Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



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    I have a 2015 nissan rogue and this happens without fail every time I drive longer than 45min. My fiance almost got hit making a left and the car just stopped working in the intersection.  We are going to nissan as soon as we get the chance. If they don't do anything I'm going to try adding anew auxiliary transmission cooler to help kept the cvt out of failsafe.  I'm so pissed I bought this P.O.S.
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    I have a 2010 and had the transmission replaced last year by Nissan... i had a nearly fatal accident with a tractor trailer last year on the turnpike and that's when i found all the comments regarding the problems with the car. I called in to the Coporate office and they agreed to replace the CVT... the dealership said no... and i told them i had already spoken to the Corp office and they had approved it. Had to get the corporate office to call the dealership. they still put me through the testing of the vehicle etc. luckily i don't do a lot of driving but now after further reading the comments where the problem reappears - i'm afraid to go on any long trips.... Well i don't know if anyone else has brought this to the attention of the media. But i did submit it to the local media in hopes that they will pick this up and do an investigative report. I gave them the link to this forum.. so they can get a taste of just how deep this problem is. No more Nissan for me!
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    I bought a brand new 2013 Nissan Rogue, never had any problems except for tires.
    For the past 2 months,I had been hearing a whistling sound upon acceleration, took it to Nissan dealership where I bought it. Told me I had to pay 120.00 diagnostic fee,I refused, then they told they found a big screw in the tire and that might be causing the noise.They changed the tire,I had extended warranty so I didn't care noise went away for a while and now it's gotten worse. I have to bring it in to them again, now that I have read so many customers problems with the transmission. Apparently they lied to me that it was the tire.

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    Acceleration issues while on highway!!! it will loose acceleration at 65-70 mph and creep to a 30mph stall. Mash the gas you get air in the pedal, no juice no nothing but it will creep down the road and about 10 miles later jump back to 40-50-60 mph very gradually. If it looses acceleration while at a stop sign coming off an interstate or, red light forget it. it will sit there till it's ready to move. Car cannot be drive past 15 miles before this happens. Also overdrive control is very loud grinding noises, cruise control will also kick the acceleration issue in gear as well. can't use either.Car must have sat cold on the dealers lot and during my test drive did not show any of these issues. Drove it over state lines and over that 20 miles with out a problem the day I brought it. I will NOT drive this car except very short distances like 5-6 miles from home. My mechanic says this is a transmission related problem and when you have a transmission related problem in any car it's junk in my view.So when i get rid of this one i will never look to a Nissan again and waste my hard earned money!
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    just filed a NHTSA complain.
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    mari224i said:

    I have a 2010 and had the transmission replaced last year by Nissan... i had a nearly fatal accident with a tractor trailer last year on the turnpike and that's when i found all the comments regarding the problems with the car. I called in to the Coporate office and they agreed to replace the CVT... the dealership said no... and i told them i had already spoken to the Corp office and they had approved it. Had to get the corporate office to call the dealership. they still put me through the testing of the vehicle etc. luckily i don't do a lot of driving but now after further reading the comments where the problem reappears - i'm afraid to go on any long trips.... Well i don't know if anyone else has brought this to the attention of the media. But i did submit it to the local media in hopes that they will pick this up and do an investigative report. I gave them the link to this forum.. so they can get a taste of just how deep this problem is. No more Nissan for me!

