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Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



  • danitadanita Posts: 3
    If possible can you contact me and let me know what the solution to your problem was. I am currently experiencing the same thing.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
  • danitadanita Posts: 3
    Sorry Steve, I am sure they will post the outcome for everyone, I just needed some assistance because my car is currently in the shop. Didn't mean to offend anyone. Thanks for the advice.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    Now have our Rogue since April 2010. Had our transmission replaced in August after a trip to Maine...on the way home got stuck. This year, driving 3.5 hours to Wildwood NJ, the same thing happens...after 10,000 miles with the new transmission. Stuck in traffic after moving fine, we try to accelerate and nothing. This is so ridiculous. I'm contacting corporate again. We really need to ban together here and get out a petition or something. There really needs to be a recall on these transmissions. Something needs to be done. I'm going to, for now, use my facebook page as a way to pass the word out to people asking them to post what i post on their page. This will be one way to get the word out to others when they're thinking about buying a Nissan. I am going to look into the better business burea...maybe even the NY taxi commission or whatever they're called. They're supposed to be having Nissan provide them cabs in the upcoming years. I'm going to tell them to think twice. I don't know...I just don't know what else to do here. Anybody create a petition before????
  • kgbatlkgbatl Posts: 10
    edited August 2011
    We had a problem driving our Rogue from North Carolina to Georgia with the transmission on the hills. We were sev eral hours into the trip and I could not accelerate on the hills. It was very dangerous as we kept losing speed on the hills and tractor trailor trucks were barreling down behind us. We finally exited and pulled into a Nissan Dealer. They said they have had issues with the transmission going into safety mode. They tested it and said they could not find anything wrong with it and recommended we do further testing in Atlanta. Apparently shutting off the car fixes the safety mode issue. The car drove ok the rest of the way home but if this is a continuous problem there is no way that we can take this car on long trips. I noticed that I could not accelerate on the hills on the way to NC but it was not nearly as bad as on the way back.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    I don't know if I agree with this "safety mode" thing they're telling you. Reason is, and maybe your situation is different, turning the car off did not help our problem. We have to sit for at least 20 minutes for it to move again and when it finally does move, you can feel that the pick up is not there as it was previously. It sort of drags when you're trying to accelerate. I don't trust anyone at Nissan. I think the CVT is just a piece of crap and they haven't rectified it and know they can't rectify it. This problem seems to have been existing for a very long car. My last episode was a year ago so the problem persists. If they saw an end in site to this problem they would never have extended the warranty on it...and added towing. I just don't understand how this issue hasn't been put up for recall yet. It's ridiculous and if they're waiting for someone to get seriously will happen. They've been lucky thus far. To be doing this to their buyers is so sad. I will never buy another Nissan for as long as I live and will be trying to trade this one in soon. I don't want to continue paying my payments on something I didn't pay for. It's a waste of money!!! Hard earned money in these times of hardship for sure.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    Just got back from the dealer. They're going to replace the valve body. I think they'll replace this and the next long trip I go on, the problem will be back. And the bad part is, I won't know anything is wrong with it until I go on a long trip. I'm thinking about trading this piece of crap in. I have a call out to the National Highway Safety Agency to file a complaint. I've had it. Nissan really needs to get their crap together!!
  • testagmtestagm Posts: 7
    I've been seeing some more posts recentely and was just curious if you've had any more issues with your vehicle since last year. As for me, after nagging Nissan's Arbitration deparment, the dealership agreed to give me a new transmission last August. They gave me a loaner vehicle at no charge, during the near month-long wait. I have not had the problem of lack of acceleration again. The only curious issue is that about once a month, when I turn the ignition, nothing happens. It usually takes three to four attempts to get the engine to turn over.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    testagm: Yes, after 10,000 miles and just about a year, now they're telling me the valve body is defected so they are replacing that with their upgraded valve body, which apparently is not installed in some of the older CVT transmissions. The upgrade is apparently new. Who knows. You can't trust anyone. Anyway, we didn't have a problem up until this past Friday when we went on a 3 hour long car ride, on the highway. Have you driven the car on a long highway trip since they replaced your transmission? I really don't think, even when they change the valve body, that we will see a problem unless we drive it over say 2 hours on the highway. We plan on doing this soon after they change this valve body. We have one older car and this piece of junk...we bought this piece of junk for the longer rides. If I can't use it on the longer rides, than why did I buy it. The Rogue works great......when it sits in the garage. lol. Your ignition issue..did you mention it to them? That's wierd? Did it happen before they replaced your transmission and would that have anything to do with it??? I can't believe all the issues that we're having with these cars. When I tell Nissan I come onto Edmunds and read this stuff they tell me not to believe what I read....and oh....I'm supposed to believe them. People have nothing better to do but to come onto Edmunds and post about their piss poor excuse for a car...c'mon. Everyone posting is in my same shoes....why wouldn't I believe these posts over Nissan's word. I've been screwed 2wc already by Nissan. They can go to hell! I'm so disgusted with them.
  • testagmtestagm Posts: 7
    Originally in 2010, Nissan found my Rogue had a bad valve body and replaced that before putting in the new transmission. I don't blame you for not trusting them. If they know, then why aren't they doing a recall on these so-called "bad valve bodies"??? Now I guess I better have that checked again on the new transmismsion! After re-reading everyone's stories, I'm noticing the trend of failure to accelerate happening during or after long car trips. It just occurred to me that my failure to accelerate also occurred after a 4 day road trip around Minnesota, mostly highway miles. Since I live close to work, my Rogue was purchase for mostly pleasure/long trips, like you guys. However, I have not taken a trip longer than and hour and a half since the new tranny. It currently has 11,000 miles and I will be taking it for a 4 hour trip at the end of August. I feel terribly knowing a failure to accelerate could happen at any moment. I've tried to have peace of mind about it, but hearing your story sure doesn't help! Ugh.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    I understand your uneasiness!! I will have the same uneasiness after this replacement. I just don't believe this will do it given all of the other problems I have read about so similar to ours. I have filed a complaint with the National Highway Safety...whatever the name is. They called me yesterday to take the complaint. I also filed a complaint with the better biz burea. They called me today. I have to call them back tomorrow. I missed their call. I too have called Nissan corporate. They called me as well. I also have to call them tomorrow. I'm really going to let them know how I feel about this, esp the safety of it. the inconvenience and the buying for a new car is bad enough, but the safety of it is more important. My daily commute is no longer than an hour each way as well, so I never experience it. But, I plan on taking the Rogue for a few longer rides once the valve is replaced, maybe give it a month to settle in...and then try it out. We shall see. I didn't buy a used car for the sake of saving a don't know who owned it before you and you really don't know the history of the car and why it is being sold. On the other hand, I could've much better afforded a used car. Now, I'm spending out the [non-permissible content removed] for a headache anyway. I told the dealer that today. I said, I'm not paying for what I thought I bought. I wonder if I call up where I have the loan and tell them the situation. they probably won't care just as long as they get their money. I may try it. There has to be something we can do. This is totally unfair and unsafe for all and the other drivers on the road. You can't drink and drive, but you can drive around in a vehicle that is more than likely going to lose all acceleration on the highway....yeah...that's safe. We're like sitting ducks. I too do a lot of commuting over the GWB and the tunnels. Imagine getting stuck there. No what?? And if I have a kid in the car with me...even worse. I don't even want to think about it. Keep me posted on your long trip at the end of August. I'll be curious to know but hope they did right by you!! Good luck!
  • cjandrjcjandrj Posts: 1
    I was reading these posts and now I know that it was foolish of me to not research the 2010 Nissan Rogue S/SL/KROM before purhcasing.

