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Toyota Camry Maintenance



  • carforhaleycarforhaley Member Posts: 1
    I'm considering buying a '95 Camry LE. 119,000 miles. A local Toyota mechanic checked it out for me and found that it has a probable "oil blow by" in one of the valves. Exhaust is sometimes kinda smoky when started up but soon clears. He thought that a gas additive might clear that up. (in lieu of a $1000 valve job that is!) Compression was 155 in three cylinders. 135 in the other on first test...however, subsequent tests found this cylinder to be back up to the level of the others.
    It's all Chinese to me. Should I be as worried and hesitant about this car as I am? Any advice or info. on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • bsahabsaha Member Posts: 7
    I have a Camry LEV6 with 23,000 miles. The owners manual recommnends only oil changes until 30,000 Miles, but the dealer has a long list.

    From the date of purchase, I have had only oil changes done every 4 - 5k miles. What should I do for the 30k service.

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