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Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    "I'm glad your not in Quality control and Hopefully your not making the decisions on my warranty service.

    "Your "OPINION" is Noted, But Just like Opinions, Everyone has a Sphincter, and more than a few of them STINK>"
    So, you don't know me at all, yet you revert to childish comments like this because it says "Nissan" on my shirt?

    And you wonder why the people at the dealership don't seem to be helping you very much?

    Maybe you should work on your people skills, Poindexter. That might get you somewhere.
  • rustywerrustywer Member Posts: 21
    It's not that the Problem cannot be duplicated. It's that the issue occurs after an elongated drive (with the transmission at high ambient fluid temperature) and then when you place it under a load, it develops various symptoms. Would you put a tech in a vehicle for a 3 hour test and verification drive of a symptom? The Symptoms include: Whinning, Screaching type Noises, Slipping, and Transmission Failsafe Mode. The Precursers to this are a Burning Smell, that occurs under load (uphill in Higher Ambient Temperatures) - the Constant whine under acceleration as the atf temp gets to normal operating temperatures.

    Dealer Service Facilities will not ask for elongated Diagnostic Time to prove that these conditions exist because the Standard Answer is "NO" from regional service reps. My service writer couldn't authorize his technician to drop the pan and check for sedimentary accumulation on the magnet by his standard procedures. That would and normally is the First Thing I would look at after a report of noise, and the fact that they reported to me that the transmission was overfilled with fluid.

    You can bet, that I can, and will, at my own cost, and document everything I do and find in Pictures and get to the bottom of this issue.

    The reliability of, and integrity of the Dealership Service Departments have, as you well know, declined over the years. The Bottom Line in this, is in it's Name - SERVICE - The lack of True Customer Service in this industry is disgusting. It's all about the Bottom Line. The Liability if we admit or disclose a problem.

    Toyota / Lexus had to have known that their "FLY BY WIRE" system had a glitch or two, but that rolled out and killed people.

    The Bottom Line, they still made money!

    You can Make Money in this busines, and still have integrity, honesty, and competency - My Boss has done it for 17 Years at this location - With No advertising. Sometimes, that takes going the extra mile, or Hour, to get it right.
  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    edited June 2012
    If I were you, I'd drive it the three hours untill the concerns manifest, swoop by and take the service manager or a tech for a ride and show them. You are correct, no tech is going to drive it for 3 hours for no pay.

    By the way, that was a very well-written post. I agree with every word. In the dealerships, the culprit is greed--- greed by the owners in paying their techs "flat-rate". You can bet that if the tech was still being paid hourly, they'd be lined up, volunteering to take your car for a 3-hour test drive!!

    This is ALL dealerships, by the way.... not just Nissan.
  • espo35espo35 Member Posts: 144
    By your post, it's obvious heat is the initiating factor here. You might consider adding an auxillary transmission cooler to the system, if you get no help from Nissan. Also, the oem trans cooler is built into the radiator. How hot does the engine run in the conditions you describe? Maybe there is an obstruction in the trans cooler area of the radiator (easily flushed)?? If it was a bad transmission (the mechanical part of it), the symptoms would be there all the time, regardless of temperature. The fact that it only occurs when heat-soaked, tells me the fluid is breaking down due to heat. It sounds like you for sure have the right CVT fluid in it, so I'd start looking towards the transmission cooler system.
  • rustywerrustywer Member Posts: 21
    You have very valid points that have already been addressed. One service Writer told me that they are aware of the heat problem and Nissan is looking into a "FIX" but it is forthcoming. I have gotten a few different "Explanations" and "Opinions" on the matter.