    Would you mind giving me the info to Corporate? Maybe I can get them to fix mine. I had a bad experience last night and I'm afraid to even drive my Rogue down the street. 
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    I Own a 2013 Nissan Rogue S AWD. bought as a left over In November 2014. The first year I had the vehicle I complained about the transmission not shifting properly I was told it's completely normal.  I also replaced 4 tires along with brake pads all the way around. Every 6 months the brakes need to be lubricated or they will hang and cause premature brake wear. Now in 2017 I replaced 2 rear wheel bearing assemblies, brakes and rotors all the way around plus 4 tires again. Not to mention the awful vibration and high pitched squeel coming from the transmission. I have been told since day one that the noises and shifting issues are normal. Now after the warranty has expired, the Nissan dealer I bought the Rogue from finally diagnosed the transmission problem. Judging from the forum's I have read, I'm not alone and this is not an isolated incident. As of today, 43 months after I first complained about the transmission;  I'm still no further ahead. Nissan needs to change my transmission but I fear I will joint the thousands of other Rogue owners who paid for the repair out of their own pocket. Now I see why the dealer was so adamant about buying a an expensive extended warranty and unless I paid for said warranty out of my pocket it becomes an even more expensive  warranty over the life of the loan. I would also be required to pay a deductible for all work performed.   I found out the hard way like so many other Nissan owners....I should have bought something else! 

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    My 2010 Nissan Rogue (with only 55k miles) will not accelerate while going uphill on an interstate highway. When flooring the gas pedal, the car will slow down from 70 to 60 to 50 to 40 mph on a uphill (there were only three passengers including the driver). The car transmission will eventually stop working until the car cooled down.

    Took car to a Nissan service center and was repaired under Nissan's CVT 10 year/120k mile warranty referencing TSB NTB14-002E. The valve body was removed/replaced and an external cooler was installed to resolve the transmission issue. The repair was free of charge but was an inconvenienced.

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    I had a 75K warranty on my 2011 Nissan Rogue and at 83K my transmission went out. I took it to my local mechanic that I trust and they purchased one from Nissan and installed it. It was 3300. I have Nissans for the last 30 years and knew them to be good cars so I just thought this was a fluke. However after googling it I found out that this that the CVT's have been a huge problem for many consumers. For my particular Rogue, the average mileage for a CVT is 80K before it quits working.

    I was outraged to find this out. I am on SS and this really set me back in several ways. I contacted Nissan and they told me they would review it if I took it to dealership and have the mechanic certify that it was installed properly. I reluctantly paid $140 to have it looked at. The Nissan dealership wrote a letter stating that the transmission was installed correctly and all fluids, parts, etc. were correct.

    I then called Nissan back and they told me they never said that, even though they had started a case number for me and that they do not refund money on the CVT's. They did not want me to send letter from the dealer and they would not give me to a supervisor. Her name was Quinn (no last name) and she was very rude.

