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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • brucer2brucer2 Posts: 157
    If the ignition system is in good condition, then it's probably a fuel problem. You have to make sure that the fuel pump is getting power (check connections for fuse, relay for corrosion). Also make sure you have proper fuel pressure in the fuel rail. You can also have a clogged fuel filter. It's also possible for the fuel pick-up for the fuel pump (in the gas tank) is clogged.
  • maxdavemaxdave Posts: 6
    Well, recourse on the auto-tranny shift "lag" is simply have your dealer replace the TCM.

    Recourse on the clunky, jerky ride at lower speeds is something that isn't going to happen until Nissan admits that there is a problem and issues a tsb. This is not looking like it is going to happen anytime soon if at all, so basically we simply have to deal with it. The "fuel cut" problem is a real pain for those of us that have the 5 speed manual, but in the automatic tranny the electronics are supposed to compensate and smooth out the ride. Since you have an auto tranny you shouldn't feel the jerkiness much at all unless you are really sensitive to it.

    If it very noticable there might be something else wrong with the car and you might want to mention it the next time you take it into the dealer.

    hope this helps,

  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    Hello again.

    Forgive me, but I don't know what a TCM is.

    Thanks for the help!
  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    TCM: Transmission Control Module. I presume it's a computer chip or similar device which controls the shifting of the transmission. Some Maximas (generally year 2000 models) have a problem with it, and Nissan has issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for it's repair/replacement for the affected vehicles.

    I know there is a particular serial number range (i.e., manufacture date range) affected. At least for me, my 3 week old Maxima isn't having the problem, and hope yours doesn't either.
  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18
    Has anyone with a 2000 or 2001 Max had the TCM replaced?
    Did it help?

  • maxgxe93maxgxe93 Posts: 1
    Well, I guess I'll just jump in with my '93 GXE stereo saga. I have the Bose CD/tape unit and it
    does sound great when it works. Often it just cuts out for no apparent reason only to resume minutes later, and I'm not talking about the CD player.

    Yes I have done the fist on the dashboard technique with some success, but not lately. It is deader than a door nail. Any similar stories or remedies out there? I guess I could always go to Best Buy and buy a new after market head unit but I'd prefer to stay stock for dash synergy. I'm all ears!
  • donaldmdonaldm Posts: 1
    96 Max GLE- spurious alarms- horn beeping, lights flashing. Have also had a few instances of trunk popped open (Overnight) and an instance of my front windows lowered half way.
    These are all functions of the remote control but are occurring while the car is unattended at at various locations around town.
    Anybody have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
  • deisnerdeisner Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 1998 Nissan Maxima SE.
    Is it worth it to get the Nissan extended warranty
    at $1690 for a 7year/100,0000 mild/ 0 deductible
  • Got a 92 maxima GXE, 115,000 miles. never has given me a problem until the last 6 months. Once in a while, turn the key, all lights, windows, radio on, but no engine turnover. No clicking noise either. Nothing!. towed to dealer 3 times....starts right up for them first try. diagnostics indicate nothing wrong. Replaced starter (first visit), and relay interrupt switch (second visit). third wits end! Now I can't trust the car! help! alternator checks out fine. battery new. any suggestions? thanks much!
  • Sherry163b...I own a 92 Maxima and i have the same problems. Everything you describe is true. What you have to do when this happens is

    1) move the key to the on position.
    2) Release the shift lock and move the car into Neutral.
    3) move the car about 2 ft.
    4)stop and turn off car
    5)then try it again..

    This method has not failed me yet. Good Luck

    Black Jack
  • Thanks Black jack! I AM NOT CRAZY! WOOHOO!
    you wouldn't happen to know the reason why the car does this? just curious.
    Yup.... I can see myself chasing my car down a hill after I attempt to push it 2 feet
    thanks abunch...sherry
  • I have a '96 Maxima that has 60k miles on it. I know that the old rule of thumb was to replace a car's timing belt at 60k miles, but I'm told that newer cars (possibly including my '96) don't need that. It seems that the rule for new Nissans is to start checking the timing belt for wear at 60k, and only replace it if necessary until hitting 100k (and then replacing it at 100k). Nissan's owner's manual is woefully lacking in detail about the timing belt - all it says is to start checking the "drive belts" for wear at 60k, but there's nothing specific about the timing belt. I'd appreciate hearing anyone's advice about this, especially if there are any Nissan mechanics who post here. Thank you.
  • qx4qx4 Posts: 99
    it was worth it for me 95GXE
    but not for many others

    since its a used car, i would probably get it.

    but it all depends.
  • max_2ksemax_2kse Posts: 5
    Relax, your Max has a timing chain that doesn't need any replacement.
  • lucy1213...I had my TCM replaced. I would say overall that it helped. At cold temperatures, I have experienced the lag. I don't know if that should make a difference, but once the car is hot, no more lag.
  • lucy1213lucy1213 Posts: 18