    Case in Point:
    Now I learn about the trans needing to be a specific temperatures to check for the correct fluid level. (previous Post) - I ran it to temp, and I did pull 1 Pint (still sitting on my desk in a mason jar) from it which reduced the hot level from the stamped "HOT" area of the dipstick, back to the Hashed area - then the dealer said they pulled 21oz additional out of it. Their inspection results as reported to me were "The fluid removed had no sediment and was consistant with expected color and clarity" (My fluid will not allow even a faint light to penetrate through 3 inches of fluid with a streamlight fully charged, and I retrieved the fluid from a BRAND NEW evacuation pump I purchased from Snap On just for this reason) Was the fluid evacuated into a clean apparatus? Was is filtered through a fiberous cloth to check for sediment? "The World May Never Know" :shades:
    Oh, and they did find a tech Note / Bulletin that states that an overfill condition can cause a failsafe occurence. But why no Check Engine or Stored Datum (freeze frame)
    If you see my post about the Temperature Issue, I checked temps with an infrared thermometer. Exterior of course, but a 50+ degree difference between Weighted Datum from the Scanner (Trans Data 2) to the Actual Exterior of the Trans, the Lines, and the Cooler area of the Radiator, it's Possible, but....... My Opinion? Plus the Sensor Voltages (scanner read on Trans Data 1) were consistant with Normal operating Ranges 2.0 vdc = 68 Degrees --- 1.0 vdc = 175 Degrees (my Calculations put that at approx 11 degrees per 1/10 of a volt.
    Then the best was "These transmissions always whine" - after the Failsafe episode, the whine went away until I got it to operating temperature with an ambient temp of 85 outside at freeway speeds - then I coast down a 15 mile grade in Neutral and no whine when I re-engage the the trans, then it heats back up and there's the whine.
    Since the Service Visit it now has a metallic Screech intermittently on Acceleration and an intermittent slip with the tach running up past 6000 rpm before my wife can react to the loss of torque during acceleration.

    But yet again, I am sceptical that it never demonstrated these symptoms during the "Extensive Test Drives" when it was in for service.

    I can do alot to document from here on out, and will continue to post here on this endeavor. I just hope that Nissan and the Dealerships will take notice of this and not just whip through a 5 mile test drive and call it good or unconfirmed.
  • jonjaynesjonjaynes Member Posts: 1
    I have 76k on my 2008 Rogue... I had a tranny replaced @ 62K. Brought it to Nissan dealer no questions asked, free rental, new tranny no issues. Great car and mileage for a AWD... Every car will have it's complainers and critics don't fear!!!
  • m1236m1236 Member Posts: 1
    Ive had my rogue for 1.5 years. 40000 miles. Been making the same trip up a mountain about once a month since I bought the car. Now all of a sudden rpm wont exceed 3000 speed wont go above 60mph, until i turn around and go down the hill. Mechanic said possibly a backup transmission on the vehicle. But since its not the main transmission and there are no sensors lighting up, dealership says they cannot change the transmission, because they cant see a problem. Im taking it back later today, I will not leave until they admit theres a problem or they trade in my rogue for something else...

