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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Post #1877 a FRIED headlight PLUG at 25,000 mi.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Post #1877, a rear spoiler , center mounted
    LED stoplight that is totally inop. Just discovered this AM. You KNOW that sucker
    will be $200. Guess I'll go to the junkyard.

    Gosh, I have not been to a junkyard since I owned
    that old '57 Plymouth Savoy !!!
  • texas03texas03 Posts: 2
    I've got a 2003 Maxima. I have leaves blowing occasionally blowing out the ac vents and can hear them rattling around in there. Anybody ever heard of that before?
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Buy the cabin filter. Not sure if you need a kit or just the filter itself, as I have not been inspired enough to do this my own car yet. That will keep the leaves from coming all the way through the vent system, they will be caught on the filter. Change 1x a year.

  • csgmancsgman Posts: 5
    Hi all!
    I have a 02 SE and it is just about time to take it in for my 30K checkup - I would like to get all recalls, etc. fixed as expiditiously as possible - is there a list of TSB's on the Internet for this car that i can reference?

    Any and all help would be appreciated!

  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    Check the ownership (TAB) section on Edmunds and you will see a reference to "you, your vehicle, and technical service bulletin". This will give you a couple of places that you can check for TSB's, including the Edmunds site (lists the TSB's and a brief statement of what they are [not much detail here, just a summary])
  • texas03texas03 Posts: 2
    Are you talking about the microfilter? Or is there something else besides that? It comes with the microfilter which they replaced a couple of months ago. It's so weird to have an entire leaf blow out a vent into the seat next to you!
  • choosinuchoosinu Posts: 22
    Please give me tips. 2000 Max, 103K miles and light just came on and stayed on today, I drive 40 miles one way to work. Question can I continue to drive until weekend? When I take it into dealer how do they determine cause? What can I expect problem to be and what is reasonable cost? Is this something best handled by the dealer? I don't like them. I have had no service done at the dealer. My Max has been great, no problems. Brake pads and tires. I change oil every 3-5K and have always used 91+ Octane. I hate walking into any repair shop. I feel like I'm going to get a snow job because I am a female. So please arm me with knowledge before I go.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Stop into any AutoZone, have them read the stored diagnostic trouble codes (free), and post the codes for us.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Exactly, go to Autozone and get code pulled for free, takes them 1 minute literally. If the light is on solid it's not life threatening and you can go in at your convenience, if it's blinking on and off that's a more serious issue. I'll wager Oxygen sensor, bank 2. Or else bad coil(s). Any takers???
  • mikef208mikef208 Posts: 69
    I had a friend tell me the other day that my spoiler brake light was not working. He used to own a 97 max and told me where to look to see if it was connected, but I am not sure if i found the right spot or not, if I did, it sppears connected. He said that the whole thing was not working, so its not like a couple LEDs are dead, thats why he thought maybe it was connected. How shoudl i go about trying to fix this.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Try this site for all Maxima TSB's.

    Quite a collection, depending on the year you own. none
  • 2000 maxima, when should you replace the alt, p.s. and waterpump belts? How hard are they to do?
  • zapmanzapman Posts: 1
    I have owned a 2001 Maxima now for almost 2 years. It's been the perfect car in regards to options, power, size etc.....but I too have been having doubts about reliability. I have had to turn the warped brake rotors three times, an O2 sensor once and the fuel injectors have had to be flushed as they had flooded and I could not start the car one Sunday morning.

    I have had to put up with a bumpy, jittery, stiff ride that has been very frustrating. I'm surprised that no one else has complained about this!

    The latest complaint and this is a huge one.....the car has developed an annoying vibration ever since it was serviced for it's 48,000 KM. At 1,000 to 1,500 RPM, the car has started a lugging, resonating vibration that feels like driving a manual transmission at a higher gear at low revs. I actually have an automatic transmission and around town, I have to drive with the Overdrive button off in order to avoid some of the vibration by driving at higher revs.

    The local Nissan dealer is stumped by it and another Nissan dealer nearby has experienced this same condition with an 00 Maxima model on which they replaced the transmission, exhaust system etc. and were not able to resolve it. The client was sold another Maxima of the same year that does not display the same condition.

    I really don't want to get rid of this car. I would rather have it fixed. Has anyone experienced this low rev phenomenum? Please reply to this message.
  • choosinuchoosinu Posts: 22
    Hi all repair Gurus,

    Auto Zone in my area doesn't check codes for you anymore, but they let me check out the diagnostic tool. The code I got was P1320. That's the only one. Ok, what does that mean? Is it dealer only job? How much might I expect to pay? I'm in So. Calif.