    I bought this vehicle used from Yonkers Auto Mall in Yonkers, NY. It rode well on the test drive, even though I did hear the CVT drone that others in this post have mentioned. Literally, five days later, my partner and I took a trip to Atlanta, GA from NYC. On the way back, we had to pray for more than traveling mercies. :cry:

    We could not accelerate even flooring the pedal. The Rogue just stayed stuck on 40 mi, then 60 mi and sometimes would allow him to get to 80mi in those zones. It took us over 15 hours to get from Atlanta to NYC! :surprise:

    The issue, and I stressed this to the dealership when I called them on the phone the morning of our return to NYC, is one of safety. Their response was, basically, to shut up and deal with it. Then, we were told to take it to a Nissan dealership. We were on I-77 in West Bubbleflick. Where were we going to find a Nissan dealership? I could not even get Clear access to search on my MacBook Pro. Geez!

    At one point during our trip (when we were unaware of the problem), an 18-wheeler rushed on us literally almost riding our bumper to pass, and we were stuck; we simply could not accelerate to move to the right lane. It was like we were stuck in mud or quicksand or something. At another point, a police car was trying to pass and we were the only vehicle that was in the way. We were lucky the officer did not take our license plate and radio for another to ticket us. (Unless it is coming in the mail.) Merging onto the highway was a complete nightmare.

