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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    however your mpg increase (which I doubt is statistically significant) might be the result of the switch from winter to summer gas grades.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395

    "Plus all the major gas brands put the same additives in each of their petrol grades. So you're not losing out on any special additives."

    I recently found that this is by law. You shouldnt have to spend more $ to get the additives.


    "however your mpg increase (which I doubt is statistically significant) might be the result of the switch from winter to summer gas grades."

    The timing would be right. Interesting. Its amazing how accurate the mpg computer is at keeping track of me. Once a week I take a highway trip for about 30 miles. If I miss one week the mpg drops by about two tenths.
  • little9little9 Posts: 30
    Is there a roof rack option (factory made or installed) available on the GT? If so, can it be had if there is a sunroof? Have just checked the GT versus P5 forum (last entry early April) and the message there seems to indicate that there is a roof rack option.
  • little9little9 Posts: 30
    Thank you for the information re: roof rack. Liked the idea that it could be removed and stored as needed...perfect for hauling a kayak. Also noted the wood grain trim kit for the dash. How is that installed?
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    21,800 on the silver GT. Just had the fuel sending unit replaced for a second time, as the fuel gauge stopped reading full when I filled the tank. No flak from the dealer at all. They ordered the part and installed it. Hyundai might have gotten a bad batch of units that made its way into a number of cars.

    Otherwise, smooth sailing.

    By the way, I never complained about the lack of an inside hatch release and they sent me a check automatically. They also paid $500 to replace my oil pan assembly when one of their dealers stripped the threads doing an oil change.

    So far, this is America's best warranty.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Is this the common Hyundai problem of reading less than full for a mile or so and then coming up to full or did it never get to that point?
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    CSTANDEFER----The first time around, it would read about 7/8s, then gradually climb to full after driving several miles. Eventually, it would read around 3/4s at fill-up, but never make it back to full. When the first unit was replaced, the new unit worked fine for about 15,000 miles. When it most recently acted up, it would read about 3/4s and never get to full. Now, with my second fuel sending unit replacement, it not only reads full, but goes past it a bit. My trip computer seems to have been accurate throughout, so this has been more of an annoyance than a real problem. The dealers have been really good about getting it fixed, and that is all I can ask.
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    My mom's 96 (106k miles) accent had a similar problem, fixed once but now gotten used to it, not such a big deal. it makes me wonder if I did fill it up all the way though...
  • rwr1708rwr1708 Posts: 34
    With mine, I have filled it up three times and have never seen the fuel gauge at full. Mine always comes up at about 7/8. Do you think I should have it looked at? I also find that the gauge will not read the same from when I shut down the car and restart it (example: I will leave the car with 3/4 of a tank, and next time I get in, I will have 1/2 tank.) At first, I thought it was just a quirk, but now I'm not so sure. My trip computer seems to be reading everything fine, so I'm not overly concerned.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    If it's under warranty, go for it.
  • Every time I take my GT in to the dealer they do more damage than they fix. I hope you all have better luck than me.
  • wmoseswmoses Posts: 212
    blackandblue said --

    "Every time I take my GT in to the dealer they do more damage than they fix. I hope you all have better luck than me."

    Any examples? Maybe others can relate to your specific experiences.
  • I was having problems starting my 5spd GT but gtgill hit the nail on the head. You need to push the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. The clutch on my old Rabbit engages near the top so I had fallen into the bad habit of not fully depressing the clutch. I was also revelling in all the leg room available and had my seat pushed too far back, making it difficult to depress the clutch fully. So, no bad ignition switch, just "human error". Hyundai might make more of a fuss in the manual about the need to depress the clutch when starting.

    Overall impression, after all of 900 miles, is that everybody in the family really likes this car. I haven't opened it up yet and driving with a light foot I am managing 33 mpg. Nevertheless acceleration seems fine (remember my perspective comes from driving a diesel rabbit for 13 years!). The rear end does look a little funky IMHO, but from all other angles this is a very handsome car.

    I went into a dealership while down in Florida asking about touch up paint. They wanted the paint code. Can someone tell me where the paint code can be found? I couldn't find it on the car or in any of the paperwork from the dealer. This is a 2002 with pewter paint. The parts guy told me that paint can change within a model year, so that one 2002 pewter may not match another 2002 GT's pewter. This sounds reasonable, but I wouldn't have thought it mattered for touch up paint as the differences would have to be small.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395

    My first visit to the dealer was the first oil change and I complained of a squeaky clutch pedal. In process of lubricating the clutch pedal they lost the hardware for the air filter. Before leaving the dealers lot...check the work!


    The paint code is on the drivers door edge. there is a metal panel that gives the paint code and build date. The paint code is a 2 letter code as in (LH).
  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    after reading about the TSB (01-36-025) and having a slight "flare" between 2-3rd I decided to call the dealer. They agreed.. there is a TSB and said to bring it in. (this is for the auto, if you hadn't guessed). I don't know if this would have made a difference in long term use, but I don't like a transmission to "take awhile" to decide where it should be. From what I've read/heard they're gonna re program the 'Fuzzy logic' computer.... I'll let everyone know how it worked for me. (I'm asking for a technician who knows what he's doing..... last one told me to "wait until summer" for the interior noises to go away!)
  • gt_fangt_fan Posts: 159
    I happened upon this article about the recent surge of the economy in Korea. (That's where they make Hyundai's, for those of you from the Honda forum.) Does this mean that Hyundai prices will rise along with the rising wages for Korean factory workers, or that quality will continue to improve as Hyundai strives to meet the rising expectations of the increasingly affluent Korean consumer?