    I called a consumer group and was told that there was nothing I could do because of the 75K signed warranty. If Nissan offered any assistance it would just be "good will" I asked about small claims court and was told that because of the 75K warranty that I would not win. I paid a few thousand dollars for that 75K warranty.

    I also tried the media but did not hear from them. I used to sell advertising for the media and car dealers and manufactures are their bread and butter so I doubt that the media will help.

    We need a class action suit. There are flukes and I certainly get that purchasing any car is a risk but Nissan knew better long before I bought that car. At some point they need to take responsibility.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to combat something as huge as Nissan please let me know.
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    Even class action will personally do you very little good. Mostly the lawyers make the profit, and the car companies just write off the expense. Contractual law can be hard to swallow sometimes. Your best reaction might be social media, to alert others to the problem. At some point, that might dislodge Nissan into doing something.
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    For the past week I have been completely livid with my Nissan experience. I recently purchased my very first Nissan (2008 Nissan Rogue) in June. After hearing the same noises as reported in comments about a faint buzzing type sound, I brushed it off just thinking I'm adjusting to a new car. Well after attempting to take a 2hr trip to a family funeral, my car immediately jumped from going 70mph to 60-50-40 almost being hit by several vehicles due to it being a two lane highway. We were finally able to pull over & park although my RPM continues to accelerate my car would not. After sitting at a gas station for 30minutes we then pulled out thinking everything is ok....wrong! Again soon as hitting about 60mph the speed continued to drop, thankfully we were 5 miles from AAA & went straight there and they immediately said my transmission. After missing the funeral we had to take all side roads going only 40mph back home we are getting the run around from Nissan. This is my first & last Nissan purchase, I've owned a Hyundai Sonata since I was 21 still runs fine as well as my Buick. I will continue to hound Nissan until something is truly done 
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    2013 Rogue. Just over 67k and the transmission is totally shot. Warranty company says they get these claims ALL THE TIME! That said, they won't pay for the after market external oil cooler that will supposedly fix the problem.
    Very unhappy! Wish I had known before I bought it!
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    Okay my story:  after I've been driving for a while if I come up to a stop light and then start again accelerating slowly it'll start jerking or popping until I press the cat gas pedal harder for it to go. Also after driving awhile if I come up on an uphill and I press the gas the RPM will rev up all the way but the speed will decelerate I have to pull over and wait 5 minutes then it will start up again. Most recently like 3 days ago what's been happening is after I drive a while I come to park it at a gas station I turn it off then when I want to start it again it'll crank and crank and crank all the lights on the dashboard are coming on so I know it's not the battery so it'll crank and it won't start I have to wait 30 to 45 minutes then when I started it'll start up again. This is absolutely ludicrous!!!  Anyone else have any of these problems please???
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    @Bursin5 I've had similar issues and have found more often than not, even though an inconvenience, if you disconnect the battery to let the computer reset so to say it fixes almost everything to do with the computer directly.