    Driving long distance is taxing enough. We could have done without the stress and anxiety concerning our own and other motorists' safety.

    I will notify every commission, every local and national body that regulates automotives and share our story.

    It is really sad the dealers and dealerships will pursue the (not so anymore) almight dollar at the expense of human safety and life.

    Now, my partner and I are arguing over whether or not buy another Nissan at all. What a piece of junk. :mad:
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    I feel your pain. I've been through this twice already. I contacted corporate. I can't give out email addresses here...told by the owner of the board. But go onto Nissan's website and search a Kevin Martin. He is the VP of Customer Relations or something like that. Email him and tell him your issue. I've done this twice and twice they have gotten back to me pretty quickly. I too have stressed the safety issue. I'm waiting for a call back to see what our next step is. For now, the dealer has changed the valve body on our new transmission (changed last August ...10,000 miles ago). They said that the valve bodies have been upgraded. Not sure if I buy this. Anyway, I've also filed a complaint with the Better Biz Bureaus auto line. go to their website as well to file a complaint. Someone will call you back. Ask them to give you the number for auto complaints and take it from there. They have already called Nissan to let them know I have pursued the complaint and we'll see what happens next. I've also filed a complaint with the National Highway Commission I guess it is. I'm waiting to receive the paperwork in the mail. Get the word out there. It is so dangerous and I don't understand why this has not been recalled. I think they are definitely waiting for someone to get seriously hurt. And, I think more people need to take action and complain where they can. We have to push to get this moving. Just sitting here is going to get one of us killed. Good luck to you!!
  • My 2008 AWD Rogue has ALL of the same problems listed here. I too am interested in seeing a recall take place (mostly for safety reasons). I have to say that the transmission gets worse as miles accumulate. I can kind of live with a noisy tranny and a few goof ups here and there. But, come on this is out of control!! I believe that the problem is related to the tranny getting too hot. I live at 10,000 feet and it's almost always cold here. But, when it's over 65 degrees that's when most of the problems happen. It's 50 miles up hill from the city to my house and this year I have broken down 4-5 times (almost every time I went into the city). It just goes into safety mode about 1/2 way up the 50 mile hill. It drops to 1500 RPMs then I have to pull off the highway because I can't maintain my speed. I too have had several near misses with semi trucks and other vehicles trying to hit me (because I'm the one going too slow). I have found a few things that help: 1) Keep my rpms at 2000 or less (all day) and I have less of a chance of it going completely into safety mode. 2) Travel with it's rainy or snowy (I can maintain at least 60 mph). The biggest problem with this is that when I took it in for repair they would not acknowledge that there was a problem. Instead they framed it as a user error (like I don't know how to drive a CVT). I found that they did not even keep record of all of our conversations about this. An engineer came and made some adjustments (none that worked). Finally, they recommended that I trade it in for the Murano. They said that the Rogue engine is too small for my driving. I called corporate and they too suggested that I buy the Murano (I saw those blogs too). What I can say though, is now that I have 66,000 miles the problem is getting worse by the day!!! I've always owned GM and this is my first Nissan. I'm just not interested in doing business with Nissan again. :( :(
  • kgbatlkgbatl Posts: 10
    I agree that the transmission is getting hot and going into safety mode because turning the car off seems to temporarily resolve the issue. We drove all major highway from NC to Atlanta. There were rolling hills on the highway but were gradual inclines that any car should be able to handle. Twice we had the problem about 2 1/2 hours into the drive. I noticed the problem but it got worse and worse until we stopped and turned off the car. My only regret is turning off the car when we pulled into the Nissan dealer during the middle of our trip. We could barely accelerate to get over to turn into Nissan and I turned off the car. When the technician took it out for a drive he couldn't replicate the problem. My advice is to take it out and drive it and call Nissan and swing by and pick up a technician without turning off the car. I am still waiting after two weeks for a response regarding the problem.