    There is a problem with these vehicles, some sort of recall action needs to be put in place. I almost got in an accident driving up the mountain beacuse the car slowed down so quickly that all the vehicles behind me had to slam on their breaks, semis were going faster than me...
  • rustywerrustywer Member Posts: 21
    I'm Not sure what area you are in, but contact nissan consumer affairs and take it to the dealer. This is the Problem I had. They claim to have rectified it by dropping the fluid level in the transmission and setting the level with a more than complicated procedure for the transmission fluid level.
    Good Luck....... Rusty
  • driver735driver735 Member Posts: 14
    The 2012 nissan rogue i just purchased has a terrible vibration. I was told by the dealer that this is normal for a rogue. How can vibrations in a vehicle be an expected part of how an automobile operates? Please people stay clear away from this car.
  • kgbatlkgbatl Member Posts: 10
    We had the sam problem on a long trip with semi's barelling down on us on every hill on the highway. i do think it is somehow a transmission temperature issue. When it happened it was 100 degrees outside in July and every time we stopped the car and turned it off the problem would go away. 3 more hours into our trip the issue would start up again. It got really bad and we pulled off into a Nissan dealership. My mistake was turning off the car. Once it had a chance to cool down the issue was gone and Nissan said they could not replicate it but the technician said they had problems on some of the cars with it going into the safe mode. My husband drives the car 30 miles each way to work and we don't have the problem but I had the issue twice on long trips in hot summer months. Can't wait to get rid of the car even if Nissan would agree to fix the problem.
  • ihatethiscar1ihatethiscar1 Member Posts: 2
    I am currently experiencing transmission problems with my 2008 rogue, 55,000 miles. While trying to go uphill, about 2 or 3 hrs into the drive my car decelerated to the point semis were passing me. Wouldn't go above 2000rpms and also getting bad gas mileage. After getting off the highway and resting the car worked fine. Day 2 - seemed to work fine but when I got off highway and came to a stop, upon reacceleration it would barely move & then slam up to 4000 RPGs then back down causing a bucking sensation. Also whirring sound when I press the gas and burning smell. Also back of my car was covered in purple fluid drops. We are 2 days into a 3 week drive across country with our 3 yr old child. I'm afraid to drive it. Have an appt at dealer on Monday.
  • danandtydanandty Member Posts: 1
    I had the exact same issue just this past Sunday. My Rogue left me sit on the side of I-95 in Georgia. I had it towed to a shop and they said I had no transmission fluid (it was all over the back of my car). They put 7 qts of transmission fluid in and suggested I make an appt at the Nissan dealership. Well I took it there this afternoon and the are putting a new trasmission in for me. It is covered under the extended CVT warranty.
    ihatethiscar1- I hope you got your issue recolved and can enjoy your trip.
    Good Luck!
  • nockonnockon Member Posts: 2
    I'm having same issue as everyone. Last March I was comming off the highway and had to make a full stop to get on secondary road. I pressed the accelerator and could barely move. About 500 feet down the road the car started accelerating. Car didn't do this again until last week. Exact same scenario just different location. 1st time I had been on the road for about 4 hrs, this time I was only driving for about 1 hr.

    Took it to dealer today and of course they couldn't duplicate the problem. No code was shown either so they said unless I could prove the problem, they couldnt replace the transmission.

    Has anyone thought of making a video when it happened and successfully made them change the tranny using the video? I'm leaving to go on vacation this Friday and plan on drinking over 3000km over 7 days. I will have my camera on standby if the problem arises.

    BTW my Rogue is 2008 with 185000 km(115000 miles). In Canada the extended warranty is until 200000km so I have to get this resolved soon!!!
  • dragnuedragnue Member Posts: 1
    I had a 2010 Nisson Rogue. I owned it for about 4 weeks and took it on a trip to Virginia. It was a hot day and I was in trafic at an intersection. As I got the light to proceed, the car would only move at about 2 miles an hour. It struggled to get me out of the intersection. I stopped pulled over to the side. Set there for a few minutes and tried it again and it worked fine. This did not reoccurr until coming back from a short trip. I pulled into a drive to turn around and it did not want to back up. I put it in drive and the same thing happened. It did not want to go. Again I stopped and set for awhile and it run fine. I took it to the dealer and told him something was wrong, he test drove it and of course it worked fine. I told them it could get me killed. They put a new Transmittion in the next week and it worked fine since. I just traded for a 2012 Rogue, hope they have this figured out. Stay tuned.
  • jcva1jcva1 Member Posts: 1
    I am experiencing the same problem. Please let me know what was Nissan's response and if the problem was solved. My dealer claims they have never heard of this issue.
  • ghrantghrant Member Posts: 7
    i have a 2010 Rogue with a CVT that i started noticing a vibration when accelerating on a freeway. I really noticed it when driving on a twisty road and my speeds had to vary a lot.
    I will be taking it in soon and request repair. I'm at 60,000kms. probably would have caught it sooner but is wife's car so i rarely drive.
  • angzee72angzee72 Member Posts: 1
    I bought my 2011 Rouge off the show room floor with a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty. I have 35,000 miles with transmission trouble. My engine light came on as i'm driving on the highway doing 65mph, I step on the gas, the transmission started to makes a whistling sound. I took it to the dealership and they said this is normal. A week later, as im driving up a hill, the transmission started to make a winding sound, and the rpm started going up and i was not going anywhere. Took the car back to the dealership and the drop the tranny pan where the found metal filings.
    They told me they needed to replace the transmission and I would have my car back within 4 days.
    On the 3rd day, Nissan told me that the tranny is on back order and it will take 3 to 4 weeks to receive. So as my car sits at the dealership they gave me a loner car 2012 Rouge with 5200 miles and this tranny has a bad vibration. Does anyone have the same problem?
  • coralgables23coralgables23 Member Posts: 1
    I am a new owner of a 2012 Rogue. With all honesty I fell in love with this car. With time I then started to notice wierd things on my Rouge. First the car vibrates or trembles so that you understand when first accelerating from being parked, then a loud snap coming from the back part of the car when first taking off from being parked overnight. I have plans to take it in to the Nissan Dealship soon to have these issues looked into and resolved. My car is almost new and these are the things I have noticed already unfortunately. I am hoping that the issues get resolved because I do like my Rogue and would hate to hear that the car is a failier.
  • vegasroguevegasrogue Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issues. Mine started out with vibration with AC on so they warrantied it and said it was fixed. Then came the whistling sounds...like a high speed blender on long road trips. My dealership said that it was normal and not to worry about it. This past weekend I was on a road trip from Vegas to CA and then back. The car looses speed to 50-60 mph going up hills and whistling sound like the car is ready to die. This type of thing happened in the past road trips but not this badly before. One other time we were going down a hill when the car started making the whistling sound and we were afraid the car would excellerate on it's own when in fact we needed it to slow down since we were going down on a steep hill. Now how do I get the dealership to listen and fix the transmission?!?
  • 2002_accord2002_accord Member Posts: 9
    2012 Rogue S - 200 Miles. So far I love the shiftless CVT.