    This is the trick I learned when my 2012 Rogue was doing great and all the sudden lost all power on interstate between Ft. Smith and Fayetteville on our way to concert of band I had been wanted to see since I was in high school. My husband managed to creep off the interstate and shut it off. This was Oct of 2016 and I had got my Rogue used with 33k on it and it had about 132k on it when this happened. So I was past warranties for my car in years and mileage. My husband fidangled with it turned it off and back on and we had power the rest of the way to Northwest Arkansas and enjoyed the concert and didn't have another issue with it until spring of 2017 actually about this time I started getting the sudden no power even with gas pedal all the way down and it was never in a safe spot either. I learned by chance that disconnecting the battery reset the computer part of the issue so I became accustomed to doing that. When we got to the hot part of summer however I couldn't go 40-43 miles before it started acting up, just like others that had the same issue with the transmission fluid getting too hot. Add that and the gas pedal at the same time not a good feeling of course on I-40 the way to Russellville. It didn't do it every 43 miles however, or everyday at the 40-43 miles of running. Once the weather started cooling off it stopped having this issue but the has pedal was still a come and go. About October of 2017 it started jerking rpms going up and down wouldn't keep consistent speed on I-40 yet again. I was never getting a code so I could have it read so all I could do was disconnect the battery and see what happens. It drove good for several miles and started acting funny again so I pulled off so that I could let the engine cool down a few minutes more than before and again disconnected the battery. Worked like a charm the rest of the trip on I-40 which was about 50-75 miles. In December I finally got a code "throttle body sensor" was what it kicked me with. Ok we have a starting point. Well I reset the code and a few weeks later I went to leave my house and it started as normal and I got RPMs like normal when I put it in reverse it was like the pedal issue all over again except not while driving down I-40 instead from the word go. I put it in drive and still nothing. So it's been a sitting duck nearly two months now that I'm having to make payments on still.... And needs to go to the bodyshop from getting rear-ended before insurance companies cancel the checks... I can't get it there if it won't run. Overall I've had nothing but good out of my Rogue but for the price of a basically disposable death trap vehicle from seeing so many others have the exact same problems as I have and had super close calls Nissan needs to do something about their engineering. Even a lawsuit as stated prior they are big enough to write it off like chump change. I'd think that a class action lawsuit on a shelf table for reimbursement should be made accordingly based on year of the model owned and out of pocket expenses excluding standard maintenance and find attorneys that are looking at the wellbeing of drivers because there are a lot of rogues on the road and these vehicles are making hazards for the driver and their families along with the other drivers on the road due to the faulty CVT. It's obviously been an issue for years and they have yet to resolve the problem by making a recall as many drivers as there are it would be a lot of work for the attorneys but that's why they should figure in their part into all of this so people that invested in this death trap can be compensated for the investment that they thought was safe and good quality only to have the manufacturer turn a blind eye to the reality of this particular crossover vehicle.
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    2009 Nissan Rogue owner.  First CVT transmission went out at 109,000 and now the second transmission is about to go out with only 40,000 miles on it.
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    Seriously!!! This is a bunch of bull!! These transmissions are faulty as we are all aware of, and we should NOT be shelling out of our pockets the cost to replace them. Not one darn cent!! We need to band together, raise our voices and demand to be heard!! 
    Nissan has 2 days to do the right thing for me, or I’m heading to the media. Anyone who will listen. We have a local news station here in Wisconsin that will investigate these things and exploit the lack of proper response from Nissan. 
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    Same story and same sentiments about this CVT problem and Nissan's handling of the problem. I have a 2012 Rogue with 86K and, now, a wasted CVT. I have a Nissan case no. pending with little to no hope of a satisfying outcome and have filed an NHTSA complaint. Like the Mazda before it, my only recourse is to swallow the repair (~$4K), ditch the vehicle ASAP, and return to Honda or Toyota where my experiences had been stellar.
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    I have a 2012 Nissan Rogue SV with just 90k miles on it. Two weeks ago, we took it in for an oil change and tire rotation at the dealer. I had a MAF sensor error on the OBDII port, and replaced it with one from AutoZone, lifetime warranty that same day. Cleared engine code, and took a drive to PA. from Toledo. The code reappeared, and mileage dropped from 26mpg to 11.5mpg, then gradually up to17mpg in 190 mile trip. Replaced MAF sensor in Hermitage PA. reset code, and mpg went back to 26mpg. Spent day with family, went home at 6pm, on turnpike the engine code appeared again, and mpg dropped to 20mpg. The car was on cruise control, and the RPM's would spontaneously rise to 4k,5k,6k, so I shut off cruise, and used gas pedal to drive 160 miles. If I tried to give it gas, engine RPM would rise again, and not accelerate. If i tried the cruise, the SET light would flash! I got it home, and parked it, next day the car was in LIMP mode, and wouldn't go over idle, but it would shift into Drive and Reverse. I had it towed to my mechanic, who said it didn't have ANY gears, and WOULDN'T move! It was determined that the reluctor ring in the VSS wasn't turning, or intermittantly, and there were metal shavings in that area.The CVT was TOAST! The price will be 3,000 and tax for a new CVT from the factory (yes, my price is VERY good as the mechanic is a friend of mine). I am VERY disappointed with my dealer, who basically said, Tough Sh*t. SO, I am looking to sue Nissan just like the rest of you!
    As soon as we get the vehicle back, in about 2 weeks, we are going to trade it in, or sell it and get another car. And, it WON'T BE A NISSAN!!!
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    This document is for technician who is looking for guide how to program new Nissan CVT Transmission
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    Hi Friends,

