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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • polapinkpolapink Posts: 2
    I really liked the car but I have a problem and wonder if anyone else has the same one. I am about 6'3 and while there is enough headroom in the unit, the steering wheel rests on my legs.
    The salesman dropped the seat as low as he could but the wheel still touched the top of my legs. I adjusted the wheel to its highest position but it just doesn't go up enough. I've never run into this before except in a Maxima I rented several years ago. This is the only reason for me not purchasing the car. Anyone else run into this? Otherwise I'm off to Accura land.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    as far as i know the nissan extended warranty is a set price. but not sure.
  • fpwiiifpwiii Posts: 2
    Have a 1993 Nissan Maxima that is having intermittent stalling problems. Car starts okay in Park or neutral and when you put it into gear, either reverse or drive it stalls. Doesn't always do this and some times will run for days without any problems. Usually happens when the car is cold and has been sitting for a while. Have had to dealer and they can't get it to act up. Has anyone experienced this same problem. Fuel pump seems okay and have put in new fuel filter. Does it sound like an electrical problem as some times car won't start and if you move the transmission gear shift around the car starts okay.
  • mikeg12mikeg12 Posts: 4
    I bought my 2k SE about a year ago and i have noticed that my mileage is decreasing by the tank. I average about 18 miles per gallon. This doesn't seem right. Does anyone else have this problem or know a solution? My dealer does not what it is. Please help.

  • The Power antenna system of my old maxima went wrong a few days ago. It will stop before extending completely and make noise for a while. If it extends out normally, then it will not retract. The mast looks a little bit deformed.
    Is it possible to replace the mast and/or nylon strip without replace the motor? Where can I find those components?
  • brucer2brucer2 Posts: 157
    You can buy just the antenna and nylon strip at a Nissan dealer. The part is called the Antenna Mast.
  • pjbeanpjbean Posts: 1
    I own a 93 maxima and I had the same problems. had it hooked up to a computer by a mechanic and he couldn't find anything. I finally found someone to find the problem. It turned out to be a bad fuel inject or and that made the O2 sensor go bad as well.
  • kean54kean54 Posts: 1
    My neighbor owns a 96 Nissan Maxima that will not start after being left to sit for 24 hours or more. This does not happen every time, but enough that she has bought 4 batteries in the last eight months. The car does not turn over, just like the battery was dead, but I don't think that is the problem. Any suggestions?
  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    Oh boy! I just bought a 2001 GXE Feb. 9 and on
    March 11 I found little bits of rust all over the
    area where the trunk hood fits in and across the
    rear bumper. I tried rubbing them out with a chamois cloth, but some spots were really tough.

    So, I took it to the dealer and the service manager said it was from the metal shards that were left over from where they drilled the holes to install the rear spoiler. He said it was probably a one-time thing and that they could buff out the rust
    and then wax the area.

    A lot of the rust came out, but some of it didn't and I am so bummed out. I bought a new car so I didn't have to deal with rust for a few years. The service manager said I should probably keep this area waxed. This irritates me because I don't really have the time or the energy to keep up with this. It's a new car--I don't want to have to deal with this.

    Has anyone ever experienced such a thing?
    Maybe the rust is really a one-time occurance, but
    it just seems bizarre to me.

    Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • w988w988 Posts: 6
    I have a 87 SE and a 91 GXE both with automatic transmission. The transmission in both cars refused to shift to overdrive until the car is traveled for 3-4 miles at highway speed during the winter here in MN. Anybody experienced the same problem? This problem does not occur to all the other vehicles that I owned.
  • brucer2brucer2 Posts: 157
    This is how the Nissans are designed. (We've have/had Maximas: 87, 88, 90 & 91 Stanza) The revs are held higher, by not shifting into O/D, to warm the engine up faster. This does, however, really hurt gas milage on shorter trips when it's cold outside.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,602
    The rust may be transportation damage from a railcar. You could have a body shop look at it, they would know. If the body shop says it is transportation related, you should have the dealer repaint it or keep buffing it to get it right. Maybe they just aren't trying hard enough.