    I do notice engine 'labours' (others call vibration??) a little if RPM is 1800 RPM or below, it reminds me of stick shift when you shift too early and engine RPM is slow.

    Hope this is normal.
  • donnie193donnie193 Member Posts: 1
    I'm having a similar issue with my girlfriend's 2010 Rogue. There is a vibrating/squealing sound when you accelerate to 3,000 rpm's or when the transmission downshifts up hills. It also makes the sound when you are going in reverse and have to give it some gas. Has anyone else heard a similar sound or have a similar problem? It was very noticeable and prolonged when in cruise control going up a long hill and the trannie was stuck on 3,000 rpms. Car only has 52,000 miles so its under warranty, but from what other posts have said it doesn't sound like they're very successful fixing problems with these cars.
  • ihatethiscar1ihatethiscar1 Member Posts: 2
    To update...I had to rent a car to finish my road trip. They replaced the transmission under warranty but it took three weeks to get the part. Car seems to run fine now but I am definitely weary of driving it on any long roadtrips, especially ones with hills or climbing. I've definitely lost confidence in this car.
  • 2002_accord2002_accord Member Posts: 9
    I'm at 500 miles and still don't like the engine 'labouring' at low speeds. I push the Sports mode button when I am in city traffic, RPM goes up a by few 100s.

    Surprisingly my '02 accord engine with 150K which I still own is runs much smoother than the Rogue's, but I was suffering from 'fatigue' and 'needed' something new that didn't have to last as long as my Honda (still going strong).

    It the Rogues takes me to 2022 and 150K before falling appart I'd quite pleased.
  • sgar52sgar52 Member Posts: 1
    On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, I was on highway I-25 about 1 hour from home on my way to Alamosa, Colorado when my car lost acceleration. My 13 year old grandson and 14 year old niece were with me.

    My car was set on cruise control at 75 MPH when suddenly the speed dropped to 45 MPH in a matter of seconds - without warning. I pushed the gas pedal down to the floor but it didn’t do anything. There was also a whining sound like the car was working extra hard. I immediately pulled off the highway; fortunately, there were no cars behind me. I was confused and didn’t know what happened so I sat there a few minutes thinking the car overheated. I thought I would give it a chance to cool down. After about 10 minutes, I put my emergency lights on and got back on the road. I kept the emergency lights on and drove slower to see if it would happen again. It seemed to be okay as long as we didn’t have to go up hill and I kept my speed down, I tested it along the way.