    I have serious issues with 2013 Nissan Rogue S AWD as I got a used car with 100k miles on it from a dealer. I never expected that my first car would be a bad choice with faulty CVT engine. Whenever I put the car on the cruise it works better for 20min and then suddenly the engine RPM revs to 7000rpm on its own and car gets slower on its own with higher rpm. I was scared at first when I noticed it and took a shoulder and stopped the engine and this continued whenever I got for a 500mile road trip.

    AWD - when I switch on the AWD and start accelerating it give a weird push on the wheels shaking the car.

    I tried looking for solutions but they sound very expensive replacement parts which I had to pay from my pocket because of no warranty. Do we have any solution or help where we can take this life threating problem to NISSAN USA and get some help in clearing off the issues??? Your suggestions and help is appreciated
    in this case.

    2013 Nissan Rogue owners please do not think of overtaking a vehicle because of faulty whining noise and higher RPMS.

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    2011 Nissan Rogue with only 84,000 miles on it. Transmission shot!
    Started a few days ago when I was going in reverse, very jerky and would hardly move. Would drive forward fine, but was noticed the slightest jerkiness when at low speeds. Now it can barely drive and I took it to dealership for diagnosis.

    I know there was a class action for 2006-2010 CVT transmissions that extended their warranty but has anyone had a POSITIVE resolution with Nissan for Rogues 2011 and newer???

    If you did have Nissan take financial responsibility, what worked for you?

    Definitely need the Class Action lawsuit to cover the years 2011 and newer. Same CVT, same problems!

    I almost got T boned trying to get into traffic.
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    2013 s fwd rogue owner here. 88k now about 44 when I purchased it in 2018. Florida owner.

    I came to this forum to look up the noise coming from my rogue. Its coming from the front, and sounds like something is warped. I thought it was the rotors with the bad pads but I replaced all pads and rotors (front and back) and the sound was still there.

    My girl drives it 97% of the time to and back from work. About 30 miles back and forth 5 days a week.

    I noticed about 2 times the transmission slipped.

    Not entirely sure what's going on but am very concerned as to wether its the CVT making the noise in addition to the rare transmission slip.
    2 be continued.

    -Other Notes-

    When this rogue was first purchased I noticed immediately how slow it was as my girl test drove it. I couldn't at the time because I forgot my license. I just assumed she wasn't pressing on the peddle hard enough. I purchased it because I needed a car asap that night and the dealership was closing. Bad purchase - I know.

    Anyways.. My experience with it like many other cars. Cars have their own personality. I treat my rogue like a stubborn mule who seems to usually be in a bad mood. Even worse when she's hungry. Yep, when low on gas she's moody sluggish.

    I've come accustome to only using Premium fuel. Shells highest to be exact. I only use Shell gas. I realize I'm blowing money that it would run fine on regular. But knowing how moody she is I give her the best.

    I experience the same things a lot of you do, o.m-gosh look at all the cars passing me -_- it does suck, especially when she makes turns coming from 50mph, ahead of cars only to crawl back to 50 behind all the cars she was ahead of. In her defense, She's a 4 cylinder carrying a lot of weight. I assumed it was a 6. 4 cylinders seem so very unpracticle for a SUV/CVT.

    The thing abouy it is. I always gotten accustom to driving her where I know her weak spots. When and when not to push her. I think pushing her, will result in her pushing back when she doesn't want to be pushed and not in a good way. She's going to accelerate slow regardless. There's pretty much nothing I can do about that. BUT if your like me, and understand your car, developed a hate and love relationship with it (like I have a choice) you can make the best out of a bad situation.

    For example, I figured out her g-spot. When at the stop light. She wants to [non-permissible content removed] GO! As a rule Ive never floored any vehicle in my life. A rule not broken on her. I find pushing her at the light with a car to the right, and left, 95% of the time im passing both, peace sign fingers saying out loud "later bitches" V 😅 I wish I could show you the speedometer its hilarious to me how this 4 cylinder can just accelerate acting like its a sports car so much so I have to slow down from hitting the better acceleration cars in front of me. I realize to most reading this I seem like a Looney tune but I swear, it is exactly as I say. Now, at any time I press the brake during her orgasmic acceleration (for this 4cyl rogue), She literally then takes her sweet [non-permissible content removed] time! Like daguq! Can you say mood swings. 😑 shes a all or nothing vehicle at thr lights (for me) I personally believe its because of the premium gas. This car is [non-permissible content removed] great for gas saving btw (long distance 50±m). I NEVER use over drive. Let's face it, its zero help. On or off there's literally no difference except your car is in a higher rev gear for nobreason, zero results. The OT is Fake News.

    To be continued with the noise and slippage.