  • Lestrade1Lestrade1 Posts: 15
    just picked up my GT last saturday and my fuel gage pinned on full i hope it does that when i next refill
    the odometer a little confusing-to reset the trip part does that function have to be displayed?
    manual says on refueling to turn gas cap until you hear 3 clicks otherwise kcheck engine light comes on. is this really true?
    if you are in the new york city/burbs i highly reccommend healy bros hyundai in mt kisco, they were teriffic. thanks for all prior posts. they were helpful in buying the car
  • gtjillgtjill Posts: 6
    Just thought i'd get my word in on this one:

    just passed 16,000 miles on my GT, and have not had one problem with my fuel gauge... it has read full every time i fill it up... i'm wondering if its the gauge itself that's defective since people have had them replaced and had the same problem later...
  • gtjillgtjill Posts: 6
    sorry for double posting, but i don't think i was clear about what i meant. what i meant was, maybe its not the fuel gauge, but something else :)
  • gt_fangt_fan Posts: 159
    Good choice on the GT. Indeed, to reset the trip odometer, the trip mileage must be displayed. Just hold down the button for a few seconds. The same procedure applies to the cumulative mpg readout.
  • dvermettdvermett Posts: 1
    Got what I thought was a great deal on a 2002 GT.
    Auto, absolutely loaded for $14.8k

    However about 2 miles from the dealership, I turned around after finding the air conditioner wasn't working. Even though this problem irked me, I was impressed by the manager's response (Loaner of a 2001 holdover within 2 minutes). Still it would have been nice to drive my new one home.
    Has anyone else been "pressured" to give the dealership all excellent marks on the JD Power survey after the sale? This was the second new car that I bought in 6 months (got a 2002 Kia Sedona also), and both dealerships seemed to suggest I put nothing but top mark on each line.
    Even after this A/C problem, he asked not to mention it on initial quality! All I can say is at least KIA gave me a free oil change coupon for filling out their survey!

    The A/C was fixed the next day. Said it was just a
    half connected connector.

    A question. Does anyone know where the alarm is located for the GT? I know I'll probably get used to it, but can't stand the alarm going off when I open the door with my key. Why would they put a key lock on it if you can't use it? Besides, when was the last time you heard an alarm and called the police!

    Also, anyone have luck with the woodgrain console kit?

    Let's hope the A/C connector was a fluke. But other than that, I still feel like I stole the car! Can't beat the price!
  • bri70bri70 Posts: 147
    "I know I'll probably get used to it, but can't stand the alarm going off when I open the door with my key."

    When I don't want my alarm to go off, I simply lock the doors manually without using my remote.

    As for the half connected AC. It sounds like sloppy assembly at the factory but at least there wasn't anything really wrong with it. Good luck!
  • zigliflerziglifler Posts: 99
    it is pretty simple , if u use the remote to lock the doors u need to use it to unlock them also . that will stop the alarm from going off . the remote is the key to the alarm.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395

       Congrats on your new GT. Great choice!

    "Has anyone else been "pressured" to give the dealership all excellent marks on the JD Power survey after the sale?"

      No. I slammed my dealer for the way they handled the sale. Everything from an empty gas tank to scratches on the body. The quality of the product far surpasses the quality of the dealers.

    "Also, anyone have luck with the woodgrain console kit?"

      They sell these at <>

    . If you look back a few posts there was a discussion on this.

    "But other than that, I still feel like I stole the car!"

      Do what I it like you stole it!

  • andil1andil1 Posts: 97
    I wondered if you can tell from the VIN number whether a GT has anti-lock brakes. Any code breakers in this group? Thanks
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    He quickly got so he could get into any locked car in seconds. If you can manually override an alarm, so can any thief. That's why the alarm sounds when you use your key.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Can't you just turn the key and look for the ABS light?
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    well, here on LI it has been scorching hot the last 2 days. yesterday Igot to leave work at 3pm, got to my car, (had left the window slightly open in advance) and opened the door and was hit by a wave of musty hot leather smelling air. got into the car and brushed the steering wheel,, Ouch... HOT!!! had to blast AC and have all windows down for a few minutes to cool down car enought to be comfortable to drive. I guess thats one drawback to the car having grayish black leather...another note on the leather, you can actually feel the places where the leather is real and where it is vinyl or fake, Real: tops of seats(where you sit on it), center console armrest, steering wheel, shift knob. Fake: bottom of seat cushion (the vertical surfaces) and i'm guessing because I've never been in the backseat for long the back of the front seats. Neat little thing you notice after having to actually stop for a while at a LONG red light...
  • markj11markj11 Posts: 6
    My "Malfunction Indicator Light" came on 2 days ago on my '01 GT. After taking it to the service dept they told me that there was a stuck/faulty purge valve and replaced it. After the 1 hour journey home, the light came back on 5 minutes before I pulled into the driveway.
    Time to make another trip back to the service dept. I know that the light may come on if you dont follow the proper "cap screw on procedure" but I've been pretty careful about this, and didn't refill after seeing the dealership.
    I'll let everyone know what the real culprit is...
    by the way, I was told at the service dept that I was "Completely Satisified" with the service and should definetly indicate that on the forthcoming survey. Well I did get an unexpected free carwash.

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