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  • stermenstermen Posts: 10
    I had the same problem with my old 93 Hyundai Elantra. Not that the cars are comparable but I feel the problem is. It was found to be burning oil. The oil would then drip on the pugs causing me to lose spark. When it first started, it only happened when it was cold. And it was hard to start. Then as the condition progressed, it turned into a constant stalling problem. I couldn't let my foot off the gas to break without it stalling. So I would check the plugs. You might just need a tune up. It could also be the O2 sensor like the person above mentioned.
  • msambasimsambasi Posts: 1
    I found today that there was a pool of water (the spare tire was almost immersed) in the trunk. I had driven the car in rain a couple of weeks back and did not even have an idea that water could get in the trunk. I am sure that it has not gotten in through the trunk lid but from under the body. There are two gaskets (small and big) through which it could have gotten in. Has anyone else had this problem with their Maxima 2000?. Thanks.
  • brucer2brucer2 Posts: 157
    The last time I had a trunk water leak problem it was due to a cracked tail light lens. You would, of course, see that, but water can also come in from around the tail light assembly.
    Two ways of checking where the water is coming from would be to dry things out and then use a hose to wet the outside down, and then look in the trunk. The other would be to get in the trunk, close it, and look for light leaking in (do this with an assistant you trust).
  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    On Feb. 3, MVProfit wrote: When I let off the gas on my 2001 GLE, rather than a smooth response, it feels abrupt. When I accelerate again, it is a noticeable surge, almost a clunk-like feel. Same when using the cruise control. It surges noticeably back and forth even on level terrain. Dealer says this is normal. I'm not convinced. any similar experiences?

    Dear MV: I am noticing the same thing with my 2001 GXE and mentioned it to the service manager at the dealership. He, too, said it is normal. It sure doesn't feel normal and like you, I am not convinced.

    Also, I have noticed a lot of people here talking about Maximas that won't start. I have experienced this as well and I just bought my car Feb. 9! Told the service manager about this and he didn't have an answer for me.

    All these things with my so-called new car are making me long for my trusty old Toyota Corolla... not a good feeling after laying down a huge chunk of change for the Maxima.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    i had this problem on a 95GXE

    it turned out the water pathway on the side of the trunk. it goes around the taillight assembly. there is a sealant around the housing of the assembly.

    I applied a sealant around the taillight assembly and that fixed my water in trunk problem. to be specific, my water in spare tire well in the truck problem.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    subject of prev. message should say

