it. That's just a total off the wall idea but probably not far off mark.

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    I was reading a review on edmunds about the axiom. They compare it to the rodeo, even with the same build issues. It sounds like a rodeo with a trooper drivetrain.
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    I'm pretty sure it's a trooper chassis, being built @ SIA. There has been a lot of mis-information out about the Axiom (no low range was a rumor that didn't materialize, it does in fact have Low range. The only thing Rodeo about it is the rear suspension IIRC.

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    I just read the Jan. 2001 Ward's Automotive article on Axiom. Some good info. It's a Rodeo chassis with a Trooper drivetrain, according to the article. I'm sure that's correct, since they talked to the president of American Isuzu for the article.
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    I was at the supplier previewon Thursday night, so things weren't busy and I had a chance to climb in the Axiom. I only saw one there, and there was no written info or helpful host/hostess. Here's what I noticed:

    * Interior looked nice. The controls all seemed friendly and modern but not overdone.
    * Seats were a dark tan leather. I really liked the color; classy and rich-looking. Rest of the interior was a combo of dark tan and black. Overall, very pleasing to the eye.
    * Extra powerpoint up front (plus the regular cigarette lighter), plus one in the cargo area.
    * This unit didn't have a 3rd row seat.
    * Speakers: each of the 4 doors had a high-mounted tweeter. Also, I think each door had a larger speaker mounted further down.
    * Two suspension settings: Sport and Comfort
    * Center console housed a CD changer. Console isn't much better than current Trooper's; not good. It's not that big, and much of the room is hogged up by the CD changer.
    * Better rear cupholder design (same crappy location at back of front center console) than in Trooper
    * This truck is definitely shorter than the Trooper, or at least it seems that way when you're inside.
    * Rear seating has lots of room. However, the seating position is where I noticed a difference vs. Trooper. The floor seems to be higher in relation to the seat, so my legs felt like they were sitting up higher
    * 235-65-17 Goodyear Integra? tires (IIRC)
    * The 3.5L engine (we already knew that)
    * Spare tire mounted underneath (below the cargo area, outside the vehicle)
    * Moonroof didn't seem as huge as Trooper's
    * Rear cargo door is a "traditional" style, one-piece, that opens upward (like the Explorer's cargo door)
    * I couldn't figure out how the second row seats folded down
    * Didn't really like the front-end styling but liked the rest of the exterior

    Overall, I liked the Axiom. I only looked at it for about 10 minutes, so that's all I can remember. I'm going to the Black Tie Charity Preview event tonight, so I'll try to take another look at it.

    The 2001 Isuzu brochure had a little blurb on the Axiom (which is a 2002 vehicle), but not a whole lot of details.

    I did get some other info about the Axiom: there were free copies of Ward's Automotive January 2001 issue (The 2001 Ten Best Engines issue), so I grabbed a couple. There's a one-page article on the Axiom, with some good info. They talked with the president of American Isuzu and got some good future info on Axiom and other Isuzu products. I'll put that in a separate post...
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    I wonder why the changer isn't in-dash like the rest of the isuzus? That's really whacky. I am glad to hear it isn't cutting into the Trooper area (moonroof, seating position, size)

    Long live the Trooper (with some minor mods it could be a top notch vehicle)

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    Here are some tidbits from the Jan. 2001 Wards Automotive article about the 2002 Isuzu Axiom. I believe most of these statements came right from the president of American Isuzu Motors Inc. (AIMI), who was interviewed and was quoted a few times in the article.

    Axiom is based on the Rodeo platform, with the Trooper drivetrain (3.5L V6 and TOD system; I'm not sure about the transmission)

    Diesels will be offered on Trooper starting in 2003! Yes!!! I think the article said the 6.6L Duramax (Isuzu/GM jointly developed; 315?hp, 520 lb-ft torque), one of Wards 10 Best Engines this year, is the one.

    There was also mention that GM and Isuzu plan to do more sharing of engines and other stuff. For example, there is a possibility that the new 4.2L 6 cylinder (270 hp) in the Bravada/Blazer/etc. may show up in Isuzus in the near future.

    President of AIMI expects Axiom to attract a new type of buyer to Isuzu, people who aren't into off-roading and ruggedness as much as current Trooper/Rodeo/Amigo owners. To him, this is a good thing. He said Isuzu expects Axiom to cannibalize (take away) only about 20% of Rodeo sales.

    Also, the article said Isuzu was showing a low-priced SUV, slightly larger than Trooper, that should start around $15,000. I don't know if that will ever happen, but that's what the article said. Yes, 15k. There was a concept-looking SUV there that I didn't look at much (it was roped off). Looked kinda like a Mercedes Benz Gelandawagen on steroids. Pretty cool-looking, but it didn't look like a production-ready unit.

    It seems like the article also said Isuzu plans to enlarge the Trooper and throw in a V8, but I don't remember if that was a dream from last night's sleep or actually in the article. I'll doublecheck.