    When I got back home, I began researching and found many complaints on 2008 and 2009 Rogue’s that had the same problem as mine. I also found Nissan’s CVT’s warranty extension. At this point I knew my car wasn’t simply overheating…but the transmission was bad.

    I then scheduled my car for an inspection at Nissan. They acknowledged there was a problem with the transmission and said they believe it may be caused by to much transmission fluid, put in at the factory. They removed some of it and said that nothing else can be done; we just have to wait and see if the problem continues to exist.

    A couple months went by when I discovered the problem wasn’t fixed. After the March incident, I stayed around town and didn’t venture out very far, until one day when I got back on the highway and headed towards Fraser Colorado, in the mountains. My grandson and a friend were with me. We hadn’t been on the road for long, when again, I quickly lost acceleration and the whining noise started. I put on my emergency lights and took the next exit ramp home.

    At this point I was nervous, angry, and frightened…many emotions took over. All I could think of was the possibility of a dreadful accident that could have taken the life of my grandson and others. Driving at high speeds then quickly losing speed with no indication (brake lights) to the drivers behind me is without question a potentially deadly situation. Thankfully, no other vehicles were close behind me.

    I scheduled another appointment with Nissan. This time they said the transmission was bad and it would have to be replaced.

    In spite of a new transmission, I do not feel safer. I have read blogs from people with ’08 & ’09 Rogues that had the transmission replaced and it went out again, not always right away. I believe it is a matter of when – not if.

    So now I have a dilemma, do I not get on the highway anymore, do I not go to the mountains anymore for business or pleasure, do I sell my car - giving the problem with someone else. All these are unacceptable to me. I didn’t purchase the vehicle only to use sometimes and I wouldn’t sell an unsafe vehicle to anyone knowing their lives and others are at risk.

    I have contacted Nissan Consumer Affairs and requested they buy back or switch vehicles for a model that doesn’t have a history of transmission or safety problems. They refused, but offered an extended Power Train warranty. I have made it very clear to them that I don’t care about an extended warranty, just the safety of others.