    water in trunk and not truck

  • I made a post a few days ago about the "Service Engine Soon" light on my 97 Nissan Maxima (which I bought Jan. 3 this year) coming on. A Nissan shop said to check that the gas cap was tight, and it was. I unplugged the battery and left it that way for more than 34 minutes and plugged it back up and the light still came on. I can't tell that anything is wrong with the car at all. The manual says it means there is an emission control system malfunction. In the handy-dandy maintenance log provided with the manual and warranty booklets, under "Emission Control System Maintenance" are listed "Replace Engine Oil" and "Replace Engine Oil Filter." There is more to the "Emission Control Sytem" than there, isn't there? Or could it be that I simply need an oil change or oil filter change...or both? I planned on getting it changed every 3000 miles and I've got a few hundred to go. I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow, but I would appreciate any insights as to prevent myself from being "taken."
  • lennielennie Posts: 1
    has anyone took their 2000 maximas in for a fix on the shifting problems i know that their is a tsb from nissan i asked a service manager he pretended their was no problem.
  • jtschragjtschrag Posts: 1
    My 95 did the same thing except it did not have to sit 24 hours it was just random. Put on a new starter solenoid and that fixed my problem. it could also be safety switch or they have a drain on the battery.
  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    Lennie--Forgive me, but what is a tsb?
    Also, can you please explain more about the shifting problem you are having?
    Are you noticing abrupt shifting/surging?
  • fcbcdwfcbcdw Posts: 7
    Couple weeks ago, my 2k Maxima couldn't start. I try at least 3 times and then it would started. It happened once in a while. So, I brought it to the dealer to check. Later, it found the problem. It is my Mobile speed pass. The speed pass somehow had caused problem to the computer chips that are inside the keys. Both of my keys needed to get re-programmed, And now, it works perfectly.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    It could be a faulty temp or O2 sensor. I had to change the temp sensor once and the O2 three (3) times.
  • skigerskiger Posts: 1
    I don't know what a "tsb" is, but suspect you mean a manufacturer's "hidden" warranty (whatever the proper term is). If there is one, I'd like to know. I have a 2000 Maxima that shifts very abruptly and hard when I decelerate then try to accelerate quickly (as in slowong down at an intersection, then stepping on it to go through). Does this almost every time. Anyone have the same problem &/or advice? I'm planning to ask about this the next time the car goes in for regular servicing.
  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    I have a 2001 GXE and am experiencing something similar to what you described. I notice the hard shifting both when I accelerate and decelerate.
    The dealer checked it out and said it was normal. Doesn't seem normal to me. I don't really have any advice. Please post anything you find out if you can.
  • My Maxima's alternator failed at about 50,000 miles. That's the only problem I've experienced with the car since I bought it new. I have always had it serviced on a regular basis (3 months or 3,000 miles) and used premium octane gasoline. Does anyone know what could've caused this?
  • maxdavemaxdave Posts: 6
    In the absence of some of the more regular guys who post on these maxima boards. I'm going to try to answer some of the many questions that have been flying around here.

    1) "TSB" stands for technical service bulletin. These are put out by the manufacturer when they admit to a problem such as recalls or other small problems that they are willing to fix. There are a few tsb's out for the 2k maxima. You can get information on tsb's for maxima's at

    2) In the absence of knowing if you all have auto trannies or 5 speed manuals here goes some general answers

    Auto tranny shifting...there is a tsb out for the 2k maxima's that experience what I'm going to call a lag when shifting from first to second gear. I don't have an auto tranny so I don't the exact details but this is a known problem with the transimission control module and if you experience this then you should have your dealer replace the TCM.

    5 speeds...There is another know problem that Nissan has not admitted to but definitely exhists. The problem is what's being called a "fuel cut" problem. I experience this phenomenon mostly during in town driving in traffic where I let off the gas and the car "bucks" and then when I accelerate the car does the same thing. this is being caused by the throttle being slammed closed when you let off the accelerator to slow down and then slamming open when you acclerate. This is a problem with the computer. There is another board that talks specifically about this problem. it's called "Maxima 5 speed problem" to get more information on this problem there is a post at the beginning of that board that gets into a lot of detail.

    Well, I hope this helps some of you. You're dealer isn't wrong when he says that the problem is normal. He's right, but the fact that the maxima's do that is wrong.


  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    Bless your heart, maxdave!
    Thanks so much for your response.
    Now everything makes much more sense.

    The NHTSA web site is a big help. I agree with you that ok, the problems might be normal, but it still doesn't make it right! It's very upsetting. It seems like all the info on the Max was very positive, so I thought it was the right car to buy, but now I am feeling very disappointed. The car is an automatic, by the way.

    Do those of us experiencing the problem have any recourse?
  • w988w988 Posts: 6
    My 91 GXE with about 75000 miles stalled (engine shut off itself) at 60mph on the highway. I pulled to the side of the road then was able to re started it after a couple of tries. I drove the car for another mile then the engine stalled again then it won't start and had to be towed to a Nissans Dealer. The Dealer service department was busy thus unable to check my car until two days later. The car re started fine and the dealer checked the electrical components and the battery and couldn't find anything wrong. The car won't start two weeks later in the morning. Then it started and ran fine the next morning without anything being done to it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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