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    This is just so ridiculous. I can't believe this...and then when you tell the dealer that you read these posts they say, "you can't believe everything you read." Oh..and I'm supposed to believe you. Please. Our issues are all so similar in nature. For the gentleman that owns the 2008 and lives at high altitude....have they suggested the murano now, or a while back. Just curious that you have a 2008..wasn't sure how receptive they would be..not that you should be having issue with a 2008 vehicle. Just curious. For the post that drove from NC to Atlanta...what year is your vehicle. Not a bad idea about driving it into the shop while it's doing it and not turning it off. I want to bring it back to the dealer that I bought it from and shove it in their face. It's garbage. I'm so mad. Oh..and to the 2008 owner....Murano...they have CVT transmissions too....tell them you'd rather be driving anything but a Nissan. Corporate hasn't gotten back to me. I emailed my contact today. I'm have wondering if she won't contact me b/c I contacted the BBB. I have the paperwork here and haven't completed it as of yet, waiting to see what Nissan will do for me. If I don't hear back from her soon, I will let her know that I'm pursuing my complaint with them. The National Highway Safety Commission or whatever the name is...they were supposed to send me a packet regarding my complaint in the mail. I have not yet received that and will have to follow up with them too. I think we are consumers that have been taken and I think it is horrible especially when our safety is being put in harms way. I can't believe there is nothing we can do about this. I have yet to take it on a long drive again...planning on it...but wondering if the nicer the weather gets.....less heat....the longer it will take for the issue to happen. Last incident was in August and this time August. Hot times for a hot mess. This totally sucks! Have either of you contacted anyone other than the dealer? I know 2008 contacted corporate. Have you taken your complaint anywhere else? Just curious. Good luck! all of us!
  • kgbatlkgbatl Posts: 10
    Did you call the Consumer Affairs number? The dealer called today and said Nissan tech line said they won't do anything because they can't replicate the problem.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    Consumer Affairs is useless. When this happened to us last year...they wouldn't return my calls and they wouldn't call the dealer. My car sit in service for 3 days with nothing happening until I contacted corporate and they contacted the dealer and took it from there. The tech was at the dealer in a day and I had a new transmission within maybe 2 days. Don't even bother with Consumer Affairs.
  • So, I'm thinking out of the box.....If they sell transmission coolers for trucks that pull trailers, can we put transmission coolers on the Rogue? I asked my Nissan mechanic and he said no that this would void the warranty. What warranty? My Nissan Mechanic and the Nissan Engineer got my car to do it and easily. So, they adjusted the tranny fluid level last September. It was ok during the winter. But, sure enough, it started doing it again in June. I asked my Nissan Mechanic, "If I bring it in again, can you fix it?" The answer was, well, we are following Nissan's technical specifications when we make repairs. I don't think that was the right answer. Yesterday I went car shopping almost ready to make a trade!
  • From the 2008 at high altitude......It was about 2 months ago that they suggested the Murano. They way framed it is this, "I'm an 8 cylindar kind of guy. That Rogue just doesn't have enough power for your kind of driving." They put that in my record. So, when I called Corporate, they said, "Problem solved you just need a car with a larger engine such as the Murano". I'm smarter than that.....I didn't buy a Murano. I actually know of someone who bought one and also has tranny problems. Here is what is interesting too, the first summer it worked fine. It didn't start acting up until I had about 30,000 miles and interestingly enough AFTER they made some tranny recall (for noisy transmissions). The transmission was NOT noisy before the recall but became noisy afterward. I suspect that the 2009, 2010, & 2011 have whatever adjustment that I think actually goofed up the tranny. I kind of got to thinking about whether complaining would get me closer to what I want. I believe it will not. I believe that if something goes on my car's record it could haunt me. I also believe that if everyone finds out about the problem our vehicle's values will plunge. So, my husband said, "Will you kindly get rid of that car today?" I went & test drove a bunch of cars. That new Chevy Equinox is comparable to the Rogue and I have to say it's a smoother ride, ordinary automatic, V6, and a really nice technology package. Just an idea. I'm trading in hopefully this weekend.
  • nick109nick109 Posts: 2
    I'll one up all of the cvt problems. My 2008 Rogue CVT was 5K miles out of warranty and Nissan will replace it if I pay $3506.00. I thought I may get extra consideration since I also own a 2009 Altima and 2010 Frontier, but this corporation of [non-permissible content removed] do not value their customers. I was going to buy a 2012 Murano, but the HONDA CROSSTOUR IS MY NEXT PURCHASE.