    P. S. Stay far away From Reed Nissan in Florida. 2K hidden fees they give you right at the end of signing. Then when asked their like its for other charges we won't tell you about. Car salesmen are some of the worse human beings on the face of the planet.
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    I have Nissan Rogue 2015 - 66K miles just passed warranty of 60K, as per Nissan Dealer need to replace the transmission, escalated to Nissan corporate, they are not willing to help !! because it is not under warranty. (>60K) even though this is a known issue on this Car, what to do? please advice.
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    having same issues as everyone else, has anyone have a fix to it??
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    I bought a used 2015 rogue about 2 yrs ago. It's made the noise ever since I bought it. I immediately took to Google to research it. I found out about the delayed takeoff on Google and experienced it soon after. I make sure when I'm on a takeoff I'm not in a situation where I or my family could get seriously hurt or worst. I just recently learned that the noise goes away when going RIGHT around a curve, not a turn but a RIGHT curve. Only when going RIGHT. I'm going to soon investigate this even more and hopefully find more of a source to this issue. It seems very common. I don't understand why this is not a recall yet, Nissan and officials who declare these an issue or recall should be ashamed of themselves.

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    2016 Nissan Rogue -- Transmission issues. I purchased a 2016 Nissan Rogue with less than 30K miles on it several years ago. Just recently we started having troubles with a raspy noise when accelerating. The car currently has 74K miles on it and has run pretty well over the years. I own a service center and so the car has perfect service records for regular maintenance intervals. I noticed about 15K miles ago that the car didn't seem to run like it did when I purchased it. I am not the regular driver of this car & so I had no idea that the daily drivability of the car had even changed. Since I drove it approximately a year ago, I have watched it steadily decline in quality of drivability and also noise. We have been watching it very closely and just last week my daughter called my on the road with it having trouble going into gear and the noise had changed dramatically. I had her come & meet me to verify the problem and the transmission has clearly taken a turn for the worse. It has trouble shifting into reverse and hesitates to move at all and the normal (automatic) shifting has declined to the point that it hesitates to shift at all. Needless to say, the Rogue is now parked awaiting answers for where are to go from here. I purchased that car as an inexpensive, easy on the pocketbook, low mileage, good gas mileage car that would alleviate the wear and tear of our other cars. I expected to have it for 10 years or so. I am very disappointed in Nissan and the new level of garbage that they seem to be producing. I hope to see recompense for the substandard build of their apparent new direction in the automotive business. #myothercarisatoyota #nomorenissans #makeitright
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    I have a 2013 Nissan Rogue with 126,000 miles. A few months ago, at 123,000 miles I had an issue maintaining speed on the thruway. Brought it to my mechanic and there were no error codes. Last week, again on the thruway, I started losing speed. I had my gas floored and my speed dropped to 40 MPH with traffic coming up quickly behind me going 65+ miles per hour. Brought back to my mechanic and now there are several transmission error codes. I received a quote of $4900 to replace the transmission. Nissan has been no help and has told me the warranty was extended BECAUSE of the known issues but im outside of the extended warranty. I should add this car has been in the garage it’s entire life, I have never missed any maintenance, and my driving has been mostly highway. The fact that Nissan has not recalled this is disgusting and the worst business practice I’ve ever seen. I will never purchase another Nissan and I will discourage everyone that will listen from purchasing a Nissan.

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    I purchased my 2017 Nissan Rogue from Central Avenue Nissan in Yonkers, NY, on 8/31/20. My vehicle currently has a bit over 51,000 miles and is still under an active warranty of up to 100,000 miles.

    On 9/2/23, my vehicle broke down in NJ. I had it towed from NJ to Central Avenue Nissan. The rear differential on my vehicle had broken. When the claim was filed with Nissan Corp. they refused to cover the cost of repair and did not honor the warranty. They went on to blame me for the issues with my vehicles CVT. However, I have all of the maintenance records on my vehicle. It had been regularly serviced by my trusted mechanic and it was even serviced the on the morning of 9/2/23.

    The car dealership has been utterly useless and unsupportive in all of this. They have only tried to cash in the situation by charging $200 for a bogus vehicle inspection and now they want to charge $50/day for storage fees. My vehicle has been sitting on their lot with no resolution in sight. I’ve filed complaints with Nissan Corp and BBB.

    I need some help in reaching a resolution here. I don’t have $6000 - $7000 to pay for these repairs out of pocket.

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