    What year is your Maxima?
    Is the replacement process a quick and simple thing? Thanks for the help!
  • OK. So it finally gets warm enough in MA to roll down the windows. What I am hearing is a rattle-like noise similar to a big diesel truck that's idleing. It happens when you accelerate (somewhat quickly)from low speeds in both first and second gear and you can only hear it very briefly. Of course, it's not consistent and the car had been driven for over 50 minutes before. I checked the transmission fluid and it was fine. Any ideas? Anyone have a similar problem?
  • lakleinlaklein Posts: 8
    Just bought the 2001 se 5 speed. Anyone else getting rattles from the console while extended,and if so any fix? Thank you
  • diasadiasa Posts: 2
    In response to Post 66, I have the same problem with that noise in a 1998 SE. It's very difficult to duplicate and of course the dealer can't. At first I thought it was something with the tires but I had them inspected, rotated and they check out fine. I think it has something to do with the temp and wind. It's as though the wind is getting into something and making that noise at a certain speed. It doesn't always happen at the same speed but usually when I'm going over 60. Anyone else have this problem and if you did where's the noise coming from!!
  • fpwiiifpwiii Posts: 2
    Had the same problems you describe on my 1993 nissan maxima. Had it towed 3 times and everytime I took it to the dealer it worked fine. Finally took to a good transmission shop and they checked the transmission and found metal shavings in the transmission fluid and some other indications that made it necessary to have the tranmission rebuilt. I had 105,000 miles on the car. it was repaired about $1300 but it runs beautifully now and have not experienced any problems since. Was really upset with the dealer that they never checked out the transmission issue.
  • Hi all,
    I have a 96 Maxima SE, actually my wife drives it :-( She took off yesterday
    on about a 350 mile trip and about 40 miles down the road (interstate
    driving...her speed prob. about 80) of steady cruise (not cruise control just foot on the gas) she said "something
    felt funny " and looked down to see the O/D light lit. Of course this means
    the O/D is off and it had gone to 3rd gear. I told her turn around an forget
    the trip. When she got the car to me I drove it around the block, (big block
    up to 80mph for 20 sec. or so) no problem!?!? I sat in the parking lot, opened
    the hood and began to look around...fluid OK and pink, then I hear a light
    clunk, I get back into the car and start it and sure enough the O/D lamp is
    lit with the switch in the position that the lamp should have been off! I
    suspect a relay, but the [non-permissible content removed] Haynes manual covers so many models I don't
    have a clear, complete diagram of the O/D circuit.
    Any Help is greatly appreciated......
    I sure could use some!
  • I have a '97 GLE with 79K miles. Recently the shifting between 1st and 2nd has become unpredictable and most often seems to rev too high before shifting to 2nd. Also after it shifts it will jump back to 1st with very little pressure on the accelerator. Is the TCM going bad ? How do I know if I need a new O2 sensor. Thanks...
  • I took my '96 Maxima in for its 60k checkup, including a change of spark plugs and other things. Now I'm wondering if there's any easy way for me to tell whether the shop put in platinum spark plugs. The car's running great, but I'm just wondering.
  • rchadarchada Posts: 1
    My car has 53000 miles on it and runs well. Yesterday the "Service Engine Soon" light came up.
    I took to the dealer. he diagnosed it as a broken Emission Control Valve (ECV). Though Maximas have 60,000 miles Engine/Drivetrain warranty, the ECV is not part of it because it is
    in the back of the car as per the dealer. Anyone having similar experience ?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Take one out and look at it.
  • Thank you for the suggestion - any way to tell without removing the spark plug? I don't have tools to do that, and certainly don't want to screw anything up trying to do it without the proper tools.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    The only other way to verify which plugs are in it is to remove a spark plug wire/boot and see if you can read the number on the porcelain of the plug. If you try that, be careful to rotate the boot and pull on it, NOT the plug wire.
  • Well Black2000Max, you're not the only one. I've been experiencing the same problem for the last four months. I own a Silver 2000Max. I originally thought it was pinging as a result of bad gasoline. I tried premium gasolines from all different brands, even octane boost. But I got the same rattling noise. It seems to come and go and like you said happens when you accelerate from lower speeds. I finally took it to the dealership but they couldn't find anything wrong. There were no error codes coming up on the computer. They told me that it was probably bad gasoline. NOT! It figures nothing happens when I bring it in. Talking to some co-workers, they think it could be the module that regulates the timing. But still not sure. I'm on another trip back to the dealership this Thursday. A different one this time. Its a bigger place so I'm hoping that the technicians have had experience with this problem. I'll keep you posted.. Let me know if you find anything out. Thanks.
  • slp77slp77 Posts: 12
    i'm thinking of buying a used 96-98 maxima but...

    1) i've read that it requires premium gas. if
    you don't run premuim do you get alot of engine
    pinging? is anyone here using regular?

    2) i live in LA and am looking at getting an
    automatic (my left leg is starting to look like
    conan the barbarian's). how many miles can
    i expect out of a well cared for nissan

    3) i haven't found anything (good or bad) about
    cup holders. i'm sure it must have them, any
    comments about them?

    4) i've read alot of comments about
    people who either loved or hated the milage they
    were getting. however, no one seems to actually
    say what they are actually getting. what can
    i expect for city/highway driving?

    5) and finally, i've had slight experience working
    on nissan vehicles but never a maxima. just how
    hard is it to get at the engine? any comments about
    any other maintenance issues?

  • Thanks fgonzales.

    Please keep me posted on what you find out. I am bringing mine in on Monday to have it looked at...

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