    That's about all I can remember. I checked the Wards Automotive web site ( and didn't see any links to the article. I will post more info after I have another look at the article.
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    I forgot to mention this: the Ward's Automotive article said 'the Axiom will be available in the 550 Isuzu dealers on April 10.' Don't know if that means available for purchase or just a display model, etc.
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    Man, they are really going to have to expand the engine compartment to get a 6.6 liter engine in there, diesel or not!

    What size engine do the overseas diesels get?
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    gets a 3.0l Turbo Diesel.

    The new Trooper is likely to be larger Ala Land Cruiser :)

    Especially if it is gonna have a 6.6 Turbo Diesel in it.

    Can we say towing capacity out the butt!

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    I am considering a big SUV as my 2nd vehicle to replace our minivan over the next 2 yrs. What I'm wondering is will they make a trooper on the size order of a Yukon/Suburban extended version truck. I'm not that fond of diesel fumes, so I hope they have a gas engine V8. In the Yukon I like the fact that you get 4Lo, 4Hi, 2WD, and 4Hi autotrack--comparable to TOD. I think the next generation trooper should have that 4WD versatility and be available in an extended version. Hopefully, they will have a good price point.
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    A trooper comparable to Sequoia (I hope the sky doesn't fall due to that statement), which presumably is very big (haven't been in one) but with additional 4WD options would be great.
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    I like the size of the trooper now and its great for offroad, but if they're going to make it bigger, they may as well make an extended version option.
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    I re-read the Ward's Automotive article and it said the Axiom should be priced in the "mid-20s". Who knows whether that means, 24, 25, 26, 27k or what, and whether that's a base price.

    After a second look at Axiom, I remembered that it has some sort of display screen at the top of the controls in the middle of the dash. Don't know if it's for a navigation system (doubtful), cheesy trip computer (likely), etc.

    In case I didn't mention it before, the 6.6L Duramax diesel was one of Ward's 10 best engines for 2001. It develops 300 horsepower and 520 ft-lb torque.

    The concept vehicle I saw that looked to me like an M-B Gelandewagen is the Isuzu GBX. It had 21" tires and apparently was styled after a stagecoach. Short overhangs front and rear, tall passenger cabin, no pillars between front and rear doors.
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    I think that is the "Information Center" probably a cheesy compass, outside temp, Barometer, Altimeter thing like the Trooper Limited has.

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    An article in KC Star by Mark Rechtin, Automotive News "executives figure an Axiom with power everything, auto climate control, 140 watt cd player and trip computer should come to around $25,000"
    I have been serious Internet shopping all brands mid size SUVs and have pretty well narrowed down to Pathfinder, Highlander, Trailblazer and now Axiom. I have never paid any attention to Isuzu as a brand before. Straight stuff ladies and gents, how does Isuzu quality, performance and VALUE compare to other brands?
    I don't need off road capability just moderate tow capacity and reasonable cargo capacity (we fill up our vehicle even on a 2 night fishing trip).
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    You came to the right place...

    You may want to look @ the Trooper as well. Same drivetrain, a little larger and you could probably use the 2wd version of it for your needs. They have some nice incentives (a fully loaded 2000 Trooper goes for around $24K right now (including HUGE skylight))

    Isuzu warranty is great! 10/120K, 3/50K bumper to bumper, all standard from the factory.

    I had a '97 Rodeo, went 120,000 miles with only oil changes, and 2 sets of pads and 1 set of tires.

    I now have a 2000 Trooper LS and love it, even after 6 months and 16K miles!

    These are tough no-BS, no gadgetry boxy vehicles. They hold a ton of equipment. I travel 2 weekends a month upstate to my house in the adirondack mountains, putting on 700-1000 miles each time, carrying all kinds of luggage, people, and equipment for the house. As well I tow a 3500lb boat trailer, and I almost got into an accident once while changing lanes, cause i forgot it was there! Overall these vehicles won't let you down, so long as you don't mind not having a Toyota or Big 3 Nameplate on your vehicle.

    Check out my trooper page at

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    Here is a disturbing little article I stumbled across. GM really needs to keep there grubby little hands off Isuzu. Surely the Axiom and an updated Trooper will secure Isuzu's success in U.S. for the future.
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    Thanks, will sure consider this brand although posting 43 makes it a little scary to predict future for brand. A prior post lists a Trooper S at 20 K in Portland area. Will check sources for info on Trooper. By the way I visited Hidden Hitch site from your web site. Did you buy direct or through dealer? You install? How much for hitch and wiring? Thanks
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    I'll post hitch stuff over in aftermarket area...


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    GM didn't say US market, I don't think--they said they lost $97M for the 4th quarter in the SUV market for their 49% share (I think). This may lead to more Isuzu-GM highbreds--possibly as someone indicated awhile back for the new trooper.
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    Trooper would be my choice. Unbeatable quality/reliability/durability (to me, "made in Japan" is a great thing, and they put the Trooper together in Fujisawa). As paisan noted, the Trooper's value is outstanding. Even if the truck were much smaller than it is, it would still be a great value at 20-22k for a base Trooper (still very well-equipped) and 27-28k for a fully loaded one (leather, moonroof, power heated seats, etc.).