    I will be contacting an attorney.
  • angirnangirn Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I bought a Nissan Sentra in 2008 with cvt transmission and at 28,000 miles it began to make whining sound. I took it in to local Nissan dealer and they told me it was tires. It then took it to tire shop and they said not tires so took back to Nissan dealer and after several hours of waiting they came back and handed me the keys and said it was cvt transmission and they could not work on it as they did not have tech. Told me I would have to get it towed to dealer I bought it from which was over 100 miles away. Finally got car towed to dealer that could fix it and they replaced transmission under warranty and told me at that time that warranty would start over. After 3 sets of tires on this car found also to have bent axle that had to be replaced and only due to my paying for extended warranty did this get fixed because i drive for work and put a lot of miles on vehicle. This year while on vacation replaced transmission stopped pulling on interstate. I had to make it to nearest place with Nissan dealership and leave car and get rental car. Nissan took three weeks to decide they would not assist in replacing transmission. It was over warranty by 6000 miles by old transmission, not replaced. To anyone driving nissan with cvt transmission I would say trade it off, because you dont know when it is going to fail and they are not going to cover the almost 4000 dollars it costs to replace it even though they know there is a problem!!!
  • jetsmetsjetsmets Member Posts: 1
    Add me to the list of 2008 Rogue's whos CVT died. Another family almost killed from this faulty product. Never would have known about extended transmission warranty because I never received any notifications. I was only 1000 miles over the extended warranty of 100k but Nissan would not help because a transmission flush was done. It was done because I didn't know of the problem and was stranded so i took to nearest reliable mechanic. I drove car 15 miles from mechanic to nissan after reading of the issue with cvt. Case manger was very rude and followed the same script, "Nissan cannot help you. thats it". I've never had a company handle a defective product or complaint like this. Who in NTSB is being paid to overlook this issue. Why was there no recall on these cvt's. DO NOT BUY NISSAN EVER and this is a company that puts profits over the safety of the people that purchase their defective products. :lemon:
  • angry12angry12 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 rogue that has had the tyranny replaced twice (62000/92000 miles). I brought it into the dealership at 119,000 miles because the whining noise was back again. They ordered a transmission but it was on back order. Meanwhile I applied for arbitration under the lemon law. Met with a Nissan rep today who takes care of these cases and the noise was not present. It seems the airplane engine style noise which was present a few weeks ago is no longer there. I really think it has to do with the temp and load on the tranny. Over the past few weeks I have noticed the noise wasn't really present. I drive a lot and the noise was more prevalent on hot days and towards the end of the day. This was the case early on in the failures. It didn't happen over night. The symptoms started slowly and then got worse over time. We are getting colder here in New England so maybe there is a correlation with temperature. All I know is that I bought a $28000 piece of $&@/ and I will be fighting them hard to make things right. Thankfully NH has a tough Lemon Law. Good luck to all, will never buy a Nissan or car with CVT transmission again.
  • angry12angry12 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 rogue that has had the tyranny replaced twice (62000/92000 miles). I brought it into the dealership at 119,000 miles because the whining noise was back again. They ordered a transmission but it was on back order. Meanwhile I applied for arbitration under the lemon law. Met with a Nissan rep today who takes care of these cases and the noise was not present. It seems the airplane engine style noise which was present a few weeks ago is no longer there. I really think it has to do with the temp and load on the tranny. Over the past few weeks I have noticed the noise wasn't really present. I drive a lot and the noise was more prevalent on hot days and towards the end of the day. This was the case early on in the failures. It didn't happen over night. The symptoms started slowly and then got worse over time. We are getting colder here in New England so maybe there is a correlation with temperature. All I know is that I bought a $28000 piece of $&/ and I will be fighting them hard to make things right. Thankfully NH has a tough Lemon Law. Good luck to all, will never buy a Nissan or car with CVT transmission again.
  • rustywerrustywer Member Posts: 21
    So ends my Saga of the Nissan Rogue. Traded the POS in for a 2012 Equinox - 27 MPG average on a 3 day trip to Vegas from San Diego. No Transmission Problems, More Interior Room, and Her Majesty is VERY HAPPY ! ! ! :P
  • ashs127ashs127 Member Posts: 1
    I too own a Rogue. After 1 year, the transmission was making a funny noise and was replaced. I then had a problem develop where the car wouldn't accelerate or was sluggish to accelerate. Dealership couldn't find anything wrong and sent me on my way. Over a year later I could no longer take the problem. Brought it last week and they had it for the entire week. They changed out a trans valve body. Well, after picking up my car Friday night, I detected the problem was returning over the weekend. Just now, as I was trying to merge in traffic, I had the gas pedal fully pressed down to the floorboard and it would barely go. Enough to get me killed. I have a 2 year old that I drive around with and I've had it with this pos car! I brought back in today to Nissan and told them the car was gonna kill me and my child eventually. They ran a check and now suddenly it's a problem with the antilock brakes causing the trouble. After chewing the service people out, the manager did the job free of charge. That's great and all but this problem is going to continue to persist. I'm researching vehicles now. Hoping to get enough on this crappy car to pay it off. They have got to recall these transmissions. There has to be a way to bring these problems to light!
  • van65van65 Member Posts: 13
    Everytime that there is an issue with a Nissan Rogue you must file a report with the NTSB. They'll get on Nissan when they know lives are in danger.
  • van65van65 Member Posts: 13
    Everytime that there is an issue with a Nissan Rogue you must file a report with the NTSB. They'll get on Nissan when they know lives are in danger.
  • rathanrathan Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a nissan rouge 2008 and it slows down on the Free way out of no where.
    from 75 to 30 mph in like 1 second.
    It happened to me on 470 and on I-70.
    this is worst car ever I have a hyundai elantra over 150000 miles and it never gave a problem like this.
  • driver735driver735 Member Posts: 14
    My 2012 nissan rogue has vibration issues,I also get grumbling sounds from the transmission. The dealer said this is normal for a rogue. I appear to be stuck with it. What started out as a pleasurable experience of buying a new car turned into a nightmare for me. I thought i could trust a name brand like nissan for a great car, guess i was just stupid.
  • anders424anders424 Member Posts: 1
    I hope I'm not speaking too soon. But, I was reading these messages and I'm terrified by my readings and hope none of these things happen to me. I have a 2008 Rogue with 84K miles on it and I bought it brand new and have been the only owner/driver. I have not had any of these issues. I drive 80 miles a day (highway & city) for work and I also drive it on long trips 500 miles plus away. I can't imagine these issues are the norm. So, I hope I can give some Nissan Rogue owner's hope!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Human nature I think - people with cars that just work like they should rarely take time to post. But if you have one with problems, you seek out places to get help and to vent.

