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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    Trust me...I make no excuses for dealers. I think that they are pretty slimy. I have already been flammed on this subject by abtseller (you should let him know how you feel :0 )

    So far, my experience with Nissan and GM dealers has been poor (no wonder they rank low on the JD Power ratings). I think that you need to buy a Lexus or BMW to start getting close to good service (but I am sure they try to rip people off even more cause they have more $$)

    Just my .02 cents....
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    I think the Toy and Honda dealers are fairer in service things than Nissan or GM
  • brevinbrevin Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2000 GXE with 60k miles. There is
    a faint sqeaking noise that comes from the engine
    compartment when the car is running. When I turn
    off the ignition the car almost sounds like electronically or electrically something is adjusting itself.
    Also, near the fuel injection system, a bronze colored small rod seems to be adjusting itself.
    It moves one way when the car is started and then
    adjusts back when the ignition is turned off. It
    is audible and I'm wondering if its normal.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    I know this is common complaint regarding nissans paint, but having my Max since June I have realized that this paint(clearcoat) is about 0 percent resistant to just about any small object that the car comes into contact with. There are many scratches that have penetrated the clearcoat (not normal for a car less than 1 yr old, imo). Any advice? Otherwise, I like the car...dimly lit SES light still pending however.
  • My 2000 GXE had a similar noise which my patient Nissan mechanic finally traced to one of the electronic engine mounts. It was replaced and the noise was gone. He found it with a stethoscope while I reproduced the noise for him by turning the engine on and off repeatedly. He said he'd never heard of a case of bad engine mounts before, but I believe I've seen mention of it on this board a year or two ago.
  • brevinbrevin Posts: 2
    Hey bgongaware....thanks for the info.
    What were your costs for the repairs? Is this
    something that has to be fixed or if I'm willing
    to live with the noise would it not affect the car?
  • My 03 SE also has dimly lit SES light, anyone find any explainations?
  • O.K. No Laughing, but what is that?
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    nissangirl- that would be the service engine soon light. Yes, your car has one too! :)

    03maximan- It's not really visible during daylight/dusk hours....pretty much has to completely dark outside to see but it is noticeable under the right conditions. I talked to the dealer and one possibility was a faulty printed circuit. I cant get the car to the dealer when it's been dark enough to observe the problem(either I'm working, or the shop has closed/not open yet). So I will do the next best thing and hop into my car with the video camera and tape the dumb thing to show these guys that it really is on all the time. Remember, if they cant see/duplicate the problem, you're SOL. Nice to know someone else has this goofy problem.
  • Thank you. I only see mine when I start my car. As for now that's the only time I want to see it.......LOL.
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    If you are looking for excellent dealer service and not spend Lexus money, get a Saturn. Judging by the great ratings and high marks on their discussion boards saturn dealers are really great. Too bad they don't sell Maximas.....
  • boat28boat28 Posts: 3
    Thanks to everyone who replied to my original posting (#1092) on the coil issue. I wrote a letter to Nissan's customer service department in California and rceived a call from them several days later. The service rep stated they would not replace the coils until each one failed. I argued the logic behind their thinking, considering two of the coils had already failed and were replaced. It was just a matter of time before the other four would go. To make a long story short, Nissan agreed to replace the coils and re-flash the ECM for no charge. Not bad, considering the car is out of warranty with 66,000 miles on it. The company renewed my faith in standing behind their product.
  • boat28boat28 Posts: 3
    Has anyone experienced a problem with the dash brake light not turning off? I have a 2000 Maxima with an intermittent problem with the light. I dismantled the center console to allow complete access to the hand brake lever. There is a simple micro-switch that engages when the lever is pulled up. I must have run it through 50 engage/disengage cycles without any hint of the switch hanging up. Out of the blue while driving, the light will suddenly turn on. No consistency as to when this happens whatsoever.
    Any recommendations on how to cure this annoying problem?
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    if saturn did sell maximas, then no one here would be getting the great deals on the 03's that they are getting because Saturn has a no-haggle( always MSRP) pricing policy. Of course people would be less stressed out over the car buying experience if you walk in the dealer and purchase a car in a similar manner as going into a supermarket, and buying groceries.( can't haggle over the price of milk, but you can go to another market to get/find lower prices). I can understand why Saturn would have a top rating for customer satisfaction with this policy, but i would trade a couple of hours of stress and arguments to save a couple thousand dollars). Sorry this is sort of off-topic, but I really can't understand sometimes how many publications think the saturn policy is such as great idea (and especially for a car like the Ion which C&D recently concluded negatively by saying " we had to wait 7 years for this!")
  • DirltonDirlton Posts: 30
    Does anyone out there have a 2000 Maxima without "Auto On/Off Headlights" (you shouldn't)? Do they work as stated in the owner's manual?
  • The engine mount replacement was under warranty so repair was free. I believe I saw the cost of the mount somehow and, if memory serves, it was around $50. Diagnosis would have been costly because the mechanic worked to find the problem for over an hour.