  • We have a 2008 Nissan Rogue and our CVT transmission died at 70K miles. When it happened, the car decelerated to a virtual stop approaching a stop light...and then rapidly jolted forward on its own after the light turned red, taking us out through the red light and almost getting us killed. I reported it to the gov't and to Nissan. Nissan didn't return my calls and I only got a stock "your case has been assigned a case number" email response.

    And if that wasn't enough...10 miles after the new CVT transmission was installed by the Nissan dealer, the service engine light came on and the whole thing started smoking. It's back at the dealer again...

    Needless to say, I've given up on Nissan doing anything to fix this. They know about the issue, they know people could get killed, and they know that this isn't a rare failure for their CVT transmission...and the most they have done is extend the warranty. They won't do anything more because it would be too expensive.

    As soon as we get this car back from the dealer, we're driving down the street to the honda, ford, and toyota dealers to trade this mess in for something more reliable and less likely to kill my family.

    If you're researching this car...don't buy it. No matter how good it looks, it is a REALLY bad car. You will regret purchasing me, this thing almost killed me. I wouldn't wish this piece of junk on my worst enemy.
  • i believe nissan and its dealers are fully aware of a manufacturers defect. i also complained about a abnormal vibration i felt in the steering wheel and floor board while accelerating up to 40 mph and while holding speeds at 25mph and 35mph. at first they said they could not duplicate and after i read the new york times article the dealer said they all vibrate. i asked what were the specs for the vibration and they refused to tell me what inspections were preformed and by whom. dealers have NVH ( noise vibration and Harshment ) tools that can measure the frequency and amplitude of vibrations. TAKE A LOOK AT SOME VIDEOS I POSTED ON YOU TUBE UNDER 'NISSAN ROGUE VIBRATIONS' DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH Nissan CONSUMER AFFAIRS OR THE bbb, HIRE A LAWYER ACCORDING TO DISCUSSIONS ON NICOCLUB.COM THIS IS A KNOWN ISSUE. A COMMON SEANCE QUESTION TO ASK YOU DEALER IS DO ALL MODELS WITH A CVT VIBRATE? DO THEY DIAGNOSE THEM DIFFERENTLY :mad: . HAVE THEM PUT YOUR ROGUES UP ON A HOIST IN DRIVE AT IDLE.
  • svisvi Posts: 4
    Unfortunately, I didn't see this forum until today - 1 day after I purchased the 2011 Nisaan Rougue ;-(

    do you know if folks have had these problems even in the 2011 Rogues ?
    Mine was actually manufactured in Jan 2011 and was shunted between 3 dealerships before i picked it up - so it has 390 miles on it.

    I am wondering if I should've picked up a June built 2011 Rogue instead for $800 more ? :mad:
  • We have had two Nissan vehicles, a 2000 XTerra with 315,000 miles and a 1996 Pickup with 295,000 miles. So, looking for a new vehicle we went back to Nissan. We were planning on buying a Rogue but after reading this I think we will go for the Subaru Forester.
  • I hae a 2008 Nissan Rogue and it has been nothing more than a disaster. The vehicle was purchased new in 2008, but because of the number of miles I travel (work related) I have 117,000 miles on the car (majority highway). The car in age is considered new, however the corporate office considers the car to be aged because of the milage. I say this to transition into the story of my air conditoner compressor having gone bad. Nissan refuses to repair and they have the worst customer service ever. In addition to the air compressor, I was driving and my car slowed with a rumbling noise and all of a sudden accelerated to a speed of over 70 miles per hour. Talk about frightened! The car did this several times. Finally, the car slowed and stalled in the middle of the warning....just slow motion moving and then a complete stop. I could have been killed or seriously injured. I would like to join in any suits that anyone has with Nissan. The Nissan Rogue is a lemon and they need to re-call not parts of the vehicle but the entire car needs a recall to assure the consumer that the car is safe to drive.
  • Please count me in on joining you for a fight to get the CVT and all other matters relating to the Rogue resolved. Please read my post that is title DEADLY
  • Were you aware that Nissan has extended their transmission warranty to 10 years or 120k miles on the Rogue and some other models?
  • kgbatlkgbatl Posts: 10
    The dealership told me about the warranty extension and about how some rogue's were having problems with the car's going into safety mode when we had our issue coming back to GA from NC. Unfortunately, 2 dealerships and Nissan wouldn't do anything because they said they couldn't replicate the problem. It seems to be an overheating issue so a short test drive is not going to replicate the issue.
  • I will be calling - this has happened to me with TWO separate Nissan Rogues... the first one that was sold to me had no title and they had to return it... a fact I found out AFTER the car broke down on the highway going up the mountains... They had to give me a really good deal on a brand new 2010 car which just started having the same problems about 15 - 20k miles. I'll be taking the car in AND all of these complaints Wed. to the dealership. And I'm call the hotline. I know your post is old, but hopefully this will evenutally work to make people see how crappy this car is and make Nissan take note of their issues.

    Thanks for the advice!
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