    I saw the Axiom at the auto show, and it will have the 3.5L V6 and Torque-on-Demand full-time/automatic 4WD system from Trooper (and presumably Trooper's 4-speed automatic transmission, which is a very solid, proven GM unit). It will be built at the same Indiana plant that builds the Rodeo.

    I like the Rodeo, but I don't think it represents as good a value as Trooper. Rodeo is more popular, and Isuzu has not discounted it nearly as heavily as the Trooper. A solid truck with a peppy 205hp 3.2L V6, available manual trans, truck chassis, etc. I know paisan had very good luck with his Rodeo's reliability, but overall I haven't heard great things.

    It remains to be seen whether Axiom's quality/reliability will land near Trooper since Axiom has the Trooper drivetrain, or if it will fall closer to Rodeo since it's being built on the Rodeo platform at the Rodeo plant. Or it may fall somewhere in between.

    Value on Axiom is also up in the air. If it doesn't sell, it will probably be discounted heavily and be an outstanding value. Even if it's popular, it may be a good value at a price between MSRP and dealer invoice.

    With the 3.5L V6 and a lower total weight than Trooper, Axiom should be a pretty strong performer.

    Personally, I own a '98 Trooper with 40,000 miles (bought as a corporate service vehicle with 7,000 miles). Before that, I had a '96 Trooper S that was unfortunately totaled. I love both of them.
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    The same tranny that's in the Trooper is also in the following vehicles:

    Holden Commodore
    Caddy Catera
    BMW Z3 Roadster!

    Not a bad group to be a part of.

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    First...sorry I haven't contributed lately but work has tied me up almost constantly. Still, I know I'm supposed to be a co-leader of this board.

    Thanks to Mike, though, for doing a great job and also to all the other "regulars" know who you are!

    Just a few words on Isuzu's future and pricing. If Isuzu continues to have to offer huge incentives just to sell products that we all know are worth more (the Trooper in particular) then I think it's only reasonable to expect both Isuzu and their partner GM to continue to loose money even beyond the fact that their sales have fallen somewhat. What I would like to see is for GM to quit whining and, in addition to the big push for the Axiom, get their ad geniuses going with some promotion on the TROOPER! Maybe ads kind of like the old Toyota ads where they showed satisfied owners standing with their vehicles and giving verbal endorsements. Then when (if) sales increase...CUT OUT THE INCENTIVES!. The incentives that we've all come to love on the Trooper could kill it in this market. While I am glad that I got my Trooper as cheap as I did, I certainly wouldn't mind paying closer to list next time if it's popularity increased and the resale values went up as well. I hope the Axiom IS popular enough that it will sell without the huge incentives. Remember Audi and the "unintended accelleration" debacle of the '80's. I had a friend that bought his first Audi at a huge discount. By the time he was ready for his second, the popularity had started to rise again and although he didn't get the discount he had before the resale on his first Audi had risen to the point that he still got a fair deal. Recently he just purchased his third Audi, an A6 after receiving another very fair deal. My point is, Isuzu and GM I think, could turn this whole thing around, both to their advantage and ours. Simplistic? Maybe, but definately possible!
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    Your reasoning is pretty sound, but my impression is that auto manufacturers never make decisions based solely on simple, logical reasoning.

    Chances are that GM & Isuzu will start sharing more parts in an effort to cut costs, particularly on the Isuzu side. I don't know how many vehicles Isuzu sells in other markets, but I doubt the numbers are very large. It's expensive to design and manufacture vehicles when the numbers are so small.

    I can live with Isuzu sharing some GM parts, but it's definitely not the best-case scenario. I wish GM would leave Isuzu alone and promote the brand based on its strengths. Owner loyalty seems to be a big one.

    If/when GM starts building Troopers on GM assembly lines, that's when I'll head for the door. I have never felt GM is a maker of quality automobiles, and I see no signs that they are turning it around.
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    Well, the new S-10/S-15/Hombre will be an Isuzu designed vehicle from the ground up. My prediction is that the Rodeo's next itteration will be a modified Trailblazer/Envoy/Jimmy platform vehicle. Which makes sense since the SIA plant will be cranking out Axioms. If you notice, there is a LOT of GM parts in our trucks already (Transmission, ECU by Delphi, Rodeo radiators have GM stamped on them) GM uses the Isuzu diesel 6.6l engine in the top of the line pickups now. Outside the US the Jackaroo/Bighorn is a big seller. IIRC somewhere I saw that it falls right below the Landcruiser and Pajero (Montero) in the rest of the world.

    If it were up to me, they could stretch the trooper 6 inches, widen it by 2 inches, and put in an Isuzu DOHC V8, maybe around 4.5 or 5 liter. Add a 3rd row of seats, and a better center console, multireflector headlights, Oil Pressure, Amp/voltage Guages, rear mounted power port, rear defroster wire on the 30% section of the door, and a door ajar lamp. As others have noted, upgraded speakers can go on that list as well. Anything else you guys would like to see in the next itteration?

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