    Thank you all for you help.
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    because I also had the P1320 (which AutoZone Checked). You have the FAMOUS IGNITION COIL problem which all six have to be relcaed..I did that last week. Fortunately I was able to get the coils and installed myself. Hope your car is under warranty. Several 1-800-NISSAN1 and talk to a representative. He will give you a service number to be used when you take it to the dealer. Hopefully NISSAN will help with the cost if you have low milage or under warranty. If they don't figure about $700+ unless you buy the parts and install yourself. EASY job, took me less than 1/2 hour!

    My problem and thanks to the TSB site I have the KEY REGISTRATION - CAR WILL NOT START!! Just out of the blue the car will not start. Security light stays on and that is the indication that the chip in the key has gone bad.

  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    to 103K before your SES light came on. Mine is a 1999 SE Limited with just 51,000. It jas been taken care of but no matter - NISSAN has problems. Look back though some of these messages and you will see what I am talking about. Good luck in getting yours fixed..
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    for your 2000. Hope they cover costs. Let me know. I bought the 6 coils for $387 plus UPS shipping and as mentioned installed myself. Had the dealer reset the SES light at no cost.

    Now I have to see if NISSAN will pick up my car and fix my No Start Problem.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    2000 maxima Drive belts are listed for replacement at 60,000 miles or 48 months.

    Supposed to be inspected every 15,000 miles.

    Looks pretty easy from the service manual.
  • Thank you. Are there 2 or 3 belts?
  • choosinuchoosinu Posts: 22
    Hi vcarreras,

    I doubt Nissan is going to pay for anything that goes wrong at 103K miles. This is my second Max, the other was a 92 and I hadno trouble with it. Turned it over to my son and typical young man, he traded those reliable 4 doors in for a Mustang.

    Can you tell me where you got your coils? I have been checking auto parts web sites most of the day and I find plugs but no coils.

    If anyone else knows where I can get them, please chime in.
  • vcarrerasvcarreras Posts: 247
    to buy the ignition coils through a Nissan dealership in Austin, Texas. (1-888-254-6060) If I recall it was like $57 each for the front 3 and $63 each for the back 3. Total cost like $387 including tax plus cost for UPS shipping. Costs may be different for your 2000 since mine is a 1999. Ask for Dave B. Hope this helps. Easy to install as long as you have tools.

    I had a 95 SE MAX which was trouble free to 134K when it was totaled when someone cut in front of my son. It was replaced with this 1999 SE Limited.

    The 99 is at the dealership in Atlanta and was just told that the computer is bad and has to be replaced! It is covered under warranty! No computer in stock so they are giving my son a rental. They said it would be ready tomorrow. I will let you know what happens..
  • I am looking for some help and direction......I just recently began experiencing some electrical problems with my 2001 Maxima GLE. When I shut off the car, my electric locks, dome lights, key fob, trunk opener, power sunroof all stop working. However, when I turn my key on to where the battery is working then all the above mentioned electronics work.

    I checked all of the fuses that I know of and did not find any broken this point I am at a loss as it is affecting many electrical items but not all....the radio continues to work when the key is in the accessories position, but no dome light, key fob, locks, etc.

    Any suggestions?
  • pajem40pajem40 Posts: 2
    Has anyone else experienced this problem with their 2004 SE? My SE is 8 months old and I recently experienced a problem. Service engine light came on and car lost all acceleration. I felt a surge the instance the light came on. The engine did not completely shut down. I was going about 35 miles per hour and accelerating. Car is currently at the dealer being repaired. I have been told by the service manager that it was the throttle body motor and this controls the air flow to the system. I have a concern about this because I previously owned a 2002 Altima that experienced a similar problem twice, but each time was told that is was the master air flow sensor. Doesn't this sound like the same thing? Each incident has been while car is accelerating. Maybe Nissan's are not for me anymore.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    There are two belts, one that drives the power steering oil pump and the other one drives the air conditioner and alternator.
  • Where the hell is the fuel filter on a 2000 maxima
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    From others' experiences....this is due to fuel pump problems; computer mix up that is shutting off the fuel supply.

    Have dealer replace fuel pump under warranty!!!
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Unfortunately, the fuel filter is located inside the fuel tank with the fuel pump and is not considered to be a normal maintenance item unless the vehicle is experiencing fuel delivery problems. Of course ,if you have some free time on your hands, go ahead and change it.
  • deciding3deciding3 Posts: 13
    Hi everybody!
    I have a 2001 maxima se and for the past several months have been noticing a knocking sound from the front. I've taken it to a dealer but they didn't fix it. Of late I'm noticing that my steering wheel tilts a little bit and on the freeway, the wheel vibrates/ shakes. From what I can guess, it seems like its my transverse link that seems to have broken. ( I saw the recall description on the 01/02 maxima, though mine is not covered by the recall). Recently I had taken my car in for an oil change and the dealer replaced my power steering drive belts for $150 saying they were cracking.
    Does all this point to the transverse link, or could it be something else? Anyone knows how much they cost?
    Any other advice for me? Thanks!
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