    The noise was only a nuisance. It would not have done any damage to ignore it.
  • I just purchased an 03 Max SE 3 weeks ago. I've already had it in for service. There was a terrible vibration in the steering wheel. The tires were completely out of balance, especially the left side. One tire was so bad that the dealer is replacing it. They did not have the tire in stock so I have to go back in for service this week. That is not the end of my problems. The CD player (Bose System) stopped working. An error message appeared on the LCD display. The dealer is also replacing my stereo this week. Has anyone else had these problems? I researched this purchase until I couldn't research any more. I thought I made a good decision. Now I'm not so sure. The car rides like a rock and I have been feeding it gas like I drink water. You can feel every road imperfection in the steering wheel. I'm stuck in a bad dream. The only good part to this story is that the dealer has been great. Any feedback to my blues would be appreciated.
  • dirkdaddydirkdaddy Posts: 313
    You have normal large purchse "post purchase" 2nd guessing. Too bad you had a few glitches with your new max. As you know with all the research you did, your is not really a normal experience. Must have been a bummer batch of tires.

    The SE is a performance car and has low profile tires, so you are going to feel the road. Any performance tuned car is going to feel that way, although some pricier cars do a better job than the less expensive ones.

    I'm 40 and drive conservatively most of the time, and last I checked I got about 21mpg mix of city hwy driving with AC on (5 speed) SE 2000. Others here have similar or worse MPG, depending on their foot. The car isn't really EPA rated as an economy car.

    Relax, these cars are good, have great resale and last a long time from what I read.

  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Clearly you've got a few issues with your particular copy.

    As long as your dealer is so supportive, I'm sure you'll get things resolved and have an overall positive ownership experience as almost all of us on this board have.

    I've got a 00 SE that over the first 114,000 miles has averaged 23.7 MPG on premium gas 91-93 octane.

    I concur with dirkdaddy, the SE does ride a little sportier (rougher) than most sedans but then you probably noticed than in your test drives or you'd have bought a GLE instead?

    (Watch that tire pressure on those 17" tires! Owners have reported delivery of cars with pressures ranging between 25-40lbs. The difference in ride is dramatic to say the least at 40lbs, feels like your riding on rocks.)

    Keep us updated as to your issues and be thankful you have a good Nissan dealer standing behind you.

    Some owners have not had that level of support with similar issues. (What type of vehicle did you own last, just for comparison?)
  • Hang in there. I also have an '03 SE, it now has 1400 miles on it. It is such a joy to drive. The roughness of the ride, or better yet, performance of the SE is something I am very used to. This is my 4th SE Maxima, so that is all I'm use to. The only problem I have had with my new purchase is that when going thru a carwash my sunroof leaked a little, it did not leak at all during rain, just the high pressure car washes, but it was a simple fix. They removed the glass and re-installed it with an adjustment. It's been fine since.

    Sounds like you have a great dealership just as I do. That makes a world of difference in how you feel about your total purchase experience. These are truly great vehicles, and I hope you enjoy your drive! Congratulations!
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    03maximan: Nissan is aware of the SES light issue with the 03s and issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin). A few people on posted the TSB. Nissan should cover it under warranty.

    boat28: I had an older max with this problem (flickering brake light). I think I was low on brake fluid (you may want to check the level in the master cylinder if you hadn't already). Goodluck!
  • satysaty Posts: 23
    hey guys.

    What are you guys running the tire pressure on 03 max. se to get a little soft ride.

    Thanks in advance
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    Hang in there. Try running your tires at 30 psi air pressure each. I've been running mine at 30 psi and the car rides great (compared to 32 psi or higher). You'll be surprised. Don't go any lower than 30 however.

    My CD player (BOSE) gives error messages when its very cold (< 25 deg F). It won't eject CDs sometimes when its cold too (don't ask me why). When car interior warms up, those problems disappear.

    Fuel ecomony will improve. Mine was terrible until I hit 7,000 miles.

  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    Finally getting some miles on my new Max and it remains a blast to drive. Tire pressure is something to watch, though, on the SE. It's been very cold here in Ohio and although my car is garaged, it has started to creak and rattle going over small-to-medium bumps. Seems to be in the dashboard area (both sides) and is really annoying unless i crank the stereo (Nissan fix, I'm sure!). I know my local dealer techs won't be able to duplicate it since they can't hear sh**. Anyone else out there have a creaky dash?
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    There's quite a thread on about 2002 Rattles, etc. in the max so I guess I need to keep my stereo cranked! Oh well...
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Hi boat28, congratulations on getting Nissan to pay for the replacement of coils on the 2000 Maxima. They should really be doing a recall considering the number of people affected by this.

    Who did you speak to at Nissan to get the coils replaced? Is there a contact phone number and extension?

  • Planet Nissan in San Bernardino is about the best ever!! They treat you like Infiniti (wash and detail your car after every service!!)

    Give em a try if you are in the area!

  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    or do these 2000+ Maximas have many problems?

    My 01 Protege is running better than new (the engine broke in VERY nicely) and it has over 50.000kms on it.

    I was thinking of buying an old 92/93 Maxima SE (with the sunroof, alloys, spoiler) at the end of this year. I would want to keep it one or two years, but reliability still matters.

    Should I (considering all these things happening on an expensive car)? I would be pretty p!$$ed if my $24.000 CDN Protege had these issues.

  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    I agree with the posts regarding the Max's paint quality. It stinks!! It is probably the worst thing about the car. I was the lucky recipient of two large bird droppings on my hood a few months back and despite my best effort at trying to gently remove the droppings, I have two nice size scratches on the hood. I hope to keep the car for a long time to come, but it may be a great challenge keeping the exterior looking good. The paint is very unforgiving.
  • This is usually caused by condensation build up on the CD overnight, once the car warms up the condensation evaporates and the CD player acts as normal.

    My suggestion would be (during the winter) remove your CD's when you park the car for the night and put them back in the morning.
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