    So thanks for the report!
  • kgbatlkgbatl Member Posts: 10
    Consider yourself lucky. Many of the issues don't surface on short trips but show up on long trips when it is hot outside such as in the summer. The transmission is overheating and going into safety mode. It is in the car manual and the mechanics and service personnel will tell you about the problem but Nissan won"t do anything. Nissan never again.
  • 08rogueowner08rogueowner Member Posts: 1
    What state do you live in? We live in CA and our car is on transmission number 4. Our first transmission was replaced at 60k but it needed it way earlier. The dealer could not figure out the problem. By the time it was replaced it also needed a differential. The 2nd replacement was at 98k after driving to Las Vegas. The car would not go beyond 45 mph going up the hills and the 3rd replacement happened just recently after driving up a hill on a 100 degree day. Nissan has paid for all the replacements but if you live in a warm climate it seems to be doomed.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited November 2012
    Hard to compare notes since my Nissan is an automatic, not a CVT.

    And maybe it's better to tell you what states my '99 Quest has lived in. First year was in Anchorage, then a long road trip, then ten years in Boise (105 wasn't uncommon, but it was a dry heat :shades: ). The last two years in the UP of Michigan. Not warm.

    But back to the thread, it's bad that most people posting in here have had issues. The question is what percent of owners does that represent. If it's more than 3 or 4%, then Nissan will be losing big time on warranty claims. No consolation, but they've lost money on you and may have lost some future sales from people reading your posts. :sick:
  • nockonnockon Member Posts: 2
    There seems to be 2 separate issues here. One there is the TX whining noise and then ther is the issue with the TX going into limp mode for no apparent reasons and no codes are showing. I have the later issue.

    After my 4th visit with multiple incidents since last spring, Nissan took some fluid out one time, then they said it was a bad crank shaft position sensor. None of these resolved the problem.

    Finally this week, they agreed to replace the TX just under the wire since my 2008 Rogue has 198600km on it! I hope this will resolved the problem for good...
  • rameshbrameshb Member Posts: 4
    I'm in the market for an SUV and one of the SUVs we are looking at is Rogue. But after reading all these issues, I want to run as far as I can.

    Before I do, does anyone know the new models are any different in terms of transmission? Have they been redesigned? Does any one know the reliability of 2012/13 models.

    Thanks in advance
  • rustywerrustywer Member Posts: 21
    I'm glad you took the time to ask the question. Nissan has not redesigned the transmission on these as of yet. They are using a different CVT design then they were using in the smaller cars. The problem with these transmissions is that they generate alot more heat and Nissan hasn't really figured out the specific failure (or at least they are not admitting to it)

    In my struggles, prior to getting rid of our Rogue, I wasn't disappointed with the vehicle, but when it did have a problem, Nissan's representatives were not willing to address it. Nor were they willing to replace the transmission as they did before.

    If you want to purchase one, just make sure you take into account that there is a standing warranty extension on the transmission due to the problems thay have had with them. The failure rate is not high enough for a complete recall. You will probably not get much support from Nissan as the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles.

    Good Luck !
  • rameshbrameshb Member Posts: 4
    Thank you so much for such a detailed answer.

    Knowing the issue still exists in the vehicle, very likely we may consider other options.
  • godeacsgodeacs Member Posts: 481
    It is my understanding that the warranty extension on the transmission does NOT apply to 2012 and on models..... :confuse:
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    I have a 2012 Rogue SV FWD with 20,500 miles. I have had the car about 10 months and just recently after a oil change and tire rotation I noticed that when breaking from high speeds (70+mph) on the highway the car vibrates. I do not experience this vibration when breaking at slower speeds. The dealer says that my rotors need to be re-surfaced. How long are rotors expected to last? I went years in my VW Passat before having to re-surfaced the rotors. Does this sound right? I thought perhaps my tires were not balanced properly. Any suggestions / comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    The first question that I would ask is where did you have the tire rotation and the oil service accomplished? (Dealer or Quick Oil Change Deal) I know it sounds like a mute point, but if the oil change guy, who is normally not the highest paid or most trained employee at most auto shops or dealerships, over-torqued the lug nuts on the wheels that can and will cause the condition you are feeling. Most consumers take advantage of the "CHEAP" oil change deals that are out there and go for these $14.99 or so specials. Since the front rotors are held in place by the torque of the lug nuts (They call these floating rotors) overtorqued lug nuts cause a mushrooming effect of the hat portion of the rotor, this can cause a slight offset in the camber (Angle) of the rotor face and allow the rotor to heat up when braking. Since the rotor face is is slightly offset or angled it heats unevenly and that will warp the rotors normally after a few weeks or so after the service.

    Once you noticed the Pulsation, you went to the dealer. The dealer should have removed the wheels, and measured the latteral runout. Then identified the need to remachine/reface the rotors. A slight amount of runout can be corrected with refacing, but may return after time. I have seen this too many times. They may or may not recommend pad replacement also, depending on their warranty offerred for the service.

    Proving the incorrect torque by the shop that rotated the tires is impossible at this point, as the tires have probably been removed and reinstalled by the brake check technician. Unless the dealer service person documented the what you told them completely, and then the technician made a note of what he found when he removed the tires with a hand tool, instead of the normal removal with an impact wrench. (Chances are this didn't happen).

    Brake rotors can, and do develop runout if you drive in an area with alot of hills or decending grades. It would take some very heavy braking to occur daily to do this though.

    Most shop guidlines, require that technicians hand torque or use torque limiting devices when reinstalling wheels and tires. This said, that takes extra time and if not enforced by management, can often be one of the first procedures not followed in the interest of saving time and getting the next vehicle into the shop.

    The tire rotation is normally complimentary or at a very low cost and is necessary for proper tire wear. (Midas bundles a complete oil change with a tire rotation for $29.99 here in Ca.) With these oil change deals, most places loose money, but the benefit for the Auto Shop is that they get you in the door and then through a complimentary inspection, identify additional service recommendations and sell you that service, flush, or identified repair. Vehicles with less than 50,000 to 60,000 miles are not considered to be good profit candidates, but the shop wants you back for the future service.

    Here is some advise I give:

    If you are using an "Upsell" motivated service facility, then stop! Pay for a good reputable shop to change your oil and do the less glamorous services (LOF and Tire Rotation about $40 to $60) Then reward them with the major service intervals and normal repairs.

    Insist on "HAND TORQUE" when installing wheels. (Make it a point when you drop your vehicle off and write it on the service order / request if it isn't documented)

    Find a GOOD, REPUTABLE, HONEST shop and stay with them for everything, or solicit their recommendation for services they do not offer. (Use BBB, Yelp, Angie's List, or some other research tool when looking for a shop)

    Always inspect the failed or replaced parts!

    Ask Questions. There are no Dumb, Stupid, Silly questions when you hand someone your hard earned money for work you may or may not understand, or can see that it was accomplished.

    Let the shop EARN YOUR BUSINESS!

    Good Luck,
    Rusty (Auto Service Manager, San Diego, Ca.)
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    You might enjoy the A Mechanic's Life - Tales From Under the Hood discussion Rusty.
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    Thanks Steve, I'll check it out.
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    Thanks Steve, you gave me some really good advice. All my service is done by Team Nissan dealership in Marietta, GA. I actually had the car serviced this Saturday. I was informed that the rotors need re-surfacing even though my brake pads were still in good condition which I find puzzling. I had them re-surfaced for $120.00.
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    You mean Rusty. :)
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